Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Economics, Management, Law and Education (EMLE 2020)

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Configurations of Capitals of an Innovative Ecosystem in the Economy of Knowledge

Daria Lanskaya, Boris Ryakhovsky, Anastasiya Yakovlenko
The paper examines the problem of configuring tangible and intangible capitals in the internal space of the innovation ecosystem of the knowledge economy, adequate to the strategy being implemented. The purpose of the paper is to study the relationship between tangible and intangible capitals and a fractal...
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Research on the Influence of the Intellectual Property Rights Protection on the Strategy of Multinational Enterprises (MNEs) and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)

Wenjia Zhang
Economic globalization has influenced the global in wide range. At the same time, more and more attention is paid to the protection of intellectual property rights. In that case, this paper discussed how intellectual property rights influence the economic business in different types of countries. This...
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An Analysis of Factors Influencing the SNS Advertising Effect

Shenli Fan, Biao Gao
This study analyzes the influence of the factors considered by users on their acceptance attitude towards SNS advertising. The influencing factors consist of informativeness, entertainment and sociality. This study thus applies a quantitative research approach using survey data from the users who used...
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Systematization of Cost Management Problems at Garment Enterprises of Ukraine

Nataliia Y. Radionova, Lidiya V. Synytsia, Svitlana O. Krasniuk
It is noted that the problems of effective cost management exist at macro-, meso-and micro levels. The basic factors at macro-, meso- and micro level factors that negatively affect the cost management of Ukrainian garment enterprises are identified. The degree of influence of the specified factors on...
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Analysis on the Driving Effect of Chinese Fiscal Expenditure on Economy

Yijuan Zhang
Fiscal expenditure is one of the important means for the government to regulate and control the macro economy. In different economic development cycles, adopting different fiscal expenditure policies will produce different expenditure effects. The fiscal expenditure policy needs to be optimized to clarify...
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Financing the Urban Development in Germany

Evgenia Atamas, Evgenia Arumova
This article considers the system of financing of urban development in Germany. Today, the most pressing issue is the study of factors contributing to the sustainable urban development. One such factor is urban development financing. Urbanisation processes which are taking place today have exacerbated...
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Investment Attractiveness of a Region: Evaluation Practices

Anna Yu. Kosobutskaya, Annie V. Ravohanginirina
The article discusses the main foreign and domestic practices (techniques) for evaluating a region’s investment attractiveness; their heuristic capabilities, features of development and special aspects of use are considered, and their benefits and drawbacks are highlighted. The position of Russian regions...
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The Risk Spillover Effect of China’s P2P (Peer-to-peer) Lending on Internet Finance

Meiling Yan
The article analyzes the P2P lending, one of the main formats of internet finance. Firstly, the EGARCH-GED model is used to analyze the fluctuation of the yield of China’s P2P lending. The empirical results show that the fluctuation of online loan yield has clustering and risk accumulation effects, and...
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Cross-Cultural Dimensions and Financial Efficiency: An Investigation at Macro Level

Zixue Zhao
Based on the four cultural dimensions summarized by Hofstede’s research team, this paper divides financial efficiency into direct financial efficiency and indirect financial efficiency, so as to study the influence of culture on financial efficiency and the relationship between the two. This paper finds...
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Comparative Study Between Fiscal Poverty Alleviation and Financial Poverty Alleviation in Tibetan Areas of Sichuan Province

Yating He, Shan Wang, Lu Chen, Min Wei, Panyue Zhang
In the post-poverty alleviation era, how to achieve sustainable poverty reduction is the most concerned issue. Therefore, adjusting the means of poverty alleviation is very important. Based on the data from 2014-2016 Statistical Yearbook of Tibetan Areas in Sichuan, this paper used the DEA-Malmquist...
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Research on the Coupling and Coordination of China’s Tourism Economy and Internet Development

Jiao Mi
Taking China’s 30 provincial units as the research target and constructing an evaluation index system of tourism economy and Internet development, we use the coupling coordination model to measure the degree of coupling and coordination between China’s tourism economy and Internet development from 2007...
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Empirical Study on Relationship Between RMB Exchange Rate and House Price After RMB Joins SDR (Special Drawing Rights)

Aping Zhao, Lin Chen
Real effective exchange rate of RMB released by Bank for International Settlements and monthly data on housing prices issued by National Bureau of Statistics were analyzed using Eviews software in the paper. Stationary test is conducted. With this as basis, the VAR (Value at Risk) model is created and...
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An Empirical Analysis of Poverty Reduction Factors in National-Level Poverty-Stricken Counties

