Proceedings of the 2nd Early Childhood and Primary Childhood Education (ECPE 2020)

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Critical Thinking and Reflective Thinking Skills in Elementary School Learning

Ni Luh Sakinah Nuraini, Puri Selfi Cholifah, Putri Mahanani, Andini Mukharoma Meidina
Various information is often circulating around us. We are accustomed to trusting information right away and rarely question its truth. In order not to get caught up in this, we must be able to criticize the information obtained. This ability needs to be developed in all circles, both prospective teachers...
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Gifted Education in ASEAN

Nor Laili, Novira Silmi Sabila, Vivi Mariesca Vibraena, Ahsan Romadhon Junaidi, Dimas Arif Dewantoro
Education for children with special needs does include not only studies of children with disabilities, but also children who have certain advantages over normal people. Where then these advantages become obstacles for children to grow and develop in the community. Special education for gifted and talented...
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Analysis of the Ratio of Teachers, Staff, and Students as an Effort to Accelerate Quality Improvement of Primary Schools

Ahmad Nurabadi, Ibrahim Bafadal, Endah Tri Priyatni, Juharyanto
The objectives of this study were to: (1) describe the number of teachers; and (2) describe the number of staff, in order to accelerate school quality improvement. This study uses a quantitative approach. The place of this research is an elementary school in Nganjuk district, East Java, Indonesia. The...
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Primary School Principal Performance Measurement

Ibrahim Bafadal, Ahmad Nurabadi, Yerry Soepriyanto, Imam Gunawan
The principal’s performance is a measure of the performance of the school organization. The purpose of this study was to measure the performance of the principal. This research was conducted in elementary schools in Malang Regency, East Java, Indonesia. The research sample was 145 school principals....
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Identification of Themes in the Moral Debate Program as an Effort to Increase Work Integrity of Principal

Imam Gunawan, Ibrahim Bafadal, Ahmad Nurabadi, Juharyanto, Andhika Gilang Prayoga
This article describes the sub-themes chosen by the principal in the moral debate program. This research is included in survey research. Respondents of this study were the Principals of the State Elementary Schools of Malang City, East Java, Indonesia, with a total of 82 school principals as respondents....
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UTM Arab Students’ Usage for English Vocabulary Mobile Applications

Mohammed Z M Qaddoura, F.Y. Mustaffa
This study was conducted to highlight the Arab students at UTM and their preferences for English vocabulary mobile apps (EVMA) and to identify the reasons for choosing the selected app as the best preferences of Arab students in the university. Among hundreds of EVMA in Google Play store, a list of the...
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Organic Parenting Pattern as an Early Childhood Behavior Control Strategy in the Millennial Era

Pramono, Khoirunnisa’, Munaisra Tri Tirtaningsih, Anggit Prasetio Nugroho, Bilqis Nur Zakia
A child is an excellent impersonator who always does whatever is exemplified in his social environment. The social environment became one of the places where they learned to learn a wide variety of human characters, morals and social values. It is called social learning. The social learning that children...
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The Improvement of Fine Motor Skills Through Sewing Several Types of Clothing Patterns in Group A Children at Kindergarten Plus Wahidiyah Sukun Malang

Kholifatur Rohmah, Usep Kustiawan, Suryadi
This research is a class action research, aims to determine the application and improvement of fine motor skills through sewing activities. The scope of this research is fine motor children aged 4-5 years, patterns in sewing are limited to the types of clothing patterns made from duplex paper, the indicators...
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Analysis of Short-Term Memory and Long-Term Memory Capabilities of Children Aged 4-5 with Autism

Novia Shela Dasilva, Nanik Yuliati, Senny Weyara Dienda Saputri
This research is conducted to describe the ability of short-term memory and long-term memory skills of children with autism with severe categories, moderate and mild at TK Nurani Kindergarten, Sumbersari District, Jember Regency. This type of research is a qualitative study with data collection methods...
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Supporting Elementary Students Creative Writing Skill With Assessment as Learning

Titis Angga Rini, Bagus Cahyanto
Creative writing involves productive language activities that require students to produce various genres of children’s literature in their learning. The results of creative writing show the competence of students’ creations in the cognitive stage to explore ideas to produce their writing. In elementary...
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The Analysis of Social Environment Role on the Enhancement of Interpersonal Intelligence of Autism Children

