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Analysis of Benefits and Obstacles from E-Budgeting Implementation in Educational Organizations

Aan Yudha Nugraha, Udik Budi Wibowo
This paper reviews theoretically which aims to provide insight into how management information system (MIS) e-budgeting information systems are implemented, what are the benefits and obstacles in their implementation, and why is e-budgeting important for an educational organization? This is important...
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Aceh and Nias in Several Reviews of Literature in Indonesian National Newspapers

BW Nurhadi, Kusmarwanti, Dian Swandayani
This article aims to describe the review of Indonesian literary works with Aceh and Nias ethnic background in national newspapers. The object of this research article is a literature review article in five national newspapers: Kompas, Republika, Media Indonesia, Koran Sindo, and Koran Tempo for the past...
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Dimensions of Early Childhood Character Education in Facing Industry Revolution 4.0

Harun, Sudaryanti, Amat Jaedun, Abdul Manaf
This study aims to determine the dimensions of the character of early childhood relationships with oneself, in an effort to face the challenges of industrial revolution 4.0. Research locations in the area of Central Java Province, specifically Ex Kedu Residency. The research subjects were 489 children...
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Female Deities (Bidadari) in Indonesian Folklore: A Feminist Literary Critical Perspective

Wiyatmi, Else Liliani, Esti Swatikasari
This study tries to examine the existence of female deity figures (bidadari) found in a number of folklores in Indonesia using the perspective of feminist literary criticism. Folklore which is the source of data is (1) Dewi Sri, (2) Dewi Nawang Wulan, and (3) Dewi Candika. The results showed that the...
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The Effectiveness of Android-Based Interactive Physics Mobile Learning Media to Improve Students’ Psychomotor and Self-Efficacy

Suparno, Sukardiyono, Tiara Kusuma Ardiyati, Beatrix Elvi Dasilva
This study aims to find out know the effectiveness of learning using android-based IPMLM to improve psychomotor and self-efficacy of high school students. The research design uses Pretest-Posttest Control Group Design. The research subjects were 185 students of Class X MIPA from SMA N 1 Pakem, SMAN 2...
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Biology Teacher’s TPACK Profile in Central Java: Description of TPACK Mastery Based on Teaching Experience

Paidi, Muhammad Khoirul Antony, Bambang Subali, Sendy Putra Pradana
TPACK is an integrated unit of three basic knowledge consisting of PK, CK, and TK. This study aims to find out how different TPACK biology teachers are based on teachig experience. This research was a descriptive study with survey method. The population in this study is a hypothetical population that...
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Strengthening Children’s Character Through School Sports Festival

Soni Nopembri, Nur Rohmah Muktiani, Saryono, A. Erlina Listyarini
All parties should do the character of elementary school students jointly. One of them, it can be done through fun sports activities. Excellent character needs to develop in the form of physical activity packages that are cultivated in a school sports festival. This activity is also a solution to develop...
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Smart System for Diagnosing Motorcycle Damage Using Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System for Future Transportation

Fatchul Arifin, Nur Hasanah, Dessy Irmawati, Zainal Arifin
Motorcycle is one of popular vehicles in Indonesia and predicted the use will continually increase. Indonesian Motorcycle Industries Association states that in 2016, the total sales of motorcycle nationally was 5.931.285 units. The more sophisticated the motorcycle machine, the more precise maintenance...
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Digital Library Practice in University: Advantages, Challenges, and Its Position

Irsa Arma Perdana, Lantip Diat Prasojo
This paper is written to describe the importance of digital libraries to be applied in university library through the exploration of the advantages offered by digital libraries, as well as the challenges that will be faced in the implementation of digital libraries as infrastructure to support education....
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The Teachings of Ki Hadjar Dewantara in Improving the Character of Elementary School Students in the Revolution of Industry 4.0 Era*

Ana Fitrotun Nisa, Zuhdan Kun Prasetyo, Istiningsih
Ki Hadjar Dewantara is the Father of Indonesian Education who was instrumental in carrying out an educational revolution in Indonesia from colonial-based to nationalist-based. The learning carried out puts forward the development of character that is balanced with the good mastery of knowledge. One of...
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Development of Biology Learning Media Based on Macromedia Flash in the Era of Industrial Revolution 4.0

