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Model Sea Levels Prediction With ARIMA for Coastal Area in Semarang

A. Musbikhin, Eko Sediyono, Catur Edi Widodo
Coastal flood is one of the most frequent disasters in coastal cities in Indonesia. Semarang the largest city in Central Java is one of the cities most affected by rising sea levels. The low land surface along the coast and decreasing every year accompanied by rising sea levels makes the city prone to...
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Information Technology Readiness Towards the Industrial Revolution 4.0 in the Maritime Sector

Siswadi, Mariana Kristiyanti, Ariana Oktavia
The strategy to strengthen the coming of the industrial revolution 4.0 era in the maritime sector is technology. Technological development is undeniably more advanced, and Indonesia must follow these advancements. At present, all countries in the world are in the stage of adjusting themselves to the...
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Prototype of Air Neutralizer Equipment Based on Temperature Sensor and Dust Particle in Reducing the Number of Bacteria in Bedrooms of Tb Patients in the Johar Baru Puskesmas Region-Central Jakarta

Syarifah M. Jannah, Indah N. Handayani, Imas Latifah, Iis Lestariyati
Tuberculosis cases continue to increase, so in eliminating TB cases, the right way must be sought and have high leverage. Stopping airborne transmission is an action that can be done quickly. This research has developed a prototype of a “room neutralizer”, which can kill microorganisms in the air. The...
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Online Pollution Level Measurement for Water Quality Monitoring System Using Internet of Things

Wibowo Harry Sugiharto, Heru Susanto, Suryono
Several studies related to water quality assessment using the water quality index uses several water quality indices, including the water quality index (WQI), water pollution index (WPI), and river habitat Survey (RHS). Water pollution control is needed to achieve an ideal level of environmental health....
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Maximal Covering Problem Model for Determination of Fire Station Location

(A Case Study)

Darsih Idayani, Yesi Puspitasari, Lisma Dian Kartika Sari
This research aims to determine the optimal location and number of fire stations in Situbondo Regency by considering the travel time, development cost, and track record of fire incidents using the maximal-covering problem model. Furthermore, the model is solved using the branch and bound method using...
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Modeling of the Relation of SoC, SoH, DoD for VRLA Battery of Solar Power Plant in IT-PLN

Aas Wasri Hasanah, Isworo Pujotomo, Rinna Hariyati, Muchamad Nur Qosim, Johri Sabaryati, Sparisoma Viridi
Institut Teknologi PLN or IT-PLN in Jakarta has a solar power plant with capacity of 28.8 kW, which is operated only for research and teching. Due to limited access to the facility only two observation points of data have been collected. One in 2018 and one in 2020. The data are state-of-charge (SoC)...
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Design and Development of LIVE Monitoring Heartbeat and Body Temperature Using the Internet of Things

Atika Hendryani, Rinda Nur Hidayati, Vita Nurdinawati, Agus Komarudin, Andy Sambiono
Vital signs in the human body are statistical measures that determine health status, including heart rate per minute (BPM) and body temperature. Those two parameters correlate with a symptom of exposure to covid-19. Vital signs on patients with unstable health conditions should be checked regularly to...
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Monitoring Room Temperature and the Use of Cooling Power Based on IoT

Sihono, Bagus Yunanto, Muhammad Billy Putra Kusuma, Siti Zairotul Munawaroh, Suryono, Adi Wisaksono, Bangun Krishna, Kusno Utomo
Air conditioning is a device used to stabilize the temperature and humidity of the air in a room. Air conditioning uses volatile refrigerants and absorbs a lot of heat around it so that the surrounding temperature drops. The use of air conditioning requires a large amount of electrical power, resulting...
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Clustering Balinese Script Image in Palm Leaf Using Hierarchical K-Means Algorithm

Anastasia Rita Widiarti, C. Kuntoro Adi
This paper proposes a combination approach of clustering, a hierarchical clustering to group similar characters of Balinese Lontar script; followed by k-means clustering as a way to identify the group to find-out the right label for members of the group. Based on the optimal value of the silhouette coefficient,...
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Accent Recognition Using Mel-Frequency Cepstral Coefficients and Convolutional Neural Network

Dwi Sari Widyowaty, Andi Sunyoto, Hanif Al Fatta
Everyone has a different accent, the environment and culture can influence the difference in accents. Utilization of the recognition of the speaker’s accent can be used as a method to detect the speaker’s country of origin. Accent recognition belongs to the field of Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR),...
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Attendance System Based on Face Recognition Using Hybrid Feature Extraction Method

Edy Winarno, Imam Husni Al Amin, Wiwien Hadikurniawati, Muchamad Taufiq Anwar
One of the implementation of a human face recognition system is an attendance system application. Attendance system is used to detect and recognize a person’s identity and stored as a face database. The face-based presence system developed in this study is a facial presence system using a hybrid feature...
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Fuzzy Inference System Tsukamoto for Decision Making in Ordering Goods (Building Materials)

