Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Banking, Accounting, Management and Economics (ICOBAME 2020)

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The Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Work Stress of Employees

Hardani Widhiastuti, Gusti Yuliasih, Yudi Kurniawan
This study aims to determine the extent to which employees experience Work Stress, coupled with the Covid-19 Pandemic that is hitting Indonesia. To find out and control the employee’s Work Stress, use an online workshop on Stress Management caused by the Covid-19 Pandemic. The research method used in...
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Financial Literation Levels of Small Businesses in Bajawa, Ngada District

Gabriel Tanusi, Yulius Laga
This study aims to identify: the behavior of small business actors in making financial decisions, especially decisions related to investment, saving and consumption; measuring the level of financial literacy of small business actors, and measuring the role of financial institutions and the Ngada Regency...
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Analysis of Budget Shifts and Realization of School Finances During the Covid-19 Pandemic in Purworejo Regency in 2020

This study aims to analyze changes in the school financial budget and their realization after the Covid19 Pandemic in Purworejo Regency. School finances that are measured are the source of BOS funds from the central government and the PDPS funding source from the Purworejo Regency. The sample of this...
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The Effectiveness of Village Fund Cash Block Grants (BLT) for the Poor Society Affected by the Covid-19 in Nangapanda District Ende Regency

Hyronimus Se, Lambertus Langga
It has been almost a year that the world has experienced suffering because of the emergence of an infectious disease type, namely the coronavirus (Covid-19). The coronavirus outbreak does not only affect health but also socio-economic conditions. The economic impact of the coronavirus outbreak has caused...
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The Influence of Completeness of Facilities, Quality of Service and Competence of Medical Personnel on Patient Satisfaction at the Koeloda Community Health Center, Golewa District, Ngada Regency

Rafael Ocatvianus Byre
This study aims to determine (1) To determine the effect of completeness of facilities on patient satisfaction at the Koeloda Health Center. (2) To determine the effect of service quality on patient satisfaction at the Koeloda Health Center. (3) To determine the effect of the competence of medical personnel...
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Classification of Sector That Triggers Economic Growth in Ende District During 2015-2019 Period

Estherlina Sagajoka, Yohanes Paulus Lucyani
This study aims to determine the classification of sectors that make up GRDP and trigger economic growth in Ende district. The method used in this research is quantitative descriptive analysis using Klassen’s typology analysis.The sectors that trigger economic growth in Ende district for the 2015-2019...
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Tourist Visit in the Era of Covid 19: Does it Impact on the Economy of Local Communities in Bena Tourism Village?

Maria Endang Jamu, Santy Permata Sari
The purpose of this study is to analyze the impact of tourist visits in the Covid-19 era on the economy of local communities in the traditional village of Bena. The approach used in this research is descriptive qualitative, with the data collection method is in-depth interviews. The informants in this...
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The Effect of Budget Participation on Managerial Performance with Organizational Commitment and Motivation as Moderating Variables (Empirical Study at the Local Government Work Unit Office of Ende Regency)

Iriany Dewi Soleiman, Sabra B. Wahab Thalib
This study aims to show whether there is an influence between budgetary participation and managerial performance where organizational commitment and work motivation are moderating variables in the Regional Office of Work Units (SKPD), Ende District, NTT. The existence of differences in the results of...
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Work From Home: The Role of Work Engagement on Productivity During Covid-19 Corona Pandemic a Study in Teachers and Lectures in Yogyakarta Province and City Nears Yogyakarta

Kusmaryati D Rahayu, Harisa P Wika, Agnes Ratih Ari
Covid-19 Corona pandemic has overwhelmed the world since January 2020 and has spread in Indonesia in March 2020. After that, all the lifestyle is changed. The majority of people/employees work from home. Many offices, factories, and industries were closed because people are frightened of the virus covid-19...
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Pandemic, Lender Risk and Borrower Bargaining Power

Taofik Hidajat
Risk in peer to peer lending has an upward trend. Uncertain economic conditions make it difficult for borrowers to repay loans because lenders through a free platform determine high loan interest. However, the borrower has no power and choice. This paper examines peer to peer lending conditions and potential...
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Telecommunication Tower Retribution Contribution Against the Original Regional Income of Kulonprogo Regency (2015-2019)

Fikri Budi Aulia, Sungkono, Nurwiyanta, Dra. Kartinah
This study aims to determine the significant influence of the contribution and levies of regional financial management, especially the reception of telecommunication tower fees in the 2015 to 2019 fiscal year in the local government of Kulonprogo, the province of Yogyakarta Special Region In the era...
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Assessing the Financial Performance of English Football Clubs: Arsenal and Manchester City

