Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Economic and Business Management (FEBM 2020)

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Evaluation of Urban Sustainable Development and the Influencing Factors: Considering the Citizen Perception

Wenhua Yuan, Li Meng, Jianchun Li
This paper constructed the evaluating indicator system for urban sustainable development (USD) based on People Oriented and carried out the case study. Based on citizens’ cognition of urban green growth, this paper selects network analysis method to establish evaluation model, combines subjective demand...
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Offshoring of Business Services as a Modern Business Model for Hotel Companies Operating in a Knowledge-Based Economy

Małgorzata Sztorc
The aim of this paper is to identify categories and forms of offshoring of business services (OBS) as well as factors influencing the choice of business model (BM) determining the way of running hotel chains from the perspective of knowledge-based economy. Due to the specific purpose, a survey was conducted...
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Effect of Health Insurance Schemes on Income of Agricultural Migrants

Xiaojun Lu, Yunan Wang
The goal of this paper is to shed light on whether and how different health insurance schemes affect the agricultural migrants’ income and income distribution. A dataset of 89506 individuals is obtained from China Migrants Dynamic Survey (2017). The study uses OLS regression and quantile regression to...
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The Impact of FDI on GDP Growth and Unemployment in Yemen

Ghassan Hassan Ali Al-Masbhi, Yulan Du
The paper aims to investigate the impact of FDI on GDP growth and Unemployment in Yemen from 1998 to 2018 by employing the Augmented Dickey-Fuller test to study the stationarity of the time series data, the Johansen Cointegration test to test the existence of the long-run relationship between the variables,...
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Research on Interaction Mechanism Between China’s Manufacture NVC and “Belt & Road Initiative “ RVC – Based on Simultaneous Equation Model

Nina Zhu, Yingqiao Qin
This paper aims to study interaction mechanism between China’s manufacture national value chain (NVC) and “Belt & Road Initiative” regional value chain (RVC). It starts from calculation of interaction coefficient, which is described by value chain position index, and then uses simultaneous equation...
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Mindfulness and Work Engagement: An Examination of Mediating Mechanism and Boundary Condition

Ya Yang, Shumin Li
This study takes employees of enterprises and institutions as the research sample, exploring the mechanism and boundary condition of mindfulness on work engagement with questionnaire survey. Specifically, our study focuses on the direct influence of mindfulness on employees’ work engagement, the mediating...
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Research on the Impact of China’s National Innovation City Pilot Policy on High-Efficiency Agglomeration—Estimation and Analysis Based on DID Models

Hongtao Li, Lili Wang
Can China’s national innovative city pilot policy effectively promote urban factor agglomeration? The study used data from 282 prefecture-level cities in China from 2003 to 2017 to establish a DID model and passed batch testing, endogenous testing (PSM-DID, placebo testing), robustness testing and heterogeneity...
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The Influence of Sino-US Trade Friction on RMB Exchange Rate Fluctuation

Yanyan Wu, Da Yan, Lifeng Tu
Based on the relevant data of RMB exchange rate from 2015 to 2020, this paper calculates the fluctuation of RMB exchange rate before and after Sino-US trade friction through GARCH model. Then combined with the date of trade friction to analyse the impact of friction events on the fluctuation of RMB exchange...
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A Research on GDP Growth, Industrial Goods Export and FDI in Industrial Sector in Shandong Province

Bing Li
This paper is to aim at analysing the relationship of Shandong GDP growth with industrial exports and FDI in industrial sector. Test results show that a 1 per cent increase in Shandong industrial goods export will lead to an increase in GDP growth by 0.84 per cent, and that a 1 per cent increase in FDI...
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Research on the Influential Factors to China’s Direct Investment in Russia Under the Background of the Belt and Road Initiative

Weiyi Zhang, Huili Yang, Yuxin Zou
With the in-depth development of the strategic partnership of coordination between China and Russia under the “Belt and Road” initiative, the breadth and depth of Chinese enterprises’ investment in Russia has further expanded. Based on time series data, this paper empirically analyzes the main factors...
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Study on China Turkmenistan Natural Gas Trade Cooperation From the Perspective of Supply-Demand Balance and Diminishing Marginal Utility

Gulinaer Yusufu, SunHui Xin
With the advancement of policies about domestic environmental protection, energy saving, and conversion of coal-to-gas project, the market demand for natural gas has greatly stimulated. Turkmenistan is rich in natural gas resources, after cooperating with China in the field of natural gas, Turkmenistan...
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Innovative Activities as A Source of Competitiveness of Small and Medium Enterprises in the Slovak Republic

