Proceedings of the 2019 5th International Conference on Social Science and Higher Education (ICSSHE 2019)

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Application of 3D Printing Teaching Aids in Mechanical Drawing Class

Jin-ru Ma, Hui Yu, Rui-can Hao, Hua-gang Liu
Mechanical Drawing is a required professional foundation course for students majoring in mechanical specialties. However, as students don’t have actual engineering practice ability and are with poor spatial imagination, it is difficult for them to image plane figures as 3D shapes and to establish the...
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Preliminary Exploration on the Internationalized School-running Strategies of Higher Vocational Colleges in the Context of the "Belt and Road Initiative" — Taking Speciality Group of Automobile Intelligent Manufacturing as an Example

Qing-song Zhu, Rui-can Hao, Jing Wang
The purpose of the paper is to explore the internationalization strategy of Higher Vocational Colleges under the background of "one belt and one road". By taking the opportunity of promoting the national strategies, combining school-running characteristics, professional resource superiority and taking...
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English Teaching Strategies Based on the Combination of Schema Theory and Context Theory

Yan Liu
Schema theory considers reading is an interactive process, it emphasizes the importance of the reader's background knowledge in understanding the text. As the background knowledge is essential for the relevant schema that the reader to understand the text, context theory should be focused on the high-level...
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Exploration and Practice of the Teaching Model of the Course of Engineering Graphics under the Background of International Run-through Cultivation

Rui-can Hao, Hua-gang Liu, Jin-ru Ma, Hui Yu
Based on the analysis on the background of international run-through cultivation and the characteristics of the course of Engineering Graphics, the problems and shortcomings in the course teaching are found out. Aiming at the docking of domestic and foreign standards and the common problems in traditional...
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The Impact of the Sino-Indian Border Conflict on the Kashmir Issue

Pei Peng
The Sino-Indian border conflict had an important impact on the India-Pakistan Kashmir issue. The United States tried to push the India-Pakistan peace talks to resolve the Kashmir issue. It promoted the development of a friendly relationship between China and Pakistan. The rapid development of China-Pakistan...
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Ideological and Political Education from the Perspective of Persuasion Theory

Li Zhu
Ideological and political education and persuasion theory have an inherent fit. From the perspective of persuasion theory, it analyzes the problems existing in ideological and political education workers, educational content and educational methods, draws on the relevant content of persuasion theory,...
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Corruption in Russia: Reasons for the Growth

V.V. Moiseev, I.V. Goncharova, G.S. Chuvardin
The scale of increased corruption in Russia is such that it began to threaten the national security of our country. This conclusion belongs not only to the authors of this article, who have been conducting research in this field for a long time, but also to the head of state, who recently signed a special directive...
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Review and Prospect of Mindfulness Training for Intervention of Academic Burnout

Xingyu Ding, Jianxuan Tang, Zhibing Zhong
Academic burnout involves the negative emotions of exhaustion and evasion caused by excessive academic load, low sense of accomplishment, and cynicism for studies. It has gradually become a psychological crisis for many contemporary students. Purpose: This paper attempts to summarize the research results...
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State Management and Corruption in Russia

V.V. Moiseev
The purpose of this study is to determine the causes and extent of corruption in public administration in modern Russia. Analyzing the activities of public authorities and management over the past two decades, you inevitably come to the conclusion that they are defeated by corruption. Corruption in the...
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Construction and Implementation of Teaching Quality Evaluation and Performance Assessment System on Engineering Training

Hai-guang Zhang, Qing-xi Hu, Lan-lan He
National demonstration center for engineering training is an important public practice teaching platform of training college students. The teaching quality is directly related to the cultivation of students' engineering and innovating ability. However, It has not been effectively evaluated. This paper...
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Research on the Integration of Literary Education into College English Class from the Perspective of Research-Based Learning Strategy

Shiyu Zhou, Yingxian Zhang
The aim of this study is to improve students’ research-based learning ability and establish a new type of effective student-centered teaching model for college English education with the help of English classic reading. English literary education is an essential part of college English class. By analyzing...
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Automated Method Research on College Student Scholarship Evaluation

Qiao Zhang, Zhen Kang, Junlei Yang
The scholarship assessment is one of the regular work of the counselors, which is related to the vital interests of the most students. The traditional method is that the counselors manually add points and re-rank the students who meet the conditions according to the ranking in the student education system....
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Analysis and Consideration of Construction Project Management Simulation Training Course

