Proceedings of the 2019 International Conference on Pedagogy, Communication and Sociology (ICPCS 2019)

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The Basic Requirements for the Development of Efficient Applications for E-Learning

Nadezhda B. Kunturova, Anna L. Prokofieva, Natalia V. Vasilieva, Nina S. Jasnova, Irina V. Evgrafova, Natalia S. Yakushkina
The article is devoted to the creation of applications for e-learning, the elements of which are implemented in the educational process of many universities of the Russian Federation, describes the problems that arise and demonstrates possible ways to overcome them. The authors share many years of experience...
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A Shared Future of Mankind: a New Concept and its Paramount Pedagogical Importance

Fabio Marcelli
The recent Congress of the Chinese Communist Party, held in Beijing, marked a very important evolution in the political international thinking, enucleating the concept of the “shared future of mankind”. This concept presents a series of very important implications concerning various issues and themes...
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Indefinite “Coup” of Digital Education and Certainty of Reality

Elena Merzon, Oscar Raif-Riabov
The authors continue the global discussion on the new tasks of learning and education management. The main question of the discussion: “How to prepare the next generation for the uncertainty of what is happening in the digital world, the labor market and social systems of global change?” The exponential...
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History of Medicine As an Academic Discipline: Current Problems and Approaches to Teaching

Yana G. Grigoryan
This article focuses on the place and significance of the history of medicine in the system of higher medical education and the formation of the professional competence of doctors. The author identifies current approaches to the teaching of the history of medicine that aid the fullest development of...
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Analysis of the Characteristics of the Implementation of Scientific and Educational Programs of Primary Engineering Education on the Basis of Various Types of Children's Camps

Elena Burkova, Victor Leonov
Since 2016, the employees of Bauman Moscow State Technical University have implemented a large number of scientific and educational programs of various orientations, duration and complexity level, including for groups with an international composition of participants, on the basis of various children’s...
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Cognitive Three-dimensional Perception of Planar Images of the Person in Its Educational Activity

Vladimir Antipov, Leonid Popov, Marsel Fazlyyyakhmatov, Pavel Ustin
In this paper, the research results on the development of the visual system and the acquisition of the ability to perceive planar images with three-dimensional attributes (3D phenomenon) have been presented. The authors presented studies with the participation of the Kazan Federal University students....
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Understanding Creolized Text in the System “Author-Reader” on the Example of Texts with Graphic and Realistic Images

Dmitrey Merzlyakov, Ekaterina Ignatova
The article reveals the question of the influence of images on the understanding of the creolized text. The article provides theoretical and experimental substantiation of the position of images in "author-reader" communication, and draws an important conclusion that images are the predictors of understanding...
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Construction of Maker Platform with Integration of Course, Competition and Training

Xinbing Chen, Xiaoli Long, Wei Hu
The rapid construction solution for maker platform for universities is proposed according to the talent needs from manufacturing power. Based on the analysis of the effect of craftsmanship spirit and maker culture on talent training, the resource integration taking the intelligent hardware development...
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Discussion of Curriculum Reform Towards Develop Innovative Engineers

Yingdao Li, Xiushui Ma, Yuan Li, Weihong Zhong, Ying Cao
Engineering and technological development has always been based on demand-driven, and major projects are the basis to develop innovative engineering. China is in the era of rapid development of industrialization, information technology and urbanization, which is of great opportunities to develop innovative...
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A Study on the Enlightenment of the U.S. 2019 Missile Defense Review on the Framework Design of Military English for Rocket Force

Qingshan Yin, Wenhui Dou, Lanjie Li, Zhiyuan Ma, Shiqiang Jiang
Under the background of the new military reform around the world and the reform of military English teaching in military academies in China, the Foreign Language Teaching and Research Department of Rocket Force University of Engineering is actively planning to compile the Military English for Rocket...
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Psycho-Pedagogical Conditions of Development of Self-Efficacy in Young Athletes at the Initial Stage of Training

Liudmila Rogaleva, Valerii Malkin, Uliya Khaerzamanova, Irina Mamaeva
In modern sports, athletes are required to have confidence in their success and confident behavior during competitive performance, which are considered as self-efficacy. According to modern studies, the self-efficacy of athletes begins to form at the age of 9 and has a decisive influence on the achievement...
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Research on Multi-Major Collaborative Design Theory and Practice Innovation of BIM in Architecture Majors in Universities

Fengyi Han, Shufan Lin
The demand for talents to master new construction technology is increasing in the construction industry, and colleges and universities should timely adjust the personnel training mode to conform to the development of market economy. As a new technology leading the construction industry towards information...
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Teaching Practice Mechanism for Prospective Primary School Teachers in Light of Outstanding Scheme

