Proceedings of the Tarumanagara International Conference on the Applications of Social Sciences and Humanities (TICASH 2019)

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Influence of E-Filling Website Toward Intention of Personal Taxpayers in Submitting Annual Tax Return

Hendro Lukman, Estralita Trisnawati
The success of online transactions is dependent on website designs. Likewise is the e- filing website of the Directorate General of Taxes (DGT) in increasing the participation of Personal Incomes Taxpayers in submitting Annual Tax Return. This study aims to determine factors of e-filing websites that...
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Relapse Rate and Associated Factors Among Participants of Drug Detoxification-Rehabilitation Program in Indonesia: A Retrospective Study

Jubir, Hizir Sofyan, Fauziah, Bianca Marella, Marthoenis
This study aims to determine the relapse rate and associated factors among residents attending a drug rehabilitation program in Banda Aceh, Indonesia. The study subjects consisted of 49 program residents who used drugs before admission to the program, and 49 families or caregivers. The median of age...
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Exploring Gambir Station by Wheelchair

William, Supriyatna Marizar, Fermanto Lianto
Everyone should enjoy the need for a trip. Nevertheless, wheelchairs user cannot feel the same. Often their trips are hampered because the facilities provided are not friendly to wheelchair users, one of which is the railway station. Gambir Station as one of the largest stations in Jakarta should be...
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Determinant Factors of Jakarta Composite Index with Garch Model

Sri Heryanti, Ignatius Roni Setyawan
This research was aimed to finding out whether it’s related to the Exchange Rate of Rp/USD, Net Foreign Fund (NFF), Consumer Price Index (CPI) to the Jakarta Composite Index (JCI). The population are all data on the exchange rate of Rp/USD, data on all share purchases by foreign investors, all data on...
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The Effect of Social Media Destination Branding: The Use of Facebook and Instagram

Abdul Basit, Adie Dwiyanto Nurlukman, Achmad Kosasih
The growth of social media in terms of features and number of users makes its use broader, including in destination branding. The conventional destination branding model is transformed by utilizing social media, which tends to have a positive impact. This study attempted to find out about the effects...
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Medical Malpractice in the Legal View

Nomensen Sinamo, Sabungan Sibarani
This time, malpractice problem of health service start to talk lively by the various society. That matter is seen from many indictment cases of malpractice which submitted by the society about a doctor profession that regarded to have inflicted the patient in conducting a task which are cause the wrong...
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Analysis of Pedestrian Facilities: Case Study of Tarumanagara University Campus I

Fanny Budiyanto, Naniek Widayati Priyomarsono, Rudy Trisno, Fermanto Lianto
The result of the Stanford University study [1] state that Indonesia is one of the most lazy countries in Asia in term of walking. Based on this issue, it is necessary to get used to the culture of walking in Indonesia by providing facilities that meet the needs, comfort, and safety of pedestrians. Tarumanagara...
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Good Corporate Governance on Integrity of Financial Statements

Anniza Maria Ulfa, Auliffi Ermian Challen
This study aimed to obtain empirical evidence from the influence of Good Corporate Governance on the integrity of financial statements. Good Corporate Governance using proxies of managerial ownership, institutional ownership, independent commissioners and audit committee. This study analyzed the secondary...
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The Role of Local Wisdom in Protecting Mangrove Forest in Bali Province

Ahmad Redi, Tundjung Herning Sitabuana, Fakhrana Izazi Hanifati, Putri Nabila Kurnia Arsyad
One of the Provinces in Indonesia which has its own island and is famous for its special customs is the Province of Bali. Not only are their customs unique, Bali also has abundant natural wealth. One type of natural wealth is Mangrove Forest which is one of the largest mangrove forests in Indonesia as...
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Technology and Online Media Conglomeration

Wulan Purnama Sari
The development of time is also followed by technological developments. The development of technology has brought changes in the realm of the media business in Indonesia. History has shown that the presence of technology today has made the media trend change from print media to online media. Print media...
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Repurpose Historical Building for Hotel Use Case Study: Harbour Rocks Hotel, Sydney

Lewin Nuramin, Rudy Trisno, Naniek Widayati Priyomarsono, Fermanto Lianto
As the world is growing where tourism is considered as a primary necessity and culture and heritage are the main role for visitor to decide their destination. One of the crucial aspects of tourism is accommodation and how combining accommodation with culture and heritage will have an impact not only...
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Kanban System and Calculation of Kanban Production in Stamping Division of PT. XYZ

Lina Gozali, Lamto Widodo, Natalia Sudiarta, I Wayan Sukania
This far, the development of Japan industry has grown rapidly in the world. The automotive industry is one of the industry which play the important role in Indonesia, especially in transportation sector. Almost in automotive companies familiar with Toyota Production System method. The problem come up...
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Quality Control to Minimize Defective Products in the Outer Part Production Process

