Proceedings of the 2019 International Conference on Management Science and Industrial Economy (MSIE 2019)

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Regression Analysis of the Influence of Human Resource Management on Enterprise Performance

Jing Chen
Firstly, this paper constructs a model with employee satisfaction as the intermediate variable, forming the basic hypothesis of three variables: human resource management, employee satisfaction and enterprise performance; secondly, it designs the reasonable items of the questionnaire combined with the...
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Exploration and Research on Home Visiting Work of College Counselors

Meijiao Ji, Xue Yang
Home visits system of college counselors organically integrates family education with school education, which is an effective important way to carry out ideological and political education for college students. Through sorting out and exploring the work of college counselors' home visits, this paper...
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Analysis on the Influence of Tencent’s Business Model Innovation on Business performance

Kailun Fu
This paper takes Internet enterprise Tencent as the research target, the purpose of which is to explore the relationship between business model innovation and business performance, and to provide concrete and feasible guidance and suggestions for enterprises in reality with specific cases. In this paper,...
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Analysis on Reasons Why Companies Pay Dividends

Jiacheng Li
This paper analyzes the reasons why corporations pay dividend. With the conduct of sample analysis, several opinions are proposed in the paper. Many researchers have put forward important theories, such as agency theory and signaling theory to explain the rationale behind dividend payment. Moreover,...
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Suggestions for Applying the Aquaponics System to the Community Supported Agriculture Vegetable Program

Yinxiao Zhou
In today's world, dietary nutrition and health are gaining more and more attention. As a result, farms that can meet the needs for better dietary nutrition and health become more and more popular. A research project related to the Aquaponics system has opened the researchers’ eyes to the importance of...
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Case Study of Enterprise Public Bidding Project Planning and Exploration

Xiaoli Zhao
This paper aims at effectively improving the success rate of bidding projects, the efficiency of bidding and the management level. Through the study of bidding planning, the initiative of each participant is mobilized, and the specialized division of labor and cooperation are carried out to form the...
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Analysis on Problems of Sponge Cities in China

Duohui Zhang
Nowadays, as the development of urbanization, it is necessary to put forward solutions to solve urban waterlogging problems. In this paper, the author makes an introduction of the backgrounds of sponge cities as well as the ultimate solution from Chinese government, and analyzes the effects of the solution....
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Asian American Women Face the Bamboo Ceiling in American High-Tech Workplaces-Based on a case study of Ellen Pao v. Kleiner Perkins

Leyi Cao
In the 21st century, Asian American women, as a group, are considered to face certain barriers-the bamboo ceiling in US high-tech workplaces specifically. The existence of such barriers and the choice of action toward the barriers become what people concern most about. Based on these issues, this paper...
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Analysis of reform on the hierarchical medical system in Xiamen

Yangqing Chen
The purpose of this study is to discuss the hierarchical medical system in Xiamen. China is now actively exploring to establish a hierarchical medical system. This study discusses the status quo of practice and measures to improve the hierarchical medical system in Xiamen to provide reference for health...
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The comparison of decentralized and centralized structure of network communication in different application fields

Zeyu Xi
Since P2P is hypothetical expected to be a distributed network, in most cases the mode needs centralization through a set of servers. According to Vocal (2015), the P2P mode is an integral component in defining decentralized and centralized architectures with the two approaches offering varying services...
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The Trial Implementation of Emission Trading in China

Haolin Xu
The emission trading system is a system which is being vigorously promoted by the country to solve the problem of enterprise emission. It worked well in the United States and other European countries, but more than ten years ago, this system failed when it was tried out in some provinces of China. This...
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Assessment of Monetary Policies of United Kingdom During Margaret Thatcher's Period

Yihang Ge
The academic background of this paper is under Keynesian economics and monetarism economics. The purpose is to show British government’s monetary policies during Margaret Thatcher’s period. There are also short introduction of monetarism and assessment of Thatcher’s policies in this paper. Thatcher’s...
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Research on the Strategies of Importing High-level Overseas Talents in Dalian