Chengche Qiao, Xiaodong Huang
As the compulsory part of prospective primary school teachers of normal universities and colleges, teaching practice facilitates their understanding and cultivation of students as well as their self-development ability, which will in turn, contributes to their sustainable development. Many normal universities...
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Thinking on the New Teaching Methods of Architecture Design in the New Era

Zhen Li, Heng Chen
The characteristics of the course of Architecture Design are discussed in this article, based on the author’s work experience. It puts forward some useful suggestions for the teaching reform of the course too, which includes choosing appropriate teaching content, changing the way to formulate the design...
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Students’ Views of Feedback on Electronic Assignments

Ni Chang
With the rapid development of technology, more and more universities put courses online. Electronic submissions become ordinary and seem largely reasonable choices. Yet, those instructors who employ blended approaches to interacting with students may also require students to submit their assignments...
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The Design of Innovative College English Evaluation System Based on STEM Education Concept

Li Wei, Chengcheng Liu, Zhongwen Liu
The paper begins with the theoretical analysis of STEM education concept, the main framework of STEM evaluation system, and the STEM evaluation patterns with multiple subjects. Based on this advanced education concept and successful teaching practice, the innovative college English macro evaluation framework...
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The Main Aspects of Digitalization in the System of Professional Development of Teachers

Nazira Baimuldina, Yelena Tsay, Tiyshtik Khakimova, Aizhan Myrzabayeva, Assan Naimanbaiev
In the article, the process of digitalization in the system of professional development of teachers is discussed. Based on a thematic analysis, such approaches as modeling, authentic learning, metacognition and collaboration were identified. The approaches offer ways to provide teachers with digital...
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The Project-Oriented Educational Model for Training of Young Engineering Professionals on the Example of the Project “CNC-Team”

Nikolay Loginov, Denis Levashkin, Anton Kozlov, Maria Borovitskaya, Vadim Gulyaev
In the article, the authors offer an educational model of training for teams of young professionals in engineering and technical specialities with the realisation of the project-oriented approach in their training based on the Industry 4.0 concept. The project-oriented approach allows future specialists...
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The Language Used for Teaching Translation Theory Courses on Master Programs in Translation and Interpreting

Lei Dai
Concerning using which language, the native tongue or a foreign one, to teach translation theory courses on master programs in translation and interpreting, investigations have been carried out in some universities running such programs in both Wuhan, a Chinese city and the UK. Additionally, textbook...
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“Three Views” of Transformation Development of Local Colleges and Universities in the Perspective of New Engineering Construction

Kangkai Yang, Zongmo Cai, Haisheng Zhang, Chaoping Wu
The new economy is the foundation of new engineering construction, and the trend of new economic development such as the development of internet, the rise of innovative enterprises, the rise and development of new industries and intelligent manufacturing industries. It pushes colleges and universities...
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The Principle of the Value Non-Randomness of Humanitarian Education

V.D. Sukhorukov, Yu. N. Gladkiy
The authors proceed from the fact that the scientific picture of the world is formed in the human consciousness not so much by the method of "pure contemplation" as by the logical study of the surrounding reality. At the same time, the understanding of reality is felt by a person only in the experience...
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Modern Digital Educational Environment as a Tool for the Education Development in Russia

Anna Rumyantseva, Olga Tarutko
The digital technologies development contributes to changing the requirements for the formed competence of university graduates. In turn, the increasing spread of online learning contributes to open education in the country. One of the main tasks in the education development is to find ways to capitalize...
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Reform and Practice of Teaching Methods in Postgraduate Professional Foundation Courses

Haoxian Wang, Xiuhong Wang
Postgraduate professional foundation courses are an important part of postgraduate teaching and the foundation for learning professional courses well. Aiming at the common problems in the teaching of professional foundation courses, this paper combines the information theory of postgraduate professional...
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On the Problem of Compiling Study Guides for Teaching Russian As a Language for Specific Purposes to Foreign Students

Nataliia Kondrashova
The article is devoted to the problem of devising study guides for teaching Russian to foreign students as a language for specific purposes (LSP). The author cites a number of requirements to an LSP study guide from the perspective of a competency-based approach. Particular attention in the article is...
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Pedagogization of Children’s Gender: Semiotic Means of Gender Construction in Russian First Grade Elementary School Textbooks

Alla. V. Kirilina, Olesya Yu. Chernykh
The article is devoted to representation of gender in learning materials and takes a linguistic approach to its exploring within the sphere of education. The aim of the article is to find out what means of gender construction are used in textbooks. It is reported that in the texts gender is created by...
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Work Competencies for Industry 4.0 Developed by Non-formal Education

