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Refurbished Shipping Containers as Architectural Module in Bandung

Baskoro Laksitoadi, Muhammad Hasan As Syarif
This paper describes how old shipping containers can be modified and adapted into a new function such as building modules. Literature studies, study case (Day & Nite Eatery and Grocery, Bandung), as well as tracing back the shipping container through modification, storage, and inland depot were conducted...

Experiments on the Quality of the Output Tone on the Electric Sasando Produced by Edon and Oebelo With A Variety of Wire Materials

Ali Warsito, Hery L. Sianturi, Juliany N. Mohamad
This study aims to identify and improve the quality of the output tone of the Sasando musical instrument from Rote, East Nusa Tenggara by varying the 32 types of wire used. The type of Sasando used in this study was the electric Sasando made by craftsmen Oebelo and craftsmen from Edon Kolhua. The results...

The Belt and Road Initiative From A Supply-Chain Trade and Trade Facilitation Perspectives in Malaysia

Au Yong Hui Nee
Over the past decades, bilateral relations have deepened and trade soared between Malaysia and China. China has become Malaysia’s largest trading partner in the last decade. Now, the two countries are more closely linked. Hence, this study attempts to look into the past achievement particularly in enhancing...

Openness of Public Information in the Management of Village Funds in North Minahasa Regency

Sisca B. Kairupan, Jeane Mantiri
This research aims to 1). Describe, analyze, interpret public information disclosure in North Minahasa Regency; 2). To analyze what factors are hampering the disclosure of public information in North Minahasa Regency. The research technique used is descriptive qualitative. The study was located in North...

Integration of Learning Interconection in the Industrial Revolution 4.0

Abdul Muhith
Islamic civilization shows the reality in history that the dichotomy of education that lasted for centuries separating religious education and general education gave anxiety to scientists who are faithful in the face of the industrial revolution 4.0 related to the problems of modern society, then practically...

The Effect of Supervision Levels on Employees’ Performance Levels

Abd. Hannang, Salju, Muh. Yusuf Qamaruddin
The research objective is to determine the implementation of supervision and employees’ performance and how much influence the level of supervision on employees’ performance in the City of Manpower Office of Palopo. This research method used a quantitative descriptive approach. The sampling technique...

An Artist's Diaries and Personal Notes as a Source of Understanding His Art -- Joan Miro's Catalan Notebook

Ksenia Orlova
An important source of studying art in modern art history are notebooks, personal letters with friends, interviews and talks. But researchers have an important task to keep impartiality and some distance from the object of their research. The article covers this issue using Joan Miro's personal correspondence...
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Research on the Approximation Characteristics of Bandelet Transform

Yong Huang, Qing Huang, Yanhong Li
In this paper, from the geometric flow and the horizon model, the flow integral and the edge expression in the scanning band are analyzed. Secondly, the deficiency of the discrete binary wavelet basis function is constructed, and the standard orthogonal basis of the Bandelet transform is constructed....

Leisure Experience: Based on Liminality Theory Perspective

Senyao Sang
Leisure is an important phenomenon of modern social and a common need of post-modern citizen. Under the leisure state, the individual escapes from life routine and experiences the physically and mentally restored, as well as the identity transition. Within the process, the individual experiences the...

Teaching Paradigm Reform Based on Semi-Flipped Classroom and a Preliminary Practice

Lingjian Ye, Xiushui Ma, Weihong Zhong, Hongwei Guan
The flipped classroom paradigm brought up innovative reforms into the teaching field and has been prevalent globally in the recent years. However, the success of a flipped classroom relies on various supporting elements, which cannot be generally guaranteed in a particular college education. To release...

Developing Worksheets for Fine Art Materials by Using Discovery Learning Model Based on the Scientific Approach

Wisdiarman WISDIARMAN, Abd. HAFIZ, Suib AWRUS, Zubaidah ZUBAIDAH
Worksheets, one of the instructional media, have to be prepared before teaching since they affect the teaching and learning process. The 2013 curriculum requires the learning implementation to be applied based on the scientific approach including the development of worksheets. However, it has not yet...

The Approaches of Word Sentences in Forming and Meaning Translation of Reading Text in the Diploma Class

Dewanto Dewanto
Translation is one transferring one language to another language by using process of changing source language (SL) into target language (TL). Translation is the changing of one language into other language. The translation needs process in transmitting of language, such as word, phrase, or sentence....

Relationship between General Self-Efficacy, Personality Traits and Family Functions of Parents of Low-grade Primary School Students

Yongmei Hou, Zhiqiang Huang
Objective to explore the impact of self-efficacy and parents' personality traits on the family functioning in the students of First and Second grade. Method Four hundred parents randomly selected from 4 private primary schools in Tangxia, Dongguan were measured with General Self- Efficacy Scale (GSES),...

