Proceedings of the First International Volga Region Conference on Economics, Humanities and Sports (FICEHS 2019)

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Economic Estimation of Woody and Non-Woody Forestry Resources in Present Conditions

V.V. Bespalova, E.Yu. Bogatova, I.V. Filinova
Forestry Code of the Russian Federation provides forests use giving forestry areas with and without forestry resources eliminations. Economic relations in the sphere of forests use are connected with their charged use. In this case forestry resources and rights of forestry areas use becomes a commodity,...
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Spatial Organization of the University Network: a European Case-Study

E.V. Bolgova, S.A. Bolgov, M.V. Kurnikova
The spatial strategy of the Russian Federation implies the university network development in compliance with the new conditions of economic development, geographic concentration of labour, scientific and technological, innovative activities. For a long time, a geographic aspect has not been addressed...
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Assessment of Economic Efficiency in the State Support of Economic Innovation in Agriculture

S.P. Filippova, M.S. Abrosimova, O.V. Litvinova
Agriculture is a priority sector of the Russian economy. Focusing on the task of improving the living standards of the population and ensuring the country’s food security, the State is constantly improving the tools of the state backing for agricultural goods producers, increasing budget funds for implementing...
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Organization of Automated Human Resource Accounting

T.O. Grafova, V.I. Kirishchieva, O.A. Mishchenko
The article presents the basic principles of accounting and automation of human resources management system. The article covers the investment in the knowledge based capital being increasingly attractive because of its high return. The authors substantiate their position that the knowledge based capital...
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Basis of Financial and Management Accounting Formation Within a Concession Company

T.O. Grafova, I.A. Tishchenko, O.A. Mishchenko
The article presents the main types of concessions and their Russian application. The article covers the principal statements on financial and management accounting maintenance within a concession company. The importance of the accounting division into the financial and management ones is defined in...
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Impact of Broadband Internet on the Economic Growth of the Russian Regions

I.Y. Imasheva, T.V. Kramin
The role of digital economy factors in economic growth is of special interest today. One of the mechanism of their impact is the broadband Internet, including information-legal platforms, web-sites, and social networks. Advancement of the broadband Internet facilitates digital transformation and forming...
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Import Substitution of Software in the Government Procurement Sphere

A.Yu. Kazanskaya, Ya.A. Nalesnaya
The research identifies the main problems of the domestic software introduction in the interests of public authorities. First of all, in addition to consumer qualities, there is an acute issue of reliability and safety of foreign products which will be used. Import substitution in this case goes in two...
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Reasonable Prospects for the Establishment of Local Subregional Tourism and Recreational Clusters in Line with the Specificities of Regional Spatial Development

E.N. Koroleva, M.V. Kurnikova
The paper is aimed at grounding the prospects for tourism and recreational clusters development at the subregional level with regard to the characteristics of regional spatial development. The methodology proposed for the study was used to define tourism and recreational clusters on the peripheral territories...
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Family Support as a Fertility Factor in Russia

I.A. Kulkova, V.I. Sharin
The study is aimed at studying the influence of the family and kinship support factor on fertility and parenting. The purpose of the study was to establish the value of family and family support for reproductive moods based on a study of fertility factors. In the course of the study, the authors used...
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An Economic and Statistical Analysis of Extrabudgetary Funds in the Russian Federation

G.R. Nigmatullina, I.N. Girfanova, Z.A. Zalilova
The system of mandatory insurance in the Russian Federation is represented by three funds. They are the only form of social protection of the population. An analysis of the results of activities of these extrabudgetary structures will make it possible to assess the effectiveness of the current system...
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About Some Aspects of Influence of Social Networks on Efficiency of Functioning of Hotel Service of Russia

I.N. Ostapenko, M.A. Bakumenko, R.S. Usenko
The authors ‘ research is devoted to the influence of social networks on the efficiency of hotel business development in Russia on the example of the largest resort city of the country – Sochi, their impact on customer relations is noted. On the example of popular hotels in Sochi calculated key indicators...
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Spatial Polarization of National Economy: Current State and Development Priorities

Kh.M. Rakhaev, T.Kh. Sozaeva, S.Kh. Sulumov
Economy develops in space and time. The factor of special position has always had an impact on its dynamics since spatiality remains the most important feature of territories’ development. In one case it is a positive influence, in another – a restraining effect on national economy development. The influence...
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Concept of the Effective Interrelationship of Bank and Industry Capitals