Taking Sichuan Province as an Example

Li Lei, Chenxi Liu, Zhenyi Ji, Zhixin Shu
Poverty has always been the development priority in China. Sichuan, a key target of national poverty alleviation and reduction, is vital for the overall poverty alleviation across China. Based on the data of poverty-stricken counties in Sichuan from 2013 to 2017, this paper employs multiple linear regression...
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The Evolution of Social Capability and Economic Resilience: A Case Study of Yunnan Province

Sujun Shao
Economic development may encounter unexpected shocks, such as financial crises, major epidemics and natural disasters. The ability of a country’s economy to recover from such shocks determines its long-term economic development trend. This article combines the theory of economic resilience and the theory...
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Analysis on the Growth Efficiency of the Pearl River Delta Real Economy From the Perspective of Financial Supply-Side Reform

Shizhong Xiong, Xiaofang Xiong
Finance is the blood and core of the modern real economy, leading the essentials of supply-side reforms and serving the real economy; financial supply-side reforms guide the direction of economic transformation and development, and it is our bounden duty to promote the development of efficient and high-quality...
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Discussion on the Initialization of Accounting Informatization of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

Taking Company M as an Example

Anlan Li, Jiayue Chen, Yinjiu Qiao
With the high-quality development of China’s economy, small and medium-sized enterprises (hereafter referred to as SMEs) are facing huge opportunities. The demand for perfect accounting governance of companies is increasing day by day; however, the low popularity of accounting informatization restricts...
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Economic Poverty Among Older People in Urban and Rural China

Yan Zhang, Wensheng Miao
Economic poverty among older people in urban and rural China is examined with applying different poverty lines for three distinct dimensions. With data from a large representative survey in China in 2015, this paper finds the absolute economic poverty incidence is only 0.6% among Chinese urban elders,...
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Research on International Investment Risk Grading Evaluation Under “The Belt and Road Initiative” Strategy: A Perspective of Chinese Enterprises

Yueqiu Mao
As of the end of January 2020, nearly 200 countries or international organizations have signed cooperation documents with China to jointly build “the Belt and Road Initiative”, covering Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceania, South America and North America. The economic, social, political and other investment...
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Research on the Impact of Chengdu-Chongqing High-Speed Railway on Tourism Economic Connection of Cities Along the Line

Li Liu, Lijuan Chen
As an important part of the tourism industry, tourism transportation plays a vital role in the development of tourism. By constructing an accessibility model and a tourism economic connection model, the article compares and analyzes the changes in tourism transportation accessibility and tourism economic...
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Pathways for the Small and Medium-Sized Businesses to Develop the E-commerce Under the Internet Plus

Zhihong Li
The development of the Internet Plus has been pushing the popularization of e-commerce in all walks of life. The e-commerce can do many benefits for the businesses either in the market expansion or in the cost reduction, etc. It’s quite necessary for the small and medium-sized businesses to develop the...
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The Chain Operation of Museums

Taking the Guggenheim Museum as an Example

Rui Xu
This paper consists of four parts. The first part is devoted to analyzing the chain operation of museums over recent years. Selecting the successful case of the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao as an example, it has verified the feasibility and rationality of chain operation. The second part explores the flaws...
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Analysis on China’s Traditional Retail Model

Disadvantages and Optimization Strategies of Traditional Retail Model Based on the New Retail Model

Lei Zhu, Xianghong Deng, Zhuang Wang, Yaxin Tian
With the continuous development of e-commerce, online shopping has gradually become the preferred form of shopping for consumers. At the same time, various online business platforms emerge in endlessly, develop and improve continuously, and the bottlenecks and disadvantages of the original online business...
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Research on the Tourism Development of Ancient Ruins Site Museum in the Context of Cultural and Tourism Integration

Taking the Yangguan Museum in Dunhuang as an Example

Zhonghe Liu
Under the trend of integration of cultural and tourism development in China, how to integrate cultural and tourism in the western region with rich cultural resources is the top priority of current cultural development. Among them, the effectiveness of Dunhuang Yangguan Museum in the integration and development...
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Research on the Impact of Consumer Experience Perception on City Brands in Different Food Environments — Taking Chengdu as an Example

Xiaoyu Dai, Chaoying Wang, Yiqi Qiu
Food is not only an important part of tourism experience, but also a unique symbol of a city. Through the research on the food environment experience, taking Chengdu as a case, the consumers in the themed restaurant and “fly diners” are investigated and researched. This paper uses factor analysis, regression...
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Research on the Revitalization Path of Zhuhai Jinwan Village Against the Background of Post-Epidemic Situation