Vanessa Jovanka Geraldhyne, Nanik Yuliati, Senny Weyara Dienda Saputri
This research was conducted to describe the interpersonal intelligence profile of children with autism in the mild category at Cahaya Nurani Kindergarten, Sumbersari sub-district, Jember Regency, and to describe the role of the social environment in increasing interpersonal intelligence in children with...
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Perceptions of Elementary School Teachers in Malang on the Preparation and Analysis of HOTS Questions

Restu Sinta Ambarwati, Harti Kartini, Sa’dun Akbar
The purpose of this study is to describe the teacher’s perception of the task of compiling and analyzing HOTS questions. A quantitative approach with this type of descriptive research. The sample was determined by using area quota non proportional random sampling technique. The instrument used in data...
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Continuous Professional Development for Novice Lecturers Using Lesson Study (A Case Study in the Department of Primary and Preschool Education)

Puri Selfi Cholifah, Titis Angga Rini
In general, lesson study activities are very applicable to be implemented in professional development through professional learning communities. This study aims to identify and explain the lesson study activities of a group of novice lecturers. This research is qualitative research with the type of case...
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Are the Early Children’s School Meals Diverse, Nutritious, Balanced, and Safe?

Rr. Dina Kusuma Wardhani, Reza Mauldy Raharja, Ratih Kusumawardani
Building children’s understanding and habits in consuming diverse, nutritious, balanced, and safe foods is not an easy thing. Early Childhood Education institutions or in Indonesia called Early Childhood Education are an environment that has a role and influence on various developments, behaviors, and...
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The Implementation of Color Games to Improve Art Creativity in Group B TK Kartika IV-6, Malang

Febby Anjelita Cahyani, Nur Anisa
The objective of this study is to apply the inflatable technique color game in an art learning activity to improve the art creativity for children Group B in TK Kartika IV-6 Malang. The research methodology used is Classroom Action Research (CAR) with Kemmis & Mc Taggart model. This study was done...
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The Effect of the Simpai Game Dance on the Body Balance of Group A Children TK Dharma Wanita Persatuan I Jatikerto

Galih Miftahul Sari, Retno Tri Wulandari, Wuri Astuti
The effect of the Simpai Dance on the Body Balance of the Children of Group A Kindergarten Dharma Wanita Persatuan I Jatikerto is the title of this research which aims to find out whether the Simpai dance has an influence on the balance of the body of the group A children. The research method used in...
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Improvement of Fine Motor Skills Through Cheerful Weaving Activities in Group B PGRI 03 Kindergarten Tumpang Malang

Isrotul Muslimah, Tomas Iriyanto, Evania Yafie
The purpose of this study was to find out how the application of cheerful weaving activities to improve children’s fine motor skills, and describe whether through cheerful weaving activities can improve children’s fine motor skills. This study uses a classroom action research (CAR) design with qualitative...
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Parents’ Involvement in Distance Learning During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Dini Kurnia Sari, Rosyidamayani T. Maningtyas
The purpose of this research is to determine how parents are involved in distance learning during the Covid-19 pandemic. This research used survey method by distributing research questionnaires using google form. The sampling technique used purposive sampling with the sample criteria being parents who...
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Improvement of the Learning Outcome of Write Text Through the Guided Discovery Model in the Second C Grade Student

Annisa Nur Azizah, Lilik Bintartik, Arda Purnama Putra
This study aims to improve the learning outcomes of writing text through the Guided Discovery model in the second C grade student at Nglegok 1 Elementary School in Blitar. The results of the analysis show that the Guided Discovery model can be applied very well so that the activities of teachers and...
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Development of Busy Bag Educational Game Tools for Fine Motor Skills for Children Aged 3-4 Years

Elis Safitri, Usep Kustiawan, Suryadi
The background of this research and development is the underutilization of learning facilities and infrastructure such as game media. The purpose of this research and development is to produce busy bag educational toys to stimulate fine motor skills of children aged 3-4 years. The research methods used...
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Increase the Results of Learning Mathematics Material Area and Circumference Square, Rectangular Through Think Pair Share Model

