Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Management Science and Management Innovation

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Study on Labor Cost Management Efficiency Using TOPSIS: Evidence from Hebei Southern Power Grid

Lei Wen, Jian-Feng Weng
Labor cost management and establishment of labor cost input-output efficiency system of subsidiaries are crucial for taking countermeasures against compatibility between salary growth of employees and enterprise's efficiency. An empirical research on labor cost management towards Hebei Southern Power...
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CO2 Emissions Measurement in Technological Process of Production: A Case Study of DBTP Thermal Power Plant

Lei Wen, Ye Cao
This study provides a new CO2 emissions measurement method in thermoelectric enterprises by the analysis of technological process of production. It is novel that CO2 emissions related to technological process of production are significant in providing emission-reducing focus and sound management in industrial...
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The Practice of the Sino-foreign Cooperation in Running Schools of Engineering Disciplines

Zeng-Zhong Wang, Yu-Xin Zhang, I. Smith
Lying in a transformation period of economic development, economic prosperity, social progress and development in science and technology have to rely on strong competitiveness of a nation’s universities to a large degree. Internationalising education is seen as playing a role in the empowerment of students...
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Enlightenment to Our Country Based On Europe and the United States National Non-Material Cultural Heritage Legal Protection Experience

Shu-Juan Liu
Foreign countries have a mature experience in the aspect of the development and protection of the intangible cultural heritage, The accurate evaluation as well as the value of the intangible cultural heritage; Great importance to protecting non-material cultural heritage of the perfection of laws and...
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Discussion on Application of the Garment Industry Logistics Informatization

Wei-Xia Yang
China is the largest garment consumption. The garment industry has become an important part of our national economy, and it is closely related with people's life, consumption, production. It is an important reflection of development in economic and social. But with the deepening of economic globalization,...
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Service Culture in International Exhibition Management-A Case Study

Lu Wang, Norbert Mundorf, Yin-Jiao Ye
Service culture (SC), among other factors, plays a critical role in the success of international exhibitions. The SC from organizers to exhibitors and trade visitors in China International Industry Fair (CIIF) and Hannover Messe, Germany (HMG) as case study based on qualitative analysis of their homepages,...
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Review of Research on the Equalization of Basic Health Services

Yuan-Fang Liu, Xi Guo, Juan Wu, Jian-Xin Xi
The equalization of basic health services (EBHS) is an important part in building a service-oriented government, and is essential to safeguarding citizens' health in maximum and ensuring the equality of citizens to enjoy their right on health fair. Review of researches on the EBHS is the first step of...
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Exploration and Practice of Introductory Curriculum on Mechanical Engineering

Xiao-Gui Zhang, Jun-Jie Xiao
The introductory of mechanical engineering is a new opened elective course mechanical in the engineering major. It plays a positive role in guiding students to understand the major itself, the development of it and the future employment prospects, improving the students' interest in learning, cultivating...
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Holistic Governance Applied in Customs-A Study based on the Perspective of Regional Integration

Yi-Xin Xu, Cai-Hong Hou, Xin-Yi Ye
Holistic governance theory is to explicit the responsibilities of every subject further under the circumstance of subjective disorder for the purpose of realizing the comprehensive coordination of multiple-subject and to avoid making the division of the privileges between the departments divided by domestic...
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Evaluation of Construction Scheme of Comprehensive Technical Support Center of Strategic Backside Warehouse

Qun Deng, Feng Wang, Ming Gan
The quantified description obtained by evaluating construction scheme of Comprehensive Technical Support Center (CTSC) of strategic backside warehouse synthetically, which can be regarded as reference for decision, is directively meaningful in reality. Combining the group analytic hierarchy process (GAHP)...
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Changes and Exploration of Railway Construction Management under New Situation

Shu-Yu Wang, Ying-Ying Wang
Research purposes: Under the background of Government–corporation separation, new situation and impact on railway construction management will be discussed. Thus some suggestions will be pointed about how to change management style for National Railway Administration and China Railway Corporation. Research...
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Research on the Informal Institutional Changes’ Impact on the Governance of the Small-scale Rural Public Resource-Taking the Well Governance of L Village as an Example

Li-Rong Zhong, Yong-Zhong Yang, Bi-Hui Xie, Dan Luo, Ming-Hua Lin
The lack of property rights of China's rural small-scale public resources results in excessive use, and even exhaustion of public resources. Based on this, the paper takes Ostrom’s game model of public resources for reference and uses evolutionary game theory tools to analyze the influential factors...
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Technical Economy Analysis for Recruitment and its Thinking

