Proceedings of the 2018 8th International Conference on Management, Education and Information (MEICI 2018)

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Research of the Use of Professional Teaching Strategies in Vocational Colleges

Jiuchao Li, Zhao Yao, Zhao Jin
Formulating teaching strategies is an important part of talent training. Because there are many differences between the professional and repair majors, this paper mainly discusses the problems related to the application of professional teaching strategies in the colleges and universities, and explores...
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Research on Collaborative Interactive Management of Major Infrastructure projects Technology Integration

Na Zhao, Shan Liu
Major infrastructure projects (MIP) are of great importance to the global economic and social development. Major infrastructure projects such as large bridges, urban high-speed railways and highways are characterized by large scale, advanced technology and complex processes. This requires the efficient...
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Research on Low Carbon Behavior of Tourist Hotels Based on Smart City Development

Yuanchun Huang, Bingjie Xu
Smart City is a new concept of urban development in recent years, it attracted widespread attention as soon as it entered the people’s vision. The paper strated from the origin of the smart city concept, combining with the basic laws of the urban evolution and the typical view of the smart city, it analyzed...
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A Study on the Legalization of Local Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection

Li Lei
This paper explores the quality education function of intangible cultural heritage from the perspective of social culture. Through the analysis of the cognition and emotion of local intangible cultural heritage in the citizen group, It is believed that the inheritance of intangible cultural heritage...
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Deep Integration of Ideological Education and Information Technology in the Age of AI

YingLi Pan
The integration of modern information technology and higher education and teaching is a major development strategy of China's education, and is also the trend of world education development. Modern information technology has shown tremendous functional advantages and positive influence in the process...
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The Influence of Population Aging on Chinese Economy

Nan Jiang
The absolute number of elderly-population in China is large and growing fast. According to the United Nations standards, China has fully entered the aging society. The aging of our country's population presents several characteristics: the aging is accelerated, the aging structure of both sexes is out...
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Research on Rural Family Women’s Poverty from Multi-dimensional Perspective

Yan Peng
This paper uses the data of “China Family Panel Studies”, combined with multidimensional poverty theory and AF multidimensional measurement method, based on the perspective of rural female individual. It constructs the system framework of multi-dimensional poverty of rural family women from six dimensions...
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A Recognition Method for Gradually-Changed Browser Fingerprints

Meilin Zeng, Qiangqiang Xiong
In recent years, there have been a lot of research on obtaining browser fingerprint and browser fingerprint recognition. Generally, websites use dynamic code embedded in web pages to obtain user display configuration information, system font setting information, browser version and other information,...
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Reform of the Mode Training Professional Secretarial Talents

Yuehua Liu
With the great emphasis on the development of “innovation” in contemporary society, it is particularly urgent and important for colleges and universities to continuously promote the reform and exploration of the creative ability of secretarial professionals as the base and cradle for training secretarial...
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Thinking on Improving Teaching Quality and Promoting the Connotation Development of Universities

Xiaowei Feng
Teaching quality is the core element and fundamental sign of the connotation development of universities. Only by improving teaching quality can we truly promote the connotation development of education in universities. Therefore, we should deepen our understanding and take teaching quality as the sign...
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Exploration and Practice of University Students' Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Mode Based on Project Management

Kunquan Shi
Innovation and entrepreneurship are no longer optional luxury items, but have become a necessity for the survival of contemporary youth. Innovation has become a decisive factor in economic and social development and a core manifestation of international competitiveness. Since the Party's 18th National...
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Adaptive Momentum Neural Learning for Anomaly Detection of Power Distribution and Consumption Load Data

Yan Liu
In order to overcome the high misstatement rate and false positive rate brought by the traditional anomaly detection technologies on power distribution and consumption load data, in this paper, a novel momentum adaptive neural learning-based anomaly detection method for power distribution and consumption...
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Training and application of SSP in Clinical Medicine Students

Lianhuan Ma, Shoupeng Liu
[Objective] Training freshman as SSP (student Standardized patient) to improve the medical skill and job competency of medical students in diagnostic learning. [Methods] selecting the junior (freshmen and sophomores) medical students as SSP, which are recruited by student associations, trained and assessed...
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Application of Online Learning and Classroom Teaching

Bing Ruan, Minjun Yang
The blended model based on online learning and classroom teaching is to break through the traditional education, tring to establish the student-centered learning model. In the model, it no longer relies on the traditional teaching method which takes the teacher’s teaching as the main body , but it takes...
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The Strategy of Cultivating Intercultural Communication Ability in College English Education