Yunxia Jiang
In order to improve the practical teaching of Construction Project Management course and improve the practical operation and comprehensive ability of students, we do some research about Construction Project Management Simulation Training course in this paper. Through literature research methods and interviews...
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Outcome-Based Education (OBE) Oriented Teaching Reform By Competitions

Hongtao Wang, Xucheng Liu, Hui Huang, Dongyu Yang
In this paper, we got the benefits by using outcome-based education (OBE)-oriented teaching reform. The outcome-based education is an effective method to train students’ abilities according to enterprises’ demands, letting students adapt the work model from studying knowledge to the outcome. In this...
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The Relationship between Human Resource Management and Employee Counterproductive Work Behavior in New Ventures

Hongying Li, Yanling Cao
Drawing on the social exchange theory, this study investigated the influence of human resource management on counterproductive work behavior in new ventures and verified the moderating effect of leader-member exchange and the mediating effect of employee satisfaction. With a sample of 526 employees,...
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Thinking about Building a Vocational Education and Training System in Vocational Colleges in the New Era

Zhi-xin Feng, Rui-can Hao
The report delivered at the Nineteenth CPC National Congress proposed to improve the system of vocational education and training, and to promote integration between industry and education and cooperation between enterprises and colleges, which inspires and broadens the thoughts and paths of constructing...
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Problems and Countermeasures of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education in Agricultural Colleges and Universities

Yuci Wang
There are some problems in innovation and entrepreneurship education in agricultural colleges and universities, such as lack of understanding on the concept of innovation and entrepreneurship education, lack of innovation and entrepreneurship education in general education, lack of deep integration of...
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Suggestions on the Construction of Financial Informatization in Chinese Universities

Haiping Guo, Jun Li
The emergence of new technologies such as big data, cloud computing and intelligent networking has promoted the transformation of the existing financial management model. In order to provide a reference to further improve the level of financial management information construction in Chinese universities,...
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Research on Teaching Reform of Public Basic Courses in Colleges and Universities under the Concept of “Course-based Ideological and Political Education”

Yuci Wang
Implementing “Course-based Ideological and Political Education” in public basic course is required by the teaching reform of public basic courses and the teaching reform of ideological and political education under the new situation. This work explored main measures for the teaching reform of public...
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Research on the Spatial Spillover Effect of Transportation Infrastructure on Total Factor Productivity

Xuhang Bao
Based on the panel data of 29 regions in China from 2001 to 2016, this paper used the spatial econometric model to empirically analyze the spatial spillover effects of railways, highways and general grade roads on total factor productivity. The research results show that during the study period, there...
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Reform and Practice of "Spectral Imaging Technology and Its Application" Course for Professional Degree Postgraduates

You-wen Tian, Tong-yu Xu, Jun Wang, Ying-li Cao, Ping Song
In order to meet the needs of training high-level applied talents, the course of Spectral Imaging Technology and its Application was taken as the research object in this paper, and the course reforming from four aspects: course content, teaching mode, teaching method and examination method was studied. Guided...
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Acculturative Stories of International Students from Belt and Road Countries in China

Xinman Li, Ying Luo, Shuhui Lai, Taotao Long
This article focuses on international students from Belt and Road (B&R) countries at a university in central China. Since the B&R initiative was proposed, the number of international students in China from B&R countries has increased rapidly, but related research is seldom found. To analyze the problems...
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Cultivation Path of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Talents for Cross-border Electronic Commerce under the Background of "Internet Plus"

Lingyan Meng
The development of cross-border electronic commerce industry is changing with each passing day. Exploring the cultivation path of innovation and entrepreneurship talents of cross-border electronic commerce is an important topic for current higher education. Several analytical research methods such as...
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Liberal Arts Education: The Essential Foundation for Vocational Education

Yihui Yu
While unable to bring direct economic benefit, liberal arts education provides our students much needed value system and guidance in their growth. It must be pointed out that nobody is born with humanistic aptitude, which must be acquired through quality education. Although the purpose of vocational...
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Exploration on the Improvement of Innovation Ability of Civil Engineering Specialty Students under the Background of New Engineering

