Proceedings of the 2016 2nd International Conference on Economics, Management Engineering and Education Technology (ICEMEET 2016)

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The Different Effects of Selective Attention and Divided Attention on Audiovisual Temporal Integration

Jingjing Yang, Qi Li, Xiujun Li
Human brains integrate various kinds of information from different modalities to perceive our complex environment. The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of attention on the processing of audiovisual temporal information. Fourteen subjects participated in our experiment. Visual, auditory...
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Study on the Way to the Development of Low Carbon Agriculture in Henan Province

Peng Li, Yahong Liang
The development of low carbon agriculture is the development direction of future agriculture. Henan province is agricultural big province, significance of low carbon agriculture development is great, but there are some difficulties, such as agricultural waste of resources, low level of mechanization...
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The Mixing Degree of Mixed Ownership Enterprises and the Innovation of Corporate Governance

Ying Chen
This article selected 1000 mixed ownership enterprises as samples from Shenzhen and Shanghai Stock Market in 2015. To the mixed ownership of the enterprise mixed degree as the standard, classification of the nature of the first major shareholders of the 1000 listing Corporation. The governance problems...
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Nondestructive Determination of Fruit Based on Sensory and Near-Infrared Technology

Qionglei Liu, Baohua Tan
It can be divided into subjective and objective analysis on the sensory analysis of fruits. Subjective analysis almost based on sight, smell, touch, hearing and sense of taste, and the information of fruits will be analyzed when it was transmitted to brain after sensory cell receiving external stimuli....
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An Empirical Study on the Influence of Price scissors of M1-M2 Growth on House Prices

Shuguo Zhang, Min He
This paper analyzes the impact of China's money supply M1-M2 growth rate and interest rate on real estate sales price with VEC Model and Impulse Response Function. The study was based on 48-quarter time series data from 1999 to 2010 in China. The results show, the growth rates of M1 and M2 have a fast...
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Application of Improved Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm in Medium and Long Term power Load Combination Forecasting

Shuguo Zhang, Yang Su
There are many methods of power load forecasting, but each method has its own inaccurate influence factors, and the result of the single method is relatively large. Medium and long term power load forecasting influence the development of local planning in the future, so the accuracy of prediction is...
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Study on the Practice Course System of Business Administration

Jinying Li, Tao Pan, Fan Wu
Business Administration is the first level discipline of management category. Students who majored in Business Administration are required to master extensive theoretical knowledge of management and all kinds of professional skills. And the practice course takes up an important occupation in the teaching...
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Research on the Application of Modern Art in the Use of Urban Landscape Design

Li-feng Zhang, Yao Wang, Xiao-na Yu
With the development of current society, and the rising of the public standard of living, the level of education and the awareness on the art, people' s aesthetic judgment is keeping on developing. Modern art and design are the products of the new era, and the art and design can not be separated. Landscape...
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Research on the Excellent Talents Training Plan of Information Management Based on Social Demands

Xiang-shuo He
From the perspective of meeting the needs of the society, combining with the employment situation of the information management graduates and the information management excellent talent training plan, this paper puts forward the excellent talents training plan of information management based on social...
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Research on the Teaching Reform and Practice of Product Design Course

Xiao-na Yu, Xiang-shuo He, Li-feng Zhang
The reform of the methods of product design of industrial design specialty and program course concentrates on cultivating students' innovative ability. When it comes to the teaching contents, it introduces programs from enterprise design competition and organizes the teaching according to the methods...
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Research on the Innovation Ability of PE Teaching under the Multi Objective Dynamic Condition

Xiao-long Bai
With the continuous refinement of the education system and the improvement of the requirements of the innovation ability of the discipline is becoming higher and higher. In this paper, the sports teaching innovation ability is studied, through the impact of sports innovation capacity of multiple objectives...
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On Term Translation based on Translational Examples

Ran Gao
A term is the carrier of ideological and cultural communication. Nowadays, terms are created at a speed in step with scientific and social development. Resulting from global integration, term translation plays an important role in international contexts. This paper takes a cue from translational examples...
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Research on the Marketing System of Electric Power Company under the Electric Power System Reform

