Proceedings of the 2021 4th International Conference on Humanities Education and Social Sciences (ICHESS 2021)

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Current Status of Remoting Sensing Application

Xiao Chen
Remote sensing is a technique for identifying the Earth’s environment and resources by gathering electromagnetic radiation data from man-made satellites, planes, and other aircraft. This makes up for the shortcomings of manual monitoring which is limited by ground conditions and small monitoring range....
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Assessment of Learning Styles Among Clinical and Normal, Nonclinical Participants: An Experimental Study

Zhi Lin
This study aimed to identify Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic (VAK) learning styles of clinical and nonclinical samples, to check the relationship between VAK learning styles and clinical factors, demographic variables. Two central questions were addressed: 1) Could there be a variation in learning...
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Implicit Self-esteem Project

Hong Rui Yang Cheng
One of the essential stages in life for the development of identity is early adulthood. Do gender and socioeconomic status affect the development of implicit self-esteem in adolescents? It is necessary to perform this study among teenagers because positive self-esteem becomes essential during this stage...
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Localizing the Korean Variety Shows in China Review of the Differences Between Policy, Market and Culture

Chenxuan Gao, Anqi Wu, Qingyuan Yang
This article aims to find out how the differences of policy, market and culture between Korean and Chinese influence the process of Chinese localization and the development of Chinese television industry. The collection of literature summaries from journals and news, the research methods of the literature...
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Research on Current Situation and Countermeasures of English Teaching in Independent Colleges—Based on Application-oriented Universities Transformation

Yiyin Liang
With the continuous development of independent colleges and the increase of the demand for interdisciplinary talents in China, it has become a general choice for independent colleges to transform into application-oriented universities. In this process, English teaching in independent colleges increasingly...
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Compilation, Research, Development and Utilization of Documents and Archives in Military Universities

Qianqian Zhao, Quan Wen, Yuan Zhao, Qiang Wei
The scientific compilation, research and efficient development and utilization of document files in military academies play an important role in maintaining the systematicness and effectiveness of document files, enhancing the function of file service, improving the level of file business and improving...
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On the Female Roles in Miss Saigon

Zisu Wang
Miss Saigon is a famous musical in New York. As a musical set in the Vietnam War, the plot is touching and moving. The discussion on the good and evil of human nature behind the music story has never stopped. Miss Saigon, Cat, The Phantom of The Opera and Les Miserables are known as the four famous dramas....
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Review of Treatment of Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder

Cheng Huang
Compared with the diagnostic criteria of Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder (DMDD) and research on comorbidities, research on the treatment of DMDD is scarce. Since it was defined in 2012, children have been diagnosed with DMDD every year. They lose their temper frequently and severely and impair...
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The Causes, Prevention and Treatment of Adolescent Depression: A Review

Jiacheng Li, Shenyu Zhou, Meifan Zhu
Depression is an increasingly common phenomenon among adolescents, and it is a serious mental health problem for adolescents. The objective of this study was to systematically review the causes, prevention, and treatment of adolescent depression. This study was based on a computerized search of the published...
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Research and Suggestions on the Reasons of Employment Difficulties of Undergraduate Students and Junior College Students

Yanmin Wu
The employment difficulty of college students has become a “problem that cannot be ignored”. Although many new graduates are struggling to find a satisfying job and many manufacturing job opportunities still need young people’s blood to fill, it seems that many people are reluctant to take up such jobs,...
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Exploration and Practice of Integrating Moral Education into College English Reading &Writing Course

Xuelian Liu
College English course is an important part of the ideological-political system of higher education curriculum. Based on college English reading&writing course, this paper explores and practices teaching framework of moral education from the aspects of teaching objective, teaching content, teaching...
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The Home Country Should Be Responsible for the Regulation of the Human Rights Responsibilities of MNEs

Ao Huang, Geya Shen, Yimeng Zhu
Various issues of human rights abuses by MNEs have received considerable attention, many previous studies have justified the host states regulation. In our research, home country regulation is introduced and compared with the host regulation. Based on case analysis, we find that the home states regulation...
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Transgenerational Memory and piRNA