Zdenka Vidrova, Pavel Ceniga
Small and medium-sized enterprises are an integral part of the Slovak economy and are of key importance to it. They can be characterised as a source of ideas, new products and, above all, job opportunities in the labour market. Due to the high competition on the European market, Slovak small and medium...
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Analysis of the Factors Affecting the Housing Prices in Hubei China

Yiying Li
Housing prices could directly affect people’s life. As the prices keep going up, more and more attention is drawn to the real estate. Using data of Hubei Province and its five prefectural-level cities from 2005 to 2016 and processing it through Stata, this paper establishes a multiple linear regression...
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Research on Industrial Structure and Talent Management of Advanced Manufacturing Industry in Jiangsu Province

Hancheng Song, Yong Qi
This paper first uses the data of listed companies in the advanced manufacturing cluster industry in Jiangsu Province, China in 2018, and constructs the Chenery-Selquin talent structure model to conduct an empirical analysis of the matching effect of the advanced manufacturing cluster industry and the...
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Poverty Alleviation Mode With Seafarer Characteristics and Planning in Western China

Yanmin Lu
Since 2012, the Maritime Safety Administration of China has been exploring and building a characteristic poverty alleviation way that combines the advantages of poverty alleviation by developing industries, poverty alleviation by education, poverty alleviation by culture and poverty alleviation by promoting...
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Research on the Differences of Technological Innovation Capabilities of Private Enterprises

Can Chen
Innovation is the fundamental driving force for enterprise growth. Based on field interviews and questionnaire surveys, this paper conducts an empirical study on the five different influencing factors of private enterprises’ technological innovation capability, which are analyzed on diverse dimensions...
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Poverty Alleviation’s Effects on Income Inequality and Income Growth

Chengwen Kang, Xuezhen Kang
Poverty, income inequality and poverty alleviation are the outcomes of economic and social development, while the sustainable and harmonious development of economy and society cannot be achieved without overcoming poverty and income inequality through policies of poverty alleviation. For 40 years since...
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Analysis on the Population Forecast of Guangxi Province During the 14th Five -Year Plan Period — Based on GM(1,1)

Yue Li, Yonghui Gao, Xuening Wang
Background: At present, China’s population problem has getting worse. The birth rate keeps dropping, while the aging population is growing. So it is urgent to solve the population problem. Methods: We take the population of Guangxi Province from 2011 to 2018 as the original data, and use the GM (1,1)...
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Empirical Analysis and Countermeasure Study on the Development Capability of Marine Industry in Jiangmen City

Jianhua Xiao, Shihui Guo
Jiangmen City is located in the western Pearl River Delta Marine Economic Zone, east is adjacent to the Xijiang Golden Waterway, west is connected to the coastal economic hinterland of western Guangdong, south is bordered by the South China Sea International Waterway, and north is bordered by Guangfo....
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Research on the Measurement of Green Development Level in Western China

Xue Han, Airu Zhang
Green development in western China is a strategic requirement to meet the general trend of China’s economic development. From the perspective of green development level, this paper takes 12 provinces and cities in western China as the research object, and uses the improved entropy method to calculate...
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Research on the Application of the Sharing Economy Model Based on “Internet +” in the Field of Higher Education in China

Meng Yuan, Yu Li
Under the background of “Internet +”, the sharing of educational resources in higher education can effectively solve the problems in the process of popularization of higher education in China. This paper takes the sharing of higher education resources as the entry point, and analyses the application...
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An Empirical Analysis of the Relationship Between Transportation and Economic Growth in Jiangmen City

Yiyong Ye
Based on the data of economic survey, this paper studies the quantitative relationship between transportation industry and economic growth in Jiangmen City. Firstly, the index system is constructed from the two levels of transportation and economic development, and then the quantitative relationship...
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Evaluation of Nationwide Enterprise-Starting Environment Based on Consistent Fuzzy Preference Relations: A Case Study of Daqing City

Jin Wang, Xiangyi Lin, Shuhui Tian
Nationwide enterprise-starting is an effective way to promote employment under a new economic challenge where an oil city’s resources is coming depleted. We use Likert 5-scale tool to evaluation index system and incorporate the Fuzzy consistent preference relationship to assess the nationwide entrepreneurial...
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Research on Enterprise Performance Evaluation Based on Decision Tree Method

