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Access and Expansion of Educational Opportunity in India With Reference to Higher Education

Abhai Maurya
Access, or rather non-access to higher education in India has been prevailing in many forms. The Gross Enrollment Ratio (GER) to HE in India has not even reached 15% of the population by 2010. The University Grants Commission of India, which is responsible for the growth or non-growth of Higher education...
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Art Rehabilitation of Disabled People in Russian Federation

Alexander Yakoupov
Disabled people can also have their distinctive lives. In spite of their disabilities, many of them are firm in spirit and alway hold the hope for life. Art, as an life-saving straw, stirred up their hope for love. In Russia, the art rehabilitation of disabled people has been on the rise, thus provoked...
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The Education Status and Countermeasures Study of the Culture Quality Education in Higher Vocational Colleges

Zhaogang Xie, Junqing Hui
It is widely accepted that the higher vocational colleges should carry out the cultural quality education. How to improve the students’ cultural quality, which helps the students become fully developed interdisciplinary talents, is becoming an important subject concerning the education reform in higher...
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Chinese and Foreign Cooperation in Tertiary Education Management in Central regions of China Difficulties and Developments

Daoxun Wang
Chinese and foreign cooperation in running tertiary education institutions in the central regions of China has the characteristics of short development time, limited expansion and little practical experience. It is highly subject to the constraints of the overall level of education, and therefore still...
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The Development and Utilization of School-based Curriculum for English Majors in Minority Concentrated Regions

Kun Li
This paper states the urgent need for the development and utilization of a school-based curriculum for English majors in minority concentrated regions based on the current education situation in those regions. This paper takes Mongolian English majors as an example to illustrate the need of school-based...
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Research on Interest and Accepting Psychology of College Freshman Year in Art Design Education

Pingqing Zhang, Yang Wang
On the old teaching, the teacher defined as imparter and educator and administer of knowledge is center status. Under the mode, the student’s interest are ignored or looked upon them oneself, so the accepting effect often is ignored, and the teaching effect discount and mislead and cause harm to the...
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The Strategy Analysis of Teaching Innovation of Tourism Management Major in University

Lei Chen
A relatively mature system of personal tourism management education has been built in China, but there is still a big gap in market demand. This paper lists the problems in the tourism management education in Chinese universities, including a poorly designed professional curriculum, obsolete pedagogy,...
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Quality Education of English Teaching in Chinese Normal University

Xiaorong Yang
For the students of Normal University, college English is the process of language learning, as well as the implementation of quality-oriented education. This paper elaborated the importance and the necessity to cultivate the quality of Normal University students and explored the way and strategy to improve...
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Detailed Analysis of Teaching Reform of Design Basis Course

Dejun Wei
With the rapid development of Chinese economy and society, the design education sector is welcoming a rosy prospect while meeting an unprecedented challenge. So it is an important issue to how to cultivate creativity and international vision with outstanding design talent through Chinese design education....
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Innovation of The Practice Teaching Method into The Process of Ideological and Political Theory Course Teaching

Yong Liu
Practice teaching is an important form of Ideological and political theory course teaching, not only embodies the theory with the practice of the fundamental principle, but also to promote ideological and political theory course content "Internalization" as the fundamental way of College Students' Ideological...
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Educational Innovation in Art Design under the Influence of Design Championship

Yonghua Jing
Under the profound influence of market economy, contemporary art design education has to keep pace with the times, which makes the establishment and perfection of new cultivation mechanism the crucial support for the educational innovation in art design in colleges and universities. The “studio” mode...
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The Innovation of Art Design Education under the Influence of New Situation

Yonghua Jing
In the increasingly competitive society and under the present situation of the social and economic booming period, in order to make students adapt to the current social development and put their learning into application, the practice-based reform for cultivating skill-purposed talent should be performed,...
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The Research of "Audit" Curriculum System Construction and Teaching Innovation

