Proceedings of the 2018 8th International Conference on Management, Education and Information (MEICI 2018)

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Inquiry on Self-narrative of Building an Interactive Platform between Teachers and Students Based on Blog

Li Li
Educational narrative research believes that teachers consciously retell educational stories which could cause awakening, which is conducive to the transformation of teachers' practice. This article recapitulates those educational stories in the education reform by a teacher educator, who carries out...
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A Survey of Recommender System from Data Sources Perspective

Huaiyu Pi, Zhenyan Ji, Chun Yang
In order to solve the problem of information overload in big data era, the personalized recommender system has been widely used. Collaborative filtering, as a classical algorithm, has become the basis of the recommender system. In recent years, there are more and more recommender systems based on multiple...
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Service vs Transformation: A Comparative Study of Two Kinds of Leadership Behaviors on Work Engagement

Jingxuan Zhou
It has always been the core issue of leadership research to stimulate employees' work engagement through leadership behavior. However, previous research has focused solely on single leadership behavior, ignoring the complexity of the dual leadership behavior in an organizational context. This paper mainly...
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Discussion on the Training Mode of Logistics Management Professionals in Higher Vocational Colleges Based on KAQ-CDIO

Li Liu, Wenxue Ran
Under the background of the Internet of Things, the logistics management profession of higher vocational colleges should transform traditional teaching, guide students to learn independently, be brave in innovation, and win the favor of enterprises with technology and ability. In order to help graduates...
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Research on the Innovative Training Mode of Compound Talents based on the Training of “Craftsman Spirit”

Tian Lan
College students can be taken as the main force of social development, and they get the hope of motherland’s future. Colleges and universities have the responsibility to cultivate students as complex innovative talents of social development needs. In order to achieve this goal, it is necessary to strengthen...
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Application of “One Teacher, One Excellent Course” in Digital Electronic Technology Teaching

Ting Zhang, Zuliang Wang, Yun Shi
One Teacher, One Excellent Course has a positive effect on the establishment of high-quality educational resources for the country and local governments, and the effective application and deep integration of information technology and digital educational resources. In order to improve the quality of...
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Study on Chinese Teaching Based on Employability Improvement

Yuanyuan Chen
In recent years, college students face a tough situation when they join the work force after graduation. They find that employers no long pay particular emphasis to students’ professional abilities; instead, employers begin to stress more on students’ comprehensive ability, in other words, the students’...
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The Problems and Countermeasures of College Students' Off-campus Internships

Zhenbo Bao, Dengchao Jin, Jinxing Peng, Xinyuan Liu
College students' off-campus internship is an important way to improve professional skills and employability. It is an internal requirement to cultivate students' social responsibility, innovative spirit and practical ability, and improve their quality. There are some problems in college students' off-campus...
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Research on the Teaching Mode of College Music Education Turning Class Based on MOOC

Yingxin Mao
Since the opening of the “MOOC” era in 2012, MOOC has triggered a “digital tsunami” in education. The construction of the MOOC platform in China has also developed rapidly. While developing rapidly, it is impossible to support students to complete the individualized learning of the whole subject according...
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Reflections on the Philosophy of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education in Chinese Universities

Yao Yao
From the backtracking of the historical evolution of education and the concept of entrepreneurship education, this paper points out that the return of higher education from the edge of the social production to the social production center is the progress of the realization of the unity of knowledge and...
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Analysis and Reference of the Public Hazards Prevention Agreement

Ying Wang
After World War II, Japan’s economic development led it into the ranks of economic powers rapidly. But at the same time, Japan’s pollution, environmental problems, not only to Japan’s natural environment caused great damage and pollution, but also to the physical and mental health of the Japanese people...
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Research on Supply Chain Optimization Strategy of Clothing Retail Industry under the Background of Big Data

Jingjing Liu
Supply Chain Management plays an important role in business management. Big data technology provides a new solution for the operation and optimization of supply chain. By analyzing the shortcomings of the supply chain operation in the traditional clothing industry, combined with the practical application...
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A New Train Timetable Optimization Model Using a Lagrangian Relaxation Guided Heuristic for a Real-World High-Speed Railway Line