Xinyun Le
In this work, we got information from others’ papers that memory can be inherited by the next generation, and piRNA is associated with memory inheritance (according to Moore’s experiment). PiRNA is found present both in the nervous system and germ cells (according to Kandel’s paper) and associated with...
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Based on the Perspective of College Education, this Analysis of Student Work Management and Service

Jian Xu
The work of college students is an important part of college education, with the popularization of higher education, the educational environment and educational objectives have also changed, colleges and universities should carry out reform according to the most current student work with the characteristics...
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The Possibility of Using Music Therapy to Treat Depression and Anxiety Among University Students

Ruiyan Tang
University students suffer from depression and anxiety the same as adults. Even though there are lots of methods to treat depression and anxiety, university students experience both stress academically and socially. They are not only in some way not mature enough but still reckon themselves as problem...
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China’s Agri-trade Deficit Under the BRI

Meixi Peng
The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has been playing an increasingly important role in international trade since its proposal in 2013. Meanwhile, though China has implemented various policies to address its ongoing, increasing agri-trade deficit, policy effects have been partially offset by a number of...
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On the Connotation and Construction of Red Integration into the Ideological and Political Education Under the Perspective of CAS Theory

Han Lu, He Ruting
The red gene is the gene code that has been flowing in the blood of the Communist Party of China, an important achievement of the sinicization of Marxism, and a high embodiment of the political ideals and practical needs of Communists. It is characterized by a revolutionary and advanced nature. Colleges...
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A Systematic Review: The Association Between Social Media Use, Social Media Addiction, and Depression in Adolescents

Letong Yang, Jingqiao Yuan
With the development of technology, social media has become the main way for people to communicate with others and entertain themselves. At the same time, depression is one of the most common mental disorders. About 4.3% of people in the world are diagnosed with depression. Many researchers pay attention...
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Reexamining the Religious Policy in the Mongol Empire: A Study of William of Rubruck

Junhe Shi
Although the religious situation in the Mongol Empire has been extensively researched, the reasons for the Mongols’ tolerant but anti-conversion religious stance toward visiting missionaries remain a mystery. This paper argues the Mongol religious attitude to be one of their political and diplomatic...
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Overseas Integration Condition and Strategies of Young Chinese Students

Qingni Sheng
This study expands and tests the culture shock model of Oberg (1960), using 10 high school students from three countries as samples to study college students. Through path analysis (semi-structured in-depth interviews) to understand the impact of cultural differences, language and learning, social media...
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Alexander the Great’s Characteristics, from the Perspective of The Battle of River Granicus

Qinyan Tong
Alexander the Great was known as one of the most remarkable and influential people in Greek history and later European history. His actions shall improve our understanding of Greek culture tremendously. As the Primary resource proved to be scarce under the circumstances of too antique, in contrast, the...
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Investigation on the Relationship Between Definition of Suceess, Positiveness of Reaction to Peer Pressure, and Self-perceived Confidence Level

Xingzhi Che, Xiwen Guan, Xinyi Yin, Yichun Zhao
This research mainly investigates the correlation between people’s definition of success, the positiveness of reaction to peer pressure, and self-perceived confidence level in achieving one’s own life goals in the field of social psychology. The influences of culture--China and Japan, gender, and education...
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Is Early Bilingualism an Advantage for Children’s Development Under Age 12?

Jinghan Ruan
Recently, learning more than one language becomes more and more prevalent worldwide. Therefore, people questioned whether dual language development is beneficial or not and what is the best age to start learning a second language. Previous studies have found that there is a critical age for language...
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China’s Presence in Africa

Reading the Debate Through the Tanzanian Experience

Yuanzhi Wu
This essay will present the nature of the China-Africa relationship by analyzing the debates of previous scholars concerning the West in Africa and China in Africa, alongside a historical review. I argue that China’s relationship with Africa is different from that of other major strategic forces in the...
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Women in the Ancient Roman Republic: Feminine Roles During the Reign of Julius Caesar

Yuting Xie
Using methods including analyzing primary historical documents, images, and secondary sources, this paper explores the multiple factors that resulted in the involvement of Ancient Roman women in the political field: political marriages and non-negligible roles in a family. Due to the benefits of political...
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Advice for Parents on Advertisement’s Effect on Children