Li-Na He, Yao-Hui Wang
This article discusses about factors which effects job hunters’ decisions during seeking employment based on technical economy analysis. The employee attaches importance to initial human capital, at the same time, they pay more attention on the increase and speed of value. Last, this article suggests...
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An Empirical Study: The Mediated Effect of Team Identification, Team Negative Affectivity and Team Cohesion

Zheng Huang
In this study, we propose and test a mediation model to explore the effect of team identification, team negative affectivity and team cohesion on abusive supervision climate and team task performance. Using a sample of 48 dyads of employees and their immediate supervisors from nineteen companies and...
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Method to Evaluate Job Stress of High-Speed Train Drivers

T. J. Ku, M. Y. Ku, P. Y. Shen, B. F. Hung, C. L. Lin
In an overview of the high-speed railway systems in various countries, train drivers are the last line of rail safety. With the rapid increase in transportation demand, failure to promptly formulate appropriate coping strategies and implement adjustments imposes severe job stress on train drivers. Therefore,...
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Fragrance Marketing: An Innovation in the Hotel Industry

Si-Yu Peng
Despite current global economic issues, businesses are pushing forward with innovative solutions to meet the needs and desires of consumers whose consumption patterns are constantly undergoing significant changes. This paper scrutinizes the changing demands of hotel consumers based on a sensory marketing...
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The Design of Supply Chain Logistics Information Integration Platform for Auto Parts Enterprises Based on Multi-agent

Ming Li, Xiao-Ning Fang, Chang-Chun Jiang
Starting from the auto parts manufacturers operating target, the use Internet of Things technology, reasonable technology, management of engineering technology, computer network technology, bar code automatic identification technology, artificial intelligence technology, agent technology, lean production,...
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Research of Stability of Employment, Income and Citizenship of Agricultural Transfer

Dong-Mei Zhu, Jia-Yu Chen
The citizenization for the transfer of agricultural population is the inevitable requirement of modernization development and it is also an important mission for urbanization. Nowadays, the transfer of agricultural population has poorer stability of employment and lower income, which obstruct their citizenization...
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Game Analysis on the Failure of the Internal Supervision Mechanism of State-owned Enterprises

Feng Kong, Yang Jiao
According to the behavior characteristics of managers of state owned enterprises, starting from the perspective of utility maximization and based on principal-agent game analysis, this paper establish a new state-owned enterprise managers corruption and internal supervisor behavior model, for the first...
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Analysis on the Conduct of Managing Agent of State-owned Enterprises Based on Dual Reputation

Feng Kong, Lin-Fang He
The state-owned enterprise managers have a great feature, the operator is appointed by the superior government, the operators’ attention the relationship with administrative organization, the managers of state-owned enterprise have a strong consideration of reputation. The operator’s retention and promotion...
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Analyzing the Problems of Independent College Teaching Quality and its Influencing Factors

Dong-Ping Wang, Xiao-Hui Song, Shu-Zhen Hao, Jun-e Zhou, Bin Yang, Yi-Nuo Liu
Teaching quality is a key of independent college talent training. This paper summaries the content based on the connotation of independent college teaching quality and teaching characteristics, analyzing the existing problems in independent college teaching quality from the aspects of students, teachers...
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Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement for the Degree Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration

Yan-Zhe Zheng
Research on business model, whether at home or abroad, is a hot issue. Since the 21st century, with the further development of science and technology, continuous improvement of productivity and further intensified competition in the market economy, business model innovation gains more and more attention...
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The Construction of Melon Traceability System Based on QR Code for SHUNZI Vegetable Cooperative

Zhuang Xu, Hong-Mei Gao
Agricultural traceability system has diverse ways of implementations. Among them, with regard to identification QR code is a relatively unique identification new technology. Its application is wide and simple. Its research and application in Japan is also more mature. Based on a comprehensive study of...
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A Study on Education Idea of the Specialized Higher Technical Institute during the New Period

Si-Jin Tian, Peng Zhu, Dao-Liang Zhao, Zhang-Rui Liu, Jia-Hua Li
Higher education is becoming one of the most important needs for mankind. The main education system in the world is academic universities, similar institutions of high education and the specialized higher technical college or polytechnic institute. Nearly every fourth new student enrolls today at a polytechnic...
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Research on Ecological Compensation Mechanism of Typical Tourist Destination-A Case Study in Li River Basin

