Proceedings of the International Conference on the Development of Education in Russia and the CIS Member States (ICEDER 2018)

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Realization of the Pedagogical Potential of Ethnocultural Traditions of the Nomadic Peoples of the North in a Regional Educational Space

Zoya Zhirkova, Marina Yakushkina
Most new undergraduate colleges are upgraded from higher vocational colleges, having aspirations that the upgrading is the solution to the predicament of their development, and the fact is that the upgrading does not completely solve the problem, but it gives rise to some new problems. There are two...
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Intellectualization of the Learning Process Based on Digital Technology

Sergey Neustroev, Irena Robert, Mikhail Goncharov
The influence of digital technologies on the development of national education is described. The possibilities of digital technologies in conditions of high-tech education are identified and described. The conditions for the intellectualization of the learning process in connection with the use of digital...
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Independent Assessment of the Quality of Education in Russia: Results and Development Directions

Yulia Fedorchuk, Sergey Neustroyev, Anna Arinushkina
The article considers certain elements of the world and national system of independent assessment of the education quality. The structure of the system at the federal, regional, and local levels, the regulatory framework, and the results are considered. The paper also analyzes the normative changes in...
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Corrective Aspects of ICT in the Development of Musical Hearing in Children with Hearing Disabilities

Sofya Aksenova
The article provides an overview of the use of new information and communication technologies necessary in modern sound environment to improve musical hearing, proposing a set of technical innovation tools to correct the deficiencies in the development of musical hearing and make it possible to use these...
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Instrument Technology Support in the Teaching of Synthetic Economic Disciplines

Seda Khachaturova, Tamara Shikhnabieva, Anna Arinushkina
Introduction: The teaching of synthetic disciplines, including information from various subject areas, is analyzed in the paper. Perfecting the process of teaching synthetic disciplines based on the use of specially developed instrumental technologies predetermined the need for this scientific work....
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Intelligent Adaptive Information Systems for Educational Purposes

Georgij Yalamov, Tamara Shikhnabieva
The current state of adaptive information systems for educational purposes (AISEP) on the subject of their didactic completeness, their intellectualization approaches. An approach focused on the inclusion of didactic rules in the AISEP knowledge base has been proposed. The pedagogical and technological...
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Individual Trajectory of Professional Growth of a Teacher in Russia

Svetlana Dovbysh, Maxim Bakhtin, Anna Arinushkina
The postmodern paradigm significantly affects the nature of social change, including in the field of education. This is reflected in the content of education, in the content of the teacher’s professional activity, in the forms and means of education. In this regard, the role of a teacher in the modern...
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Pedagogical Feasibility of Using Systems on the Web-interface for Implementating the Interdisciplinary Nature of Training

Irena Robert
The article describes the capabilities of systems operating on the web-interface, presents the conditions for the intellectualization of information interaction between the subjects of the educational process for the implementation of the interdisciplinary nature of training related to the concept of...
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The Place and Role of Self-Evaluation Activities of Universities in the Practice of State Accreditation

Elena Berezhnova, Olga Mashkina, Natalya Shturbina
The authors’ article is devoted to the problem of evaluating activities of universities. There are two approaches to its organization. The first involves the evaluation of state education authorities or public organizations funded by the government. The second is implemented through self-assessment of...
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Training of Educators Without Pedagogical Education Under the Requirements of Professional and Educational Standards

Victor Sopin
The paper focuses on the objectives and content of short-term professional retraining of pedagogical staff without pedagogical education in the system of continuing vocational education, certified by a diploma enabling to legally hold a pedagogical position and to carry out pedagogical activities effectively....
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The Development of Emotional Intelligence by Means of Art

Maxim Kozhemyakin
The article provides an overview of scientific approaches to the problem of emotional intelligence and ways of its development. The focus is on the experience of research in this field, including Russian and foreign psychologists and educators. The pedagogical and developmental potential of art in the...
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The System of Knowledge Control Based on Adaptive Semantic Models

Tamara Shikhnabieva
The existing automated systems of training and knowledge control have a rigid structure, do not fully take into account students’ individual characteristics, i.e. are not non-adaptive. To build adaptive learning systems, along with knowledge about the subject, it is necessary to have some information...
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Tutoring Support in the Process of Mastering the Teaching Profession by Bachelor Students

Elena Kolosova, Elena Zhukova
Bachelor students of the specialty “Teacher of primary classes” study a lot of subjects in the fields of Pedagogy and Psychology. One such subject is “The methods of self-development”. On that course students think about their purposes of education. The course involves research activities. Students get...
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Project Management in the Social Sphere: Essence and Problems of Implementation

