Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Mechatronics, Electronic, Industrial and Control Engineering

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Capacity of MIMO Laser Optical (VLC) Wireless Networks

Siming Yang, Peng Xue, Bicheng Li, Xianfeng Wang, Haicheng Liu
In wireless communication systems, the laser optics wireless communication systems becomes more and more popular, such as the visual light communication (VLC) system. In this paper, we have analyzed the capacity of MIMO VLC communication system using Shannon Capacity in general, and provide necessary...
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Measurement of Drug-taking Compliance Based on RFID Technology

Zhaoxu Ren
A high level of non-compliance relating to taking of medication can lead to compromised health benefits and wasted money. Improving patient compliance has the potential for improving issues related to Cardiovascular Disorder (CVD) and many other diseases. This paper developed a prototype system for monitoring...
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The Measurement and Evaluation of Standard DQE in Digital Radiography

Xiang Lu, Jun-yi Zhang
This study introduces the measurement and evaluation of the standard detective quantum efficiency in digital radiography. The detective quantum efficiency (DQE) is the most suitable parameter for describing the imaging performance of digital Radiography. DQE is defined as the squared ratio of the signal-to-noise...
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Application of Uniform Design Genetic Algorithm in Separation Condition Optimization of Ginkgo Biloba Extract

Xueguo Chen
Objective: aiming to establish a new strategy based on uniform design and genetic algorithm and applying in the optimization of the separation condition of Ginkgo biloba extract using reversed-phase liquid chromatography according to traditional optimization methods. Methods: based on uniform design...
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The Target Tracking of Wireless Sensor Network Using an Improved Unscented Particle Filter

Taoyun Zhou, Pingyuan Liang, Yun Cheng
Based on the analysis of Particle Filter (PF), this paper proposed an improved unscented particle filter (UPF) algorithm by utilizing unscented Kalman filter (UKF) to obtain an importance density function. This algorithm clustered the sensor network nodes through dynamic organization. Moreover, the single...

RETRACTION: Certifiable, Compact Models for Smalltalk

Ling ZHOU, Xiang-wen LI
In April 2020, Atlantis Press was alerted to fake proceedings articles hosted on our platform. These articles, mostly in computer science and engineering, were generated by the SCIgen computer program and were all published between 2006-2018. Immediately after receiving the alert, Atlantis Press initiated...

RETRACTION: Optimal, Linear-Time Models

Ling ZHOU, Xiang-wen LI
In April 2020, Atlantis Press was alerted to fake proceedings articles hosted on our platform. These articles, mostly in computer science and engineering, were generated by the SCIgen computer program and were all published between 2006-2018. Immediately after receiving the alert, Atlantis Press initiated...
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The Simulation of Terahertz Wave Radar System

Ling Zhou, Xiangwen Li
From the system simulation perspective, the thesis is about testing the coming multi frequency multiplexing Terahertz radar system and take the 340GHz as the example to design and analyze the system. With the adoption of 21.6 GHz Bandwidth and the foundation of the Matlab/Simulink, the Frequency multiplication...
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The Numerical Simulation Research on The Movement Rule of Rock Strata above The Coal Face with Shallow Buried Depth and Thin Bedrock

Guoli Wang, Ruibin He, Yu Wang, Zhongzhong Xu
In order to acquire the rock strata movement rule above the coal face, which has shallow buried depth and thin bedrock, choosing the 201 dip working face of chang han gou coal mine, Shenhua group, as the engineering background. Using numerical simulation software UDEC, which has distinct elements, to...
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Research on Road Environment Construction of Pavement Management System

Longrong Ai, Liu Dewen, Liu Dong, Shidong Zeng
Reviews the historical development of road project management system is presented in this paper, based on the connotation, the core management of road projects all over the world are in detail described, the problems of road engineering project management system has carried on the countermeasure analysis,...
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Innovation Research of  Management of Highways Construction

Jian Xu, Dewen Liu, Tonggen Li, Rongqing Qi
Construction management is a construction enterprise according to the business development strategy and the enterprise internal and external conditions, in accordance with the modern enterprise operation law, through the optimized allocation of production factors and dynamic management.
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Study on the deformation and damage characteristics and optimization of support parameter of shallow coal seam roadway

Zhenxiong Yan, Lili Shao, Boyang Qiao, Qiwei Yu
Taking the 12108 working face 3-1 coal seam in Lijiahao coal mine as the engineering background, comprehensively applying roof borehole observation, multi-base point displacement monitoring, measuring the range of loose damage of surrounding rock and other measurements to get in-depth knowledge of the...
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Research of All Digital Demodulation Technology for QPSK