Martin Fero, Ivana Novotná, Martina Porubčinová
This paper focuses on the characterization of the main challenges posed by the development of Industry 4.0 in the field of human capital formation in Slovakia. It follows the field of new job requirements, focusing on the analysis of demand for job competencies corresponding to the Industry 4.0 requirements....
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Distance Learning Module “Philosophy and Psychology of Education”: from Teaching Practice

Postnikova Margarita, Zashikhina Inga
A turn of the fourth industrial revolution, characterized by a ubiquitous and mobile internet, artificial intelligence and machine learning, defined a new paideia and a challenge for educationalists, who faced the necessity to approach the issue of an appropriate curriculum development. Enhanced communication...
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Application of the Integrative Approach in Foreign Language Teaching Under Modern Educational Environment

Svetlana A. Deryabina, Oksana I. Aleksandrova, Tatiana A. Dyakova
The article is devoted to the use of the integrative approach in teaching which is aimed at improving the quality of education. In the research the authors applied the descriptive method (collection, analysis, presentation of the results the authors obtained applying the integrative approach in foreign...
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The Role of Professional-Applied Physical Education in the Formation of Competences of Future Teacher

Afanasiy A. Sergin, Veronica R. Stepanova, Arian E. Tarasov, Veronica P. Konstantinova
Physical education has contained rich and positive educational function as one important method to mold and cultivate talents. Viewed from the professional and non-substitutive angle, the most essential competencies are knowledge and skills in physical education. This paper studies the formation of professional...
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New Engineering Education and Teachers’ Development in University

Jieyun Chen, Ajin Li
The construction of new engineering education system is a significant strategic decision and deployment for making higher engineering education to adapt to the new era of economy and industry. Based on the connotation of new engineering and the new requirements of the teaching team, this paper proposes...
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“Student as Producer” and Its Applicants in Film Studies at a China’s College Education Practice

Yongchun Fu, Jieyun Chen
This article examines a teaching pedagogy known as “Student as Producer”, as an effort to link teaching and research in university level. It delineates the experience of employing “Student as Producer” into a curriculum design in film studies as a China’s college, introduced by the author. Apart from...
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Research on the Problems, Advantages and Educational Strategies of Moral Education for Young Teachers in Chinese Colleges

Shishuai Mao
Teachers’ morality is the most important character of teachers and the fundamental guarantee for the quality of talent cultivation. This paper clarifies the three connotations of the moral education of young teachers in colleges, to understand the current situation of moral education for Chinese young...
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Hidden Dangers and Countermeasures of Laboratory Safety Management in Colleges and Universities in China

Ying Zhou, Jinxia Li
Laboratory safety management in colleges and universities is an important guarantee for normal teaching and research activities. In this paper, the connotation and characteristics of laboratory safety management in colleges and universities are detailed, followed by the analysis of the hidden dangers...
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Chinese Youth's Moral Values: Characteristics and Educational Enlightenment—Based on the Data Analysis of World Values Survey

Fei Jiang, Wenling Zhang
The World Values Survey, which began in 1981, has been conducting a census of values for citizens of 108 countries around the world every 4-5 years. By drawing a world cultural map, this survey explores the current characteristics and development trends of values among citizens of different countries....
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Research on Vocational Skills Training of Teachers in Normal Colleges and Universities

Yibei He, Yi Wang, Xuejing Li, Bin Huang
At present, teachers' vocational skills training acquired by normal university students is far from enough to make normal university students qualified professional teachers. In the actual teaching process, it fails to impart more efficient knowledge to students. Teacher professionalization enables teachers...
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Study of Academic Motivation of Gifted Students in the Context of the Phenomenon of Dyssynchrony

Irina F. Sibgatullina, Khamitova Landysh Mudarisova, Zakirova Leisan Mudarisovna, Komarova Luybov Yurievna
The relevance of the stated topic is due to the inter-scientific integration around the problems of development of gifted students with different levels of cognitive abilities. Formation of motivation of the teaching can be called one of the central problems of the modern world school. Updating the content...
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Classroom Teaching Supply-Side Structural Reform Based on the Value Orientation of Generative Teaching

Zhao Kang, Lin Cheng, Cai Chen
Generative teaching as an era education concept of attaching importance to the development of the quality of life in the classroom, is a guide to the power direction of building the new mode of classroom teaching in the future. The reform and reconstruction of the structure of classroom teaching as the...
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Heterogeneity Assessment of the Effect of Academic Achievement and Identification of Its Transmission Mechanism: A Survey of Undergraduates from Nanjing University of Finance and Economics