Riya Irianti, Dharmono, Mahrudin
This study aims to describe the validity, practicality and effectiveness of Macromedia Flash in Biological Learning in the Industrial Revolution Era 4.0. The research method in this research is the development or Research and Development (R&D), using the One-shot Case research design. Stages in this...
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Individual Student Planning Model to Develop Career Readiness in High School*

Budi Astuti, Nia Veronica, Edi Purwanta, Diah Novita, Liya Husna Risqiyian
Adolescence is a period in the development of a person’s life since the end of childhood until the beginning of adulthood. As individuals who are developing the transition process from childhood to adulthood, adolescents have development tasks that lead to their preparation to fulfill the desires and...
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Developing Science Electronic Module Based on Problem-Based Learning and Guided Discovery Learning to Increase Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills

Avisia Suryaningtyas, Febyarni Kimianti, Zuhdan Kun Prasetyo
The Development research conducted to develop science electronic modules based on Problem Based Learning and Guided Discovery Learning to improve critical thinking skills and problem solving. The ability of critical thinking and problem solving needs to be possessed by students because in the 21st century...
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The Development of Mobile Learning-Assisted Local Culture-Based Subject Specific Pedagogy in Realizing the Learning Outcomes of Physics Subject

Supahar, Ahsan Abdulfattah, Sukardiyono, Himawan Putranta
Education plays an important role in developing human resource skills in order to compete in the world of work. To support the role of education, it is necessary to develop skills through learning activities, one of them is through learning in the form of subject specific pedagogy (SSP) based on local...
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The Development of Physics Learning Media Based on Local Wisdom Belogo and Traditional Rowing Contest to Improve the Physics Representative Ability of High School Students in Realizing Learning Outcomes

Warsono, Supahar, Rio Sandhika Darma, Puji Iman Nursuhud, Danis Alif Oktavia, Ahdika Setiyadi
This research aims to develop and find out the effectiveness of Multimedia Learning Modules (MLMs) in improving students’ (diagram and physical) representations of physics. This research design used is a pretest-posttest control group design. The research subjects are 10th-grade MIPA students in Samarinda...
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Effectiveness of Interactive Physics Mobile Learning Media with Scaffolding Approach to Improve Students’ Tolerance and Students’ Self-Regulated Learning

Suparno, Erlin Evelin, Sukardiyono, Tri Utami
Research has been conducted which aims to determine the effect of the use (IPMLM) with the scaffolding approach to improve students’ tolerance and students’ self regulated learning in the Bima city and Pontianak city. The study was conducted using Pretest-Posttest Control Group Design. XI grade students...
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The Development of Terbang Papat and Larung Sesaji Local Wisdom-Based Physics Learning Module to Increase the Senior High School Students’ Physics Representation Ability in Realizing Nature of Sciences

Warsono, Supahar, Ahdika Setiyadi, Danis Alif Oktavia, Rio Sandhika Darma, Puji Iman Nursuhud
This study aims to determine the feasibility level of local wisdom-based physics learning module in high school physics learning and determine the effectiveness of local wisdom-based physics learning module in increasing the students’ representation ability in high school physics learning. This research...
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Teaching Performance of High School Biology Teachers in Applying TPACK: A Descriptive Study

Paidi, Noviana Hapsari, Bambang Subali, Fitria Eka Cahya Astuti
TPACK was a knowledge that teachers need to master to teach effectively with technology. TPACK needs to be applied in the learning process to realize technology integrated learning. The implementation of TPACK in the learning process can be reflected in teacher teaching performance. This research aims...
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A Rasch Model Analysis on Designing Needs-Based Teacher Professional Development Programs