Xuecheng Yan, Yixiang Yue, Deyi Li
High-speed railway (HSR) systems have been developing rapidly in China and other countries throughout the past decade. A high-quality train timetable should satisfy transportation demands with the best possible benefit. This paper presents a scheduling model for double-track HSR lines based on a train...
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Application of J2EE Technology in the Construction and Implementation of E-learning Platform

Min Zhang, Qiying Wang, Xueke Zhang
With the continuous development of computer and network technology, the degree of informationization of society is getting higher and higher, and information technology is gradually infiltrating into various fields. Network teaching can use computer to access computer information resources all over the...
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Exploration of Vocational Skills Training for Applied Undergraduate Students

Fubin Shan
The applied undergraduate education is a new form in China's modern higher education system, which is still in stage of exploration and development. Under concept of competency based, basic goal and purpose of training applied talents is vocational skills. Based on development of industry and actual...
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Research on Automatic Fire Monitoring and Recognition Technology Based on Digital Image Processing Technology

Bo Li, Tingting Li, Dechang Huang
With the rapid development of China's industrialization and urbanization, various large-scale buildings are also emerging, and fire hazards are also increasing. Compared with the traditional fire detection technology, the visual fire detection technology based on digital image processing has the unparalleled...
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Research on the Realization Path of Marxist Happiness View Education in Universities in the New Era

Xiaonan Li
The construction of socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era. The education of college students’ outlook on happiness should be guided by Marxist outlook on happiness and combined with the needs of the new era to form the scientific connotation of college students’ correct outlook...
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Research on the Satisfaction of Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurial Finance Policy

HeXuan Yu
At present, the government attaches great importance to and vigorously develops innovative and entrepreneurial economies and strives to build innovative countries. The country has a wealth of scientific and technological resources and strong scientific research strength, and has a decisive driving role...
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Research on the Construction of Curriculum System of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education in Tourism Management

Maozheng Fu
In recent years, the world tourism economy has been growing, and there are more and more entrepreneurial opportunities in the tourism industry. The demand for innovative and entrepreneurial talents is also increasing. However, at present, there are still many problems in the innovation and entrepreneurship...
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The Thought of Xunzi's "Li"

Tao Wang
Xunzi is one of the representative figures of Confucianism in the warring States period. Although the people of the world have different comments on it, the theory of ritual thought established by Xunzi after the great success of the pre-Qin schools of thought. It has its own unique connotation and significance....
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Research on the Relationship between Earnings Management and Business Performance of Commercial Banks

Yayuan Ji
With the vigorous development of China's market economy, competition among commercial banks has become increasingly fierce. The operation of commercial banks is experiencing different levels of earnings management. Based on 16 Chinese listed commercial banks from 2012 to 2017, this paper first calculates...
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Study on the Countermeasures of the Gravity Model of Wuhan City Circle

Yi Gu, Pian Guo
This article from the industrial structure, technological innovation ability, the development of financial markets, the problems existing in the current human resource allocation policy, further expounds the bottleneck for the further development of Wuhan in the city circle, and by introducing the gravity...
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Research on the Model of Talent Cultivation and Cooperation between Industry and Education in Private Colleges from the Perspective of Regional Cooperation

Banghong Kuang, Luxia Yi, Yucong You
Combination of talent cultivation and production in private universities is an important knowledge innovation model in a national innovation system. It is also a key link in the effective operation of innovation systems in the context of regional cooperation. The cooperation between talent training and...
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Examining the Relationships among Eventscape, Motivation and Emotion

Huan Sun, Guangquan Dai
Eventscape integrates various environmental elements experienced by event goers, which constitutes one of the key points of overall experience of festival & special events. Previous studies mostly focused on the effects of eventscape on customer’s behavior through the mediation impact of emotion. However,...
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Linguistic Formation-Mechanism of Humor in English

Weiqing Wang
Humorous language is everywhere. It is just like the seasoning in our food, making our conversation and life interesting, joyful and colorful. According to Palmer, a mechanism of humor may be concluded as follows: 1) Knowledge that the occasion is ‘entertainment’ which would act both as a humor stimulus...
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Design and Implementation of University Performance Management System based on Cloud Computing Technology