Siti Rochmah Ika, Kholik Udin, Joko Purwanto Nugroho, Ishviati Joenaini Koenti
Football is a sport and an attractive business with a high turnover of money around it. A football club may earn much from sponsorship, ticketing, and merchandise; however, it may also suffer loss from player transferred. This study aims to analyze the financial statements of professional football clubs...
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Retail Business Health That Go Public in Indonesia Stock Exchange Enters the Era of Industrial Revolution 4.0

Basri Basri, Fery Kuswantara, Fikri Budi Aulia
This study aims to determine the potential for bankruptcy due to the ongoing industrial revolution 4.0 and the difference in potential bankruptcy of retail companies in Indonesia which are listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange for the publication of financial statements for the 2016-2018 financial year....
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Financial Performance of Retail Industry Before and After E-Commerce Booming in Indonesia: A Study of Altman Z-Score Model

Siti Rochmah Ika, Fami Nursiningsih, Henry Sarnowo, Sahadi
In recent years, many modern retail outlets are reported to close down their operation due to the financial downturn. Changes in a shopping behavior pattern that consumers prefer shopping online were blamed for the closure of the store. This article aims to examine whether there is any difference in...
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Impact of the Good University Governance Implementation to Measure Stakeholder Satisfaction STIE Rajawali Purworejo

Nur Siyami
In the midst of tough competition, quality improvement is inevitable in order to compete for public trust and continue to exist. Higher education institutions are required to be able to provide the best possible service to the community and be oriented towards the needs of the community. Academic services...
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Comparison of Enterprise Framework Architecture in Msmes Manufacturing Sector

Apriana Marselina, Melky Radja, Ferdinandus Lidang Witi
In business, managing information technology systems is one of the supporting factors in increasing business value, which can be done through a good system architecture planning and design process. To achieve this, information systems that exist in a business must be managed with the right enterprise...
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The Impact of Waste Management on Tourism Sustainability in Labuan Bajo, West Manggarai Regency in 2019

Ernesta Leha, Daniel Wolo, Apriana Marselina, Helena Rosalina Parera
As the leading tourism destination for premium class, Labuan Bajo, West Manggarai, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) continues to improve. Starting from the infrastructure development that continues to accelerate to the issue of waste management. The main focus of the waste problem in Labuan Bajo, namely, beaches...
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The Effect of Financial Conditions and Audit Opinions on Local Government Performance

Handoko Arwi Hasthoro, Yanuar Saksono, Nining Widiyanti
This study aims to determine the effect of financial conditions and audit opinion on the performance of local governments in Indonesia. Financial condition is proxied by financial flexibility and audit opinion is measured using the opinion issued by the Supreme Audit Agency (BPK). The Regional Government...
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Empowering Coconut Farmer Community for Poverty Alleviation in Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta: A Study of Triple Helix Model

Agus Mulyono, Ismanto, Siti Rochmah Ika
Coconut sugar or palm sugar is a superior product in the Kulon Progo district, which contributes to locally generated revenue; however, coconut sugar farmers’ welfare is still relatively low. Therefore, it needs to be observed the main problems of coconut sugar entrepreneurs. This paper attempts to explore...
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The Influence Social Media, Product Quality and Price Perception on Culinary Product Purchase Decisions in the Era of Pandemic Covid-19

Mohamad Najmudin, Eni Andari, Bimo Harnaji
In the era of digital technology that continues to develop, the world is moving towards transactions with a very positive approach. Over the last two decades, digitization has revolutionized not only consumer marketing but also industrial marketing. The effect of digital marketing communication on product...
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The Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Share Prices and Trade Volume of Shares in Indonesia Stock Exchange

Sri Yuli Waryati, Nining Widiyanti, M.G. Suwarni, Adhika Nirwan Nandhya
Purpose of this study is to analyze the comparison of the average abnormal stock returns received by investors and the average stock trading volume activity before and after the announcement of the Covid-19 Pandemic in Indonesia on March 2, 2020 for companies included in the LQ-45 on the Indonesia Stock...
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Factors Affecting Stock Return of Manufacturing Companies in Indonesia

Henny Setyo Lestari, Bahtiar Usman
This study aims to examine the effect of firm size, firm age, solvency ratio, interest rate and growth rate on the performance of stock returns on manufacturing companies. Research data uses financial statements of manufacturing companies listed in Indonesia Stock Exchange as many as 77 companies as...
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The Effect of Dividend Policy on Share Price Manufacturing Companies in Indonesia

Bahtiar Usman, Henny Setyo Lestari, Syofriza Sofyan
The objective of the empirical study is to examine and analyze the impact of dividend policy on the share prices. The sample object used in this research are manufacturing companies listed on Indonesia Stock Exchange in the period 2014-2018. The independent variables are dividend per share, retention...
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The Moderating Role of Access to Financing on the Relationship Between Entrepreneurial Orientation and Performance of Batik Smes

