Proceedings of the 2021 International Conference on Modern Educational Technology and Social Sciences (ICMETSS 2021)

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The Important Factor of Children’s Social Skills: Parents’ Styles

Chenqi Zhu
The influence of parents on children is reflected in all aspects. People usually only know that parents have a great influence on children’s education, but they don’t know where these influences are reflected. Children’s social skills are likely to be under the influence of their parents, through the...
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SWOT Analysis on Sony’s PlayStation Under COVID-19

Yannan Niu
Since the beginning of 2020, the new crown epidemic has been a global problem. Many industries have been severely affected by the pandemic. Depending on the company’s response and the strategy adopted by the entire industry, the impact of the epidemic on the industry can be negative or positive. It is...
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Research on the Status and Causes of the Problems of Mobile Network Games in Junior High School Students

Weizhen Zhang
Based on the relevant research on online games, this paper takes junior high school students as the research object, analyzes the status of junior high school students’ mobile online games from four aspects: the time of playing mobile games, the types of mobile games they prefer, the reasons and feelings...
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Investigation and Analysis on the Information Technology Application Ability of Primary and Secondary School Teachers in Rural Areas of Xianyang City

Sun Yang
With the development of the new curriculum reform, information technology has gradually penetrated into all levels of school education and teaching activities, and education administrative departments have invested a lot of money to build a perfect information technology environment for the development...
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Redefining the Role of Teachers in Developing Critical Thinking Within the Digital Era

Haoxu Geng
The growth of the learner is the central concept of schooling. It is important to teach substantial skills such as CT to the learner for him or her to be able to think clearly and make the best decisions possible. CT is a valuable trait for learners to master problem-solving skills to deal with all difficult...
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Research on Ideological and Political Teaching Mode in Professional Courses in Colleges

Zhinuo Li, Keliang Jia
The paper analyses the connotation of ideological political education in professional courses, and then designs a teaching mode of professional courses from four aspects: excavating the ideological and political elements from the specialized courses, mode of integrating ideological and political education...
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Promoting Young Learners’ Oral Skills in China

Lu Li
Low oral competence has long been confused by Chinese English learners, even for young learners. It is approximately resulted by four reasons: limited English exposure, limited English learning time, a primary focus on learning individual words and limited opportunities to produce English. This article...
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Study on the Innovative Talents Cultivation Model of English Majors Under the Background of “New Liberal Arts”

Xiaoming Yao
The “New Liberal Arts Declaration” puts forward the policy of “proactively seeking change, innovative development”. Based on the background of new liberal arts education, this article explores the innovative path of English talent cultivating model, including integration of “curriculum ideological and...
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Research on the Humanistic Quality Education of Chinese Overseas Medical Students in “Virtual of Great Physician”

Mao Mingchen, Fu Xinjun
Virtual of Great Physician is one of the medical ethics of medical students including medical students to study in China must learn, through mining the medical ethics and medical ethics culture, this paper will humanistic quality education into the Virtual of Great Physician course, medical students...
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The Influence of the Student-oriented Multimodal Teaching Mode to Students’ Uptake Offline

Xinyu Liu, Weiwei Zhang, Guang Yang
In current decade, both students and teachers are paying more and more attention on the quality of class, which includes students’ uptake, communication, students’ feelings and so on. It is necessary to provide some suggestions to teachers for assisting them to build up a better class. This paper explores...
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Reviewing the Comparisons and Analysis of Chinese and American Classroom Interactions

Zichen Lyu, Tianqi Yang, Kexin Zhang
This paper reviews the differences of classroom interactions between China and America. Effective classroom interactions play a nonnegligible role in teaching and learning processes, which can enable the class to be active and innovative. Scholars have also managed to classify different types of classroom...
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Ideological and Political Teaching Design in Computer Programming

Taking Python as an Example

Keliang Jia, Zhinuo Li
First of all, the paper defines the teaching thought -- ideological and political teaching design in the course Python Programming. Then according to the educational objectives, the corresponding ideological and political elements are explored from the knowledge points of the course. Next we integrate...
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Acquisition Order in Negative Prefixes and Negative Adverbs for Chinese Learners: A Corpus-Based Approach

Xinyue Shui, Xiaoxi Chen, Yongfeng Qiu, Yuwei Yan
In English, negation includes explicit negation such as negations with negative suffixes and implicit negation like negative adverbs. In this study, we focus on negative prefixes and negative adverbs which are two difficulties for Chinese learners. And we tried to find out: a) learners’ acquisition features...
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On the Effective Path of Cultivating Research Tutors Under the Background of Study Travel