Kechao Wang, Ruijie Zhu, Zongfu Jia, Xiangmin Ren
In recent years, colleges and universities around the world have begun to pay more and more attention to the performance appraisal. Therefore, A scientific, reasonable and universal performance management system has a far-reaching impact and significance on improving teachers' performance and achieving...
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Research on the Influence of Internet Technology on Traditional Sports Culture

Liangliang Sun
Our traditional sports culture has been greatly impacted with the rapidly development of Internet technology, it not only changes the traditional culture itself, but also affects people’s attention to the traditional sports culture. By using the methods of documentation and logical analysis, this paper...
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Research on the Development Countermeasures of Wuhan Robot Manufacturing Industry

Guopei Cai, Dong Liang, Zhongwei Zhang
With the labor shortage and the disappearance of the demographic dividend, the manufacturing profit margin is getting smaller and smaller. The manufacturing industry urgently needs transformation, upgrading and innovation, and the robot industry is an important starting point for the transformation and...
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The Role of Relationship Learning and Institutional Environment in Business Model Innovation

Xiaoying Pan
The business model innovation based on the Internet and information technology changes the method of value creation and the source of the competitive advantage of the company. Study has shown that entrepreneur political social capital has a positive impact on novel business model innovation. However,...
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An Empirical Analysis of the Impact of Economic Opening on Hubei's Green Economy Efficiency

Zhaoyang Wang
Taking data of Hubei’s foreign trade openness, foreign investment openness and the green economic efficiency in 1986-2015 as sample, based on VAR model, this paper empirically studies on the interaction among these variables. The results show that there is a long-term equilibrium relationship between...
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Strategies of Translating English and Chinese Trademarks

Yuehuizi Jiang
With the development of economic globalization, business is frequent between different countries. In a certain extent, the popularity of trademark affects the sales of products in the international market. Therefore, a good trademark translation plays a vital role in foreign trade. The thesis will adopt...
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Frontier Public Service and Central General Transfer Payment in China:A Quantitative Study Based on Panel Data of 9 Provinces in 2000-2015

Qian Liu
Frontier provinces are the main battlefields to fight against poverty in China. Based on the panel data of the nine provinces from 2000 to 2015, we find that the decision-making factors of the central general transfer payment for the frontier provinces are in line with the expectations of the central...
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Exploration on the Ability Cultivation of New Engineering System in Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology

Jinshan Feng, Hao Ma, Hao Liu
With the development of new technologies, the professional construction of new engineering is in progress. The system capability, which is suitable for the new engineering to respond to changes and lead innovation actively, is the basic guarantee for the professional innovation in the context of new...
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Application of Attribute-based Encryption in Internet of Things

Zixuan Wang, Hao Liu, Hao Ma
In the IoT environment, a large amount of personal information and environmental data are collected and processed by the sensing layer, which will contain some private data. Therefore, how to define the user's data access rights becomes a major challenge for the security of the Internet of Things. In...
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The Analysis of Game Equilibrium on the Monitoring of Improper Examination Behaviors in the Universities

Na Zhao
With the development of modern technologies, a variety of improper examination behaviors have emerged in the universities. From the new perspective of monitoring the examination as a game behavior, this paper has identified the pure-strategy Nash equilibrium in the compromise strategy for monitoring...
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Analysis on the Development Trend of Star-rated Hotels Based on the Concept of Big Data Construction in Smart Cities

Yuanchun Huang, Bingjie Xu
Since the 21st century, with the development of Internet, cloud computing, big data and mobile networks, Smart city has become the new model for the development of cities. The research on smart city s also flourishes. There are more than 400 cities in China which have started to construct smart city...
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Research on Local Intangible Cultural Heritage Education and Inheritance from the Perspective of Legalization

Li Lei
This paper discusses the quality education function of intangible cultural heritage from the perspective of social culture. Through the analysis of the cognition and emotion of local intangible cultural heritage in urban citizen groups, it is believed that the inheritance of intangible cultural heritage...
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Analysis and Research on the Influence of University Discipline based on Incites and ESI