Yun-yan Li, Yuan-sheng Huang, Juan Chen
Some opinions on further deepening the reform of electric power system,9 text, once again open the national electricity reform curtain, which is the biggest selling electricity market liberalization highlights. Release the sale of electricity, will break the monopoly of the Power Grid Corp purchase and...
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Study on the Sale Mode of New Electric Power

Yun-yan Li, Yuan-sheng Huang, Juan Chen
The electric power industry has the characteristics of huge investment asset specificity and scale economy. It determines the power market must focus on strengthening supervision, in order to ensure a healthy competitive relationship in the power industry. In the new electricity reform, around the new...
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Research on the Rights of the Journalists in the Process of News Communication

Ning Ke
The news in the process of transmission will not only bring information to readers, but also a place of rights, whose range is very wide. The journalists generate power through text, production sense and knowledge. News communication organizations generate rights by virtue of its position in the relationship...
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On the Innovation Ability of College Students under the Multi Factor Control

Limin Ma, Qian Zhang
With the development of today's society, more and more attention has been paid to the innovation ability, and the recruitment of some enterprises will be the choice for the university students whether they have the ability to innovate. At present, the innovation ability of college students is gradually...
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Research on the Cultivation Mode of College Students' Innovation Ability

Jinzuo Han, Ming Duan
This paper applies literature method and survey method. Based on the investigation of the basic elements of the cultivation mode of college students' innovative ability, this paper explores the current situation of the main training models and analyzes the existing problems and causes of the cultivation...
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The Cultivation of Comprehensive Quality of College Students

Hui Zhang, Hui Li
In the new period of Socialist Construction, the demand for high-quality talents is very urgent. colleges and universities are the main channel to transport high-quality talents to the society, so the higher education should attach great importance to improve the comprehensive quality of college students,...
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Research on the Evaluation Method of College Students' Comprehensive Quality

Zhongjun Peng, Shuai Cui
With the continuous development of society, the progress of science and technology, the demand for talent is gradually to high-quality composite personnel changes. As the key base of talent training, to constantly adjust their own, make the talents to meet the needs of the society and to enable students...
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Research on Energy Consumption Intensity Based on Structure Share and Efficiency Share

Xinli Wang, Liping Yan
With the rapid development of economy, the contradiction between energy supply and demand is increasing. Energy shortage has seriously restricted the healthy development of China's economy. Research on energy consumption is of great significance to build a resource-saving society and promote the sustainable...
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Research on the Optimization Model of Postgraduate Joint Training in Graduate Workstation in New Perspective

Lin Li
The joint training mode in the graduate workstation is for high-level applied talents, which has been paying more and more attention by the education sector. In the process of cultivating postgraduate, this training mode can give full play to the advantages of the parties and enhance practical ability...
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Research on the Work Mode of University Students under the New Media Environment

Dong-xu Liu, Zhao Liu, Ji-peng Zhao
In recent years, with the rapid development of digital technology, new media has been used by more and more people, which affects people's ideas, value orientation and behavior, etc.. The contemporary university students' thought is open, and they have intense curiosity to new things, at the same time...
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Research on the Influence of the Establishment of China's Carbon Emissions Trading to Electric Power Industry

Qing Zhang
As a national basic industries, the importance of electric power industry is evident. Due to the single energy structure, heavily dependent on coal, large carbon emissions per year, the power industry carbon emissions trading is put on the agenda. This paper first introduces the current situation of...
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Research on Carbon Emissions Trading System in Electricity Market

Qing Zhang
In recent years, the issue of global climate change has become increasingly prominent, the International convention on setting the relevant countries of greenhouse gas emission limits and emission reduction obligations, making carbon emissions, carbon emissions trading has become a research hotspot....
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Political Integration and Reconstruction of Chongqing Rural Society in Early Years of Establishment of the Nation

Xiuru Li
In the early years of establishment of the nation, both social environment and peasants' living environment were complex. In the face of severe development situation, Chongqing rural area conformed to the call of Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and established political integration and reconstruction mechanism...
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Social fairness and justice in the perspective of modernization