Huiying Zhang, Hongzuo Li, Ting Zhao, Ruijing Xie
The principle of QPSK modulation and demodulation is described and the detailed explanation and theoretical on DDC, carrier synchronization and bit synchronization principle is analyzed. A QPSK digital demodulation structure based on FPGA is proposed after detailed theoretical derivation for Costas loop...
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Phase Transition Behaviours of the Spontaneous Polarization in Ferroelectric Thin Films

Rong Li
Within the framework of the effective-field theory with correlations, the phase transition behaviors of the spontaneous polarization in a ferroelectric thin film with symmetrical structure have been studied in detail by the transverse field Ising model. A general expression for the phase diagram of the...
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Wireless Data Acquisition from Bridge Monitoring

Baoshun Liu
This paper introduces composition of a system platform to collect data from a wireless monitoring bridge, develops software to receive data from monitoring bridge fixed with vibration sensors and temperature sensors. We use INV3020 made by Coinv(China Orient Institute of Noise & Vibration) as a lower-position...
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Research on Portfolio Optimization-Based on the Improved Particle Swarm

Yuanbin Mo, Yunan Zhang, Yanzhui Ma, Fuyong Liu
Portfolio is one of research focuses in modern finance field. There are some kinds of assets to choose. How should we define the ratio of the portfolio in order to minimum the risk in the level of the established income, or at the established risk makes the benefit maximum. This paper introduces an Improved...
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Research of the Technology on internal rib and bulging forming

Ping He
The forming of internal rib has more application in production, to meet the requirements of assembly, cooperate or increase the stiffness, it can be realized through the use of compressed coil or bulging coil tube forming rib forming, within or outside of the rib. It is for ribbed tube forming of schematic...
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Professional Practice Model Reforming of Information Security Specialty in Public Security College

Jing Leng, Bo Zhu
For the emerging domestic Information Security Specialty (ISS), we can draw of little successful experience directly on professional practice in this field, not to mention referring directly. In order to improve the professional practice quality of ISS students, measures are carried out as follows. First,...
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Research on laws of the formation of gas channels of the deep mining space

Chengwen Zhang, Xiaoliang Hu, Xiangyang Tian, Yi Bai
Taking 2-1 coal seam of Zhao GU second mine of Henan Coal Mine Group as the background, the article analyzed the relationship between stress of deep mining coal and rock mass and permeability, and studied the relationship between oriented flow channels namely the Gas Channels of deep mining coal and...
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The Finite Element Analysis of the Stress Field in the Core of Continuous Casting Slab

Qiang Yin, Gongfa Li
The continuous caseter was widely used of in steelmaking enterprises, with the improvement of product quality, the optimization of the cost control and the improvement of production efficiency, the process requirements in production the was continuously improved and updated. The velocity of cooling water...
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Analysis on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Welding Joint of Low Alloy Structural Steel Plate by Narrow Gap MAG

Bingjun Chen, Wenkai Xiao, Li Zhu, Fuju Zhang
The narrow gap automatic MAG welding equipment in this article is a narrow gap gas metal arc automatic welding system developed by Wuhan University, which has remarkable advantages of low heat input and high efficiency. The low heat input reduces the tendency of grain coarsening and other bad non-equilibrium...
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Effect of Powder Form and SPS Process Sintering on CuCr50 Alloy Powder

Xian Zhai, Wenkai Xiao, Kunqi Mudi, Xuefeng Ruan
This paper introduces the technology of activating CuCr50 alloy powder by MA(Mechanical Alloying) and sintering CuCr50 powder by SPS(Spark Plasma Sintering). It analyzes the effect on electrical conductivity and hardness of CuCr50 alloy when Cu powder in different morphology. The results indicate that...
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Parametric analysis of geosynthetic reinforced and pile supported embankment

Jianbin Zhao, Jun Zhang
To investigate the performance of pile supported embankment, five key influencing factors are chosen for parametric study. The influencing factors include the peak length of pile cap, pile diameter, pile spacing, elastic modulus of pile and tensile stiffness of geosynthetic. The settlement at the embankment...
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Research on the influence of a new kind of admixture on the property of shotcrete

Zi-bo Tang, Xianjun Tan
A new kind of admixture for the shotcrete was proposed, its main ingredient is silica fume (61.3%) and bentonite (38.3%), plus a small amount of polyacrylic acid (0.4%). The influences of the admixture on the liquidity of shotcrete were studied, it is results that: 1) with the increase of the cement...
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Research and Manufacturing of New Type Lightweight and High-strength Foam Concrete.