Fitri Lukiastuti, Agung Hendra Kusuma
The main objective of this study is to examine the relationship between entrepreneurial orientation and the performance of batik SMEs, with access to financing as a moderating variable. Using data collected from 41 batik SMEs in the city of Semarang, the study used hierarchical moderated regression analysis...
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Tourist Village Development Penta Helix Based the Analytical Hierarchy Process Approach

Danang Wahyudi, Erni Ummi Hasanah, Arif Zulkarnain
This study identifies the partnership pattern carried out by the Gunung Api Purba tourist village in Nglanggeran Patuk Gunungkidul. Collaboration with multiple stakeholdersis conceptualized in the Penta Helix model. The realization of a synergistic and collaborative partnership will certainly advance...
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The Effect of Ability, Motivation, Discipline, and Job Satisfaction on Employee Performance an Empirical Study on PT. Sung Chang Indonesia

Kartinah, Nurwiyanta, Ridwan, Titi Laras
This study aims to examine the effect of ability, motivation, discipline, and job satisfaction on employee performance. The population in this study were all employees of PT. Sung Chang Indonesia branch of Kulon Progo, totaling 1502 people. The sampling technique used stratified random sampling with...
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Indonesian’s Acceptance of Non-Cash Transaction Using Qris

Taufiq Andre Setiyono
This research aims to determine the Indonesian’s acceptance of non-cash transaction using QRIS. The data of this research were obtained from questionnaire given to 277 respondent, processed using descriptive statistic analysis. The result of this research indicate that more than 50 percent Indonesians...
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Analysis of Application of e-SPT PPh 21/26 to the Number of Taxpayers, Tax Receipts, and Number of Users of e-SPT PPh 21/26 Period 2012-2015

Murfani Umar Djalo, Hermanus Reo, Sesilianus Kapa
The purpose of this study is to analyze the implementation of e - SPT Income tax article 21 or 26 of the number of tax payers, tax revenues, and the number of e - SPT users Income tax article 21 or 26 Period 2012-2015 (Study Case: Jakarta Gambir Empat Tax Office. This research by using time series data...
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Effect of Service Quality and Location to Tourist Loyalty Towards a New Normal

Erni Ummi Hasanah, Danang Wahyudi
We examined the effect of service quality and location on tourist loyalty with tourist satisfaction as a moderating variable. This study’s primary data used in this study aims to examine the perceptions of tourists who have visited several tourist objects in Srimulyo Village, including Bukit Tompak Hill,...
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Study on Flores Tourist Destinations Post New Normal: Opportunity and Challenge

Laurentius Dominicus Gadi Djou, Mansyur Abdul Hamid
This study aimed at determining and examining the opportunities and expectations of the tourism sector after the New Normal policy treatment. The analytical method used in this study is a qualitative descriptive one. The opening of government policies after the lockdown, which lasted for a long time...
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The Determining Factors of Local Own-Source Revenue of Tourism Sector in DIY

Agnes Ratih Ari Indriyani, Burhanudin, Andreas Ronald
Tourism is perceived as an economic engine that generates foreign exchange for economic development in a country, including in Indonesia. However, in principle, tourism has a broader fundamental spectrum of development for a country. This study aimed to determine to what extent the effect of population,...
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The Impact of E-Commerce on the Marketing Performance of MSMEs During the Covid19 Pandemic Mediated by Competitive Advantage

Hesti Respatiningsih
This study aims to develop a basic theoretical model and a new empirical research model to resolve the conceptual controversy about the use of e-commerce in improving marketing performance through the concept of competitive advantage as a mediating variable. The competitive advantage variable that bridges...
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Building an Intention Model Using the Grab Health Application During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Didik Setyawan, Maria Lusia Viany Noe, Nang Among Budiadi, Budi Setyanta
This study aims to identify the variables that form the intention model of using the Grab Health application during the Covid-19 pandemic. The Covid-19 pandemic forces individuals to spend less at drugstores and pharmacies so that health product shopping applications have the opportunity to gain abundance....
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Impact Assessment of the COVID-19 Outbreak on Indonesian Tourism

Ridwan Ridwan, Alim Syariati, Sarwoko Sarwoko, Sri Astuty, Danang Wahyudi
The global COVID-19 pandemic has brought the world to a standstill, and tourism has been the hardest hit from all major economic sectors. The United Nation World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) estimates that by 2020 the arrival of international tourists around the world could decrease drastically in all...
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Optimization of Regional Revenue Through Tourism Sector for Improving Own Source Revenue of Yogyakarta City