Zhao Yin, Zhendong Wang
Enterprise performance evaluation is not only a significant means of self-supervision and self-restraint for enterprises, but also a significant management tool for enterprises to implement strategic management. Enterprises have a large number of stakeholders. Enterprise management objectives should...
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Study on Efficiency Measurement and Influencing Factors of Marine Economic Development in Jiangmen

Jianhua Xiao, Yuyao Shi
Marine economy is an important engine of economic development in Jiangmen city and an important guarantee for regional coordinated development. In order to evaluate the efficiency and potential of Marine economic development in Jiangmen city more accurately and objectively, and to find the optimal path,...
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Competition, Disclosure and Optimal Information Resource Allocation

Hao Peng, Qiuping Guo, Zixiang Xia
This paper proposes a unified framework to explain that why firms compete in a product market differ from each other in resource endowments about information. It is proved that the difference may be resulted from a state-contingent optimal information resource allocation scheme carried out by a central...
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The Promotion of Scientific and Technological Innovation Capacity: A Path Analysis Based on PLS-SEM for Northeast China

Yanan Shen, Min Shi, Yuhan Wu
In this paper, PLS-SEM is used to investigate the influence of the input level of science and technology resources, the intensity of scientific and technological activities and the environment of scientific and technological innovation on the ability of scientific and technological innovation, and deeply...
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Analysis of the Spatial Effect of Urban Expressway on House Price

Rui Shen, Ling Zhang
Transportation infrastructure can affect the house price by influencing the traffic accessibility of the location. The urban expressway is an important part of the transportation infrastructure, which should have a certain impact on the house price. This paper analyses the spatial effect of urban expressway...
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The Relationship Between Unemployment and Inflation--Evidence From U.S. Economy

Yizhuo Qin
In this paper, we apply the Vector Autoregression (VAR) method to check the robustness of Phillips Curve in U.S. economy from Q2 1962 to Q4 2019. Using the cyclical unemployment rate and inflation, the data is described by VAR (4) with a cointegrating rank as 2. To analyse the relation between unemployment...
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Sustainable Competitive Advantages of Chinese Online Travel Agents: Analysis Based on RBV View

Jiyang Chen, Lei Zhang, Haojia Tong, Deng Wei
Chinese Online Tourism Agents (OTAs) are facing with fierce competition currently. Therefore, it is of primary importance for Chinese OTAs to build long lasting competitive advantages. This study identifies the sustainable competitive advantages of Chinese Online Tourism Agents (OTAs) based on the resource-based...
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Analysis on the Factors Influencing the International Competitiveness of Shanxi Agricultural Products

Yaqi Jin, Yulan Du
With the further improvement of China’s opening to the outside world, the export volume of agricultural products in Shanxi Province has also shown a rising state, which not only promotes the development of Shanxi’s economy to a certain extent, but also benefits the growth of its agricultural industry....
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Research on Business Model Construction and Innovation of Smartphone Training for Farmers in Rural Areas

Xinghao Zhu, Chunjie Xiang, Meng Wang, Zihang Luo, Xi Xiang, Heng Li
In terms of smartphone training for farmers, the model of “Government-Matchmaking and Enterprise Training” has achieved a series of results, but there are also many problems such as short training period, limited training scope and few training personnel. In this case, the idea of connecting college...
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Analysis on the Development Mode of New Car E-Commerce Platform Enterprises

Hugejile, Zhuqi Xu
Under the background of Internet +, automobile e-commerce has become an important part of automobile marketing channel. EMo new car, Maodou new car, Tangeche and other new car trading and leasing businesses begin to emerge as the main commercial forms. This paper focuses on the new car e-commerce platform,summarizes...
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The Revenue Distribution Strategy to Promote the Development of the Sharing Economy Driven by Blockchain Technology

YangJun Ding, Ning Wang, XiaoTing Wang
Blockchain is a decentralized and trusted data support platform. Any third-party organization or individual has no right to modify or delete blockchain records. In addition, the blockchain-based smart contract system can easily deploy various rules and autonomously perform corresponding operations based...
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The Effects of Free Primary Education on Occupational Choice and Internal Migration in Sub-Saharan Africa

Zhiling Sun
This paper studies the relationship between education, occupational choice and regional migration in Sub-Saharan Africa. I assemble micro-data from household surveys and micro-censuses and use a differences-in-differences approach to evaluate the effects of the Free Primary Education reforms on individuals’...
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The Effects of Two-Way FDI on Industrial Structure Development-Evidence From Shandong in China