Dongchuan Lin, Na Mei, Min Liu
Course of the audit is the core of accounting, auditing, financial management and other professional backbone course. Along with the international convergence of auditing standards, the capital market development, such as changes in the environment, as well as the student main body consciousness enhancement,...
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Reflections on College Fine Arts Education in China

Fei Liu
In this age of information explosion, diversification seems to be the only choice one can make when faced with such a complicated world. Against this background, it seems hard for college fine arts education in China to keep abreast with the times due to its particularity of development. This paper intends...
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Study on Strategy for Development of Leisure Sports Specialty in Universities from a Perspective of Core Competence

Xufeng Gu
Proceeding from the development and talents training of leisure sports specialty and using the core competence theory, the paper suggests based on analysis that: to guarantee the existence and development of leisure sports specialty, it’s imperative to foster its core competence which includes the integration...
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Application Analysis on the "Pheromones" Methods of Legal Education Pedagogy

Shiyong Song
Legal education has a particular value orientation. This value orientation to achieve, mainly as a social employer for graduates of law recognized. "Pheromones" type of legal education pedagogy, based on the interest of students to achieve goals and objectives. In the teaching process, teachers will...
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Research on Shuttlecock Activity for Special Big Break in Regular College

Bin Cao
Currently, since college students have difficulties in being interested in exercising, it is required to focus on mentality and physiology of college students; what’s more, Notification of Implementing Sunshine Sports for Hundreds of Millions Students in China was issued by Ministry of Education, State...
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The Analytical of Sports Behavior and Current College Girl Sports Values

Tianxue Jin
In view of the current university students towards the physical activity has positive and negative attitude toward behavior, heart is like the body very repugnant phenomenon, reasons for such phenomenon from the aspects of analysis, and through the full understanding of the value of PE, correlation analysis...
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Comparative Study on Sino-American Higher Design Art Education

Jimin Qiao, Chongli Zhao
Higher design art education is the fundamental force for pushing creative industry. The USA is one of the most developed countries for art education. There is a large difference of Sino-American higher design art education because of their different cultural traditions and specific national conditions....
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The Innovative Exploration of Supervision Approaches of Open Education Teaching

Gang Han
The supervision of teaching plays an irreplaceable role in strengthening the management of teaching, ensuring the quality of distance teaching of open education and achieving the goals of teaching. Open education is the new approach of Chinese educational development and reflects the characteristics...
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Arguments of Education of Language in Higher Education in China

Fangyan Xu
As one of the most important abilities for a person to live and improve himself or herself, ability of language is so significant that education of language of students has been constantly emphasized since a child began his or her study in kindergarten and primary school. However, current circumstance...
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A Historical Perspective of Four Development periods of Vocational Education

Yingying Hu
The vocational education has roughly experienced four historical periods since it appeared—the period of apprentice-system in the vocational education before world war ii, the school-based period of the vocational education after world war ii till 1960, school—enterprise cooperation period of the vocational...
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Study on the Teaching Mode of Combining Self-study Examination with Skill Training for Art Design

Jijuan Zhang, Jia Lu
Art Design is a practice-based disciplines, the goal of its self-study examination should be to train the applied talents who engage in the practical work in first-line. To achieve training objectives, it is necessary to explore a new teaching mode of combining self-study examination with skill training...
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Construction of Student Societies in View of the Education of Chinese Excellent Traditional Culture

Kai Lu, Yi Wang, Lifang Feng
Based on the education perspective of Chinese excellent traditional culture, qualitative research methods are applied to further cultivate and practice the socialist core values in college, and construct college student societies as an important carrier of culture heritage. The features of societies...
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The Investigation on Motivation of Female College Students for Sports Activities Participation and the Countermeasure on Sport Consciousness Cultivation

Yanyan Chen
To enhance our national physical fitness, sports activities have been valued highly. Issue on the sports activities of female college students has also attracted the attention of people. In this paper, questionnaire method, literature data method, and mathematical statistics method are used to survey...
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Investigation and Analysis on Current Physical Exercises Condition of Nonprofessional Physical Education Students in Regular Colleges and Universities