Zi-bo Tang, Xianjun Tan
In order to solve the problems like large mass of concrete block, high labor intensity of workers and low construction efficiency in the ordinary masonry-filling combined construction technology which are used in continuously mining and quick gob-side entry retaining technologies, this article carried...
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Analysis on the Improved Degree of Grey Incidence of the Coal Industry Production and the Coal Transportation in Shanxi Province

Mao-lin Wang, Zheng-jun Ren, Xiaosu Yin, Shan Lu
The basic situation of the coal industry production in Shanxi province was studied in this paper, and the transportation of coal in Shanxi province which was divided into the highway freight and the railway freight was studied. Then, the analysis method of synthetic degree of grey incidence was improved...
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Design Research of Silica Soft Mold on SMARTM

Zhanjun Liu
The SMARTM compound materials formation technique characteristic is summarized, taking some compound materials connection skirt as the example, it designs SMARTM with the mold structural style, it has inferred the soft mold outer diameter and thickness design and the dimension control equation. The research...
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Multi-stage Reconfiguration of Distribution Network for Loss Reduction and Reliability Improvement

Zhu-Hui Zhang, Dong-Li Duan
Electrical distribution network reconfiguration is a complex combinatorial optimization process aimed at finding a radial operating structure that minimizes the system power loss or maximizes the system reliability while satisfying operating constraints. It has been traditionally performed assuming that...
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Fuzzy PID Control Simulation Research on Rotational Speed Regulation for Diesel Engines

Leyu Zhang, Lin Xiao, Zhao Jin
The online self-adjustment of parameters of diesel engines mechanical speed controller is achieved by a designed fuzzy PID controller, through establishing a mathematic model of diesel engine mechanical centrifugal speed controller and the application of the advantages of the conventional PID control...
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Research on Ecological Economy Men Behavior-Based on Human’s Cognition on Natural Environment Change

Xiaohong Qin, Bingneng Luo
As the global natural environment is on the slide, human have improved their cognition on natural enviro-nment changes in varying degrees in the aspects of enviro-nment attention, environmental awareness and enviro-nmental protection behavior. Since Adam Smith , the main-stream economists have regarded...
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Freak Descriptor With Spatial Pyramid Kernel For Scene Categorization

Qiong Yao, Xiang Xu
In order to solve the problem of spectral distortion and the fuzzy texture in visible and infrared image fusion technology, a novel visible and infrared image fusion method based on the Nonsubsampled Contourlet Transform (NSCT) and Pulse Coupled Neural Networks (PCNN) is proposed in this paper. First,...
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Motion Analysis and Simulation of Crank Rocker Mechanism

Jian Sun
Crank rocker mechanism is a common mechanism, widely used in sewing machine, mixer, shaper and other equipment. Structure analysis and Mathematical modeling were carried out on the working device of mechanism, then, based on software ADAMS, the simulation model of the crank rocker mechanism is established...
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Volumetric Reconstruction Technique for Multiple Parallel Circular Orbits CT

Jian Fu, Dekai Fan
Objective: The aim of this study is to develop a new volumetric reconstruction technique for cone beam computed tomography (CT) system with multiple parallel circular orbits, which can be used to suppress the cone-beam artifacts, permit the reconstruction of limited angle projections and decrease the...
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Simulation Study of RED/WRED Mechanism Based on OPNET

Ruijuan Jiang, Yun Pan, Yilan Liu, Xiaojin Xue
Nowadays with the addition of application demands, the quality of service (QoS) of network becomes more and more important. Network QoS has a variety of support mechanism, this paper mainly studies two congestion avoidance mechanisms: Random Early Detection (RED) and weighted RED (WRED). Using OPNET...
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Research on Disassembly Sequence Planning Method for Maintenance

Xiaohui Xu, Xiaoyu Yang
Some parts of mechanical products often need to be replaced or repaired for maintenance. The complexity of the internal structure of machine makes the disassembly sequence planning the focus of researches. A three-dimensional disassembly sequence planning method is put forward in this paper based on...
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Thin-walled parts CNC Milling Process Analysis and Parameter Optimization

Xiurong Zhu
Through the process of milling of thin-walled parts analysis, developing principles expounded process routes such parts, tool radius compensation and processing methods, etc., using the test method, the process parameters were adjusted and optimization, selecting the optimal parameters then with CAXA...
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Innovative Unconventional Formation Evaluation Approach in a Tight Oil Reservoir, Xinjiang Oilfield, China

Guobin Wang, Fangfang Wu, Jinlong Wu, Lei Yang
Complicated minerals, high total organic carbon (TOC) content, and thin interbeded layers aggravated the complexity of logging responses and made it very difficult to find the target zone of the tight oil reservoir in the Jimusaer depression in northwestern China. Horizontal well drilling is extremely...
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Analysis and Optimization of the Transmission Angle of Crank Rocker Mechanism