Bing He
On the basis of consulting the detailed policies and materials of Dalian's overseas high-level talents introduction, this study summarizes the present situation, problems and bottlenecks of Dalian's overseas high-level talents introduction. It puts forward some operational ideas and suggestions, such...
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study on community nursing service demand and influencing factors of elderly diabetes patients

Sheng Luo, Wei Li, Jin Zhang, Shanju Hu, Cuiping Zhang, Yi Dong, Li Luo
This study investigated the needs and influencing factors of community nursing service for elderly diabetes patients, and put forward corresponding countermeasures and suggestions to provide scientific basis for the community nursing service mode of elderly diabetes patients. A self-made questionnaire...
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Research on Optimizing Public Goods Supply System of Tourism Destinations in Liaoning from the Perspective of Rural Revitalization

Yu Tang
The development level and quality of tourism public service are the main indicators and important criteria to evaluate the level of tourism development in a country (region), and are closely connected to the significant realistic problems, such as comprehensive quality improvement and acceleration of...
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The Prominent Problems and Countermeasures in the Optimization of the Business Environment of the Small and Medium-sized Cities

Bahao Li
Business environment is the core competitiveness of one region, which directly reflects the development of local economic and is regarded as the “thermometer” and “barometer” of economic development. This study gives the overview of business environment in small and medium-sized cities in China, analyzes...
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Research on the Direction and Strategy of Financial Science and Technology to Promote the Development of Financial Inclusion

Bahao Li
For the development of financial inclusion in China, the emergence and development of financial science and technology has played an important role. Among them, with the gradual improvement of the social system, financial inclusion is used more and more widely, which can solve the situation that credit...
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Study on Innovative Measures to Strengthen Process Control of Outsourced Scientific Research Projects

Xinmei Li, Yufeng Chen, Huadong Li, Lei Zhang, Suhong Chen, Yong Zhang, Xingang Zhou
The rules and regulations established by the State Grid and its provincial branches have served as the framework for procedures regulating outsourcedscientific research projects, including project bidding, contract management, implementation and acceptance. Efforts have been made to explore the credit...
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Establishment of A Comprehensive Service Management System for Retail Stores

Qinghua Lu
Service management has always been one of the important tasks of retail enterprises, and has a greater impact on retail enterprises. Establishing a comprehensive service management system for retail stores can solve the dilemma faced by retail stores, clarify the customer base of the store, and thus...
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Research on collaborative supervision mechanism of project process management and control of scientific research outsourcing projects

Xinmei Li, Yufeng Chen, Yan Sun, Bin Wang, Mingjiang Zhang, Miao Wang, Liang Chen
Based on the characteristics and status of scientific research outsourcing projects, and in accordance with relevant rules and regulations of State Grid Corporation and its Shandong company, this paper explores the establishment of process control mechanism and credit evaluation mechanism of outsourcing...
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Intelligent Campus Service based on Mobile Internet

Jinping Hu
At present, with the development of society and times, the development of mobile Internet is becoming more and more rapid. at the same time, more and more people begin to pay attention to the development of mobile Internet, and mobile Internet has gradually become an irreplaceable existence in people's...
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Discussion on the Modernization of Computer Science and Technology

Xiaogang Deng
At present, the application of computer technology is everywhere, and with the rapid development of information technology, the popularity is getting higher and higher, which has an impact on people's daily life and work, so our country also began to invest a lot of money and manpower to study computer...
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How to carry out market research in large-data-era enterprise

Mei Huang
In the traditional market research data, the enterprise is the main user, but in the large data age, whether the data is collected, or the way of processing the data, there has been a great change, and the market research in the big data era is different from that in the past, However, the appearance...
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Analysis of the Influence of E-commerce on the Innovative Development of Marketing

Qiulian Sun
In the continuous development of society and the continuous innovation of science and technology, it is obvious that the development of e-commerce is really rapid, but its development, at the same time, has led to the development of many industries, but also brought a lot of challenges. Under its leadership,...
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Research on the Application of "sponge city" Concept in Urban Drainage Design