Yan Ge
At present, researchers have carried out many theoretical and empirical studies on the discipline analysis and evaluation based on ESI and Incites. The research on the research institutions and disciplines which don’t belong to top 1% worldwide ranking of ESI is relatively rare. This paper takes Materials...
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Investigation into the Status Quo of “Dual-qualified” English Teachers on Basis of English Teaching for Specific Industry

Jiao Peng
In the higher vocational education, there are still no common ideas about “dual-qualified” teaching staffs. How to define “dual-qualified” English teachers and how to train and improve them, both of which are essential for the development of higher vocational education. The paper makes a case study of...
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Laboratory Construction and Management

Yammei Zhang
With the improvement of social demand for talents'practical ability, college practice and experimental teaching have become an important basis for training applied talents in engineering colleges. The construction and management of the laboratory play an important role in technical guidance and support,...
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Reform and Practice of Curriculum System Based on Applied Innovative Talents Training

Xuefei Lv, Shukun Gan
In order to strengthen the cultivation of applied innovative talents, based on the experience of energy and power engineering, combining talent demand analysis and OBE engineering education training concepts, through the systematic optimization and integration of the professional curriculum system, the...
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Supply Chain Management of Aircraft Industry

Yaxin Li
The declining demographic dividend requires China's economic and industrial structure to be transformed and upgraded accordingly, and the large aircraft industry, which is the "flower of industry" and technological development locomotive, holds the future of economic transformation and upgrading. This...
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The Application of MOOC in Teacher’s Continuing Education

Xiaoxia Lu
The emerge of MOOC, a new form of e-learning application platform, has quietly changed the mode of continuing education for teachers. The government’s encouragement of using MOOC with positive policies and the social demand for teacher’s continuing education are good opportunities for the application...
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The Role of Network New Media Technology in the Cultivation of Innovative and Entrepreneurial Talents

Jun Yan
The development of online new media technology not only brings great changes to people's lifestyles and working methods, but also has a profound impact on the educational model and talent training mode of colleges and universities. Under the environment of reform and innovation in the country and participation...
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Study on the Alleviation Effect of Urbanization on Rural Poverty

Chang Tan
This paper builds a multi-layer linear model, using the 2016 China Family Panel Studies (CFPS) database and provincial macro data. The variables of urbanization level, financial development level, rural family size, family population burden coefficient and family average age were selected to test the...
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The Problems Analysis of College Students' Post Practice Management

Dongqiang Wang, Shuqin Tian
There are still weak links in the quality control of college students'post practice , especially in the absence of decentralized practice monitoring, which seriously affects the quality of personnel training. In the light of the various difficulties existing in the management of college students' post...
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An Adaptive Fault-Tolerant Strategy in Library Cloud Storage System

Meilin Zeng, Qiangqiang Xiong
The advantage of cloud storage is to attract a large number of libraries to use cloud platforms to store collections of literature resources. In order to avoid the increase of failure probability of cloud storage nodes caused by the increase of data volume, the design of fault-tolerant technology is...
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Practice and Effect of Blended Teaching Mode in Listening Course of College English

Yan He
Objective: To explore the effect of blended teaching mode in listening course of college English. Methods: The overall sampling method was adopted, three classes of 2017 grade, 1-4 c class, pharmaceutical drugs in the 2 & B, image A class were selected as the research objects, blended teaching mode was...
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Development Trend of Secretarial Work in the New Century

Yuehua Liu
With the development of the society, the functions, methods, service areas and service means of secretarial work are constantly changing and developing. It is necessary to start from the historical development track and realistic needs, summarize and predict the characteristics and development trends...
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Construction of Early-warning and Helping mechanisms for "Learning Difficulties Group" in Colleges and Universities

Yan Zhao
A considerable number of college students will meet the trouble of learning difficulties, also known as learning disabilities, which is a worldwide research topic in modern education. Based on the statistical analysis of the course credit data, this paper studies the reasons of learning difficulties....
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The Main Countermeasures on College Students’ Post Practice from the Perspective of the Mode of Government Purchase Service