Jianxia Yu, Xue Wei, Qing Xue
Based on the “Standard Structure Model” of Chenery, we construct an econometric model to examine the effects of two-way foreign direct investment (FDI) on industrial structure development by using panel data of 17 cities in Shandong over 2003-2018.The empirical results show that outward FDI has a significant...
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Livestream Marketing and Digital Transformation of Enterprise Marketing Mode

Liubo Sang
Under the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic situation, countless enterprises save themselves through livestream e-commerce, so that livestream into the public view. In order to explore the relationship between livestream marketing and enterprise digital transformation, this paper analyzes livestream marketing...
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A Behavioral Economics Analysis of Environmental Policies in China and USA

Muyang Chen, Gavin Kader
The purpose of this article is to compare the different environmental policies between China and USA, namely the policies aimed at tackling global warming. China produces about 23 percent of the world’s carbon dioxide, compared to 21 percent from the United States with China being the world’s largest...
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Study on the Utility Evaluation and Countermeasures of Consumer Coupons Under the Background of COVID-19

Shubo Jiang, Muyang Ni
Since the outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia, the sales of non-essential commodities, catering industry and entertainment industry have been significantly affected. In order to effectively deal with the impact on the epidemic of consumption, various regions and departments have successively issued...
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Research on the Path of Reducing Cost and Increasing Efficiency of Retail Enterprises From the Perspective of Intelligent Supply Chain

Xing Chen
The development of digital economy has promoted the fourth retail revolution. Retail enterprises have begun to shift from the scale-oriented stage to the profit-oriented efficiency improvement and value remodeling. Only by continuously reducing cost and increasing efficiency can we bring about stable...
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Macroeconomic Uncertainty, Earnings Management, and Investment Opportunities

Jiaqi Li, Keke Tang, Jingjing Wang
The earning management level of a firm can impact the investment opportunities of it. Across to our investigation, the higher level of earning management, the more investment opportunities a firm will get. And when the level of economic uncertainty rises, the positive effect of earning management to...
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The Research on the Tracking Audit Evaluation System of Targeted Poverty Alleviation Policy

Cuilin Wang, Yaping Ji, Xiaoqian Wang
In recent years, China’s targeted poverty alleviation has made great progress both in the formation of the policy system and in practice with remarkable work effect, but there has not been a set of specific tracking audit evaluation system of policy implementation. The paper relies on the “immune system”...
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Research on the Current Situation of Green Freight Transport in China

Hehua Li, Runzhong Xu
Different from traditional logistics, the type of transport pollution under modern logistics system does not depend on the emissions from a single vehicle, but on the regional transport capacity structure. Therefore, the concern about road transport pollution gives rise to green freight. Due to the low...
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Comparison Among the Impact of Epidemic Situations on China and Other Countries

Jingwen Dou
This paper takes the recent outbreak of the COVID-19 as the main introduction and analyzes its impact on the economy. Then the impact of the COVID-19 on the economy is divided into two aspects: the impact of the COVID-19 on China and other countries, and the impact of historical major epidemic events...
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The Impact of COVID-19 on SMEs and Measures for Resuming Production

Jinghua Ji, Youwei Liu
With the continuous development of society, public health emergencies have attracted more attention, such as SARS, influenza, bird flu, etc. Novel Coronavirus is the latest outbreak, which has brought different impacts on China’s economy, society, ecology, politics and national security. This article...
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Analysis of the Factors Influencing the Development of Integrated Circuit Industry in China Based on Regression Analysis

Yong Qi, Jiao Chen
As the core of information technology industry, integrated circuit industry is a strategic, basic and leading industry to support economic and social development and ensure national security, which is also an important indicator of a country’s comprehensive competitiveness. From the perspective of quantitative...
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Graphic Patterns and How to Use Them to Maximize Trading Earnings

When we begin to study technical analysis in more detail, we will undoubtedly come across graphic formations or patterns. Graphic formations in technical analysis go hand in hand with the development and plotting of a price chart. They are most often associated with the use of candlestick price charts...
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How Does Entrepreneurial Institutional Environment Influence Individual Entrepreneurial Orientation? The Mediation Role of Individual Creativity

Dixuan Zhang, Xiaohong Wang
In the study of entrepreneurship, the external entrepreneurial environment is a very important factor affecting entrepreneurial behavior and performance. Among them, institutional environment has attracted the attention of scholars because of its incentive and restrictive role in innovation strategy...
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The Structural Adjustments in a Chinese Commercial Bank in Response to New Capital Rules: A Case Study of Bank of China

