Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Technology and Educational Science (ICTES 2020)

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A Comparison of the Effectiveness of Two Stay-Two Stray and Pair Checks Cooperative Learning Models Towards Primary School Mathematics Learning Outcomes

I Nyoman Laba Jayanta, Gusti Ngurah Sastra Agustika
This research is an experimental study that aims to compare the effectiveness of the Two Stay-Two Stray and Pair Checks cooperative learning models on Mathematics learning outcomes. This study uses a quasi-experimental approach with a non-equivalent control group design. This design uses 3 groups, each...
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The Development of Educational Videos to Deliver Topics in Japanese Sociolinguistics Course

Kadek Eva Krishna Adnyani, I Wayan Sadyana, Gede Satya Hermawan
The aim of this study was to develop appropriate educational videos for the Japanese Sociolinguistics Course and to analyze the feasibility level of educational videos for the Japanese Sociolinguistics Course in the Department of Education of Japanese Language Department, Universitas Pendidikan Ganesha....
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The Challenges That Indonesian Students Faced in Academic Writing: A Cross-Disciplinary Study of Academic Literacies

Muflihun, Citra Prasiska Puspita Tohamba
This study primarily aimed at investigating academic writing challenges that Indonesian postgraduate students faced at The Queen’s University of Belfast enrolling at academic year 2017/2018 across disciplines. Further, designed under descriptive qualitative study, twice narrative interviews conducted...
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Analysis of Career Information Knowledge for Mild Intellectual Disability in Transition Class (Grade 6 SDLB)

Viga Saputi, Edi Purwanta
Career is several kinds of role that a person plays during the life span. Knowledge of career information is needed as an effort to prepare for future career maturity, especially accuracy in determining various job options. The objective of the study is to determine the breadth of knowledge regarding...
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The Exploration of Kolok Students’ of Mathematics Ability in Inclusive Education at SD Negeri 2 Bengkala Kubutambahan District

I Made Suarjana
The research objectives were (1) to describe the ability of Kolok students to learn mathematics; (2) describe the normal role of students in helping kolok students; and (3) describe the role of parents / family in helping kolok students learn mathematics. The research subjects were 3 grade VI students...
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Self-Directed Learning of Mothers’ Using Social Media as Parenting Guide in Bali, Indonesia

Luh Putu Laksmi Prema Dewi, Puji Yanti Fauziah
This study aims to describe the perception of young mothers towards the influence of social media as source of information or parenting guide. This research was conducted using qualitative approach. Participants of this study were 24 young mothers who have been selected through purposive sampling technique....
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The Effectiveness of Discovery Learning Model and Problem-Based Learning Using Animated Media to Improve Science Learning Outcomes

Ni Wayan Suniasih
This research aims to determine: 1) the significant difference between groups of students who were taught using the Discovery Learning, Problem-based Learning model using animated media and the group of students who were taught conventionally; (2) magnitude of the effectiveness of Discovery Learning...
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The Influence of Augmented Reality-Based Learning Media on the Students’ Achievement of Mathematics

Gusti Ngurah Sastra Agustika
This study was aimed to determine the effectiveness of using augmented reality based learning media on mathematics competencies in elementary school. This study used a pre-experimental approach in learning geometry with the one-group pretest-posttest design and the research subject was selected randomly....
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Development of Learning Materials in E-Learning Courses with the Principles of Cognitive Theory of Multimedia Learning (CTML)

I Gde Wawan Sudatha, Ketut Pudjawan, Alexander H. Simamora
The objectives to be achieved in this development are as follows: 1) describe the process of developing learning materials in the E-Learning Development course in accordance with the principles of cognitive theory of multimedia learning, 2) describe the feasibility of learning materials for the E-Learning...
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Fatherhood & Children’s Remote Learning During Covid-19 Pandemic:

A Narrative Inquiry of a Balinese Full Time Dad

Nice Maylani Asril, Ni Wayan Surya Mahayanti, Luh Ayu Tirtayani, Kadek Eva Krishna Adnyani, I Gede Astawan, I Ketut Resika Arthana
Relational power supremacy is determined by culture, which impacts women’s and men’s capacity to make decisions in the family and community. As a part of strong patriarchal culture, Balinese men’s involvement in parenthood deals with their self-concept and identity. Although there has been a growing...
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Reaffirmation of Identity Through Ritual Practices in Tenganan Balinese Old Village, Bali

