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Study on Relay System Performance of Simulation Platform Based on LTE-A

Zhen Zhang, Huaidong Xu, Yan Gu, Chenming Li
Relay technology is an important technical means to achieve a smooth transition from Long Term Evolution (LTE) to LTE-Advanced (LTE-A). Theoretically, the addition of nodes will improve the performance of the system effectively. While the relay is active nodes, addition of nodes become a new source of...
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A Flight Evaluating System using Flight Gear

Huamin Zhang, Li Li
This paper describes a system for evaluating flight of fixed-wing aircraft. During the flight of an aircraft, flight parameters are obtained and transmitted to the ground station by means of wireless communication. These flight data are received by the ground station and are calculated so as to get the...
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Research on Underwater Polarization Image Segmentation Inspired by Biological Optic Nerve

Huibin Wang, Yurong Wu, Jie Shen, Zhe Chen
Due to effects of the light by water and other particles, the quality of underwater image will degrade. The traditional underwater image segmentation methods based on intensity and spectrum have difficulty in determining boundary. Inspired by the visual system of mantis shrimps, this paper constructed...
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Saliency-Based Adaptive Object Extraction for Color Underwater Images

Huibin Wang, Xin Dong, Jie Shen, Xuewen Wu, Zhe Chen
Because of the special optical underwater imaging environment, the contrast and quality of images are affected severely, causing it difficult to extract objects from underwater images. An adaptive underwater object extraction method based on the saliency maps is proposed in this paper. Firstly, preprocessing...
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Research of Intelligent Vehicle Internet of Things based on anti-worm Model

Yan Qi, Qianpeng Han, Yongdong Zhang
Intelligent transport system that based on Internet of Vehicles is regarded as effective measure to guarantee the safety of highway transport. Anti-worm model in vehicular IOT is constructed based on divide-and-conquer with velocity and the drive velocity of vehicle node as the conversion condition between...
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Analysis on Children Custody Decision Making Model

Yi Gu, Guangming Zhang
Children custody disputes are complicated for many judges owing to so many dynamic factors should to be considered. This paper proposes a novel model for legal expert system Based on LVQ Neural Network. Firstly, all clauses and discretionary factors, extracted from theories and judicial practice, involved...
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Research on real-time laser range finding system

Fangxiu JIA, Jiyan YU, Zhenliang DING, Feng YUAN
Phase-shift laser range finder, as a large-scale, high-precision measurement method, is widely used in industrial and military fields. The traditional laser range finder can not meet the need of real-time, high resolution measurement because of its low anti-jamming capability and time-consuming measurement....
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Research on Adaptive Triangular Irregular Network for Virtual Battlefield Terrain

Heng-heng JIANG, Xin-yu CHEN, Wen-jing ZHANG
Constructing virtual battlefield terrain is a very important subject in military simulation. In allusion to the shortcoming of actual triangulated irregular network, an adaptive triangular irregular network is proposed in this paper, and the 3D modeling of the battlefield terrain is built. Effectiveness...
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Research on Symbol Synchronization Algorithm of LTE System

Wenjing Zhang, Baoqin Wang, Xu Fang, Xuyang Zhou, Weichao Sha
This paper designs and realizes algorithm of symbol synchronization for LTE system. In order to validate the feasibility of symbol timing synchronization algorithm, a series of simulations are performed with LTE channel models and the simulation results are analyzed carefully. Simulation shows that this...

RETRACTION: Constructing IPv6 with Small Local Network

Baoqin Wang, Wenjing Zhang, Xuyang Zhou
In April 2020, Atlantis Press was alerted to fake proceedings articles hosted on our platform. These articles, mostly in computer science and engineering, were generated by the SCIgen computer program and were all published between 2006-2018. Immediately after receiving the alert, Atlantis Press initiated...
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Data Mining Improves Pipeline Risk Assessment

Baoqin Wang, Xuyang Zhou, Wenjing Zhang
Accidents to pipelines have been recorded and they often result in catastrophic consequences for environment and society with a great deal of economic loss. Standard methods of evaluating pipeline risk have stressed index-based and conditional based data assessment processes. Data mining represents a...
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Numerical Simulation of Flash Floods Routing Based on Improved Leap-frog Method