Rini Raharti, Fathonah Eka Susanti, Titi Laras
Regional government makes some efforts to improve its economy including in improving Own Source Revenue. One of the efforts for improving Own Source Revenue is by optimizing its potency in tourism sector. The connection between tourism industry and regional revenue is through domestic income and profit...
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Pooled Data Analysis of Tourism Industry in Special Region of Yogyakarta

Bimo Harnaji, Rini Raharti, Titop Dwiwinarno
Tourism industry is one of sectors which is relied by government as regional acceptance post, therefore, the government of Special Region of Yogyakarta is requested to be able to dig and manage tourism potencies that it has. Tourism industry can be developed as an effort to get source of funds through...
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Innovation as a Determinant Facing the Covid-19 Pandemic (Qualitative Study on “Beckrem – Bebek Rempah Semarangan”)

Adi Ekopriyono, Natalia Sari Pujiastuti, Banu Prasetyo
During the Covid-19 pandemic, many enterprises made innovations to attract consumers and increase competitiveness to maintain their businesses. “Beckrem - Bebek Rempah Semarangan” is one of the enterprises that innovate as a survival strategy. This qualitative study reveals the strategy’s dimensions...
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Determinants of Company Capital Structure

Empirical Study on Lq-45 Index Companies on the Indonesia Stock Exchange

I Ketut Mangku, Fikri Budi Aulia, Yayuk Apriani, Arisudana Yoga Pramana
This study aims to prove empirically that sales growth, profitability, asset structure, business risk, financial risk, tax, Firm growth and firm size are determinants of the capital structure decisions of companies incorporated in the LQ45 index on the Indonesia Stock Exchange. The sample was taken using...
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Do Purchase Strategy and Relational Embeddedness Affect Customer Responsiveness on Fashion Manufactures in Yogyakarta

Budi Setyanta, Mohamad Najmudin, Nurwiyanta, Eni Andari
This study aims to identify the role of purchasing strategy and relational embeddedness in customer responsiveness. This research is vital because changes in consumer behavior affect the company’s action in managing supply chains. This study used a convenience sampling technique to take 100 samples through...
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Aligning Tax Incentives and Purchasing Behavior for Consumers of Environment-Friendly Products

Wika Harisa Putri, Andreas Ronald Setianan, Dewi Puspitasari
The growth in purchasing environmentally friendly products has stagnated. It is thought to have been caused by the presence of a premium image attached to environmentally friendly products, thus creating a reluctance for consumers to have aggressive purchasing behavior towards these environmentally friendly...
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The Influence of Human Development Index Components on Economic Growth in DIY

Agnes Ratih Ari, Danny Wibowo, Kusmaryati Dwi Rahayu
The old development perspective which focuses on physical development, has shifted towards the human paradigm as the main key to development. Improving the quality of human capital has a major influence on increasing a country’s economic growth. This study aims to analyze the effect of the components...
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Hygiene Factor Analysis and Employee Satisfaction PT. PLN West Flores Area in Ende

Yulita Londa, Santi Permatasari
The purpose of this study was to analyze the Hygiene factors and job satisfaction of employees of PT. PLN West Flores on Eltari Ende road. The results of this analysis are expected to be useful for management in making strategic decisions related to human resource management. The factors analyzed are...
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The Method of Assistance Carried Out by Corporate Social Responsibility Funding Companies

Rani Apriani, Pamungkas Satya Putra, Evi Selvi
Implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by The Company from any relationship reciprocal between The Company and The People that make both cannot be excluded because both of mutual need from the aspect of the economic company is oriented to get benefits from social aspects company to contribute...
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Building Potentials of Permis and Rajik Villages as Ecotourism Villages in South Bangka Regency

Darman Saputra, Julia
Community-based ecotourism is an effort to develop villages through the tourism sector, not only to utilize tourism resources that are still maintained but also contributing fully to environmental friendliness and the community as an increase in community welfare. Permis Village and Rajik, Bangka Selatan...
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Importance Performance Analysis of Halal Tourism Destination in the Province of Bangka Belitung Archipelago

Reniati Reniati, Nanang Wahyudin, Khairiyansayah
Destination: The purpose of this research is to find out and analyze the Tourism Development Strategy in the Province of Bangka Belitung Islands, to study the marketing strategy, global benchmarking, capacity building and the performance of MSMEs supporting the tourism sector. Research Methodology:...
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Managerial Performance Based on Participation Budgetary, Islamic Work Motivation and Organizational Commitment

Faqih Nabhan, Diah Munfa’ati
This study was started from the research gap on the influence of budgetary participation on managerial performance. This study aims to analyze managerial performance based on budgetary participation, Islamic work motivation, and organizational commitment, with structural equations (Structural Equation...
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Gamification in Ride-Hailing: What Drives a Driver to Drive

