Proceedings of the 2019 International Conference on Management, Education Technology and Economics (ICMETE 2019)

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Research on the Construction of College Physical Education Innovation System

Qingbao Wang
College students are in an important period of sound development of mind and body. The period in university is also a significant stage for college students to gain knowledge, realize self-improvement and learning about society. This paper analyzes the problems existing in the current college physical...
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Analysis of Investment Decisions of SMEs

Rui Zhao, Xiaoyan Zhang
With the gradual improvement of China's market economic system and the rapid development of financial markets, the correct investment decision-making of enterprises has become the key to enterprise development. For SMEs, the investment evaluation method is to use the discounted cash flow method or the...
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Yangming learning of Conscience and Management Philosophy of Inamori Kazuo

Weiliang Chen
The competition among modern enterprises is not only the competition between enterprise products, scale and technology, but also the competition between corporate cultures. Based on the study of business philosophy and business culture concepts and their relationships, this paper studies the role of...
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Investigation and Research on the Construction of Beautiful and Livable Villages in Liaoning Province Based on Comparative Analysis

Siqi Niu, Jian Ma
Through field research and data review, the author of this paper collects documents and theories related to the study of beautiful and habitable rural construction, and summarizes the habitable areas in Xifeng County, Huludao City, Tiemen Town, Dandong City, and Faku County of Shenyang City in Tieling...
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Analysis on the Current International Communication of TCM Culture

Dejun Li
The international communication of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) culture is of great significance for expanding the international influence of Chinese culture and enhancing China’s cultural soft power. This paper starts with the status quo of the international communication of TCM, then focuses...
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Cross-cultural Examination of Chinese Cross-border E-commerce Web Sites Design and Contents

Cong Liu, Yajun Luo
Cross-border e-commerce is an international activity, which relies almost exclusively on web site to deliver information and interact with consumers. However, many cross-border e-commerce firms work with web sites interfaces that provide only poor information and manifest many problems concerned with...
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Research on the Mixed Teaching Design Focusing on Golden Class and the Innovative Development of Teachers' Informatization Teaching Ability

Junwei Shi
With popular "Internet +" , how to cultivate a new generation of college students who have grown up under the influence of information technology. Based on this subject, this paper carries out online and offline hybrid teaching design, actively breaks the instillation teaching mode, and organically integrates...
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An Empirical Analysis of the Governance Structure of Listed Companies

Jing Zhao
This paper empirically analyzes the equity structure and corporate governance efficiency of listed companies in China from the aspects of “quality” and “quantity” of ownership structure. The results show that the proportion of state shares is significantly negatively correlated with company performance....
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The Composition of Empathy and Public Opinion about Risk Society: Reflections on Some Public Opinion Events in Recent Years

Bei Guo, Shurong Han
This paper takes empathy as the breach to explore the evolution on social psychology in a risk society, analyzing how empathy influences the public opinion in recent years . The study holds that "empathy" is the motive mechanism for a series of events triggering public opinion in China which evolve...
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A Comparative Study of Three English Versions of “Qinyuan Chun·Changsha” from the Perspective of Chesterman’s Models of Translation Ethics

Wei Liang
Mao Zedong is regarded as one of the greatest poets in China and his poetry are cherished as the treasure of Chinese culture. With the background of enhancing cultural confidence, many scholars have translated and studies on its English versions from different perspectives. However, studies based on...
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Research on the Dispositional Optimism and Forgiveness of Middle School Teachers in the Naxi Area

Changqing Li
To do research on the dispositional optimism category and forgiveness of the middle school teachers in the Naxi Area, a questionnaire survey was conducted against 3,786 middle school teachers in the Naxi Area by the means of dispositional optimism scale and forgiveness scale. The dispositional optimism...
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Construction of Optimization Path of Agricultural Products Supply and Demand Based on the Perspective of Supply-side Structural Reform

Jun Wang
The imbalance between urban and rural development, inadequate rural agricultural development, and unbalanced agricultural product supply structure are the top priorities for solving the problem of “agriculture, rural areas and farmers” in the new era. Promoting structural reform of agricultural supply...
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Discussion on Current Situation and Function of Grid Management—A Case Study of District S

Ying Zhou, Manfei Cui
Grid management is to divide the community into several grid units based on certain principles, and to deal with complex social affairs by means of information technology. This paper illustrates the definition and function of grid management in the existing literature, and describes the current situation...
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Research on the Cooperative Path of Multi-Agents in Precision Poverty Alleviation

Shurong Han, Lulu Li, Bei Guo
Through the study of A County in S province, this paper explores the path and effect of multiple subjects coordination in targeted poverty alleviation based on several theories, and analyzes the existing problems and countermeasures. The research shows that the path of multiple subjects collaboration...
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The Impact of Poverty Alleviation Input on Increasing Income of Rural Poor Population in Western China—An Empirical Study based on A City in S Province

Shurong Han, Chenyu Wang, Bei Guo
Based on the data of A city of S Province in Western China and field investigation, this paper builds a model and analyzes the results of the investigation, explores the important impact of poverty alleviation investment on the income increasing of poor rural people in Western China, and puts forward...
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Discussion on Modern Educational Thoughts and the Teaching Reform of College Sports