Lina Gozali, Jessica Novelia Sagitta, Ahmad
Quality control (QC) is an activity to measure the quality of an item by comparing it according to the specifications and requirements needed by the company, or it can be said also as an effort to maintain the quality of the goods produced in accordance with predetermined specifications based on company...
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Shopping Centre Evolution in Jakarta Due to Changes of Generation XYZ Consumerism Behaviour

Beatrice Wiratno, Naniek Widayati Priyomarsono, Rudy Trisno, Fermanto Lianto
Shopping center has become a part of our daily lives, how the shopping center can survive from time to time. The research method will discuss how the mall is present in Jakarta at the beginning of the existence of the mall and what changes it does now with changes in consumerism patterns that are different...
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Bigo Live: Ethical Degradation in Communication (A Critical Study of Communication in a Computer- Mediated Communication Perspective)

Anastasia Santi Delliana, Antonius Mulyono Wibowo Wook
Marshall McLuhan, with his idea of Global Village, shortly wants to say that there are no barriers in communication nowadays. Internet, as one great technology in the 21st century, is the centre of technology development in this era. Through the internet, the computer becomes more perfect than before....
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Integration of MNC Group Media in Improving Efficiency and Competition in the Media Broadcasting Industrial Market

Geofakta Razali, Anastasia Santi Delliana
This thesis analyzes MNC Media at the view side of the media group in Indonesia through the time and had raced into the largest integrated media group in Southeast Asia. In this article, I will try to analyze the success of the integration of MNC Media Group to be improving the efficiency and competition...
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Analysis of Potential Organic Waste Management: Case Study Tarumanagara University I

Amelia Lontoh, Rudy Trisno, Naniek Widayati Priyomarsono, Fermanto Lianto
Every day people carry out activities and activities that humans do usually produce waste. In Jakarta, itself is one of the problems that cause many things, one of which is the full volume of waste in landfills and floods. The use of organic waste into materials that are useful for humans and the environment...
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Mental Health, Team Cohesiveness, and Potential Review of Employees Working Urban Areas

Arief Fahmie, Akhmad Haekal Hasbi, Faraz Umaya
The mental health problem for employees working in urban areas is a serious problem. Social support from a cohesive working team is a factor that can improve employee mental health. The purpose of this study was to describe the contribution of psychological measurements through activity potential review...
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The Effect of Financial Attitude, Financial Knowledge, and Income on Financial Management Behavior

I Gede Adiputra, Ellen Patricia
The purpose of this study was to obtain results: the influence of financial attitudes, financial knowledge, and income on financial management behavior. The object of this research was selected using nonprobability sampling method amounted to 160 respondents at Bali Province. Methods Data analysis uses...
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Analysis of the Sign Direction and Location Introduction for Pedestrian in Public Space Study Case: Universitas Tarumanagara, Jakarta

Valenciana Utari Sularko, Naniek Widayanti Priyomarsono, Rudy Trisno, Fermanto Lianto
Pada Basically, humans still need physical help in determining their daily activities such as direction and existence in an environment. This is the background in researching signs as a facility that is able to provide assistance in the form of information about a human environment, especially in the...
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Moral Leadership and Job Satisfaction: The Mediating Effects of Interpersonal and Informational Justice

Nikodemus Hans Setiadi Wijaya, Wisnu Prajogo, Heni Kusumawati
Job satisfaction remains an important attitude of employees for them to well execute their work roles. This paper reports the influences of moral leadership, interpersonal-, and informational justice. A total of 205 samples in this study were taken from educational staffs of high schools and universities....
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Brand Personality to Predict Brand Trust, Brand Attachment and Purchase Intention: Study on Cosmetic Products in Jakarta

Michelle Ferdinand, Frangky Selamat
This research aims to examine factors which are able to predict purchase intention by observing brand personality as an independent variable, brand trust and brand attachment as the mediation variables and purchase intention as a dependent variable. Descriptive cross-sectional is chosen as the research...
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Resilience Modeling in Indonesian Adolescents: Associated with Quality of Life and Self-Esteem

Fransisca Iriani R Dewi, Rita Markus Idulfilastri, Samsunuwiyati Marat, Siti Bahiyah
Problems of adolescents in Indonesia concentrate on the dynamics of adolescent self-development and influencing environmental factors and both of these affect each other. Based on the results of the resilience study on the basis of the risk factors that influence adolescent China Benteng in Tangerang,...
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Program Evaluation of Continuing Professional Development at Teacher Working Group

Zainuddin, Suryadi, Nurhatati Fuad
The aims of the study is to evaluate implemention of the continuing professional development program in Teacher Working Group at antecedent, transaction, and outcomes levels.The paper is an qualitative studi with Stkaes’ contienance evaluation model and contiuned in Teacher Working Group at Nort Jakarta...
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Communication Technology as Support for Online Transportation (Case Study of GO-JEK in Indonesia)

Eko Harry Susanto, Sisca Aulia
Flexibility of utilizing communication technology stimulates the establishment of a business that can give fast services and it has to meet customers’ need. GO- JEK is an information communication technology company with the core business of online transportation focusing on speed, innovation and positive...
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The Influences of Business Ability and Business Capital on Creativity of Medium and Small Industries in Jambi Province