Liangsong Li, Hongli Huang, Congfeng Liu, Yin Liu
During the Meiyu period in the summer, the design of urban drainage system is still to be improved in the process of urban development. In response to the incident, the "sponge city" has been proposed, which can improve the urban drainage well and improve the secondary utilization of water. The following...
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The influence of Square Dance on Community Management from the Perspective of healthy China

Shigao Xu, YanHong Chen
In the current process of urban development, the most remarkable thing is urban culture, because urban culture is also a embodiment of urban style. From the perspective of healthy China, square dance is welcomed by middle-aged and elderly groups because of its simple movement and cheerful music. At the...
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Research on the Construction of Knowledge base for Existing residence Diagnosis and Repair

Xiao Wang, Bing Li, Yanwei Li
The knowledge base of diagnosis and repair of existing residence provides support for its maintenance and update. The paper aims at investigating the maintenance of existing residence as well as the decision-making and credibility of the renewal projects. Based on the knowledge base of diagnosis and...
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Analysis of the Influence of the Quality of Financial Accounting on the Enterprise

Yinhua Liao
The growth and development of social and economic benefits have been accelerating, and the competition among enterprises in the market has intensified. In order to improve their competitive advantages and economic benefits in the market, enterprises have made a series of changes in financial accounting...
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Innovation and Development trend of Cross-border Electronic Commerce Logistics Model

Xunyang Feng
With the economic globalization, the scale of China's foreign trade is becoming larger and larger, followed by the cross-border e-commerce logistics model, but at this stage, because the development time of cross-border e-commerce logistics model in China is still relatively short, and there are not...
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A study on the influence of big data on the user experience of Electronic Commerce

Qiulian Sun
In the environment of rapid development of modern information technology, the development of e-commerce has been a broader opportunity because of the existence of big data. With today's technology, big data can be summarized and analyzed, and the key information can be collected. E-commerce sites can...
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Research on the mechanism of social enterprises' participation in social governance based on the concept of "three unity"

Tianmei Song
Comrade Xi Jinping made the clear goal of China's social governance from 2020 to 2035, namely, "the pattern of modern social governance has basically taken shape, and the society is full of vitality, harmony and order". Influenced by economic and social factors, social enterprises have made positive...
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Discussion on installation quality Control of Building Mechanical and Electrical equipment

Zhongmin Zhou
The development of construction industry has been stagnant in the Chinese market, and various problems emerge in endlessly, especially in the aspect of mechanical and electrical equipment installation quality control. People pay close attention to this problem. It can even be said that this problem is...
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On the Coordination between International Trade and International Logistics under the Strategy of "Belt and Road Initiative"

Peng Ye
The "One Belt and One Road" strategy is an overall strategic implementation by the collection of information technology, international trade cooperation, transportation industry and so on. The cooperative relationship between international trade and logistics brings vitality to the "One Belt and One...
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Design and Optimization Analysis of Automobile Electronic and Electrical structure

Gaosheng Nie
At present, as an important means of transportation, automobile plays a more and more important role in modern human life and production process. With the expansion of the scope of use and the use of the population, consumers pay more and more attention to the technology and function of the automobile,...
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Research on the Development Strategy of Cross-border Electronic Commerce under the Strategic background of "Belt and Road Initiative"

Suzhen Yu, Xiaoli Huang, Juying Li, Wang Li
Under the constant development of "Internet +", the common development of e-commerce and traditional marketing. With the deepening of the "one-way" thought, the e-commerce transaction across the country is becoming more and more extensive, the proportion of its market is growing, and it plays a very...
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Moral problems and Countermeasures in China's Network Marketing

Suzhen Yu, Guanghua Li, Li Wang
With the development of Internet economy, network marketing appears in front of the public as a new marketing method, but the new marketing method of network marketing often walks in the grey area of law, and produces many moral problems. In order to maintain the Internet environment, ensure a good network...
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Research on the Construction of Leading Innovation Capabilities and the Development of Countermeasures in Industrial Agglomeration