Shuqin Tian, Dongqiang Wang, Daoqing Zhou, Daping Wang
In recent years, college students’ post practice, has been paid great attention as an important link to solve the structural contradiction between the personnel training supply side and the demand side of the industry. The main attributes of college students’ post practice, such as higher order subject,...
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Research on Technological Innovation Capability of Manufacturing Industry

Tao Zhang
At present, the country vigorously promotes the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry. Manufacturing industry acquires a development opportunity in Anhui province. On the basis of summarizing the concept of technological innovation, the research methods of manufacturing technological...
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Research on the Cultivation of College Students' Innovation and Entrepreneurship Based on Technological Innovation Platform

Kunquan Shi
China must first become a big country with talents to become a big country with innovation. The primary task must be to become a big country with education and a strong country with education. Higher education is charged with the sacred mission of practicing “mass entrepreneurship and innovation”. How...
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Research on the Teaching Evaluation System of Marketing Practice Based on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Orientation

Ya Wang
College marketing should attach importance to practical teaching, which is determined by the characteristics of higher education and the nature of marketing. However, in the course of teaching, the shortage of practical teaching resources, the teaching effect is not obvious and so on, which affect the...
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A Survey of Cloud Computing and Cloud Security

Xin Sui, Yi Sui
Cloud computing is a revolution in the information revolution, not just a technological change. With the continuous improvement and development of cloud computing technology, more and more users are using cloud services. At the same time, cloud security has become the first consideration for users. This...
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Analysis of the Teaching Mode of Joint Creation of Animation Major in Application-Oriented Universities

Jindong Wang
With the development of animation industry and the renewal of new technology and concept, the animation market has put forward new requirements for the training of applied animation talents. Based on the current problems in the cultivation of animation professionals in application-oriented universities,...
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Construction of Modern Information Technology Training base Centered on E-commerce Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Xuegang Zhang, Shaojie Xie
With the start of the slogan of innovation and entrepreneurship, innovation and entrepreneurship have become the key development direction. Based on the theme of "innovation and entrepreneurship" on the hot topic of current vocational education, this paper discusses the construction of modern information...
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Internet of Thing Based Vehicular Network System and Application

Pengju Liu
As the current emerging and fiery industry, the Internet of Things has received much attention in all aspects of production and life. Transportation has developed a series of application technologies based on the Internet of Things, the most popular of which is the Internet of Vehicles. The standardization...
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Study on the GTAP Simulation Trade Development between China and Pakistan

Ying Shou
“The Belt and Road” strategy is a major innovation to strengthen international cooperation between China and Asia, Europe and Africa. This article focuses on the impact of tariff cuts between China and Pakistan on the trade between the two countries in the context of “the Belt and Road”. The GTAP model...
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Research on the Construction of Business Management Specialty Group Based on Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Qin Zhang
Mass innovation and entrepreneurship is leading the development of the times. For this reason, many colleges and universities in China are integrating professional education with innovation and entrepreneurship education. The knowledge structure of the business administration profession has innate advantages...
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A Design of CBI-Embedded Course System in College English Teaching----- A Case Study of Economics Major

Li Chen
The ultimate goal of College English teaching is to produce bilinguals with specialized knowledge in technical, scientific and other specialty related fields, who can use English to communicate with native speakers, especially specialists and professionals. However, the present foundation stage curricula...
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Design of Remote Grain and Oil Data Updating Based on .NET Platform

Lihua Jiang, Chujun Zhang
From a simple and practical point of view, a method of updating remote grain and oil data by stored procedure is proposed. This paper mainly explains how to establish the stored procedure in SQL Server and problems which were encountered when data updating was being implemented in ASP.NET, besides, also...
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Development and Application of Biomedical Experiments Teaching Equipment

Yanyang Hou, Xiaolei Hou
In order to meet the experimental teaching of biomedical comprehensive and designing needs. We designed a new type of biomedical teaching experiment system. The equipment features is through PAL CCD HD camera to shoot the CT slice, we use the DSP development board Ethernet port connected to PC, to achieve...
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The Application of Role-Playing Teaching Method in College English Teaching for Adult Education