Sh.R. Shaymardanov, P.V. Kim, S.T. Fayziev, S.M. Khikmatov
The given article highlights the current conditions of Uzbek commercial banks loan portfolios at the contemporary stage as an indicator of successful balancing between bank and commercial capitals; it also underlines the overwhelming demand for bank loans from the borrowers. As the bank system is actively...
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Analysis of the Impact of Europe and Central Asia on the Economic Development of Russia

V.V. Smirnov, D.G. Osipov, A.A. Babaeva
Subject of the study is influence of Europe and Central Asia on the economic development of Russia. The goal of the study is to determine the factors that significantly influence the economic development if Russia by means of the dynamic range analysis complex and the growth rates of the Europe and Central...
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Analysis of the Russian Economy’s Ability to Generate Profit

V.V. Smirnov, D.G. Osipov, P.G. Gorbunova
Study subject is the ability of the Russian economy to generate profit. The aim of the work is to determine the key indicators affecting the ability of the Russian economy to generate profit. The study is based on a systematic approach using statistical, cluster, neural network and non-parametric analysis....
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Mechanism of Management of Retail Networks Services

J.S. Valeeva, A.M. Naida, N.K. Potapova, E.Yu. Elesin
The main purpose of this research is consideration of the theoretical and methodological approaches to formation of the mechanism of management development of services of retail chains on the basis of consumer value. The effectiveness of trade services is considered from positions of value-oriented development...
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Customer Orientation Management of Employees as Part of Value-Oriented Growth of Organization

Yu.S. Valeeva, E.A. Gatina, E.A. Bagrova, O.V. Fedorova
This study is aimed at the scientific substantiation of theoretical and methodological approaches to the study of customer orientation exercised by retail chains and areas of respective management solutions. The scope of study covers retail chains using methods of economic indicators comparative analysis....
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Studying Foreign Experience of Physical Culture and Sport Sphere Financing

N.G. Vishnevskaya, D.A. Vishnevskiy, J.A. Steshenko
The article presents analysis of financing physical culture and sport sphere in the Russian Federation. It considers different mechanisms of sports sphere private financing in some foreign countries: homesteads expenditure and volunteership, subvention of public sector at a national, regional and local...
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Statistical Analysis of Structured Data on the Consumption of Meat and Meat Products in Russia

O.A. Zolotareva, L.A. Davletshina, D.D. Antipova
The article addresses the issues of food security and import substitution. It examined the dynamics of production and per capita meat consumption in the Russian Federation. Structural changes in the production of basic livestock products for farms of all categories are considered. Based on the analysis,...
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Assessment of Financial Activities of Consulting Firms in the Russian Federation

R.T. Bazarov, N.A. Appalonova, O.E. Nikonova, S.M. Syurkova
In this article the research of the market of consulting services of the Russian Federation is carried out. Various points of view of scientists on rendering consultancy services are studied, various methods of interaction of specialists consultants with clients are analysed. The financial activities...
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Analysis and Evaluation of the Results of Tax Consulting Firms

R.T. Bazarov, O.P. Doroshina, K.Z. Mukhamedzyanov, A.I. Sakhbieva
In this article, the research was carried out on the financial results of tax consulting firms. The specifics of providing tax consulting firms were reflected. The authors of this article conducted a review of the literature on tax consulting, during which the types of tax consultations were defined....
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The Role of Human Capital in Improving the Competitiveness of Enterprises

Zh.Z. Baigireyeva, Sh.U. Niyazbekova, E.V. Borisova, O.S. Ivanova
This study examines the term “human capital”, as well as its essence in modern conditions. In this regard, we have studied the concept of “human capital”, given by various scientists and authors. The paper examines the question of the definition of “human capital” and on the basis of this study, the...
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Problems of Civilizations Sustainable Development Through the Negative Globalization Factors of the World Economy

A.K. Botasheva, E.N. Kholodova, E.V. Galdin
The globalization of the world economy is by no means has a conflict nature. It is urgent to scientifically comprehend the nature and dynamics of globalization processes in the context of complex and ambiguous confrontational situations accompanying global changes. The task of identifying the main problems...
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The Intellectual Capital Role in Market Growth of Companies in Developed and Emerging Markets

A.V. Dzhioev, L.K. Gurieva
The modern economy became increasingly dependent on intellectual capital, whose role is steadily growing in comparison with other types of capital. On the one hand it happens due to the objective trend of the world economy innovative development on the eve of the sixth technological mode beginning; on...
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Information Technologies in Education in Terms of Digital Economics

V.B. Dzobelova, O.V. Cherkasova, E.I. Fomicheva
A new stage of society development is closely connected with digital information processing and use. Digital economics influences all spheres of social relations in the world, including Russia. The authors of the article present the latest results concerning digital economics spread in different countries,...
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Strategic Approach to the Regional Innovation System