I Wayan Suyadnya
This paper explores how ritual practices working on identity issues at the Balinese old villages. Ritual practices are an important part of a lifespan of community. These activities that structure the whole lives of the community are relevant on shared by and to a member of the community. Specifically,...
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The Development of Multiple Intelligence-Oriented Thematic Multimedia in Elementary Schools

I Komang Sudarma, Ign. Wayan Suwatra, Dewa Gede Agus Putra Prabawa
The developmental study conducted aims to develop learning multimedia on the empowerment of multiple intelligences in elementary schools. The aim is achieved by gradually developing learning multimedia by implementing a product development model. The development of the learning multimedia is implementing...
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The Process of Rupa Dance Creation as an Emotional Processing Medium for Gifted Children with Special Needs

Made Utami Trisna Dewi, Kusnadi
Gifted children or children with special needs require an emotional processing medium that corresponds to their feelings. This study aims to develop a dance creation as a positive emotional processing medium for gifted children with special needs. This is a research and development (R&D) study using...
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Development of E-Content Using Segmentation Principles with E-Assessment in the Development of Teaching Materials Course

Desak Putu Parmiti, Alexander Simamora
This study aims to produce e-content (electronic content) which is developed based on one of the multimedia principles, namely the segmentation principle. E-content is be presented segment by segment. After several segments, an e-assessment will be presented which is used to measure the students’ level...
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Panca Pramana Cycle-Based Science Learning Model for Promoting 21st Century Skills Learning

I Gede Astawan, Nice Maylani Asril, Luh Ayu Tirtayani, Ni Wayan Surya Mahayanti, Kadek Eva Khrisna Adnyani, I Ketut Resika Arthana
This study aimed to analyze the needs to develop a science learning model based on the Panca Pramana learning cycle to improve the 21st-century skills of elementary school student teachers (PGSD). The study population was PGSD students and PGSD lecturers who taught science courses. Through purposive...
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Reading Literation Strategies Applied by Lecturers in Learning at the Faculty of Education Universitas Pendidikan Ganesha

I Made Tegeh, I Nyoman Jampel, I Gde Wawan Sudatha
This research is survey research. The population of this study were 57 civil servant lecturers and 490 students of semester 3 and 5 of the Faculty of Education, Ganesha University of Education. The research sample selected by purposive random sampling was 32 lecturers and 200 students who were spread...
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Educated Spoken Arabic (ESA) in the Teaching of Arabic in Indonesia

The variety of Arabic language that can be found in written texts is different from what the Arabs use in daily conversations. This creates a problem for Arabic language teachers and program developers, who might find it difficult to decide which language variety they must teach to ensure that Arabic...
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The Effect of E-Learning Based on Problem Based Learning (PBL) on Student Characters in Inferential Statistics Course

Anak Agung Gede Agung, I Gde Wawan Sudatha
In the era of information technology, learning activities are no longer limited by building walls. ICT has opened wide access to participate in a more flexible learning activity. As the demands of the 21st century require the development of aspects such as cooperation, respect for opinions, knowing yourself,...
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Classical Javanese Dance Learning with Blended Learning

Kusnadi, Supriyadi Hasta Nugraha
The purpose of this study is to develop a blended learning model of Javanese classical dance learning particularly in terms of (1) the determination of the blended learning model, and (2) the arrangement of course content. This research was conducted using the ADDIE model of Research & Development...
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Ki Hajar Dewantara’s Educational Philosophy: Among and Student’s Academic Performance

Lidia Sandra, Donni Ryan Juniar
This research aims to describe an overview of the implementation of Ki Hajar Dewantara’s educational philosophy and concept of among, where according to Ki Hajar Dewantara, the purpose of education is to liberate a human being whose mind does not depend on others and rests on its strength, with the motto...
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Prepared Environment as the Key Success Factor in Building Clean and Healthy Habit in Early Childhood Education

