Proceedings of the 2021 4th International Conference on Humanities Education and Social Sciences (ICHESS 2021)

913 authors
An, Jing
A Comparative Study on Moon Imagery in Chinese and Western Classical Poetry
An, Ran
A Research of the Crisis of Farmworkers’ Right to Health from the International Perspective
An, Xingyu
Ideology and Value Divergence
An, Ziliang
The Enlightenment on Campus Emergency Management
Bai, Dingsong
The Enlightenment on Campus Emergency Management
Bai, Haozhe
Analysis on the Current Situation and Challenges of Print Media Transformation
Bai, Shaoxiong
Environmental Responsibility of Multinational Enterprises
Bai, Xue
Influences of COVID-19 on the Primary and Secondary Education in China
Bai, Yuwei
A Case Study on Kenyan Female Students’ High Post-Primary Drop-out Rate
Bi, Jidong
An empirical Analysis of the Teaching Effect of Course for Ideological and political Education of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Simulation Experiment
Bian, Shuyi
The Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Problematic Smartphone Using Among Adolescents
Bian, Xinwei
A Systematic Review About Gender Difference in STEM Performance for Adolescents
Boran, Liang
Analysis on the Education Inequality in China
Research on Development and Optimization of Human Resources in Gig Economy
Cai, Junyi
The Turn of Minimalism in Chinese Women’s Clothing in the New Century
Cai, Rujun
Xi Jinping’s Party Development Ideology and Its Enlightment on Party Development in Public Hospitals
Cai, Runzhi
Depression in Adolescence: A General Review
Cai, Yunping
Clown Images in American Movies in Recent Years Under Postmodernism
Cao, Hanfei
Sleep Stage, Sleep Duration, Attention Span
Cao, Qianwen
The Mediated Effect of Stress on Uncertainty and Students’ Perceived Performance in Online Classes: A Mediation Analysis
Cao, Xiaoyi
Discrimination and Hate Crimes Against Asian People Under COVID-19
Cao, Zejia
Childhood Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: A Research Review
Chang, Bowei
Environmental Responsibility of Multinational Enterprises
Chang, Jiayuan
Explaining Kazakhstan’s Accession to and Compliance with WTO, from a Neorealism and a Neoliberalism Approach
Chang, Xinyue
Antisocial Personality Disorder Overview
Chao, Jiaoxue
The Application of Flipped Classroom in Scene Simulation Method of Music Education
Che, Xingzhi
Investigation on the Relationship Between Definition of Suceess, Positiveness of Reaction to Peer Pressure, and Self-perceived Confidence Level
Chen, Bixuan
The Impact of Fan Cultures on Teenagers Consumption Value
Chen, Chunze
Analysis on Postpartum Depression
Chen, Fangqi
Situation Model and Embodiment
Chen, Guanzhuo
Evaluating Realism and Liberalism: Which School of Thought Better Explains World Politics?
Chen, Hongyun
Exploration on Informatization Mode of Teaching Skill Training in Normal Universities Based on Information Technology
Chen, Jiaming
Enlightenments from High School Online English Class in China During Pandemic
Chen, Jiayi
Short Video Marketing During the EPIDEMIC
Chen, Jiaying
The Self-identity in Rural Theme Short Video in KuaiShou Platform
Chen, Lei
Research on the Working Principle of Machine Vision and Its Application in Industrial Robot
Chen, Liyi
The Mediating Effect of Social Support – A Study on the Effect of Social Participation on the Recovery of Trauma in COVID-19 Elderly Patients
Chen, Lu
Research on the Differences of Disaster Reports in Chinese and American Media from the Cross-cultural Perspective
Chen, Ningxin
The Turn of Minimalism in Chinese Women’s Clothing in the New Century
Chen, Pengxu
Analysis of National CO2 Emission Performance Based on Agricultural Emission Indicator
Chen, Qihua
Brain’s Computation on Near-death Experience and Dream
Chen, Rui
Current Situation and Improvement of China’s Negative List System for Foreign Investment
Chen, Shiqi
The Situation of Chinese Manufacturing Workers Under Covid-19
Chen, Weiming
Differences of Learning Linguistic Skills Between ASD Children and Typical Developing Children
Chen, Xi
Internet Plus Agriculture Mode
Chen, Xiao
Current Status of Remoting Sensing Application
Chen, Xintong
The Effect of Media Representations and Stigma on Public Perception of Mental Disorders from Late 20th to Early 21st Century
Chen, Xinyu
Consumption Oriented Idol Worship in China
Chen, Xuanyou
Analysis of National CO2 Emission Performance Based on Agricultural Emission Indicator
Chen, Yajie
Exploring PBL Online Teaching to Enhance Students’ Meta-Learning Skills
Chen, Yang
A Systematic Review of Interventions for Childhood Depression
Chen, Yichi