Zhiwei Liu, Qiuyue Zhao, Jialin Huang
In this paper, literature research method, descriptive research method and directional analysis method are used to explore the revitalization path of Zhuhai Jinwan countryside under the background of the epidemic. This paper studies from three aspects: industry, ecology and talents. In terms of industry,...
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Research on the Development Strategy of Hainan Free Trade Port

International Experience and Hainan Scheme

Suping Zhao
Based on the analysis of China’s free trade reform process and existing major difficulties, the paper draws lessons from the construction and operation experience of famous international free trade ports including Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai. Finally, the development strategy of Hainan free trade port...
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Measurement of Operating Efficiency of Property Insurance Companies in China

Xiangyan Meng
The operation of property insurance companies is directly related to the healthy and stable development of insurance industry. Based on the operating data of 38 property insurance companies from 2009 to 2014, we observed the change trend of total factor productivity through the Malmquist index. On this...
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Research on the Influences of Tourism on the Process of Local Urbanization in Western Regions

Taking Heavenly Pond in Tianshan Scenic Spot of Xinjiang Province as an Example

Min Liao, Tao Zhang
In recent years, urbanization research has gradually become a research hotspot in academia, but there are few literatures on the influences of tourism development on urbanization in the western region. By consulting the relevant literature and materials of Heavenly Pond in Tianshan Scenic Spot in Xinjiang...
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Study on the Marketing Value of International Fashion Shows

A Case Study of Bosideng’s Debut at New York Fashion Week

Jiangyun Yu, Hongzhong Shan
Bosideng, a well-known China brand, first boarded New York Fashion week on September 11, 2018. The use of international fashion week marketing has a high marketing value, which indirectly promoted the sales growth of Bosideng down garment. Based on the analysis and judgment of marketing value, this paper...
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Analysis on the Influencing Factors of China’s Export of Forest Products to Vietnam

Based on CMS (Constant Market Share) Model

Qiulian Huang
Based on the Constant Market Share (CMS) model, this article analyzes the factors affecting the growth of China’s export of forest products to Vietnam from 2002 to 2018. The research results show that the interaction effect of the supply and demand structure has the most prominent role in promoting China’s...
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The Dynamic Growth of China’s Aquatic Product Export to Thailand: Based on the CMS (Constant Market Share) Model

Zhaoxiao Meng
Based on the aquatic product trade data from 2002 to 2018, this paper uses the Constant Market Share (CMS) model to analyze the influencing factors of China’s aquatic product export growth to Thailand in stages and at different levels. The results show that the increase in the scale of Thailand aquatic...
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Research on Strategies for Improving Academic Innovation Service of University Libraries Under the New Media Environment

Ziyuan Mi, Kening Ding
With opportunities and challenges to academic information service of university libraries brought by the new media age, how to effectively use new media to provide users with high-quality academic information service has become an urgent problem to be solved in the field of library. Based on this, this...
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Study on the Marketing Operation Rules of Tourism Handicraft

Yan Zhang, Hui Xie
Tourism handicraft is a new derivative product with the development of tourism industry. As an important carrier of national culture, its essential connotation is the commercialization of national culture. Culture, technology and business environment constitute the inner relationship between tourism...
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Research on Marketing Planning of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in the Era of “Internet Plus”

Lina Fu
Against the background of the rapid development of “Internet +”, big data and digital media era, Chinese small and medium-sized enterprises are confronted with various serious problems in terms of marketing concepts, methods and strategies, whether in the initial stage of the project or in the early...
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Study of Coal Industry De-Capacity Stickiness Mechanism — Empirical Evidence Based on Listed Companies

Cailing Xu, Xiuqin Zhong
At present, how to effectively resolve overcapacity when the business volume declines has become the biggest problem for coal enterprises. Taking China’s coal listed companies from 2013 to 2018 as samples, this paper studies the mechanism of de-capacity stickiness in the coal industry. The results indicates...
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Research on the Influence of Weibo Marketing on Box Office of Films

A Case Study of the Top 20 Films in the Chinese Box Office Rankings in 2019

Dan Lu, Yutian Fan
In recent years, the film market in mainland China has developed rapidly, and the box office has increased year after year. In 2019, the total box office of the mainland Chinese film market was 64.1 billion yuan. How to market, promote and encourage viewers to consume is an important factor influencing...
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The Construction of Evaluation System of Rural Tourism Development of Intangible Cultural Heritage From the Perspective of Tourism Landscape