Wiwien Hadikurniawati, Edy Winarno, Muchamad Taufiq Anwar, Taufiq Dwi Cahyono
Decision making recommendation system in this research aims to determine the amount of the building materials that must be available to meet the needs of the construction of housing projects. Calculating the right amount of the building materials is very important in a project, because it determines...
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A Proposed Multi-hop Dynamic Multi-Zone LEACH Protocol to Extend Network Lifetime in Wireless Sensor Network

Made Santo Gitakarma, Tri Kuntoro Priyambodo, Yohanes Suyanto, Raden Sumiharto
Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) applies in large areas for monitoring and control, such as in agricultural areas and areas prone to natural disasters. Single-hop routing protocol, such as the Low Energy Adaptive Clustering Hierarchy (LEACH), is ineffective for large areas. LEACH derivatives of the multi-hop...
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Preparation of Carbon Powder and Carbon Powder-CNT Mixture for Supercapacitor Application

M. A. J. Mulya, M. A. Sulthoni
Supercapacitor offers high energy density, stability and can be build using environment-friendly material. To deepen understanding on how supercapacitor material effect its properties, this work study the effect of treatment on every component of supercapacitor. The capacitor is composed by electrodes,...
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Improving Image Quality Using Color Intensity Modification to Determine the Ripeness of Avocado

Budi Hartono, Yunus Anis, Veronica Lusiana
Image with better quality will make the next processing easier. This study aims to analyze the result of image quality improvement using color intensity modification to determine the ripeness of avocado. Color intensity modification used two methods, i.e. Histogram Equalization (HE) and Contrast Stretching...
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High-Utility Association Rules Mining Based-on Binary Particle Swarm Optimization

R. Gunawan, E. Winarko, R. Pulungan
Traditional association rule mining algorithm only generates a set of rules from frequent itemset, the rules obtained cannot generate rules from high-utility itemset. This is because the framework that’s being used to obtain rules from traditional association rule is support-confidence while getting...
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Implementation of Deep Learning for Organic and Anorganic Waste Classification on Android Mobile

R. D. Ramadhani, A. N. A. Thohari, C. Kartiko, A. Junaidi, T. G. Laksana
In this paper, a deep learning algorithm based on convolutional neural network (CNN) is implemented using pyhon and tensorflow lite for image classification on mobile. A large number different images which contains two types of waste, namely organic and anorganic are used for classification. The first...
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Modelling and Control of DC Motor Speed and Position for Wheel Mobile Robot Application

B. Supriyo, A. Suharjono, K. W. Atmaja
This paper presents the simulation works of PID based speed and position controllers for the DC motor used in mobile robot applications. The mathematical model of the DC motor modelling is developed using Matlab System Identification Toolbox based on its input and output signals obtained during open...
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Threshold Determination for BIM User Image Segmentation Using Fuzzy C-Means for Development of Adaptive BIM

Stefanus Santosa, Sudirman S. Pana, De R. M. Setiadi, Aryo Satito, Anwar S. Ardjo, Yonathan P. Santosa
The Building Information Modeling (BIM) Repository is required to adapt to its users who access BIM objects independently through the Common Data Environment (CDE). BIM objects are not always easy for all users to understand and misperceptions may occur due to users’ varying abilities and learning styles....
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Preliminary Modelling of a CubeSat Attitude Control System Using a Reaction Wheel

Linda Nur Afifa, Tri Kuntoro Priyambodo, Andi Dharmawan
Stabilization of satellite attitude is the most important thing that should always be maintained during orbit. A model of satellite stillness controllers fairly stable against interference and simple has been developed. This is evidenced by testing models to control motion on the Z-axis. A Proportional...
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Modelling and Position Controlling of Two Wheeled Mobile Robot

B. Supriyo, A. Suharjono, K. W. Atmaja
This paper deals with the simulation works for modelling two DC motors and controlling the path position of two wheeled mobile robot based on odometry to track robot movements. The mathematical models of the DC motors which are the main actuators for the robot are obtained by using Matlab System Identification...
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Design Control and Monitoring of Quality Purified Water in Drinking Water Storage at the Electrical Engineering Workshop of Semarang State Polytechnic

Syahid, Ari Santoso, Aji Hari Riyadi, Sugijono, Yusnan Badruzzzaman
This research is a continuation of previous research related to monitoring and automation with certain controls in the electrical engineering laboratory. In the research that has been done, it is related to the design and build of monitoring of electrical quantities in Polines’ electrical workshops....
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Improve Quality of Recommendation System Using Hybrid Filtering Approach

Annas Al Amin, Andi Sunyoto, Hanif Al Fatta
Recommendation systems are widely used on website platforms such as e-commerce, marketplaces, streaming movies to produce appropriate item recommendations for each user. The traditional memory-based collaborative filtering approach is currently used in recommender systems. This approach relies on users’...
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Performance of ES920LR LoRa for Monitoring Health Status on LoS and Non-LoS Environment