Research on the Necessity of Rural Education in Central and Western China
Chen, Yijie
Potential Solutions for Accessing Abstract Concepts in Embodied Theories of Cognition
Chen, Yilan
Developmental Barriers of Chinese Female Students in Undergraduate Education
Chen, Yimiao
Students’ Learning Experiences in the Foundation Year of a Sino-Foreign Joint University
Chen, Yirui
Research on the Responsibility of Labour Rights Protection of MNEs
Chen, Yizhu
Investigation and Reflection on Foreign Investment Security Review
Chen, Yongyi
The Influence of the Traditional Teaching Approach Transfer to Flipped Classroom Approach on Dyslexia
Chen, Yuguo
The Identity of Student Video Makers and in the Case of BiliBili
Chen, Yuhong
As Beginners: How We Feel About Ethnography
Chen, Yuwei
The Effect of Remote Learning on College Students
Chen, Zixuan
British International Education: Policies Implemented, International Students Mobility (ISM) and Statistical Basis
Cheng, Hong Rui Yang
Implicit Self-esteem Project
Cheng, Jiayi
Investigating the Effect of Alignment Between College Major and Current Occupation on Life Satisfaction
Cheng, Jinghan
U-boats: The Unsuccessful Role in WWII
Cheng, Jingyi
The Moral Education: Literature Review of Its Development from Past to Present
Cheng, Jun
Business Model Comparison Between Spotify and NetEase Cloud Music
Cheng, Ming
Relationship Between Heroin Addiction and Depression: Gender Difference and Treatment
Cheng, Nan
A Constructivist Approach to Saudi Arabia’s Accession and Compliance to the WTO
Cheng, Xi
Let the Anti-Drug Awareness Go Deep into the Youth: On the Innovative Path of Drug Control Publicity in Colleges and Universities
Cheng, Yaxi
The Role of Morphological Awareness in Reading Comprehension in Chinese EFL Adult Learners
Chia-Wei, Chao
A Study on the Impact of Hotel Task Conflict on Employee Performance- Trust in Leadership as Moderating Variable
Chia-Wei, Chao
A Study on the Impact of Tourism Security Factor of Travelling Intention on FIT
Chia-Wei, Chao
A Study on the Change of Career Values of Hotel Management Students -- Based on Cognitive Dissonance Theory
Chu, Songze
Caring for the Elderly Parents: The Role of Daughters
Chujun, Yang
Reflections and analysis on the implementation of long-term nursing insurance for disabled athletes
Chunhui, Li
The Relationship Between Organizational Factors and Individual Innovation Performance: The Mediating Role of Proactive Behavior
Chunhui, Li
Research and Practice of Differential Classroom
Cong, Jia
Text Analysis of China’s Internet Governance Policies from 2000 to 2020
Cong, Xiaofeng
Text Analysis of China’s Internet Governance Policies from 2000 to 2020
Cong, Zhaoyi
The “De-celebrity” Trend of the Chinese Reality Show Industry from the Perspective of the Main Audience
Cui, Yue
Criminal Regulations on Child Abuse in China
Dai, Mingjing
Educational Equity and Educational Informatization New Thinking Based on the Background of “Epidemic”
Dai, Qiyue
The Turn of Minimalism in Chinese Women’s Clothing in the New Century
Dai, Siyan
Korean Drama’S Influence on China’S Fashion Industry and Culture
Dai, Tianle
The Advantages of Network Data Transmission of Optical Fiber Data and its Principle
Dai, Weiyi
Influence of Education Policies on Music Discipline’s Performance of Basic Education in China
Dai, Yixuan
Problems and Suggestions of Chinese Family Education
Dang, Yongzheng
An empirical Analysis of the Teaching Effect of Course for Ideological and political Education of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Simulation Experiment
Danni, Zhu
Study on the Communication Problems and Countermeasures of TCM Culture under the Vision of Healthy China
Deng, Fengning
An Overview of Narcissistic Personality Disorder
Deng, Jiadong
Comparative Analysis on the Influence of Individualism and Collectivism on the Prevention of Covid-19 Pandemic
Deng, Jiaheng
Experience and Prospect of Trade War Between China and the United States
Deng, Xinhong
Research on the Current Situation and Strategy of Talent Training of Logistics Management Specialty from the Perspective of Intelligent Logistics
Deng, Xinyue
Integrating the Auction and Role-play Game into English Speaking Class
Deng, Ying
Internet thinking is integrated into the practical study of smart home and interior design
Di, Mengxian
The Relationship Between Managerial Ownership and Firm Performance: Reviewing and Evaluating
Di, Xiang
Application of “ Vertical and Horizontal Cross “ Method in Blended Teaching
Ding, Lei
The Effect of Self-Efficacy on Online Learning Efficiency in Cross-Cultural Perspective
Ding, Lingfei
To Investigate Han-Xiongnu Relation Through the Lens of Heqin