Taking the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Doumen District, Zhuhai City as an Example

Yifeng Du
Based on the related theories of tourism landscape and AVC theory (the core of “Trialism of Landscape” proposed by Liu Binyi, including the attraction, vitality and carrying capacity of tourist destinations), this paper attempts to analyze the tourism characteristics of intangible cultural heritage....
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Research on the Influencing Mechanism of Vlog Content Marketing on Consumer’s Brand Identity and Purchase Intention

Ximing Li, Jiaxin Zheng
With the advent of the 5G era, the Vlog social mode has also ushered in a third form. Branding businesses keep up with the times and gradually shift their marketing methods from traditional media to Internet media. They use content marketing in Vlog to interfere with consumers’ brand identity and affect...
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Research on Short Video Marketing Path of Traditional Handicrafts

Xiaochen Geng, Ji He
This article analyzes the past marketing methods and disadvantages of traditional handicrafts through literature analysis, induction and summary, and finds that the key to solving the problem of mismatch between supply and demand in traditional sales models is to expand the sales channels of traditional...
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Research on Financing Constraints and Cost Stickiness in High Capacity Industries — From Empirical Tests of Steel Industry

Cailing Xu
Traditional cost model defines cost and business volume as mutually symmetric relationship. However, scholars, in the process of exploring the cost field proposed, that the range of cost change caused by business volume change is not completely symmetrical, and defined it as cost stickiness. Under financing...
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The Enhancement of Core Values and Competitiveness of Traditional Media Under the Impact of Emerging Media

Haotian Fan
Under the impact of new media, some of the advantages of traditional media are slowly disappearing. If traditional media wants to occupy a place in the increasingly fierce media market, it must strengthen its core competitiveness, then meet new things with a correct attitude, and break through the bottleneck...
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Analysis of China’s Agricultural Non-Point Source Pollution and Green Total Factor Productivity

Lei Fu, Hao Liu, Sidai Guo
Agricultural total factor productivity is an important indicator to measure and evaluate the quality of agricultural development and reform performance. Based on the panel data of 31 provinces and cities in Chinese Mainland from 2000 to 2017, this paper uses a comprehensive survey-based inventory analysis...
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Analysis on the Commercialization Phenomenon of Short Video Platform Douyin in China

Jinghan Zhang
The commercialization phenomenon of short video platform has developed in China. This paper mainly describes the development process of Douyin, different ways of commercialization and specific economic benefits, as well as the existing problems and suggestions for improvement. Through the development...
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Analysis on the Opportunities and Challenges of Unilever’s Differentiated Competition by Using SWOT and PEST

Yiming Cheng
The outbreak of Covid-19 in 2020 has brought downturn to the global economy and many companies went bankrupt during the epidemic. However, according to Unilever’s financial report for the first half year, its sales fell only by 1.6% and its financial situation is still stable. The reason for it is not...
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Analysis on Problems in “The Principles of Economics”

Jing Cang, Fang Liu
“The principles of economics” is a compulsory course for college students majoring in business. The purpose of this course is to allow students to use the basic principles of economics to explain economic phenomena, guide economic practice and solve practical problems. In the teaching, it is found that...
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Analysis on the Housing Bubble in China’s Major Cities

Ruizhou Tong
In China, house prices have always been a hot topic. This paper will discuss the questions that whether or not are there housing bubbles in China’s major cities from the perspective of comparing the fundamental value and market price of housing in these cities. The result shows that in major cities in...
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Russian Monetary Policy Adjustment Under Financial Crisis in 2014

Yongkang Zheng
In the second half of 2014, a serious financial crisis broke out in Russia. Based on CNKI, China’s country report website and other relevant literature about Russia around 2014, this paper summarizes the sanctions, oil price drop, and internal economic structure imbalance and other factors as reasons...
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Research on the Impact of Live Video Streaming on Customers’ Consumption Behavior and Intention

Yan Yang
Many merchants increasingly use live video streaming to sell their products to increase sales and promote their brands, which has created huge profits for them. Therefore, this paper will focus on customers’ consumption behavior and intention on this platform. This research takes 50 people with shopping...
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SWOT Analysis of China’s Financial Cooperation With Russia Under the New Situation

Yanling Zhou, Liqiang Zhai
Financial cooperation between China and Russia is the main way to accelerate the economic development of the two countries. The emergence of the new situation has put forward new requirements for the development of bilateral cooperation, and exploring the best path for bilateral cooperation has become...
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Research on High-Value Medical Consumables and Related Companies in China