Zhiyun Yu, Haitao Yan, Mengyu Yang, Zhiliang Hu
In order to solve problems in the development of industrial agglomeration, seeking a win-win development model between industrial development and urban construction has become crucial to the construction of industrial agglomeration today. Industry, as an endogenous power, promotes the continuous development...
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Research on the Definition and Development Evaluation of the Connotation and Extension of Resource-Based Areas

Yanyan Dai, Yang Dong, Wenxiang Zhao
The definition of the connotation and extension of resource-based cities (regions) in China has encountered some problems, resulting in the emergence of different opinions that there are 80 to 426 resource-based cities in New China. This paper proposes that the connotation and extension of resource-based...
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Research on Comprehensive Development of "Five Modernizations " in Xinjiang

Jing Liu, Tingwei Chen
As China's economy enters the new normal era, Xinjiang is now more focusing on the coordinated development of industrialization, urbanization, and modernization in agriculture, information and infrastructure. The paper starts from analyzing the development in the "five modernizations", and figures out...
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An Empirical Study of the Perceptual Authenticity of Social Media and the Attachment Relationship of Users’ Urban Brands Based on Environmental Protection

Yingji Li, Dongmei Xia, Zu Zou, Pingping Xu
Identifying and understanding the intrinsic mechanisms by which users are loyal to a particular city has become a focus of user behavior research and urban brand research. The study combines the perception of authenticity, social interaction, urban brand attachment, brand trust and urban brand loyalty...
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Does blockchain technology promote the development of green finance? ——Evidence from China

Yun Zhang, Wei Wei
In the context of new era, the development and application of fintech has become an important driving force for the growth of the real economy. We analyze the influence of the blockchain technology on the green finance, which provides great support for the green development. Firstly, we summarized the...
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Influence of High-speed Railway Network Construction on Accessibility and Urban Spatial Pattern in Henan Province

Yuan Lu, Peihong Chen
The opening of high-speed railway will have a significant impact on the accessibility level and economic development of cities along the line. Taking Henan province as an example, this paper analyzes the influence of the construction of high-speed rail network on the accessibility and economic potential...
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Research on the Application of LED Media Building Curtain Wall in Urban Outdoor Advertising

Lin Li, Wei Zhang, Lin Liu
As a new form of outdoor advertising, LED media building curtain wall has become an important carrier of modern advertising communication. It is a combination of art, media, advertising and technology. Through the analysis of the working principle of LED media building curtain wall, this paper elaborates...
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Research on the guidance of Internet public opinion in the era of big data——Take the case of “Haidilao hot pot Rat event”

Chunjuan Wang, Xiao Zhu
In the era of big data, People’s way of life and the way of information dissemination is changing dramatically. Under the background of the current era, the traditional way of news communication has been greatly impacted. Besides, the new media, represented by network media, is constantly rising, which...
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Study on the management of patients' choice of medical institutions based on DEMATEL method

Peng Chen, Yueyu Li
The choice of medical institution is a complicated decision-making process, which is influenced by many factors. In this paper, we systematically analyzed the influence factors of patients to choose medical institutions from three aspects: patients, medical institutions and government, and used DEMATEL...
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Case Study on the Comparison of the Performance between Chinese and American High-tech Companies: Apple Inc.& Huawei Technologies

Lan Zhang, Zixuan Wang, Ao Zhang, Dongkun Song
The performance comparison of high-tech companies is drawn from the differences between enterprise performance in domestic and foreign culture. As the advanced enterprise management, performance management of high-tech companies has been technically mature in foreign countries. By analyzing the differences...
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Cost-benefit analysis of government regulation reform in transition stage of Suifenhe bonded areas to free trade zone

Boyang Men
Based on the current situation of government regulation, in this paper we demonstrate the existing problems of Suifenhe bonded area. Combined with bonded area to free trade zone upgrade trend, analyzes the cost-benefit of the regulation reform legislation and the regulation method by the experience of...
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Research on the development of rural female human resources under the background of targeted poverty alleviation

Zhaochen Dong
Rural women in China are the important labor force in agricultural production, as well as the nurturer of human resources and the carrier of regeneration. The improvement of the rural female human capital investment is not only related to their own quality and social status, but also plays an important...
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Media surveillance, exit threats and earnings management of GEM companies