Jian Sun
In view of the quick return characteristics of I and II type crank rocker mechanism, the inner relationship between the size of components is analyzed. The parametric model of mechanism is established based on ADAMS software, then, with the minimum transmission angle to take the maximum as the optimization...
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Research of the time irreversibility in voltage mode controlled DCM Buck converter

Hongmei Xu, Jiaqi Liu, Aobo Wang
This paper takes a voltage feedback DCM Buck converter as example, and analysis the distance in the converter which apart from equilibrium based on symbolic dynamics and relative entropy.
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The Study on Mechanical Properties of Cement Mortar with Different Types of Steel Fibers

Hai-Long Zhang, Chang-Chun Pei
In this paper, we study the effects on mechanical properties of cement mortar with different types of steel fibers. The results showed that: Among the three kinds of cement mortars mixed with different steel fibers, the apparent density of mortar mixed with type-C was the minimum, and turned out a steady...
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Experimental Research of Hydroforming Square Hollow Component

Hongyang Li, Jianhui Li
Tube hydroforming is attracting more and more attention in many industrial fields, especially in automotive industries and aircraft industry. In this paper, aiming at the problem of the match of axial force and internal pressure, the results of experimental research on the influence of loading path on...
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Assisted tennis teaching effects: Experimental analysis based on statistics methods

Le Chang, Wenlan Lian
Modern teaching theory has already penetrated into each discipline teaching, many physical education teachers also take it as guidance; while computer-assisted teaching possesses interesting features with its own special functions, and it has great worth in concentrating students’ attentions and stimulating...
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Evaluation of Individualized Information Service Capability Based on DHNN

Jian Wang, Yuanyuan Zhang
Information service system providing service according to the specific requirements of user, or user’s personnel characteristics like subject, preference and usage etc. In university,different sutudent have their own individualized information requirements, so the services provided by library must become...
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Speaker Recognition Based on KPCA and KFCM

Jian Wang, Yuanyuan Zhang
Speaker recognition system can identify a certain person using speech analysis. Recent advances in speech processing techniques improve the recognition rate. In this paper, an efficient speaker recognition system is proposed. Firstly, a KPCA-based feature selection approach is adopted to get the efficiently...
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A Specific Combination Scheme for Communication Modulation Recognition Based on the Bees Algorithm

Faquan Yang, Zan Li, Yun Fan
For the modulation recognition of the wireless communication signal, when extracting Eigenvalues, it is necessary to improve modulation recognition rate in order to achieve the optimized effect. In this article, combination eigenvalue module of the signal is extracted by applying bee colony algorithm...
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Optimization of the Inventory Control Model of Auto Enterprise Parts Based on AHP

Xuelian Wang, Xiaoling Li
1. Objective: In order to solve inventory control problems of auto parts in automobile industry, such as overstock, stock capital was exorbitant and so on;2. Methods: Value, stock out loss degree, purchasing lead time, profit rate and demand rate were selected as the evaluation criterion. At the same...
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The Study of Collapsible for Intact Loess and Remolded Loess

Kangfeng Yuan
At present, there are not enough research for the intact loess and remolded loess collapsible; There are tests for the some region loess, to study the law of collapsible.The results showed that: The curve of intact loess and remolded loess collapsible deformation is defined by two turning points and...
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Constructing fusion frames with general shifts

Jinzhou Li, Xiuqin Yang, Ying Liu
Frame theory plays an important role in the signal processing and image processing. In this paper, symmetric fusion frames with general shift are constructed, which generalizes the existing results of integer shift to the general case.
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A Theme-Context Mixture Model for Personalized Search in Social Network

Dongling Chen, Wen Zeng
Nowadays, social network technology provided a lot of ways for users to express their emotions and attitudes online. How to model user preferenced information and provide personalized service is a crucial problem in big data era. In this paper, a new probabilistic model be proposed to model and analysis...
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Using Current Transformer and Three-phase Watt Hour Meter to Design of High Voltage Power Metering System

Dingzhen Li, Haizhen Guo
The high voltage power metering system is mainly composed of a current transformer (CT), voltage transformer (PT), consisting of two wire electric energy meter and connecting them. In the high-voltage power metering system, current transformer is important electrical equipment. Structure of current transformer...
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Construction of management system on wireless sensor network protocol based on knowledge data association mining technology

QiuFen Wang, HuiLing Guo
Data mining is a very important step of knowledge discovery and it is through the establishment of mining model and through the implementation of the corresponding algorithm to complete knowledge formation. This paper analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of the management information system of wireless...
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iMovie: A Prototype Sentiment Search Engine for Movie Reviews