Haoyang Wang
This research analyzes the companies that can explode and continue to grow and the value they bring to society, and thus monitors the establishment of indexes for these companies with the same characteristics. There are market structural differences between China and the United States. This article will...
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Problems of Assessment and Implementation of Digital Transformation in the System of State and Municipal Government of Russia

Boris Pedanov
The article is devoted to the increasing role of digitalization in improving the country’s competitiveness, which reflects the most promising trends in the development of the economy, social sphere and management system. The development of digital economy cannot be imagined without the formation and...
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Methods of Rating the Effectiveness of Cultural Institutions in the Territorial Context

Nataliya Malshina, Galina Chernyshova, Anna Firsova
The article implements the main tasks: development ranking of the regions in the sphere of the cultural industry and Russian regions rating creation to estimate the degree of integration and effectiveness of the cultural industry development in every region; developing of new estimates of the activities...
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Modern Paradigm of Regional Development Management Based on the Creation of a “Growth Machine”

Tatiana Alekseevna Myasnikova, Konstantin Vladimirovich Getmantcev, Evgeniya Vladimirovna Atamas, Olga Dmitriyevna Ivanova
The article discusses the possibilities of managing regional development based on the “growth machine” creation. The results of a study of the regional stakeholders activity in Krasnodar region are presented. The authors provide recommendations for including regional stakeholders in the strategic management...
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Research on Knowledge Organization Behavior Model Construction Based on “Innovator” Hypothesis

Xiaoning Zhu, Chengyao Fu
The hypothesis of human nature is the foundation of the management model and its organizational behavior model. Throughout the development of organizational behavior in China and the West, each management mode or organizational behavior model has its corresponding human nature hypothesis. With the global...
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Cultural Heterogeneity in China and the Information Disclosure Quality of the Enterprises

Shu Li, Wei Wei, Qing Jin
This paper studies the impact of cultural differences in different regions of China on the information disclosure quality of the enterprises. Using 5315 enterprises’ annual data from different regions of China from 2016 to 2018, the researchers empirically tested the impact of different cultural dimensions...
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The Impact of Factors on Reverse Technology Flow of Multinational R&D Centers: A Review of Literatures

Dongming Zhang
With continuous emergence of multinational R&D centers, the influencing factors on reverse technology flow performance are becoming research focus. This article redefines the concept of reverse technology flow, and then does a literature review on influencing factors on both initial and final phase...
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Research on the Shaping Path of Government Image From the Government New Media

Li Luo, Kexin Hu
The government new media as the “bridge” between the government and the public is an important platform for shaping the image of the government. The investigation showed that the use of the government new media needs to be improved, the public participation rate is low, and the public preferences are...
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Research on the Management Mechanism of Professional Group Construction in Higher Vocational Colleges

Shuang Wang
The professional group is composed of related majors based on certain group logic, with core major as the leader. The construction of high-level professional groups is the core of the construction of higher vocational colleges. In the construction of professional groups, the management efficiency and...
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The Impact of Employee Engagement on the New Generation of Employees’ Turnover Tendency

Based on the Research of Organizational Identity and Abusive Management

Wenke Bu, Meng’en Zhao
Taking new generation employees as the research object and the social identity theory and social exchange theory as the basis, SPSS22.0 is used to explore the mechanism of action of employee engagement on turnover intention, and the intermediary role of organizational identification is also discussed...
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Countermeasures and Effects of the Big Data Marketing on the Business Operational Management

Zhihong Li
The popularization and application of the big data technology has been greatly changing the people’s life and the business activities. The digitization of the consumption market is driving the enterprise to adjust all its operational sections. The big data marketing is a revolutionary change. It is also...
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Analysis on Influencing Factors and Mechanism of Action of the Insufficient Demand for Smart Pension

Qualitative Research Based on the Theoretical Framework of Planned Behavior

Bing Li, Xuan Wang, Ziyi Zhong
China has entered an aging society, and the degree of aging is continuing to deepen. The development of smart pension has become a social consensus to deal with the problem of aging. Based on this, this article conducts in-depth interviews with elderly people aged 60 and above in Chengdu, uses grounded...
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Mathematical and Analytical Models of the Market of Commercial Real Estate: Monitoring, Analysis and Projected Growth in the Context of Clusterization