Jiahua Zhang, Chi Zhang
In the 2-d numerical simulation of flash flood disaster, due to flood often occurred in the steep terrain and water flow rapidly changed, lead to that the calculated value is unstable and even the calculation diverge in the simulation. This paper presents a grid outflow correction method, which is based...
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Polarization Imaging Target Detection Method by Imitating Dragonfly Compound Eye LF-SF Mechanism

Mengxi Xu, Xin Wang, Xijun Yan, Guofang Lv, Shengnan Zheng, Huibin Wang
Recently, water surface target detection and tracking for sea, lake, or river are challenging research topics. This paper presents a framework of target detection and tracing based on three-channel synchronization polarization imaging and imitation dragonfly compound eye LF-SF (large field- small field)...
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A Spare-part Distribution Management Model for diesel Engine industry

Lingbo Kong, Kaichao Yu
Under the analysis of the current situation and existing problems related to the spare-part distribution management of diesel engine industry, especially the incoordination between service stations and agents, the paper establishes a model featured as the multi-level warehouse, with a view of integrating...
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CRC algorithm in computer network communication

Baiming Liu, Wei Wei
This article has analyzed the insufficiency of the traditional teaching administration system, proposed that through inserts the way of regulation storeroom to realize in the procedure active database-based the teaching administration system, through the practical research showed that this system can...
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The Server Development Framework Based on the Completion Port

Junxi Yu, Guohuan Lou
The network service applications based on socket have been widely used, however it is still difficult to realize network service application program with a large amount of data and connections. This paper describes the principle of completion port, and based on this, analyses and introduces the various...
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The Study of Server Load Scheduling Strategy

Junxi Yu, Guohuan Lou
In this paper the classification and development of server load balancing technology are briefly described and the load balancing algorithms based on server cluster are compared. A server load balancing technology and algorithm based on multiple parameters are proposed. Finally, the load balancing algorithm...
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A Dynamic Round-robin Packet Scheduling Algorithm

Yong He, Lei Gao, Guikai Liu, Yuzhen Liu
This paper puts forward a new dynamic round-robin (DYRR) packet scheduling algorithm with high efficiency and good fairness. DYRR algorithm introduces dynamic round-robin concept, that is, the allowance given to each of the flows in a given round is not fixed, but is related with the number of bytes...
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An Algorithm of Plus-Closures of Loop-Nonnegative Matrices over Idempotent Semirings and its Applications

Zhixi Wang, Yana Wang, Binliang Hu, Yu Liu
To judge the loop-nonnegativity of a matrix A over an idempotent semiring and compute the plus-closure of A when it is loop-nonnegative, a Plus_Closure_of_Matrix algorithm of complexity (n) is constructed and proved. As a generalization of Floyd algorithm, Warshall algorithm as well as Gau -Jordan Elimination...
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The Design and Implementation of the Tracking and Monitoring System for Gerocomium based on Semi-active RFID Technology

Xiaoyong Zhong, Zhangbing Li, Yuzhen Liu, Zilan Zhu
As the ageing of population is getting worse in China, both people and society pay more attention to the support and nursing of the elderly, establishing many gerocomium and monitoring system for the elderly. The monitoring system mainly focuses on the real-time monitoring, however, it is still not accurate...
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Research the key technologies of the Mongolian full-text retrieval based on Lucene

Guoqiang Ding, Min Lin
Under the premise of in-depth understanding of Lucene full-text retrieval technology, this paper will apply it to the Mongolian text search. First, several key issues are proposed which are need to be addressed in achieving the Mongolian text search technology, and give the corresponding solutions to...
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Identification of the D-S evidence conflict based on multi-source information

NAN Feng, LI Yang
TO solve the applying constraints problem of D-S evidence conflict in multi-information fusion and achieve the systematic identification of evidence conflict we introduce the K-L information on the distance function to describe the characteristics of the conflict between the evidence in the paper, construct...
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A Torque Vectoring Control System for Maneuverability Improvement of 4WD EV

Yihe Gan, Lu Xiong, Yuan Feng, Felix Martinez
This paper studies the improvement of the handling performance of 4WD EV driven by in-wheel motors under regular driving conditions. Fundamentally the structure of torque vectoring control (TVC) system for handling control consists of two control layers. The upper layer is a model following controller...
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The Control System for Ink Keys of Press Based on DSP Controller

Zhaogang Wei
We have designed the control system for ink keys of press based on DSP controller TMS320F2812. The operator can remotely control the position of any ink key of ink fountains with a high precision. The upper computer can communicate with any DSP through SCI to transmit the control instructions.
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An Introduction to Viewpoint Selection in Volume Visualization