Yun Peng
With the continuous development of China’s economy, all walks of life in China are blooming, and the demand for talents in the industry is constantly changing. As an evolving industry, research and learning travel has gradually attracted people’s attention. This paper mainly studies the training plan...
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Research on the Medical Insurance Payment System in the Social Security Education Industry Under Major Public Health Incidents-Taking COVID-19 as an Example

Guo Shuaifeng
This article takes the medical insurance payment system under major public health incidents in China as the research object, adopts research methods such as inductive summary and comparative analysis to analyze the implementation status of China’s medical insurance payment system under the epidemic,...
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Research on Open Teaching of Engineering Survey Laboratory Course of New Engineering Course

Wan Fengming, Long Lihua
This paper expounds the reform methods and ideas of open teaching of engineering surveying experimental course, the specific measures of building open surveying laboratory, and the teaching effects obtained in cultivating students’ innovative spirit and ability and realizing resource sharing.
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Development and Application of Digital Media Design in Basic Education During Epidemic Period

Zhang Yuan, Tu Zihan
In today’s rapid development of information society, the previous education methods and curriculum structure have been unable to meet the needs of talent training in modern society. To explore the rich and diversified information resources sharing channels of digital media design technology, summarize...
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Comparative Analysis of Student’s Live Online Learning Readiness During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic in the Higher Education Sector

Yunyi Zhu, Jialin Ma
In COVID-19, many countries face a critical situation in terms of the global economy and human activities, including education. The school closure affected many students around the world. In the early days of the outbreak, many of the countries facing the disaster of the epidemic-imposed school closures....
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Research on Teaching Model Based on Cloud Platform of Big Data

Yi Huang
In recent years, the arrival of a large number of students in the era, the enormous shadow of the birth of education in Japan. Schematic. Mathematical education Unflattering appearance, inconveniently provided by students Individualized lessons and better academic lessons, reductions to a certain degree...
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Reviewing the Interactions Between Instructors and Students in Online Education

Yiyang Hu, Siyuan Sang, Chen Meng
Online education has been increasingly frequently used in recent years, especially because of the influence that the Covid-19 had brought. However, the problem still exists since there are not enough interactions between teachers and students. In order to analyze the effects on online courses, our group...
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Study on the Influencing Factors of Family Education Investment Difference

Liu Yu, Zhang Wenjing
Combing the literature about the family education investment in recent years, the summary description and analysis of the academic circles on the current status of the family education investment, understand the existing in the study that the factors that influence the difference of family education...
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Study on How to Improve Media Literacy in College Foreign Language Teaching in the New Era

Gao Yanjun
Nowadays, the number of foreign language graduates in colleges and universities transforming into the field of media is on the rise, which is attributed to the rapid development of the emerging media industry and the strong demand for international media talents. In view of this social phenomenon, college...
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Course Ideological and Political Education Incorporated Into Teaching Practice and Exploration of “Numerical Computation Method”

Jia Xinxin, Wang Lei, Sun Xiaoling, Qiu Huimin, Tang Bo, Miao Wang
According to the teaching characteristics of basic courses in mathematics, this article takes the course of “Numerical Calculation Methods” as the practical research object, and analyze the main problems and causes of course ideological and political education incorporated into teaching. At the same...
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On the Current Situation, Problems and Reform Direction of Broadcasting and Hosting Art Education

Li Bin
Broadcasting and hosting art major is a unique art major in China. It has developed rapidly in terms of quantity and scale since its establishment, but there are many outstanding problems in terms of quality, such as unclear training objectives, unbalanced teacher construction and unscientific training...
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Let the Invisible Be Visible and the Unheard Be Heard Public Art and Social Action

Xie Yong
Through public arts and my artistic practice to explore how art practice actively contributes to raising civic awareness around issues of social concern in contemporary China. I argue for their contribution to the field of public sculpture in China. The case studies will unpack the research process and...
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How to Improve Teaching Effectiveness—Take “Language Pedagogy” as an Example

JungChih Tsai, ChingChih Tsai
This article aims to explore the teaching methods of higher education. Taking the course of “Language Pedagogy” in international Chinese education as an example, it specifically presents the teaching mode and teaching skills of “Language pedagogy”, and how to present teaching practice in theoretical...
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An Apocalyptic Imagery—Iris Murdoch’s Moral and Artistic Goodness in Major Fiction