Haipeng Bai
For nonprofessional physical education university students, PE is one subject in their university life. This thesis investigates on the physical exercises condition of some nonprofessional physical education university students in China through means of questionnaires, access to literature data, statistical...
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Comparative Study on the Security Personnel Training for High-risk Sports in America and China With swimming pool lifeguard training as an example

Loucheng Yu, Jin’ao Chen
In order to enhance the quality of security personnel training for high-risk sports, this paper, with the swimming pool lifeguard training as an example, has made a comparison between American and Chinese lifeguard training contents, the research conclusion of which indicates that: (1) Both America and...
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Thoughts on the Open Education and Teaching Evaluation in Higher Vocational Colleges

Changying Wang
The higher vocational education has the dual attributes: higher education and vocational education. To build a modern higher vocational education system, it’s required not only to realize the school-enterprise combination and producing-teaching integration in teaching mode, teaching method and teaching...
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An Analysis on Learning Ability of Amateur Athletes of General Universities in South Jiangsu

Jixin Wang
The study on learning ability of amateur athletes of general universities in South Jiangsu is carried out by using the documents and questionnaire survey. The results show that the lack of learning time, fatigue for training, no interest in learning are the important factors to affect the cultural learning...
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Discussion on the Influence of Mobile Phone on Ideological and Political Education in Universities

Jing Chen
With the cellular “3G” and “4G” era arrival, the extensive use of mobile media has an enormous influence on college students, which has brought both new opportunities and challenges to the ideological and political education in universities. And all universities shall pay high attention and carefully...
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A Brief Analysis on the Issue of Religious Belief of Contemporary College Students

Jing Chen
Ideological and political work in colleges and universities is intended to make college students set up correct world outlook, the outlook on life, and the values, and become talents of Marxism ideological theory accomplishment. From the point of view of the current situation, there are some issues that...
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A Study on Multi-dimensional Interactive Teaching Mode in Ideology and Politics Course in Universities

Qiang Wu
Ideology and politics course in universities is the main approach and channel to improve their ideological cultivation and political awareness. However, in the new era, the traditional teaching concepts and methods adopted in ideology and politics course in universities cannot adapt to the demands in...
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Research on Narrow Context ESP Course Design in Adult Education

Qing Li, Xinghua Huo
The degree of social specialization demands the improvement of talents’ specialization level, which is manifested in the Adult Higher education. One of the most important aspects is the degree of trainee’s English specialization. It is English itself not the language teachers that decided its destiny...
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Implementing the Flipped Classroom in Elementary and Secondary Schools in China

Jianying Yang
In order to analyze the applicability of the flipped classroom in elementary and secondary schools in China, the present situation of the teaching model and the suggestions are discussed. Modern technology makes it possible to implement the flipped classroom in Chinese schools. Successful cases and findings...
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A Review of WTC Research in L2 and its Pedagogical Implications

Yi Zeng, Honghui Tan
WTC (willingness to communicate) has long been the research focus because of the salient role it plays in second language learning. This paper reviews the related WTC research in L2 and Chinese EFL context, and the definition of related WTC variables, with a discussion of the implied pedagogical implication...
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Analysis on Problems of De-administration in Institutes of Higher Education in China

Yi Miao
The administrative tendency is the product of the planned economy with Chinese characteristics. All public organizations are filled with administrative ranks, and institute of higher learning is one of them. However, during the establishment of systems of modern institutes of higher learning, de-administration...
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Build Local Animation Professional Brand Competitiveness in Industrial Segmentation

Zhu Zhou, Yujuan Wang
The mismatching of referenced established colleges training modes and existing education resources resulted in local colleges' animation majors lacking of competitiveness, and the poor graduates employment situation is exactly the reflection. In hence, if they tend to improve their competitiveness under...
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A Survey on the Engineering Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Education Based on Engineering with a Big E

Zhuoping Wu, Songchan Wang, Liansheng Yang
Some questions exist in the development of Chinese engineering interdisciplinary postgraduate education, such as little attention to the guidelines on engineering education, lack of practice-oriented engineering training, loose cooperation between school and enterprise, little attention to the cultivation...
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Study on Transformation of University Governance