Dongling Chen, Feng Yang
In this paper, we present our system iMovie to provide an efficient sentiment search tool for online movie reviews. iMovie implements a ontology tree model to represent the complex relationship between features and opinion words in movie reviews, which guarantees system’s accuracy. iMovie integrates...
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Evaluation of Binarization Methods Using Global Threshold for Chinese Rubbing Images

Zhikai Huang, Junmei Xi
There are a huge amount of historical Chinese rubbing images in different library that have not been exploited electronically. However, many invaluable collections of rubbing images are already digitized and indexed for consulting, exchange and distant access purposes which protect them from direct manipulation....
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New Signcryption Scheme based on Multivariate Public-key Cryptosystem

Yiliang Han
Multivariate based cryptography possesses the characteristic of high efficiency as well as resistance of quantum attack, which makes it become one of the main candidates of being possible alternative to conditional public cryptography in post-quantum ear. A new signcryption scheme based on Multivariate...
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Towards an Image Blurring Detection Approach based on Color Filter Array

Mi Peng, Luokai Hu, Chao Liang, Pingping Yin
Digital image tamper detection technology is a hot topic in recent decades which has widely applications in image processing. Study of key approach of digital image temper detection has important science and application value. A CFA interpolation based image blur tamper detection algorithm is proposed...
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Primary Digital Resource Characteristic Database Construction of Local Literature——A case study of Manchu's folk art

Jingshi Yang, Yanfeng Chen
Tonghua Baishan area formed a large number of precious characteristic literature because of its special geographical position and historical reasons, long-term accumulation,such as Gao Gouli characteristic literature, Manchu Shaman characteristic literature etc.. According to the features of native form...
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Application of MIL-STD- 1553B bus in aviation communication

Lijun Song, Liang Zhao, Dengfeng Chen, Jiwu Sun
It is introduced the application of MIL-STD-1553B bus in a certain aviation communication through analyzing the main features of MIL-STD-1553B bus and main function of aviation communication in this paper. And there are discussed the realization method of MIL-STD-1553B bus based on Tornado in the avionics...
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The Periodic Solution of an Impulsive Perturbed Two-Species Gilpin-Ayala Competition System

Kaihua Wang, Zhanji Gui
The principle purpose of this paper is to explore the existence of periodic solution of Two-Species Gilpin-Ayala competition system with impulsive perturbations. Sufficient and realistic conditions are obtained by using Mawhin's continuation theorem of the coincidence degree. Further, some numerical...
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A Study on Personnel Safety Evacuation in Underground Commercial Space Based on EXODUS

Ligang Lu, Jingwei Ji, Shaofan Yang, Xinliang Xie
Fire has a high load value and is easy to spread in the underground commercial space. Meanwhile the space has a high occupant density and people in it are difficult to evacuate. So it is easy to cause serious casualties. To this end, this paper first takes a certain underground commercial plaza for example...
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Dead Link Prediction Model Based on Double SVM

Honglan Liu, Xiaona Qin, Yong He
All the search engines are facing the problem of dead link. Dead link prediction model, which is able to quickly distinguish between normal links and dead links, filter out dead links, ensure the validity of the search results. This paper proposed to construct the SVM dead link prediction model by the...
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A Survey of Optimization Method for Oil-gas Pipeline Network Layout

Fangfang Li, Qiang Liu, Xiu Guo, Jun Xiao
Gathering and transferring pipeline network of oil-gas system exerts remarkable impact on construction cost for whole oilfield engineering. Based on analysis of previous optimization methods for oil-gas pipeline network layout, this paper introduces some frequently used optimization design methods and...
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Corrosion effects of MIx on ceramic arc tubes of metal halide lamps

Nisheng Cai, Qiuyi Han, Shanduan Zhang
Ceramic metal halide (CMH) lamps, filled with metal iodide (MIx), are efficient, energy saving light sources with high efficacy and high color rendering index (CRI). The biggest drawback of CMH lamps now is the corrosion on ceramic arc tubes. The corrosion effects of different MIx on the ceramic arc...
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Design of Neural Network-based Backstepping Controller for the Folding-Boom Aerial Platform Vehicle

Haidong Hu, Yan Ren, Huibo Liu
In this paper, the robust trajectory tracking problem is addressed for the work platform of folding-boom aerial platform vehicle in the presence of uncertainties and disturbances. The control objective is to make the work platform move along a desired reference trajectory and make the vibration inhibit...
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Application Research of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure in the NCRE