Susi Desmaryani
Currently Small and Medium Industries still have obstacles in increasing their existence including low of business ability, difficult access to find capital of business and not quickly following developments in science and technology, making it difficult to grow creativity in Small and Medium Industries....
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Influence of Transfer Pricing, CEO Compensation, and Accounting Irregularities on Tax Aggressiveness

Estralita Trisnawati, Fenny, Herlina Budiono
The purpose of this study is to investigate the influence of transfer pricing, chief executive officers’ compensation, accounting irregularities on tax aggressiveness. The sample covers manufacturing companies listed on the Indonesian Stock Exchange (IDX) during 2012 – 2016. By using purposive sampling,...
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Implementing Independent Village with Political Law’s Reconstruction of Government Village in Indonesia

Hartati, Elita Rahmi, HM Pahrudin
Law Number 6 of 2014 about Villages states that the purpose of village regulation is to create an independent village. As an effort to achieve this goal, village management in Indonesia is carried out using a self-governing community system that requires apparatus that has good capacity. On the other...
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The Use of Internet By Ambonese Women

Suzy Azeharie
The network of internet technology has been active in Indonesia since 1990, and its use has grown rapidly to the present time. However the use of the internet is still unevenly distributed due to difficulty of access, with preference given to urban areas with good resources and where the inhabitants...
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Ensuring Local Wisdom Environmental Sustainability Through Sustainable Entrepreneurial Development: A Conceptual Framework for Kulonprogo, Yogyakarta

Nuringsih Kartika, Prasodjo Iwan, MN Nuryasman
This study aims to identify domain sustainable entrepreneurship and design an entrepreneurship development approach to ensure the local wisdom sustainability in Kulonprogo. The groundbreaking of sustainable development’s concept is to maintain the progress of economic development without decreasing natural...
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Generation Internet Model in Management of Media Institutions in Indonesia

Sinta Paramita, Widayatmoko, Lydia Irena
Baby Boomers are now on the brink of their retirement and Generation X will gradually become more involved in leadership in an organization or company. At the same time, there is one thing that needs to be known. The early generation Z began to enter the professional world. So that it can be ensured...
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Public Relations Build Brand Through Social Media (Study at Universitas Tarumanagara as an Entrepreneurship College)

Yugih Setyanto, Paula T. Anggarina
Every college that supports freedom of identity and excellence is a distinguishing value from other universities. The way is by communicating with shareholders through various media both conventional and non- conventional, namely social media. Universitas Tarumanagara (Untar) as one of the private universities...
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The Impact of Meditation on the Spiritual Well-Being

Yuniarwati, I Cenik Ardana, Sofia Prima Dewi
The purpose of this study is to investigate the impact of the meditation program in enhancing spiritual well-being. Participant are fourty people of business persons. The treatment used was meditation for six months, once a week, two times thirty minutes per session. The experiment design used was a...
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Educating Communities Through Media Literacy in Preventing the Spread of Radicalism Content on the Internet

Gerald Theodorus L. Toruan, Nina Ruslinawaty
The threat that currently exists in Indonesia is one of them is the threat of radicalism. Radicalism is spreading rapidly nowadays through internet media, be it social media or social messaging. Indonesian society is easily exposed to radicalism because of the lack of public education. Media literacy...
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Study 1 of Indonesian Wisdom Scale: Kebijaksanaan Berbasis Pancasila (Wisdom Based on Culture and Values)

Riana Sahrani, P. Tommy Y. S. Suyasa, Debora Basaria
Wisdom should be applied in society, so that community life becomes harmonious. Everyone can be wise, Indonesian is no exception. Indonesian have a national principle to guide behavior living in harmony, that is Pancasila. However, the implementation of Pancasila seems not implemented in social life....
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Provision of Access to Information Services Based on E-Government in the Village Government

Rio Yusri Maulana, Faizah Bafadhal
This article looks at the extent to which the provision of access to information and public involvement in the provision of electronic-based services by the Village Government in Jambi Province, in the course of governance continues to move in the service sector which can be directly accessed by the...
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The Influence of Mass Rapid Transit Existence on Pedestrian Convenience in Senayan District

Mega Dwi Kusumawati, Bagus Putra Wicaksono, Jovan, Riando Agustian, Rudy Trisno, Djauhari Sumintardja, Sidhi Wiguna
Jakarta needs Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) with regard to comfort. The research method made by the author in measuring the level of comfort of pedestrian in a city environment is the reduction of private vehicles to improve the quality of urban life, the Transit Oriented Development (TOD) concept that makes...
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Green Architecture for Flat: Study Case Bekasi Flat

Angelia Pernama, Rudy Trisno, Naniek Widayati Priyomarsono, Fermanto Lianto
Based on GBCI Chairperson Iwan Prijanto said that the saving of electricity and water within two years in nine green buildings in building studies was very encouraging. Based on the issue. Green buildings in Bekasi must be designed in such a way as to reduce electricity and water use and support the...
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Visual Communication Online Learning Through Poster Media for Plastic Waste Problem