Dan-Dan Lu, Yong-De Zhong, Si-Yuan Chen
The ecological environment is the foundation of human existence and development, but the value of the ecological environment has not been fully recognized and fully reflect, this part of value has not got statistics and reasonable compensation for a long time. This paper analyzes the current situation...
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The Evaluation and Improvement of Performance in China Companies’ Mineral Resources-obtaining International Strategic Alliances: a Perspective of Value Creation

Si-Yu Pan, Kai-Ting Chen
This paper analyses the generating mechanism of China Companies’ mineral resources-obtaining international strategic alliances (MROISA) performance from the perspective of value creation, and builds an evaluation index system of China Companies’ MROISA performance from two aspects of the expected performance...
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The Emotional Conduction and Impact Discovery of the Mass Emergencies

Guo-Qiang Xiong, Hao Wang
As one of the important factors of Mass Emergencies, emotion plays an important role in the evolution of Mass Emergencies. In this paper, the model of emotional conduction has been built, by emotional experiments and mathematical statistics, to analysis the effect of emotion on Mass Emergencies behavior....
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Research of Strategic Transformation of SMEs in China from International Perspective

Qian Cao
With market-oriented opening in the China's civil aviation industry and the rapid development of China's economy, China's civil aviation transportation fuel consumption has grown significantly in nearly past three decades. Therefore, it’s a very important strategic significance of the prediction of China's...
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Simulating Urban Growth in Urumqi, Using the SLEUTH Model

Ya-Xuan Liu
Urumqi is the capital city of Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, in the northwestern part of China. The city has witnessed rapid growth in recent years, mostly because of the national and regional policies and its economic and social development. We implemented this study to understand the urban growth...
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Energy Plan-based Planning and Modeling for Renewable Energy System in Beijing

Yong Fang, Le Fan
Despite government efforts toward encouraging the rapid growth in renewable energy in Beijing, the gap between energy supply and demand is aggravated, and the energy structure has yet to be optimized. This paper simulates the energy system of Beijing in 2012 from the perspective of wind power by using...
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Influence Factors and Construction Strategy of R & D Team Psychological Safety

Xiang-Dong Feng, Bao-Liang Cao, Nian-Bai Li, Han-Song Che, Wei Yu
Psychological safety is one of the important variables in determining the overall performance of the team. Influence factors on R & D team psychological safety include social culture, team management, learning competition, personnel personality and the characteristics of research and development work....
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The Study of the Green Marketing and Sustainable Development

Hai-Jin Ji, Shao-Hua Liu
With the development of modern industry and the prosperity society, our living environment has been getting worse. And people have to rethink about their actions. In order to make the sustainable development come true in the harmonious environment, society put higher requirement about the enterprise...
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Research on the Credit Risk Influencing factors of Farmer Loan for Rural Commercial Bank Based on Probit Model

Ya-Qiong Pan, Ze-Qun Song
This paper takes farmer loan for Rural Commercial Bank as an object of study, discusses the credit risk and its influence factors. Based on the survey data from Hubei Rural Commercial Bank, Probit model is applied to analyze these factors. The findings are showed as follows: There is a significant and...
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Study on CSR Performance of SME Tourism Enterprises

Xiao-Wen Jie, Jin-Ye Huang, Gui-Hua Dong
This paper uses grounded theory in the foundation of collectingand collating a large number of domestic and foreign scholars about the research achievements on corporate social responsibility. Accordingtotheparticularity, complexity and stage characteristics of the development of small and medium-sized...
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Research on the Development Strategy of Green Food E-commerce in Heilongjiang Province

Qi-Zhao Yang, Jie Shang
We are in the era of big data, the rapid development of e-commerce is driving the development of the green food industry. As China's green food Province, Heilongjiang province is trying to use e-commerce to break through the bottleneck of market development. This paper analyzes the development and problems...
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Research on Dynamic Combination Technique Based on Capability Object in Simulation Application

Yong Liu, Ji-Chuan Quan, Chen Luo
As a new simulation operation mode, task oriented simulation can build simulation application quickly to assess the influence of commander’s decision on future battlefield situation. However, with the war of information era changing dynamically and becoming unforeseeable, higher requirements for the...
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Evaluation on the Synergistic Effect of Production, Sales and R & D after Enterprise's M & A

