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Process Optimization of Pneumatic Separator Machine Using Response Surface Methodology

Rozzaq Habib Amrullah, Muhammad Dzulkifli, Makbul Hajad
Pneumatic separator machine is one of the alternative methods used for the grain cleaning process. To obtain the efficient grain cleaning process, the design of a pneumatic separator should consider aerodynamic properties of the material such as terminal velocity value. Form of material, material density,...
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The Combination of Jicama (Pachyrizus erosus L.) and Tofu and Alternative Medium for the Growth of Escherichia coli Bacteria

Teguh Pribadi, Niky Aulia Putri, Cindi Arista Putri, Fitrah Mega Fitriani, Yasmin Athi Ramadhani, Novita Indah Faradilla, Didimus Tanah Boleng, Dora Dayu Rahma Turista
Bacterial growth media is necessary for bacterial culture in laboratory. Bacterial growth media is sold commercially, but its distribution has not yet reached all regions. Local raw materials that have potential to fertilize the growth of microorganisms are jicama (Pachyrhizus erosus L.) and tofu. Jicama...
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The Contribution of Women Groups in Bogor-Urban Agriculture

Homework to Upscale Their Practices Towards Sustainable Horticulture Value Chain

Ika Satyasari, Peter J. Meer
This action research was undertaken in 2019 as part of the “Our Garden, Our Healthy Food” initiative of the DeTara Foundation in Bogor, Indonesia and as a master thesis project for the Agriculture Production Chain Management program at Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences. The purposes...
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Detection of Pathogenic Bacteria in Shrimp Paste through an Enrichment Stage Using Nutrient Broth Medium

Firman Fajar Perdhana, Mutia Devi Ariyana, Lalu Unsunnidhal, Muhammad ‘Aidil Febriandito, Lalu Ahmad Wirayuda, Muhammad Aidil Fitriyan Fadjar Suryadi, Lulu Diani Zuhdia
Terasi products are one of the home industry products in Indonesia. Shrimp paste is produced from fermented small shrimp (called rebon) and small fish (called teri). As a food product marketed to the public, shrimp paste also has the potential to be contaminated with pathogens, both during production...
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The Effect of Comparison of BL 50 Cocoa Fat with Palm Oil (olein) on the Quality Characteristics of Produced Margarine

Srimaryati, Tuty Anggraini, Anwar Kasim
Cacao clone BL 50 (Balubuih Limapuluh Kota) is one of the local superior clones from West Sumatra. The fruit and bean size of BL 50 cocoa is bigger than other cacao. The fruit is oval in shape, maroon color when ripe and has a potential production of 3.69 tonnes / ha / year. The use of BL 50 cocoa beans...
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Detection of Terpenoid and Flavonoid of Five Species of Mistletoes at Stelechocarpus burahol (Bl.) Hook.f. & Th and Lagerstroemia speciosa (L.) Pers. by using Thin Layer Chromatography Method

Djoko Santosa, SM. Widyastuti, Ummi Rosyidah, Betha Silmia
Mistletoe is a parasitic plant that is well known for causing significant damage to forestry plants; nevertheless, its value in traditional medicine has yet to be proven. This study aims to investigate terpenoid and flavonoid compounds of Macrosolen cochinchinensis (Lour.) Tiegh, Scurrula atropurpurea...
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Emulsification of Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) with Grass Jelly (Cyclea barbata Miers) Using Kappa Carragenan and Konjac into VCO Jelly Product

Azul Jumaza, Dwi Eva Nirmagustina, Ninik Purbosari
VCO is a coconut processed product that can increase the body's immunity against various degenerative diseases. Besides coconut, there is also a food product that is no less important, namely green grass jelly (Cyclea barbata L. Miers) leaf extract. In this study, the process of mixing the two foodstuffs...
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Network Analysis Reveals the Connection Between Chronic Pancreatitis and Pancreatic Cancer

Lisha Li, Heping Wang, Yulin Li
The relationship between chronic pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer needs further exploration in a system view. We constructed chronic pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer network based on gene expression data and protein-protein interaction, and then analyzed the global topological features of chronic...
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A Food-Grade, Secretory Expression of IL1RA Protein in a Lactococcus Lactis System for Potential Oral Therapy on IBD

Jin CHENG, Jin CAO, Jia CAO, Xiao-feng WANG, Yan-ru GE
Interleukin 1 (IL1 ) is a potential target for IBD treatment. IL1 receptor antagonist (IL1RA) can blocks the biologic activity of IL1 by competitively inhibiting IL1 binding to the IL1R, so IL1RA is suggested to have possible therapeutic applications in treatment of IBD. By using a food-grade recombinant...
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Cloning and Expression of Recombinant Protein MPT63 of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Indonesian Isolate as Serodiagnostic Latent Tuberculosis