Moh Fikri Alfian, H.M. Zainuddin, Ferril Irham Muzaki
The low level of material mathematics learning outcomes and the circumference of a rectangular square is caused by students who are less active in learning and lack direct student involvement. Procedures in classroom action research include planning, carrying out observation, and reflection. The results...
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Errors Analysis Resolving Problems Story Based on Watson’s Error Category a Student in the 4th Class of Elementary School

Irma Evriyanti, Yuniawatika, Suhel Madyono
The research objective was to analyze the errors of the fourth grade students of Kepanjenkidul Blitar Subdistrict in solving the number material story problems using the Watson error category. The research design used a descriptive qualitative research method. Types of data are written test results and...
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Considering the Effective Online Learning Design: Distance Learning and Digital Divide in the Pandemic Era

RR. Siti Murtiningsih, Hastanti Widy Nugroho, Ahmad Samawi
The year of 2020 is a year of global health crisis that left an impact on social and economic life. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the pattern of human life and the way of interaction between people, including the education. The application of distance learning models during social distancing now...
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Game Development for Indonesian Language Evaluation Materials in Elementary Schools

Ferril Irham Muzaki
The purpose of this literature review is to determine the level of visibility of the game based on Mobile Gaming which provides opportunities for elementary school students to evaluate Indonesian learning in elementary schools with games from Android Apps. The results of this study are (1) the development...
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Development of Colour and Shape Learning Device for Kindergarten Students

Ilham A.E. Zaeni, M. Iqbal Akbar, Kartika C. Kirana, Dessy R. Anzani
Early childhood education plays a very basic role in the sense of developing human capital. For students in kindergarten (5-6 years), the ability to discern colours and geometric shape is essential for children’s development. Students in kindergarten should think about colours and geometrical shape....
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The Role of Educational Technologists in Building the Skills of Early Childhood Teachers With TRINGO Ki Hadjar Dewantara Approach

Dedi Kuswandi, Zahid Zufar At Thaariq, Lukky Reza Ramadhani, Dhimas Adhitya Wijanarko, Rexy Willyam Delanur Hamudi, Muhammad Najmi Alwi Sinaga, Risma Chulashotud Diana, Eko Saputra Nurdiansa, Khoirunnisa
The purpose of this study is to examine and describe the efforts to build the skills of Early Childhood Education (PAUD) teachers through training in the use of technology in PAUD learning with the TRINGO approach (Ngerti, Ngrasa and Nglakoni). Training activities in the New Normal era that prioritize...
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The Efforts to Strengthen Nationalist Character Values Through the Methods of Story Telling and Dancing

Retno Tri Wulandari, Eny Nur Aisyah, Ajeng Fitri Untariana
The purpose of this study is to describe the nationalist character on early the childhood education and the application of story tell and dance methods to improve the nationalist character of early childhood in group B Laboratorium Kindergarten UM that consist of 18 children. This research carried out...
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Development of Plane Figure Student Activity Sheet Based on Guided Inquiry to Train the Creative Thinking Ability of Elementary School Students

Atik Budiarti, Yuniawatika, Tri Murti
The purpose of this research and development is to produce a valid and practical ofstudent activity sheet (LKPD) based on Guided Inquiry Flat Build Material to Train the Creative Thinking Ability of Class VI Students at SDN Banggle 02. This study using ADDIE research model, which has five stages of development,...
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Development of Moral Religious Values Through Audio Visual Media in Group B of Aisyiyah Kindergarten 1 Palu

Nurhayati, Andi Agusniatih
The problem in this study is that the moral religious value of the child has not developed as expected. The purpose of the research is to improve the learning process in order to develop the value of moral religion by using audio-visual media in children in group B of Aisyiyah 1 Palu Kindergarten. This...
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Professionalism of Primary School Teachers in Selection of Learning Models and Media to Achieve Instructional Goals

Zahid Zufar At Thaariq, Ence Surahman, Lindawati, Ryandini Dwi Puspita, Nurul Faiza, Fidyah Nur Khumairoh
This research aims to reveal the professionalism of primary school teachers in selection of models and media in the process of learning to teach at classroom. Teachers profession will never be replaced by anyone, especially at the elementary school level because it has a noble duty, which is to prepare...
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Development of Students’ Subject Passion Trends (SSPT) Oriented Constructivistic Learning in Facilitating the Needs of UM Laboratory Elementary School Students