Ni Luh Sekar Astuti, Lidia Sandra
Prepared environment fosters children’s independence according to their developmental stage. Maria Montessori’s idea related to the preparation of learning environment is everything that interacts or relates to students will facilitate and maximize their independence of learning and exploration of knowledge....
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Boomers’ Perception Towards the Implementation of Online Learning Amidst Covid-19 Outbreak

Putu Indah Puspitasari, Ni Komang Arie Suwastini, Gede Wisma Krisna Ari Aditya Blangsinga, Gede Rasben Dantes, Ignatius Javier Couturier Tuerah
The COVID-19 Outbreak has shifted the way education is delivered to students from conventional ways in the classroom to online interaction, requiring the use of ICT tools to assist teachers in online learning which can be a challenge for boomers as a generation who were born before the rapid development...
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Patriarchal Binary Oppositions in Narrative Texts Included in English Textbook for Senior High School in Indonesia

Gede Wisma Krisna Ari Aditya Blangsinga, Ni Komang Arie Suwastini, I Wayan Lasmawan, Ni Luh Putu Sri Adnyani, Zulidyana Dwi Rusnalasari
Patriarchal binary oppositions, which place men and women in dichotomies that marginalised women, can be reproduced through texts, including textbooks. The present study traces these binary oppositions represented in the narrative texts in English textbooks for grade ten High School. Adopting the interactive...
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The Effectiveness of Cognitive Behavior Group Counseling to Improve Career Decision Making Self-Efficacy of Senior High School Students

Kade Sathya Gita Rismawan, I Ketut Gading
This study aims to determine the effectiveness of Cognitive Behavior Group Counseling to improve career decision making self-efficacy of high school students. This research is a quantitative research with a quasi-experimental design. The research design was the pre-test and post-test control group design....
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The Effectiveness of the Application of Learning Models Creative Problem Solving and Problem Based Instruction: The Impact on Students Mathematics Learning Interest

Ayu Wulandari
This study aimed to find out the effectiveness of the learning model implementation in the interest in mathematics learning of 5th-grade elementary school students, between the class using CPS (Creative Problem Solving) learning model and the class using PBI (Problem Based Instruction) learning model....
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YouTube as Digital Learning Resources for Teaching Bilingual Young Learners

Ni Kadek Meri Listiani, Ni Komang Arie Suwastini, Gede Rasben Dantes, Ni Luh Putu Sri Adnyani, I Gusti Agung Sri Rwa Jayantin
As YouTube has become an integral part of the students’ daily social media consumption, the present study argues that it can also be a valuable language learning source. Following George’s (2008) model of Library Research and Aveyard’s (2010) concept of Systematic Literary review, the present study selected...
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The Effect of Guest Lecturers and Online Discussion Forum Towards Students’ Communication Competencies on English for Educational Technologist Course

Luh Putu Putrini Mahadewi, Ketut Pudjawan
Rapid development of ICT, especially in the 4.0 industrial revolution era has brought impacts on human’s life including in education. One of the impacts is learning can be conducted anytime and anywhere through online learning setting. Despite of the high potential ability of ICT development can bring,...
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The Development of E-Learning in the Philosophy of Tri Hita Karana Concept on the Natural Science Course in PGSD Study Program, FIP UNDIKSHA

I Gede Margunayasa, I Made Citra Wibawa, Nyoman Kusmariyatni, I Gusti Ayu Tri Agustiana, Luh Sri Surya Wisma Jayanti
The problems experienced by natural science lecturers in the PGSD study program include: (1) there was no e-learning device containing the Tri Hita Karana concept in the Science course in PGSD Study program, (2) the e-learning learning system for the natural Science course in PGSD study program was not...
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The Implementation of Inclusive Education Program for Early Childhood

Putu Rahayu Ujianti
It is understood and stated by the law that every child has a right to access education. It is even more important for young children to enroll in early childhood education programs to get stimulation as early as possible for their growth and development. The inclusive program became the answer for children...
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The Correlation of Social Support and Self-Efficacy on Early Childhood Inclusive Teachers’ Performances