A.A. Ostovskaya, E.A. Smirnova, N.N. Kozhukhova
The study proves that at this stage, elaboration of an innovation-based strategy of national economic development is an objective necessity for all the industrialized countries. In such conditions, the high-priority task of the government regulation is to create favorable environment for the development...
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Recreational Tourism Development Management in the Region of Caucasus Mineral Waters

I.N. Degtyaryova, V.N. Orobinskaya, S.B. Uzdenova
The article discusses the characteristic features of recreational tourism, discloses the problems and prospects of managing its development in the region of Caucasus Mineral Waters. The authors strive to follow the process of existence and further development of the tourist and recreational potential...
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Empirical Assessment of the Reputational Impact Capital on Investment Activity

L.A. Elshin, O.E. Gerasimova, L.G. Safina, G.R. Murtazina
As it is clear from practice and empirical observations, the reputation activity of economic agents causes the whole set of perspectives of their development by sustained positive or, on the contrary, by negative expectations of the partners interacting with them concerning opportunities of their own...
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Efficiency Evaluation of Russia Regions Economy Digital Transformation

L.A. Elshin, M.V. Savushkin, E.A. Faizrakhmanova, V.U. Gusarova
Digital transformation breaks the settled models of functioning of economic entities and forms basis of perspective competitive development of economic systems in the current and future conditions of the global social and economic environment. The markets which are most actively adapting to new conditions...
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Algorithm for Determining Target Markets for the Sale of Agricultural Products Produced in the Region

L.A. Kalinina, I.A. Zelenskaya, S.V. Trufanova
The article considers a methodological approach to determining target markets for the sale of agricultural products produced in the region, based on the proposed author’s research algorithm. The research algorithm consists of four stages: determination of input and output parameters of agricultural markets,...
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Rye Cluster of Russia: Identification of Raw Material Area Based on the Localization Coefficient Technique

O.V. Kostenko
In Russia, there are certain prerequisites for the development of the group of sectors for production and processing of rye in terms of clustering. This paper aims at identifying the territories of Russia of high localization of rye grain production and evaluating the level of this localization. The...
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Management of Regional Social and Economic Systems

L.A. Malakhova, V.P. Malakhov, G.S. Rakhimova, M.A. Korobkova
The article deals with the most important elements that make up the management system of social and economic systems of the region. The highest-level managers of medium and large economies pay special attention to long-term planning, setting certain goals, forming ways of action, highlighting the rules...
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Methodology of Forming of Economical and Geographical Competence of a Modern Education System

I. G. Morozova, I. I. Abdullin, A.D. Khayaleeva, O.A. Rocheva
The methodology of forming of economical and geographical competence of a modern education system is considered. Implementation of the federal state educational standards (FSES) in the organizations of the secondary (complete) general education caused need of realization of competence approach and became...
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An Economic and Statistical Analysis of Extrabudgetary Funds in the Russian Federation

G.R. Nigmatullina, I.N. Girfanova, Z.A. Zalilova
The system of mandatory insurance in the Russian Federation is represented by three funds. They are the only form of social protection of the population. An analysis of the results of activities of these extrabudgetary structures will make it possible to assess the effectiveness of the current system...
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Tourism Industry: Development and Importance of Foreign Economic Relations of Russia

Elena I. Ohrimenko, Olga T. Ergunova
The paper discusses the essential characteristics of the international tourism industry; the importance of the development of regions that influence foreign economic relations has been determined; the comparative dynamics of business tourism and tourism with personal goals development has been shown;...
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Assessment of Liquidity Ratios as Indicators of an Organization’s Economic Security: Accounting Aspects

Svetlana A. Boronenkova, Olga A. Mironova, Aleksey Yu. Popov
The paper provides an overview of the organization’s indicators of economic security proposed by various researchers, as well as evaluates the impact of the accounting policies of an economic entity and the professional judgment of an accountant on the formation of key indicators of an enterprise’s economic...
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Investment Attractiveness of a Resource-Scarce Region: Terminology and Assessment Methods

Svetlana G. Pyankova, Ekaterina A. Sorokina
In the paper, the authors summarized the interpretations of the concepts “investment attractiveness”, “investment attractiveness of the region”, “investment climate”, “economic resources of the region”, “resource-scarce”, presented by domestic and foreign scientists. The concept of “resource-scarce region”...
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Analysis of the Innovation Processes in the Sphere of Excursion Services of the Republic of Tatarstan