Strategic Analysis of International Competitiveness for Construction Firms in China

Shigang Yan
As an important participant at the international construction market, Chinese construction firms (CCFs) are confronted with the tasks of keeping themselves competitive. The paper analyzed the current situation and challenges of CCFs at the international construction Market. To help construction firms...

Green Production Associations Study between Brand Trust, Satisfactory Degree and Re-purchase Intention

Xi Chen, Fangping Cao
This paper takes the consumers who have purchased green products in Taiwan as the research object, and choose the three variables of brand trust, satisfaction and willingness to buy, and use the confirmatory factor analysis and structural equation method to analyze the valid questionnaires Consumer green...
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Several Notations of Gronwall Inequality of Vector Functions

D. Luo, Y. Liu, C. Wang
In this paper, we first consider tow inequalities of vector functions,then combine the vector function inequality with Gronwell' inequality to obtain another two vector function's inequalities. At last, using them to prove the maximum principle for one kind of optimal control problem.
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Prasadja Ricardianto, Adenan Suhalis, Francis Tanri
The aim of this research is to analyze the influence of leadership style, and the employee engagement on the work effectiveness of ship crew of PT Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia (PELNI). PELNI is a state-owned company running a shipping business. The research survey is done toward 95 ship crew using a...

Teaching Problem-solving Skills Through Learner Autonomy Based Learning and Local Wisdom Insight

Abdul Salam, Sarah Miriam, Mrs Misbah
21st-century skills mastery and cultural transformation process are two things that should be concerned with education world nowadays. The next generation of this nation not only should be smart intellectually but also respectful of the cultural values of society and conserve them. Therefore, the instructional...
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Structure and Space Charge Inhibition Performance of Reactive RF Magnetron Sputter Deposited Al2O3 Thin Film on the Fiber Surface

Jian Hao, Yanqing Li, Ruijin Liao, Chao Li, Lianpeng Wang, Shuaiwei Liang
Cellulose insulation paper/pressboard has been widely used in HVDC transformers. In this study, the aluminum oxide function film was deposited on the cellulose insulation pressboard surface using reactive radio frequency (RF) magnetron sputtering. The sputtered thin film was characterized by the scanning...

Research on Construction Models of Adult Learning Circle in China

Hefei Li
Soon after the adult learning came out in Sweden, the Swedish government regarded adult learning circle as one of the effective measures to improve the scientific and cultural quality of the majority of workers, and achieved good results. The adult learning circle in China is built late and the pattern...

The Role of Families in Young Children's Mental Health

Lala Rubiyah
The major goal is to provide the understanding on how important the role of family in young children's mental health.The condition of family plays an important role in children's development, especially on their mental health development. Based on previous studies, mental health in early childhood is...

Bonded Logistic Center: Policy Analysis on Perspective Supply Side Tax Policy on ShipyardIndustry

Haula Rosdiana, Ms Inayati, Maria R.U.D. Tambunan, Murwendah Ms
The aim of this article is to examine government fiscal policy which establish Bonded Logistic Center (BLC) as an alternative of offering conventional fiscal incentives by using Supply-side Tax Policy perspective. This study also compares the implementation, advantages and disadvantages of conventional...
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Analysis on Bacterial Community Structure of Groundwater in Changzhou City

Chenyu Liu, Jihua Wang, Jianfei Guan, Yao Ji, Haichao Sui
The groundwater was monthly sampled from two underground wells of wastewater treatment plant in Changzhou City during March 2016 to February 2017 to monitor groundwater quality and cultivated bacterial community in water. This study aims at analyzing bacterial community structure shift along with environmental...

Coping with Negative Attitude Toward Muslims in The Netherlands and Germany: The Role of Religious Moral Values among Indonesian Migrants

Ahmad Muhammad Diponegoro, Mujidin
Since the terrorist attacks in several countries in Europe, little is known about how Muslims, as a minority group, in Netherlands and Germany cope with the challenges associated with engaging their religious practices in a predominantly nonIslamic context. This study aims to investigate how Indonesian...
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Improved ADRC of Airborne Electro-optical Stabilized Platform

Qixuan Zhu, Honggang Zhang, Junke Gao
This paper proposed a method for perameter setting of traditional nonlinear extended state observer using Back-Propagation neural network .This method simplified the complicated nonlinear extended state observer parameter setting process. This paper simulated the active disturbance-rejection control...
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Human Action Recognition Based on Global Silhouette and Local Optical Flow

Ning Zhang, Zeyuan Hu, Sukhwan Lee, Eungjoo Lee
Currently, Human Activity Recognition is a research hotspot in the field of machine vision, it involves knowledge of image processing, pattern recognition, artificial intelligence and many other disciplines. Video-based Human Activity Recognition including human area detection, movement and gesture segmentation,...