James Darmawan, Phebe Priska Dewi, Vania Gabriella Nuralim
The problem of using plastic has become a very difficult problem, but until now the use of plastic has not been significantly reduced. Through international learning experiences brought by professor aboard, the students tried to make visual communication through poster media so as to give an appeal to...
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A Proposed Model for Outpatient Care Service Improvement Using the Healthcare Lean Approach and Simulation

Hafzoh Batubara, Rifa Gandi Lesmana, Rini Dharmastiti, Muhammad Kusuma Herliansyah
The health service industry cannot be separated from the demands of quality, affordable, accessible, efficient and effective services. The Central Public Hospital of Dr. Sardjito, Yogyakarta, where the level of satisfaction of Outpatient Installation patients does not meet the minimum hospital service...
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Development of Moodle Learning Management System-Based E-Learning Media in Physics Learning

Irfan Yusuf, Sri Wahyu Widyaningsih, Zuhdan Kun Prasetyo, Edi Istiyono
This study is about the development of online learning media or e-learning, which is based on the Moodle Learning Management System (LMS) in physics learning. This study aims at investigating the feasibility, practicality, and effectiveness of e-learning within the learning process. The development model...
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Natural Light as an Element to Create Sacred Environment in Churches Case Study: Santo Kristoforus Catholic Church, Jakarta

Melati Ayudyah, Rudy Trisno, Naniek Widayati, Fermanto Lianto
There was cases in November 2011 where catholic church architecture design around the world had deviation. The deviation mentioned was the loss of holy space in catholic church architecture due to inappropriate design according to the correct layout. This showed that sacred holy space is important in...
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Relationship of Psychological Capital and Happiness in Early Adult Women That Have Multiple Roles Conflict

Mutiara Mirah Yunita
Based on a survey of women who carry out multiple roles as mothers, wives, and employees are found to be the least happy. Job- family conflict can affect job satisfaction, satisfaction with marriage, life satisfaction and happiness. Psychology capital has been shown to increase subjective well-being...
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The Influence of the Concept of Nusantara Architecture on the Architectural Concept of Aldo Van Eyck: Study of the Pastoor van Ars Church in Den Haag

Liza Aulia Tambunan, Rudy Trisno, Naniek Widayati Priyomarsono, Fermanto Lianto
Aldo van Eyck, a Dutch architect in the era of modern architecture after the second world war in the category of structuralism, his philosophy values and architectural theory supported by philosophy values when he was in the journey to Indonesia, Africa, the Far East, Mediterranean, New Mexico and Scandinavian....
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Anger Among Adolescents in Juvenile Detention Centre: Art Therapy and Its Effects

Novita Liesera, Monty P. Satiadarma, Untung Subroto
Anger is a natural humane reaction when faced by an unwanted condition. Anger has a close relation with negative emotion. In the juvenile detention centre, there are many potential causes of anger such as lack of freedom and a very controlled environment. One of the solutions suggested to reduce anger...
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Dynamics of Emotion in Adolescence with Depression and Anxiety: The Role of Emotional Attachment, Emotional Awareness, and Emotional Regulation

Wendy Said, Ediasri Toto Atmodiwirjo, Naomi Soetikno
Human is a dynamic and complex being that contain not only emotion, but also attachment. Emotion and attachment are progressive which plays an active role in daily life. Adolescence experience expanding social world, a journey to autonomy filled with developmental challenges and adversity such as negative...
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The Correlation Between Adolescents’ Risk-Taking Behavior and Music Preference in Jakarta

Yosephine, Monty P. Satiadarma, Yohana Theresia
The purpose of this study is to find out the correlation between music preferences and risk-taking behaviour in adolescents in Jakarta. The researcher included 562 students from five high schools representing each area of Jakarta using stratified sampling and cluster sampling techniques. The results...
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Teacher Criminal Responsibility for Violence Against Children in Schools is Reviewed According to Article 80 of the Law Number 35 of 2014 Concerning Child Protection

Sabungan Sibarani
Teachers and students are two things that cannot be separated in the world of education. The relationship between the two sometimes runs harmoniously, but not infrequently contradictory. Often teachers commit acts of violence against students. The teacher argues to uphold discipline for students at school....
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The State of Bank Guarantee When the Guaranteed Debtor is Declared Bankrupt

Gunawan Widjaja, Sarjana Orba Manullang
Bank Guarantee is one of the many ways for creditor to secure and safeguard the payment of its receivables from its debtor. When a debtor is in default by not paying its debts, the debtor can be declared bankrupt. There is case whereby court decided that to claim forpayment from Bank Guarantee issued...
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Feasibility Study Criteria for Architectural Components of Cipete Raya MRT Station and Haji Nawi Station: Case study Stasiun MRT H. Nawi dan Stasiun MRT Cipete Raya