Xiaomo Hou
This paper investigates mass media advertising’s negative effect on young children. As technology and internet are evolving in a faster pace than expected, it is important to take a step back to understand how people’s lifestyle and decision-making method has changed accordingly. Furthermore, people...
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The Role of Schools and Educational Institutions in Helping Finding Career Pathways

Xiaoyan Wang
Students’ career choosing is intricately related to family, school system, society, and country. In this age of intense competition, students need more effective and detailed career planning for their career goals and future based on social environment, their self-cognition, knowledge structure and more....
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The Present Situation and Trend of Preschool Education in China Under the Framework of Supply and Demand Theory

Jiarui Zhao
This article first explains the definition of preschool education categories, combing its historical evolution. Next, the author starts to conduct research on the status quo of preschool education in China from the theoretical analysis framework of supply and demand. On the demand side, this paper starts...
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A Review of School Bullying

Zilu Li, Xintong Meng, Jiawen Zhang
Most studies have demonstrated that school bullying is a common phenomenon around the world. An important aspect of reducing and preventing school bullying is understanding and determining interventions and strategies to prevent school bullying. Research in the past 40 years has revealed the nature and...
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Analysis on the Relationship Between Different Body and Mind States and Sleep Quality

Leyao Ma
The definition of sleep quality is not consistent, but several indicators, including sleep efficiency, the total wake time, total sleep time, the latency of sleep onset, the degree of fragmentation, and even sleep disruptive events have been used to measure it. However, while the physiological aspects...
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A Study on Gender Difference of High School Students’ Ability in Literature Appreciation under Emotional Education System

Ximeng Lin
Past studies and previous research have shown that gender difference is an important factor for affecting students’ achievements. Nevertheless, the gender difference in the literature appreciation ability of high school students has been rarely concerned. This study is seeking to examine whether gender...
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Integrating the Auction and Role-play Game into English Speaking Class

Xinyue Deng, Xiusong Qin, Xiaoqing Yuan, Xiaoxin Zhou
This study explores the effect of games (e.g., the auction and role-play game) in teaching spoken English among Chinese middle school students. Five participants were divided into two groups and given online courses with and without games for comparisons. This research utilized a qualitative method to...
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Sleep Stage, Sleep Duration, Attention Span

Hanfei Cao
Have you ever woken up refreshed after only 4 hours sleep, and woken up listless after 8 hours sleep? Many works of literature reviewed how sleep deprivation affects people in many ways. While there has been much research on the problem of sleep deprivation, few researchers have considered sleep stage...
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Body Specificity Hpothesis: Different Bodies Develop Correspondingly Different Brains and Minds

Quan Tang, Tingjun Li, Junyan Fang
This electronic document is a “live” template. In the current research of cognitive psychology, the field of embodied cognition has become an important part of cognitive science. The introduction of the body-specific hypothesis adds important pieces to the puzzle of the theoretical structure of embodied...
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Study on Psychological Stress and Life Behavior of College Students During COVID-19 Epidemic

Yuhan Zhan, Junhua Zhang
During the epidemic of Covid-19, under the combined effects of the fear of infection, academic workload and emotional pressure, college students are facing greater psychological stress than before. College students, a special group that has just transitioned to adulthood, have an unique psychological...
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Research on the Governance Reform of Big Science Infrastructures in China: Based on the Perspective of Administrative Subcontract

Zhenyu Huang
Based on the perspective of administrative subcontracting, this paper builds a framework to analyze the governance changes occurring in China’s big science infrastructures (BSIs). The construction goal of BSIs has always been based on basic research, with the formation of a “central ministries-operational...
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Analysis of Treatments of Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis

Jingyuan Zhang, Ling Li
Adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS) is an abnormal curvature of the spine that appears in late childhood or adolescence. Early treatment is critical for the prevention of the condition from becoming severe enough to require surgery. We compared the advantages and disadvantages of two treatment methods...
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How Alexandria Reflects Aristotle’s Philosophy of Eudaimonia

Shuoning Zhang
Alexander the Great, as Aristotle’s student, partly realized Aristotle’s political philosophy. This paper examines the relationship between Aristotle’s eudaimonia and Alexander’s construction of Alexandria, compares multiple historical sources with Aristotle’s works, and argues that Alexandria’s design...
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The Effects of Conformity on Women’s Body Images Under Different Social Norms and Different Cultures