Yijun Li
The transformation of the university governance is essentially the restructure of the core institution of the university, involving the interest of many people and great adjustment of power and interest. It has always been the focus of the establishment of modern university institution. Therefore, it...
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Comparative Study of Strengthening National Defense Education in Colleges in Our Country under the New Situation Take National Defense Education in Western Countries as Reference

Zhenjing Cai
In recent years, the international situation around China has shown some new development patterns. Our national security is facing increasingly serious challenges. Under such new situation, we must effectively improve college students’ awareness of defense security through strengthen national defense...
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The Banner of Colleges and Universities in China A Literature Review on Guiding Ideology of Colleges and Universities in China since the Expansion of College Enrollments

Fubin Han, Jianmei Dong
With the implementation of expansion of college enrollments since 1999, China's higher education is being popularized in the new century. In the process of popularization of higher education, China's ministry of education implemented undergraduate teaching evaluation since 2004 in order to ensure the...
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The Role of Higher Education Evaluation System in the Senior Human Resources Development A novelty of developing during evaluating

Feiye Zhang, Shenghao Guo
Higher education is the main method of senior human resources development (HRD) and its potential role need mining urgently. The paper presents a novelty that regarding evaluation of higher education as the method of HRD, validated its feasibility, analyzed the value and expounded the practice. In view...
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Vocational College English Teaching Inspiration from Sociocultural Theory and Interaction Hypothesis

Lei Zhang
This article will present the situation of college English teaching in higher vocational colleges, and introduce two latest second language acquisition theories which are "social cultural theory" and "interaction hypothesis". The aim of this article is to explore the new modes of college English teaching...
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Challenges and Strategies of Higher Education against the Background of Mobile Media

Hongxia Li, Sumeng Xu
Mobile Media has the audience, informative and wide; portability, time-sensitive; disseminate more targeted content and so on. With easy auxiliary functions to guide public opinion. The current popularity of mobile media has brought four challenges to higher education. As in the case of mobile media...
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Corpus-based Chunk Application in College English Writing

Bianqi Sun
In the light of Swain’s output hypothesis, the article first analyzes the possibility of chunk application in college English writing; introduces the types and pragmatic functions of chunks and the extraction from corpus data. Based on the corpus research, the strategies and approaches are discussed...
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Exploration and Analysis of Exercises of Subjective Induction Sketch from Nature in Design Color Teaching

Xiaofei Zhang
To sketch colors is a precondition for realizing functions of colors while it is also a shortcut to train designers' observational ability, aesthetic judgment and creative power. Design-oriented inductive sketch from nature will realize the shaping ability of decorative colors. Subjective induction color...
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Intellectualization of Education Perfection of Education to Keep Pace with the State's Modernization

Elena Blagireva
The economy of developed countries has its particularly innovative features. The innovative development is based on a creative approach to the management of an organization by many young, active and highly professional specialists. To modernize economy, it is necessary to ensure a permanent flow of qualified...
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Study on the Status Quo of College Students’ Scientific Quality in Private-owned Universities

Qiuju Zeng
This article is making a sample survey of college students’ scientific literacy in private-owned unversities. The statistic report shows that college students’ scientific literacy in private-owned universities has not accorded with the time requirement made by the country, and there has been a distance...
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The Situation and Problems of Adult Education in China on the Perspective of Lifelong Education

Donglin Yu
The adult education is an important part of the lifelong education systems. To develop the adult education is an important principle for China's economic, social and educational development. Currently, the status quo of the adult education is not optimistic, there are educational philosophy, educational...
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Brief Discussion on Absence and Treatment of Contemporary College Students’ Honesty

Yang Yang
Honesty is the basic requirement of strengthening the construction of civic virtues and the focus of the ideological and moral education. But dishonest phenomenon usually occurs in society at present. The college students in this environment inevitably have been affected. At the base of deep analysis...
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Strategy for Risk Avoidance of Chinese Educational Institution Going Global