Budi Kadaryanto, Suwarsih Madya, Ashadi
Teacher professional development programs (TPDs) have always become an interesting topic of discussions in the body of teachers’ professionalism literature. Over a decade of the Teachers and Lecturers Act enactment in Indonesia, professional development (PD) programs yielding teachers who possess pedagogical,...
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A Suitability of Competency Certification Scheme for Automotive Vocational High School with LSP P1 Against Business and Industrial World Needs in Semarang City

Dhewa Frovihandika, Zainal Arifin
This research was aimed at identifying certification scheme that is done by automotive Vocational High School with LSP P1 in the field of Engine Tune Up EFI and Conventional Engine Tune Up and find out the mismatch between industrial needs that require labor skilled work in their fields. Survey method...
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Child-Friendly Based Lift-the-Flap Story Book: Does It Affect Creative Thinking Ability and Self-Actualization of 4th Grade of Elementary Student?

E. Kus Eddy Sartono, Eka Irawati
This study aims to find out the effect of lift the flap story book, child-friendly based “Kayanya Negeriku” toward creative thinking ability self actualization of 4th grade of elementary students. This is a quasi experiment study with nonequivalent comparison-group design. The population of study was...
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Development of POE and SETS Based Science E-Module to Facilitate Creative Thinking Skill and Collaboration Skill

Hanif Alifah Kurniawati, Reizka Rossalina Erriska, Zuhdan Kun Prasetyo
Development research conducted aims to develop products in the form of POE and SETS-based science electronic modules to facilitate collaboration skill and creative thinking skill. The model used in this study is the R&D development model that adapts the 4D model. The module eligibility assessment is...
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Development of Big Book Media to Increase Understanding of Pancasila Values in Early Class

Wuri Wuryandani, E. Kus Eddy Sartono, Fathurrohman
This study aims to produce a big book media about the values of Pancasila to foster the behavior of characters of early grade students in elementary schools that meet the eligibility criteria. This research is motivated by the problem in which the lack of learning media in elementary schools that contain...
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The Effectiveness of Javanese Graded Readers to Teach Reading Comprehension

Supartinah, Endang Nurhayati, Sekar Purbarini Kawuryan, Woro Sri Hastuti
Reading in the Javanese language is challenging for early grade students of elementary schools. Graded reading books to ease up reading in the language have not been available. This R & D work has previously produced graded readers written in the Javanese language. This study is then intended to know...
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Effects of the Microsystem Layer on the Developing Religious Identity Status of Late Adolescent

Aulia Diah Pratiwi, Suwarjo
This study aimed to determine the effect of microsystem layers on the developing of the status religious identity of late adolescents. This study used a quantitative approach with a descriptive survey type. The number of subjects in this study was 30 students of Yogyakarta State University which were...
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The 21st Century Ideal Skills for Vocational High Schools

Apri Nuryanto, Kholid Yusuf Eryandi
This paper presents 21st Century Skills that are ideal for Vocational High Schools (SMK) in Indonesia using library research methods or approaches. Data collection is carried out by studying, exploring a number of books, documents and journals (both in printed and electronic form) as well as other sources...
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Mobile Learning-Based Science Mathematic Story: Attracting Students Studying Interest

Muhammad Nur Wangid, Adi Hastomo, Fitria Nurulaeni
This is a survey study using questionnaire as the data collecting method. This study involved 144 students of 4th grade in Banguntapan sub district and Sleman sub district, Yogyakarta province. Study result shows that: 1) the availability of learning media usage is still low to support learning process;...
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The Implementation of Flipped Classroom as an Attempt to Improve Indonesian EFL Learners’ Speaking Performance

Taufik, Widyastuti Purbani
Speaking skill is considered as a crucial skill for English foreign language learners. This skill needs to be developed not only at schools but also outside. Hence, English teachers should facilitate their students in improving this skill both inside and outside schools. Unfortunately, in Indonesia,...
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Influencing Factors on the Teacher–Students Pedagogical Creativity of the FKIP Bengkulu University

The purpose of this study was to study the factors that influence pedagogical creativity. Factors that are thought to influence pedagogical creativity are parental guidance, self-motivation, adversity quotient as independent variables, while the dependent variable is pedagogical creativity. This research...
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Development of an Assessment Tutorial of Students’ Learning Achievements on Vocational High School