Taofik Hidajat, Agung Hendra Kusuma, Achmad Sulchan
This paper discusses whether there is gamification in ride-hailing drivers in Indonesia. Using qualitative research methods it shows that the driver experiences illusionary freedom. Through technology, drivers experience this illusion of freedom through gamification. An interesting finding is that drivers...
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Village Fund Allocation Management (Add) in supporting rural development (case study of borokanda village north ende district ende)

Nuraini Ismail, Iriany Dewi Soleiman
This research aims to find out the planning process, implementation, and accountability of Village Fund Allocation (ADD) based on the applicable rules. The analysis method used in this research is using qualitative descriptive analysis. The data collected in this study are data on the use of Village...
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Analysis of Leading Smes Determination in Ende Districts and Its Sustainability Status in the Pandemic Era of Covid 19

Yustina Paulina Penu, Ernesta Leha, Yuliana Sedho
The existence of MSMEs cannot be doubted because they have proven to be able to survive, especially after the economic crisis in 1998. In the Covid 19 Pandemic era like today, MSMEs still play an important role. Many sectors have been affected by the Covid 19 pandemic but MSMEs still show good resilience...
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Bank Performance in Profitability Dimensions: What External Factors and Why Does It Affect?

Ariyani Indriastuti, Harjum Muharam
Performance in a company is an indicator of a company is working well or not, as well as banking. Bank performance is influenced by internal and external factors. Internal factors is a condition under the control of bank management, meanwhile external factors are outside the control of bank management....
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The Competitiveness Advantage of Enterprises: A Decision Strategy

Diva Riza Fahlefi, Farida Indriani
In today’s globalized world, trade has become increasingly complex. The dependence that grows between markets and increasing competition makes it increasingly difficult to defend a company^s market position. It is increasingly difficult for companies to maintain their competitive advantage. Companies...
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Examining Community Trust to the Audit Board of the Republic of Indonesia

Penta Widyartati, Tri Jatmiko Wahyu Prabowo
The second term of Audit Results Summary Report (IHPS) of Audit Board of the Republic of Indonesia or Badan Pemeriksa Keuangan (BPK) concluded that the implementation of commercial bank supervision by OJK for 2017-2019 has met the criteria with exceptions. The exception occurred in the incomplete supervision...
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Covid-19 Pandemic: Vulnerability to the Households Financial

Nugroho Tulus Rahayu, Harjum Muharam
The Covid-19 pandemic has an impact on almost all sectors of the economy and community activities. This study aims to determine the impact of Covid-19 on the household economy and the effectiveness of social protection by the government. The method in this research is literature study. The literature...
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How are the Underground Economy Levels in Indonesia?

Marhamah, Zulaikha
This study aims to analyze the value of the underground economy in Indonesia and the potential lost taxes due to the underground economy. The method in this study uses a monetary approach by using the variable amount of currency demand, tax burden, opportunity cost, inflation, financial innovation and...
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Denial-Resistence-Exploration-Commitment, a Consumer Behavior Switch During Covid-19

Ratih Pratiwi, Rizky Rama Setyaky, Nofita Sulistiyanti, Syafiqotul Azka
The global pandemic COVID-19 has forced everyone to face a health crisis and created severe shocks in the world economy. When other businesses decline because no one dares to leave, e-commerce becomes the choice for shopping. This study aims to examine the influence of the SMEs’ IT utilization ability...
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The Behavior of Purchasing Domestic Herbal Products Among Indonesians During the Covid 19 Era

Imam Nuryanto, Farida Indriyani
The intention to purchase is a very complex decision for consumers and has become a special concern for academics to be researched in the last few years, however the decision making process in terms of purchase intentions on herbal products have not been well researched. This study applied the Theory...
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Development Strategy of Environmentally Friendly Based for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise

Christianingrum Christianingrum, Saputra Putra Pratama
This study aims to determine an environmentally based business development strategy for Micro, Small, Medium Enterprises. The analysis method used in this study is a SWOT analysis with research samples taken from 33 respondents from the cracker processing industry in Kurau Village. Data collection by...
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Youtube Contents Effect on Destination Visit Intentions an Empirical Study in Indonesia

Siti Rahayu, Sugeng Hariadi
Currently, online videos have become the dominant means of information and education. When determining tourist destination visits, YouTube contents play an important role. YouTube content is created by travelers to share experiences, which helps other potential travelers. This study aims to comprehend...
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The Influence of Investment Motivation and Financial Literacy on Interest in Investing During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Ekayana Sangkasari Paranita, Mahardika Agustinus
The purpose of this study is to analyze the influence of investment motivation and financial literacy on investment interest in the capital market. The population used in this study were investor and potential investors at the Investor Gathering event, then sample was selected using purposive sampling...
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Analysis of Tourism Demand Cointegration from China to Indonesia