Xinli Xu, Bing He
Scientific researches are always accompanied with a large number of complex data. Thus, it is important to view and analysis these data or objects in a much more efficient way. Viewpoint selection can improve both the speed of rendering and the efficiency of data understanding, became a hot topic in...
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Number of Distinct 16-QAM Periodic Complementary Sequence Sets

Fanxin Zeng, Xiaoping Zeng, Zhenyu Zhang, Guixin Xuan
Number of distinct sequences is an important parameter in sequence design due to the fact that such a parameter decides the number of on-line users of a communication system associating those sequences. In this paper, it is investigated that the number of distinct sequences from a construction, which...
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Simulation and Analysis of Transmission Performance of JTIDS

Jiansheng Shi, Maozhong Song
As a very important part of Link-16, Joint Tactical Information Distribution System (JTIDS) has a good performance. In this paper, the primary technologies of JTIDS are presented and their Transmission performance are simulated and analyzed. And in the different conditions, the bit error rate simulation...
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Wavelet Image Denoising Based on The New Threshold Function

Hui Tang, Zengli Liu, Lin Chen, Zaiyu Chen
A new threshold function was proposed to overcome that hard threshold function is not continuous, soft threshold function has constant deviation and derivative discontinuity defects. It will be applied to using different thresholds denoising method with different decomposition level based on the D.J...
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Summarize of Technological Development about Integrated Simulation of Gas Turbine Equipment

Shu-ying LI, Tie-lei LI, Zhi-tao WANG
This paper summarizes integrated simulation technology development status of gas turbine equipment at home and abroad, makes comparative analysis of the deficiencies in the existing domestic research, forecasts the direction of development in the field of integrated simulation about gas turbine equipment...
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The design and implementation of forecasting and application system for wind power

Weiqing Ma, Zhiyi Jia, Zhiguo Bai, Zhaoxi MU
With the extensive use of wind power, how to predict wind power effectively, to ensure the security, stability and economic operation of grid-connected wind power becomes a serious problem for the electronic companies. Based on the analysis about the status of wind power forecasting and application,...
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The design and implementation of the surveillance and control system for photovoltaic power station

Jian Wang, Shuting Song, Yong Zhang, Feng Gao
According to the characteristics of PV power station, how to present a new intelligent surveillance and control system of PV power station, which collects the operating parameters at real-time and control the running status of the PV power station through wireless networks and the Internet, to guarantee...
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A Predicting Method of Power Grid Transmission Line Icing Based on Decision Tree’s modified model

Jian Wang, Weiqing Ma, Xiaolong Zhao, Feifei Liang
Aiming at collapse, disconnection, and ice flash-over problems caused by power grid transmission line icing, this paper proposes a predicting method of transmission line icing. According to historical data and theories of decision tree, calculating out each factor’s information entropy, with an overall...
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Fuzzy comprehensive assessment method is based on the transmission lines of the analytic hierarchy process sewage flash

Qiang Wang, Shuting Song, Huiming Zhang, Dahai Yao
Transmission line flashing will cause large area and long time of blackouts,it happens in the working voltage,and it poses serious threat to the electric power system. With the development of industry,the increase of power grid capacity and rated voltage level,there are more and more flashing accidents...
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Digital Watermarking Algorithm Based on Wavelet Analysis

Qingsong Xu
With the rapid development of the network and the multimedia technical , how to protect the security of the multimedia informations becomes the popular topic on studies. As a new technique used to protect the copyright of digital productions , the digital watermark technique has drawn extensive attention...
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A Partitioning Image Retrieval Method Based on Regional Division and Polymerization

Quan LI
In order to further improve the retrieval accuracy of the image retrieval system based on shape feature. A partitioning image retrieval method based on regional division and polymerization is proposed in this paper. Firstly, an image is segmented by the regional division and polymerization method. Secondly,...
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Study on Mobile Learning Platform based on Wireless communication

Xianying Huang, Qing Cao
The rapid development of mobile technology has brought the change of learning. Mobile learning refers to a new kind of learning for the use of wireless communication technologies and mobile equipments to obtain the educational information, resources, and services. The framework of mobile learning system...
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The Typing Test System Based on Network