Chuang Chen, Yinhui Wang, Zheng Luo, Zuguang Bian, Jianghong Mao
Under the background of new engineering, new requirements are put forward for training the innovation ability of traditional civil engineering students. Educators must adapt to the current social development environment and explore new ways to improve students' innovation ability to ensure talents adapt...
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Study on the Construction of Student Team-Type Associations under the College System in Universities

Hairui Sui, Fanglin Xie
More and more universities begin to explore the new mode of students' education and training through the establishment of residential college system. The student association is an important part of the construction of college system in universities. It is not a simple transition from a school or department...
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Difficulties and Improvement Strategies for Foreign Teachers’ Identity in Chinese Universities

Hanwen Zhang
Under the social background of “demographic dividend” turning into “talent dividend”, talents have become the greatest kinetic energy for development. Currently, more and more foreign teachers choose to work in Chinese universities. However, the majority of them have experienced identity loss at different...
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Application of Knowledge Visualization in Senior High School Information Technology Classroom Teaching

Huansong Yang, Yiming Liu
Knowledge visualization has become the development trend of the current era. Based on the "visual teaching", this work explored the visual teaching of senior high school information technology courses, conducting teaching design and practice based on knowledge visualization. This work studied and analyzed...
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Research on the Teaching Reform of Chinese Ancient Literature in Chinese Colleges and Universities

Chunxia Li
This paper mainly discusses the problems and innovative measures in the teaching process of Chinese Ancient Literature in Chinese universities. Under the background of constantly updating and changing educational concepts and modes, the teaching of Chinese Ancient Literature in Chinese colleges and universities...
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Teaching Reform of Network Security & Law Enforcement Major in Police Higher Education

Zhijun Liu, Ning Wang
As a newly arisen and interdisciplinary major, currently existing theories teaching method in network security & law enforcement major is not good enough to meet the needs for police personnel training. The primary objective of this study is to present a modular, integrated approach to towards teaching...
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The Analysis on Multidimensional Transformation Theory in College Translation Teaching

Man Zhai
Eco-translatology exercises its inventive mind and adopts an unconventional approach to guide translation with a harmonious and multidimensional perspective and a new researching paradigm. To analyze the college translation course from eco-translatology perspective and decode it from the dimensions of...
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English-Medium Instruction for International Students from the Belt and Road Countries: Necessity, Challenges, and Countermeasures

Zhi-jun Yan, Jun Wen, Yong-jian Zong
Remarkably comprehensive economic and social outcomes have been achieved since the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) was unveiled in 2013. With the RRI being well under way, an ever increasing number of students from the Belt and the Road (B&R) countries are flowing to China to pursue undergraduate or postgraduate...
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The Construction of Evaluation Indicator System on Urban Talent Development Potential

Yanling Cao, Hongying Li
Urban talent development potential can express the dynamic condition and predict the future development of talents. Through quantifying it, we can grasp the development status of talents as well as the sustainable development potential in the realm of a city. By a comprehensive use of literature review,...
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Inclusive Properties of the City and Urban Citizenship of People with Disabilities

V.V. Moiseev, O. A. Sudorgin, E.К. Naberushkina, D.S. Raydugin
The article emphasizes the problems of social inequality, materialized in the objects of urban space. The design of mobility barriers for citizens with disabilities is considered in the new framework for comparing discourses of accessibility of the environment, universal design and an inclusive approach...
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Research on Application-oriented Talent Training Mode Based on the Perspective of School-enterprise Alliance

Yanchao Liu
Training innovative and application-oriented talents that are in line with social needs is the primary task of universities, and it is also beneficial to the rapid development of China’s economy. University-enterprise cooperation is an effective way of cultivating applied talents. Taking the public elementary...
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CEO Reputation and Internal Control Effectiveness — Based on China A-share Listed Company Data

Jiahang Huo, Guangming Wang
With the rapid development of information technology, reputation has become the signal of CEO's ability. The existence of high reputation enhances the CEO's enthusiasm and prudence in the work, thus promoting the operation and development of the company. This paper selects 2017 A-share listed companies...
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Construction of Evaluation Index System of University Students’ Innovation Ability Based on Social Network Analysis

Fei Bian
University students can drive the country’s technological progress with their innovative ability. However, in reality, most researches have not gone in-depth into the study of the components of university students’ innovation ability or the evaluation index system. This paper, on the basis of the quantitative...
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Study of Problem-based Learning and Bilingual Education Applying in Medical Informatics Course Teaching