Luh Ayu Tirtayani, Nice Maylani Asril
This study aimed at finding out the correlation of social support and self-efficacy on performance among early childhood inclusive education teachers in Bali. Teachers as educators have an important role in implementing inclusion classes, especially in early childhood education (PAUD). The proffer of...
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The Effect of Tri Hita Karana Oriented Blended Learning Model on Students Character and Learning Outcomes at the Faculty of Education, Undiksha

Ignatius I Wayan Suwatra, Anak Agung Gede Agung, I Made Tegeh, Luh Putu Putrini Mahadewi
This study adapts the blended learning model. This model was chosen to overcome the weaknesses that occur in conventional learning activities. This study examines the effect of Tri Hita Karana-oriented Blended Learning in improving the character and learning outcomes of students at the Faculty of Education,...
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Resilience Models for Children and Teenagers in Learning During the Pandemic

Lidia Sandra, Juwaria Muqtadir
One of the government policy from more than 120 countries is a school closures as the imposition of restrictions on social distancing due to the Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) pandemic. This has affected 1.6 million students worldwide. In Indonesia, schools have been closed since March 2020, so that...
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Improving Student Arithmetic Ability Through Interactive Multimedia Development on Mathematics Competencies of Third Grade Elementary School Students

Adrianus I Wayan Ilia Yuda Sukmana, Ketut Pudjawan, Desak Putu Parmiti
Until now, Mathematics has become a subject that needs special attention because it is always seen as difficult. This stigma often causes the enthusiasm of students to take part in mathematics lessons to be lower so that it has implications for students’ arithmetic abilities to become weak which is evident...
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Optimizing Student Photography Skills Through Development of Project Based E-Learning in Photography Courses

Adrianus I Wayan Ilia Yuda Sukmana, I Komang Sudarma
Even at this time photography is becoming a trend, apparently it does not have a major impact on college students’ mastery of theoretical concepts in photography courses. The reality that happens is that the understanding of the basic concepts of photography is not very good, so it has implications for...
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Powtoon as the Implementation of Edutainment for Young Learners

Luh Diah Surya Adnyani, G.A.P Suprianti, Ni Putu Era Marsakawati, Putu Deby Agastya Narotama
Combining education and entertainment or edutainment is a new and trending idea in teaching young learners. Edutainment may enhance fun, interesting, creative, innovative, and meaningful learning. Edutainment in this study was teaching using Powtoon. Powtoon was used to support the teaching and learning...
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Implementation of Curriculum 2013 Through the Department Development Program at SDIT Daarul Muttaqien

Lilik Hafidloh, Erny Roeminingsih, Amrozi Khamadi
The female development program is coaching and guidance given specifically to female students whose implementation affects the implementation of the curriculum in schools. The research objectives describe and analyze the female program which includes: forms, methods and media; curriculum implementation;...
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Parental Involvement in Speech Activities of Speech Delayed Child at Home

Aliza Alias, Umithayyibah Ramly
Speech activities in speech therapy are frequently applied of early interventions to children with speech delay. The speech therapy was conducted to assist the children with speech difficulties. However, these speech activities need to be implemented regularly at home as a reinforcement to the speech...
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Surya Namaskar Yoga as Talent Stimulation to Children’s Dance Art

Putu Aditya Antara
This study aims to find out 1) the habituation of Surya namaskar yoga activities as stimulation of children’s dance talents; 2) factors related to Surya namaskar yoga activities as stimulation of children’s dance talents. The research conducted at Bali Q-Ta Kindergarten in Keramas Village, Blahbatuh...
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The Core Competencies of Vocational High School Teachers In 21st Century Learning

Dessy Seri Wahyuni, Nyoman Sugihartini
This research suggests a mixed method that combines quality and quantitative approaches for defining the core skills of Vocational High School (VHS) teachers. The research method comprises of two phases. The first phase is qualitative method, and the second phase is quantitative method. It comprises...
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Adversity Quotients Towards Achievement Motivation of Early Childhood Teacher Education (PG PAUD) Students in Bali

Dewa Gede Firstia Wirabrata, Dewa Ayu Puteri Handayani
This study aims to investigate the effect of Adversity Quotients (AQ) on Achievement Motivation in Early Childhood Teacher Education (PG PAUD) students in Bali. This research uses quantitative research approach using two variables, AQ and Achievement Motivation. AQ defined as the ability or capacity...
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Accept, Respect, or Appreciate Diversity?