Jingyi Zhang
When young children hear stories about Wallis Simpson, the Duchess of Windsor, they always remember that “No woman will dislike being too thin and having too much money” as a cliche. Like Wallis, staying skinny under today’s Western culture, especially the American culture, advocates strongly the conformity...
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Motivation in College Student Study

Yujie Tang, Huilan Wu, Yepeng Zhou
Nowadays, more and more people are paying much attention to the students’ motivation since they have already discovered that motivation affects students’ academic performance greatly. Specifically, stronger motivation leads to better academic performance and vice versa. To find out several common factors...
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Collaboration and Cooperation: A Case Study of Two Students’ Coursework in A Canadian Secondary School

Xingzuo Zhou
Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, online teaching has been largely implemented. Schools, teachers and educators must understand the significance of communications among students during online teaching, and one way to encourage more collaboration is to assign group coursework. Higher contribution...
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A Constructivist Approach to Saudi Arabia’s Accession and Compliance to the WTO

Nan Cheng, Fei Duan, Anqi Wang, Ruoxin Wang
After a tardy, dilatory negotiation for more than twelve years, the WTO (formerly known as the GATT) had finally accepted Saudi Arabia’s accession request in 2005. The essay aims to explain Saudi Arabia’s accession to WTO through the theory of constructivism with studies of several cases. The authors...
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Clown Images in American Movies in Recent Years Under Postmodernism

Yunping Cai, Chen Ye, Yike Zhang
This essay uses the postmodernist theory to explain the clown image in American movies. The author sorts out the definition of the role of the clown and summarizes the changes of a clown under postmodernism. In addition, from recent year’s American films, such as IT, The Dark Knight, and Joker (2019),...
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Individual Differences of OCD and Its Mechanism: A Current Review

Xuanjiang Guo
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is considered to be one of the ten most disabling diseases. However, the individual differential manifestations and differential mechanisms of OCD still need to be discussed. This article focused on the individual differences of OCD, including sex and age, analyzed...
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The Impetus Risk of the Northeast Asia Order Transition Under the Vision of America’s Strategic Competition with China

Zihan Zhao
The Northeast Asia geopolitics is so complex that the regional order is facing the transformation reconstruction challenge. Great power competition, especially the competition between China and the United States, is the basic variable that influences the transformation of Northeast Asia Order. Since...
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A Study on the Teaching of Lianmian Words in International Chinese Education

Zhang Junjiao, Qi Juanli
Lianmian words is a special type of Chinese vocabulary.This paper combines the current situation and existing problems of the research on the teaching of Lianmian words in international Chinese education.Based on the current situation and existing problems in the teaching and research of Lianmian words...
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The Impact of Accession to WTO on Economic Development in Least Developed Countries

Zhaosiya Liu, Xiyuan Zuo
The essay explores why Afghanistan is willing to join the WTO and comply with the WTO rules; as an LDC country, how the accession to the WTO affects Afghanistan’s economic situation. Afghanistan officially joined the WTO in 2016 after a long period of negotiation. Due to the political deadlock, domestic...
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A Probe into the Construction of Outcome-based Online and Offline Blended First-class Curriculum in Application-oriented Universities

Fengmei Zhu
The construction of “First-class Curriculum” is a focus of increasing attention in higher education. The concept of it was developed from “Jinke” put forward for the first time at the New Era National Undergraduate Education Work Conference. Measures for the Recommendation and Recognition of National...
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Evaluation Method of Ideological and Political Curriculum Reform Effect in Colleges and Universities Based on Fine-grained Learning

Tianyi Sun, Xia Zhao
In order to effectively meet the needs of teaching effect evaluation, reduce the error of effect evaluation results and improve the accuracy of evaluation results, an effect evaluation method of Ideological and Political Curriculum Reform in Colleges and Universities based on fine-grained learning is...
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Pre-school Education Curriculum Thinking and Political Teaching Exploration - Heroes into Teaching

summary Hero figure is the vanguard model of the times, is an important force to realize the prosperity and rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.”hero” and “hero” spirit has rich connotation and educational value. Deeply interpret the “hero” characters and spirit, integrate them into pre-school education,...
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Impacts Social Media Have on Young Generation and Older Adults