Botao Song
This paper analyses the structural adjustments surrounding capital adequacy ratios undertaken by Bank of China in response to the New Capital Rules over the past 10 years. It decomposes the strategies employed by BoC into “Capital” as the numerator and “Risk-weighted Assets” as the denominator, and makes...
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Human Capital, Human Resource Slack and Bank Performance: The Role of Bank Age

Shun-ho Chu, Jing Li, Ruxi Zheng
Fintech development has brough serious effects on banking operations in financial markets, which causes commercial banks to be concern about operational strategies, especially human resources aspect. Commercial banks need well-educated staffs with IT-related knowledge and skill to upgrade the financial...
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The Effect of Tax Credits for R&D Expenditure Policy on Firms R&D Expenditure—A Comparison Perspective of Policy Tool

Xiaoxian Song, Bo Zhang, Jintao Liu
This paper investigates the analysis model of crowding in and out for tax credits for R&D expenditure to firms’ R&D expenditure. Based on enterprises above designated size in Dalian, the different effects of fiscal technology investment funds, high-tech enterprise tax reduction and tax credits...
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The Status and Analysis of Integrated Reports Published by Electric Power Enterprises in China — Taking CLP Holdings as an Example

Fanglin Xu, Lingyu Liu, Yiran Lu
Under the current social background, China’s economic development pays more attention to sustainability and social&environmental protection responsibilities undertaken by enterprises in economic development. This article starts from the concept of integrated reports, compares the differences between...
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Research on the Application Value of Blockchain to For-Profit Pension Institutions: Focus on Blockchain’s Impacts on Service Mode Upgrading Process

Dongchen Gong, Gongrang Zhang
Compared to public pension institutions, for-profit pension institutions are less accepted by consumers in China, which causes a lot of deficits to these private institutions. For dealing with this problem, we made this research. In this paper, we firstly found out why public institutions are much more...
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Research on Profitability Diagnosis of Papermaking Enterprises in China Based on Improved Dupont Analysis—Taking the Top Ten Listed Enterprises as Examples

Dan Wan, Jiaohui Tang, Weibin Yu
Profitability is an objective reflection of the level of enterprise management and is closely related to the growth of enterprise value. In the past two years, with the rising concentration of papermaking industry in China, the production enterprises are in a fierce competitive environment, and the pressure...
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Effect of Venture Capital on the Pass Rate of IPO Review

Wenrui Zhao, Yeli Liu, Jingyu Lu, Yucan Liu
The effect of venture capital on the pass rate of IPO review is studied in this paper. First, we select the venture capital and financial data from 710 firms to be listed on the SME board and GEM from 2014 to 2018. Then, we use Logistic regression models for empirical analysis. We find that: (1) The...
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Foreign Investment, Reputation and the Predictability of Chinese Credit Ratings

Xing-yue Zhan, Chao-hung Yu
This study examines how foreign investment in Chinese credit rating agencies affects the predictability of Chinese bond market ratings from January 1, 2013, to June 30, 2019. Empirical results show that the latest rating issued by both domestic and Sino-foreign rating agencies can reflect the probability...
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Analysing Efficiency of Insurers in Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Maja Pervan, Tomislava Pavic Kramaric
The main goal of this paper is to estimate the overall and pure technical efficiency as well as returns to scale of insurance companies that operated in 2018 in Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina while using the input-oriented data envelopment analysis - DEA. The authors employ two input variables...
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The Importance of Opportunity Costs in Financial Management in Connection to the Economic Profit

Dusan Karpac, Viera Bartosova
The main goal of the paper is to present the position of opportunity costs in the analysis of financial management. The article discusses the costs of lost opportunities, explains their importance for the financial management of business entities and, based on a theoretical basis, points to the need...
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Pricing Strategy of Software Products Based on Cloud Accounting Resource Sharing Platform

Huaping Wu, Yuan Wen
Cloud accounting resource sharing platform as a third-party platform for communication and transaction between suppliers and consumers.Under the new platform environment, it is very important to determine the pricing strategy of suppliers and analyze the choice of consumers.Based on this background,...
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The Influencing Factors of Social Audit Quality: A Literature Review

Cuilin Wang, Huanbo Guo, Shujia Lin
The research on the quality of social auditing has rich discussions on influencing factors, and there is a large amount of evidence obtained through empirical research. This article divides them into three perspectives: the internal of the accounting firm, the audited client and the external environment....
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Study on Digital Transformation Mode of Commercial Banks

Xiangxiang Zhou, Lifeng Tu
In recent years, under the background of a new round of informatization and technology revolution, the process of banking networking and digitization has been accelerated significantly. As the “first driving force” of banking business transformation, digital transformation aims to break the traditional...
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Measurement and Analysis of China’s Provincial Carbon Finance Level