Yijun Li
With the deepening of reform and opening up, more and more domestic enterprises going global. In order to avoid various risks and to ensure sustainable development of Chinese Educational Institutions going global, this study gives several suggestions for them to follow.
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Study on Physical Education Curriculum System Optimization Based on Health and Human Capital Theory

Jingqiang Wang, Hewang Liu
This paper uses induction and deduction, comprehensive analysis method, based on the present of physical education in Chinese college, analyzes actual problems of college physical course system and takes “improve undergraduate’s health human capital level ” as guiding ideology to optimize college physical...
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The Principles of Building Harmonious Moral Education Target in University

Yanjun Dai, Hua Wu
A harmonious moral education target is the value orientation for the system of harmonious moral education and it plays an important role in building a system of harmonious moral education in the university. Therefore we should adhere to the people-centered principle, grasp the principles of scientific...
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Investigation of the Effect of "China Dream" in the Ideal and Belief Education for College Students

Ning Yang, Feng Qin
"China dream" brings new opportunities to the education of college students, it is significant to lead college students to establish scientific ideal and belief, state that "China dream" play an important part in making effectiveness in the ideal and belief education of college students, in bringing...
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On Innovation of  Practice Teaching for Tourism Management Based on Demands of market

Jianbo He, Zhen Wang
With the continuous development of tourism industry and tourism education, the significance of practice teaching on personnel cultivation and education in tourism management major is more and more prominent. Practice teaching is the important path and teaching mode for fostering the occupational abilities...
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The Main Melody Movie and TV Drama Participate in Ways of Innovation to Ideological and Political Education for College Students under New Situation Conditions

Feng Qin, Ning Yang
As the film and television works which reflect society specific values and character of people in social history and practice under the leadership of the party, the main melody movie and TV drama makes the audiences to get an education subliminally when they are enjoying sensual pleasure. From the angle...
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Research on the Use of Metacognitive Strategies of Liberal Arts and Science English Majors

Guirong Pan, Yafei Chen
By using questionnaire survey and interview method, this paper studies the difference in the use of Metacognitive Strategies by liberal arts students and science students in their English learning, and it also investigates the relationship between the use of Metacognitive Strategies and their performance...
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Thai Students’ Typos and Instructive Strategy Research Take Chumpuangsuksa School For Example

Yu Liu
With the popularity of Chinese, teaching it to the foreigners has achieved good results, especially in Thailand. However, there are some problems about learning and teaching Chinese Characters. The article will apply theory of error analysis and language acquisition to practice. For example, design a...
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The College Aesthetic Education Teaching and Students’ Psychological Mechanism Development in Network Age

Bianling Zhang
With the advent of the information age, the network teaching resources become very abundant. In this case, educators should actively create conditions, analyze psychological characteristics of students reasonably, and adjust the teaching ideas of their own in order to fit in with the needs of the times....
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The Relationship between Core Training and Modern Dance and The Using Methods of Core Training for Modern Dance

Xiaoyong Tang, Lan Gao
Purpose: research using methods of core training for modern dance; Methods: research the recent advances about core training and the relationship between core training and modern dance; Results: Core training can improve the main technique of modern dance; Conclusion: Several core training methods can...
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Research on the Potential of Marketing of Sports Dance Training in West University Town in Jinan Based the SWOT Analysis Method

Lan Gao, Xiaoyong Tang
By gathering up firsthand data of the sports dance training in west university town in Jinan through literature and questionnaire, and analyzing it under the direction of SWOT —a marketing tool to find the internal and external factors for sports dance training in west university town in Jinan, and then...
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A Perception on How to Improve Students’ Humane Attainment in Fine Arts Education

Bo Lin
China's fine arts education has a lot of shortcomings in terms of humane attainment, such as focusing too much on the imparting of drawing skills, techniques and knowledge while neglecting to cultivate the aesthetic feelings and instill the art culture in the heart of students. In the fine arts teaching...
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Brief Analysis on Cultivation of Basic Professional Skills of Students of Fashion Show in Colleges and Universities