Puput Dani Prasetyo Adi, Dwi Arman Prasetya, Anggraini Puspita Sari, Rahman Arifuddin, Elta Sonalitha, Subairi, Irfan Mudjahidin
ES920LR is a type of LoRa in Japan, this type of LoRa has a frequency specification of 920 MHz and a range of 3 km at Free Space Path Loss (FSPL), the ES920LR is tested using a Pulse sensor and placed in an arm position to detect heartbeat in humans and send multipoint from the transmitter to several...
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Rain Rate Influence on Performance of Semarang 5G-NR Channel Model

Muhammad Mukhlisin, Hany Windri Astuti, Eni Dwi Wardihani
The demand for higher data rate and large user experience motivates the existence of 5G-NR for twenty-twenty society. However, 5G-NR uses High Frequency, which makes a strong propagation causing lower signal reception due to rain rate in tropical regions. This paper aims to give an overview about the...
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Indonesian Coal Combustion Characteristics Using TG-DSC Analysis

Hanafi Prida Putra, Hariana, Agus Prasetyo Nuryadi, Lan Marakkup Tua Nainggolan, Clause Nielsen
Selection of coal fuel for coal-fired power plant is usually required to fulfil criteria such as calorific value, combustion characteristics, slagging fouling potential, and emissions potential. This paper describes coal combustion characteristics were studied by the thermogravimetric analyzer and differential...
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SEM Observation of Slagging Fouling on Ash Deposit from Co-Firing Lignite Ash Coal and 10% Biomass Using Drop Tube Furnace

Hariana, Hanafi Prida Putra, Fairuz Milkiy Kuswa, Minako Kawai, Clause Nielsen
Co-firing technology is an essential part of reaching 23% EBT in 2025, where Coal-fired power plant still dominates Indonesian power plant situation. On the other hand, the use of biomass co-firing increases the risk of slagging fouling. An effort to reduce the risk is a test with DTF on a temperature...
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XRD Analysis of Slagging and Fouling Characteristics on Co-Firing Lignite and 10% Sawdust Ash from DTF

Agus Prasetyo Nuryadi, Hariana, Fairuz Milkiy Kuswa, Adi Prismantoko, Clause Nielsen
The energy mix in 2024 is targeted to be 23% of total energy availability. At this time, the combination of coal and biomass is a priority to achieve the target. This paper describes coal combustion results and sawdust from the slagging and fouling employing XRD analysis. To guarantee co-firing is a...
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Study of Coal Sawdust Co-Firing with Slagging Fouling Prediction and Observation of Probe from Drop Tube Furnace Combustion Test

Adi Prismantoko, Hariana, Hanafi Prida Putra, Suyatno, Minako Kawai
The use of biomass in co-firing in coal-fired power plants is one step to achieve the renewable energy mix target in Indonesia. Several aspects need considering to implement co-firing, including the slagging fouling aspect. It has the potential to interfere with process performance, reliability, and...
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TGA and DSC Analysis Biomass and Coal as Co-Firing Solid Fuel

Hariana, Agus Prasetyo Nuryadi, Romelan, Minako Kawai, Suyatno
Indonesia has an energy mix target of 23% until 2025 in coal-fired power generation, a mixture of coal with biomass. The compound needs to be analyzed first to determine the combustion characteristics. This paper describes the characteristics of combustion of coal and sawdust (90%: 10%). In the TGA and...
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The Design and Manufacturing of Machine Tapered Shaft Measuring Tool

Aryo Satito, Hariyanto, Supandi, Stefanus Santosa
Machine tapered shaft is a shaft with a difference between left and right diameter, and any difference of diameter will cause the formation of taper. To limit the number of tapering that occurs, many taper standards such as ISO, Morse Taper, and others are created. As an example, a workpiece of Morse...
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Darrieus Helical Turbine for Open Channel with Different Blade Angle and Flow Velocity to Improve Turbine Efficiency

Yusuf Dewantoro Herlambang, Totok Prasetyo, Bono, Gatot Suwoto
Darrieus helical turbine is a type of CFWT (Cross Flow Water Turbine) turbine which is the development of the Darrieus Turbine for wind with the advantage of having a stable torque at various current speeds and can rotate at low current speeds. The objectives of this final project are (1) To make 5 models...
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Connection Model of Steel Pipe Construction of Billboard Structure Pile

Joni Irawan, Luki Wicaksono, Adderian Noor
Billboards are one of the media chosen by the industry to promote their products. The location of the billboard greatly influences the effectiveness of the promotion, the more strategic the location of the billboard the higher the sale value or the rent value of the billboard. A strategic position is...
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The Effect of Gebang Midrib Fiber (Corypha Utan Lamarck) Length Variations for the Strength of the Composite Impact