Quanjia Zuo
With China’s comprehensive deepening of reforms and improvement of the financial market, carbon finance has played an increasingly important role in supporting and driving green industries. A comparative analysis of the development of provincial carbon finance in China can provide theoretical support...
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Methods of Earnings and Risks Management in Insurance Companies

Monika Poradova, Boris Kollar
The connection of earnings management with risk management is through in the area of finance. The risk, in general, is the probability that the actual return on the investment will be different than expected. The risk from the perspective of earnings management is perceived as a risk of loss. The insurance...
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Loan Model for Military-Civilian Integration of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

Zhengxuan Zhu, Yongchao Tian
SMEs(Small and medium-sized enterprises) are the main force of innovation and deep participants in the civil-military integration strategy, but the traditional bank loan model cannot meet the capital needs of military-civil integration enterprises, nor can it meet the loan risk control concerns of banks.Therefore,...
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Research on Risk Management of Technological Innovation in High-Tech Enterprises Based on Project Promotion From Perspective of Innovation Value Chain

Jianzhong Xu, Dan Wang
Based on the theory of innovation value chain, the technological innovation process of high-tech enterprises can be divided into three stages: technological research and development, product development, and product marketing. This paper identifies the technological innovation risk of high-tech enterprises...
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The Influence of Ownership Concentration of GEM Listed Companies on Corporate Performance

Suyan Chen
This paper selected 267 listed companies on the GEM market from 2014 to 2016 as a research object, with a total of 801 samples to discuss the impact of ownership concentration on corporate performance. The results show that the proportion of the top ten shareholders of GEM listed companies and the number...
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Effects of Internal Control on Dual Innovation and Business Performance Based on China’s Information Technology Industry During 2016 - 2019

Na Li, Xiaohong Wang
Take China’s information technology enterprises with innovation characteristics from 2016 to 2019 as the research samples, this paper empirically explores the relationship between internal control, dual innovation and business performance. The research concludes that internal control is positively correlated...
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A Study of Factors Affecting Banking Operating Risk

Junyi Li
With reforms like interest rate marketization, and during banks’ expanding of non-interest income business, size, and lending, it’s of vital importance to manage banking operating risk to make their development steadily. Based on the micro-data of 12 listed Banks in China from 2011 to 2019 and the macro-economic...
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Effects of Convertible Bond Financing -- Enterprise Value Analysis Based on EVA

Liying Huang, Zhiwei Rao
In recent years, as convertible bonds have become the mainstream refinancing method for Chinese companies, the financing effect of convertible bonds is being paid more and more attention by corporate managers and investors. Among them, the impact of convertible bond financing on corporate value is the...
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Tax Assignation as A Source of Financing for Non-Profit Organizations in Slovakia

Filip Rebetak, Viera Bartosova
Non-profit organizations represent an important part of the economy and as any other type of organization, they also need funding to provide their services. Their specificity is in their non-profit nature which makes their funding more difficult. There are great many different sources of funding for...
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The Effect of Investor Sentiment on IPO Pricing: Evidence From China

Jingbin He
Previous literature mainly investigates the effect of investor sentiment in the bookbuilding, and little evidence proves the role of investor sentiment in the hybrid auction. In this paper, I provide empirical evidence to answer how pre-IPO investor sentiment affects the IPO pricing process in the hybrid...
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The Influence of Listed Company’s Ownership Structure on M&A Performance

Xiaotong Chen, Yucan Liu
This paper selects the listed companies in China that successfully completed M&A in 2016 as samples to investigate the influence of ownership structure on corporate M&A performance-Tobin’s Q Ratio. The empirical regression results show that the degree of ownership concentration and the degree...
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Earnings Management and Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in the Conditions of the Slovak Republic

Veronika Jurickova
Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are specific primarily for its flexibility and ability to adapt more quickly to turbulent market conditions, compared to large enterprises. Small and medium-sized enterprises have the largest share in Europe in terms of numbers. For the Slovak Republic, it is...
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The Multi-Dimensional Sales Analysis of Chinese Culture Products on Cross-Border E-Commerce Platforms Based on Web Texts

Tianya Guo, Hui Du
In views of lacking web texts based multi-dimensional sales analysis of Chinese culture products on cross-border e-commerce platforms, this paper firstly put forward the analysing dimensions and indicators depending on literature reviews, then collected and cleaned data about products, sellers, and comments...
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Economic Uncertainty, Capital Structure, and Firm Investment