Wenxin Li, Xuantong Lin, Jiani Wu, Wenhan Xue, Junxian Zhang
This review paper aims to find out how people from different age groups will be affected by social media addiction from a developmental perspective, whether people from certain age groups are more likely to have social media addiction problems and why. Recent research mostly focuses on a specific age...
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Internet thinking is integrated into the practical study of smart home and interior design

Ying Deng
Under the impact of the Internet wave, many traditional industries have undergone great changes, people’s way of life has also changed, humanization and automation is today’s many people’s demands on life, smart home also emerged, gradually become a mainstream trend in the market. Smart home interior...
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The Situation of Chinese Manufacturing Workers Under Covid-19

Qianying Ye, Shiqi Chen, Xiqi Li
The COVID-19 outbreak in China became a major public health issue. Manufacture industry in China is among many scopes that have been impacted by the pandemic. The manufacturing workers have undergone the pressure of being forced to stop work and later on resumption to work. Under this situation, their...
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A Study on the Chinese Research of Plato’s Philosophy of Language

Shiqi Wang
Nowadays, in China, the research of Plato’s language philosophy leaves a blank. Although Plato’s language philosophy has been spread to China for a long time, scholars have translated many books of Plato and written books analyzing it. There are still limited scholars learning this subject, and few essays...
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The Influence of Social Media on Depression

Xiaoqi Peng, Dan Yan, XinMeng Yuan, Catherine L Zhou
This review paper explored the relationship between social media addictions and depression to clarify further the link between overuse of social media and depression and enables individuals to know about the harmfulness of overuse in social media and raise the consciousness of cautiously using social...
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Caring for the Elderly Parents: The Role of Daughters

Songze Chu
With the development of a modern social economy and culture in China, women’s role in elderly care has become more important. However, limited amount of research has been completed on how exactly women are contributing to elderly care in a family. In order to further the knowledge of elderly care and...
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The Influence of Parental Work Pressure on Family Intimacy in Students’ Families

The Intermediary Role of Anxiety

Hanwen Lin
With the development of society, work pressure is becoming more serious among adults. The purpose of this study is to explore whether there are intermediary factors in the relationship between work stress and family, such as negative emotions such as anxiety. Methods A questionnaire survey was used to...
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Design Research on “Integration” of Futsal Football Teaching in Universities

Lv Chang Hai
Through literature collection, statistics, induction and analysis, such as the futsal football teaching course is detailed and comprehensive design and research, the theoretical curriculum and training method of futsal football teaching system research content improve and perfect can become a powerful...
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The Influence of the Traditional Teaching Approach Transfer to Flipped Classroom Approach on Dyslexia

Yongyi Chen
Many studies have shown that the development of teaching methods and the influence factors of dyslexia have something in common for learners. However, the influence of the teaching approach on dyslexia remains unclear and still has details that need to be further studied. In this study, I attempt to...
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Problem Based Learning: Its Advantages, Current Situations and Future Development

Guorui Liu, Yuan Liu
Since the traditional teaching method overemphasizes systematic learning knowledge and rote learning, students lack practical and knowledge exploration abilities. In addition, in traditional learning curriculum is taught in single or multiple disciplines. In this case, disciplines are isolated from each...
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The Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Problematic Smartphone Using Among Adolescents

Shuyi Bian
Until today, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic still exists. This pandemic has greatly changed people’s lifestyles, one of them is a significant increase in frequency and duration of people’s use of mobile phones and other electronic products. This article reviewed peer-reviewed articles and other...
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Short Video Marketing During the EPIDEMIC

Jiayi Xu, Jiayi Chen, Lukuan Liu
After the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic, China has implemented a stay-at-home policy, and the rise of short videos led to a large number of businesses which started using short videos for marketing. The popularity of short videos during the epidemic has made us pay more attention to its marketing...
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Comparative Analysis on Chinese and Canadian Primary School Mathematics Estimation Education Differences

Zhihuan Shao
Mathematics is one of the most important topics in school and in the community in twenty-first century, a pupil who is good at mathematical seems to have the capacity to alter the progress of their very own state’s financial, governmental, and social issues[1]. Estimation is regarded as among the top...
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Moving to Beijing to Take Care of My Child with a Chronic Disease: How Does It Change My Own Identity?