Xin Deng, Xinyu Wang, Luyao Qin, Rui Zhu, Cheng Zhang
In the new era, China advocates the strategy of “Invigorating the country through science, technology and education & reinvigorating China through human resource development”. Analyzing the development status of contemporary college students' academics in the context of the times is the most important...
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Exploring Intelligent Higher Education of Law: Moot Court Based on VR and AI Technology

Shan Ouyang, Peng Nai
The world is now at a critical juncture of deep evolution towards the age of intelligence. But the higher education mode of law in China still belongs to the education mode of industrial society which cultivates standardized persons on a large scale. The intelligent age has put forward the intelligent...
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Positive Character in Academic Information Literacy Education: 2 Years Action Research

Yanan Xie, Qichun Sun, Yushi Yang
The purpose of this paper is to find an effective solution to this problem of finding the information needed. The action research was conducted from two routes, one was individual face to face research consulting, the other was information literacy courses or workshops. Nearly 900 university students...
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Impacts of English Learning Strategies, Interests, and Anxieties on English Learning Achievements: Taking Example from Chinese College Students

Weilun Huang, Tanfeng Chang
This article explores the correlations between Chinese college students’ English achievements and their learning strategies, learning interests, and learning anxieties, in a bid to analyze further the differences made by the effects of respondents’ individual variables (gender, age, expertise, and allowance)...
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Political Culture of Urals Students: Results of Regional Monitoring (1995-2016)

Yury R. Vishnevskii, Sergey Yu. Vishnevskii, Dmitry Yu. Narkhov, Elena N. Narkhova
The dynamics of the political culture of students of the Sverdlovsk region over the past 20 years is investigated. The methodological basis is the idea of the multi-factorial political preferences of students. Sociological monitoring was selected as the baseline methodology under a single mass survey...
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A Study on the Impact of Model United Nations Activities on Improving Student’s Comprehensive Quality of Military Academy

Qingshan Yin, Jingjing Zeng, Cuiping Zhang, Ying Zhan, Yin Wang
In recent years, the rapid development of Model United Nations activities in military and civil academies in China has not only enriched the extracurricular activity of foreign language teaching, but also provided a good platform for improving student’s comprehensive quality. On the basis of the practice...
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Psychological and Pedagogical Approach to Development of a Workshop for Older People “Let’s Talk Heart to Heart”

Galina Molodtsova, Larisa Darinskaia
Due to a constant increase in the proportion of older people in the world, the problems of their integration into society, the motivation for a positive change in the quality of life, the expansion of the communicative space, and bridging the digital divide are becoming more prominent. One way to solve...
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Research on Real Estate Economics Course at Tertiary Level - International Comparison

Regina Fangying Lin, Yanchao Hu, Honghao Xu
With the rapid booming of Chinese economy and RE market, real estate (RE) economics rejoined undergraduate majors in 2012, showing the importance of talent in RE-related fields. This research investigates the opening grades, course names, textbooks and course design used in RE economics relevant courses...
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An Empirical Research of Consumer Behavior in Online Pay-for-Knowledge for Chinese College Students

Shujie Chen, Zonghao Liu, Regina Fangying Lin
In the information age, people learn more and more from internet by knowledge sharing. Zhihu-Live is a commercial application that applied the idea of Pay-for-knowledge in recent years. University students are one of the representative and typical users and it is meaningful to research the evolution...
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Research on the Differences in Basic Education Resources Allocation Between Urban and Rural Areas from the Perspective of Educational Investment and Outcomes

Wenjing Wang, Chuanrui Chen, Lihua Li
This paper uses macro-statistical data such as China Statistical Yearbook and China Education Statistical Yearbook to analyze basic education resources allocation from the perspective of educational investment and outcomes. The outcomes show that the narrowing of the gap between urban and rural students...
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A Study on the Trends and Reflections on the Frontier Development of Flipped Education in the World: A Science Mapping Analysis

Hongbo Ma, Mingchang Wu, Chenju Ko
The recent technology development puts and inspires the flipped education in all education settings. For the flipped education, teachers usually prerecord teaching materials and post them online for students to learn anytime and anywhere so that teaching activities in classes can focus on student-centered...
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The Influence of WI-FI Use on the Resilience in Undergraduates

Yongmei Hou, Jinzhao Zhang, Xuelin Li, Yan Xie, Wenling Xu
The objective of this paper is to explore the resilience and the WI-FI behavior in the undergraduates, and investigate the relationship between them. One thousand one hundred and seventy-four undergraduates who were selected by stratified random sampling from 5 universities in Guangdong were assessed...
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The Development of Network Education in the Age of Big Data