Edy Supriyadi, Yuwono Indro Hatmojo
This study aims to develop a model of assessment tutorial (video) of students’ learning achievement on Vocational high school (VHSs) in the Expertise Program of Electrical Engineering. This development research used the Borg & Gall model. The video tutorial was trialed twice. Trials I were conducted...
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Global Citizenship Values in the Student’s Book of Pancasila and Civic Education

Mukhamad Murdiono, Suharno, Wuri Wuryandani
This study was aimed at (1) analyzing the values of the global citizenship and (2) finding the dominant global citizenship values in the student’s book of Pancasila and civic education for grade XII. This study is a content analysis. The unit of analysis in this study was the content of the student’s...
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Classification Between Normal Heartbeat and Angina Pectoris in Phonocardiograph Using Neural Network

Dyah Kurniawati Agustika, Juli Astono, Sumarna, Agus Purwanto
Data from the Ministry of Health shows that heart disease is the highest cause of death in all ages after stroke. This death rate will continue to increase if heart disease is not treated early. Delay in the handling of patients with cardiac abnormalities is due to the limited heart detection devices...
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Experiential Learning Model for Accounting Literacy Development of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises

Irawan Syarifuddin Daher, Sugito, Entoh Tohani
Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) gave high contribution for developing countries’ economic condition but their contributions have not been realized properly due to certain problems. Most MSMEs were involved in a business transactional records that did not have qualified audit reports to affect...
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Development of Interactive Learning Media Based on Google Application for Distance Learning in Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia

Feri Hidayatullah Firmansyah, Intan Permata Sari, Fahmi Candra Permana, Asep Herry Hernawan
This research aims to develop interactive learning media distance learning. In order to support the industrial revolution 4.0, human resources are expected to be skilled in making and using technology. One of them is development of learning model 4.0 where learning can be done anywhere and without being...
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Homeschooling: An Alternative Education Based on Potential of Children

Nining Purwaningsih, Puji Yanti Fauziah
The reason underlying homeschoolers decide on homeschooling education is because of the emergence of the desire to provide education that supports children’s competence in their field. In addition, due to factors distrust of formal schooling and the provision of religious education. Homeschooling is...
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Making the Best Use of Social Media in English Classroom

Anisa Nur Pratiwi, Pangesti Wiedarti
In the era of 21st century, education has been growing to more practical world to meet the demands of humans’ needs. One of the skills in the 21st century is the use of media and technology to support classroom activities at which those activities should resemble current trend in the world. In order...
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Developing a Hand Puppet Book Media to Improve the Higher Order Thinking Skill and Character of Elementary School Students

Anwar Senen, Dea Resti Ameliandari, Pratiwi Pujiastuti, Tusta Rika Purwanti
This study developed the Hand Puppet Book media need assessment to improve the higher order thinking skill and character of the 4th and 5th grade students of elementary schools in Sleman. Preliminary data of the research and development collected through observations, interviews, and questionnaires....
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The Understanding and Acceptance of UKRIM Students on Plurality of Religions

Bernardus Agus Rukiyanto, Dyandang Marcelinus
This study was written on the basis of the authors’ concern on issues of religions in Indonesia. This study applied quantitative method of research with some questionnaires, supported by some interviews. The population of this research was the students of Immanuel Christian University in Yogyakarta with...
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Transformational Leadership and Emotional Intelligence

Lisa Gracia Kailola
The leader is someone who is able to develop the ability within himself and also develop the ability of others to achieve company goals. Many companies invest in the field of human resource development, especially in leadership development programs because they realize how important the role of leaders...
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The Feasibility Test on Laboratory Based on Virtual Instrument System as Nature of Science Learning Media

Supahar, Eko Widodo
The disruption era placed the digital industrial world as the paradigm and the new reference in the order of life that caused significant changes known as the Industrial Revolution 4.0. It also affects the laboratory as an integral part of science learning that contains teaching materials, media, facilities,...
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A Whiteboard Animation Multimedia to Improve Teachers’ Ability in Understanding Classroom Action Research