Yaohui Li, Meijin Yuan, Jianxiong Wang, Lili Zhou, Kejian Yang
A new idea about realizing the typing exam system was proposed. The exam system is based on network. It takes full advantage of the Browser/Server model, such as the strong interaction, high rapidity, security and the strong share. The exam system is developed with ASP. It is simple to install, easy...
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Fuzzy Knowledge Representation and Reasoning of the Smart Grid Based on Medium Logic and Its Application

Jian Wang, Qiang Wang, WeiQing Ma, Dahai Yao
Medium logic completely reflects both the contrary relation and the contradictory relation. This paper introduces fuzzy privative and opposition privative in traditional knowledge representation. It takes a power transmission and distribution program for example, adopts a ratio function of distance to...
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An Unmanned Helicopter Model Identification Method based on the Immune Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm

Tingting Yang, Aijun Li
An unmanned helicopter dynamic model identification method based on immune particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm is approved in this paper. In order to improve the search efficiency of PSO and avoid the premature convergence, the PSO algorithm is combined with the immune algorithm. The unmanned...
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A Robust Large Envelope Flight Controller Design Method based on the Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm

Zhanqi Fan, Lin Liu, Xun Sun
A robust flight control method based on the particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm is approved in this paper. Because of non-modeling dynamic character and parameter uncertainty are taken into consideration during the controller design process, the flight controller has strong robustness, excellent...
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Xiaoyuan Jing, Xianglong Ge, Yongfang Yao, Fengnan Yu
When the number of labeled training samples is very small, the sample information people can use would be very little and the recognition rates of traditional image recognition methods are not satisfactory. However, there is often some related information contained in other databases that is helpful...
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A New Method of Detecting Network Traffic Anomalies

Jun CAI, WaiXi LIU
As Internet communications and applications become more and more complex, accurately describing network traffic information and rapidly monitoring network traffic anomalies have become increasingly challenging tasks. In this paper, we present a framework and method for monitoring network traffic through...
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The Research of Workflow Engine States

Yan-rong Shi, Tao Hou
Based on the analysis of the workflow patterns, this paper designs the active state of the workflow, and puts forward the idea of the logical design of the engine driven. It can conveniently define the information model of the workflow based on relational database systems, it can effectively reduce the...
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An Approach on Optimization of ZigBee Network Routing Algorithm

Haofan LIU, Ping Li
ZigBee routing protocol study and optimization for the problem of the effects of flooding AODVjr algorithm RREQ packet. By introducing new coordinate parameters and other methods to control the RREQ packet forwarding. Network robustness problem and prolong the life of the network, by changing the algorithm...
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Steady State Model of Cooling Tower Used in Air Conditioning

Jianyou Long
To predict the performance of cooling tower used in air conditionings in variable operating conditions, a steady state model of cooling tower suitable for variable conditions simulation was built and tested. Comparison between the prediction value and the experimental value shows good agreement. The...
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DWT Based Blind Watermark in Relational Database

Yi Liu, Juan Wang
Aiming to balance the robustness and imperceptibility of database watermark, propose a wavelet transform (DWT) based blind watermarking algorithm. The algorithm screens candidate attributes that can be embedded watermark and conducts subset segmentation and rearrangement, and then performs DWT transformation...
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Use of Watermark in Educational Administration System

Yi Liu, Siyu Lai
With the widespread use of watermark in video, audio and image, propose a relational database based watermark embedding and extraction method. The algorithm utilizes the single—multiple mapping approach to plug in watermark, which scatter the distribution of watermark information and enhance the anti-attack...
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Stability and bifurcation analysis in leukopoiesis models with two delays

Cuilian Zhang, Zhaozhuang Guo
We consider a nonlinear system of two equations, describing the evolution of a stem cell population and the resulting white blood cell population. Two delays appear in this model to describe the cell cycle duration of the stem cell population and the time required to produce white blood cells. We establish...
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Content based Image Retrieval with Color Invariants

Yahui Song, Xiao Chen, Shanshan Qu
Content based image retrieval (CBIR) is an essential task in many applications. Color based methods have received much attention in past years, since color could serve efficiently for image retrieval, especially in the case of large database. However, there are two main drawbacks for color based image...
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Multiple Data Source Discovery with Group Interaction Approach

Hao Wu
Medical researchers seek to identify and predict profit (or effectiveness) potential in a new medicine B against a specified disease by comparing it to an existing medicine A, which has been used to treat the disease for many years, called medicine assessment. Applying traditional data mining techniques...
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On Business-Oriented Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining

Hao Wu
This paper will discuss issues in data mining and business processes including Marketing, Finance and Health. In turn, the use of KDD in the complex real-world databases in business and government will push the IT researchers to identify and solve cutting-edge problems in KDD modelling, techniques and...
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Analysis of Network Management Technology and Development Trend In The Future

Lishen Yang, Qiang Wang
This paper introduces the typical network management technology and some hot technology. The trend of network management development in the future is prospected based on the analysis of the current network management technology.
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Mean-Variance Model for Optimal Multinational Project Adjustment and Selection

Xiaoli Su, Xiaoxia Huang
This paper discusses the multinational project adjustment and selection problem in which project parameters are regarded as random variables. In the paper, adjustment of foreign existing projects and selection of the new foreign projects are considered simultaneously. Typical cash flows and value sources...
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Application of Ontology Engineering in Satellite Network Simulation

Qi Lin, Yong Chen
Existed simulation works are always too dependent on a kind of particular techniques or tools to perform horizontal comparison and integration. There is no formal description for the simulation objects which leads to the lack of semantic support in the simulation. In order to guarantee the reusability...
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Heat Dissipation Simulation Research of LED Downlight and Optimization of Light Source Layout

Jie Chen, Zhong Chen, Xiaohong Li, Yafeng Shen, Jingkang Xiong, Yangxia Wang
In order to solve the heat dissipation problem of LED (light-emitting diode) downlight, CFD thermal simulation software was used to establish LED downlight dissipation model. Material’s thermal conductivity, thermal resistance, thermal emissive values, heat load forms and other factors were all taken...
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A Novel Performance Metric of Routing Algorithm

Minghua Tang
The widely used routing algorithm performance metric of adaptiveness cannot precisely measure performance of routing algorithm. In this paper, we propose a new metric of routing pressure for measuring routing algorithm performance. It has higher precision of measuring routing algorithm performance than...
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Analysis on Local Congestion of Network-on-Chip

Minghua Tang
In Network-on-Chip (NoC), adaptive routing provides packets multi paths to reach their destinations. Thus, packets can escape the hot-spot nodes. However, as our study indicates that adaptive routing cannot distribute traffic evenly in the network as expected. A local region will be injected more packets...
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Application of image processing to the vehicle license plate recognition

Chunyu Chen, Baozhi Cheng, Xin Chen, Fucheng Wang, Chen Zhang
At present, the traffic engineering and automation have developed, and the vehicle license plate recognition technology need get a corresponding improvement also. In case of identifying a car license picture, the principle of automatic license plate recognition is illustrated in this paper, and the processing...
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Multi-agent Based Modeling Simulation about VANET

Shanshan Wan, Dongliang Wang, Qing Cao
The self-organization characteristics and the interaction between a large numbers of self-organizing vehicles are complexity, to obtain a more accurate model of vehicular Ad-hoc network(VANET) and obtain a more profound comprehension of the complex behavior working mechanism of the vehicle in the VANET...
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A Fuzzy Based Clustering Protocol for Energy-efficient Wireless Sensor Networks

Md. Abdul Alim, Yucheng Wu, Wei Wang
Minimization of energy consumption is one of the most important research areas in Wireless Sensor Networks. Nowadays, the paradigms of computational intelligence (CI) are widely used in WSN, such as localization, clustering, energy aware routing, task scheduling, security, etc. Though many fuzzy based...
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Numerical Simulation of the Protection System of Explosive Reaction Armor

Wenhua Chu, Aman Zhang, Xiongliang Yao
There are some extreme conditions in the process of metallic jet penetrating the explosive reaction armor (ERA), such as high instantaneity, large deformation, et al. Based on the smoothed particle hydrodynamics (SPH) method, the generalized density approximate formula is proposed and the Held criterion...
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Dsign of Low-voltage Power Supply Drive Circuit Based on the Piezoelectric Ceramic Transformer

Yueting Yang, Yan-song Ding, Jia-jian Liu
The piezoelectric ceramic transformer has the advantages of high conversion efficiency, high pressure, electromagnetic compatibility,etc.It overcomes the shortcomings of large electromagnetic interference, low conversion efficiency , a large volume, etc. Using IR2184,the paper designs piezoelectric ceramic...
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Research of LED lamp constant current driver software system