Yang Zhao
Nowadays, information technology is changing with each passing day. Big data technology, multimedia technology and network technology have penetrated into all aspects of education, and have a great impact on network education. It is very important to study the influence of big data era on education for...
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Linguoculturological Particularities of Venezuelan National Variant of Spanish Language As Compared with Pyrenean

Anna Noskova
Actuality of the article is determined by the necessity to describe language norm of Venezuelan national variant on the background of Pyrenean one. Understanding of norm, in its turn, is closely connected with one of the most topical issues of modern Spanish American studies, i.e. revealing of linguoculturological...
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Prevalence and Characteristics of Internet Use Among Rural Adolescent Students in Russia

Skvortsova Elena Sergeevna, Lushkina Nina Petrovna
The information impact of the Internet on the minds of young people is widely discussed in scientific literature. However, there are practically no sociological studies on the prevalence of Internet use among adolescents of 15-17 years, when adolescents’ self-consciousness and value orientations are...
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Fiction As a Phenomenon of Intercultural Communication

Valery Evseev, Saltanat Makasheva, Tatyana Somikova
This article treats fiction as one of the intercultural communication phenomena that promotes people’s awareness of a foreign culture, contributes to the understanding of its peculiarities. Reading foreign fiction, recipients interact with another culture, familiarize themselves with its artefacts, and...
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Russian Language in Negotiations: An Italian Experience

Antonio Carluccio, Inna Rubakova
This research work is devoted to the language peculiarities affecting the relations between Italian firms and their Russian counterparts. According to authors pre-work research, this topic was not investigated by previous academic works, thus should be employed as a starting point to further analysis...
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Extensive and Intensive Models of Botnet Influence over Target Audience

Valeria Vasilkova, Natalia Legostaeva, Vladimir Radushevskii
In the article, authors make an overview of existing approaches to typologization of bots and suggest their own approach for distinguishing botnets based on the influence of botnets over target audience. Using the logic of this approach, authors have performed a comparative analysis of two botnets found...
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Russian Biblical Phraseological Units with the Component “God” in the Aspect of Chinese Linguistic Tradition

Yuxia Lu, Viktor M. Shaklein, Svetlana S. Mikova
Orthodox Christian norms, their important role in traditional and modern Russian linguistic culture are reflected in phraseological units containing the lexeme “God (Divine)”. These units are of a great interest in the aspect of other linguistic tradition, especially if the latter is very different from...
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Hydronyms in The Song of Igor’s Campaign and the Chinese Translations

Yu Wang, Antonina Shelemova
This article analyzes the artistic and semantic functions of hydronyms in The Song of Igor’s Campaign. The motive complex of the water element in the text consists of two artistic images: the rivers and the sea. These images are investigated based on the original text and its Chinese translations. The...
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The Communicative-Ethnographic Approach in Teaching Foreign Language and Culture

Irina I. Mitrofanova, Yulia N. Ebzeeva
The article defines and clarifies the concept of the communicative-ethnographic approach in two directions: “communicative” and “ethnographic”. The ethnographic approach allows us to consider the interaction of cultures of different ethnic groups that reside in a particular area. The implementation of...
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The Research on the AI Potential Application in Exhibition and Conference Communication

Lisha Xu
This paper will predict the future of AI application in exhibition and conference communication and give advice on how practitioners in China can use AI to carry out their work. AI brings the industry of exhibition and conference both impact and change which includes supporting AI recommendations for...
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Imagery in Political Mass Media Discourse

Veronika Katermina
The article is devoted to the analysis of figurative means (zoomorphic, somatic and substantive metaphors) in the English language in the discourse of political mass-media. Language plays a role in developing and evolving into a systematic language, so it constantly needs support in the language and...
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An Analysis on the Strategy of the Improvement of Languages Art of Tour Guides

Jiejuan Tang, Wei Zhu
With the rise of the information era, Traditional mode of interpretation of tour guides has been challenged a lot. The social status of tour guides has decreased a lot because the form of the interpretation is too plain and the contents are not sufficiently scientific and adequate as well that the oral...
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Exchange of Majority in Opinion Evolution on Complex Networks

Wenting Wang, Yulin He, Beishao Cao, Yixin Liu
This study considers a voting as a kind of opinion dynamic. People talk to and influence each other on a network basis until the end of the voting. During the process, the majority of the votes may transfer between two parties. The structure of the voter’s network significantly impacts the frequency...
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Research on the Female Image-Building in Mass Media