Xin Mei, Yun-Mei Li, Yang Hu, Yong-Cheng Zhu
In the current economic environment, synergy is becoming a trend of business management and research on evaluating synergistic effect of enterprises is in need. So the author innovatively established an evaluation model of production, sales and R&D synergistic effect from the positive and negative synergistic...
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The Mechanism of the Impact of Team Climate and Team Psychological Safety on Team Innovation Performance

Yun-Mei Li, Yan Cao, Da-Wei Li
Project teams are widely used in enterprises to foster remarkable innovation performance. However, the overall effect of project team is often difficult to achieve in the practical application of China’s enterprises. Based on literature review, the mechanism of how team climate and team psychological...
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Research on Technology Innovation Performance Evaluation Model of Scientific and Technical Talents

Yun-Mei Li, Qiao Liu, Li-Juan Zhu, Hong Qian
With the rapid development of science and technology in the international environment, technology innovation has become the main orientation of the enterprise strategic development. Enterprise technology innovation to a large extent is determined by innovation performance of scientific and technical...
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Comparative Analysis of the China-South Korea and China-Australian Bilateral Trades Commodity Structure

Pei-Zhi Wang, Jun-Feng Ju
In recent years, the China-South Korea and China-Australian bilateral trades are growing steadily. However, they also confront challenges of trade competitions. Based on the study of the development and current situation of China-South Korea and China-Australian bilateral trades, this paper analyzes...
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The Structural Analysis of BPO in China

Pei-Zhi Wang, Hong Zhu
The paper is to do research on major issue of the trade development of china BPO business. And the methodology used relates to statistical analysis based on the date (2008~2014), trying to prove the trade development about china BPO business in the micro environment. As a result, the article figures...
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Comparative Analysis of Export Similarity Index between China and EU

Pei-Zhi Wang, Xiao-Jing Liu
This paper is to do research on the export similarity between China and European Union (EU) in world market, American market and Indian market by using the export similarity index during 2007 to 2013. The empirical analysis on these indexes indicates that China and EU have a higher level of export similarity...
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Research on Financing of Chinese Textile Listed Companies

Xin-Ying Liu, Wen-Wen Liu
Textile industry is one of the pillar industries in China which plays an important role in developing national economy. China's textile industry companies, especially the textile listed companies, experienced a rapid development with the increase demand in both international and domestic markets, but...
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Research on Upgrading of Chinese Automobile Industry Value Chain

Jun-Qing Liu
The paper is to deal with the upgrading of China's automobile industry value chain. The automotive industry is a pillar industry of China. But comparing with international brands, China's auto industry always has the problem that being at low added value. Therefore, researching on upgrading of automotive...
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Corporate Social Responsibility and Family Firms

Dan Li
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has been a topical issue in recent years because of the more and more serious problems that global corporations’ operations cause to the global natural environment and community. It is premature to get any definite conclusion as of the relationship or association...
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Professional Preparation Environment of Translator Training of China

Li Gao, Hai-Tang Ren, Xin Zhang, Na Xu
MTI (Master of Translation and Interpreting) program of China started in 2007 to prepare more professional translators and interpreters. The number of MTI institutions has increased rapidly in recent years. This makes it a must to examine the status quo of the programs. The present study borrowed the...
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Research on the Impact Mechanism between Logistics Service Innovation and Online Customer Repurchase Intention

Dan Lin, Rui Zhang
Logistics service is an important part of online shopping consumers’ perception and evaluation, which is also a critical factor for repurchase intention in E-commerce. This study aims to answer the basic question “how logistics service innovation influences online shopping customers’ repurchase intention”....
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How does Basic Research Promote the Innovation for Patented Invention: a Measuring of NPC and Technology Coupling

Jie Gui, Chang-Qing Yao, Wen Zeng, Zhao-Feng Zhang
When a new technology is invented, it may absorb new knowledge from basic research. But how to evaluate the affection of basic research on technological invention and innovation accurately is difficult. The paper constructs a model for measuring the relationship between basic research and patented invention...
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A Multimodal Study on Lawyer’s Courtroom Communication Management

Jian-Min Chen
All human experiences are sensory-based and lawyer’s courtroom communication is not the exception. Traditional sensory communications will never be out of date with contemporary technological communications raising the efficiency and veracity. Communication skills from the multimodal perspective help...
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An Algorithm of Feature Selection in Text Categorization Based on Gini-index

Wei-Dong Zhu, Bo Wang, Yong-Min Lin
TWith the rapid development of World Wide Web, text categorization has played an important role in organizing and processing large amount of text data. The first and major problem of text categorization is how to select the best subset from the original high feature space in order to reduce the high...
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The Three-dimensional Construction and Innovation of the Elementary Machinery Course on the Printing and Packaging