M.P. Postalyuk, L. N. Rozanova, N. G. Kulyagina, A.V. Vileghganina
The article analyzes innovative processes in the sphere of excursion services; analyzes innovations on the market of excursion services of the Republic of Tatarstan and Kazan, characteristic of preferences of tourists of classical and innovation forms of excursion activity is given. The growth of trips...
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Value and Role of Multinational Corporations in Processes of Globalization of Economy and their Influence on Economic Security of the Country

G.S. Rakhimova, O.A. Shipshova, F. A. Mukhametshina, S.M. Syurkova
The role and value of multinational corporations in the processes of economy globalization and their influence on the level of economic security of the country are explored in this article. Main threats which arise in the course of activity of multinational corporations (multinational corporation) in...
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Social and Psychological Features of Entrepreneurs in the Conditions of Behavioural Economy

U.E. Rzhevskaya, A.N. Gryaznov, O.V. Kotova, A.A. Zabotin
The economic behavior needs to be controlled, introduced and analyzed. And the main idea here is that it is reasonable. But, nevertheless, “off-screen” there is always a certain share of irrational human behavior. It forms a systematic deviation from rational behavior. And during the creation of business...
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Revisiting the Question of Calculating Tourist Flows in the Russian Federation

L.V. Semenova, E.Yu. Nikolskaya, N.I. Kovaleva
The article analyzes the current state of the tourist flows assessment in the Russian Federation. The lack of a precise and clear methodology for tourist flows calculations is one of the main problems, since this indicator is one of the main factors determining the efficiency of the development of tourist...
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Methodical Approaches to Complex Diagnostics of Human Capital Formation at Rural Area

E.N. Belkina, M.V. Zaytseva
The article discusses the results of the scientific heritage of retrospective studies on various aspects of the formation and use of human capital as a factor in the sustainable socio-economic development of rural areas. An author’s methodological approach to conducting a comprehensive diagnosis of rural...
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Results of Analysis of Cost of Growth and Feeding of Cattle

A.M. Hazieva, N.T. Rafikova, A.M. Ableeva
In this paper, we consider the methodological aspects and the results of the analysis of the cost of production of growing and fattening cattle, taking into account the direction of development of livestock using a set of statistical methods for a long period of time. The article analyzes the cost structure;...
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Bank Lending to Russian Enterprises in the Face of External Challenges

N.S. Piontkevich, E.G. Shatkovskaya
In this study, the analysis in the period of international sanctions, the situation on the corporate lending market of the Russian Federation is developed; the dynamics of credit investments of non-financial organizations sector of the economy are studied; trends in the sectoral structure of the corporate...
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Juridical Economic Policy in the Doctrine of Ecological Order

R.F. Stepanenko, S.M. Alamova, L.V. Yun, K.A. Lyagin
The article discusses the issues of juridical economic policy in the concept of the ecological order, built and developed by representatives of foreign natural - humanitarian interdisciplinary scientific fields at the turn of the XIX - XX centuries. Juridical economic policy should establish fundamental...
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The Main Trends in the Development of Internal Audit and the Transformation of the Term “Internal Audit” Essence in Russia

O.L. Taran, N. A. Lazareva, S. B. Uzdenova
Based on a systematic study of the formation and development of internal audit in Russia, the article shows the importance of internal audit in the economic activities of economic entities, defines the stages of formation and development of the internal audit system in Russia. It is shown that the processes...
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Actual Problems of Development and Standardization of Internal Audit in Russia

O.L. Taran, S.Yu. Soboleva, V.N. Orobinskaya
Based on a systematic study of the key problems of development and standardization of internal audit in Russia, the article highlights the key factors of the need to develop internal audit in modern economic conditions and proves the need to introduce internal audit in the practice of economic activity...
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Directions and Forms of Small Business Participation in Physical Culture and Sport Popularization in the Republic of Tatarstan

F.F. Khamidullin
This scientific article presents author’s point of view concerning the prospects of business creation and popularization in physical culture –sports sphere on the basis of the held mass physical culture and sport development study in Tatarstan, in order to improve health among population, which present...
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Finance Results of Organizations Activity Analysis and Ways of Increase

A.A. Khramchenko, E.A. Bolotnova
Finance result is the main evaluation criterion of finance-economic activity of organization and is reflected in income or loss. Owing to finance results analysis people form the opinion about profitability of a subject. Finance results analysis in general is calculated taking into account the structure...
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A Factor Approach to the Study of the Economic Security System of a Municipal Unit

Elena I. Okhrimenko, Sergey A. Chernov
The paper substantiates the importance of economic security at the municipal level as an important component of the national security system. The analysis of the existing scientific definitions of the concepts of “safety”, “economic security”, and “economic security of the municipal unit” is presented....