Naiguo Wang, Xiangwei Zhu, Hong Zhang, Jianzhong Wang, Ying Xie, Siwei Rong, Jinxiao Zuo
According to the specific requirements of environment of National Computer Rank Examination (NCRE), through the introduction horizon architecture of desktop virtualization software (WMware View) and introduction its method of installation, debugging, finally realizes the purpose of cloud computing examination...
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Study on the determination of sodium cyclamate in the jelly

Boru Ren, Na Liu, Jie Zhao, Tingxin Wang
Objective: In order to study the contect of sodium cyclamate in jellies. Method: Using ring amino sulfonate sodium hypochlorite derived reaction occurs under acidic conditions to generate N-,N-dichloro-cyclohexane,and then hexane extracted ODC-C14 column,methanol(V):water(V)=80:20 as mobile phase separation,the...
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Test, Analysis and Evaluation of R2100 Distance Sensor used for Robot Grass Cutting

Chunhua Zhao, Simon Blackmore, Michael Warbrick, Sam Wane
R2100 sensor can provide an increased safety zone for Robot mower, it is necessary to use the advanced distance sensor that scans all kind of targets and receives data for the automatic control system and update the farm management information system. In this study, to determine the best height and view...
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Dynamics and stability predictions of variable helix milling

Qizhi Xie
In milling, it is important to research the stability lobes charts which determine stable regions where no chatter occurs. This paper presents the nonlinear model of milling considering the variable helix angle. Base on this model, an improved semi-discretization method is used to predict stability....
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Analysis on the supporting technology of the gob-side entry retaining

Jian-jun Song
The research established a mechanical model which could reflect the basic features of rock stratum and made a profound investigation on the form and conditions of the fractures on main roofs. Based on mechanical analysis, the fracture location is difference when lane offshoot care is difference, cutting...
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Effect of Glass Fibers on the Mechanical and Thermal Conductivity Properties of PP/Alumina Composites

Jianxiang Sun, Zhidan Lin, Baofeng Xu, Jianhua Rong
Aluminum oxide (alumina, Al2O3) and polypropylene (PP) have been often used to produce thermal conductive composites. Short Glass fiber (SGF) is generally used to increase the mechanical properties of materials, but decrease the thermal diffusivity because of its low thermal conductivity. In this work,...
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An Alternating Direction Implicit Finite Difference Method For Second Order Hyperbolic Equations

Jin Zhang, Weifeng Wang
In recent years, much attention has been given in the literature to the development, analysis, and implementation of finite difference schemes for the numerical solution of hyperbolic equations, which can describe physical phenomenons of vibrating string, elastic film and three-dimensional elastomers....
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Simulate Separation Influence on Company

Fan Yang
Recent years, more and more company have focused on their human resources management, and separation becomes a very important factor. This thesis analyzes the influence of separation rate on company, so as to manage company better. First, we apply Analytic Network Process to construct a dynamic model,...
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Research on Comprehensive Evaluation System for 220/110 kV Electromagnetic Looped Network Operation Modes

Yu-Qing He, Yuan-Yuan He, Li-Lin Mao, Chao Xu
Indiscriminate considering all 220/110 kV electromagnetic looped networks to be opened may affect the power system security reliability and economical efficiency adversely. This paper focuses on this very issue and discusses the operation mode regarding on the circumstance under which looped network...
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Research on Sub Pixel Roundness Detection Technology Based on B-spline Lifting Wavelet

Yanping Gong, Zhigang Huang
In order to realize roundness detection of rotary type parts in industrial field without interruption machining process, an image measurement method was proposed in this paper. Using adaptive threshold, the image edge can be determined by calculating modulus maximum in gradient direction in different...
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Design of a Electrically Tunable Filter for RF Front-end Circuitry of the Microwave Receiver

Qing-ping Wu, Kai Shen, Hui-min Zhang, Yu-feng Zhou
The electrically tunable filter for the RF front-end circuitry of the microwave receiver is designed to the performance with low insertion loss, low volatility band, high signal selection and superior adjacent channel interference. This paper presents a design scheme of a 225 to 500 MHz electrically...
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Analysis of Internal Force of the Cable-stayed Aqueduct Structure

Zhendong Zhang, Ling Chen, Run Zhou, Yong Ye, Xuejian Chen, Donglin Liu
Aqueduct is a kind of cross bridge building which can cross the channel, depressions, roads and railways .In the paper, based on the aqueduct design, aqueduct model making, aqueduct structure calculation and static load experiment, the aqueduct model is made to solve the problem of analysis of the internal...
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Semantic Model for Disaster Plans of China - National Earthquake Plans as a Case Study