Sarwoko Sarwoko, Ridwan Ridwan, Henry Sarnowo
Tourism Industry has been an important contributor to Indonesia Economy. The purpose of the empirical research in this paper is to investigate the existence of cointegration between China tourism demand in Indonesia with several macroeconomic factors like as real GDP per capita of the China, relatif...
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Experiential Marketing Strategy Application with Case Study on a Unique Traditional Market in Purworejo, Indonesia

Titin kowati
Experiential marketing is an effort used by companies or marketers to package products so that they are able to offer emotional experiences to touch the hearts and feelings of consumers. This study aims to analyze the application of experiential marketing strategies in the traditional unique markets...
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The Role of Competence in Improving Employee Performance Village-Owned Enterprises (BUMDES) in Kulon Progo Regency

Fitri Rahmawati, Dedi Runanto
Village-owned enterprises (Bumdes) are village businesses managed by the Village Government that aim to meet the needs of village communities and raise the superior potential of a village. The village is one of the potential places to develop the village economy. The existence of Village-Owned Enterprises...
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E-Wallet in Technology Readiness Index Perspectives and Technical Support

Wika Harisa Putri, Shinta Agustin Tri Novia, Nurwiyanta
The use of e-wallets, which are currently very massive in various transactions, raises a clear message that if people must adapt to products of financial technology (fintech). Talking about the readiness for technology adoption, of course, we cannot ignore how the theory of technology readiness and acceptance...
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The Impact of Work Stress on the Performance of Field Facilitators Staff of Self- Help Housing Stimulant Assistance Program in Magelang with Job Satisfaction as Mediation

Nenden Nur Annisa
This study has purpose to determine the impact of job stress on the performance of the field facilitators staff of self-help housing stimulant assistance program in Magelang with job satisfaction as mediation. This study applied a questionnaire in the primary data collection and a quantitative approach....
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The Effectiveness of National Economic Stimulus as a Countercyclical Policy of Covid-19 Outbreak

Wenny Megawati, Rochmani, Adi Suliantoro
President Joko Widodo asserted measures to mitigate the economic repercussions due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The Financial Services Authority administers a credit relief as stipulated in POJK Regulation No. 11/POJK.03/2020 concerning National Economic Stimulus as Countercyclical Policy to the Coronavirus...
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Management of Legal Aid the Challenges in Guarding Law and Justice

Pamungkas Satya Putra, Rani Apriani, Bambang Sutedja, Adyan Lubis, Wahyu Utamidewi
Legal aid is used as a means of achieving convenience and special treatment as affirmative action (actions are taken directly by the government) to create equality and justice for every underprivileged citizen in the Republic of Indonesia. This effort is inseparable from the Constitutionalism of Legal...
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The Effect of Financial Knowledge, Financial Behavior, and Religiosity on Personal Financial Distress in the Millenial Generation (Case Study in the Community of Semarang City)

Sukma Kharisma Beny, Siti Puryandani
The research was conducted to ascertain the influence of financial knowledge, financial behavior, and religiosity on personal financial distress in millennial generation group in City of Semarang. The research population was the millennial generation living in the city. The sampling technique applied...
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Construction Service Competence Test and Training Center (CSCTTC): Small Business Unit Based on the Potential and Intellectual Creativity of the University

Edy Sriyono, Sardi, Wika H. Putri
The purpose of this study is to initiate a campus-based business unit are a necessity to support higher education, especially to meet the competency goals of graduates and to be closer to the world of work. However, during the initiation process, the necessity to be in a capital-intensive environment...
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Tax Payment Intention Using Theory of Planned Behavior Approach

Much. Riyadus Solichin, Susi Astuti, Arya Samudra Mahardhika
Taxes are the most reliable source of the State Revenue and Expenditure Budget (APBN). Without taxes, the Indonesian government may not be able to develop all the infrastructure from the life sector of the state and human resource development that cannot meet the requirements. The purpose of this study...
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The Influence of Demographic Factors on Investment Decisions in Indonesia in the Pandemic Time Covid-19

Asri Nur Wahyuni, Yanti Puji Astuti
Investment growth in Indonesia is increasing. This can be seen in the increase in the number of investment instruments available in the market. People are starting to become aware of the need for investment. They began to make investment a necessity that must be met. Demographic factors as a reflection...
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Predicting Customer Satisfaction and Customer-Company Identification in Enhancing Halal Restaurant Loyalty: Service Encounters Perspective