Ling Liu
The LED lamps replace traditional lamps is the direction of development domestic and abroad.It mainly introduced the LED lamp brightness control method from the aspect of software, then research and production of the LED efficient drive based on a IC chip digital boost constant current regulator, for...
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Performance Measurement Technique of Cloud storage system

Qinlu He, Zhanhuai Li, Lexiao Wang, Huifeng Wang, Jian Sun
Researches on technologies about testing aggregate bandwidth of file systems in cloud storage systems. Through the memory file system, network file system, parallel file system theory analysis, according to the cloud storage system polymerization bandwidth and concept, developed to cloud storage environment...
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The Application of Hybrid Genetic Algorithms Model in Solving Product Optimization Problem

Xiufeng Shao, Jian Zhang, Li Li
We introduce basic theory of genetic algorithms in this paper, Build one hybrid genetic algorithms model base on genetic algorithms in solving product optimization problem. And we realize the model by software. The disposal result of real data tells us that the model has good practicability and accuracy...
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An Approach of Advanced Optimistic Protocol Based on Time Dams

Zhongjie ZHANG, Jian HUANG, Zhijia WANG
Time Synchronization is a key technique which synchronizes the LPs (Logic processes) of PDES (Parallel and Discrete Event Simulation). After having described shortcomings of the existing algorithms for Time Synchronization, this thesis mainly proposes a new approach based on time dams. It introduces...
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Research on Image Feature Extraction Method Based on Orthogonal Projection Transformation of Multi-task Learning Technology

Xiaoyuan Jing, Li Li, Cailing Wang, Yongfang Yao, Fengnan Yu
When the number of labeled training samples is very small, the sample information we can use would be very little. Because of this, the recognition rates of some traditional image recognition methods are not satisfactory. In order to use some related information that always exist in other databases,...
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Cost-Sensitive Sparsity Preserving Projections for Face Recognition

Xiaoyuan Jing, Wenqian Li, Hao Gao, Yongfang Yao, Jiangyue Man
As one of the most popular research topics, sparse representation (SR) technique has been successfully employed to solve face recognition task. Though current SR based methods prove to achieve high classification accuracy, they implicitly assume that the losses of all misclassifications are the same....
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Kernel Feature Extraction Approach for Color Image Recognition

Xiaoyuan Jing, Kun Li, Songsong Wu, Yongfang Yao, Chao Wang
Color Image Recognition is one of the most important fields in Pattern Recognition. Both Multi-set canonical correlation analysis and Kernel method are important techniques in the field of color image recognition. In this paper, we combine the two methods and propose one novel color image recognition...
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A New Kernel Orthogonal Projection Analysis Approach for Face Recognition

Xiaoyuan Jing, Min Li, Yongfang Yao, Songhao Zhu, Sheng Li
In the field of face recognition, how to extract effective nonlinear discriminative features is an important research topic. In this paper, we propose a new kernel orthogonal projection analysis approach. We obtain the optimal nonlinear projective vector which can differentiate one class and its adjacent...
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Autonomous Aerial Refueling Modeling and Dynamic Inversion Adaptive Sliding Mode Control

Xun Sun, Xinguo Zhang
A dynamic inversion adaptive sliding mode flight control method for autonomous aerial refueling (AAR) is approved in this paper. The drogue model and refueling aircraft 6-DOF nonlinear model is built. In order to improve the flight control precision and performance, the dynamic inversion control method...
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PD Control Strategy Design and Simulation of Magnetic Bearing with Single Freedom of Degree

Guang Yang, Jian-Min Zhang
Based on the analysis of the model of the Single-Degree-of-Freedom (SDF) magnetic bearing system, the issue of design and simulation of PD control strategy in the system is investigated. First, the plant model of the AMB (Active Magnetic Bearings) with Single-Degree-of-Freedom (SDF) is found out to be...
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Three Conjectures about the Number Systems and Their Conversion

Yanhong Zhang
The conversion between Tetrad Notation and other notational systems has attracted people’s attention; addition conjecture: if the maximum digit of base-N notation is (N-1), then N-1 + N-1 is a binary digit, whose most significant digit is 1 and least significant digit is (N-2); multiplication conjecture:...
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Research on New Techniques and Development Trend of Software Testing

Hongchun Zhang
Some typical latest research results were summarized according to the analysis and research on the current situation of software testing both at home and abroad in this paper. On the basis of the current researches on software testing, the writer discussed the future research topic on software testing...
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Design and Implementation of a Digital Campus System based on the URP platform