Amros Alfonsius Tuati, Dedi Ully, Edwin Pieter Hattu
The utilization of natural fiber as a composite material filler is currently developing, along with the increasing use of these materials which is increasingly widespread ranging from simple ones such as household devices and appliances to the industrial sector. This composite research reinforced Gebang...
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Performance Optimalization and Techno-Economic Analysis Liquid Smoke Pyrolysator of Kesambi Leaves with LPG Fuel

Aloysius Leki, Mamik Mardyaningsih, Roymons Jimmy Dimu
Research have been conducted to test the performance and techno-economic analysis of liquid smoke pyrolisator with LPG fuel. Liquid smoke beginning to develop by researchers, to get the higher quality in order to become safe for consumption by the public and not contains carcinogenic substance. Raw material...
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Effect of Using Laminated Bamboo Reinforcement and Micro Polypropylene Fibers on the Concrete Slab

Faisal Ananda, Armada, Zev Aljauhari
Reinforced concrete is a composite material that has had an impact on development in recent decades. Based on this condition, it is necessary to anticipate the reinforced concrete forming materials, one of which is the steel reinforcement. Bamboo is a material that can be renewed by nature, possibly...
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The Reduction of CO and SO2 by Natural Zeolites in Catalytic Converter of Diesel Engine

Abdul Hamid, Auliana Diah Wilujeng, Ainur Rohman, Faizatur Rohmah, Susi Nurul Khalifah, Mohammad Abdullah
Pollution has become one of the most talked issues around the world, especially the exhaust gas of diesel engines emission. Therefore, this study is intended to find ways of reducing harmful exhaust gases from diesel engines by improving the filter system using a catalytic converter with natural zeolite...
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AC8A Aluminum Quench Modification Using Banana Tree Sap Fluid

Roymons Jimmy Dimu, Antonius Pangalinan, Oktovianus Dharma Rerung, Mamiek Mardyaningsih
AC8A aluminum is a silicon aluminum alloy which has a Si level between 11-13% wt, the material commonly used to make pistons. There is also the weakness of a piston with a high silicon content, which is brittle or brittle along with the increase in silicon content so that a rough and large primary silicon...
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3D CFD Simulation Analysis of Drying Cabinet at Transient Condition

Arrad Ghani Safitra, Lohdy Diana, Julfan Hafiz Farezza
The drying cabinet had functioned as a storage hot air from the solar collector. There were some trays inside the drying cabinet. This paper had many purposes to predict air vector velocity and air temperature distribution inside the drying cabinet. It was done by simulation. It used computational fluid...
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Process Simulation of Glycerol Conversion to Formic Acid Using Hydrothermal Oxidation

Dhyna Analyes Trirahayu
Biodiesel as alternative fuel is widely produced from various source of vegetable oil. The production of biodiesel also generates large number of by-products, such as glycerol. The limitation of glycerol market, make glycerol the best candidate to propose as feedstock for chemical production because...
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Prioritizing Economic Sectors for Post-Pandemic Recovery:

Examining National and Provincial Scales in Indonesia

Adrianus Amheka, Kathleen Aviso, Vincent Dacanay, Hoa Thi Nguyen, Krista Yu
The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in not only health crisis but also economic shocks. It is essential to develop flexible economic models which evaluate the impact of pandemics on different economic sectors. Such assessments are fundamental to inform and to tailor the responses of governments and stakeholders...
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Experimental Analysis of the Effect Addition Heat Cover in Distillation Reactor

Ngurah Ardana I Gusti, Darmawa I Putu, Bagus Gde Widiantara Ida
Distillation is a process of separating two or more components of a liquid based on the boiling point. In simple terms, distillation is done by heating/evaporating the liquid then the vapor is cooled back so that it becomes liquid with the help of a condenser. Various studies on the distillation column...
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Application of Forging Hammer to Increases Productivity of Balinesse Blacksmith

I Gede Santosa, M. Yusuf, I Nyoman Gunung, I Ketut Rimpung
Bali consists of nine districts where aside from working in the tourism industries, the citizen also works as an artist and craftsman. The craftsman produces several kinds of handicrafts such as sculptures, souvenirs, metal crafts, and others. Generally, the craftsmen in Bali are categorized as micro,...
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Tensile Test Simulation for Polymer Composites

Lohdy Diana, Arrad Ghani Safitra, Gilang Muhammad
Composite is a new material that consists of matrix and fiber. It can be used for many purposes such as vehicle body material, storage material, and structural material. This study had a purpose to predict the tensile strength of a composite by simulation. The composites were made from waste such as...
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Monitoring System of 660Wp Solar Panel Connected to the ¾ hp Roasted Coffee Machine