Xinyi Yang
Our main goal in this article is to find out in the period of great economic uncertainty, will the impact of capital structure on investment be reduced(Ivashina and Scharfstein, 2010). We want to ask how will economic uncertainty affect this positive relationship between capital structure and investment....
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An Empirical Analysis on China’s Banking Market Structure and Systemic Financial Risk

Huadong Xiao
For a long time, banking institutions play the most important role in China’s financial system. In the context of three critical battles against major risks, poverty and pollution, how to prevent and defuse systemic financial risk by optimizing the banking market structure has become the concern of scholars...
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A Meta-Analysis of the Relationship Between Servitization and Firm Performance

Congshu Liu, Guangjian Zhang, Pengbin Gao
Servitization is considered as an important strategy for the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing firms. But the effect of servitization on firm performance is not clear. This paper studies the relationship between servitization and firm performance through meta-analysis, and makes subgroup...
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Added Value of Blockchain for Financial Professionals in the Netherlands

Jan Veuger
Technological developments are radically changing the business of accountants. The World Economic Forum found that accountants run the highest risk of becoming redundant due to automation. Verkruijsse stated in his farewell speech that the accountant must keep up with the times, or else the end of the...
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The Impact of Financial Leverage on Firm Performance – Based on the Moderating Role of Operating Leverage

Haomin Chen
Risks and returns are two key considerations while firms make decision. Since Chinese economic environment is becoming more open, the diversity of finance is promoted; therefore, the studies on the impact of capital structure on firm operation and corresponding solutions are significant. There have been...
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Study on Optimization of Water Pollutant Tax in Inner Mongolia Under the Constraint of Water Environmental Carrying Capacity

Xinjiletu Yang, Wenzheng Wang, Weihong Han, Yanli Yang
It has become a difficult problem for local governments to specify the tax amount of each pollutant involved in environmental protection tax, which lack of support for the theoretical basis and empirical data. This paper takes the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region as an example, using Time Series Analysis...
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Applying Grey System Theory to Predict the Three Major Industries Structure Evolution in China

Dan Ma, Yintong Wang
GDP is one of the important indicators of the comprehensive performance of macroeconomic of a country in a given period, and also is the general term for the three major industries production value. The scientific and accurate analysis of the future industry structure evolution can contribute to the...
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Financial Risk Evaluation of Listed Forestry Enterprises Based on Factor Analysis

Yuxin Yang
In this paper, 34 forestry listed companies were selected as the analysis sample, and their major financial indicators in 2018 were analyzed by factor analysis score, and the financial risk evaluation indicator system of forestry listed companies was constructed to identify the main factors affecting...
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The Impact of Political Promotion Incentives on Innovation Performance in SOEs

Sha Wu, Yuehua Jiao, Rujun Xu
SOEs are essential to innovation and play a guiding role in high-quality economic development. The political promotion of executives is the implicit incentive to drive the design of state-owned enterprises(SOEs). This article hand-selected the data sample of the listed SOEs between 2014 and 2018. The...
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The Effect of Auction Duration on Seller’s Expected Revenue

Junjie Ren, Shaogang Chen
The research object of this paper is online auction with storage cost, and the relationship between seller’s expected revenue and the auction duration has been discussed. Based on intuition that as the duration of auction increases, the increment in seller’s expected revenue due to the increment in the...
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Empirical Research of China’s Environmentally Adjusted Total Factor Productivity

Wei Tang, Lili Zhang, Rui Tang
Total factor productivity is a key indicator for achieving sustainable economic growth and high-quality development in China. Traditional TFP calculations do not include natural resources and environmental pollution into the accounting framework, and the calculated TFP is usually overestimated. This...
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Research on Transfer Pricing Strategy Based on Incomplete Information

Shuting Yi, Shaogang Chen
This paper studies the transfer pricing of enterprise groups when there is incomplete information about the cost in the final product market. It also compares the transfer price, balanced output and profits of the group headquarters under the two methods of uniform pricing and differential pricing. The...
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A Web Based Application for Investment Evaluation of Medical Devices Development

Maresova Petra, Sobeslav Vladimir
The present research investigates investment evaluations in the context of medical device development, with an emphasis on a web-based application as the likely solution. In recent years, the medical industry has seen an evolution with new innovations revolutionizing how healthcare, treatments and patient...
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Research on Relative Efficiency of Input and Output of Sci-Tech Finance Based on DEA Model: A Case Study in Shanghai