Yu Xue
This paper summarizes the core problem of the teaching reform of college sports by sorting out and analyzing modern educational thoughts at home and abroad, that is the relationship between the dominance of teachers and the subjectivity of students; besides, it has also carried out in-depth analysis...
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Design and Research of Civil Engineering Courses under the Guidance of “The Belt and Road” Strategy Based on Craftsman Spirit

Min Ji, Bolin Jiang, Shuzhen Chen, Hongli Li
Based on the craftsman spirit and under the guidance of “The Belt and Road" strategy, this paper serves as the supplementary civil international course system for vocational education courses, which is used for the development and utilization of blank. This paper also combines with our school cooperation...
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Bibliometric Analysis of Economics & Business Based on InCites-Taking HUST as an Example

Fengping Wei, Ji Fang, Jin Huang, Yihua He, Rong Zhang
This paper analyzes the characteristics and shortcomings of Economics& Business in Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST), and provides references for its construction and development. This paper regards discipline data of Economics& Business based on InCites as the research object, selects...
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Application of CBL Combined with TBL Teaching Method in Experimental Teaching of Surgical Nursing

Shiyu Liu, Xiaonan Tong, Yian Lu, Yanming Li
The focus of this paper was to study the application of CBL combined with TBL in the experimental teaching of surgical nursing in our school. 60 college students from Beihua University were selected and divided into two groups: control group and experimental group. The experimental group used CBL combined...
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Application of PBL Joint Information Teaching in Medical Nursing Teaching

Xiaonan Tong, Shiyu Liu, Yian Lu, Yanming Li
In order to compare the effects of PBL teaching method and PBL joint information teaching in the teaching of Internal Medicine Nursing, a total of 111 students from 2 nursing undergraduate classes in our school were randomly selected into intervention classes (n=55) and control classes (n=56). The intervention...
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A Study of the Integration of Museum Resources Facing to Knowledge City and Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education of Colleges and Universities

Xiaoliang Xiong, Huxiao Li, Saipeng Xing
This paper will analyze how the museum resources can be integrated into the mechanism model of innovation and entrepreneurship education in local colleges from the perspective of the Three Levels of Culture by Edgar Schein. Thus, this paper will form a theoretical way of the implementation strategy based...
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Brief Analysis of Influences of Divorced Family on Psychological Health of College Students and Countermeasures

Kun Wang, Jianlei Qian, Guozhen Wang
As the divorce rate in China rises continuously, the number of college students in divorced families is increasing as well. Family is an important factor affecting the psychological development of individuals. The family breakdown may seriously affect the psychological health development of college students....
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Application of Superstar Learning Platform in Pharmacology Teaching

Lin Wang, Weiwei Bian, Wanzhong Li, Meihua Qu, Yanna Lv, Chunzhen Zhao
This paper is to explore the application effect of classroom teaching mode based on Learning Tong software in pharmacology teaching of pharmacy. 89 students in 2016 pharmacy classes of our university were randomly divided into experimental group and control group. The experimental group applied the Learning...
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Information and Personal Networking in Decision-making Process: the Case of HSBC

Yihai Chen, Junjie Lai
The paper mainly evaluates internal and external information and knowledge to help the Decision-making Unit of HSBC to improve the decision-making effectiveness. The analysis starts with the information and knowledge of HSBC, then assesses the qualitative and quantitative data and finally discusses the...
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The Influence of Organization behavior on Business Performance: Taking Baiji Mining Company as an Example

Yang He, Yiting Liu
This paper discussed the “1.12 Mine Blast” in Baiji Mining Company in Shanxi Province, China. A total of 87 miners entered the mine on duty. The organization management in this company must have some problems. Therefore, this paper’s analysis includes three steps: firstly, it analyzed the structure and...
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Communication Process and Information Systems in HSBC

Junjie Lai, Yihai Chen
The paper mainly evaluates existing communication processing in the HSBC and gives some suggestions to ensure greater integration of systems of communication in HSBC. The paper focuses on the process and communication, interpersonal communication skills and information system in HSBC. It also provides...
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Regional Brand Development from the Perspective of Brand Relations Spectrum: Taking Changle as an Example

Qisun Li, Xiaoquan Cai
As a new means of regional development, regional brand has attracted more and more attention from regional managers with the increasing competition. This paper takes Changle district of Fuzhou city as an example to study regional brand strategy from the perspective of brand relationship spectrum. The...
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The Strategies of the Market Redeployment: Taking Charlie Shoe Company as an Example

Guochao Lin
The purpose of this paper is to investigate the external and internal factors which will influence export companies. The paper also tries to provide an effective strategy planning and evaluation to the change into domestic market. Based on the analysis, if Charlie wants evaluate and monitor its achievement...
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The Influence of Employees’ Motivation Management on Teamwork: Taking Starbucks as an Example

Yiting Liu, Jinling Zhang
This paper discusses the motivation and teamwork of Starbucks which is one of the best know and fastest growing companies in the world. The development of Starbucks is well-known, so the organization management in this company must have some strong advantages. The analysis includes two parts: firstly,...
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Financial Sources for Entrepreneurship: Taking Nanjing Pharmaceutical Company as an Example