Elena Klochko, Kristina Karpenko
The present article is primarily aimed at developing the model for analysing and forecasting the development of the commercial real estate market. The authors have studied the existing methodology for the analysis of the real estate market and its weaknesses, and have identified the areas of further...
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The Assessment of Business Performance Based on a Balanced Scorecard

Maria S. Rybyantseva, Yuliya N. Galitskaya
Energy companies establish business models with the account of their financial goals and key performance indicators. In order to develop a Balanced Scorecard (a balanced system of indicators) for energy companies, it is advisable to apply key performance indicators in four perspectives: financial, customer,...
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Krasnodar Agglomeration as a Project: Political and Administrative Development Resources

Alexey Kolba, Maria Tereshina, Laura Shpiro
In the article, the authors study the possibility of applying a design approach to managing the development of an agglomeration. They identify the main structural elements of the agglomeration as an object of project management, as well as target principles and main management tasks. Using the example...
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Policy for Overcoming Digital Inequality: Structure, Actors and Technologies

Inna Miroshnichenko, Elena Morozova, Elena Meshcheryakova
The article aims at specifying the structure of policy for overcoming digital inequality, which is a serious challenge for public authorities under current conditions. Based on a theoretical model of three levels of digital inequality and empirical analysis of a wide range of sources, the authors mark...
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Research on Influencing Factors of Resident Garbage Classification

Yanni Li
China had long put forward the policy suggestion of garbage classification, but the policy was not working. In recent years, with the national attention to environmental problems, garbage classification had once again attracted attention. According to previous scholars’ research, using the method of...
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Research on the Design of Evaluation System for Coordinated Development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region

Dan Wu, Siqi Cao
By analyzing the main factors affecting the coordinated development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, the construction of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei regional coordinated development evaluation system plays an important supporting role in accelerating the progress of the coordinated development of the...
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Conceptual Models and Coping Strategies of “Vaccine Hesitancy”: A Review Study

Zhen Zhong, Jinghua Zhang, Xinxin Peng
According to WHO (World Health Organization) estimates, vaccination can prevent 2.5 million deaths each year. The vaccination plan has played a significant role in reducing the mortality and morbidity of infectious diseases of great public health significance. The high vaccination rate not only provides...
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Research on the Coordination Level Evaluation of Technology, Economy, Society and Ecology Coupling in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region

Dan Wu, Siqi Cao
From the four dimensions of technology, economy, society, and ecology, this paper adopts the policy literature review method, combining the two categories of “policy orientation” and “document reference” to conduct qualitative screening of evaluation indicators for the coordination level of technology-economy-society-ecological...
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Evolution of Research Hotpots in China’s Logistics Industry Based on Cluster Analysis

Dan Liu, Yanfeng Fang
Topic is a highly condensed content of the subject research. Word frequency analysis, time series and cluster analysis can reveal the core content, research hotspots and directions of the subject research. In order to detect the research hotspots and direction trends of China’s logistics industry, this...
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A Review of Researches on the Quality Control of International Students in Major Countries

Yi Zhang, Chen Wu, Wenhui Hao, Junfei Bi, Zi Wang
Through data analysis and comparative analysis, this article studies the status quo of quality control of international students in the UK, Australia and Japan, sorts out the relevant concepts and opinions of quality control of international students in major countries in the world today, and provides...
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Research on the Causes, Predicaments and Countermeasures of Mobilized Governance

Taking the Special Governance of Crime Crackdown as an Example

Wenli Deng
This paper takes the special governance of crime crackdown that is being vigorously promoted as an example, and analyzes the connotation, evolution process, characteristics, causes and predicaments faced by mobilized governance. It proposes to promote the transformation and development of mobilized governance...
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Study on the Utilization of Intangible Cultural Heritage in the Development of Rural Tourism

Taking the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Doumen District, Zhuhai City as an Example

Yifeng Du
This research starts with the relationship between intangible cultural heritage and rural tourism, taking the intangible cultural heritage in Doumen District as an example, analyzes the distribution and characteristics of Doumen intangible cultural heritage and the status quo of its rural tourism development,...
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Research on Cross-Cultural Management Strategy of Enterprises of Northeast Asia Based on the Belt and Road Initiative

Jing Huang, Guang Wang, Bingxuan Wang
This article uses Hofstede’s cultural dimensions theory to illustrate the importance of cross-cultural management of enterprises from power distance, uncertainty avoidance, individualism or collectivism, masculinity vs femininity, and short-term or long-term orientation, takes the enterprises of Russia,...
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Study on Intensive Development of University Journal