Wewin Febriana Dewi, Almira Livia, Fransisca Handayani, Neilsen Yonata, Rudy Trisno, Djauhari Sumintardja, Sidhi Wighuna
Recently, Jakarta has built a new transportation, the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit), which is expected to reduce congestion in Jakarta. But the fulfillment and needs of the MRT are not yet known whether it meets the criteria or not, one of the criteria is user access, direction, etc. Therefore the criteria...
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The Acknowledgement of Corporation’s Register Maintained by the Ministry of Law and Human Rights as Authentic Evidence in Court of Law

Gunawan Widjaja
Authentic evidence in civil law case and procedure is evidence that provides the most legitimate fact that cannot be denied by the parties, unless such evidence is declared false or forged by criminal court verdict. Law No.40 Year 2007 introduces Corporation’s register, which is maintained by Ministry...
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Face Recognition Images in Middle Adolescence

Naomi Soetikno, Alexandra Jasmine, Feilina Sutanto, Andelisa Khairunnisa, Ishmah Alya
Visual perception is a human ability to be able to interpret information captured by the eye. However, for more than half a century, neuropsychologists have recognized the classic Mooney Face Test. The Mooney face was developed by Craig Mooney to study perceptual in children. Craig Mooney created a set...
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Measuring Quality of Early Childhood Education Life: A Confirmatory Factor Analysis of Quality of School Life Questionnaire in ECE Setting

Monika, Erik Wijaya, Meike Kurniawati
Currently, early childhood education is growing rapidly. Parents and even every society members begin to realize that early childhood education becomes important in an attempt to stimulate child both in physical, cognitive, affective, as well as psychosocial development. The aim of this research is to...
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The Impact of Perceived Organizational Support and Psychological Capital Toward Nurse’s Work Performance

Mirda Sari Ningtyas Dara Pertiwi, Zamralita, Kiky D.H. Saraswati
Nurses play an important role in determining the hospital’s performance. They are the ones who deal directly with the patients and their families as the representative of the hospital. Thus, it would be interesting to investigate the antecedents that may lead to their work performance. This research...
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Actor Network and Cohort Cultures in the Business of Political Buzzer

Felicia, Riris Loisa
During the 2014 presidential election, commercial buzzers began to disseminate information and persuasion in the Indonesian political arena. The role of these buzzers was crucial, given differences cohort cultures between political actors and the young voters. This study aims to (1) describe the work...
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The Impact of Brand Image, Perceived Price and Service Quality Toward Customer Satisfaction

Alex Witama, Keni Keni
It has often been argued that customer satisfaction can contribute significantly to a company’s success in a variety of ways. This study aims to analyze the effect of brand image, perceived price and service quality on customer satisfaction. The method of data collection is convenience sampling. The...
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Learning Pancasila Through Snakes and Ladders Game

Kurnia Setiawan, Ninawati, Meiske Yunithree Suparman
This research is a continuation of the campaign activity “Pancasila Harga Mati” which was carried out by several community social institutions in 2012. The activities carried out were focus group discussions, designing and publishing the Pancasila graphic essay book, a workshop attended by 18 teenagers...
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Chinese Indonesian Cultural Orientation Analysis

Ninawati, Kurnia Setiawan, Meiske Yunithree Suparman
Each individual has an identity. Identity is a differing character from individual characteristics or group characteristics of which the divergent element is very meaningful for them. Indonesia is known as a plural country with various ethnicities. Beside the diverse ethnicity composition, Indonesia...
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The Effect of Brand Image and Social Environment on Consumptive Behavior and Its Implications for the Performance Working of Young Workers in Jakarta

Bertha Jessica Sugianto, Rezi Erdiansyah
Consumptive behavior is occurs because of the desire to consume an item or service without limits and more concerned with the desire factor than the need. Consumptive behavior is usually influenced by several factors, one of which is the social environment. Individuals tend to believe what is said and...
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Effect of Conflict, Job Satisfaction, and Stress on Medical Staff Performance (Study in the Health Facilities, West Jakarta)

Dewi Sri Haryati, Rezi Erdiansyah
This study aims to determine the effetc of work conflict, job satisfaction and work stress on the performance of medical personnel. The population in this study were medical personnel oncluding doctors, nurses, midwives, nutritionists, labolatory analysts, radiographers, and pharmacists. This research...
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The Model of Harmonization of Multiculturalism Society at Magelang Regency

Tri Purwani, Indah Arvianti, Tri Karyanti
This research is best described as an attempt to show how the multicultural differences can contribute to the model of harmonization among diversity. The model is needed as an effort to build and maintain social harmony of all regions in Indonesia that consist of plurality (multi-ethnicity and multi-religion)....
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The Effect of Service Quality, Price, Customer Satisfaction on Customer Loyalty of AirAsia Customers

David Clinton Hutagaol, Rezi Erdiansyah
This research aimed to explain the effect of service quality, price, and customer satisfaction on customer loyalty AirAsia airline customers. This research was conducted by distributing questionnaires to customer who had been used AirAsia airline service. Data processed using Lisrel 22 application with...
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The Impact of Service Quality and Corporate Reputation Toward Tourist Loyalty: A Study of the Indonesian Hotel Industry