Natalia Shturbina, Igor Bashkatov
Based on the analysis of current trends in the socio-economic development of educational systems and the practice of implementing project management in them, this paper develops recommendations for training personnel for implementing project management in education. Difficult conditions for the development...
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Complementing Educational Services for Adults as a Factor in the Preservation of the CIS Educational Space

Marina Ilakavichus, Marina Yakushkina
The paper focuses in the need to update the resource of educational services for adults operating in the CIS member states, based on the principle of complementarity. The concept of “educational service” is analyzed. The problem of coordinating counseling services for adults in the Commonwealth countries...
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Searching for Effective Ways to Implement the Correctional and Pedagogical Process in Pre-School Educational Organizations

Elena Tusheva, Tatyana Ovchinnikova
The article presents a modern analysis of the state of the correctional and pedagogical process and identifies the problems of teaching and educating preschool children with impaired development, which indicated the need to identify effective ways to implement remedial and pedagogical activities in preschool...
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Peculiarities of Dissinchrony in the Intellectually Gifted 7-Year-Old Children

Tatyana Bashkireva, Anastasia Bashkireva, Alexander Morozov
The article discusses the issues of dyssynchrony in the intellectually gifted seven-year-old children. The results of the study show that in children of the designated age category, mental and physical development are interrelated, which coincides with previously published scientific data. In artistic...
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The Study of the Formation of Students’ Competence in Intercultural Communication in the Digital Educational Environment

Alexander Morozov, Olga Mikhaleva
The paper focuses on the actual issues of the formation of students’ competence in intercultural communication in a digital educational environment. The goal is to confirm or deny the assumption that communicative activity acts as an integral indicator characterizing the level of development of the studied...
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Specific Diversity of School Stochastic Problems

Andrey Aksenov, Vladimir Selutin
In the modern theory and methodology of teaching mathematics, the theoretical basis for the application of problems in the learning process is developing. In particular, the traditional view on the species composition of tasks is also changing. Their new species are proposed. A few years ago, elements...
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National-psychological features of the motivation for higher education in different cultures: Evidence from Russia and China

Svetlana Murafa
The article presents the results of a study of national psychological characteristics of Russian and Chinese students’ motivation for higher education. The obtained results allowed to draw conclusions about the differences and similarities in the motives for obtaining higher education students have in...
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Organizing the Process of Educating Future Teachers in Mathematics at a University

Fyodor Avdeev, Tatiana Avdeeva, Oksana Tarasova
The article deals with the organization of project-based training in the preparation of teachers of mathematics at the Orel State University named after I. S. Turgenev and the implementation of the project of a full life cycle entitled “We write the methodology together.” A method of organizing the process...
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The Project Method as a Means of Implementing a Personality-Oriented Approach in Teaching Mathematics

Fyodor Avdeev, Ivan Avdeev, Tatiana Avdeeva
The article is devoted to the possibilities of using the method of projects as one of the effective means of implementing a student-centered approach in teaching mathematics to schoolchildren. The features of the use of project activities in teaching mathematics in the profile school are revealed.
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Identification of the Intermodal Vector of Criteria and Correct Training in Mathematical Education: Evaluating an Innovative Potential of an Idea and its Methodical Implementation

Vladimir Selutin, Natalia Yaremko, Oksana Krasnova
It is shown that the selection of a controlled single circuit of the criterion-correctness in training in the content of education of Bachelors in physical and mathematical areas and its methodological implementation through a six-level mechanism of the theory of functioning and development of systems...
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The Use of Ethnopedagogy in the Social & Pedagogical Work

Valery Nikolaev, Elena Grineva, Irina Olevskaya
The article is devoted to the possibilities of using ethnopedagogical technologies in working with children with limited health opportunities. The psychological problems of disabled children and the ways of their prevention by means of ethnopedagogy are considered. The paper also focuses the correctional...
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Approaches to the Formation of the Basis of Assembly and Management of Robots in the System of Training Bachelors

Tufik Kaziaxmedov, Georgij Yalamov
The article describes a number of approaches to the formation of competencies in the field of assembly and programming of robotics, the intellectualization of robotic complexes, the study of these issues in the preparation of IT specialists in two-level training (bachelor-master). Examples of the implementation...
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The Turin Process and the Development of Qualifications Frameworks for Working Specialties in Russia and European Countries