Li Wan
Through the analysis on the basic professional skills of students majoring in fashion show from colleges and universities, this paper concluded that it is the most significant task to improve the basic professional skills for the students majoring in fashion show with along the rapid development of economic...
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On teaching of BA design based on “mass higher education”

Bin Jiang
"Mass of higher education" is a quantitative and qualitative mutual unified concept. Volume growth, referring to the enrollment rate of school-age youth colleges and universities to reach 15% 50%.Qualitative changes include expanding educational philosophy of change, educational functions, training objectives...
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Explanations for Age Differences in SLA on Perspective of Sociolinguistics

Yan Xu
Age is one of factors which influence foreign language learning. However, social-psychology, as one of age-related factors, is the key to the different level between children and adults. In a review of Krashen’s research, this paper mainly analyses age differences from sociolinguistics perspective. At...
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Where Should China's Reform of English Education Go

Yongchao Zhang
The paper is written under a situation in which China’s English education is greatly questioned. It discusses the various opinions from the society and the Internet; reviews the past 30 years’ process of China’s English education; objectively assesses its achievements made in this period, and put forth...
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Imparting the Clinical Communication Skills to the Pharmacy Undergraduates

Leilei Ma, Yingjie Lei
The academic agent on pharmacy has a vital role in the development of the licensed pharmacists. Aimed at the less informative imparting of clinical communication skills to the undergraduate students, the possible reforms, such as introducing the training materials, using the clinical cases and problem...
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Lexis and Teaching

Yan Xu
Lexis plays a crucial role in every aspect of literacy learning. Words are the keys to constructing meaning with texts. A rich vocabulary boosts a student’s oral and written expression, reading comprehension, and viewing comprehension. At the same time, they not only help us name things, also help us...
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The Interaction between Genericity and the Formal Performances of the Verb in Middle Construction

Xiuwei Li
There is no simple one-to-one relationship between genericity and a verb’s performance in tense and aspect. In middle constructions, the interaction between the referents of the overt clausal elements brings a complex interaction between genericity and a verb’s performance in tense and aspect. The implicit...
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Two Immigrant Humor Styles of Stand-up Comedy A Linguistic Perspective

Chunqi Li
Two immigrant humor styles of stand-up comedy: word-play and performing are discussed in this study with reference to related linguistic theories. By a comparative analysis of two immigrant comedians’ stand-ups, we conclude that figurative language is a distinctive feature in Joe’s jokes to make people...
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Application of Information Processing Strategies to Discourse Listening Some Cognitive Approaches

Chunqi Li
This paper presents arguments for the relationship between information processing strategy application and listening comprehension achievements from a cognitive perspective. An experiment is carried out to discover learners’ main information processing difficulties at three mental stages when listening...
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Effective Methods to Improving Reading Skills in English Study

Zhanli Yang
The most common problem for an English learner is the difficulty in understanding the articles they are reading. Therefore, how to improve reading ability in learners draws more and more attention. The author of the paper has analyzed some common reading skills and put forwards some suggestions for the...
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Grammar Teaching in the Communicative Classroom Based on Focus on Form Theory

Xueyun Zang, Baiwen Li
Grammar teaching is debated a lot related to its being taught or not in the field of second language teaching. ‘Focus on form’, suggesting that attention to form should be encouraged in communicative language classrooms, has aroused an increasing interest in the field of second language teaching methods....
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Procedures of Web-based English Reading Course

Hongbin Li
Web-based English reading courses offer students have many ways to gain access to different reading materials to improve their reading ability, yet what is still urgently required in many classroom reading tests is a greater awareness of the actual processes involved in reading and the production of...
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The Effects of Archaic Chinese on Han dialect in Literary Works and Ancient Records Taking the Development of Gan Dialect as an Example

Jiugen Xiao, Xijuan Chen
With the consulting of the relative literary works and ancient records, it can be clearly seen that the vocabularies of Gan dialect, with a long history, are complicated and diversified. The language sources stem from not only the basic lexical components of the languages of Miaoman and Baiyue, but also...
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On Parameter Function of Field a Register Variable in Translating Reconstructing Textual Coherence