Xiao-Gui Zhang, Zi-Yuan Shi
The course of engineering drawing and mechanical design is a subject which is based on the course of printing and packaging engineering. It can provide the necessary professional knowledge platform for the further study. According to the requirements of the subject development and professional characteristics,...
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Research on Real Estate Appraisal Development Based on Property Tax Reform

Shan-Shan Ye, Yu Qin
With the rapid development of China's real estate industry, pushing forward property tax levy timely has become an inevitable trend of economic reforms. To ensure the feasibility and operability of property tax levy and realize the coordinated development between real estate appraisal and property tax...
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Research on the Reverse Declining Mode of Urban Housing Security Subsidy

Yu-Kun Guo, Jia-Yi Wang
In terms to the design of urban housing security system, this paper raises the idea that the way to achieve security should focus on "head" subsidies which can be subdivided into housing and rental subsidies. To the lowest-income households and low-income households, the government should employ rental...
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Is Standard Test Scoring a Good Measure of Educational Performance? A Case Study of Public Schools in Connecticut

Lei Chen
To investigate the relationship between students’ performance on standard tests and school investment and potential family influence, we collected data for 110 towns or regional school districts in Connecticut and applied standard linear regression model to find out the most significant factors that...
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Efficient Energy Management for Target Tracking in Wireless Sensor Network

Dong-Mei Yan, De-Ying Gu, Bin Wang
A Wireless Sensor Network consists of many sensor nodes built in sensing, data processing, and communicating components, which has found its wide use in health, military, and security. Each node with limited energy supports sensor operations, on-board signal processing, and communication with neighboring...
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Risk Analysis of Energy Management under Contracts

Wan-Ling Zou, Shan Wu
Running an energy management projects under the contracts involves a number of legal regulations, policies, capital, market and technology. This paper analyzes the risk of energy management projects under the contracts in policy, marketing, operations, benefits and other aspects.
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Innovation and Practice of the Mode of Management and Service in Colleges-Taking Beihang University as an Example

Jing-Xia Shi
This paper analyzes the background of the current college management and services, elaborates the inevitability of the innovation of college management and service model from the aspects of higher education reform and the development of information technology, building a harmonious campus, improving...
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A Contingent Technology Innovation Diffusion Model and Simulation

Guo-Zhong Yang, Zhi Yan
Considering the dependence between innovation product and its attached products, the paper tries to relax the assumptions of Bass model and establishes a contingent technology innovation diffusion model based on dynamic time. And then its simulation is operated by software. Research result shows that...
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The Effect of Innovation Network and Organizational Learning on Innovation Performance

Fang Shi, Yi-Min Gu, Ji-Ming Zhu, Li-Na Zheng
This research, based on the 228 high-tech enterprises of Zhejiang province, mainly studies effect mechanism of innovation network and organizational learning on the innovation performance. On the basis of forefathers' research, this paper has established the “innovation network - organizational learning-innovation...
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Problems and Solutions of Stakeholder Coordination Mechanisms for Chinese Modern Agriculture at Present

Mi-Chuan Ji, Yu-Li Song, Ping Yang, Cheng-Run Ji
This paper focuses on analyzing the outstanding problems and contradictions between benefit main bodies of Chinese modern agriculture from the angle of new four modernizations synchronization strategy based on the field investigation data, including agricultural enterprises and farmers, agricultural...
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The Introduction of Non-profit Organization Marketing Motives, Routines and Strategies for “New Rural Co-operative Medical System”: Resource Dependence Perspective

Wei-Zhen Yu
New Rural Cooperative Medical System (NCMS) is one of important parts of the rural social security system, which is also an important measure for the governments to solve the problems about agriculture, rural areas and peasantry and to build socialist harmonious society. Most studies mainly focus on...
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Teaching Method and Pattern Research for Open Experiment of Biotechnology

Rui Sun
This thesis makes an analysis and research into the open experimental teaching for biotechnological majors in colleges and discusses the content, teaching method and pattern, specific process and final assessment and mechanism of open experiments. The content of the open experiment plays a decisive role...
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The Design and Reform of Bioengineering Course and Optimization of Resources

Rui Sun
How to integrate and optimize the teaching resources is not only a main task of biological engineering teaching, but also an important issue required careful thought and inquiry. This thesis makes a comprehensive discussion of biological engineering teaching resources' integration and optimization.
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The Exploration of Control Engineering Full-time Postgraduate Education Pattern