Ali Mursid
This study proposes a theoretical framework of halal service encounters includes physical environments, service-employee to customer interaction, and customer-to-customer interaction to predict customer satisfaction and customer-company identification. Hence, it verifies the effect of customer satisfaction...
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Analysis of Competency, Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB) and Teacher Performance of Vocational High School Taman Karya Madya Teknik Kebumen

Nur Khasanah, Umi khasanah, Rian Aditya Putra
This study aims to analyze competence, organizational citizenship behavior and teacher performance of Vocational High School Taman KaryaMadyaTeknikKebumen. Respondents in this study amounted to 74 people. The analytical method used is descriptive quantitative. The analysis carried out included the research...
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The Role of Moderation of Organizational Culture on the Effect of Motivation and Compensation on Employee Performance

Studies on District Office the Ex.Kawedanan Boja Region (Singorojo, Boja, Limbangan) Kendal Regency

Tristiana Rijanti, Kasmari, Rokh Eddy Prabowo, Dhiaz Sukmaningrum
This study aims to analyze the role of Organizational Culture as a moderating variable for the effect of motivation and compensation on employee performance. Studies on District Office the Ex Region Kawedanan Boja (Singorojo, Boja, Limbangan) Kendal Regency. This study uses primary data, namely data...
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Analysis of Theory of Planned Behavior in Predicting Accountants’ Interest in Gaining Chartered Accountant Titles in the Central Java Region

Dwi Artati, Eni Kaharti, Ika Susilowati
The purpose of this study was to determine the interest of accountants in obtaining the title of Accountant. Through the application of planned behavior theory (TPB), this research is based on empirical evidence about the influence of perceptions and attitudes, subjective norms, and control of accountants’...
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Investment and Government Expenditure and Investment Economic Growth in Central Java, Indonesia

Sri Isnowati, Mulyo Budi Setiawan, Basukianto, Wardjono
The role of government expenditure in economic growth is very important. The aim of this paper was to study the government expenditure and investment on economic growth in Central Java. The data used was the secondary data from 2000.1 to 2018.4. The analysis tool used was Error Correction Model (ECM)....
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The Role of Perceived Quality and Brand Loyalty Influencing Repurchase Intention

Ajeng Aquinia, Euis Soliha, Lie Liana, Djoko Wahyudi
The purpose of this study is to find out the effect of perceived quality on repurchase intention that is also mediated by brand loyalty, wherein this study, examining Starbucks products. All Starbucks consumers in Semarang were the population for this study, with a purposive sampling technique and the...
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Identification of Southeast Asian Banking Performance

Widhian Hardiyanti, Bogy Febriatmoko, Sartika Wulandari, Muhammad Ali Ma’sum
Economic growth in Southeast Asia in recent years has shown good results. One of the important sectors to support the economy of a region is the banking sector. With the optimal performance of the banking sector, internal risks can be controlled and banks are resistant to external situations so that...
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The Effectiveness of Pentagon Fraud in Detecting Fraudulent Financial Reporting: Using the Beneish Model in Manufacturing Companies on the Indonesia Stock Exchange

Arief Himmawan Dwi Nugroho, Alfasadun, Muhammad Ardinata, Rofidah Yunita Ambarsari
This study aims to analyze the effect of pressure, opportunity, rationalization, capability, arrogance on fraudulent financial reporting. The population in this study are manufacturing companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange. The results showed that financial stability pressures, industrial...
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The Effect of Customer Experience and Service Quality on Satisfaction in Increasing Loyalty

Endang Tjahjaningsih, Suzy Widyasari, Ali Maskur, Lingga Kusuma
Customer experience and service quality are several factors that can affect satisfaction and have the impact on loyalty. The aim of this study was to investigate whether customer experience and service quality influence satisfaction and impact loyalty or not. The sample of this study was 104 customers...
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Corporate Governance Mechanism on Intellectual Capital Disclosure and Firm Value

Maria Goreti Kentris Indarti, Taswan Taswan, Batara Daniel Bagana, Afifatul Janah
This study examined the effect of corporate governance mechanisms on intellectual capital disclosure and firm value. The corporate governance mechanism was proxied by the independent commissioner, audit committee, institutional ownership and managerial ownership variables. The population in this study...
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Ownership Structure on Dividend Policy and Its Impact on Firm Value

Jacobus Widiatmoko, Achmad Badjuri, Moch. Irsad, Agung Anugerah Adhipratama
The purpose of this study is to examine the effect of share ownership structure on dividend policy and its impact on firm value. Ownership structure is proxied by managerial ownership, institutional ownership, and ownership concentration. The research data were obtained from manufacturing companies listed...
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Determinants of Poverty in Indonesian Provinces