Suyantiningsih, Dian Wahyuningsih, Sungkono
This study aims to test the effectiveness of multimedia whiteboard animation about classroom action research and conduct the process of disseminating the product to teachers in Yogyakarta. The research subjects consisted of teachers from kindergarten to senior high school education, with a sample of...
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Improving Students’ Speaking Skills in Generating Idea Through New Concept of Mind Mapping Technique

Dwi Setiyawan
This study is conducted to describe the implementation of mind mapping to improve students’ speaking skills in generating idea. Speaking becomes an important and challenging skill in language learning. Speaking is needed in many aspects Such as in communication and in educational aspect. However, many...
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Employment Governance for People with Disabilities: Comparative Study Between Indonesia and Malaysia

Utami Dewi, Nor Hafizah Mohamed Harith, Dwi Harsono, Abdul Jalil Mohamed Ali, Kurnia Nur Fitriana
People with disabilities in both Indonesia and Malaysia are facing difficulties in attaining proper jobs and salaries. This paper aims to examine employment governance in Indonesia and Malaysia in comparative perspective. Descriptive qualitative research method was employed to gather and analyze the...
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The Effect of Drilling Exercise Using Level Net and Standard Net to Improve Forehand Overhead Lob Technique for Badminton Beginner Players

Nurman Hasibuan, Firmansyah Dlis, Ramdan Pelana
This study aims to determine the effect of drilling exercise using level net and standard net on increasing the forehand overhead lob technique for badminton beginner players. This study uses an experimental method. A sample of 24 people is taken by using purposive random sampling from 35 total of population....
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Noise Reduction of Simplified Phonocardiograph Through Flexural Tube Adjustment

Sumarna, Juli Astono, Dyah K. Agustika, Agus Purwanto
This study aims to determine the length of the felxural tube phonocardiograph device for noise reduction from heart sound record data. Human. Phonocardiograph, which is a simplification of the phonocardiograph in the chest part (in whole) in the chest; pipe; condenser mic; pre-amp; PC. The data is then...
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Digital Signal Processor as Learning Media with DSK TMS320C6713-Based Remote Laboratory

Galih Setiyo Budhi, Fatchul Arifin
Simulation learning of DSP makes learning nonoptimal, because there are no real experiment on this learning. The aims of this research were to produce and to show the work method of Digital Signal Processing trainer kit using remote laboratory-based DSK TMS320C6713. This development research adapted...
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Developing a Tracer Study Information System Based on SMS Gateway to Support Career Development Program in UPI, Cibiru Campus

Fahmi Candra Permana, Asep Herry Hernawan, Feri Hidayatullah Firmansyah, Intan Permata Sari
Graduates’ waiting period of an educational institution in getting a job can be an institution standard quality in organizing the educational process for its graduates. In addition, one indicator of the success of the education process is the absorption of the graduates of the institution in the working...
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Algebraic Properties of the Multistate Population Matrix Model

Sisilia Sylviani, Ema Carnia, A.K. Supriatna
Discrete time population growth is often modeled by a matrix. Many growth parameters such as growth rate, reproduction rate, as well as the movement of the population are easily included in a matrix model. This paper will discuss a matrix model that describes the dynamics of a population having some...
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Elderly Healthy Home for Promoting Inclusive Health Services in Indonesia

Utami Dewi, Pandhu Yuanjaya, Puji Wulandari Kuncorowati, Kurnia Nur Fitriana
The number of elderly in Indonesia has been increasing each year while the quality of healthy life was not good enough. This paper aimed to examine the Elderly Healthy Home (Rumah Sehat Lansia/Rusela) implementation in providing health services for elderly in Yogyakarta. The percentage number of elderly...
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Developing a Portable Field Line for Hadang (LFH) in Traditional Game Learning in Elementary School

Adnan Riyanto, Raden Sunardianta
The research background is the lack of physical education learning facilities that facilitate teachers to teach traditional games more efficiently and effectively. This study aimed to develop a portable field line for Hadang (FLH) as a traditional game learning facility in physical education. This was...
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Indonesia–Thailand Culture Similarities and Their Contributions in BIPA Learning