Ke-Yong Shao, Hui-Zhen Zhang, Wei-Jian Ren, Yan-Hui Li, Feng-Cai Huo
According to the culturing on the full-time master degree in the field of control engineering, practical experience summary and discussion have been made in targeting training goals, setting up a course, improving the ability of engineering practice, researching cooperation, monitoring system, establishing...
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Research on Customer Satisfaction in Express Services of P.R.C

Xiao-Jing Dong, Guang-Rong Wu
Express service, as a special kind of logistics, is an emerging industry. Due to the popularity of the Internet technology, online trading has increasingly become an indispensable part of our life. At the same time, express service has been kept high speed development. At first, this paper present situation...
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Main Diesel Engine Selection for Ships Based on Life Cycle Costing

Jun-Bao Geng, Jing-Biao Cai, Mei-Jie Luo, Jian-Zhao Niu
In order to obtain optimum decision making in selecting main diesel engine for ships, the life cycle cost technology is proposed. The breakdown structure and calculation model of life cycle cost for main diesel engine of ships are established. Taking a specific selection for main diesel engine of one...
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Claim Calculation of Multi-event Delay in International Project

Peng Zhang, Quan-Chen Gao, Shu-Liang Gao, Zhen-Li Hao, Yan-Ping Jiao
This paper defines the concept of construction time claim, and puts forward to analyze the claim procedure and claim processingmethod.Thepaper has carried on the quantitative analysis of multi-event delay, put forward the concept of effective claim time in the multi-events claim, then put forward the...
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Curriculum Construction and Reform Practice about Post-press Processing Principle and Process

Bo Gao
With the development of printing engineering, the needs of the construction and development of the course has made it in an important position for Post-press Processing Principle and Process in the process of talent cultivation. Post-press Processing Principle and Process is an important professional...
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Research on the Training Model of High-skill Talent under the Background of Industrial Upgrading in China

Jian-Hua He
The paper analyzes the history and trend of industrial structure change in China and the demand of high -skill talent under the background of industrial upgrading. Then the author points out that there are four models in high-skill talent training: college model, enterprise model, college enterprise...
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Application of the PDCA Cycle and Six Thinking Hats to Improving the Teaching Quality of Specialized Courses

Ji-Cai Kuai
In order to improve the level of the university education, the study model of specialized courses is discussed using the PDCA (plan-do-check-act) cycle and Six Thinking Hats. Teaching problems existing in the teaching process and those factors that affect the teaching quality is analyzed, PDCA cycle...
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An Exploratory Study on the Link between Managerial Discretion and Managerial Power

Chang-Zheng Zhang, Xin Mu, Xin Zhao
In order to clarify the definitions of managerial discretion and managerial power, two concepts that are often confused by extant literature since they are highly correlated and even overlapped with each other, and to further move the research progress forward in the two fields, the paper investigates...
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An Evaluation of the Impacts of Authority Coordinating Mechanism on Innovation Ability in Innovation Cluster

Jie Zhen
On the background of the inter-enterprise knowledge sharing, this paper elucidates the connotation and characters of the nonbusiness authority coordinating mechanism and the dimentions of cooperative innovation capability. Then the paper reveals the effect mechanism of the authority coordinating mechanism...
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About Group Psychology and Team-building Theory Application in College Student Association Management

Hong-Mei Wang, Hong-Ying Deng
Community college students as "second class" students taught in an important position and growth is to develop teamwork students, improve the overall quality of an important carrier of the students. But for community college students practical management process because there are many objective factors...
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On Improving Full-time Professional Degree Postgraduate Training Quality of Control Engineering

Wei-Jian Ren, Yan-Qin Wang, Hong-Li Dong, Feng-Cai Huo, Chao-Hai Kang
With the rapid development of economics in our country, a large number of high-level specialized talents are needed. From 2009 universities expand the enrollment scope to recruit this year's undergraduates to professional degree postgraduates study in our country. In order to improve the training quality...
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Study on the Fairness of the Distribution of Income in the Present Stage at Vision Field of Marx's Theory of Distribution

Xia Ou’Yang, Yi-Jian Li
Income distribution is not only an economic problem which influences the efficiency of the production ,but also a political problem regarding the relationship between the social harmony and stability. Income distribution problem plays a decisive role in the country's socioeconomic development, especially...
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Competencies Needed for Social Media Managers