Keni Keni, Ai Ping Teoh, Rajendran Muthuveloo
The rapid development of the Indonesian tourism industry had brought positive implications to the development of the other industries related to tourism as well, such as the airlines and hotel industry. The quick growth and development of the hotel industry in Indonesia could not only be assessed from...
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Marketing Communication Strategy in Land Function Changing From Dolly Prostitution Area to Small Industry and Tourism Village in Surabaya, East Java Province

Diah Ayu Candraningrum, Widayatmoko
The prostitution area of Gang (=small street) Dolly in the centre of Surabaya City (East Java Province, Indonesia) is a very popular place. It was claimed bigger than the same area at Geylang in Singapore and Phat Pong in Bangkok, Thailand. Suddenly in June 18, 2014, the Mayor of Surabaya City, Tri Rismaharini,...
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The Role of the Perceived Risk to Purchase Decision (For Consumers Who Use Online Shopping Technology)

Alex Valentino Gazali, P. Tommy Y. S. Suyasa
Online shopping is a recent phenomenon is a trend for the future of shopping method. The high enthusiastic consumer through online shopping method is inseparable from the perceived risk that consumer will face. Consumers’ perceived risk has been considered as a fundamental concern of the purchase decision...
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Pros and Cons of AI Robot as a Legal Subject

Yuwono Prianto, Viony Kresna Sumantri, Paksi Yudha Sasmita
The Facebook case of shutting down Artificial Intelligence (AI), which was able to create its own language, worried many people because it had far-reaching consequences for human life, inspiring the establishment of a non- profit company Open AI which aims to avoid misuse of AI in the world. This article...
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Differences Between Joint Operation and Public Private Partnership from Indonesian Legal Perspective

Gunawan Widjaja, Victoria Regine Liando
Nowadays the construction and development of infrastructures required a large capital. Huge funds, sophisticated equipment and capital goods, good management and expert labors are needed. It would be difficult for every country to develop its own infrastructure without assistance from third parties....
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The Existence of Trusts in Indonesian Shariah Law; Study on Law No.19 Year 2008 Regarding State Shariah Commercial Paper

Gunawan Widjaja, Victoria Regine Liando
Financing as a method to seek capital inflow for a corporation has switched from debt based to become equity based. Equity based funding need not required the fundee pay a fix amount of interest meanwhile the fundee itself did not make profit. To obtain huge amount of equity funding, fundee need to make...
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Convergent Media, Content of Diversity and Contemporary Consumers

Riris Loisa, G. Genep Sukendro, M. Gafar Yoedtadi
Convergence in the news media today characterized by replication of its partial content into online multi-platforms. This article aims to find the main online convergence platforms of news media and the considerations in selecting those platforms. Since diversity is a major issue in multi-cultural Indonesia,...
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The Secret to Enhance Innovativeness in Digital Industry

Ardi, Kezia Arya Nanda
The effects of leadership styles on organizational performance are still arguable due to the inconsistencies. Many researchers analysed the direct and indirect relationships with antecedents’ variables of organizational performance. However, organizations sometimes fail to achieve their organizational...
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The Cancellation of Prime-Time News Programs on Entertainment Television

Roswita Oktavianti, Budi Utami
News programs play an important role in a television station. When a prime-time news program is cancelled from the television, the editor team is demanded to immediately make adaptation. A commercial broadcasting agency should make moves in line with media business. This study takes two cases of prime-time...
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Voice Climate: The Basic Conditions When Employees Have Readiness to Change Wholeheartedly

Asih Widya Utami, P. Tommy Y. S. Suyasa, Rita Markus Idulfilastri
This research explores the relationship between voice climate and individual change readiness. In accordance with the psychological ownership theory, we argue that affective commitment would mediate the relationship between voice climate and individual change readiness; furthermore, work engagement would...
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The Application of Positive Group Psychotherapy to Increase Life Satisfaction for HIV-Infected Wives Through Her Husband

Edward Septianto Gani, Ediasri Toto Atmodiwirjo, Naomi Sutikno
Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) has become a major health problem. HIV affects several aspects, including physical, psychological, financial, and social aspects. This impact resulted in individuals having low life satisfaction. Low life satisfaction is caused by not fulfilling the domain satisfaction...
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Relationship Between Perceived Stress and Physical Symptoms with Somatic Symptoms Disorder as a Moderating Variable: Study on Medical Student

Mario Albert, Sri Tiatri, Debora Basaria
Human as a living creature has two component; body (soma) and mind/soul (psyche). The reciprocal relationship between them has been studied in philosophy and medical field. A supporting theory states “A disturbance in one component would cause a disturbance to the other”. Example of the possible disturbance...
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Factors Affecting Potential Consumers to Variable Life Insurance: Based on Theory of Planned Behavior

Song Chen, Linda Lin-Chin Lin, Cheng Te Ma
Houwan is one of the countries with the highest aging index in the world. Therefore, Taiwanese people begin to plan and invest for the future. And low cost, high guarantee and high interest rate become the high quality insurance in the eyes of customers, which has life insurance. Commodities that are...
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Implementation of Character Education at Elementary School Level in Sulawesi, Indonesia

Yuni Sri Rahayu, Sarmini, Martadi
This study aimed to describe the implementation of character education conducted at elementary school in Sulawesi, Indonesia. This study used descriptive qualitative research approach with the use of interview and questionnaire to collect the data. There were headmasters, teachers, and students from...
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Succession Planning in a Family Company: What are the Key Predictors?