Ari Kusmiatun, Else Liliani
One manifestation of learning Indonesian is Indonesian for Foreign Speakers (BIPA). BIPA learning is an embodiment of efforts to improve the function of Indonesian into an international language. This paper examines the importance of the existence of Indonesian-Thai cultural parity and its contribution...
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Job Stress and Job Satisfaction Among Indonesian Lecturers: How Information Technology System May Define Them in the Era of Industrial Revolution 4.0

Suwito Eko Pramono, Heri Yanto, Inaya Sari Melati
Information technology is developing rapidly and has changed the way of life in all elements of society, including in tertiary organizations. This study aimed to determine the contribution of information technology systems in strengthening or weakening the relationship between organizational culture...
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User Satisfaction in Implementation of Table Tennis Games

Deny Budi Hertanto is a piece of software that can manage table tennis matches. This system is an application program specially designed to enroll participants in table tennis games, arrange schedules and device matches, execute matches and publish the results. This article intends to reveal how the level...
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School Policy for Bullying Prevention

Riana Nurhayati, Siti Irene Astuti Dwiningrum, Ariefa Efianingrum
Bullying in the school environment is one of the phenomena that still often occur even with increasing intensity. Therefore, special policies are needed from each school in dealing with bullying issues. This paper aims to describe: 1) the form of school policy in dealing with bullying, 2) school programs...
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The Category Shifts in English–Indonesian Translation

Suratman Dahlan, Saiful Latif
This study aims to identify and to classify shifts in English-Indonesian translation. This research employed a descriptive qualitative method. The research was conducted at the fourth-semester students of English Language Education Study Program, Khairun University which consists of two classes, 78 students....
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The Adsorption of Cr3+ onto Na+-Saturated Kaolinite

Jaslin Ikhsan, Endang Widjajanti, Erfan Priyambodo
Chromium is one of the parameters of the heavy metal pollutant in the environment. An adsorption of chromium can be used to reduce the content of chromium cation. The study aimed to reduce the concentration of Cr cations in the water waste by using adsorbents kaolinite and Na-kaolinite with the pH variation...
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Physical Activity Experience Among Transnational Young People Living in New Zealand

Muhammad Hamid Anwar, Caly Setiawan, Herka Maya Jatmika
Studies on youth physical activity have been growing out of the agenda to enrich literature thus far having been predominated by the epidemiological research. Epidemiological studies provide insightful knowledge about the youth’s predispositions and competences for participating in physical activity....
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Art of Painting to Decorate the Surface of Metal Crafts in the “Wastraloka” Creative Industry

Rustam Asnawi, Nurhening Yuniarti, Ismadi
The Indonesian creative industry has compete in global competition. Unique and quality are the basic keys of many people’s favorite. One of the creative industries that have its uniqueness and quality is “Wastraloka” Klaten. The uniqueness of its products is wood and can painted with ancient batik motifs...
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Preventing Student Delinquency Through Three Education Center Communication

Suranto Aw, Mami Hajaroh, Chatia Hastasari
The focus of this research is to describe the efforts in preventing student’s delinquency through the three education center’s (schools, families, and communities) communication. The three education center communication is a process of interaction performed by educational stakeholders as a strategic...
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Urgency of “Sahabatlekat” Android Application to Develop Self-Identity of Students’ Friendship in Z-Generation

Mutiara Harlina, Suwarjo
Sahabatlekat is one of solution offered for character education in industrial revolution 4.0 era. Sahabatlekat takes part in developing self-identity of friendship in z-generation student to facilitate student in their developmental stage in order to achieve life independently. Sahabatlekat was developed...
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Development of Physical Education Model Based on Character for Improving Affective, Cognitive, and Psychomotoric Values in Elementary School

Sugeng Purwanto, Ermawan Susanto
The importance of developing character has been emphasized in the goals and functions of the national competency standards for physical education. This study aims to develop a character-based physical education learning model to improve affective, cognitive, and psychomotor values in elementary schools....