Juharyanto, Imron Arifin, Nova Syafira Ariyanti, Bagus Rachmad Saputra, Abd. Mu’id Aris Sofa, Lidya Amalia Rahmania
This research aims to describe students’ subject passion trends (SSPT)-oriented constructivistic learning development strategies in facilitating the needs of UM Laboratory Elementary School students. This research is a development study that refers to the ten steps developed by Borg & Gall. The findings...
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Development of Digital Plane Shape Houses Media for Class IV Elementary Schools

Rohmatul Fitria, Ni Luh Sakinah Nuraini, Sri Estu Winahyu
Based on the results of observations at SDN Bumiayu 3 Malang it was found that the teacher had used concrete media and LCD projectors in conveying the concept of a plane shape figure. The results of interviews with teachers showed that even though they had used the media, there were still many students...
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Mathematic Literation Abilities Based on Problem Solving Abilities in First Class 4 of Elementary School

Rissa Prima Kurniawati, Imam Gunawan, Diyan Marlina
Mathematics learning in elementary schools has several problems such as the lack of variation in teacher learning models in class teaching and the teacher only explains the material and then gives assignments in textbooks or student worksheets. This results in low mathematics literacy in primary schools....
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Stimulating Strategy Children Experiencing Late Language Emergence (LLE) During Pandemic Covid-19

Evania Yafie, Ilaria Giavarini, Lisa Nur Maulidia
Language development for children is significant to communicate and express themselves with the outside environment. Late Language Emergency (LLE) will be an obstacle for aspects of language development and can affect other factors. The purpose of this study was to determine the appropriate and effective...
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Yoga Stimulation is A Physical Development of Early Childhood

I Wayan Suyanta, I Gede Sedana Suci
The practice of yoga develops in all walks of life such as parents, adolescents, even in early childhood. In general, yoga practice in children’s learning activities, such as in the process of physical development of motor. In Bali province some early childhood schools carry out yoga-based learning....
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Life-Based Postmodern Deconstruction Learning Model to Improve Student Creative Thinking

Ahmad Samawi, RR. Siti Murtiningsih, Eny Nur Aisyah, Sopingi
The purpose of this research is to describe the creation of deconstructive learning model product to improve the creative thinking of PGPAUD FIP UM that is valid and proper to be applied. Applied method is quantitative with modified Borg and Gall development design model. Instrument that was being used...
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Implementation of Principal Instructional Leadership in Facilitating Learning Independency Policy on 4.0 Industrial Era Orientation in Indonesia

Maisyaroh, Juharyanto, Ibrahim Bafadal, Bambang Budi Wiyono, Maulana Amirul Adha, Bagus Rachmad Saputra, Nova Syafira Ariyanti
Lately, the issue of learning independence, as sparked by the Minister of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia, reaps the pros and cons, both of which develop massif. The presence of a headmaster who serves effectively is a critical and organic factor in facilitating the learning independency...
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Teacher-Parent Partnership on Early Childhood Education Curriculum Development

Leli Halimah, SY Margaretha, Mirawati
Developing teacher-parent partnerships doesn’t always seem easy. The rationale to establish the partnership requires strong commitment between school, family, and community members. This article portrays the results of a preliminary study that aims to identify condition of teacher-parent partnership....
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Analysis of the Needs of Parents in Mentoring Early Childhood During Learning from Home

R. Anggia Listyaningrum, Monica Widyaswari, Nastiti Novita Sari, Dias Putri Yuniar
Since Covid-19, the government has established policies to minimize the spread of the virus, one of which is by maximizing learning from students’ homes. This policy further strengthens the role of parents as the first and foremost education. However, not a few parents have problems mentoring their children...
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Developing Character by Applying the Model of “Makan Kembul” to Grow Attitudes of Independence, Togetherness, Responsibility, and Respect for Others

H. M. Zainuddin, Bagus Waluyo, Ahmad Saifudin
In-class learning that reflects exemplary character students are expected to have an attitude of independence, togetherness, responsibility, and respect for others and must be interactive and fun so that students have an interest and motivation for learning. However, in reality, the learning patterns...
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Principal’s Role in Strengthening Teacher Self-Efficacy (TSE) and Collective Teacher Efficacy (CTE) in Remote Areas