Teng Ma
From Chinese accession to the WTO to the current acceleration of economic globalization, Chinese emphasis on English and actual needs are getting higher and higher. The goal of English teaching has also shifted from pure English language knowledge education to practical English training. What needs more...
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Study on College Sports Culture and Curriculum Construction under the Theory of Green Sports

Shunjia Bi
Objective To explore the methods of college sports culture and curriculum construction under the theory of green sports. Methods The literature analysis method and inductive analysis method were used to analyze the construction of college sports culture system and curriculum construction methods under...
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An Analysis of the Allocation Scheme for Taxi Resources Using GPS Data

Wei Yang, Kun Hou, Yunsheng Zhao, Tian Zhang, Zichun Luo
Taxi is one of the important means of transportation for citizens. “Difficulty to take a taxi” is a hot social issue. With the arrival of “Internet+” times, a number of companies have established the taxi service platforms based on the Internet, which have realized the information exchange between the...
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On the Function of Reading Aloud Classic Literature in Ideological and Political Education

Ke Zhang
A host of popular cultural TV shows such as Readers, Letters Alive, and Trust in China have prompted crowds of Chinese people to set their eyes on reading aloud classic literature. Through these TV shows, the ideological attribute, patriotism, images and allusions, and diversified themes embedded in...
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Research on Management and Determination of Industrial Total Factor Productivity in China

Tiantian Zhang
Under the background of supply-side reform and industrial development realization 4.0, this paper studies China's overall industrial total factor productivity and tryt to provide a factual basis for the current management of national economic industries. Thus, this paper uses the panel data of 17 industrial...
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Research on Evaluation of Human Resources Competitiveness of Small and Medium Enterprises Based on FCE

Xinyi Wu
The importance of human resources to promote the sustainable development of enterprises is self-evident. For Small and Medium Enterprises(SMEs), human resources are an important support for the formation of competitive advantages. However, the current SMEs generally ignore the importance of human resources...
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Research on Cost Forecasting Model of Power Line Engineering Based on BP Neural Network

Dan Chen, Weiya Guan, Jingyi Wang, Hua Zhang, Delv Zhu, Hao Zhen
In view of the large number of different types of power line engineering projects and the large deviation of cost estimation, how to use a small amount of engineering information to quickly and accurately predict and compare the cost of each project has become a concern. In order to solve this problem,...
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Exploration and Research on the Teaching Mode of Landscape Design under the Background of Smart City

Wenjun Wang
Under the background of smart city, this paper explores and studies the teaching mode of existing landscape design courses. Landscape design is an interdisciplinary subject. Although it has been developed for decades in China, it has many limitations in the teaching mode. In the Internet era, smart cities...
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Design of Intelligent Home Planting System Based on Raspberry Pi

Fengwen Cheng, Jie Zhang, Bo Liu, Lei Ye
Aiming at the problems of high cost, limited function and weak real time interaction of common family planting system, our paper proposed an intelligent family planting system based on raspberry pi. The system is composed of controller, monitor terminal, server and client with the language of Java and...
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Research on the Development Countermeasure of Supply Side Reform of China's Productive Service Industry Based on System Dynamics

Xiaoyu Wang, Qian Wang, Yuxin Zhao
Based on the development problem of productive service industry in China, this paper focuses on the influencing factors and development countermeasures of supply side reform of productive service industry in China. This paper establishes the system dynamics model of the supply side reform of productive...
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Analysis of Academic Research Award Policy in Bohai University

Le Wang, Yanlong Jin
Academic research is one of the main tasks of university teachers. Many Chinese universities have issued incentive policies for academic research. This paper analyzes the categories and monetary awards of academic research in Bohai University, analyzes the incentive effect of academic research awards...
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Research on the Problems and Countermeasures of China's Financial Subsidy

Zhenyan Wang
As the lever of China's government to regulate the economy, financial subsidies play an active role in making up for market defects, regulating supply and demand structure, promoting industrial policies and implementing price reform. Financial subsidies are free subsidies or allowances given to certain...
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Study on Risks and Supervision of P2P Network Lending Platform