Xian Guo
Social justice is the core value of the pursuit of social development, various areas throughout the society, but also directly reflects the social nature of the content. According to the historical development of Marx thought and concept of fairness in our society, in view of the present situation of...
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Analysis on the present situation of higher education reform in China

YunLing Zhang
How to solve the deep-seated contradictions and problems and improve the quality of higher education, has been the subject of the higher education reform. The development stage of higher education now is to scale growth as the center to change in order to improve the quality of the core, improve the...
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An Empirical Case Study on College English Academic Writing with Project-based Learning Model

Jiang Li
This paper is a practical case study on college English academic writing teaching with project-based learning model. The mostly discussed is the necessity and availability of newly developed project-based learning model in the college English academic writing teaching.
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Analysis of Impacts of RMB's Exchange Fluctuation on Export of China's High-tech Products--Based upon ADF Test

Ludmila Sterbova, Xinying Liu, Xuan Liu
In 2014, China's export of high-tech products maintained a rapid growth, reached $645.3 billion and contributed greatly to the development of the high technology industry as well as the industrial restructuring in China. Then in 2015 it appears a slight devaluation. It is critical for us to conduct research...
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Comparative Analysis of International Competitiveness of Chinese - American Automobile Industry

Xinying Liu, Shenyingjie Zhang, Xueyao Feng
Along with the repaid development of the transportation industry and the demand of the residents, the automobile industry has gradually developed into a pillar industry of the national industry. The level of a country's automobile industry development can also reflect the overall level of the country's...
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Trade Fair and B&R Initiative-Based Market Exploring: A Perspective of Kazakhstan

Xuehui Zeng, Zhaoyue Xia
Under "the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road"(B&R) initiative, this paper analyses Kazakhstan's industry structure, import-export commodities from and to China through categories and HHI index. Studies indicate that Kazakhstan has comparative advantageous industries such...
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Research in Cultural Governance for Border Areas in Yunnan Province

Xiaobo He
Since 2013, the status of culture has been lifted in a new height. Culture is regarded as a fact of "four-dimension as a unit" to consist the system of governance, paralleled with politics, economy and society. Cultural governance has been an organic part of national governance system. Yunnan is a important...
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Probe into the reform of College Chinese Teaching

Hongqin Chen
College Chinese is an important basic course for non-Chinese majors in Colleges and universities. It plays an important role in improving college students' humanistic literacy, language expression, writing, aesthetic ability and so on. However, in today's colleges and universities, the College Chinese...
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Study of Chinese College Students' Cross-cultural Pragmatic Failure

Sheng'ai Li, Xu Tan, Mingming Fu
Pragmatic failure is a frequently-discussed concept in linguistic research and English as foreign language teaching (EFLT). Learning a language means obtaining the ability of appropriately choosing linguistic forms for a specific context, or of correctly using the language in social interaction. Based...
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Chinese Dream and the Innovation of Ideal and Belief Education of College Students

Jia Zhou
In today's world, all kinds of thoughts and cultures are stirring and co-existing, and contemporary China is experiencing an unprecedented social change. This has great impact on the contemporary College students' world outlook, life outlook and value outlook so that College students' ideal and belief...
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A Study on Literary Translation from the Perspective of Feminism

Zhihai Chen, Zhengpei Chen
The strategy of hijacking is the most controversial strategy of the three translation strategies which feminist translators use commonly. Feminist translators manipulate the text with feminist preference to those viewpoints which have no relation with feminism. The research of the strategy of literary...
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On the Study of Cross-cultural Assimilation in Business Negotiation

Yu Chen
As world economic and trade are becoming globalized, they are now among the least concerns for any organization that has decided to go to the world. Today, international business people increasingly find themselves working in multi-cultural environment, dealing with real differences in everything from...
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Game Analysis of the Rent Seeking Model of Scientific Research Activity Based on Bounded Rationality

Ying Li, Xiang Xie, Xiaohui Hou
The research field exists the phenomenon of rent-seeking widely, through the establishment of the three party model, analysis under different conditions of scientific research project application and research project approval returns, pointed out that the change of both sides' rent-seeking strategies...
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Consumption effect of an aging population--Taking Hangzhou as an example