Imron Arifin, Juharyanto, Maulana Amirul Adha, Pramono, Abd. Mu’id Aris Sofa, Lidya Amalia Rahmania
The implementation of the principal’s role and responsibilities cannot be done easily, without the high-performance support of teachers and employees as the spearhead of educational and administrative activities in the school. Self-efficacy is important for teachers, because high Self-efficacy helps...
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Digital Media for the Stimulation of Early Childhood Self Help Skills

Yuliani Nurani, Niken Pratiwi
Digital media for early childhood self-help skills is a product of the development of a life skills curriculum model based on local wisdom that has been developed by researchers. This media development aims to make it easier to understand material about self-help skills and that children are ready to...
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Analysis of Logical-Mathematical Intelligence Characteristics on Children With Autism Age 4-5 Years Old

Febrisyella Hayuningrat, Nanik Yuliati, Senny Weyara Dienda Saputri
Children with logical-mathematical intelligence tend to have more long and focused lines of thought, are more sensitive in estimating, predicting, and analyzing logically. The research method used qualitative descriptive on 3 children with autism with 1 child in the severe category and 2 children in...
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One-Roof School Principal Excellence Leadership Development Model in Indonesia

Sultoni, Juharyanto, Dedi Prestiadi, Maulana Amirul Adha, Pramono
This research aims to develop an Excellence Leadership model of One-Roof School principals in Indonesia. One-Roof School is a combination of elementary and secondary school that practicing the schooling in elementary school building. This research is a development study concerning the ten steps Borg...
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Communication Skills of 4 to 5 Years Old Autistic Children at Inclusive Kindergarten

Arti Mayasari, Nanik Yuliati, Senny Weyara Dienda Saputri
This research is motivated the importance of communication that applied early on children are able to communicate and interact well with their environment. Social interaction will realize social contact and communication. The communication of autistic child will different from regular child communication,...
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The Analysis of Emotional Development in Autistic Children Age 4-5 Years

Tutut Maimunah, Nanik Yuliati, Senny Weyara Dienda Saputri
This research aims to describe emotional development in autistic children age 4-5 years. The type of this research is qualitative descriptive. The method of data collection uses observation, interview, and documentation. This research uses Miles and Huberman data analytical technique, that is data reduction,...
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Desirable Self-Approach on Interpersonal Intelligence in Early Childhood Education

Norma Gupita, Musayyadah, Nina Veronica
Early childhood education plays a critical role in shaping excellent generations in the era of industrial revolution 4.0 which impacts to the development of children. Undoubtedly, preparing the children to face their future life is necessary and one way to do so is using a desirable self-approach. This...
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The Use of Information and Communication Technology Through Website and Social Media as Public Relations Information Media

Endang Putri Damai Hia, Dedi Prestiadi, Maisyaroh, Siti Isnaini Maghfiroh, Vera Mega Oktaviani
The purpose of this study was to determine the use of communication and information technology through websites and social media as public relations information. Public relations are an effort to build and maintain a good reputation, image and communication between the organization and the public. School...
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Student Learning Motivation: A Conceptual Paper

Adetya Dewi Wardani, Imam Gunawan, Desi Eri Kusumaningrum, Djum Djum Noor Benty, Raden Bambang Sumarsono, Ahmad Nurabadi, Lestari Handayani
Motivation has a very important role and benefits in the continuity and success of learning carried out by each individual. This means that the higher the learning motivation of the individual, the higher the achievement and learning outcomes to be achieved. The elements that influence learning motivation...
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The Implementation of School Literacy Movement for Children in Elementary School

Muh. Arafik, Harti Kartini, Arda Purnama Putra, Retno Tri Wulandari, Ahmad Nurabadi
This study aims at describing the implementation of School Literacy Movement for Children (Gerakan Literasi Sastra Anak/GLSA) through habituation, development, and instructional acticities at SD Kauman 1, SD Anak SALEH and SD Laboratorium UM. The implementation of GLSA in each school is so unique that...
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Challenges of Learning-Based Technology in the Covid-19 Era Through the Use of Social Media Implementation in the Educational System