Yiheng Yuan
Over the past decade, more Chinese people migrated to larger urban cities, such as Beijing, to seek better medical care for their seriously ill children. Often these people are desperate and burdened with medical expenses. In this process, the new role that they adapt to would, most likely, affect their...
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The Problems of the Integration of Chinese and American Education and Moral Education in College Art Education are Explored

Huifen Nie
In college education, the all-round development of moral, intellectual and physical beauty is the most basic educational concept in our country, and it is also the goal of many school education. The integration of aesthetic education and moral education is in line with General Secretary Xi Jinping’s...
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To Investigate Han-Xiongnu Relation Through the Lens of Heqin

Lingfei Ding, Zimo Fang, Ruolin Gan
In the essay, our purpose is to analyze relationship between Xiongnu and Han through archaeological materials. In order to study their relationship, we pick the perspective of making peace by marriage and separate Han into some period to discuss the influence of marriage on not only military aspect but...
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Problems and Suggestions of Chinese Family Education

Taking Two Movies as Examples for Analysis

Yixuan Dai
Family education has an important influence on children’s growth process and future development. In China, common family education problems include the impact of parental divorce on children’s psychology and personality, the growth of children in single-parent families, and the link between family education...
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The Influence of Small One-size Clothes on the Female - With Brandy Melville as an Example

Ruohan Hao
The Italian fashion brand - Brandy Melville catapults to fame in a sudden summer, while the trend of cute one-size clothes has brought on the newest fashion trend. Girls and women all over the world have been crazily obsessed with it. This study investigates the potential harm that one-size clothes brought...
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Research on Equitable Education in Urban and Rural China

Jiaqi Wu
Science and education revitalize the country and strengthen the country through human resources. Education, as the foundation of scientific and technological development and talent training, has been attached great importance by all countries in recent years, and fair education has also become the goal...
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Effects and Influencing Factors of Night Eating Syndrome: A Review of the Literature

Lulu Li
Obesity is a worldwide public health problem. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), in 2016, the number of overweight adults over 18 years old reached 1.9 billion, of which 650 million were obese. From 1975 to 2016, the global obesity rate has almost tripled. Night Eating Syndrome(NES) is...
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The Development of Explanation of Falling Cat Problem and Applications of Falling Cat Phenomenon

Junhua Yang
As a basic law in mechanics, the principle of conservation of angular momentum illustrates that angular momentum of a system is conserved until it is acted by an external force. It is difficult for people who are falling down to change his or her orientation. However, cats can complete the change of...
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The Current Situations and the Strategies of General English Education in Chinese University

Ying Gao, Han Hu, Yudi Zhou
General education is a type of educational model based on Aristotle’s free education thought. The goal of it is to provide interdisciplinary knowledge for students, supple professional education further and make it a complete person in current pluralistic society. As an indispensable part of general...
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The Limitation and Improvement of GATT1994 Environmental Exception Clauses

Jiesi Fu, Jieshen Li, Yulin Wei
WTO is an international organization that holds the main value orientation of free trade. To balance with other social values, WTO has formulated exception clauses. As environmental issues have increasingly become a topic of concern to the international society, the value of Environmental Exception Clauses...
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What Leadership Looks Like in Different Cultures

Xiaotian Guo, Jinghan Liu, Minghe Wang, Yu Liao
Leadership is recognized as an important function of management in the world, but its definition is various in different cultural backgrounds. These differences can be reflected in power distance latitude, individuality, uncertainty avoidance, and so on. This paper will discuss the different ways of...
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Research on the Identification Standards for Chinese Directors to Usurp Corporate Opportunity

Zhi Zhang
After China Company Law introduced the doctrine of prohibiting usurpation of corporate opportunity, many problems appeared in the application of judicial judgments. In practice, the core of whether it constitutes the usurpation of corporate opportunity lies in the identification of the corporate opportunity....
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Is it Morally Right to Commit Suicide?