Qiqi Luo, Xinxin Yu
This article selects GEM(Growth Enterprise Market) companies as the research object, intercepts the data since the establishment of the GEM board in 2009, and analyzes the relationship among corporate accrual earnings management, real earnings management, media supervision, and exit threats. It was found...
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SDGs Contribution to BRI Countries and Its Impact on China’s Export—Based on Stochastic Frontier Approach

Pei Zhi Wang, Hafiz Arslan Iqbal
This research paper identifies the impact on Chinese export by the contribution of Sustainable development goals (SDGs) to Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) countries. The study also deals with the assessment based on panel data by using a stochastic frontier approach to enhance the efficiency over the...
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Research on the Impact of Ultimate Ownership Structure on Corporate Social Responsibility

Kun Su, An-qi Yuan
Based on the data of Shanghai and Shenzhen A-share listed companies from 2011 to 2017, this paper analyzes the ultimate ownership structure and pyramid level, and studies the impact of actual controllers on the corporate social responsibility of listed companies. The empirical results show that when...
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Study on the Valuation driving factors of International Oil Companies

Jian Sun
With the oil price varying drastically in recent years, the market value of the international oil companies changes to some extent. In order to probe the value of the companies and relevant factors, 8 famous companies listed on the Stock Exchange are taken as research objects here in. For the purpose...
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A Study on Practical Teaching of Asset Evaluation Specialty in Applied Undergraduate Schools

Xiaohong GUO
In order to improve the teaching quality of higher education amid applied undergraduate schools, we must attach importance to practical teaching. Asset evaluation is a modern high-end service industry, an important professional force in economic and social development, and has extremely strong practical...
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Research on the Coupling Relationship between Talents and Industrial Development and Its Coordinated Development

Tiannan Yang, Xiaoyuan Li, Yunfeng Gao
By establishing a coupling coordination model between human resources and industrial economy, this paper analyzes and evaluates the coordination between industrial development and human resources interaction between Jiangxi Province and the whole country from 2003 to 2016. The results show that the degree...
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“Five threes type”innovation entrepreneurship education system

Yu Feng Men, Song Gao, Xu Liu
implement the innovation of the entrepreneurial education mode, the innovative undertaking education of "trinity" (cultivate innovative thinking, shape the spirit of entrepreneurship, promote the ability of entrepreneurship); cultivate "three division lead" of teachers (professional instructors, entrepreneurial...
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Research on China-Kazakhstan Trade under “The Belt and Road Initiative”—Based on the Perspective of Factor Endowment Theory

Xinying Liu, Yongni Chen, Xiaohui Wang
Kazakhstan has been kept an important political and economic cooperative partnership with China in Central Asia. Kazakhstan’s new economic policy "Bright Road “highly agrees with the "the Belt and Road Initiative" advocated by China in 2013. In recent years, the bilateral economic and trade cooperation...
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Research on the training model of high-tech talents based on the support of public sector

Cholu Kwon, Haijun Cao, Yongjae An
Percentage of employees in Israel’s hi-tech industry rose to 8.7% by end of 2018, up from 8.3% at end of 2017, bringing number of hi-tech positions (not including the communications sector) to over 307,000 by mid-2019.The growth in hi-tech employment reflects the sector’s growing demand for employees...
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Research on the development of Elderly Human Resources in the population aging- a case study of Lijiang

Rong Chen
With the acceleration of population aging in China, the government and society are under great economic pressure of elderly support system. To this end, the government began to advocate the concept of active and healthy aging. People also begin to rethink the view of the elderly and the policy designed...
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Corporate Governance and its impact on Performance of Automobile Industry of Pakistan: The Role of Foreigner Members in BOD

Haijun Cao, PeiZhi Wang, Muhammad Ramzan
Pakistan’s automobile sector goes through trouble phase from many years; however, from the last half-decade, it reflects as an emerging sector of Pakistan stock exchange (PSX). The research is to explore the relations of foreign representatives' inboard and the firm's performance with the contemplation...
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Diversification, Relational Capital and Bank Performance: Evidence from Commercial Banks in China