Maria Sinyagovskaya
The article discusses the process of developing vocational education in a number of EU countries and Russia in the context of the Turin process. Comparative features of vocational education systems of Germany, Poland, Finland, and Denmark are revealed. The genesis of dual vocational education and the...
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Formation of Digital Competencies in the Head of an Educational Organization

Alexander Zhigadlo, Natalia Rybakova
The paper focuses on the issues of the formation of digital competence of a modern leader in the management of educational organizations. There are three main components of digital decision-making technologies, between which there is a close relationship: people, processes, and data. All these three...
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Ethnic Holidays as a Means of Formation of Ethnocultural Competence Among Schoolchildren

Nataly Spector
One of the characteristic features of the beginning of the XXI century is the strengthening of the interaction and interdependence of countries and peoples in order to mutually enrich cultures. Under these conditions, the problem of tolerant coexistence of various ethnic and social communities is realized...
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The Correctional and Social Component of the Additional Education of Orphans and Children with Disabilities on the Example of the Program “We Can do Everything Ourselves”

Ekaterina Scherbakova
The article deals with the problems of socialization of orphans and children with disabilities. By the example of additional education programs (football sections), the results of monitoring the sponsored educational institutions, characterizing the impact of the football section’s activities on the...
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The Manifestation of Individual Psychological Characteristics of Students in a Situation of Knowledge Testing: Features of Work

Irina Morozikova, Kseniya Kuzmina, Natalya Kuznetsova
The article substantiates the need to take into account individual psychological characteristics of schoolchildren, in particular, character accentuations, self-assessment of personality, level of aspirations and anxiety in preparation for the examination of knowledge; generalized experience with different...
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Digitalization Challenges in Modeling Master's Education

Ramil Khairutdinov, Olga Panchenko, Flera Mukhametzyanova
The article presents the results of developing and testing the technology of enhancing the subject potential of Master’s students in the conditions of digitalization of education. The authors substantiate the insufficient effectiveness of existing models of the magistracy and the need to model Master's...
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The Higher Technical Education in the Light of Contemporary Economic Development: Challenges for the Member States of the Eurasian Economic Union

Miras Zhiyenbayev
The article analyzes the state of the contemporary economy of the countries-members of the Eurasian Economic Union, Kazakhstan and Russian in particularly, and higher technical education through the prism of the global challenges the two largest economies of the EAEU are facing at the moment. Special...
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The Communicative Preferences of Technical University Students in Social Networks

Natalia Semenova, Natalia Lebedeva, Elena Polyakova
The paper focuses on social networking activities of university students from the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute) and Saint Petersburg State University of Civil Aviation. The authors make an attempt to determine the network communicative preferences of...
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Basic Self-Esteem: Dynamics and Inertia in the Process of Social Interaction

Anna Kuzmina, Olga Lyubimova, Beybitgul Turganbaeva, Tatyana Volkova
The paper reviews the factors determining the dynamic and inert components of basic self-esteem, including the heuristic model of basic self-esteem proposed by S. R. Pantileev. The authors notice the importance of interpreting results of modern socio-psychological empirical research, especially when...
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The Advancing Training in Russian for the special purposes of foreign students of a pre-university level

Alla Kulik
The paper speaks in favor of the advancing introduction of the professional module to the practice of teaching Russian by foreign pupil of a humanitarian profile at the elementary level (A1). It is established that the professionalization of educational process within a practical course of Russian needs...
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Education in Russian Higher Education Institutions: an International Character

Vladislav Alekseev, Inessa Arestova, Evgenia Sharonova, Marina Kupriyanova
The paper focuses on the motives for acquiring knowledge from foreign students in a pedagogical university and the quality and dynamics of foreign students' adaptation to the educational environment. A survey was conducted among foreign students studying at the Faculty of Natural Sciences of the Chuvash...
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Features of the Influence of the Technology of Vibration Simulators on the Physical and Functional Characteristics of the Female Handball Players of Adolescence and Early Youth Age in the Recovery Period

Viktor Gorelik, Svetlana Filippova, Yuri Matveev, Valeria Malysheva
The paper discusses results of studies focused on the impact of training on vibration stimulators on the recovery process in post-training period in female handball players of 13-14 and 15-16 years of age. Dynamics of physical qualities (flexibility, coordination of movements) and functional indices...
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The Educational Environment of the University as a Means of Preventing the Ideology of Extremism Among Young People

Elena Bauer, Asil Salavatova, Rustam Shikhaliyev
Modern societies are increasingly facing the problem of disregard for the rules of behavior, laws, as well as the emergence of youth associations of a wrongful nature. As a special social and age group in the structure of society and due to the lack of life experience, insufficient legal literacy, lack...