Jinling Zhang, Yang He
With the vigorous development of financial market, many financing channels have emerged in the market, which provide diversified capital selection channels for enterprises. Faced with a variety of capital selection channels, enterprises can choose some reasonable and suitable financing models according...
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Analysis of Current Status and Demand of College Students’ External Image-building Capacity

Ling Lu, Jiaqi Xiong, Minsi Liu, Yiying Wang, Shanshan Xiang, Qiriga Han
The paper is aimed to understand the external image-building capacity and current demand status of college students, and explores the path to improve image-building capacity. The self-complied questionnaires are issued via, and analyzed via and SPSS21.0 statistical software. This paper...
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Construction of Business English Courses Based on University-enterprise Cooperation -Taking International Business Negotiation as an Example

Xiaqing Liu
This paper, based on the necessity and significance of integration of production and education in Business English teaching reform, taking International Business Negotiation as example, put forward a working process-oriented course construction path by means of university-enterprise cooperation which...
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Analysis of Herd Effect of Investor’s Behavior from the Perspective of Behavioral Finance

Xiaqing Liu, Baiyu Liu, Xiaoning Han
Behavioral finance integrates multidisciplinary theories such as finance, psychology, behavioral science and sociology. From the perspective of behavioral finance, a large number of investment anomalies were analyzed effectively which in turn broadens the development space of finance. When making investment,...
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Research on the Implementing Approaches of Courses Internationalization in Agriculture-related Universities

Yunfei Ma
Courses internationalization is to infiltrate the frontier and international content of the teaching process in a diversified form and cultivate students’ international communication ability and vision, so that they can not only participate in international exchanges and cooperation, but also pay attention...
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Phonetic Transfer of Chinese University Students in EFL Learning

Zheng Fu, Yunfei Ma
Phonetic transfer is defined as the way in which individual knowledge of a language sound tool can affect how a person perceives and produces language in another language. Although previous studies have investigated phonetic transfer in the area of articulation, how L1 affects L2 pronunciation by speech...
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Research on Applying WeChat Group to Online Teaching of Ideological and Political Education

Zuofang Li, Chiping Li
Only persevering in ideological and political education can we get practical results. Based on the analysis of the necessity of ideological and political education in colleges and universities, this paper discusses how to use WeChat group to do on-line ideological and political education and summarizes...
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Case Study of Integrating Mathematical Culture with the Course of Mathematics in Economics in Independent Colleges

Wenbin Zhang
In recent years, the term of "mathematical culture" has been used more and more frequently, and many colleges and universities across the country have also offered mathematical culture courses. Relevant cases relating to historical stories in mathematical culture, mathematical culture in daily life,...
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Research on Music Teaching Mode Against the Backdrop of "Internet +"

Lin Li
Under the background of ‘Internet Plus’, not only does the whole mode of music teaching innovate , but the level of music teaching improves and the rapid development of music teaching is promoted. With the rapid development of science and technology nowadays, network technology and information technology...
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Impact of US-China Trade War on the Volatility of China’s Soybean Futures—Based on GARCH Models

Zhe Lin
The US-China trade war has lasted for more than a year, while due to the hysteresis in macro data, the impact on the economies of the two countries, especially the passive part—China, has not fully manifested. This paper explores the impact of trade war on China’s economy from the perspective of the...
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Chemical Energy Security in China and Kazakhstan Based on Central Asian Cooperation

Li Ke
In order to promote China-Kazakhstan energy cooperation, this paper mainly focused on the Sino-Kazakhstan petroleum and gas energy security cooperation under the Silk Road Economic Belt. This paper analyzes the energy status of China and Kazakhstan and then analyzes the basis and cooperation of China-Kazakhstan...
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Research on the Combination Path of Tea Culture Experience and Urban Leisure Tourism

Lili Mu, Qinmei Chen, Feng Liang
With the rapid development of cultural industry, tea culture is no longer a traditional concept of culture, and the combination of tea culture and tourism industry is promoted to the spiritual concept. The combination of tea culture experience and urban tourism and leisure provides infinite space for...
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Interparadigmatic Aspect of Tolstoy’s Dispute with Shakespeare

Alexander N. Avdonin, Gennady V. Bondarenko, Hanif S. Vildanov, Natalia V. Vinogradova, Roza A. Tukaeva
In the study of literature, there is a fact that L. Tolstoy severely criticizes Shakespeare's works. The article proposed and substantiated the structure of the artistic paradigm with the categorical apparatus of the philosophy of science, and revealed the artistic, socio-philosophical and methodological...
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Establishment of Multivariate Linear and Logarithmic Function Mixed Model to Predict Economic Trend Based on 2005-2015 Data

Huimin Zou, Jiayi Wu
According to the China Statistical Yearbook, the data of 2005-2015 were found. Eviews was used to establish a multiple linear regression model. The model did not pass the t test. Then a mixed model of multiple linear and logarithmic functions was established. The economic significance test, statistical...