Teng Ma
At present, with the deepening and reform of the education and teaching system, we should pay attention to the cultivation of university intercultural communication ability in the process of teaching college English courses. At the same time, in the process of cultivating students, we gradually pay attention...
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Research on the Construction and Teaching Mode of College Sports MOOC Platform

Changsheng Chen
Aim to study the construction and teaching mode of colleague sports MOOC platform. Method through the literature analysis method and inductive method to summarize the design and teaching mode of college sports MOOC platform. Conclusion is MOOC is a new type of teaching mode, and its importance is also...
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Virtual Reality-Based Forward Looking Sonar Simulation

Yongzhong Ma
In this paper, virtual reality and its related algorithm was used to simulate the installation on the underwater vehicle forward-looking sonar, designs a single beam based on collision detection technique, the mechanical scanning or multi-beam active detection two ways of new type of collision detection...
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Research on China's Cultural Trade Issues and Strategic Countermeasures

Qiying Xu
Our country has five thousand years history of splendid culture and thus has rich cultural heritage. Though the current state now pay more attention to developing the cultural industries and trade, our country still faces many problems. So we need to study the factors which influence the development...
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Exploration of Information Flipping Teaching Mode of Interior Design Course Based on the Background of Wisdom City

Hongxing Yi
Based on the intelligent city background, the interior design course also tries to use the information flipping teaching mode to carry on the daily teaching work. Flipping classroom changes the role of teachers and students in traditional teaching by reversing the arrangement of knowledge imparting and...
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Research on Integration of Production and Education with Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Mode under the Background of Emerging Engineering Education

Qian Wang, Xiaoyu Wang, Xiaoguang Yang
Under the background of emerging engineering education, this paper studies the reform of teaching mode, curriculum evaluation and evaluation methods, and puts forward a diversified application-oriented personnel training mode with the combination of production and learning as the core to meet the needs...
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A Study on the Proportion of Professional Titles of Full-time University Teachers in Mainland China

Le Wang, Tiebing Li
This paper use the data from China Statistics Yearbook 2017, analysis the overall professional titles of full-time university teachers in mainland China, discuss the provincial differences and the probable causes, and finally put forward some recommendations to the government, universities and teachers....
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Construction of Teaching quality Monitoring system in Applied University under Information Technology Environment

Chunbo Zuo
In esponse to the national call, some local colleges and universities have turned into application-oriented niversities,that is from research-oriented universities to application-oriented universities, and the monitoring of their teaching quality is the common concern of application-oriented universities...
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Research on the Characteristics of Academic Chinese Vocabulary from the Perspective of International Chinese Education

Qiqing Huang
Based on the corpus of linguistics and applied linguistics, this paper compares the common vocabulary of modern Chinese (draft), and uses the two methods of word frequency statistics and word frequency order difference for a preliminary analysis of the composition and characteristics of academic Chinese...
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Analysis on the Incentive Mechanism of University Teachers' Management

Xiaoqian Wang
As a special social group, college teachers have very distinctive characteristics. They are highly educated, especially young teachers, and usually have a master's or doctoral degree. University teachers are the main body of the university and the main human resources of the university. William James,...
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The Connotation Definition of “Double-Qualified and Double-Ability” Counselor in Application-Oriented Universities

Zhao Liu
The introduction of the “Decision on Accelerating the Development of Modern Vocational Education” by the State Council in 2014 and the implementation of the “Guiding Opinions on Guiding Some Local Universities to Transform into Application-Oriented Universities”(Ministry of Education document [2015]...
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Study on the Problem Based Learning Approach on the Electromechanical Talent Cultivation

Ya Zhang
Industrial robots were widely used in the area of stacking, handling, welding because of their good repeatability position accuracy. When the industrial robot is applied in the manufacturing area, they can do cutting work instead of This paper studied the application of Problem Based Learning (PBL) approach...
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The Party’s Inspection and the Analysis of Effectiveness of Internal Control in Public Colleges and Universities

Xiaomin Huang
As an important supervision mechanism to strengthen the restriction of power operation, the Party's inspection work has evolved into an institutional arrangement. This paper studies the inspection summaries of public colleges and universities by inspection groups higher than provincial level, analyzes...
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Research on Case-based Teaching of Engineering Software Based on Mechanical Applied Talents Training

Shukun Gan
In order to strengthen the comprehensive application ability of engineering software for mechanical application talents.By summarizing the teaching experience and using the example teaching, the UG software 3D modeling of the LPG storage tank and the design and analysis of the working platform of ANSYS...
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Research on Way and Strategy of Culture for Language Spread under Background of the Belt and Road Initiative