Lei Zhang
When many other 20th century English novels focus on social documentary, Iris Murdoch, attaches more concerns with an extraordinary reality: modern industry corrupts human beings’ moral sensibility. Adopting the myth and archetypal criticism as the theoretical basis for the study, this paper intends...
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Research on the Motivation and Countermeasures of College Students’ Online Loans from the Perspective of Social Support Theory

Take J University as an example

Xuan Yu, Rong Zhang
With the development of the Internet financial industry and the support of various national policies, online loans have gradually become popular on university campuses and have aroused attention and discussion from all walks of life. This article mainly starts from the theory of social support. Taking...
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Pedagogical Differences: A Comparative Reflection Between Western and Chinese Onsite Class Education

Peilin Wen, Yan Zong
Various pedagogical resources and methods are invested in students’ cultivation and development. A new BBC documentary named ‘Are our kids tough enough’ provides a new opportunity to observe and analyze the difference between western and Chinese education and related teaching results towards pupils....
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The Integrated Application of PAD Class and Unipus in College English Teaching

Mo Zhang
A new form of teaching mode called PAD Class has been quite popular with happy teachers and students in China because of its lively classroom atmosphere, pleasant teacher-student relationships, and satisfactory teaching effect. Unipus is an online platform for college English learning. The integrated...
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Analysis of Photographic Image from the Perspective of Chinese Traditional Aesthetics

Song Yao, Zhang Yansong
In recent years, traditional Chinese culture has received wide attentions from the public and has become a symbol with Chinese characteristics. And Chinese cultural elements have been widely used in photography creation. When the photographer explores traditional Chinese culture during his creation,...
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Research on the “Instantaneity” of Documentary Photography from the Perspective of Reception Aesthetics

Liu Fan, Zhang Yansong
Documentary photography mainly focuses on the photographer and the subject. However, in the contemporary all-media “image reading era” and “national photography era”, the level of image readers is more complex and extensive, which means that the audience will be more engaged in the process of completing...
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An Analysis of the Ways and Effects of Different Network Platforms in the Online Teaching of Biology in Middle School

Jie Na, Yanying Ding
How to combine the characteristics of middle school biology and bring into full play the superiority of the network platform was of great significance to improve the online teaching effect of middle school biology. In this study, the methods of literature study, questionnaire survey and comparative analysis...
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A Perspective on Computer Programming Education for Children in China

Yizhe Sun, Chu Luo
Computer programming education for children is currently a roaring industry in China. For the cultivation of children’s logical thinking ability and innovation ability, the government and investors have been making diverse efforts to develop the industry. Yet, there is more room to improve for efficient...
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Thoughts on the Function of Community Education from the Perspective of Policy Network During the Epidemic Period

Yu Liu
At present, when COVID-19 has become a global “pandemic”, only by keeping the defense line of community can we effectively cut off the channels for the spread of the epidemic. Taking the epidemic situation as an opportunity, starting from the study of community governance, this paper reconsiders the...
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Higher Education Inequality and Social Class Relation Analysis

Based on Bourdieu’s Cultural Reproduction Theory

Jielu Li, Xiaojie Gong, Jia Cong
As an important means to promote social mobility, higher education plays an important role in maintaining social order, but inequality still exists in the process of its development. The inequality of higher education interacts with the social class structure. Based on bourdieu’s theory of culture reproduction...
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Analysis on How the Joint Venture Party Organization Exerts Its Political Core Role

Li Chao, Xue Muzi
As an important form of Chinese economic organization, Sino-foreign joint ventures are different from state-owned enterprises in terms of management system, business philosophy, ideology, cultural background, etc., which make them have a relatively special aspect when carrying out party building work,...
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Discussion on the Way out of Rural “Care Rotation” of the Elderly Under the Background of Modern Vocational Education System

Yaohui Xu
With the development of urbanization and cultural changes, “care rotation” has become the main mode of caring for the elderly in rural areas. However, at the micro level, the current “care rotation” model in rural areas reflects the problems of the rotation conflict between children, the fairness of...
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An Analysis of the Impact of the “Nearby Enrollment” Policy on Access to Quality Education Resources