Zhigang Yin, Yanzhang Wang
In China, currently, more that 240 million emergency plans have been published. Most of them are written by paper. Because of the length and organization of these documents, the useful information cannot easily be gotten from them. So a semantic model for plans is proposed in this article. With it, the...
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The Control Strategy of DFIG Combined with ESS in Islanded System

Yong-yuan Yu, Zheng-hang Hao, Zhuo Chen, Hang Long
For Double Fed Induction Generator (DFIG) in islanded system, a design is proposed which adds Energy Storage System (ESS) in the direct current side of the back-to-back converter and changes the capacity of the load side converter. The generator-side converter of the system uses the power decoupling...
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The Air Defense of Ship Formation Decision-making Optimization

Liang Ma, Lin Zhang
The air defense of ship formation cooperation decision-making is a multi-stage multi-objective system. Based on the concepts of the fuzzy weighted distance and membership degree, considering the collaborative relationship in different phase, put forward the concept of thermodynamic power allotment wreath...
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Synthesis, Scale And Corrosion Inhibition of Polyaspartic Acid Derivative

Yuhua Gao, Zhenfa Liu, Lihui Zhang, Rui He
Polyaspartic acid derivative (PASP-SEA-ASP) was prepared from polysuccinimide (PSI) that was thermal condensation polymer of aspartic acid (ASP), taurine (SEA) and ASP. The structure of polyaspartic acid derivative was characterized by means of FTIR. The property of scale inhibition of PASP-SEA-ASP by...
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Graph Partitioning Method to Divide Rural Financial Information Service Area

Dongmei Han, Anyu Zhou, Fengge Yao, Hongmei Wen, Xiaohong Dong, Songyan Han, Bing Zhang, Peiyou Song, Anhei Shu
1. Objective: Divide rural financial information service area divided using graph partitioning methods . 2. Methods: By means of one-to-one mapping, the factors of the activity place (area) for rural financial information service object, including population, area and financial activity quantity are...
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Big Hole Shaped Charge Debris Control Research and Application in BOHAI Oilfield

Tingqiang Sheng, Wenxin Xu, Bihong Li, Shangjie Li
Based on the Bohai oilfield, which geological condition is unconsolidated heavy oil reservoir, which is targeted to design a new 7 "high shot density big debris shaped charge. used several kinds of technology in this research ,such as numerical simulation analysis on the formation of shaped charge case...
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Measurement Method of Lesion Area Using Adaptive Seeded Region Growing

Feng Guo, Jian Wu, Yanqin Zhu
In order to measure the lesion area of the medicine images, this study proposes a method of the lesion area measurement which is based on the adaptive seeded region growing algorithm. The method manages optimization treatment of the threshold on the common seeded region growing, so as to avoid the phenomena...
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Study on Lateral Vibration Offsets of freight cars Under the Condition of Shift of Center of freight Gravity on the Curve Track

Xue Wan, Mei Han, Zhe Fang, Nengpu Yang
the vehicle maximum lateral vibration offset is one of the premises for judging the feasibility of out-of-gauge freights transport. Dynamics simulation models of single-vehicle NX70H flat were established by SIMPACK with American fifth track spectrum being the excitation, in order to discuss the change...
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Analysis of capacity of information technology of college teachers

Siyan Wang
With the development and wide use of information technology, the change of the new century students and diversity of their psychological demand and other factors has brought new challenges to educators. In order to more clearly understand the current situation of teachers’ ability of information technology,...
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The Performance Test and Application in Shaped Charge of Heat Resistance Explosive LLM-105

Bihong Li, Shangjie Li, Yuntao Zhao, Zheyu Li
In order to guarantee the safety and reliability on the operation of oil and gas well, tested the thermal stability, mechanical sensitivity, flame sensitivity, electrostatic spark sensitivity and the 5s delay explosion temperature of LLM-105 explosive. And conducted the tests with 4 1/2 perforating charge...
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Some issues on Distance and Similarity measures of dual hesitant fuzzy sets

Li Zhang, Rui Yu, Lei Zhu, Pengli Liu
The Dual Hesitant Fuzzy Sets (DHFSs) is a useful tool to deal with vagueness and ambiguity in the multiple attribute decision making (MADM) problems. The distance and similarity measures analysis are important research topics. In this paper, we propose some new distance measures for dual hesitant fuzzy...
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Analysis of shallow bias tunnel influence factors in mountain area

Lin Ma
Shanxi loess tunnel has the characteristics which are numerous and complex geological. This paper simulated the construction process of loess tunnel by the finite difference software FLAC3D, analyzed the influence on the tunnel roof longitudinal settlement and horizontal ground surface settlement by...
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Stability analysis of cutting high loess slope