Yiwen Huang
Suicide, as a highly controversial issue, has yet to gain legitimacy and moral justifiability. This issue is still worth discussing due to different personal preferences and their influences. The author will mainly focus on the definition of suicide and defend the idea that suicide is morally right in...
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Criminal Legislation Improvement of Money Laundering Crime in the Era of Electronic Financialization

Comparison with International Anti-Money Laundering Legislation

Wang Xiruo
In today’s electronic financial era, new ways of money laundering crime emerge in endlessly, and the criminal legislation of money laundering crime is facing challenges. There are many money laundering cases in China, but the crime rate of money laundering is low, which reduces the cost of money laundering...
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Working Strategies of Higher Vocational Teachers Under the Background of Post-Figurative Culture

Bi Zhi-li, Wei Li-xia, Liu Guang-yan
This paper discusses the characteristics of students in higher vocational colleges under the background of post-figurative culture era, and requires teachers in higher vocational colleges to constantly improve their own quality and adopt diversified working strategies. Improvement methods include active...
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L2 Epenthesis and Ellipsis

A Perspective of Radical CV Phonology

Xuchen Li
This article investigates L1 syllable structure’s influence on the epenthesis and ellipsis in L2 speech production and introduces the Radical CV Phonology approach into the theorizing of second language phonology. In the experiment of this study, participants were induced to produce nonwords of the syllabic...
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Poverty is Relative

Income Gap’s Critical Role in the Poverty Issue

Boyang Gao
Because of poverty, 854 million people are undernourished, and more people lack education and medical treatment. As a result, the poverty issue is a significant obstacle to the development of human society. This article argues that only by regarding poverty as a reflection of people’s low economic status...
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Current Situation and Improvement of China’s Negative List System for Foreign Investment

From the Perspective of Comparative Law

Rui Chen, Jianning Kang, Yuxi Xie, Yutong Zhou
Confronted with the current downward trend of transnational capital flows under globalization, the newest revised edition of Special Administrative Measures (Negative List) for Foreign Investment Access (2020 Edition) was proclaimed and further pared down its items, making an indispensable contribution...
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How Media Contacts During COVID-19 Influence Political Trust: An Empirical Study of Chinese University Students

ZiHan Zhang
Focusing on the information dissemination process of COVID-19, this study attempts to investigate the relationship between the frequency of different media use, source trust, and political trust, starting from the media exposure and use of university students. A questionnaire survey was used to collect...
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A Systematic Review About Gender Difference in STEM Performance for Adolescents

Ke Sun, Xinwei Bian
This study aims to synthesize the current qualitative studies associated with the reason why there is gender differences in STEM performance. In order to explore this question, the authors searched 4 databases: ERIC, EBSCO, Child Development & Adolescent Studies and PsycINFO, and obtained 13 studies...
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Analysis on the Education Inequality in China

Zhang Yiwen, Liang Boran
This article studies the past papers regarding education inequality published in two decades and highlights the data resources, research methods, and essential conclusions. Education inequality in this context refers to the uneven distribution of education resources such as school funding, experienced...
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Chinese Indigenous Intervention on Internet Gaming Disorder: A Review of Traditional Chinese Therapies

Yi Zhang, Pan Zhang, Yu Liu
Internet Gaming Disorder (IGD) was categorized as a mental disorder by ICD-11 in 2018; increasing studies explored the effects of interventions and possible factors that correlated to etiology. Although Western therapies have advanced globally, native Chinese therapies provided a unique perspective to...
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The Job Burnout of College English Teachers in China

The Current Situation, Problems and Countermeasures

Qi Wu
Job burnout is a common concern in the current psychology field. The phenomenon of job burnout among college English teachers in China should arouse sufficient attention from teachers, colleges and universities and society. This research focuses on three dimensions of emotional exhaustion, depersonalization,...
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The Influence of Attachment Types on Academic Performance of Children

Runqi Wang
Academic performance has been recognized as one of the educational evaluations, and preceding research has revealed a relationship between attachment types and academic success. When considering the influence of parents on children’s learning, attachment theory is one of the theories that may be applied...
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Three Types of Value Judgements on LGBT Expressions and Participation Analysis in University Cultural Activities