Michael, Fransisca I. R. Dewi, Tommy Y.S. Suyasa
This study aims to explain the role of family welfare needs and the quality of the relationship between CEOs and successors as predictors of succession planning in family companies. Family welfare needs are the perception that the purpose of establishing a family company is primarily for the continuity...
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The Implementation of Non-Clear and Clean Mineral and Coal Mining Business License Revocation by the Governor of West Sumatera Based on the State Administration Court Decision Number 2 / P / Fp / 2017 / Ptun.Pdg.

Monika Kurnia, Ahmad Redi
In order to control Mining Business Permits, a policy was made regarding the evaluation and procedures for issuing Mining Business Permits and Clear and Clean (CnC) status which is regulated based on Ministerial Regulation Number 43 of 2015. However, even though there are provisions that regulate it,...
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Reviewing South America Institutionalism and the Failure of Regional Integration Process

Amad Sudiro, Connie Cyntia, Elvinelly, Fena Angel Kaawoan
South America Revolution on the beginning of 19th century has massively affect the form of independent country and decolonitation process by Spain and Portugal empire. Unification based on the equality of cultural and lingustic was tried to be implemented in this area continually, but the fact is this...
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Politics of Law Due to the Protection of Land Rights Holders Based on the Rechtsverwerking Principle

Naomi Elvienne Yanto, Gunardi, Ahmad Redi
As is known that legal politics has 2 (two) dimensions. These dimensions include ius constitutum (applicable law) and ius constituendum (the law that is reported). The stigma that law is a political product is true along the das sein if it is based on das sein by conceptualizing the law as a statutory...
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Capitalizing on the Increasing Influence of Latin American Cuisine: A Marketing Plan on High Tide

Lin-Chin Lin, Luis Daniel Cerros, Sanjeev Kumar
It seems like many young entrepreneurs are steering away from the more traditional corporate future, where opportunities seem to be fewer by the day, and it appears that cafés and trendy restaurants have exploded in popularity. Along with the sudden rise of new, fashionable, cafés and restaurants managed...
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Expanding Marketing Place and Branding Promotion Strategy of Singfujia Real Estate

Lin-Chin Lin, Meng Han Wang, Kosasih Ng Benson
This case study explores the relationships between the marketing place and branding promotion strategy of Singfujia Real Estate. Building strong brands is one of the most important goals of product and brand management (Esch, Langner, Schmitt, & Geus, 2006). The research conducted in qualitative...
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The Effectiveness of Mediation in Divorce Case in Denpasar District Court

Mia Hadiati, Gunardi, Indah Siti Aprilia
Mediation as one of Alternative Dispute Resolution having the ascendency in the Indonesian Legal System. This mediation was considered as a way of dispute resolution humane because the mechanism for decision making within the authority of the parties in dispute and maintaining good relation and fair...
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The Effectivity of Law Number 1 of 1974 Concerning Marriage to Prevent Early Age Marriage in the Bantaeng Area of South Sulawesi

Mia Hadiati, Moody R. Syailendra, Luthfi Marfungah
Article 7 paragraph 1 of Law No. 1 of 1974 concerning Marriage, requires that the age limit for marriage for women is 16 years old and 19 years old male. Namely in its implementation regarding the boundaries of the marriage provisions there are actually many incompatibilities with the existing rules....
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Model of Mining and Mineral Mining Exploitation in the Pancasila Perspective and Indonesian Constitution UUD 1945

Luthfi Marfungah, Ahmad Redi, Amad Sudiro, Gunardi
Indonesia has a model of the mineral and coal mining system before independence until now. The arrangement of the mineral and coal mining concession system model was regulated prior to independence with the issuance of Indische Mijnwet Staatsblad of 1899 Number 214 with a concession / permit concession...
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The Effectiveness in the Implementation of Mining License Business in Indonesia (Based on Law Number 23 of 2014 Regarding Region Government)

Kexia Goutama, Ahmad Redi, Amad Sudiro, Gunardi
Mining has gained strong popularity in recent years due to the increase in global demand for metals and other industrial raw material derived from the ground. Therefore, mining is the part of natural recources based on humanity, proved in Article 33 Paragraph (3) Constitution of Republic Indonesia[1]....
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Juridical Study of the Execution of Patent Objects as Fiduciary Guarantees