Meiying Wu
Intensive publishing mode allows university journals to overcome the dilemma of “small, scattered and weak”. However, such mode requires reform of traditional operation concepts, which can be realized through measures including strategic cooperation. Strategic cooperation refers to the construction of...
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Transformation and Upgrading of Social Support System for the Elderly Health Based on Dissipative Structure Theory

Dongmei Liang
China has ushered in aging society, even advanced aging society, given its rapid expansion of elder population and world-leading aging rate. As the elderly population ages, the number of elderly people suffering from disability, semi-disability and chronic diseases is also mounting, exacerbating the...
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Visualized Analysis of China’s Land Transfer and Scale Research Based on Quantification and Atlas

Dongmei Liang
The use of CiteSpace software to analyze the CNKI (Chinese National Knowledge Internet) database is not limited. The research literature of “Land Scale” in 2020 shows that after rapid growth, the number of publications has entered a stable stage, and a number of major research institutions such as Sun...
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Exploration and Innovation of University Library’s Service in Xinjiang for Teaching and Scientific Research Against the Background of the Epidemic — Taking the Library of Xinjiang University as an Example

Gaolan Li, Hui Huang, Yuan Shao, Tursun Turgunay, Pei Zhou, Qin Shi
During the prevention and control of the COVID-19, the control of distance and population density puts new requirements for the libraries. In order to respond to the teaching and research work arrangement of “classes suspended but learning continues”, the Library of Xinjiang University explores the construction...
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Analysis on the Application of Career Anchor Theory in the Career Development Planning of Veterans

Lei Li, Jun Chu, Xueyang Qi, Zheng Wan
After the “Opinions on Promoting the Employment and Entrepreneurship of Veterans in the New Era” was released, the employment of veterans has attracted more and more attention from leaders at all levels of the military and local governments. China has introduced a series of safeguard measures, but there...
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Research on Full Cycle Risk Management of Logistics Real Estate Based on Risk Matrix

Yueying Wang
Through literature research and expert interview, this paper sorts out the risk factors of logistics park projects in the whole life cycle, constructs the evaluation index system of investment risk factors, evaluates the risk level by using the risk matrix method, formulates corresponding countermeasures...
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Roles of Education in Intangible Culture Heritage Tourism and Managerial Strategies

Analysis Based on Model of Contact Opportunity

Yuefang Wu
The transformation of culture and intangible cultural heritage from static display to life experience highlights the role of the combination of intangible cultural heritage and tourism industry in achieving creative transformation and innovative development. However, existing researches pay less attention...
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Analysis of the Shortcomings of Financial Engineering in Traditional Risk Management Methods

Yuqi Xue
With the progress of science and technology, in order to ensure the risk management, financial engineering has emerged. Among them, the effectiveness of risk management activities is directly related to the stability of cash flow. Financial engineering broadens people’s thinking and reduces the cost...
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Opinions on China Borderland Studies and National Security

Guoping Yang, Haojie Ma
In recent years, the establishment of China Borderland Studies has received more attention and discussion in the academic circles. In the past, scholars have defined related concepts of borderland and borderland studies in their works, but it seems that they have not reached a consensus and haven’t put...
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Research on the Secondary Development of Retired University Professors Based on the Background of Population Development Strategy

Wenke Bu, Meng’en Zhao
Based on the background of population development strategy, this paper uses grounded theory to take roots in the job interviews of two retired professors after returning to colleges and universities, and constructs a secondary development model for retired college professors. Studies have shown that...
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Research on the Paths of College Internal Audit Innovation From the Perspective of Co-construction and Collaboration

Fang Liu
Under the modern governance system, the change of national governance environment and the needs of internal governance in colleges and universities require the self-innovation of internal audit in colleges and universities. It is an inevitable need for improving the quality of the internal audit work...
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Study of Environmental Accounting Information Disclosure and Financial Performance of Heavy Pollution Enterprises — Based on Empirical Evidence of Coal Enterprises

Cailing Xu
At present, China’s economic and technological development is obvious to all but environmental problems are increasingly serious. As a strong supporter of economic development, enterprises should take corresponding responsibility for environmental protection when pursuing economic benefits. Therefore,...
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Research on Industry-Education Integration Project Against the Background of High-level Higher Vocational Construction with Chinese Characteristics

Taking Yum Industrial College as an Example

Dongliang Sun
This article focuses on the analysis of the Industrial College’s construction mode in the context of high-level higher vocational colleges with Chinese characteristics and professional construction, and explains in detail the ideas for the construction of Industrial College, the innovation of talent...
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Study on the Development Path of Public Service System for the Disabled with Chinese Characteristics