Yimin Qian
Based on the theory of social exclusion, this paper analyzes the impact of the “ Nearby Enrollment “ policy on the acquisition of educational resources, and finds that under the effect of the “ Nearby Enrollment “ policy, the children of families with key schools and high cultural capital in their residence...
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Research on the Online Teaching Mode of Chinese Characters as a Foreign Language Based on the Character-based Theory

Sun Man, Qi Juanli
Under the background of Internet, online teaching has become a trend. How to adapt to online teaching mode and how to combine theory with practice has become a problem for Chinese teachers. This paper, from the perspective of the “Character-based”theory, makes a thorough analysis of the unique advantages...
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Research on the Specialization of Volunteer Service for Normalized Epidemic Prevention and Control

Yuqing Sun
The new crown pneumonia epidemic has brought challenges to social governance. In the face of the normalization of the epidemic, voluntary service is an important force in social governance. It is necessary to enhance their professionalism for governance to meet the needs of the epidemic. Volunteer services...
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Analysis and Discussion of Outcomes and Design in Online Language Classes

Ouyang Tongyan
This paper points out the problems in online language classes from the perspective of online language classes. According to the theory of distance education, many students in online courses suffer from the decline of technical self-efficacy and the imbalance of self-regulation strategies due to the trading...
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On the Training Mode of New Engineering Specialty Based on TRIZ Theory

Yaxin Zhang, Di Zhu
In order to actively respond to the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial change, China has put forward a series of national strategies such as supporting service innovation driven development and “made in China 2025”. The implementation of these national strategies needs...
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The Classification of Error Correction

Ching Chih Tsai, Jung Chih Tsai
Error correction has long been discussed in the groups of second language writing teachers. Employing document analysis to scrutinize significant research mainly from 1991 to 2018, the study aims at building a dialogue platform with the same bases for error correction teachers. Sixteen types of error...
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Marketing Teaching Innovation in the Internet Age: Evidence from AIRBNB Website

Yang Zhou, Xiao Jing Li, Chen Yang, Zhe Yang
In current internet age, universities are seeking for innovations in teaching mode, so as marketing course. In order to reach the goal of stimulating students’learning interest and initiative, case studies are becoming popular in marketing teaching innovations. This paper is to establish and test the...
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Develop Education for the Elderly in the Context of Rural Revitalization Strategy and Improve Rural Elderly Care

Shuang liu, Xiaofeng Cong, Xiaojie Gong, Jia cong
In recent years, the aging of the population has become more and more serious, which has become a major obstacle to my country’s economic and social development, and has caused a series of pension problems. How to better realize the “elderly support and support” of the rural elderly has become an important...
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Research on Graduation Design Mode of Science and Engineering Undergraduates Based on Competitions

Xinming Huang, Meiting Yu, Jing Peng, Xiaohui Liu
The graduation design of science and engineering undergraduates have characteristics of time-shorting and heavy tasks. How to improve the quality of undergraduate design is a major issue facing colleges and universities. An undergraduate graduation design model based on competition traction is proposed,...
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Information Technology and Teaching Reform

Yang Zhe
Whether information technology can bring changes to education,This paper analyzes the relationship between information technology and teaching reform from three aspects: education and teaching reform needs information technology, information technology boosts teaching reform, and information technology...
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Investing the Effects of Teachers’ Gestures in Class

Wanting Dai, Yanle Li
The objective of this research is to learn how gestures using by the teacher affect students in class. In teaching practice, teachers or speakers tend to express more verbal information than gestures. Gestures also play an irreplaceable role in the teaching process, similar to “scaffolding”. Whether...
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Blended Learning in Hospitality Education and Training: Review and Discussion

Tian Hai
The purpose of this paper is to examine current hotel training approaches and programs and to explore the potential impact of blended learning on hotel training, and discuss some possibilities. The paper is divided into three parts, introduction, literature review, and discussion. The analysis of the...
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Reviewing the Influences of Teachers’ Characteristics on Students’ Learning Efficiency During Classroom Interaction

Yi Liu, Jing Wu, Jing Zhong
This article is a literature review of the teacher’s characteristics that affect classroom interaction. It explores the topic from three different aspects: verbal feedback, body gesture, and some other factors. Firstly, since teachers’ oral feedback boosts students’ performance in classroom interaction,...
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Correlative Research on National Cultural Beliefs and Social Mentality of International Students in China

Du Huan
National cultural beliefs influence people’s value orientation. Studying the national cultural beliefs and social mentality of international students in China can provide a theoretical basis and basis for the management of international students. Based on the questionnaire survey data of ASEAN international...