Shun-Ho Chu, Xize Gong, Ziyi Fang, Haoming Lan, Haokai Gou
Diversification is a crucial competition strategy for banks. In recent years, some studies posit that relational capital is regarded as an important determinants of bank competitiveness. The study tries to investigate the impact of diversification and relational capital on bank performance by using annual...
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Government Governance of Smart Cities in China

GaoAng Sun
China, as one of the most modern countries in Asia, has played a vital role in developing domestics smart cities since the government has been mainly promoting the urbanization strategy for years in order to achieve the highest urbanization growth rate as well as the vast space for development in the...
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Analysis on the Competitive Advantage in GVCs of ASEAN+3 Countries

Seog-Min Kim, Yu Liu, Yinglan Tang, Ki-Seob Lee, Yeong-Lin Choi
This study systematically investigated the various analytical methodologies developed for measuring GVCs, and then proposed some new methods of using the index. Additionally, we analyzed the status and participation of ASEAN+3 countries in GVCs using above index.Analysis results are as follows; as GVCs...
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Research on the synergetic effect of financial development, scientific and technological innovation and industrial economy

huajun Li
Based on the perspective of system view, this paper explores the relationship between financial development, scientific and technological innovation and industrial economy. Then constructs the relevant evaluation index system from the perspective of high-quality economic development requirements and...
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The application of ISO9000 quality management system in the development of hotel industry

Yuanling Luan, Shisong Zhang, Jianfei Zhang
In order to provide customers with perfect service and improve the competitiveness of the hotel, it is necessary to introduce the quality system into the service quality management of the hotel, and integrate the total quality management into the service process to continuously improvement and improve...
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Research on the Strategic Choice of Brand Development of Agricultural Products in Jilin Province Driven by Financial Service Innovation

Lan Zhang, Zihong Zhao, Jinhui Zhang, Ling Ding
The No.1 document of the central government in 2019 clearly points out that it is necessary to get through all aspects of financial services for agriculture, rural areas and farmers, and encourage banking financial institutions to increase the medium and long-term credit support for rural revitalization...
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Review of Researches on Talent Cultivation Models and Approaches under the Background of Guangdong-hong kong-macao Greater Bay Area

Jinbo Bai, Hongbo Li
The outline of the development plan for the guangdong-hong kong-macao greater bay area marks that the construction and development of the greater bay area has become a national strategy, which means that the policy, capital and manpower of the greater bay area will change dramatically. Along with these...
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Research on the effect of government subsidies on productivity of IOT enterprises——An Empirical Study Based on Data of Listed Companies from 2016 to 2018

Shuyang Nan
In recent years, the rapid development of the IOT industry is closely related to government subsidies. This paper conducts an empirical research based on data of listed companies from 2016 to 2018 by panel fixed effect model to test the effect of government subsidies on total factor productivity of listed...
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Study on Tourism Development Mode of Intangible Cultural Heritage

Xiaomei Zhou, Li Yan
The protection of Intangible cultural heritage, cannot just stay in the levels of collection, restoration and display, but need to combine their respective characteristics and to create a realistic way of life. As an important tourism resource, its value mining and scientific and appropriate tourism...
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Research on Macroeconomics Effect from Oil Price Fluctuations --Empirical Evidence from Major Oil-exporting Countries

Peizhi Wang, Raspopov Vladyslav
This study is focused on the impact of oil price fluctuation on two groups of countries: The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and non-OPEC. The data set include all eight OPEC and seven non-OPEC countries. The real GDP growth, inflation, and unemployment rate were chosen as macroeconomic...
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Statistical analysis and Countermeasures of explosion and fire accidents in University Laboratory

Yanbo Yin
[Purpose] Analyze the causes of explosion and fire accidents in university laboratories and put forward scientific and efficient countermeasures. [Process] Based on the statistics of explosion and fire accidents in university laboratories in recent years and the practical experience in the process of...