How Diverse Educational Environment Affects Tolerance Among University Students in Buleleng, Bali

Dewa Ayu Puteri Handayani, Dewa Gede Firstia Wirabrata, Didith Pramunditya Ambara
This study aims at investigating the effect of diverse educational environment on the level of tolerance among university students in Buleleng, Bali. Particularly, this study was trying to reveal the difference of tolerance and three dimensions of tolerance, namely acceptance to diversity, respect for...
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Level of the Child’s Motor Ability of Group B at the Kindergarten in Buleleng District Bali

Made Vina Arie Paramita, Sariyasa, I Nyoman Indhi Wiradika
This study aimed to find out the level of a child’s motor ability of group B in Buleleng Districts, Bali. Motor ability was very significant to be developed. The movement of the child’s limbs while playing had many benefits for the growth of other aspects of child’s abilities, such as aspects of cognitive...
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Politeness-Based Indonesian Teaching as Social Skill for Preparing Competitive Human Resources in Industrial Revolution Era 4.0

Wayan Rasna, Dewa Komang Tantra, Ni Wayan Sariani Binawati, I Gusti Ngurah Sudiana, Raden Ayu Relin, I Nyoman Tri Anindia Putra
This study aimed to increase competitiveness of graduates of junior high schools, senior high schools, and vocational schools in soft skill. To achieve this aim a pretest was administered to teachers of junior high schools, senior high schools and vocational schools throughout Badung regency and Denpasar...
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The Play of Cupak Gerantang in Wayang Kulit and Traditional Dramas and Values in Balinese and Sasak Society in Lombok

Luh Putu Puspawati, I Made Suastika
The play of Cupak Gerantang is an oral tradition in Bali and Lombok, but this story has integrated and adapted to the people of Bali and Lombok. In subsequent developments, the oral story of the Cupak Gerantang was used in plays in the art of wayang kulit performances in Bali and traditional drama plays...
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English for Social Studies

English is no longer a language used as first language but also as Second language and Foreign language. According to Robson that 1.75 billion people worldwide use English in a useful level [1]. He also stated that they predicted by 2020, two billion people will be using it and/or studying to use the...
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Student-Teacher’s Reflective Thinking and Teaching Practice

How Reflective are They?

Luh Gede Eka Wahyuni, I Nyoman Adi Jaya Putra
As a part of instructional cycle, reflecting on the teaching and learning process has been something required to do by student-teacher during their online teaching practice program. Its purpose is to enhance their critical thinking in doing self-evaluation, as well as to conduct better learning activities....
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Elements of Ancient European Used in Balinese

I Nengah Martha
Lately, many elements of ancient European language are used Balinese youth conversations in meetings. They consist of students, university students, and sekaa truna-truni (groups of youth). They talk about various things, and in their conversation there are elements of the ancient European language....
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Science-Based Individual Competitive Research: Analysis of Jargon Used in the Hotel

Nyoman Karina Wedhanti, I Gede Budasi
This study described the final results that was achieved by researchers in qualitative descriptive research which was an effort to identify various jargon used in the hospitality sector, such as Housekeeping, Front Office, Food and Beverage, and HRD in the Lovina Bali. Identification was very much needed...
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Needs Analysis of the Mandarin Study Program Graduates’ Competency

Ni Putu Era Marsakawati, Kadek Eva Krishna Adnyani, Luh Diah Surya Adnyani
This study aims to describe the expected competencies of the Mandarin Study Program’s graduates and to analyze their job opportunities. The research design used in this study was a qualitative case study. The subjects of this study were four tourism practitioners and four vice-principals of curriculum....
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Validity of Biographical Text Learning Kit in E-Learning

Ni Made Rai Wisudariani, Ida Ayu Made Darmayanti, I Putu Agus Ari Satria Putra
The 2013 curriculum and Covid-19 pandemic situation require teachers to be able to design a learning kit by empowering technology. In meeting this demand, this study was aimed at developing an e-learning oriented biographical text learning kit that was valid to be used in Indonesian language learning....
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How Integrated is the 2013 Primary School Curriculum?