Yan Cao, Ali. A. Poorani
With the quantum leap of the popularity of the social media, contemporary organizations are stepping into utilizing the communication tool such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Yelp, TripAdvisor etc. to promote their products. Besides that, social media also serves as a shepherd in driving...
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Research on Overseas Knowledge Property Protection Strategy of Chinese Enterprises

Hua Gao
After China joined the WTO, more and more Chinese enterprises began to go abroad. But the “going global”process of Chinese enterprises is frequently accompanied by various intellectual property risks, which has already become the bottleneck hindering Chinese enterprises’ going global. This paper analyzes...
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High Risk Sexual Behavior for HIV/AIDS and Migration Model among Ethnic Minority Migrants in China

Jian Hu
The Guizhou-Yunnan provincial border is the epidemic area of HIV/AIDS, and the HIV infection rate is high among ethnic minority migrants. This cross-sectional survey was conducted on the high risk sexual behavior for HIV/AIDS from July to October in 2012 in the factories, construction sites, and service...
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Study on Comprehensive Evaluation of Students’ Morality in College

Guang-Rong Wu, Xiao-Jing Dong
The paper applies fuzzy comprehensive evaluation theory to build the students' morality quality model by determining the evaluation factors and factor weights. For colleges, the model provides scientific assessment tool of morality education.
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Empirical Study on Influential Factors of Industry-education-research Synergetic Innovation Capability

Guan-Lin Wu, Yu Qian, Xin-Bo Sun, Hao-Tong Zhao
This paper classifies the influential factors of industry-education-research?IER? synergetic innovation capability in colleges and universities into environmental exogenous pull, organizational endogenous push and innovation network control, which contain the second-level factors respectively, and builds...
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Research on Influence Factors of Synergy of Enterprise Technological Innovation and Business Model Innovation in Strategic Emerging Industry

Hui Zhang
Developing strategic emerging industry has become an important measure to accelerate economic transformation and upgrading of one country and regions. The text constructs system frame of synergy of technological innovation and business model innovation in strategic emerging industry, and divides influence...
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Two-dimensional Deterministic Cellular Automaton Traffic FI Model

Feng-Wei Yang, Yang-Jie Wang, Yan Guo, Yu Xue
Based on cellular automaton traffic BML model, one-dimensional traffic Fukui-ishibashi (FI) model is extended to urban traffic network. The two-dimensional FI model is proposed. Under the conditions of periodic boundary, the relationship of the average speed and the density of the traffic as well as...
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Thinking of Corporation Financial Management Innovation in the Era of Big Data

Jun-Ya Cheng, Pei-Wu Dong
The explosive increase of data amount and data complexity leads human society to the era of big data. In order to survive in the changed environment, corporation management needs to innovate immediately, especially the financial management department, where most data aggregates and gets analyzed. Given...
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Study on the Regional Green Transformation Model from Innovation Perspective

Chong-Mei Wang
Regional economic development in China has encountered a bottleneck of the different levels of resources and environment, along with the development of urban agglomerations, there have been some lack of coordination problems between the ecological environment and socio-economic development .International...
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Study on the Influence of Online Merchandise Display on Consumer Product Quality Perception-The Mediating Role of Virtual Tactility

Wei-Ping Yu, Ya-Lan Li, Xu Zu
Based on 2 empirical studies, we explore the influence of two kinds of online clothing presentation manner--“model display” and “fabric swatch presentation” on consumer product quality perception from the virtual tactile perspective, and examine the moderating effect of time distance. In study 1, we...
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Situation Analysis and Countermeasure of Environmental Accounting Disclosure in Listed State-owned Steel Enterprises

Lin Chen
With the rapid development of economy, the social demand for resources is increasing, so the environmental pollution is becoming more and more serious, and Eco-issues has become the focus of national attention from all walks of life. Through collecting the annual report and the disclosure of social responsibility...
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The Problems and Countermeasures of Small & Medium-sized Enterprises’ Accounting Information using the Cloud Computing Model

Dong-Dong Weng, Yao-Xiang Bi, Xiao-Fang Wang
Cloud computing, as a new software model, has properties of powerful computing, flexible service mechanism, and costing little, etc, which has positive effects on data management for SMEs accounting information in many ways. However, SMEs will inevitably encounter obstacles in its accounting information...
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The Research on the Mode and Advantages of Applying Cloud Computing in China’s SMEs Accounting Information