Capital Market Reactions on The Event Of The American Presidential Election In 2016 (Case Study Of Listed Companies In Indonesia And American Stock Exchange)

Aris Andriyani, Dwi Nita Aryani
The aim of this study is to analyze the reaction of the Indonesian and American capital markets to the events of the 2016 America presidential election. The method used in this research is event study to analyze market reaction and test t-test (paired samples t-test) to analyze difference of high low...


Dede Rosyada
The Qur'an, the Holy Book, the guidance for Muslims' lives, was revealed in Arabic. It is believed that Arabic was chosen as the language of the Qur'an, because of its compatibility with and capability of representing the meanings of God's message. As the Qur'an was sent down to the Earth in context,...

Translating Sound Symbolism in Noblesse Comic

Mr Abdurrosyid, Dwi Santika
The study aims at identifying the methods used in translating sound symbolism from English into Bahasa Indonesia. The comic Noblesse by Son Jae Ho, is used as the object of analysis. Because the origin of the comic is from South Korea, this paper will also present Korean version (SL1) besides English...

Developing Technologically Responsive Reflective Learning Model for Z Generation Learners

Endah Tri Priyatni, Siti Cholisotul Hamiah, Pidekso Adi
Z Generation is a generation born and grows up with the internet. Generation Z requires a learning model that is more than traditional learning. This study aims to develop a learning model for the Z-generation learners, which is called Technologically Responsive Reflective Learning. There are two main...

Review of the Management Theory and Method of Loan Limitation

Mu Zhang, Meng Wang
Reasonably determining and using the loan limitation granted by commercial banks to their corporate clients, it has important theory meaning and realistic meaning for commercial banks to strengthen risk prevention and for lenders and borrowers to improve operational performance. In this paper, we summarized...

Teenagers' Knowledge and Perception about The Staple Food Diversity to Describe Daily Eating Habit

Familia Novita Simanjuntak
Daily eating habit of teenagers is usually described by knowledge and perception based on their family culture/heritage or education experience or social life. This research studies about how the knowledge and perception of teenagers describe their daily eating habit. Staple food is a group of food to...

Obesity in Pets - One Health and Animal Welfare Considerations

Shane Ryan
Companion animals - particularly and most commonly dogs and cats - share the lifestyles and the environments of their human counterparts. Similarly, they may also share both the positive and negative implications of this "intimate relationship" with humans. Improved access to resources such as food supplies,...

Indonesia: The Dangers of Democratic Regression

Edward Aspinall, Eve Warburton
For the last decade, comparativists and country experts have praised Indonesia's democratic stability. Free, fair and highly competitive elections are held regularly throughout the country. Indonesia boasts a vibrant civil society and its press is amongst the freest in the region. However, praise for...

Developing Islamic Philanthropy for Human Rights: The Indonesian Experience

Asep Saepudin Jahar
This paper deals with the Islamic philanthropic experience in relation to human rights in Indonesia. While existing studies contend that Islamic doctrine disagrees with human rights, for example in the field of male and female relations in both private and public affairs, this essay tries to demonstrate...

Measuring Efficiency of Fuel Oil Usage in PT PLN: A Short-Run Analysis

Tongam Sihol Nababan
This study aims to measure and to analyze the efficiency level of fuel oil usage in units of PT. PLN generation. The study result shows that until now the PLN is still operating in inefficiency condition, because of foil oil usage. The energy consumption level of fuel oil is less efficient compared with...

The Research on the Ecological Environment Construction and Poverty Alleviation Development in "Three Rivers Parallel Flow Area" of Yunnan Province

Yongqian Li, Yerong Li
In the process of the regional ecological environment construction in "Three Rivers Parallel Flow Area", the regional resources, the relationship between economy and environment should be taken into consideration. Based on market-oriented and serious comparison between opportunity and cost, we should...
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Serum Leptin Levels in Patients with Hepatitis B: A Meta-analysis

Qiong-Yuan Zhang, Xuan Xu, Mei Luo, Jian-Jiang Xue, Ying-Li Li
Background and Aims: Hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection is a widespread disease affecting people worldwide. With more and more research on the deepening of the leptin, which suggested a close relationship between serum leptin levels and HBV. In this study, we explored the correlation between serum leptin...