I Putu Mas Dewantara, A. A. Gede Yudha Paramartha
The 2013 curriculum was developed on the basis of future thinking to prepare students for the challenges of the 21st century. At the primary school level, learning is carried out using an integrated thematic approach. This study aimed to answer how integrated the 2013 curriculum is. Therefore, this study...
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Balinesse Language Elucidation as an Attempt to Preserve Balineese Language in Bali Province

I Nengah Suandi, I Made Sutama
The research problems are (1) what are the activities that have been done by the Balinese language elucidators; (2) how the Balinese people respond to the implementation of the elucidation of the Balinese language; and (3) what has hampered the elucidation of the Balinese language program? The study...
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Teacher Evaluation on Students’ Knowledge of Writing and the Texts Produced

I Made Sutama, I Nengah Suandi
Evaluation of learning to write is very crucial to do. Therefore, we need a model to do it. This study aims to find (1) how teachers assess the mastery of knowledge aspects in learning to write, and (2) how teachers assess students’ written products. For achieving this goal, a qualitative design is applied....
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Authentic Assessment Practice

Teachers’ Perceived Knowledge

Luh Gede Eka Wahyuni, Ni Luh Putu Eka Sulistia Dewi, A.A. Gede Yudha Paramartha
Due to the global outbreak of novel corona-virus disease, the teachers are demanded to carry out authentic assessments to support the 21st century learning activities, especially at junior high school level. The quality of teachers’ authentic assessment practice is reflected by their authentic assessment...
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Two Stay Two Stray Model Providing Mind Mapping Influences on the Learning Outcomes of Grade V SD Students

Mona Ratuliu Nadapdap, Ni Wayan Arini, Luh Putu Putrini Mahadewi
This The low science learning outcome of grade V SD Gugus I, Buleleng District was the main reason for this research. This study aims to determine the effect of the two stay two stray learning model providing mind mapping on the science learning outcomes of fifth-grade students of SD Gugus I, Buleleng...
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The Development of PKn Learning Media in the Form of Microsoft Power Points on the Material on the Diversity of Individual Characteristics of Class III SD/MI

Luh Mela Indayani, Anak Agung Gede Agung, Kadek Yudiana
This study aims to develop learning media for microsoft power point that can be used as an innovative learning medium in Civics lessons at SD N 1 Banjar Bali. With learning media in the form of power points, this makes students more interested and active in learning in the classroom. This research used...
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The Effect of the Think Pair Share (TPS) Cooperative Learning Model Assisted with the Sociodrama Method on IPS Learning Outcomes

Desak Ketut Eni Sapitri, Made Sumantri, Ni Wayan Rati
This research intendid to obtain the significant effect of the learning model Think Pair Share assisted by the Sociodrama Method on learning outcomes IPS grade students V Cluster VI, Seririt District, 2019/2020 academic year. This research is a research quasi experiment by design post test only control...
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Effectiveness Quantum Teaching Model in Elementary School Students’ Civics Learning

Ketut Senmay, Gede Wira Bayu, Made Sumantri
The lack of teachers in using effective learning models is a problem in this study. This study aims to determine the effectiveness of the Quantum Teaching learning model on Civics learning outcomes, this study uses the method of recording documents on articles in e-journals related to the Quantum Teaching...
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The Effectiveness of the Word Square Learning Model on the Social Studies Learning Results of Elementary School Students

Ni Luh Veriani, I Nyoman Jampel, I Wayan Suwatra
This study aims to find out the effectiveness of the word square learning model of social studies’ learning outcomes for students in elementary schools. The study used meta-analysis. The sample of this study consists of six articles which published in 2013 until 2019 at the elementary school, especially...
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Take and Give Learning Model Assisted by Non Projection Media Affecting Positive Towards Civics Learning Results