Muxi Chen, Quanhong Jiang
Mass communication is an indispensable carrier of public opinion and has a profound influence on social cognition. Women are both communicators and audience. Mass communication plays an inestimable role to promote the progress of female ideology in the process of development but at the same time mass...
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Body Image: Body Modification Practices

Natalya Antonova, Anatoly Merenkov, Anna Gurarii, Elena Grunt
The modern approaches towards body modification are analyzed in the article. The human body can be defined as a lifelong project which specifications may be changed depending of the image formed through the process of socialization. This process is supported by the specially created industry with broad...
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Relationship Between Time Management Disposition and Learning Burnout Among Undergraduates in Medical University: Mediating Effect of Academic Self-Efficacy

Yongmei Hou, Miner Yuan
The objective of this paper is to explore the relationship between the time management disposition, academic self-efficacy and learning burnout among undergraduates in the medical university. Adolescence Time Management Disposition Inventory (ATMDI), Academic Self-Efficacy Scale (ASES), Learning Burnout...
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Smart Apartment Service: Survey and Architecture

Qiudi Zhao, Ke Chen, Fan Zhan
With respect to the university apartment management and service, together with an explosive growth of information technologies (IT), it is presently facing various challenges and undergoing an overwhelming tendency from the traditional experience to smart logistic service in China. Obviously, the smart...
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Comparative Analysis of Phraseological Units Meaning “Childhood” in Russian and Chinese

Chunyao Dou
This article deals with the comparative study of representation of childhood by means of Russian and Chinese phraseology. The subject of the research is Russian and Chinese phraseological units meaning “childhood”. The relevance of the research lies in the fact that childhood is an abstract concept that...
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The Impact of Resources of China’s SMEs on Their Internationalization Performance

Yi You, Chaoqun Wang, Deyu Xu
According to Resource-based View, this paper is based on three kinds of resources of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs): entrepreneurial ability, human resources and social network. Through the structural equation model analysis of the data collected from the questionnaires, it is concluded that...
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Prerequisites of Regulatory Scientific Models in Education and Social Practice: Transcendental Approach to Conjunction Fallacy

S. L. Artemenkov
The importance of analyzing and considering the prerequisites and assumptions of the regulatory scientific models used in education and social practice is shown. In contemporary cross-cultural communication and education, the human heuristic decision making is often mistakenly evaluated by means of certain...
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Anthropology of Cruelty: Historical and Cultural Verification

Elena Kirilenko
Cruelty and its possible forms, manifesting in cultural consciousness and language, including indifference, mockery, heartlessness, ruthlessness, vindictiveness, and barbarism is a crucial and vital topic of modern culture and thereby it should be carefully studied. The following research is based on...
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Psychophysical Self-Regulation Training Is Prerequisite for Human Psychophysical Safety

Tatiana Popova, Olga Kourova, Yuri Korykalov, Elena Kokoreva, Gulnara Maksutova
The aim of the research is to discover how psychophysical self-regulation training influences person’s psychophysiological functions. The knowledge is essential to create psychophysiological safety. Two groups of university students consisting of young men aged 19-21 were studied. The first group (experimental...
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A Study of Deepening Cross-Strait Educational Culture Integration and Development Using an Essence Analysis Model

Anpi Chang
Education includes cultural elements which form a basis for the rapid improvement of national, social, economic and environmental development as well as scientific innovation. The integration of different cross-strait educational models and experiences allowed an ideal win-win situation to be created....
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Traditional (Folk) Culture in Modern Russian Comprehensive School

Tatyana Zolotova, Natalya Efimova
The given paper discusses ways in which modern educational system could include traditional (folk) culture of ethnic groups, sharing the same territory, into curricular and extra-curricular activities at primary school. The authors describe stages of research and experimental work that have been conducted...
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Establishing the Fire Fighting and Prevention Movement of Population in the Urbanization Period in Vietnam

Luong Khac Vong, Nguyen Tuan Anh
The process of urbanization in Vietnam has formed many high-rise buildings, amusement center, business locations ..., but the fire prevention and fighting has not been popularized by the habitants and leaders of establishment. Therefore, one of the most important solutions that need to be promoted is...
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Social Networks in Professional Development of Educators

Edita Rogulj
With the development of digital technology, numerous Internet portals are being developed that serve the socialization and communication of users under the common denominator - social networks. The constant development of digital technologies is changing the very social networks that seek better and...
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Independence of Children and Youth in Motor Activity

Irina Vorotilkina, Natalia Bogachenko, Maria Prokopeva, Dmitriy Danilov
Independence of children and young people in motor activity is inextricably linked with activity, which is the most important condition determining physical and mental working capacity. The attraction of children, adolescents and young people to do physical training is an important component in forming...
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Strategic Research on Stimulating the Overall Vitality of College Students’ Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Haoyu Huang
The cultivation of innovative and entrepreneurial talents plays a crucial role in the economic development of the whole country and even the society. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to reform the education system of innovation and entrepreneurship, and more importantly, the innovation and vitality...
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Is It Possible to Increase Life Expectancy in Russia Considering the Reached Level of Socio-Economic Development of the Country’s Territorial Entities?