Research on the cross-border shopping behavior of consumers based on TAM model and perceived risk

Huili Ye
With the popularization of the Internet, shopping online has gradually become a new channel of shopping. Compared with the traditional shopping method, shopping online has the advantage of being free of time and space limitation, low price, complete and rich commodity information, so the online retail...
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The Relationship between Orthodontic Treatment Need and Psychosocial Impact in University of Sumatera Utara Undergraduate Student

Aditya Rachmawati, Erliera
Teeth and mouth are a lifetime health investments for human. Various disease and anomaly of the teeth and mouth may impair the function of oral cavity; one of them is malocclusion, anomaly of the alignment of the teeth. Teeth in good position relative to the arch not only support the health of oral cavity,...

Face-to-face is the most effective media for communication over social media

Svenja Arabella Hallerberg, Madawala Liyanage Duminda Jayaranjan, Sumaia Farzana
Global teams need to know how to be successful in effective communication. Global leaders or international students should be able to manage diverse international teams. The paper reveals information into some communication theories and discusses their today's applicability. Technological advancement...

Human Security In The Sustainable Development Goal 5 (SDGs 5) And Its Implementation In Indonesia

Junita Budi Rachman, Yanyan Mochamad Yani, Sayitri Aditiany
This paper is a concern with human security, women matters, and the Sustainable Development Goals numbered 5. The United Nations addressing gender equality and empower all women and girls in SDGs 5 that must be implemented and achieved by all its members in their countries, including Indonesia. Since...

Studies on Culture and Creative economics in Belgium (Brussels, Flanders and Wallonia)

Elisabetta Lazzaro
In recent decades, new forces, such as China, Russia and Brazil, have emerged in the international contemporary art market as part of the creative economy. At the same time the art market is becoming more visible globally, with the same art galleries and the same artists can be exhibited in different...
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One Pot Hydrothermal Synthesis of ZnFe2O4/rGO with Enhanced Photoelectrochemical Performance for Water Splitting

Yue He, Yan Zhang, Fengkai Yu, Linlin Zhang, Jianqiang Yu
Spinel structure of ZnFe2O4 has attracted widespread attention due to its excellent visible-light-driven photocatalytic activity. The composite photocatalyst of ZnFe2O4 and reduced graphene oxide (rGO) have been synthesized by a facile one-step hydrothermal strategy. A substantially enhanced photoelectrochemical...

Analysis of Indonesian Men's Apparel Exports to Seven Countries in Europe Union

Sri Mulatsih, Putri Rizkia Nufrina
Mens-apparel is a potential export product from Indonesia textile industry. There is a potential increase in this product to European Union (EU). The presence of an exporting country competitor i.e., Vietnam, becomes a challenge for Indonesia to maintain its market position. The aims of this study are...
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Comparative Study: The Role of Stem Cell In Damaged Cell

Fedik Abdul Rantam, Dwikora Novembri Utomo, Heri Suroto
Stem cell is undifferentiated cell that have some properties like self renewal and plasticity. The other properties are can differentiate into some the specific cell. Stem cell is divided into two kinds of cell base on the resource of stem cell are embryonic stem cell and adult stem cell. Base on the...

The Impact of Economic Turbulence on Local Bank Efficiency: Does Common Wisdom Hold?

Felisitas Defung, Rizky Yudaruddin, Syarifah Hudayah
Common theory suggests that banking performance is positively related to economic growth. This common wisdom is further tested by investigating whether economic turmoil has a meaningful impact on local bank technical efficiency. This study uses Regional Development Banks (RDB) data in Indonesia as a...
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Selection and Optimization of Structures of Double Screw Conveyors

Enliang Dai, Hui Wan, Bin Jian, Guoming Hu
The screw conveyor with no overlap between two screw blades and the screw conveyor with large overlap between two screw blades were simulated by discrete element method and the distribution of particle axial velocity, angular velocity, forces around the shell and forces around screw blades was carried...

Reformation and Exploration in Physics Experiment Teaching

Maoyong Tang, Yaxiang Bai
In order to improve the quality of physics experiment and cultivate the innovative person with ability of independent scientific research, traditional physics experiment teaching method and content must be reformed, In this paper, the reformation and exploratory researches of physics experiment teaching,...

Mind Maple Lite Software : Improve Student's Learning Outcomes And Stimulating Metacognition In Nutrition Science Subject

Aftika Andra Sagita, Luthfiyah Nurlaela, Wahono Widodo
This study aimed to determine the validity, the practicality, and the effectiveness on the development of learning tools using software of Mind Maple Lite metacognition-based on meta lesson nutrition science. This research was 4-D model from Thiagarajan by using the intact-group comparison design on...