Heqing Zhan
Medical informatics is a rapidly developing subject, while it is late started in Chinese universities as a course. This paper laid out the current teaching in medical informatics course at home and abroad, analyzed problems in course teaching, and pointed out the importance of problem-based learning...
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Comparative Study on the Development of Main Language Institutions in the Philippines

Lili Xu, Kehua Yu
The major language institutions have established branches in the Philippines. They have all about the same mission, that is, promote the development of their own languages in the Philippines and deepen the exchange and understanding between two cultures. They hold different characteristics in organization...
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The Colonization and Prosperity of National Traditional Sports Culture from the Perspective of Cultural Self-confidence

Dongzhi Tian, Tao Xu
The assertion of cultural self-confidence has opened up a new path for the development of China's national traditional sports culture. Based on the perspective of cultural self-confidence, this paper uses literature and logic analysis to illustrate the development dilemma of the current national traditional...
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Analysis of the Factors Affecting the Development of College Sports Associations in Western Liaoning

Qiangguo Lv, Qiupeng Gao
College sports associations are an important part of China's sports associations, and also an essential driving force for colleges and universities to carry out sports work. With the advancement of Healthy China Initiative, the health awareness of college students has gradually strengthened. College...
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Research on the Protection of Mongolian Traditional Sports Cultural Heritage in Liaoning Province

Tao Xu, Dongzhi Tian
As one of the representatives of the traditional sports culture projects of ethnic minorities in Northern China, the Mongolian traditional sports and cultural activities play an important role in the traditional sports cultural heritage of ethnic minorities in various regions of China. Firstly, this...
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The Present Situation and Restricting Factors of Manchu's Rural Sports in Liaoning Province

Jinglian Chi, Tao Xu
Manchu boasts a time-honored sports tradition, which contains the distinctive cultural connotation of northeast China and has been inherited by Manchu people until now. The development of modern sports has gone through a pivotal period. The traditional Manchu sports represent the key content of the development...
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Dissemination and Influence of Traditional Ethnic Wrestling in Northeast China on "Belt and Road Initiatives"

Gang Yin, Tao Xu
The western world has had a great influence in the process of modern sports construction. In the new era, China has proposed a development strategy of "One Belt and One Road" at various levels of economy, politics, culture and education. It has had a significant impact in more than 60 countries and regions...
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The Cultivation of Student’s Critical Thinking Skills Based on English Reading Contest: A Case Study

Fenghuang Zeng
It is urgent to foster students’ critical thinking in learning English, since the importance of critical thinking has been stressed and the absence of it has been noticed. One of the main purposes of “FLTRP•CUP” English Reading Contest is to foster contestants’ critical thinking. This paper works out...
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Research on the Construction of Vibrant Classroom

Shunjun Sheng
The effectiveness of classroom teaching often depends on the overall atmosphere of the classroom as well as the emotional attitude between teachers and students. However, nowadays, many college classrooms are lifeless and stagnant. Is it the teachers' responsibility or students' problem? This paper tries...
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Research on Effective Innovation of Ideological and Political Education on College Students from the Perspective of Mobile Internet

Haizhao Li
In the era of mobile Internet, the most significant feature is that a large amount of data can be shared in an accurate way. The rapid development of mobile Internet has had a certain impact on the moral education of college students as well as on the concept and way of traditional education. This is...
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Problems and Countermeasures of Archives Management of Secondary Colleges in Internet Times

Hongwei Lu
The archives formed in the process of teaching and scientific research in Secondary Colleges of colleges and universities are an important source and component of archives in Colleges and universities, and also play a vital role in teaching evaluation and auditing. However, at present, most secondary...
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Research on Ideological and Political Education in College Students' Career Planning

Shiyang Li
With the development of higher education and the promotion of market economy, college students are facing increasing pressure in life and employment. Various problems are becoming increasingly prominent. There are new issues and environment in ideological and political education. At present, ideological...
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The Application of Eco-translatology Theory to College Translation Courses

Man Zhai
Eco-translatology here is not an independent subject category, but can be understood as the translation research through an ecological approach or an ecological perspective to translation study. By focusing on the integrity of the translation ecosystem, from the perspective of eco-translatology, taking...