Xiaohui Yi
The Belt and Road Initiative is an important window of spread Chinese culture, is the historical continuation and expansion of the Maritime Silk Road. The Belt and Road Initiative has been given the new connotation and life by Chinese culture construction and spread in Africa. As a communication mean...
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Practice of Narrative Teaching Method in Ideological and Political Theory Course

Yuanyuan Wang
Based on the theory and method of educational narrative research, the narrative teaching method of Ideological and political course is constructed. The text narration, image narration and memory narration promote the transformation of Ideological and political education narrative. It mobilizes enthusiasm...
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Research on the Effectiveness of Ideological and Political Education and the Setting of “Micro Content” in Colleges and Universities Based on “Easy Class” Platform

Dong Long
Aim is to study the effectiveness of ideological and political education and the method of setting up micro-content in the “Easy” platform. Method is to analyze the key points of the effectiveness of the "Easy" platform in the ideological and political education in colleges and universities and setting...
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A Comparative Study of Sino-Kazakhstan Service Trade From the Perspective of Management

Yuan Fang
This paper deals with trade between Sino-Kazakhstan through the Revealed Comparative Advantage Competitive (RCA), and the Net Export Revealed Comparative Advantage Index (NRCA). The analysis of competition and complementarity shows that the comparative advantage industries in Sino- Kazakhstan are different....
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The Application and Advantages of Dynamic Illustration in Illustration Design

Wenquan Zhou, Dan Xu
With the development of information technology, digital technology, the dramatic changes in people's needs, illustration is not exceptional also dynamic state illustration is developed on the basis of the traditional static illustration, and in recent years, gradually developed into people's cultural...
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Research on Improved Hybrid Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for Cloud Computing Task Scheduling

Xiaoguang Yang, Qian Wang, Yimin Zhang
In the cloud computing environment, one of the hot spot of researches in cloud computing is how to accomplish the service request in numerous running tasks. This paper puts forward an improved hybrid particle swarm optimization, firstly using particle swarm algorithm as the main level algorithm, the...
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Design of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education system in Application-oriented Universities

Long Chen, Pengzhong Dong
The educational system is charged with the arduous task of improving the quality of the nation and cultivating the driving force for economic development, the enhancement of the comprehensive national strength, and social progress. Therefore, we need to combine the resources and own conditions of our...
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Research on the Elements of Excellent Chinese Teachers Based on the Differences of Learners' Chinese Proficiency

Qiqing Huang
Through two surveys before and after, this paper conducts statistics and analyses on the personality elements and teaching elements of excellent Chinese teachers expected by different Chinese language learners. The research results show that the expectations of the learners of different Chinese language...
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College Students' Ideological and Political Education from the Perspective of Innovation and Development Concept

Wei Jiang
The ideological and political education of college students has the characteristics of effectiveness, pertinence and time. In the new era, the traditional ideological and political education mode and thought can no longer meet the requirements of the development of education. In this paper, based on...
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Design of Traceability and Forgery Prevention Management System for Agricultural Products Breeding

Zuliang Wang, Haoxiang Zhang
In recent years, endless accidents of quality and safety of agricultural products have caused confusion and uneasiness among consumers. The problem of false seeds, which are harmful to farmers and governments at all levels, has always been the source of trouble to farmers. False seeds often lead to farmers'...
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Project-oriented Learning Process Analysis in PBL Approach for “Emerging Engineering” Education

Ya Zhang
The problem itself can drive the learning process. In order to cultivate the abilities to systematically analyze the problem and solve the complex problems, the projects containing the real problems are carried out in PBL approach. The problem-based and project-oriented mode can improve the cultivation...
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The Analysis on the Role of Dance Education in College Education

Min Zhu
The Chinese nation has a long tradition of dance education. As an art education discipline, dance can harmoniously integrate different aspects of body, mind, emotions and society. Dance education in colleges and universities is a favorite course for college students. It can not only improve their body...
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The Belt and Road Initiative: Research on Top Notch Innovative Talents Training in Western Universities

Yingli Pan
Aiming at the cultivation of top-notch innovative talents under the background of "one belt and one road", this paper analyzes the whole process of cultivating the concept, mode and method of top-notch innovative talents in the international perspective, and points out that top-notch talents should receive...
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Teaching Reform and Practice Based on the Progressive Ability Cultivation of Higher Vocational Mechanical Talents