Rosana Agus, Ian Imanuel Fidhatami, Mochammad Hatta
Indonesia and 13 other countries are included in High Burden Countries (HBC) in Tuberculosis (TB) cases. One of the problems in TB control in Indonesia is detecting latent TB appropriately. Diagnosis of latent TB does not have a gold standard. Some tests to detect latent TB have limitations in TB endemic...
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The Ability of Lactobacillus plantarum to Reduce the Growth of Bacteria in Beef Meat by the Differences in Temperature and Storage Time in Term of pH and Microbiological Tests

Amhar Abubakar, Cut Aida Fitri, Zulainni Zulaini, Allaily Allaily
Food safety is an effort made to prevent food from contamination or contamination of biological, chemical, and other objects that interfere and harm public health. Foodstuffs derived from livestock are one of the food ingredients that are not durable or easily damaged (perishable). One of the livestock...
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The Effect of Extract Areca Seeds (Areca catechu L.) on the Thickness of the Colonic Tunica Muscularis in Mice (Mus musculus) Feeded Trichuris muris Infective Eggs Peroral

Endy Juli Anto
One species of worm Trichuris trichiura that is often used in research on experimental animals is Trichuris muris. Administration of T. muris infective eggs can significantly increase the thickness of the tunica muscularis of the colon. This thickening of the tunica muscularis intestine is associated...
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Effect of pH on Clotting Properties from Moringa Oleifera Seeds with Focused Microwave-Assisted Soxhlet Extraction Method as Milk Coagulant

Aurelia Aprilianty, Rizqi Nuraini, Novia Pebriani, Gita Apriani, Abdul Manab, Khotibul Umam Awwaly, Mustakim, Ria Dewi Andriani
This study aimed to determine the optimal pH for Moringa oleifera seeds extract as a milk casein coagulant in terms of milk-clotting activity (MCA), caseinolytic activity (CA), ratio MCA/CA, and coagulation time. Moringa oleifera seeds extraction was obtained using the Focused Microwave-Assisted Soxhlet...
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PCBs Content Characteristics in Soil of Changchun City Suburb Vegetable Field

Lei LIU, Yang WANG, Yanbo XIAO, Ming GAO
The content and distribution characteristics of 11 kinds of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) in surface soil of Changchun city suburban vegetable field were analyzed. The results showed that the contents of PCBs in soil were in the range of 27.74~219.54 g-kg-1, with the average value of 83.75 g-kg-1,...
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Post Mining Evaluation of Forest Land Rehabilitation and Potential Ecosystem Recovery

Triyono Sudarmadji, Wahjuni Hartati
Coal Mining operation in the forest lands caused significant forest ecosystem disturbance. Therefore, management of mined-out forest lands must be conducted thoroughly following land clearing, topsoils spreading, mining waste treatment, land rehabilitation (reclamation and Revegetation). Concerning expected...
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Application of Visible and Shortwave Near Infrared Spectroscopy Combined with PCA-LDA and PLS-DA to Distinguish Sirloin and Shank Beef

Aridatuz Zahroh, Muhammad Fahri Reza Pahlawan, Laila Rahmawati, Bayu Nugraha, Rudiati Evi Masithoh
Beef is a worldwide commonly consumed meat, and the physicochemical properties of meat differ depending on meat cuts. A method that detects beef cut types is necessary to protect the customer’s rights and prevent fraud in processing and distribution. This study used Vis-NIR and SW-NIR spectroscopy to...
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The Implementation of WE-ARe Learning Model toward the Critical Thinking of Pre-service Biology Teachers

Astuti Muh.Amin, Fitriyah Karmila, Zainal A. Laode, Noor Hujjatusnaini, Romi Adiansyah, Sukardi Abbas
By implementing a learning model that cultivates 21st-century skills, students’ critical thinking skills can be enhanced. One of the alternative learning models that can be used to accommodate this is the WE-ARe learning model. This study is quasi-experimental, with a pretest-post-test control group...
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Increasing Sorghum Production on Marginal Land in the Framework of Food Procurement Post-Covid-19 Pandemic

Muhammad Hazmi, Iskandar Umarie, Hidayah Murtiyaningsih, Laras Sekar Arum
The Covid-19 outbreak has been going on for more than a year in Indonesia, causing many people to die and lowering the economic level of the community. People’s income and food availability decreased. The procurement of staple foods has always relied on the production of rice and corn. Sorghum is a cereal...
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Sensory Evaluation of Robusta Coffee under Various Postharvest and Processing

S. Wulandari, M. Ainuri, A. C. Sukartiko
The sensory quality of food products including coffee determines the level of consumer acceptance. This study ancover the differences in consumer acceptance and determines the best postharvest and processing treatments of ground and brewed Robusta coffee. The Taguchi orthogonal array L9 (34) with four...
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The Conservation and Development Model Design of Camphor (Dryobalanapos Aromatica) Biodiversity in Sibagindar Champor Forest Pakpak Bharat District North Sumatra