Ni Made Krismantari Yuti, Ni Wayan Arini, Ni Wayan Rati
The low learning results of students in participating in learning Civics became the main problem in this study. This is because the learning model is less varied and the condition of students who are still passive in receiving material in class. Through these problems, this study aims to determine the...
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Developing Instrument for Speaking Ability of Children in the Age Group of 5-6 (Group B)

Ni Made Widnyani Dwisaputri, Putu Aditya Antara, Putu Rahayu Ujianti
Nowadays, the problems faced related with the assessment quality is the use of doubtable instrument of speaking ability assessment. Therefore, the current study is carried out to find out the appropriateness of the instrument used in assessing the group B students’ speaking ability through the validity...
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Development of TSTS Cooperative Model Learning Devices in the Science Study Content, Theme 7, Class IV SD

I Md. Hari Palgunadi Mahardika, I Gst. Ayu Tri Agustiana, A. I W. Ilia Yuda Sukmana
The purpose of this study is to develop learning tools based on the Two Stay Two Stray type of cooperative learning model (TSTS) on the content of science lessons, theme 7, grade IV elementary school in Jembrana Regency. The intended learning device consists of; 1). Syllabus, 2). Learning implementation...
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The Relationship of Strengthening Character Education (PPK) Towards Mathematics Learning Outcomes in Class IV

Made Kusuma Wardani, I Made Suarjana, Ndara Tanggu Renda
The attitude of students who play when learning activities take place, cheat during tests, do not bring stationery, do not do homework, and are not obedient to school discipline rules when learning Mathematics can cause low Mathematics learning outcomes for grade IV students. Therefore, this study aimed...
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Development of Mathematics Interactive Multimedia on Third Grade Elementary School Students

Dwi Ayu Ratnasari, Anak Agung Gede Agung, I Gde Wawan Sudatha
This research was motivated by the problem of low mathematics learning outcomes on third grade elementary school students. This research was a development research which applied ADDIE model. The purposes of this research were to describe the process of developing mathematics interactive multimedia and...
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The Educational Animation as the Instructional Material Gives Positive Effects Towards the Early Childhood Development

Ni Luh Bela Kristiani, I Wayan Widiana, I Gede Astawan
This study aims to determine the quality of the development of instructional materials aided by educational animated film media to increase motivation for early childhood learning. The development model used in this study is the ADDIE model. Model ADDIE consist of analyze, design, development, implementation...
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The Appropriateness of the Instrument in Assessing Children’s Early Mathematical Abilities

Ni Wayan Intan Wahyuni, Putu Aditya Antara, Putu Rahayu Ujianti
Lack of children’s preliminary mathematics assessment skills causes the learning process in the classroom to be less optimal. This study aims to determine how the appropriateness of the instrument for assessing children’s early mathematical abilities is seen from its validity and reliability. This type...
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Validity and Reliability: Early Childhood’s Locomotor Capability Assessment Instruments

Yassinta Dwi Ayu Septyarini, I Ketut Gading, Putu Aditya Antara
Early childhood development in learning is significant. A child’s development can be seen through the child’s motor development. The child’s motor can be divided into two, namely gross motor and fine motor. This research aims to develop early childhood’s locomotor capability assessment instruments using...
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Correlation Between Pedagogical Competence and Personality to Teacher Performance

I. A. Kt. Yuni Brahmi Witari, I. B. Surya Manuaba
The problem of this research was the low creativity of teachers in managing the online learning process and constraints related to student discipline in relation to teacher performance results. The study was conducted in order to figure out significant correlation between pedagogic competence and personal...
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Developing Learning Video with Addie Model on Science Class For 4th Grade Elementary School Students

Putu Ayu Diah Anggraini, D. B. Kt. Ngr. Semara Putra
This research was conducted based on online learning during covid-19 pandemic. The use of less innovative learning media has an impact to the students’ interest and understanding to the learning material. The objective of this research is to develop instructional learning video. This research was limited...
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Correlation Between Motivation and Work Environment to Primary School Teachers’ Work Commitment

Anak Agung Istri Rahayu Indirayani, Maria Goreti Rini Kristiantari
Teachers’ work commitment takes an important role in education. There are several factors that influence teachers’ work commitment, namely teachers’ work motivation and teachers’ work environment. This study aims to find out the relationship between motivations for teachers’ work commitment, the relationship...
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Development of Learning Videos Based Discovery Learning for Class V Elementary School Temperma Material