Nikolay Ivanovich Ivanov, Vladimir Sergeyevich Gorbunov, Yury Aleksandrovich Chemodin, Tatyana Viktorovna Shevchenko
The research provides a statistical proof of the possibility of implementation of "May decrees 2018" of Russia’s President Vladimir V. Putin in terms of increasing life expectancy at birth to 78 years. The research was conducted with the use of STATISTICA program, by the method of multivariate regression....
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Integrating Market Sentiment with Trading Rules - Empirical Study on China Stock Market

Long Qin, Ruoen Ren
The effectiveness of technical analysis in financial market has been discussed by researchers in many years. With the explosion of text data on internet, it is crucial to capture the market sentiment and integrate with market data to optimize the trading strategy. This paper reviewed the literature of...
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Innovative Research on BIM - Based on Interdisciplinary and Interdisciplinary Talent Training Model

Fengyi Han, Shufan Lin
BIM method is adopted to cultivate students' ability to solve "complex engineering problems", conduct interdisciplinary and interdisciplinary training, train students to become inter-disciplinary talents, and improve the teamwork ability of teachers and students. The core of BIM education concept is...
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A Study on the Aesthetic Value and Innovation of Zhoushan Dialect Folk Songs

Fangzhi Tao
From time immemorial, the south of the Yangtze is renowned as the land of fish and rice. Moreover, the language popularly spoke at this area, Wu dialect, featuring with primitive, elegant and exquisite, has a long history of culture. Based on Wu dialect, folk songs in the south of the Yangtze play a...
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Coping Strategies and Mental Reliability As Psychological Determinants of Success in Sport

Liudmila Rogaleva, Valerii Malkin, Natalya Khon, Zhadra Sekrecova, Alla Kim
Sport is a popular activity for young people. At the same time, they are often not psychologically ready to overcome the difficulties of sports activities. The purpose of the study is to identify the optimal coping strategies of athletes who ensure success in sports and to identify the features of psychological...
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Motivation of Trainee Teachers for Social Work in Secondary School: Experimental Research for FL Teacher Trainees in Kazakhstan

Viktoriya Valerievna Bezhina, Olga Dmitrievna Podavets, Oksana Valerievna Gerok-Erzhanova, Madina Igazasovna Idrissova, Olga Vasilievna Lopatina
Ensuring that teachers are well prepared for their work and are motivated in their employment affects their ability to practice effectively in the workplace. This paper critically explores the thoughts, perceptions and behaviors of foreign language trainee teachers in Kostanay, Kazakhstan, considering...
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Hermeneutic Approach to the Research on Maxim Gorky’s Literary Works

Viacheslav Pozdeev
The article is devoted to the current problem of the hermeneutic method in the study and teaching of literature. The article uses hermeneutic and cultural-historical methods. Describes the characteristic features of the interpretation of works of M. Gorky, which for students begins with perception, and...
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Semiotics of the Garden Space in Shakespeare's Tragedy Romeo and Juliette

Oksana Razumovskaya
The article aims to analyze the image of the garden in Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliette from cultural, philological and semiotic points of view. The garden is interpreted here as the most significant part of the stage setting and the key symbol of the imagery of the play. Symbolic meaning of the...
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I. Turgenev’s Novel Rudin in Chinese Literary Studies

Siwen Guo, Vladimir Meskin Alexeevich
The article discusses the relevant studies of Ivan Sergeevich Turgenev's works by Chinese litterateurs and critics from the second half of the 20th to beginning of the 21st century, notes the enduring interest of the Chinese audience to the work of Russian prose writer, in particular, to the novel Rudin....
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The Game Poetics of the Novel The Death of Achilles by B. Akunin

Tang Shi, Alexander Kovalenko, Nabieva Zukhra
The task of the research is to reveal the characteristic features of postmodern detective fictions, specifically of the works of B. Akunin. Methodologies such as formalist approach, semantic analysis of images and comparative studies are used in this article, which leads to the conclusions that the new...
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Interpretation of Poetry by J. Brodsky in the Context of the Philosophy Tao Te Ching