Qing Dong, Na Yu
China, now in the transitional stage of comprehensively deepening reform, has witnessed new normal in its economic and social development. Accordingly, the understanding the Chinese characteristics of public service for the disabled objectively and accurately based on previous experience and lessons...
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Research on New Thoughts and New Ways of Social Organizations Participating in Grassroots Social Governance

Donghai Jin
At present, China’s reforms are gradually developing from the economic field to the social field, the way and structure of grassroots social governance are undergoing tremendous changes, the multiple interest relationships are complicated, and the gap of interests continues to widen. The previous model...
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Research and Application of Effective Teaching in Japanese Accounting Course

Shanshan Tan
Japanese accounting refers to the preparation method, entry method and basic accounting system of the enterprise under the premise of Japanese Accounting Standards. The Japanese bookkeeping course is an emerging course in recent years. It has attracted much attention because it can expand the knowledge...
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The Enlightenment of Dewey’s Search for “Certainty” to the Contemporary Education System

Jingfeng Tan
The search for “certainty” is to keep the focus on the perspective of “uncertainty”, so as to remain the contemporary education system in the field of uncertainty. The search for certainty of John Dewey, an American philosopher and educator, is very applicable to the growth and progress of the contemporary...
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Analysis on the Difficulties and Realistic Paths of Orientation Training Rural Teachers in China

Wanli Teng, Xia Jiang
The orientation training rural teachers is the key to the construction of rural teachers, not only to ensure the locality of rural teachers, but also to promote the professionalism of rural teachers. However, based on the analysis of the three dimensions of the supply side, the demand side and the use...
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The Historical Evolution and Contemporary Value of Craftsmanship Spirit in Vocational College

Tian Yu, Hui Shen, Hui Li
The craftsmanship spirit has a long history in Chinese traditional culture. With the development of vocational education in China, the craftsmanship spirit has gone through four stages of depression, exploration, development and revival in vocational colleges. Inheriting and innovating the craftsmanship...
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Study on the Training Mode of Talents in “Artificial Intelligence and Law”

Teng Hu
The development of artificial intelligence technology, which has caught more public attention, is of great significance in determining future talent training and career prospects. Given the current situation, the paper analyzes the deficiencies in legal education in the context of artificial intelligence,...
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Literature Review on the Effect of Vocational Ability Training in Off-campus Practice Base and Research on the Current Situation of Professional Ability Training of Financial Audit Specialty

Jun Li
This paper sorts out the literature on the effect of off-campus practice base on vocational ability cultivation from four dimensions: teaching practice achievements and student parents’ satisfaction, quality monitoring and evaluation system, professional ability and practical ability, and win-win situation...
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The Present Academic Higher Education in the China’s Supply-Side Reform

Weimin Yuan, Yajuan Wang
With the further development of globalization and coming of the “Internet Plus”, China’s academic higher education is urgently required to prepare different professional talents as an active response to the challenge from outside. It is also greatly stimulated by nation-wide supply-side reform in Chinese...
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Research and Practice on Teaching Quality Assurance and Monitoring System Against the Background of Transformation of Local Applied Undergraduate Colleges and Universities

Guohua Wang, Mupeng Diao
At present, there are still some practical problems in the structure and operation mechanism of the teaching quality monitoring system in applied undergraduate colleges and universities, and there is no consensus on the solutions. The author believes that to build a quality monitoring system for application-oriented...
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A Discussion on the Scientific Management of Examination in Colleges and Universities

Runxiang Xu, Mingzhu Li
Examination is the test of teaching quality, while management is the core to determine the quality. The examination management in colleges and universities must be connected with the teaching quality and students’ comprehensive quality, so that the examination can comprehensively examine the students’...
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A Preliminary Study on the Vocational Education System of In-Service Personnel Based on Blended Learning Model

Yin Tian, Fengyun Zhao, Lei Li
With the development of the times, scientific and technological information technology is changing with each passing day, which puts forward higher requirements on the vocational education system for in-service personnel. Based on the model of credit + platform, this article discusses the construction...
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Practice and Reflection on Teaching and Networking Platform of Subject Competitions for Undergraduates

Xiujun Zhang, Lijuan Xiong
This article mainly discusses the practice process and reflection on teaching, networking platform of subject competition instruction, while analyzing the rationality of teaching, networking platform of subject competition instruction. With the teaching practice, it is concluded that the teaching, networking...