I.G.N.A. Dwijaya Saputra, I.B.K. Sugirianta, I Made Purbhawa
The monitoring system in solar power generation is important. It will provide some data for measuring the performances of the overall system. In this paper, a monitoring system of 660Wp solar panels for the roasted coffee machine was introduced. This system uses Arduino Mega as its central processor...
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Analysis of Batang Kandis River Capacity With Variation of Design Flood Discharge

Dalrino, Hartati, Hanwar S., Aguskamar, Sadtim, Desnila Sari
Batang Kandis River was located at Padang Pariaman Regency, West Sumatra Province. This river is one of the rivers that empties into the Batang Anai river, one of the large river that empties into the Indian Ocean. Location of this river is important because could resulting flood that can impacted on...
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Mechanical Properties of Imitation Sprocket Due to Treatment of Candlenut Shell Charcoal

Fransisco P. Niron, Agustinus Deka Betan, Amiruddin Abdullah, Duran Hore
The sprocket as a component of motorcycle manufactured to transmit rotary motion between two shafts are supposed to possess wear resistant properties. This motorcycle part are however produced in different wear resistance levels especially low, medium and high. Meanwhile, low grade sprocket (imitation)...
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Resistance and Intact Stability Calculation of Hull Form Tourism Boat Siak River for Passenger Safety

Romadhoni, Budhi Santoso, Muhammad Ikhsan
The purpose of this research is to design a tourism support boat in Siak Regency where the ship will be designed in the form of the royal ship of the sultan Syarif Kasim, as comfortable as possible to influence the emotional of the passengers on the ship, so that it can help them to enjoy the atmosphere...
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Experimental Study on Waste Valve Load’s Effect on the Performance of Hydram to Water the Paddy Field in Pakandangan Village

Ichlas Nur, Nota Effiandi, Zulhendri, Vera Veonica
In the Research of DIPA Grant in 2019, the size of the hydraulic ram (hydram) pump used in Pakandangan in Padang Pariaman Regency was designed. In this area, a water source had not been utilized to irrigate the paddy field of 10 hectares since it was located higher than the water source. The designed...
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Effect of Time and Temperature of Electrolyte Solution on Surface Thickness and Hardness Result of Electroplating Nickel on Steel with the Help of a Magnetict Stirrer

Rakiman, Niko Rensen, Menhendry, Hanif, Jon Affi, Yuli Yetri
The nickel electroplating process has been carried out on steel with the help of a magnetic stirrer to homogenize the coating results on the surface. This study aims to determine the effect of time and temperature with the help of a magnetic stirrer on the thickness and hardness of the coating surface....
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Adaptive-Gain Second-Order Sliding Mode Control for Balancing an Underactuated Unicycle Robot

Yusie Rizal, Feriyadi Marzuki
This paper presents the balancing control of underactuated unicycle robot. The authors propose new approach to control such system using Adaptive Super-Twisting Sliding Mode Control. First, the simplified dynamic model of unicycle robot is adopted from previous results and then the normal forms are obtained...
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Effect of Oesapa Commercial Activities Towards Traffic Performance on Timor Raya Street Kupang

Mateus R. Sodanango, Amy Wadu, Yohan A. A. Lada, Jusuf W. M. Rafael
Increased traffic flow will have an impact on the traffic performance on urban road which results in traffic congestion. Factors supporting the occurrence of congestion is side friction. The Timor Raya Street in Kupang, Indonesia, which at some points is a commercial area with a high level of activity...
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Plastic Waste Processing to be Alternative Fuels to Create Clean and Healthy Environment

Rafael Mado, Irene Budayawati, Frans Mangngi
Plastic waste is non-organic material that is difficult to destroy even if it is burned and is often found in the environment around us. This waste comes from households, traditional markets, shops, terminals, and others in the form of plastic food packaging, beverage bottles, plastic bags, and others....
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Optimizing the Performance of Diesel Engine With Dexlite and Biodiesel Fuels From Local Virgin Coconut Oil

Aris Palinggi, Lukas Lantang, Thomas A. Fongo
The use of Biodiesel as a diesel engine fuel is being prioritized by the government to replace the increasingly thinning fuel oil and to reduce air pollution due to diesel engine exhaust gases. It is expected that in 2050 fuel oil can already be replaced with biodiesel. Biodiesel that has started to...
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Experimental Design of Hard Facing Welding in Crusher Clinker Cooler Hammer With Factorial Methods

Oktovianus Dharma Rerung, Frasiskus Sapar, Roymons Jimmy Dimu
The research begins with the idea of how to add a weld metal alloy to the worn surface of the hammer crusher so that it can be reused. The aim is to produce a hammer crusher that is tough, and abrasive to the equipment on the cooler clinker. There has been a fair amount of previous research on hard facing...
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Heat Transfer Comparison Between Continues and Intermittent Flow Controlled by Electrical System for Heat Recovery Unit in the Air Conditioning System