Shukun Gan
In order to strengthen the training of skilled talents in higher vocational machinery, combined with the OBE engineering education training concept, through the construction of the mechanical basic course group in the training program for high-level mechanical talents, the curriculum is divided into...
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Innovative Research on Teaching Methods of College Chinese Course

Yehui Jin
With the development of the times, the colleagueChinesecourse plays an important role in the promotion of college students' Chinese literacy. In the new era, as facing new goals and tasks, strengthening and improving the teaching of Chinese language courses is the effective way and also an inevitable...
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A Study on Negative Transfer of Non-English Majors’ Writing Under the Error-Analysis Theory

Xiaohua Mi, Wanqing Chen, Yan Zhang
In second language acquisition, one’s mother tongue will influence both in a positive and negative way. While Chinese and English belong to different language families and have different cultural background, negative transfer appears in vocabulary, sentence construction, coherence, and culture. In this...
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Research of Red Culture Propaganda Platform and Ideological and Political Education in Colleges and Universities

Wenliang Zhang
The purpose of this paper is to research the red culture propaganda platform and the methods and emphasis of ideological and political education in colleges and universities.Through literature analysis and induction, this paper summarizes the platform of red culture propaganda and the ideological and...
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Construction of Sharing Human Resources Platform for Entrepreneurial Enterprises Based on Internet Plus

Meina Chen, Hui Wang
In the Internet plus era, the development of the sharing economy has given birth to the rapid growth of entrepreneurial enterprises and accelerated the transformation of human resources management. Based on the theory of synergy, the research builds a multi-agent, multi-factor, collaborative and complementary...
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Research on Hybrid Teaching Mode Innovation In Applied Undergraduate Colleges and Universities -- Taking Train Operation Control System as an Example

Jingqiu Yang
Pick to compared with the traditional teaching model, hybrid teaching based on constructivism learning theory, due to the rapid development of technical advantage, but based on hybrid flip class, class, class teaching model research focused on the definition, nature, hindering factors analysis, and many...
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A Study on “Online + Offline” Mixed Teaching Mode of Public English in Higher Vocational Colleges

Yinghui Tan
The development of information technology has accelerated the reform and innovation of higher vocational education, and it has even gradually become the dominant form of higher vocational education. Mixed teaching is an innovation and upgrading of traditional teaching methods. By integrating the network...
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The Study on the Teaching Model of Sports Clubs in Military Colleges

Yan Chen
The traditional sports teaching model seriously ignores the students 'subjectivity and is difficult to adapt to the development requirements of military sports. The teaching mode of the sports club makes up for the traditional teaching mode neglecting to give play to the students 'subjectivity and creativity,...
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Study on the Innovation of Student Work in Colleges and Universities

Qinying Yuan
Internet plus" era, the traditional pattern of college students is its shortcomings, this paper from the sociological perspective and point of view, universities in Shaanxi as the research object, in the management of college students is the focus of the study, from the social work theory, based on the...
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Research on Engineering Cost Pricing and Control in Design Stage of Construction Project

Jinbao Cao
With the rapid growing of economic development, the engineering industry has shown a good development trend. In the development process of engineering industry, the engineering cost pricing and control in design stage of construction project have become a crucial topic. It have an inestimable impetus,...
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Research on Location Function of Local Applied Universities from the Perspective of Industry and Education

Yuanyuan Wang
This paper probes into the location function of local applied universities, and puts forward the viewpoint that local colleges and universities should establish an applied technical university with the orientation of "the combination of undergraduate education and vocational skills training". The paper...
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The Infiltration of Ideological and Moral Education in College Physical Education

Yaoliang Zhang
Ideological and moral education in higher education is an important way for students to build spiritual civilization. As an important part of college education, physical education is of great significance. The mutual penetration between the two is not only the strong will of college students exercise,...
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Analysis of Talent Ecological Environment Construction Under the Background of Digital Transformation in Liaoning Province

Hui Wang, Meina Chen
Constructing a favorable talent ecological environment is the basic requirement to achieve the goal of continuously economy and technology development with high speed. And it is an inevitable choice to cope with intense talent competition. This paper takes Liaoning Province as an example to analyze factors...
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Research on Influencing Factors of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education System in Application-Oriented Universities

Pengzhong Dong, Limeng Dong
In the process of establishing the education system of innovation and entrepreneurship in the applied universities, we can draw lessons from the theories and thoughts of the stakeholders. In combination with the characteristics, objectives and the concept of stakeholders of innovative and entrepreneurial...
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Study on Integration Innovation Development of VR Technology and Education