Jeane Neltje Saly, Gunardi Lie, Mariske Myeke Tampi
Problematics of the execution of patent object which are technological products as fiduciary guarantees is the impact of disorderly attitude by the community in increasing added value and competitiveness when achieving development goals. It also arises from violations against Law No. 13 of 2016 [1] about...
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Taxation System, Tax Sanctions, Justice, Discrimination, and Probability of Cheat Detect Impact on Taxpayer Perception Regarding Tax Evasion Ethics (Study at Primary KPP in Yogyakarta)

Ishak Ramli, Agus Zainul Arifin, Yanuar
This study is about Yogyakarta. Sleman as One of the regency in Yogyakarta had not enough regional original income (PAD) in order to invest in capital expenditure, especially for the information technology. So that collecting and maximizing the potential original incomes (PAD), especially regional taxes...
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The Role of Psychological Capital, Quality of Work Life, and Perceived Job Opportunity on Turnover Intention in Millennials (Study on PT. X Business Unit)

Yovita Brigita Saerang, M. Zamralita, Kiky D. H. Saraswati
Millennials are well-known as a job-hopping generation. The process of quitting the job starts with a turnover intention. An employee’s intention to quit is affected by factors from within the individual, organization, and external environment. Therefore, this study aims to examine the role of psychological...
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The Role of Online Media Gatekeeper in the Era of Digital Media

Farid Rusdi, Zyad Rusdi
In the era of digital media, information spreads so fast. Sometimes the information cannot be confirmed, which results in confusion. The mainstream media in this case online media with its characteristics can play a role in clarifying information confusion. But online media joined the confusion due to...
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Predatory Pricing in the Online Transportation Platforms: Is It Really Predatory?

Teddy Nurcahyawan, Lewiandy, Michelle Viandy Huang
The Competition Law in Indonesia is embodied in Law Number 5 of 1999 [1] concerning the Prohibition of Monopolistic Practices and Unfair Business Competition which aims to provide equal opportunity for every citizen to participate in the process of production and marketing of goods and or services, in...
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The Norm Dispute Resolution Through Mediation

Tundjung Herning Sitabuana, Ahmad Redi, Shella Felicia
Indonesia has identified itself as the state of law (rechtsstaat). The principle of the rule of law undoubtedly underlies the life of the state and nation by embodying hierarchical legal norms culminating in constitution. However the inconsistency between the laws and regulations is inevitable in constitutional...
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The Effect of Legal Culture Shift on Land Tenure in Leuwidamar District, Lebak-Banten

Yuwono Prianto, Narumi Bungas Gazali, Viony Kresna Sumantri, Eddy Suntoso
Population Growth, technology and interaction with the society has been grown up hedonism for example like using handphone, wearing jewelry, driving vehicle, until land tenure in Kanekes / Baduy colony that previously had ascetic culture. There is a tendency between the legal culture and applicable legal...
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The Effectivity of the Priority Policy of Natural Resources Management by Village-Owned Entities in the Coastal Areas of Mount Kidul Regency

Benny Djaja, Yuwono Prianto
Villages, which exist as the smallest units within the government as well as the supporting pillars of cities, deserve more attention than they have garnered. Since 2016, the Indonesian Government has prioritized villages development from 3 main aspects i.e., infrastructure, village social services,...
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Juridical Analysis on the Copyright of Modification and Customization of Android Software

Ariawan Gunadi, Klarika Permana
Android is a mobile operating system developed by Google. It is usually used by several smartphones and tablets. The Android System (OS) is an open source, meaning developers can modify and customize the OS for each phone. Despite the fact that the creator of the Android system must have held the copyright...
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Indonesia’s Affiliation with International Fisheries Organization and Its Consequences

Ida Kurnia
International fisheries is a complicated issue and one of the main reason is the fact that terestrial natural resources are reducing in numbers, thus making marine natural resources, which includes marine fisheries resources, as a cornerstone for development and growth. The growth of population also...
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Academic Burnout in Digital Era: Examining the Role of Problematic Smartphone Use, Core Self-Evaluations, and Academic Achievement on Academic Burnout Among Medical Students

Christy, Riana Sahrani, Pamela Hendra Heng
This study aimed to discover the role of problematic smartphone use, core self-evaluations, and academic achievement on academic burnout among medical students. Medical students are a group of students who have a higher pressure in studying compared to students from other field of study. This situation...
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Legal Empowerment in Baduy Migrant, Lebak-Banten

Prianto Yuwono, F.R. Mella Ismelina., Gabriella Elia
Baduy Migrants / mualaff, including Dangka Baduy, no longer follow Sunda Wiwitan teaching’s. They must leave the Inner Baduy / Outer Baduy, and marginalized due to loss of place to live and access to natural resources in Kanekes Village. Currently there are new settlements in Bojongmenteng Village, Lembah...
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Law Implementation Problem of Duty of Right on Land and Building in Batu City, Malang City. and Malang Regency

Ahmad Redi, Zendy Sellyfio Ardiana
Since the enactment of Law Number 6 of 1983 concerning general provisions and taxation procedures, the Indonesian taxation system absolutely adheres to the self-assessment system which is then marked as policy reform. The change of the taxation system is due to the lack of effectiveness of the procedures...