Putu Wijaya Sunu, Daud Simon Anakottapary, I Dewa Made Susila, Kadek Amerta Yasa, I Nyoman Edi Indrayana, I Made Ari Dwi Suta Atmaja, Wayan Edi Arsawan, I Ketut Suarsana, Andoko
Application energy-efficient for air conditioning equipment are the main indicators of the energy conservation and sustainability in Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems. The heat recovery is one of the methods of energy savings and optimization. The present work aims to compare...
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Preliminary Studies on Thermal Performance of Thermosyphon Solar Water Heating System

Putu Wijaya Sunu, I Putu Gede Sopan Rahtika, I Dewa Gede Agus Tri Putra, A. A. Ngurah Bagus Mulawarman, I Made Suarta, I Nyoman Edi Indrayana, I Wayan Edi Arsawan, Ni Made Dwidiani, I Gede Santosa
Experimental investigation for determining the optimal tilt angle of flat-plate solar heater installation in Denpasar city to optimize the thermal energy performance. This preliminary research focused on the performance of a flat-plate-thermosyphon solar water heater system based on temperature difference...
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Physico-mechanical Characteristics Enhancement of Oil Palm Wood After Treatment with Polymerised Merbau Extractives Resin

Jamaludin Malik, Adi Santoso
Study of Polymerised Merbau Extractives (PME) applications for modified wood products was carried out on oil palm wood. The tests of physical and mechanical properties were conducted using an Instron® UTM following the relevant standards. Thermal properties were investigated using differential scanning...
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Performance Analysis of Air Conditioning System Using Freon R22 and Musicool (Mc 22) Based on Speed of Variation of Air Conditioning Condensers

Jhon A. Wabang, Edwin P. D. Hattu, Jufra D. J. Abanat
Air conditioning system is a cooling system whose function is to condition the air according to the desired needs. Air conditioning can be done in workspaces, foodstuffs, or industrial products that are desirable in accordance with the needs. The cooling system used is a steam compression system. The...
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Phytochemical and Anti-diabetic Activity Studies of n-Hexane, Ethyl acetate and Methanol Extracts of Matoa (Pometia pinnata) Fruit Peel Using Alpha-Glucosidase Enzyme

Erna Styani, Candra Irawan, Imalia Putri, Maman Sukiman
This study focused on the phytochemical and anti-diabetes activity of n-Hexane, Ethyl acetate, and Methanol Extracts of Matoa (Pometia pinnata) fruit peel from West Kalimantan Indonesia using Alpha-Glucosidase enzyme. The experiment consisted of three stages, which are 1) extraction of the Matoa (Pometia...
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Local Culture Based Water Resources Conservation in the Village of Sangeh

I Gusti Lanang Parwita, Made Mudhina, I Nyoman Anom Purwa Winaya
Sangeh Village has an area of 4.5 km2, located in Abiansemal District, Badung Regency, with a population of 2,322 people with a density of 1,084 people / km2. The clean water supply system in this village uses water from the local drinking water company in Badung Regency with a 100% service percentage...
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The Effect of Heating Temperature and Duration Process of Nira Fermentation by the Content of Alcohol in the Process of Arak Distillation

I G N Suta Waisnawa, I Made Sudana
The process of making Balinese arak used distillation of coconut palm through a process of heating and re-condensing the heated nira so that it becomes arak with alcohol content. Based on the results of the research the effect of fermentation time on alcohol content in coconut nira (Tuak), fermentation...
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Designing Local Culture-Based Radar Reflector for Increasing Safety Fishing Practices on Indonesian Traditional Fishing Vessel

Dian Asa Utari, I Putu Arta Wibawa, Basuki Rahmat
The probability for collisions between commercial vessels and traditional fishing vessels remains relatively high in Indonesian waters. Some cases indicated that the crash between traditional fishing boat and commercial vessel resulted from the failure of large vessel on detecting the fishing boat clearly,...
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Mechanical Feed System Performance Test on Household Grain Grinding Machine

I. M. Sudana, I. G. N. S. Waisnawa
Grain grinder technology is very influential in determining the quality of rice produced. To support this potential, various things are taken, one of them is by increasing rice farmers to process their harvests independently in households. This thing must be encouraged so that we can process agricultural...
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Distribution of Ideal Soil Composition Combined With 3 Dimensional Contour of Mahat Watershed for Sustainable Gambir Farming

Aflizar, Amrizal, Edi Joniarta, Jamaluddin
The quality and efficiency of the 3-dimensional contour map of the Mahat watershed are very useful in helping to analyze the distribution of the ideal soil composition (Vw, Vg, Vs). Furthermore, the distribution of soil characteristics is compared with the topography to help integrate and sustainable...
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Comparative Analysis of Press Tool Design for Seat Lock Patch of Mobilio Car with AutoForm Technology