Qinghu Yang
In recent years, virtual reality technology has been favored by various countries because of its own advantages. Various countries are investing a lot of manpower and resources to study computer virtual reality. Many manufacturers' network equipment also provides services to support virtual aspects of...
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Application Of Simulation Case Method In Military Teaching

Zhiping Zhang, Jiuchao Li, Chao Tu
Simulation case teaching is a kind of informationalized teaching mode which USES the processor war simulation system to conduct case teaching. This paper first explains the definition and characteristics of the simulation case teaching, then discusses the basic method and process of the simulation case...
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Research on Career Planning Curriculum System Under the Background of Applied Transformation in Private Universities

Jie Jiang
In order to improve the quality of personnel training, enhance the comprehensive quality of students, and enhance the employability of college students to meet the requirements of employers, the career planning education of college students needs to be changed qualitatively. Career planning education...
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Research on Construction Quality Management of Construction Project

Jinbao Cao
With the continuous development of society and the continuous improvement of people’s life quality, the proportion of construction industry gradually increases in our national economy, and has been a pillar industry of the national economy. The healthy development of construction industry directly affects...
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Basic Course Teaching and Management of Design

Xiaofei Lu, Mengdi Wu
The basic course of design major is an extremely important core course in the whole design education.The main purpose of the design foundation course is to develop students' design awareness and innovative ability, so that students can master certain design skills and creativity.Therefore, the teaching...
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Research on the Application of Computer “Virtual Reality” Technology in Physical Education of Colleges and Universities

Yaoliang Zhang
With the development of science and technology, computer has entered all walks of life and has obvious influence and role. The physical education has been the short board of the teaching in colleges and universities. With the education reform, advanced ideas are put forward and "virtual reality" technology...
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Ideological and Political Education in the Perspective of Innovation and Development Philosophy of College Students

Xuexing Zhang
In the ideological and political education of colleges, the concept of innovation plays an important role, because the current social development needs talented people with innovative spirit and ability. Therefore, in the process of carrying out ideological and political education in colleges, we must...
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Research on Teaching Ideas and Teaching Methods of Flying Students' "World History"

Zhuoqi Li
World History Essentials is a compulsory course for pilots set up by Air Force Aeronautics University, which plays an important role in the quality education of pilots. A complete teaching model including "pre-class teaching analysis" to "teaching guiding ideology" and "teaching methods" has been formed...
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A Study on Effective Strategies for the Intensification of AIDS Education among Chinese College Students

Tao Wu
With social development, young students in China have become more and more open-minded nowadays. A growing number of them approve of premarital sex, which significantly increases their AIDS infection rate, severely impacting their health and growth. Against this backdrop, this paper discusses the current...
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Study on the Criminal Regulation System of Freedom of Speech under the New Media Environment

Nini Huang
In recent years, with the development of new media, the micro-blog, WeChat, QQ, Q&A community and other pan-network products have become the main way for network users to exchange information. These new media platforms are convenient for users, but followed with obvious information ecological problems,...
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Mao Zedong's Class Analysis Method and Its Contemporary Value

Shuang Li
In the article analysis of social classes in China written by Mao Zedong in 1925, the author combined the marxist theory of class analysis with the concrete reality of Chinese society, and accurately divided the classes existing in Chinese society at that time, providing useful guidance for the formulation...
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Application Research of VR Technology in College Sports Popularization and Teaching

Yaoliang Zhang
This paper aimed to explore the application method of VR technology in college sports popularization and teaching. In the research, this paper used the method of documentary analysis and comprehensive induction to explore the feasibility and specific method of VR technology in college sports popularization...
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Chinese Early Childhood English Education from the Perspective of Ecological Language

Zhenxing Yang
Recent years, many areas in China have successively issued a large number of guidelines for children's learning and development in order to curb advanced education, and demanded to overcome the primary schoolization of preschool education. Combining with the perspective of ecological language, this paper...
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How to Effectively Improve NCO Students' Wartime Equipment Repair Capability

Dapeng Tong, Yuanzhe Xu
With the rapid development of armored equipment, the battlefield environment is becoming more and more complex, and the rate of battle injuries is increasing. How to make the battle injured equipment continue to enter the battle quickly and efficiently, that is, the ability to rush to repair the equipment...
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Application Research on Power Demand Side Management in Energy Saving Service for Consumers