Mengying Yu
By using the DEA model, this paper establishes the evaluation index system of sci-tech financial efficiency and calculates the relative efficiency of sci-tech finance in 30 province-level regions in China including Shanghai from 2014 to 2018. The results indicate that although the efficiency of sci-tech...
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A Study of Family Business Governance Efficiency: Based on the Institutional Environment

Rong Xiang, Mengqi Wang
Family Enterprises are commonly existing worldwide, no matter where the country or the region is. Furthermore, the family’s efficiency has substantial implications on society, so it is a vital branch of business management research. However, existing studies have produced frequently inconsistent results....
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Pre-IPO Analyst Coverage in the Chinese IPO Market

Xinru Ma
Inspired by the literature about analysts, I study whether analysts are information producers or IPO hypers. Empirical results show that more analyst coverages are related to higher post-IPO ROE and ROA, indicating that analysts tend to issue more coverages about IPOs with higher quality. Moreover, I...
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Research on Crowd-Sourcing Distribution Path Considering Real-Time Customer Demand

Jing Wang, Zhuzhi Shen
With the rapid development of crowd-sourcing distribution, most of the existing researches focus on the path optimization of single distribution, and few consider the dynamic customer demand. Based on this, under certain assumptions, fuzzy time window is introduced to express customer satisfaction, which...
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The Impact of Social Capital on University Students’ Entrepreneurial Opportunity Recognition

Yi You, Deyu Xu, Chaoqun Wang, Shuang Wu
Through the questionnaire survey of 387 undergraduate entrepreneurs, this paper adopts analysis methods such as literature research, empirical research and data statistical analysis, and modeling technology such as structural equation model to analyse the impact of social capital on the opportunity identification...
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Evaluation of Service Quality of Self-Media Online Stores Based on Online Comments-Taking Toutiao Online Stores as an Example

Hui Dong, Ao Huang
As a new force of self-media, Toutiao ( has broken the traditional self-media marketing model. Through fan advantages accumulated by short video producers for a long time, Toutiao with platform supervision and self-media credit as endorsement has carried out a series of activities such...
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Nintendo’s Strategic Recommendations Based on Selected Analyses

David Vrtana, Anna Krizanova
Based on the current situation in the market environment, it is necessary for companies to assess their current position. At the same time, they need to adapt their strategy to this, whether marketing, production or overall corporate. Nintendo, which has been active in the gaming console and gaming industry...
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Green Supplier Selection With Government Subsidy

Qingling Yu, Fei Sun, Hui Yang
The purpose of this paper is to investigate the impact of government subsidy on the retailer’s supplier selection in a green supply chain. We develop a game model where the supply chain consists of a green manufacturer, a non-green manufacturer and a common retailer. The retailer should determine its...
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On the Innovation of Talent Training Mode Under the Background of Business-Finance Integration From the Perspective of College Students

Zhijue Zhu, Yujie Luo
With the continuous development of economy, accounting reflection after the event has been unable to meet the needs of enterprise development. The traditional behind the scenes accounting needs to understand business operation more and more. The integration of business and finance has become a good strategy...
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Research on the Ethical Connotation and Specific Standards of the Justice Principle of Property Right Empowerment

Yuanyuan Sun
The empowerment of property rights is a process of distributing property to users based on certain principles, which is the premise of the exercise of property rights. In order to realize the fair and reasonable allocation of property rights, the justice principle must be taken as the fundamental principle...
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Construction and Application of Evaluation Index System for Supply-Side Structural Reform

Wei Tang, Lili Zhang, Rui Tang
Based on the five priority tasks of “cutting overcapacity, reducing excess inventory, deleveraging, lowering costs, and strengthening areas of weakness” of the supply-side structural reform, this article decomposes the quantifiable indicators and data of each task one by one, constructs a comprehensive...
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Study on the Workforce Scheduling and Routing Strategies of Heterogeneous Agents in Call Centers

Mengchen Wang, Xiuli Wang
The performance of call center operations is usually associated with two factors, agent scheduling shifts and calls routing strategy, and they are dependent to some extent. In order to decrease the operating cost greatly, call centers need to properly allocate human resources and determine appropriate...
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The Influence of Work Involvement on Intrinsic Motivation and Work-Family Balance Satisfaction

Hua Wan, Jie Ai
There is a large room for exploration of work-family balance satisfaction in China. Based on conservation of resource(COR) theory, through analyzing the data of 509 enterprise employees, the mechanism of the influence of work involvement of enterprise employees on work-family balance satisfaction is...