Meri Rahmi, Yuliar Yasin Erlangga, Dedi Suwandi, Yusup Nur Rohmat, Sidik Permana, Aida Mahmuda
Users of four-wheeled vehicles or cars in Indonesia are increasing every year. Therefore, the production of manufacturing companies in the automotive sector is increasing. This relates to companies providing vehicle components that are formed from sheet metal material to be mass-produced with the same...
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Redesign of Horizontal Coffee Roasters with Temperature, Time and Rotation Controls

I Ketut Suherman, Ni Wayan Merda Surya Dewi, I Wayan Suirya
Traditional coffee roasting is still done using traditional tools, usually of clay or steel pan and stirrer, as well as a stove and firewood, before roasting, the wet process is carried out for the coffee cherries. National coffee bean production which 600,000 tons per year, only 20% can be processed...
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Multidimensional Echocardiography Image Segmentation Using Deep Learning Convolutional Neural Network

Hasan Imaduddin, Riyanto Sigit, Anhar Risnumawan
One of the most dangerous diseases that threaten human life is heart disease. One way to analyze heart disease is by doing echocardiography. Echocardiographic test results can indicate whether the patient’s heart is normal or not by identifying the area of the heart cavity. Therefore, many studies have...
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Analysis Key Performance of Refrigerator Prototype With Photovoltaic

I. D. M. Cipta Santosa, I. G. N. Suta Waisnawa, I. G. A. B. Wirajati, I. M. Arta
Indonesia as a tropical country is very suitable for the development of various alternative energies, especially solar power (photovoltaic). This development will be followed by the development of DC motor technology and batteries to replace equipment that uses AC electricity and conventional energy...
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Mobile Phone Scanner Technology Adoption - A Comparison Analysis

Indra Surya Permana, Taufik Hidayat, Rahutomo Mahardiko
With the development of smartphone technology becoming more sophisticated, more developers were trying to increase the capability of smartphone. One of such functionality was the use of camera technology not only as image capturing device, but also as scanner substitution device to increase productivity....
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Water Hyacinth Extract Addition Towards Tofu Wastewater Degradation by Anaerobic Treatment

Herawati Budiastuti, Yuliana Nur Amanah, Ranggi Octaviani Pratiwi, Emma Hermawati Muhari, Laily Isna Ramadhani
Indonesian tofu industries produce wastewater with high amounts and concentrations of organic compounds that pollutes the environment. Biological treatment of anaerobic and aerobic systems can degrade organic compounds and produce appropriate effluents for disposal into the environment. Anaerobic degradation...
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Study of Rainfall Erosivity and Erosion Rate with MUSLE Method Using Geographic Information System in Badeng Watershed

Zulis Erwanto, Nila Lestari
In the Badeng Watershed of Banyuwangi was a flood that resulted in erosion and landslides. The amount of kinetic energy of rainfall can erode the soil layer, leading to high rainfall erosivity. The purpose of this study was to determine the rainfall erosivity and erosion rate with the MUSLE method using...
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Supply Chain Management:

A Systematic Literature Review

Tri Pujadi, Bachtiar H. Simamora, Ximing Ruan, Wahyu Sardjono, Haris Setia Budi, Witarsyah
The study aims to conduct a comprehensive literature review on supply chain management frameworks by determining research sources; determine the keyword pattern for the search process; using inclusion and exclusion criteria; data extraction; and finally analyzing findings to answer research questions....
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Effects of Radius Threshold on Delaunay and Alpha-Shapes Mesh Generation

Dwi Anggara Putra, Indra Hardian Mulyadi
Three-dimensional (3D) scanning has been used widely for prototyping. However, sometimes the object is not successfully reconstructed into a 3D model. One of the important parameters in the mesh generation is the radius threshold. This study aimed to investigate the effects of the radius threshold on...
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The Comparison of Exhaust Gas Emission Between Conventional and Electronic Fuel Injection System

I. M. Suarta, I. P. G. Sopan Rahtika, P. W. Sunu, N. D. Susila, K. Bangse
The world’s most discussed issues are energy and health. Concerns about environmental pollution and health motivated the automotive manufacturers to find solution to reduce the exhaust emission gas. One solution developed at this time is to replace the conventional into electronic fuel injection system....
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Implementation of Response Surface Methods for Process Parameters Optimization in Laminated Wood Manufacturing

Farizi Rachman, Bayu Wiro Karuniawan, Oktaviana Vara Ika Putri
Wood is one of the main ingredients in making furniture. However, the faster the furniture industry in Indonesia cannot improve. Therefore, applying fast-growing wood and starting to be small diameter is applied. But the weakness of this wood will decrease and its size is relatively small. Innovation...
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Optimization Biodiesel Production Using CaO Nanocatalyst From Egg Shell Waste

Rif’ah Amalia, Joke Pratilastiarso
Biodiesel is an alternative diesel fuel, made from renewable biological sources such as vegetable oils and animal fats. Used cooking oil is one of the biodiesel raw materials. The development of biodiesel synthesis in this study focuses on production efficiency and reducing negative effects on the environment....
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Optimization Energy Demand of Balinese Building for Tourist Green Accommodation