Lin Ma
Slope stability is the focus of attention in geotechnical. The cutting loess slope because of its high slope and soil properties makes the research question becomes complicated. through the investigation The paper selected typical cutting loess high slope to study, and analyzed slope stability under...
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Fault detection and diagnosis for non-Gaussian singular stochastic distribution systems

Jing Shi, Peng Du, Yi Qu
Fault detection and diagnosis (FDD) for singular stochastic distribution control (SDC) systems via the output probability density functions(PDFs) have been discussed. The PDFs can be approximated via square-root B-spline expansion,and expansions to represent the dynamics weighting systems between the...
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A guaranteed cost control of the uncertain discrete-time output PDFs systems with both stste and input delays

Xuexia Wang, Jing Shi
In this paper,the guaranteed cost control problem for uncertain discrete-time output probability density functions(PDFs) with both state and input delay is investigated .A novel linear matrix inquality (LMI)-based approach with model transformation is developed ,so that the closed-loop system is asyptotially...
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The Investment System Reform and the Investment Efficiency of the State-Owned Enterprise: Changes and Prospects

Guiling Zhang
In order to discuss whether the investment system reform improve the investment efficiency of Chinese state-owned enterprise since reform and opening-up, considering the nature and function of state-owned enterprises, the this paper constructed the investment efficiency evaluation system of stat-owned...
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Design of Bus Integrated Information System Based on Wireless Transmission

Genghuang Yang, Xiang Li, Xin Su, Jia Zhang
As the result of the widely usage of Electrical equipment in bus, Corresponding fault in inner equipment has become a common problem of its operation, increasing the difficult and time of fixing..This paper develops a new bus integrated information wireless transmission system based on IPC2378 chip,...
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Design of Reclosing Device for Distribution Line in Small Hydropower Station

Honghui Chen, Xin Su, Qiang Fang, Wendong Zheng
When the small hydropower stations are linked with the power system, it becomes difficult to judge the type of the fault which causes the running of the hydropower station unsteadily. If the fault takes place in the distribution line which links to the hydropower stations, the reclosing always fails....
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Study on Relay Protection of Small Hydro-power Station in Isolated Power Grid

Mingzhe Cao, Genghuang Yang, Xin Su, Qingling Wang
Because the trend in small hydro-power micro grid flows bi-directionally, the traditional strategy which based on phase voltage change and load shedding has become increasingly unreliability. In order to adapt to the new application environment of small hydro-power micro grid, and to improve the protection...
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Efficient Implementation of Precise Exception for Processor Based on Pre-detection

Qingyu Chen, Erjuan Zhu, Longsheng Wu
Embedded systems have higher requirements on real-time performance of processor, and exception, which can interrupt normal execution of program, will decrease the processor performance. For improving the processor exception handling efficiency, a precise exception handling method for embedded pipeline...
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Intermittent Chaos Characteristics Of Two Coupled Chaotic Oscillator And Its Application In The Detection Of Weak Signal ’s Frequency

Hua Zhao, Shaohua Li, Qing Lv, Huilong Jin
The detection of intermittent chaos is an important embranchment of detection of weak signal based on chaos oscillator, which is used to detect the frequency of the signal. In this paper, a method of intermittent chaos detection based on the two-oscillator-difference is put forward. The validity of this...
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China Aviation Network Characteristics and Robustness Research

Hongguang Yao, Zhizhong Li
Analysis of network characteristics and robustness play an important role for the aviation network overall function. This paper collects the data of the current China's domestic aviation network, and estimates the statistical characteristics of the aviation network. The research results show that: the...
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Study on Risk Assessment of Meat and Meat Products Quality Safety Based on Risk Matrix

Haihong Xin, Xiaoqian Fang, Yuanyuan Wang, Sihui Hong, Tingxin Wang
In order to control the food safety risk about meat products effectively, the government supervision and spot check data need to be collected about meat products in recent years. Then unqualified occurrence circumstance of different-category meat product was analysed. On the combination of government...
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Research on Self-healing Composite Materials

Peng Li, Tian Zou, Yuan Liu, Yuhua Wang
In the using of materials, kinds of injury which is sometimes difficult to repair or too costly to repair may appear in the surface and interior, which will shorten the life of the materials. Self-healing technology can be used to improve material reliability and extend the service life, so composite...
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The image retrieval based on transform domain

Wei-Bin Fu, Jingbing Li, Mengxing Huang, Yicheng Li
Due to the most of popular algorithms based on image retrieval have a large calculation. While the method of DCT domain have less calculation, and compatible with international popular standard of data compression (JPEG MPEG H261/263). So this paper proposes an image retrieval method based on DCT compression....