Yingyuan Li, Chunlin Yang
It is of great necessity and importance to probe into the function of one of the register variables—field in translating—reconstructing textual coherence. Based on the explication of concrete examples of E-C translation, field, as a parameter function of meaning reconstruction in a target text, is hopefully...
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Importance of Cultural Background in English Teaching

Zhanli Yang
In recent years, with implementation of the Reform and Opening Policy as well as more frequent foreign exchange, the enhancement of social networking and information gathering and the widespread use of the Internet, more and more people are involved in intercultural communication. Change and new requirements...
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On the Trend of Convergence in Gender and Political Speech under the Perspective of Performance Theory A Case Study on 2008 President Election Candidates of USA

Wangchu Ma, Xianzhi Wang
The study of gender language is mainly concerned with how gender as a variable affects the ways people of different genders use language. In the past few decades, scholars have put forward deficit theory, difference theory and dominance theory, which opened a new era of gender language study. However,...
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Strategies of Trademark Translation from English into Chinese

Lijun Yang
Trademark is one of the important ingredients of the product, the major signal of products are distinguished by the consumers and intangible asset of enterprises, which owns the function of value and value’s increasing. Trademark translation from one language to another need not only retain elites of...
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The Application of TPR English Teaching Method in Primary Schools

Lijun Yang
In recent years English teaching has showed a obvious tendency of low age in China. Many experts believe that Childhood is a critical period of language development and we should pay attention to the development of their unique proficiency of studying foreign language. TPR Teaching Method is very popular...
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The Application of Foreignization and Domestication in the Translation

Lijun Yang
The translation is a trans-cultural exchange, a good communication has become a bridge among different countries day by day along with the frequent intercourse of various countries and various nationalities, and good translation can promote the exchange. The foreignization and the domestication have...
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The Influence of Extensive Reading upon Vocabulary Acquisition

Lijun Yang
The extensive reading is one of the efficient methods which may be conductive to the vocabulary acquisition of the second language; the process of studying English nearly can be regarded as a process of unceasing and circulating vocabulary acquisition. The extensive reading’s increases are very helpful...
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The Disambiguation and Application of the English Syntactic Ambiguity

Lijun Yang
English ambiguity is an intrinsic phenomenon of language itself and exists widely. English ambiguity mainly includes the semantic ambiguity caused by polysemous words and sentences of syntactic ambiguity which may contain different understanding at the aspect of structures. Syntactic ambiguity expresses...
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Strategies of Improving Spoken English for Learners

Zhanli Yang
With the rapid development of international communication and cooperation in all kinds in China, English has become one of international languages. So it is necessary to foster learners to grasp more language abilities. It is not only the main way of acquiring language information, but also the base...
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A Survey on Autonomous Learning of College English Listening

Bin Chen, Shiyu Peng
Autonomous learning of Colleges English Listening (ALCEL) has been carried out in many college and universities for nearly ten years in China. However, the effect of ALCEL is not as good as expected. In order to probe problems of ALCEL, questionnaire on ALCEL was conducted in six local universities of...
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On the Translation Techniques of Chinese Political Essays from the Perspective of Nida’s Functional Equivalence Theory Taking the Report to the 18th National Congress of the CPC as Corpus

Quanqing Ren
Nida’s functional equivalence theory has a great influence among the translations circle throughout the world. The feasibility and instruction of his theory of English-Chinese or Chinese-English translation have been widely verified and confirmed. From the perspective of the theory, some techniques on...
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Interpretation of the Representational Meaning of Movie Posters from the Perspective of Multimodal Discourse Analysis

Yunru Chen, Xiaofang Gao
The advancement of modern information technology is challenging the dominant role of language in mass media and communication. The study of discourse analysis goes beyond language itself by incorporating other semiotic resources such as image, sound and animation into its scope. Considering language...
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Manual POS Tagging for Middle Chinese Corpus Processing