Rong Li
With the development of society and economy, social life expectancy widely extended, the aging of the population trend is increasingly highlighted. Due to differences in physiological and psychological aspects of the elderly in the characteristic of consumption habits and consumption tendency is obvious....
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The Duration Statistical Analysis of Tibetan Motto

Ze guo Liu, Ting Sun
This paper focuses its study on the collection of poems Sajia Motto for Tibetan and adopts the research methods of experimental phonetics to analyze the duration distributions of sentence, text, and pause between sentences. The study finds that the sentence duration of female is longer than male, and...
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The Research on Breath Signal of Tibetan Motto Poem

Ze guo Liu, Yonghong Li
This paper sets the recitation of Sajia Motto as the study focus; researches its rhythm by the respiratory physiological equipment. During the study, a recitation data is built, which contains two speakers' (a man and a woman) recitation breathe of 40 poems of Lasa dialect in Tibetan. The breath of chest...
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Factor Decomposition on Energy Cost Change of Freight Hub Based on SDA

Xiao Li, Bin Liu, Li Liu
The paper construct the factor decomposition model based on SDA, with the idea of jointly created and equally distributed. The model is used to analysis the energy cost change of freight hub for example. Through the analysis and calculation of the energy consumption data of freight hub, the conclusion...
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Analysis on the Influential Factors of China 's Manufacturing Industry Participating in Global Value Chain

Ying Chen, Yonghua Yang
China's manufacturing industry in the global value chain in the presence of high trade surplus and low trade coexistence of the phenomenon, mainly because China is in the global value chain low-end links. In order to analyze the influencing factors of China's manufacturing industry's participation in...
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Coal Mining with Three-dimensional Stagger Arrangement Roadway Layout Method: a case study

Zimo Cui, Jingli Zhao, Xiaojian Tian, Pengfei Wang, Emmanuel Chanda
This paper takes that several engineering examples of practical applications introducing the 3-D roadway layout of stagger arrangement method without coal pillars, which arranged the air intake roadway and air return roadway in different horizons, realizing the transformation of roadway arrangement from...
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The Research of Current Situation of Mechanical Innovative Design and Development Trend

Shuai Shao, Pengcheng Yan, Jiangsheng Sun, Lianwu Zhang
In today's era of rapid development of science and technology, mechanical design industry has put forward higher requirements, and conventional mechanical design methods have been difficult to meet people's needs. Mechanical design is a scientific innovation to adapt to the times and to produce, it is...
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Study on the net profit of Replacing Coal by Electricity based on the strategy of critical electricity price

Wei Zheng, Qianqian Chong, Xiyuan Li, Hongfeng Ma
In order to make Replacing Coal by Electricity (RCE) get better promotion, firstly, a benefit model which based on the benefits of the participators of electric heat storage boiler (EHSB), i.e. grid enterprise, residents and government, was constructed. Secondly, this paper proposed the concept of critical...
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Practice and application of Network learning in college Japanese learning

Xin Wang
Network learning is used to describe any type of learning environment that is computer enhanced. Network learning is essentially the computer and network enabled transfer of skills and knowledge. What kind of online Japanese learning platforms make Network learning successful? This question arises at...
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Bilingual teaching talent training in college language courses

Jie Zhang
In bilingual teaching, obtaining the knowledge of other disciplines is the main purpose, meanwhile creating the conditions for learners to learn and use the second language, making the students use the second language they should master as much as possible. The ultimate purpose is to enable students...
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Simultaneous interpretation training teaching method in college English majors

Yu Gu
Simultaneous interpretation as a translation mode with high efficiency and instantaneity is the most common interpretation way in current society. Such translation form can not just effectively improve conference efficiency, but impose no impacts on speakers' thought and contribute to audiences to comprehend...
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Strategy of Cross-culture intercultural communication in English teaching

Wenwen Guo
Language has emerged and has been developing together with its cross-culture and they have mutually dependent ever since the interdependent relations between language and cross-culture can be further explained in the fol1owing aspects. Historically languages have been together with the existence of the...