Yixian Zhang, Alexander Kovalenko
To explore the essence of Eastern and Western literature and philosophy and to draw inspiration for the creation of works, this paper compares works of the Western postmodernist poet J. Brodsky and Chinese classical philosophy Tao Te Ching based on the theory of comparative literature. Tracing back to...
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Multilingualism in the Linguistic Landscape of Moscow Based on Inscriptions on Children’s Toys

Alla V. Kirilina, Galina I. Kuptsova
The paper deals with the peculiarities of the Moscow linguistic landscape (LL) based on the observations made by the authors in the years 2010 – 2018. Personal experience has been considered as valuable resource and facility for registration social changes through language changes. The appeal to the...
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Neoliberal Approaches Among Czech Philologists and Anthropologists

Giuseppe Maiello, Martina Cichá
The paper presents the case of “Rocco”, who at 50 years old, lost his employment as Senior lecturer and now teaches precariously at three universities in the Czech Republic (two state and one private). Through the Rocco’s narration we look at the transformation of the Czech academic system at the turn...
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Emotion Management of Circulation Librarians in Academic Libraries

Xiaoyun Zhuo
This article defines the meanings of “emotion”, which is defined as feelings and the unique rational, physical, and mental state, and the associated actions. It also defines “emotion management” as a personal ability to detect and recognize one’s emotional state, and to properly and effectively redirect...
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Body Modification and Self-Destructive Behavior in Adolescents: Psychological Manifestations

Natalia Maksimova, Evgeni Nikolaev, Svetlana Petunova, Anna Zakharova, Elena Lazareva, Galina Dulina, Nina Grigorieva, Elvira Baranova, Svetlana Velieva
People change their bodies because of many reasons over many thousand years. Tattoo, piercing, and other types of body modifications have found a new life now. In present-day societies, tattoos and piercing are associated with risky behavior, alcohol and drug use in adolescents. The purpose of the study...
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Research on Innovation and Development of Blockchain Technology in Financial Field

Chenxi Zhao, Xianyong Meng
The blockchain technology studied in this paper is a distributed data security and service technology that integrates information security, artificial intelligence, distributed cloud storage and big data analysis. Blockchain technology can be applied in many fields such as international settlement, equity...
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A Philosophical Whisper of the Wanderer

Jingjing Zeng
This paper mainly studies Ouyang Yu’s collection, Two Hearts, Two Tongues and Rain-coloured Eyes, in order to explore the sensation of being an exile under the guise of the lyrical tranquility. The study found that he transcended the boundaries imposed on him by his nationality, his place, even his own...
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Changes and Trend of Public Housing Policy in Netherlands, Hong Kong and Mainland China

Xingyu Qian, Yushi Chen, Ethan Siu-leung Cheung
In recent years, policy formulation for provision of public goods, especially for public housing policy is going to be neoliberalism in both global north and global south under the ideology of so-called new public management. Privatization for public housing provision is regarded as a neoliberal policy...
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Study on the Difficulties and Countermeasures of Hilton Hotel Group's Cross-Cultural Management in China

Daibao Lu, Wei Zhu
Chinese economy in the era of globalization is topping the in-depth development of the globalization of the world economy. Due to the differences between Eastern and Western cultures, the development of multinational corporations in China is facing the dilemma of cross-cultural exchanges. The issue of...
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Reflections on the Pedagogical Experience of Social Responsibility Practised in a University in Taiwan

Rusi Chen
This study focuses on college students’ practical experiences of engaging in a university project concerning social responsibility. This project was conducted in Y University in Taiwan, and employed observations and interviews to analyze teachers’, students’ and community members’ perceptions about social...
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A Retrospective Study on the Implementation of University’s Social Responsibilities: Taking the Yuntech’s Empirical Experience

Mingchang Wu, Hongbo Ma, Chenju Ko
Universities have been established for thousand years to pursue knowledge, facilitate social development, and cultivate citizens in order for better lives with well-being, harmony, and civilization. After decades of intensive pursuing academic research, world-class ranking, and meritocracy achievement,...
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Intergenerational Education As a Resource of Digital Socialization of Older People

Larisa Darinskaia, Natalia Moskvicheva
One of the resources of digital socialization of older people is intergenerational education, but its organization often faces barriers of perception and misunderstanding of different generations. The pilot survey of older people and adolescents revealed their mutual expectations, assessment of their...
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The McDonaldization of Society: Irrational Rationality

Svetlana Davydova
The paper explains the McDonaldization as a special type of rationality on the Modern and Postmodern era. According to the literature review, the theoretical basis for understanding the phenomenon of McDonaldization is provided. The study shows how this type of rationality is functioning in the field...