Dong-Dong Weng, Xiao-Fang Wang, Yao-Xiang Bi
Cloud computing, as a emerging calculation mode and service pattern, brings infinite reverie for developing Accounting Information. This paper, in a setting of big data era ,analyzes the present development status of China’s SMEs accounting information, indicates many issues that may be encountered during...
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A Study on Port Logistics Supply Chain and Its Flexibility Operation Mechanism in Guangxi Beibu Gulf Based on the Fourth Generation Port Theory

Lan Shi
The research of port logistics supply chain has become a hot and key point in the research of port logistics problem. From the existing research results at home and abroad, the port supply chain research has brought to the attention of many people, and has made some achievements, but the research mainly...
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Reform Trend and Evaluation of Financial Regulation in Post-crisis Era: Discussing the Necessity of Establishing a Macro-prudential Supervision System

Jing-Yu Qi
In the context of 2008 financial crisis, the impact on the global economy and finance continues. The paper points out that it is necessary to establish a prudential supervision system for macro-finance through analyzing the financial regulatory reforms of world's major economies. And, it also analyzes...
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Policy Evaluation on Regional Emission Trade Market-A Simulation Analysis

Jun Zeng, Ming Zhou, Yan-Chun Pan, Mei-Rong Zhou, Ruo-Nan Sun
With greatly enhanced economic development and human material, social development and the contradiction between the human bearing capacities of the environment is increasingly highlighted, in response to dramatic changes in climate, various countries have proposed a series of controlling greenhouse gas...
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Business Ethics in Contemporary China: Key Issues and Solutions

Hong-Ye Liu, Xiao-Wen Jie
Ethical behavior is essential for long- term business success. This article examines some ethical issues that emerged from business in the context of China’s transition economy. Four key issues – consumer’s rights, safety in workplace, environmental pollution, and corporate social responsibility – are...
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Study on Voluntary Information Disclosure and Stock Price Synchronicity: Evidence from Chinese Listed Companies

Ben-Zhao Zhang, Sheng-Jie Niu
This paper uses Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 index constituent stocks to analyze the effect of the degree of voluntary information disclosure on Chinese stock price synchronicity from two dimensions: quantity and quality. Meanwhile, this paper discusses how the changes in accounting rules influence the...
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Teamwork Management of College Students’ Association-Taking China West Normal University as an Example

Yong Tang
In recent years, teamwork is the management mode which is valued most in management field. On the one hand, implementing the teamwork management in students organizations is to promote the efficient operation of the students’ association, and to play the educational function of Students Association preferably;...
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The Evaluation on the Innovation in Service of China’s Listed Commercial Banks

Ying-Fen Zhou, Ming Xu
An evaluation index system of China’s listed commercial banks’ service innovation has been set up in this paper. The Analytic Hierarchy Process is introduced to evaluate them in three areas, i.e. the innovation input, innovation output and innovation environment. In this study, the related indicator...
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Management Innovation for SMEs Based on Internet Thinking

Li-Hua Wang
Based on the impact of existing Internet thinking, analyzing the current development of SMEs, the enterprise proposed to adapt to future innovation and social development must be managed. Through literature retrieval methods, management innovation analyzed from five aspects, while the value of a user-centric...
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How Does Cooperative Willingness Affect Innovation Achievements Transformation of University-industry Collaboration

Meng-Xue Qiao, Yun-Mei Li
In order to encourage independent innovation and promote transformation of development relying on the progress of science and technology, the model of the university-industry collaboration has gradually become the mutual recognition. As a result, the willingness of collaboration has reached unprecedented...
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The Empirical Analysis on the Effect of Information Service for Developing Modern Agriculture

Ying Liu, Qian Wu
Based on the interactive-relationship analysis of Chinese information services and the development of modern agriculture, the paper uses the Eviews6.0 to empirically analyze the effect of information services in modern agriculture. The result turns out that information services have a huge promoted impact...
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A Study on Practical Teaching System of Business Administration Major

Shu-Juan Yu
The aim of practical teaching is to let the students be exposed to the practical working environment and realistic issues as soon as possible, to build management awareness, which is an essential condition of cultivating working capability during vocational education. As a major relatively strong in...
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Discussion about the Application of MOOC in Engineering Education

Ying-Yan Luan, Rui He, Dai Gao
As a popular teaching method, the advantages and disadvantages of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) are analyzed in this paper. It is dedicated that MOOC could bring the reformation to higher education instead of taking the place of universities. The knowledge hierarchy and structure characteristics...