Yanhong Zhang, Yunli Cheng
The development and construction of the university informationization has become the important means for universities to improve their management level and enhance the comprehensive competitiveness.Combining with the situation of our school, Researching an overall construction scheme of the Digital Campus...
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The research of improved Apriori mining algorithm in bank customer segmentation

GongXin Yang
The This paper studies bank customers’ segmentation problem. Improved Apriori mining algorithm is a kind of data mining technology which is an important method in bank customers segmentation. In practical application, the traditional algorithm has shortcomings of the initial value’s sensitive and easy...
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An Intrusion Detection Method Study Under the Environment of IPv6

Bin Wang, Chao Wang, Zhang Zong-li
The intrusion detection under the environment of IPv6 is an important security technology along with firewall in system security defense system, which can be used for real-time detection and monitoring of the system in the whole process of system invasion. This paper puts forward an intrusion detection...
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Cloud computing environment based on Web log mining algorithm implementation of test

Jiang Yong-cheng, Bin Wang, Jing Li
Software test is the important means that guarantee software quality and reliability and in this respect it plays the role that other method cannot replace. However software test is a complex process , it needs to consume huge manpower material resources and time which takes the 40%~50% of entire software...
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Energy saving design principle analysis of power electronic transformation system

Tao Wan
Power electronic transformation system is applied widely in industrial control and the application environment is complex. Big, small and medium-sized system power consumption improves continuously, so it is urgent to reduce the system energy consumption problems. This paper proposes a way to reduce...
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A case study of distributed network fault detection technology in distance education

Qianjun Tang, Yan Zhang, Yongju Li
The intrusion detection under the environment of IPv6 is an important security technology along with firewall in system security defense system, which can be used for real-time detection and monitoring of the system in the whole process of system invasion. This paper puts forward an intrusion detection...
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Research on Food Safety RFID Anti-collision Algorithm

Xiang-jie Niu, Hua Li
As an effective way to control the quality and safety of agricultural products, traceability system is aroused growing world attention. On the purpose of retrospective quality, this paper constructs a food safety management and quality traceability system from IT view. The paper makes a detail analysis...
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Series-parallel combined constant pressure water supply pipeline design of high-rise building

Shilei Li, Hui Chen, Qiang Wang
The existing parallel type pressurized water supply pipeline of high-rise buildings has been improved to build energy-saving high-rise building water supply systems. Series-parallel combined constant pressure water supply pipeline is designed. Antipollution high water tank is reasonably installed above...
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The application of Fuzzy clustering number algorithm in network intrusion detection

Gua Lang
In view of the defects of K-means algorithm in intrusion detection: the need of preassign cluster number and sensitive initial center and easy to fall into local optimum, this paper puts forward a fuzzy clustering algorithm. The fuzzy rules are utilized to express the invasion features, and standardized...
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Research on control method of complex time-varying system

Tian Hongbin
Because the charged objects have the factors of complexity, interference uncertainty and nonlinear, the time-varying system control method gains increasingly attentions. First, this paper carries the researches on the time-varying system classification and builds the control model of the time-varying...
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Circular Arc Gear Reliability Study Based on Modified FOSM Method

Zhong Li, Yu-cheng Bo
As different limit state functions are used to analyze reliability, there is a great distinctness among the calculated results. In this paper an improved LOSM method is proposed, namely, checking point method. The circular arc gear case is employed to demonstrate this method. In contrast to the results...
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A Fast BPNN Based Image Deblurring Method

Xiaozhi Ren, Binchao Bin
This paper proposes a fast deblurring method based on back propagation neural networks (BPNN), in which the symmetry of blur function is utilized to reduce the size of network. In the image block used to be training vector, the pixels that have the same distance with centrral pixel are set the same weight...
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Fuzzy Reliability Design on Mechanical Components under Normal Distribution Based on Entropy Theory

Zhong Li, Yucheng Bo
In fuzzy reliability design on Mechanical Components, the determination of characteristic value of subordinate function mainly depends on the experience that accumulated and summarized by researchers. Thus, it has strong subjectivity. In this paper, through entropy theory the relationship between determining...
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Research of Radiographic Image Enhancement Technology

Yan Chen, Yanling Shao, Zhiguo Gui
Image enhancement has applied widely in biomedical, nondestructive testing, satellite remote sensing and other fields. Especially for the low contrast radiographic images, usually there are some disadvantages for a radiographic image such as the local area image does not show a striking contrast. In...
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“Big Fire Control”in the Condition of Information War