Ni Komang Puspita Dewi, Ni Wayan Suniasih
This study aims to determine the feasibility of learning videos based on Discovery Learning of human respiratory system content in science class V SD No. 1 Mengwi. The research method used is 4D (Define, Design, Development, Disseminate). In collecting the research data, it is prioritized to use a questionnaire...
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Development of Cheerful Interactive Multimedia on the Content of Class 5 Social Studies Materials in Elementary Schools

Rossy Pratiwi, Anak Agung Gede Agung
This research was developed based on the results of an analysis of the needs of learning media in elementary schools, because the lack of varied learning media and limited learning resources. Therefore, this research aims to (1) describe the design process of a cheerful interactive multimedia product...
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Development of Problem-Oriented Mathematics Learning Videos on Scale Material for the Fifth-Grade Elementary School Students

Ni Kadek Arum Padmawati, Gusti Ngurah Sastra Agustika
This research was conducted based on an analysis of the needs and problems that occur in the learning process. The occurrence of the Covid-19 pandemic made learning less than optimal so that students had difficulty in understanding the teaching materials. To optimize mathematics learning, it is necessary...
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Supporting and Inhibiting Factors for Online Learning in the Covid-19 Period in Elementary School Teachers

Ni Putu Dian Pradnyaswari, I Gusti Agung Ayu Wulandari
The Covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia has caused major changes, especially for the education system. Indonesia’s learning system which has been implemented face-to-face for a long time has turned into an online learning system. The fact, the sudden changes of the learning system cannot run smoothly. Various...
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The Contribution of Parental Assistance and Learning Interest to Mathematic Learning Outcomes of Grade V in Elementary School Students

Gusti Ayu Dewi Anggunita Pawitra, I Gusti Agung Ayu Wulandari
Learning outcomes are influenced by two factors, internal factor and external factor. One of the external and internal factors are parental assitance and learning interest. The aims of this study to measure the contribution of parental assitance and learning interest towards fifth grade student’s mathematics...
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The Contribution of Adversity Quotient dan Working Motivation to Teachers’ Performance

Ni Putu Deni Kartikasari, I Wayan Wiarta
The improvement of education quality is affected by teachers’ performance. There are several factors that can influence teachers’ performance such as problem solving skill and teachers’ motivation while doing their duties. This research aimed to know the contribution amount of adversity quotient and...
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Social Skills Training Influence of Children’s Cooperation Group B

Mu’tasim Fikri, I Made Tegeh, Putu Aditya Antara
This study aims to determine the significant effect of social skills training on cooperating with children in group B Diponegoro Kindergarten, Buleleng District, in Academic Year 2019/2020. This research is quasi-experimental research using a Non-Equivalent Pretest-Posttest Control Group Design research...
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The Influence of Total Physical Response (TPR) Method on English Vocabulary Mastery in Group B Children

Nilam Cahyawati, Putu Aditya Antara
This study aims to determine the significant effect of the total physical response (TPR) method on the mastery of English vocabulary in children in group B Diponegoro Kindergarten. Mastery of English vocabulary is a foreign language ability in children to hear English vocabulary, understand English vocabulary...
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Behavioral Contract Technique Positively Affects Children’s Discipline

I Gusti Ayu Fitria Devi, I Nyoman Jampel, Putu Aditya Antara, Ketut Gading
This study aims to examine the relationship between behaviour contract to the discipline of children. This research is a pre-trial research type One group Pre-test-Post-test. The study population was children B in kindergarten Ganesa Singaraja, with a sample of children given consultation (treatment)....
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The Development of Fabel E-Comic in Bahasa Indonesia Lesson for Grade II of Elementary School

Anak Agung Istri Dwiasih, Anak Agung Gede Agung
The Development of Fabel E-Comic in Bahasa Indonesia Lesson for Grade II Of Elementary School. During online learning process in the era of covid-19, there is the lack of students understanding in reading learning process especially in looking for information from the text of fable and the lack of instructional...