Hong Chen
In recent years, Internet finance has attracted the attention of the masses of people. As a new type of "micro-finance institution", P2P network lending platform has lower barriers to entry, efficient and fast operation and innovative mode of "financial disintermediation". It has enriched the traditional...
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Construction of Evaluation Index system of Applied Undergraduate Course Based on Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process

Wei Li, Jingqiu Yang
In view of the problems existing in the current applied undergraduate course evaluation neglect process evaluation and evaluation method, the course evaluation is divided into three stages: development, implementation and construction level, starting from the construction of curriculum evaluation index....
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The Impact of Sino-US Trade War on Chinese Industrial Structure and Countermeasure

Man Sheng
In recent years, the world economy tends to improve. The negative impact of the financial crisis on the economy is decreasing. However, it seems that most countries do not have enough confidence in sustained economic growth. The process of globalization is blocked, and the challenges of trade protectionism...
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Research on the Development and Construction of Scenic Villages under the Background of New Rural Construction

Chuan Sun
The scenic village is a kind of rural tourism which relies on the villages, takes farmers as the main body, takes the unique natural environment, rural scenery, production and management forms, folk customs and rural settlements as the main attractions, meets the tourists’ sightseeing, leisure, vacation,...
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Investigation and Analysis of Influencing Factors of Occupational Ethics Education for Students in Health Vocational Colleges

Suqin Liu
Based on the investigation of students and teachers in some health vocational colleges in Jiangsu Province, this paper makes a thorough analysis of the importance attached to professional ethics education, the level of students' understanding of professional ethics and the contents, approaches, teachers...
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Study on Teaching Strategy of Versification in Ancient Chinese Course of Local Application-oriented University

Zhandong Yu
Versification is one of the important contents of ancient Chinese course of colleges and universities, but the difficulty in teaching and learning is the common phenomenon. By rationally planning the teaching contents of versification and consciously using the scientific principle of phonology to guide...
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On the Influence of Campus Culture on the Innovation-oriented Talents Cultivation

Lieming Fang, Weiran Zhang, Xingyu Liu
Innovation, an unique cognitive ability and practical ability exclusively possessed by human beings, is an inexhaustible motive force for promoting national progress and social development. The cultivation of innovative talents contributes to the prosperity of a country. Campus culture being the soul...
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An Overview of the Development of Music Education in China's Normal Universities in the Second Half of the 20th Century

Yu Xiang
After the founding of New China, music education in China developed forward in twists and turns. On the one hand, China's use of the former Soviet Union's music education model has brought about a brand-new idea for the music education of teachers' universities in China. On the other hand, due to the...
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behaviors that affect junior tennis player development

Jun Chen, Yiting Chen
Objective: To examine the role parents played in developing professional tennis players and, specifically, the full array of positive and negative attitudes and behaviors that influenced talent development. Furthermore, this study describes how specific parental behaviors exhibited changed as a function...
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Research and Design of Regional Education Cloud System Based on University

Ping Xia, Liang Zhang, Zhifeng Zeng
With the development of cloud computing, big data, mobile interconnection, Internet of Things technology and the construction of educational information, the degree of resource sharing among various colleges and universities is low, and the phenomenon of information islands is serious, which can not...
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A Brief Analysis on the Teaching Method of Police’s Pistol Shooting Class

Dongbai Guo
Tshooting teaching is the teaching subject with the most distinctive police industry features and the required course to the students at police training school. With the teaching practice and exploration over years, the author has acquired unique understanding and mastery for the teaching laws of the...
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On the Teaching Quality Guarantee System of College and University

Lasheng Li
With the rapid growth of educational scale and student recruiment in recent years, the teaching quality is becoming a more serious problem. So it’s urgent to establish a teaching quality guarantee system in college and univeristy. When designing the teaching quality guarantee system, a few principles...
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A Study on the Talent Training Model Based on the Combination of Supply-Side Structural Reform and Engineering Certification

Jie Dong, Xu Jingke
The training of excellent talents is the main goal of higher education, but there are some problems, such as contradiction between demand and supply, imbalance of resource distribution, low efficiency of supply, etc. The supply-side reform of higher education and the certification of international engineering...
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Empirical Comparative Evidence from the Consumption Behavior of College Students in China