I. D. M. Cipta Santosa, I. G. A. G. Wiadnyana
One of the main supports in the development of green tourism is green accommodation. In early, Balinese style building was designed with totally green concept with adequate natural environment. However, in recent years, Balinese style buildings considerable has weaknesses in terms of structure and materials...
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Website Development as a Promotional Supporting Tool on Butterfly Park

Adhistya Erna Permanasari, Hibatul Ghazi Zulhasmi, Isnani Barokah, Alvin Novandi, Intan Sulistyaningrum Sakkinah, Marcus Nurtiantara Aji
The rapid development of information technology makes it easier for people to get information quickly. One of the developments in information technology that is currently being developed is a website. The website is one of the tools that are now widely used as a promotional medium. This research focuses...
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The Effect of Application Vertical Garden in the Wall to the Wall Thermal Transmittance in the Room and Its Energy Consumption

Wardika, Ahmad M. Kartika, Hendra Andika F., Fauzun
One of the efforts applied to green building is the concept of vertical garden, where plantation crops which are usually planted on the ground are now planted on the walls of buildings that apply the green building concept. The existence of a vertical garden in the building is considered quite beneficial...
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Android Application of Booking System of Parking Slot using MQTT Protocol

Muhammad Khoirul Hasin, Angellia Kusuma Putri, Muhammad Basuki Rahmad, Ryan Yudha Adhitya
Every year the growth of the number of people in Indonesia continues to increase, then this situation is not accompanied by a safe, convenient, and nearest parking location to the destination location, this is what triggers a number of problems that develop in the community. Due to the increasingly dense...
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Hydrological Modeling Using SWAT Due to Landslides in the Badeng Watershed

Zulis Erwanto, Dadang Dwi Pranowo, Sandy Dwi Budi Prastyo, Abdul Holik, Abdul Husna
Badeng watershed is one of the important watersheds in the Banyuwangi Regency. In the years 2018, Alas Malang Village, there was a flash flood. This flooding occurs because of the high rainfall intensity and causes erosion and landslides in the upstream area of Badeng Watershed, recorded in Badeng Watershed...
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Perspective of Population Growth and Clean Water Supply in Denpasar, Bali-Indonesia

Ni Made Nurcita Budi, Lilik Sudiajeng, I Made Tapayasa
Water is the basic need for better quality of life and becomes the sensitive issue in the urban area such as Denpasar City, the Capital of Bali province that very well known as the tourist destination in the world. Some experts predicted that Denpasar City will face the clean water crisis in 2019 and...
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Effect of Carburizing Temperature and Size Schleichera Oleosa Carbonized Chorcoal on the Mechanical Properties of Low Carbon Steel

Agustinus Deka Betan, Amiruddin Abdullah, Fransisco P. Niron, Abraham Adil
Steel contain a considerable concentration of iron alloy and carbon when compared to other elements. Furthermore, carburzing process is used to improve mechanical properties of this metal through the addition of an activated carbon. This study used rough and smooth sizes of schleichera oleosa wood charcoal...
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Study About Normalizing of AISI 1010 Steel Result Hardened by Manganese Stone Powder Using True Experimental Method

Oktovianus Dharma Rerung, Fransiskus Sapar, Roymons Jimmy Dimu
The study of normalization of steel by hardening using manganese powder is the design form of this study. The steel used is AISI 1020 steel because it has general standards and is suitable as a base for hardening. The interesting thing about this research is the element of manganese (Mn) in rock mineral...
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Design, Fabrication and Performance Evaluation of Screw Conveyor Type of Pig feed Mixing Machine

Frans Mangngi, Aris, Rafael Mado, Made Indra Aryana
A screw conveyor type of pig feed mixing machine was designed, fabricated, and evaluated. The machine comprises the following major components; hopper, frame, mixing chamber, Mixing bar, screw conveyor chamber, screw conveyor, shaft, Electric motor, and pulleys. The uniqueness of this screw conveyor...
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The Influence of Polypropylene Fibers on Crushed Glass RC Mixed Using Seawater Curing

Vera Ira Santi Laga Hae, Albert Aun Umbu Nday, Yermias Elvis Lay
The purpose of this study is to reduce environmental problems by using wasted material i.e. with crushed glass. 15% crushed glass has substituted with 15% total weight of sand materials then added polypropylene fibers within RC specimens. Specimens treatment added in this case used freshwater and seawater...
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Construction System of Building Block for the Child Pedestrian-Friendly Pathway Prototype

Febriane Paulina Makalew, Steve Wilben Macquarie Supit, Novatus Senduk
The construction system chosen for a prototype is part of the implementation of concept design including a pedestrian pathway. With the main user, the pedestrian is children, the process approaches considering child characteristics. Two main areas for child pedestrian-friendly prototype are the pedestrian...