Hongzhe Yan, Zhuoyao Zhou
University LGBT students’ wellbeing and university students’ attitudes on LGBT issues have drawn wide attentions in recent years. In light of this background, this paper aims to investigate LGBT students’ participation in university cultural activities from three perspectives: the organizer’s perspective,...
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Research on the Dilemma and Countermeasures of English Vocabulary Mobile Learning for College Students

Youzhu Jin
The outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020 has set off a boom in online learning. While mobile learning has been widely used, it has also sparked a lot of controversies. Vocabulary-based mobile learning software has been welcomed by students as an online learning method because of its portability and fun nature[1]. Based...
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Analysis on the Differences Between the Private school in China and in Western Countries

Chenyan Wang
With the development of the world, parents around the world are more and more strict with their children’s education, and their demands are becoming higher and higher. Therefore, there are a lot of private schools around the world, but the private schools in each country have their own characteristics....
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Implication from Incidental and Intentional Learning in Taking up a Foreign Language

Yishan Lu
This paper reviews some identical methods in incidental learning and intentional learning and illustrates the implication of the learning strategies in learning a foreign language. In incidental learning, this paper mainly collects the former and recent research in the literature on video games, background...
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Introducing Design Thinking to High School Art Education

Chenxuan Meng
Design thinking is currently considered a different way of satisfying customers’ requirements for diverse products or services, which has incorporated multi-disciplinary and multi-dimensional logical thinking into design objects. In the contemporary society, various design fields are emphasizing the...
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Exploring the Meaning of Shanghai Cheongsam from the Perspective of the Male Gaze

Yunlin Huang, Yuqing Liu, Fangxin Yang
The male gaze is a popular research angle in the media and fashion industry. Still, the current academic research on the phenomenon of the male gaze in China mainly started with literary works and consumer psychology, and the research angle was relatively scattered. From the perspective of the male gaze,...
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Female Issue of Obtaining Employment in China Relocated Villages: The Case of Loufan County

Xin Yin
This paper focuses on analyzing the factors affecting female employment assistance work in China relocated villages, Loufan County, Taiyuan, in Shanxi Province take as an example, which was a national poverty-stricken county. China has 9.6 million people relocated for liberating from poverty, and solving...
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The Impact of Role Models on Self-identity of LGBTQ Teenagers

Yutong Liu, Zhijing Jiang, Hanqing She, Youan Zhang
Combing the theory of role models (a figure other people look up to in order to help determine appropriate behaviors) and the theory of teens identity, an interesting correlation about the effect of social media is found to both of them. This paper have the speculation that role models help identity...
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To What Extent Does Society Need to Support LGBTQ+ Prisoners in American Prison Housing?

Andrew Li
Though tremendous progress has been made in advancing the rights of the LGBTQ+ community, sexual minorities continue to face overt discrimination in American prison housing. The American prison system routinely neglects and abuses LGBTQ+ prisoners. The aim of this paper is to examine the abuse of LGBTQ+...
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A Comparative Study on Moon Imagery in Chinese and Western Classical Poetry

Ding Shi, Jing An
As essential imagery in Chinese and Western poetry, the moon imagery has high academic research value. However, few studies have compared the moon imagery in Chinese and Western poetry from the perspective of comparative literature. This article uses literature analysis and comparison method to compare...
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The Exploration and Prediction of the Students’ Degree of Obedience to Authority in the Classroom Context under Different Education Systems

Inside the Hive Mind: The Psychology of Group Life

Jiaxuan Yu
Examining the dynamic relationship between teachers and students is a key topic associating with the relation between authority and obedience. So far, scholars have set up a variety of cross-cultural studies about the authoritative relationship based on a school context, yet there is a lack of studies...
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Comparison of Naming Methods of Urban and Rural Place Names

Taking Liuzhou City and Luzhai County as Examples

Zheng Li, Guo Jiajia
By comparing the place names of Liuzhou City and Luzhai County, the differences in the naming methods of place names between urban and rural areas and the cultural connotations reflected therein are shown. From the way of naming, the proportion of urban names named by mountains and rivers is high, and...
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The Traveling Buddha

Chuyu Guo
Mogao Buddhist Caves, located in Dunhuang China, are important witnesses of cultural, religious and commercial exchanges throughout history. Buddhism, was first introduced in Dunhuang region and then further developed in other places in China, and became one of the most significant religions in China...