Sri Nawatmi, Agung Nusantara, Agus Budi Santosa, Muhaimin
Poverty is a global problem faced by a lot of countries, including Indonesia. In this research, the data used are 34 provinces in Indonesia from 2015-2018. The analysis technique used is data pooling that combines times series and cross section. The research result shows that the suitable model to analyze...
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Mixed Methods Study to Explore the Portrait of Micro and Small Enterprises in Semarang City During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Gregorius Nasiansenus Masdjojo, Titiek Suwarti, Ida Nurhayati, Listiyorini Wahyu Widarti
This study aims to explore the portrait of SMEs during and after the Covid-19 pandemic. The respondents are more than 500 SME actors in Semarang City. Data are collected and analysed by a mixed method. The results show that the SMEs have very various types of business. The length of running business...
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Profitability, Liquidity, Size, Reputation of Public Accounting and Timeliness Reporting Financial Statement: An Analysis of Manufacturing Company Overview in Indonesia

Sunarto Sunarto, Imam AjiRamdhani, Rachmawati Meita Oktaviani, Jaeni Jaeni
This study aims to find empirical evidence about the factors that affect the timely delivery of the financial statement of manufacturing companies listed on profitability, liquidity, size, and the reputation of the public accounting firm on the timelines of financial statements. The population of this...
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Improving Knowledge Sharing Through Idealized Influence Leadership Case from Private Universities in Central Java Indonesia

Suhana, Askar Yunianto, Hasan Abdul Rozak, Lutfika Rachmawati
The aim of the current research is to examine and to analyze the role of idealized influence and contingent reward leadership to knowledge sharing. The ground of the current research is that most of transformational leadership researches focused on 4 dimensions as composite dimensions. Thus, the contribution...
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Analysis of Factors Affecting Consumer’s Purchase Intention Impact on Customer Behavior Outcomes

R.A. Marlien, CindyNoviani Putri, R. Basiya, Bambang Suteja
Private Label is a merchandise that uses the brand name of the distributor or retailer or the brand name created for the distributor or retailer. The purpose of retailers to make private label products to meet consumer needs and the existence of private label products has become a trend among retailers....
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The Role of Organizational Culture as Moderating Variable in the Influence of Person-Organization Fit and Job Characteristics on Performance

B.S. Priyono, K Indrianingrum, A Murdiyanto, E.M Afriana
This study is aimed to analyze the role of organizational culture as moderating variable in the influence of person-organization fit and job characteristics on employee performance. A survey was conducted on civil servants working for a government institution. The population in this study is 138 employees....
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The Effect of Moderation of Organizational Culture on the Relationships on Job Satisfaction and Work Motivation Towards Employee Performance (Studies on Employees of the National Search and Rescue Agency in Semarang City)

Alimuddin Rizal, Arum Dwi Hartanto, H. Muthofa, Toto Suharmanto
This study is focused on examining how organizational culture can affect the relationship between variables, namely the variables of job satisfaction and work motivation on employee performance with the object of employees in the National SAR Agency of Semarang City. The population in this study was...
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The Influence of Cash Flow, Leverage and Profitability on Investment Decisions in Financial Distress Companies (All Companies Listed on Indonesia Stock Exchange of 2017-2019)

Sonia Nanda Aprilia Putri, Siti Puryandani
This study aims to analyze the effect of cash flow, leverage, and profitability on investment decisions in companies experiencing financial distress. The independent variable (X) of this study is cash flow, leverage, and research profitability. The investment decision is the dependent variable (Y). The...
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Financial Distress A Case Study of Indonesia

Ceacilia Srimindarti, Aninda Rizqy Rahmawati, Pancawati Hardiningsih, Gregorius Anggana Lisiantara
This study aimed to examine and analyze the influence of manajerial ownership, leverage and profitability on financial distress. The population of this study are manufacturing companies which were listed in Indonesia stock exchange. The sample selection using purposive sampling method. The data will...
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The Role of Corporate Social Responsibility as a Moderator on the Effect of Profitability and Company Size on Tax Aggressiveness

Rr. Tjahjaning Poerwati, Nur Aini, Maryono, Teguh Parmono Hadi
This study was conducted to analyze the effect of profitability and company size on tax aggressiveness with Corporate Social Responsibility as a moderating variable. The population of this research is manufacturing companies listed on the Indonesian Stock Exchange in 2014-2017 with a sample proposive...
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Relevance of Top Management Support, Personal Capabilities, Formalisation of Information System Development on the Performance of Accounting Information Systems at Expedition Companies

Elen Puspitasari, Bambang Sudiyatno, Yeye Susilowati, Jennyfer Jessica Efendi
The growth of e-commerce has had a domino effect on various businesses, such as freight forwarding or logistics. Computer-based information systems are needed to process financial data. The data relates to transaction data in an accounting cycle, and presents it in financial reports, where it is needed...