Xiangxiang Liu
With the economic and social development, power marketing model is also constantly changing, the social responsibility of power enterprises is being continuously enhanced, and power customers have higher and higher standards for the energy saving service. Under the shortage of energy resources, it is...
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Upgrading of competitive sports in Shaanxi

Ping Liu
Taking the competitive sports events in Shaanxi Province as the research object, this paper investigates the scientific and technological investment, management system and training team construction of the competitive sports events in Shaanxi Province, analyzes the existing problems before the competitive...
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Analysis of Regional Openness in Shapingba District

Xiaoyan Li, Sanyuan Wang
Open economy is an economic form that not only develops exports, but also encourages imports, pays attention to the two-way flow of factors of production, emphasizes competition and cooperation between countries or regions, pays attention to both domestic and international markets, and emphasizes the...
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Develop Students' thinking Ability In Math Class

Jun Liu, Zideng Li, Chao Tu
Developing students' thinking ability is always an extremely important subject in mathematics teaching and research. To study it, both a lot of teaching practice and education psychology as the scientific basis. Therefore, teachers should make clear the essence and meaning of "thinking ability", its...
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Research on Energy Saving and Loss Reduction of Electricity in Construction Industry

Lianhui Yang
With the global energy crisis becoming more and more severe, the consciousness of saving energy and protecting the environment is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and the use of energy-saving technologies to reduce building energy consumption has become the focus of attention in the world....
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Analysis of Reasons for The Absence of Aesthetic Education in University Education and Exploration of Aesthetic Education’s Future

Lina Ma
As one of the four educations of morality, intelligence, physique and aesthetic , aesthetic education is the key measure and call for all-round quality education in China. University education aims at fostering "perfect man", who is a cultivated and sensible person. Aesthetic education is to cultivate...
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Study on E-commerce Model of Featured Agricultural Products under the Perspective of Community Economy

Qiong Liu
In recent years, with the development and popularization of the Internet, specialty agricultural products have been increasingly developed towards the community, the e-commerce model of agricultural products based on various Internet platforms and Internet technologies has become an important model for...
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Study on the Integrated Curriculum of Science and Technology Education

Zhao Yao, Chao Tu, Jun Li
In the process of modern military operations, the position of non-commissioned officers is very important, which bears the main training and operational needs of the troops. Therefore, the non-commissioned officers are required to have not only excellent professional knowledge, but also excellent practical...
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Research and Analysis on Production Safety Management of Power Enterprises

Shang Chao, Liao Wei
With the continuous improvement of China’s economy, power enterprises are becoming more and more important in the process of economic construction. Safe production of power enterprises is the key to improving the level of power supply. Safety management is an important task in the development of power...
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Discussion On Micro-post Training

Chao Tu, Jun Liu, Zhiping Zhang
With the development and change of social and economic structure, new professions have been emerging and corresponding job training needs have emerged. Under the new conditions, the post training has the characteristics of time fragmentation, location mobility and object diversity, and it is a feasible...
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Strategies for Establishing Normalization and Institutionalization of Campus Football in Colleges and Universities

Lijun Peng
The development of Chinese football cannot be separated from the cultivation of young football players. In order to cultivate more young football players, China has proposed the development of campus football culture. This paper analyzes the development of campus football in our country by using the...
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Research on Simulation Maintenance Training of Control System

Qunshu Shen, Zhao Yao, Jiuchao Li
Existing control system simulation maintenance training equipment aging, training methods, training content, equipment support can not keep up with the needs of training students in the new era, this paper plans to build a control system simulation maintenance training system, improve the simulation...
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Problems and Countermeasures in College English Audiovisual and Speaking Teaching Mode

Limei Xiao
Foreign language learning has four basic skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Among these four skills, listening and reading are inputandthe basis of speaking and writing. The correctness and the size of input directly determine the ability and quality of output. Therefore, foreign language...
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How to Improve the Dynamic Conditions of the Troops, According to the Army Grass-Roots Construction Program to Grasp the Level of Construction

Bo Liu, Wei Wang
In recent years, all the military and military personnel of the real soldier, the exercise drills the task into normalization. Under the dynamic conditions of the army, it has become a regular pattern in accordance with the basic construction of military infrastructure. How to carries out normalized...
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Analysis on the Application of Post-secondary Education Discussion Teaching Method

Junbin Shi, Chao Tu, Guobao Ding
Discussion Teaching Method is more and more used in teaching practice because it adapts to the characteristics and laws of job-based education. It is necessary to fully understand the advantages of the use of Discussion Teaching Method in job-based education, grasp the basic links and methods of the...