Xinxin Wu
Consumer behavior continuously derives the social function of constructing identity. There has been extensively studied on consumer behavior from the perspective of the sociology and psychology literature, but few on how to construct social identity, the impact on the consumer decision-making, and the...
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The Reform of Multimedia Teaching in Veterinary Medicine Course

Rongquan Li
In order to probe into the teaching reform method of veterinary science course, the paper also studies the application techniques and common problems of multimedia teaching in the new educational idea, the author studies and expounds the teaching methods and teaching techniques in the classroom Teaching...
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The Application of 3D Rapid Prototyping Technology in Improving the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Ability of College Students

Fengjuan Wang, Shufeng Jiang, Rui Fan, Fusheng Gao, Youzheng Cui
In the information age of rapid development, innovation has become the driving force of social development, and the cultivation of innovative talents has become the core goal of China's college personnel training.With the deepening of national innovation and the entrepreneurial concept of college students,...
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Analysis on the Psychological Causes of Current Buzzwords on College Campus in China

Shuping Zhu
Buzzwords on college campus are an important part of the on-campus cultural environment, and its production, popularity and changes objectively reflect the ideological trends and mentality trends of college students in life. This paper makes a concise analysis of the psychological incentives of buzzwords...
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Time: A Major Thematic Study of Shakespeare’s Sonnets

Yongkun Wan
Shakespeare wrote 154 sonnets during all his life. These sonnets are actually the thematic expression of his unique experience and thinking of time. Shakespeare not only describes time’s ruthless consumption of beauty and love, but also displays that he has done all his efforts to surpass time and preserve...
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The Intervention Research of English Phonics Learning among Chinese School-age Children

Huanhuan Ren, Chi Ma
Learning about phonics is a crucial aspect of learning to read and write, and English phonic learning is gaining traction in recent years in non-English-speaking countries. It’s suggested that phonic instruction among Chinese school-age children should be considered and conducted from horizontal intervention...
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Research on Influencing Factors of the Safety Reliability of Ships under Emergency Conditions Driven By GMDSS

Xiuping Sui
The ship navigation safety evaluation is to estimate the influencing factors of ship's safe navigation and evaluation, which is to constitute the indicator system of ship navigation safety of risk estimate and evaluation. The essential purpose for the evaluation is whether it constitute the index system...
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The Current State Analysis and Countermeasure on the Upland Crops Production in Ningbo, Yinzhou District

Xiaoting Tan, Wanzhen Huang
Upland crop is one of the important components in the grain production in Ningbo, Yinzhou District. However, with the gradual upgrading of agricultural industrial structure, regulating of agricultural policy guidance and improving of agricultural production technologies, the production of upland crops...
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Screening and Identification of LAB for Degradation of Nitrite in Sichuan Paocai Water

Hongfu Cao, Tao Qin, Jinpeng Zou, Wenhao Shen
Paocai is a traditional fermented food, which is loved by people because of its delicious. However, nitrite inevitably exists in Paocai, and excessive intake of nitrite will cause a certain degree of harm to the human body. Studies have shown that LAB have the ability to degrade nitrite, and AD and ED...
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Research Progress of IL-33/ST2 Signaling Pathway in Cardiovascular Disease

Yang Wang, Bin Wang
Soluble ST2 (sST2) is a protein of interleukin-1 (IL-1) receptor family, IL-33 is the special ligand of ST2, IL-33/ST2 signaling has a significantly effect in the inflammation and immunology diseases. It certified that ST2 can be secreted by the myocardial cells on the mechanical overload, and it can...
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Reflections on the Important Role of Ideological Education in College Students' Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Peng Li
The policy of “mass entrepreneurship and innovation” promoted in China makes the innovation and entrepreneurship education of colleges and universities particularly important. Because ideological and political education permeates all aspects of college education, it is closely related to innovation and...
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Exploration and Practice of the Course System Reform of Ordinary Differential Equation

Ning Li, Haiyi Sun
Objective: In order to solve the problems and shortcomings of the course system of ordinary differential equation, this paper intends to study the reform and practice of the course system of ordinary differential equation from multiple angles and in a deep level from teaching content, teaching mode,...