Yancheng Zhang, Wan Sun
This paper introduces a program practice on Middle Chinese corpus for CLP and historical grammar research. It discusses the principles and approaches which focs on how to choose texts for corpus, word segmentation and POS tagging. It also describes the contents and developing processes on the Specification...
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The Particularity of Film Translation

Xianhua Meng, Yan Chen
The film translation, as a branch of literary translation, complies with the general principles of literary translation. However, the particularity of the film and television art determines the translation has difference with other literary works. In this paper, the author focus on five aspects to discuss...
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Yan Shigu and The Standardization of Chinese Language

Jinxia Zhang
Yan Shigu, a famous linguist, scribe and historian of the Tang Dynasty, is most famous as a linguist. He attached great importance to Chinese language standardization and had achieved major achievements in this regard through tireless efforts theoretically and practically. His proposal of the combination...
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A Discourse Setting Phenomenon and Its Implications in Literature

Keqing Chai, Yang Liu, Yan Zhang
Based on Bakhtin's theory of discourse setting, the thesis analyzes discourse setting phenomenon in college English textbooks from the intrinsic elements and the basic characteristics of the discourse setting theory. And the thesis analyzes three aspects: background setting, language setting and thoughts...
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The English Influence on Cantonese Vocabulary

Youbin Zhao
Cantonese is one kind of Chinese dialects used by more than 70 million people and it’s the native dialect used by the biggest population in the world. Being one of the most absorbing language, the formation of Cantonese vocabulary is very complex. This paper introduces the representation of English influence...
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A Study on the Characteristics and Writing Principles of Business Correspondence

Zi Yu, Yuyang Fu
Business correspondence is a written communication in the trade between the two sides. During the exchanges of business correspondence, the view of the two sides is to be expressed and communicated as well as ideas and information. Therefore, an effective exchange of business correspondence can help...
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Application of Online Peer Feedback in the Teaching of College English Writing

Shuna Xing
Online peer feedback can motivate students; Interests in English writing and improve their writing ability. It is to explore the effectiveness of online peer feedback by comparison it with the traditional teacher feedback with some data analysis from the application research in Linyi University
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Discussion on Culture Introduction In Japanese Language Learning

Yemeng Li
Language and culture are closely interweaved. Thereby, it is a must to know the culture that a language loads when learning a foreign language. The paper points out that Japanese teaching is not merely to impart students to language point out also to cultivate their cultural awareness. Only in this way...
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Selective Translation of Idioms Translation in Journey to the West

Yin Lu
Xi You Ji, the classical masterpiece of China, is well-known by its plentiful language and unique artistic style. Its theme, which is different to other classical fictions in China, relates to interflow of the worldwide cultural. There are plenty vivid idioms in Xi You Ji This makes Xi You Ji a treasure-house...
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The Application of Corpora in the Compilation of English Textbooks Taking COCA as the Example

Haiying Liu
This paper analyzes the problems existing in current compilation of English textbooks. And it puts forward that corpora play an important role in the material source, data analysis, the choice of important points in teaching, the design of the classroom activities, teaching material research and the...
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Optimize the Teaching of English Majors’ Optional Course Via M-Learning

Ping Yan
As a new learning method, M-learning has some typical characteristics, such as, easy access, individualized instruction, rich interaction and situational relevance, which can offer foreign language learning rich language inputs and interactive learning methods, and create authentic language environment....
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EFL Peer Chinese-English Formulaic Sequence Translation Based on Prosody

Na Li, Xiaoshu Xu
Semantic prosody is the research focus in the field of second language acquisition. Corpus-based language learning is considered as an access to the improvement of second language acquisition and the reflection of lexical items along with particular connotations habitually. This paper is based on semantic...
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On Chinese-English Translation Teaching by Multimedia

He Huang, Cui Zheng
With the rapid development of technology and the teaching practice of modern foreign language, modern educational technology plays an important role in the teaching of foreign language. Multimedia instruction has already been a modernized and vertical teaching mode and instrument. As China tends to communicate...