Kejun Zhang, Wu Xu
Due to fast development of information technology, the form of human war is changing from mechanization war to information war. Fire control system should be built from the platform-centric warfare into the network-centric warfare. With the widely use of “big fire control”, information war in future...
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Research on three fierce exploders’reflected terahertz spectrum

Gao Wang, Jianquan Yao, Degang Xu, Xiaofang Ren
The rapid development of the Terahertz technology has been the essential focus among all application fields. In order to applying the spectral technology to the security and analyzing all exploders’ spectrum characteristics, the paper aims to three exploders’ spectrums researches including the HNS, DNMT...
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Study on Explosively Formed Projectiles Test System

Yangjun Li, Weiping Guo, Gao Wang, Su-jie Lian
Explosively Formed Projectile (EFP) is a new branch of the shaped charge technology. It is developed as an anti-solid target technology in recent decades. Velocity of EFP changes quickly with the change of EFP shape. It is very important to research the velocity and morphology change of EFP in their...
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Harmony Search Optimization Algorithm Based on Normal Cloud

Lifu Wang, Zhi Kong, Xingang Wang
The pitch adjusting rate (PAR) is an important parameter in harmony search algorithm, which indicates that the algorithm will choose a neighboring value with a probability. The traditional harmony search algorithm uses fixed value for PAR. However, PAR should be increased when all objective values are...
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Lymph Node Image Segmentation Based on Improved FCM Clustering and Multi-threshold

Yanling Zhang, Yuejia Zhang, Li Li
The pathological change of lymph node is an important basis of malignant tumor detection and judgment of metastasis of cancer (lung cancer, colorectal cancer, breast cancer, liver cancer, cervical cancer, etc.) An algorithm of lymph node image segmentation based on improved FCM clustering and multi-threshold...
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Research on PID Neural Network Control System of Temperature for Agricutural Film Unit

Yue Feng, Meixia Qiao, Shuai Zheng
The temperature of agricultural film unit affects the plastic film directly. Since unit heating process has the characters of time delay, nonlinear, time-varying and strong coupling. It is difficult to create a mathematical model structure of plastic melting process. Thus, temperature control is very...
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Practical Enhanced Topology Discovery Algorithm for MANET

Huasen Fu
In order to effectively manage the communication nodes in Mobile Ad Hoc Network (MANET), it is important to know the topology of such networks. Traditional Ad-hoc On-demand Distance Vector (AODV) protocol can not get the MANET topology due to the lack of the topology discovery mechanism. Aiming at this...
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Library Temperature and Humidity Remote Control System Based on Micro Controller Unit

Na Li, Yonggang Tang
This thesis has designed a remote control system which takes Micro controller Unit AT89S51 as the core for library temperature and humidity.The system consists of temperature and humidity data acquisition, wireless transceiver, Micro controller Unit and PC data display modules. The system can detect...
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Research of Transport Junctions of Flow Analysis Algorithm based on Decision-making Theory

Xiaofeng Li, Shuchun Ding, Bin Wang
Intersection traffic flow analysis and analysis of algorithms, design of algorithms, this paper, the vehicles unified identification as a standard car equivalent steps of the algorithm based on the decision-making on the flow of traffic junctions, the algorithm is applicable not only to single-coil detector...
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DC-modulated AC/AC converters

Fanglin Luo
Traditional methods of AC/AC converters have general drawbacks: output voltage is lower than input voltage, the input side THD is poor and output voltage frequency is lower than input voltage frequency by using voltage regulation method and cycloconverters. We introduce the novel approach - DC-modulated...
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Laddered Multilevel DC/AC Inverters used in Solar Panel Energy Systems

Fanglin Luo
Multilevel DC/AC Inverters have various structures. They have many advantages. Unfortunately, most existing inverters content too many components (independent/floating batteries/sources, diodes, Capacitors and switches). The author introduces the "Laddered Multilevel DC/AC Inverters” in this paper that...
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Research and Design on Vision System of the Mobile Robot

Xin Ma, Rongguang Sun, Yongfeng Dong
The paper presents the design of vision system of the mobile robot, and shows methods of object recognition based on color images in the system of mobile robot. To adapt to the different light conditions, HSI color space is used. The system is able to meet the demand on rapidity and veracity of system...