Titilope Olufunke Olusola-Fadumiye, Jamalludin B. Harun, Jonathan Ojo Oke
Technology in the digital era instil the classrooms teaching with the learning tools which transform the curriculum of educational system and improve the students’ motivation towards learning. The technology is also needed for the development of education which is supported with the use of social media...
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Human Resources Management in Basic Education Schools

Nadya Nanda Sukawati, Imam Gunawan, Endra Ubaidillah, Sasi Maulina, Firman Budi Santoso
School management which is managed professionally will affect the achievements of the school. Resources that are important to be optimally empowered are human resources. Competent human resources are the most important capital for schools to develop school organizations, including schools at the basic...
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Development of Guided Inquiry-Based Science Modules for Elementary School Students

Indah Nur Palupi, Lilik Bintartik, Arda Purnama Putra
The purpose of this research and development is to produce a guided inquiry-based science module by strengthening the character of curiosity in the style material in class IV SD Kebonduren 1 which is valid according to the material expert, instructional material expert and user, attractive and practical...
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The Role of Instructional Leadership Through Kurt Lewin Model in Improving the Teacher Capability

Athalla Nauval Bhayangkara, Wildan Hafizh Ahmadi, Dandy Bayu Firdaus, Dedi Prestiadi, Raden Bambang Sumarsono
The purpose of this study is to describe: (1) the essence of instructional leadership in change management in educational institutions; (2) the process of changing an elementary school when the process of unfreezing, movement and refreezing in increasing the teaching capability of a teacher in SDN Wonokerto...
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Factors Affecting Educational Productivity at Private Elementary Schools in Indonesia

Teguh Triwiyanto, Suyanto, Lantip Diat Prasojo, Yudi Wardana, Junaidin
This study was conducted to know the factors affecting the educational productivity at private elementary schools in Indonesia. The study population was 70 Muhammadiyah elementary schools in Sleman Regency. The fixed samples were 24 schools, using random sampling, and the respondents were the headmasters....
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Role of Mothers in Developing Responsibility Attitudes for Children Aged 4-6 Years During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Rohita, Nadhifah Rahmadini Hidayat
This study aims to describe the role of mothers in developing responsible attitudes for children aged 4-6 years during the COVID-19 pandemic. The research subjects were determined by purposive sampling involving 5 mothers with children aged 4-6 years. The main technique for collecting data is by filling...
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The Application of Locomotors Motion Demonstration Method in Developing Early Childhood’s Gross Motor Skills in Istiqamah Islamic Playgroup Balikpapan

Budi Rahardjo, Rizky Amalia, Facrul Rozie
This study aims to (1) determine the design of locomotors motion demonstration method, (2) find out the application of locomotors motion demonstration method and, (3) determine the gross motor development of early childhood in Istiqamah Islamic Playgroup Balikpapan. The type of research is qualitative...
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Admission System for New Students: Study of Multi Sites in Special School

Rizqi Fajar Pradipta, Dimas Arif Dewantoro, Frimha Purnamawati
The multi-site study stone student admission system in exceptional schools. The purpose of this study is to describe the student admission system in Special School in Sidoarjo Regency. This study uses qualitative methods, using data collection techniques in the form of interviews, observation, and documentation....
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Teacher Professional Development to Increase Teacher Commitment in the Era of the Asean Economic Community

Ali Imron, Bambang Budi Wiyono, Syamsul Hadi, Imam Gunawan, Asghar Abbas, Bagus Rachmad Saputra, Dyas Bintang Perdana
The purpose of this article is to describe strategic steps in facing the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) era through teacher professional development as a strategic effort to improve the quality of education that is capable of producing superior and competitive human resources in the face of competitive...
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Virtual Reality-Based Teaching Materials in Elementary Schools

Arda Purnama Putra, Iqlima Pratiwi
In this digital era, the use of technology in learning is very rampant. One technology that is currently new and modern is virtual reality. This technology is capable of creating a virtual display that can bring someone into a virtual world by utilizing a VR headset. This technology uses smartphone media...
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Clothing Pattern Media Development in Simple Sewing Lessons to Develop Fine Motoric Children Aged 5-6 Years

Usep Kustiawan
The use of appropriate learning media in kindergarten can develop children’s abilities well, but on the other hand, if the use of media is less attractive to children, children will quickly get bored and no longer interested in the learning provided by the teacher. The fact that there is learning in...