R. Sabrina, Hardiansyah Sinaga
Camphor trees (Dryobalanops aromatica) are one of the typical trees with a high prospect in Nusantara, especially in North Sumatra. Camphor was in high demand in the 2nd century so the price was almost equal to gold, Europe and the Middle East showed a high interest in this commodity. The camphor tree...
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Experimental Study of Bone Marrow Stem Cell Inducing Osteogenesis on SLA Titanium Mesh Surfac

Lei Shi, Lan Yang, Ruimin Liu, Feng Tao, Qiaorong Liu
Objective: Through animal experiments to understand medical titanium mesh in the sandblasting acid corrosion (SLA) before and after processing and surface coverage of BMSCs cell membrane after the effect of inducing osteogenesis, for medical titanium net covering the bone marrow stem cells after surface...
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Phenotypic Variation in Pigmentation of Persons with Albinism in Rejang Lebong, Bengkulu

Santi Nurul Kamilah, Choirul Muslim, Yuniarti Dwi Astuti, Malini DHP Pasaribu
Albinism is a congenital disorder, a group of genetic disorders in which there is a partial or total lack of the pigment melanin in the eyes, skin, and hair. It is caused by one or more enzymes committed to the biosynthesis of melanin, and one of them are a deficiency of the tyrosinase. It is a genetic...
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Effect of Skin Cow Immersion Time in Pineapples Peel Extract Solution on Yield, Viscosity, and Gelatin Color

R. Singgih Sugeng Santosa, Arif Prashadi Santosa
This research aims to study the effect of immersion time on yield, viscosity, and color of skin cow gelatines. Twenty-four thousand grams of skin cow, twelve thousand grams pineapples peel, and ten thousand two hundred millilitre an aquadest were used in this research. The Experiment method that used...
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Effect of Cooling Rate and Agitation on Fat Crystallization: A Mini-review

Qabul Dinanta Utama, Dewa Nyoman Adi Paramartha, Made Gendis Putri Pertiwi, Riezka Zuhriatika Rasyda, Firman Fajar Perdhana, Lalu Unsunnidhal, Rosyid Ridho, Lalu Danu Prima Arzani
Fat is a material that is widely utilized as a raw material in various industries including pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and food industries. One of the concerns is the ability of fat to form crystals. Cooling and agitation rates play an important role in fat crystallization. Variables such as temperature,...
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Prospective In Vivo Assays on the Antithrombotic Potential of Protease Extracted from Bacillus sp. HSFI-12

Okta Yosiana Dewi, Stalis Norma Ethica, Andri Sukeksi, Maya Dian Rakhmawatie, Sri Darmawati
CVD (cardiovascular disease) is a group of non-communicable diseases and a global cause of cardiovascular death. The search for gents inhibiting blood clot formation (thrombus) and enhancing antithrombotic activity are important for the prevention and treatment of CVD. Previous study reported that bacteria...
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Development of a Novel Multi-Functional Rehabilitation Robot

Cheng-dong WEI, Quan-quan LIU, Li-hong DUAN, Tong-yang SUN, Meng LI, Zhan ZENG, Chun-bao WANG, Qing SHI, Zhuo-hua LIN, Ya-jing SHEN, Wan-feng SHANG, Zheng-zhi WU
With the development of aging society, the number of hemiplegia patients grows rapidly and over 75% of survivors suffering hemiplegia need rehabilitation training. Traditional training methods need one or more physical therapists to server one patient at the same time. In order to reduce the workload...
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Study on the Characteristic of Adsorption Kinetics of Organochlorine Pesticides in Agricultural Soils

Ming GAO, Xuming SUN, Hui HUANG
To study the characteristic of adsorption kinetics of BHC and DDT in the unsaturated zone of typical northeastern soil field of China by adopting indoor soil adsorption simulation experiment. The purpose of the study is to reveal the pollution mechanism of BHC and DDT to soil and groundwater and provide...
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Non-Destructive Evaluation of Moisture Content in Single Soybean Seed Using Vis-NIR Spectroscopy

Muhammad Fahri Reza Pahlawan, Devi Alicia Surya Saputri, Rudiati Evi Masithoh
In this study, moisture content of soybean was evaluated using visible near infrared (Vis-NIR) spectroscopy. Soybean were dried at 60˚C for up to 10 hours to get moisture variation. A total of 200 soybean were used in this study which made a total of 600 reflectance spectra scanned with Vis-NIR spectrometer...
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Physical and Chemical Characteristics Marmalade of Rimau Gerga Lebong with Addition of Citrus Kalamansi

Tuti Tutuarima, Laili Susanti, Hasanuddin, Andre Gumilar, Zainuddin
Rimau Gerga Lebong (RGL) and kalamansi are two types of oranges typical of Bengkulu. Both types of oranges can be developed into processed products such as marmalade. This study aimed to obtain the effect of the addition of kalamansi and sugar on the physical and chemical characteristics of marmalade....
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In-Silico Studies of Antitumor Activity From Red Ginger (Alpinia purpurata Vieill) Bioactive Compounds

Santika Lusia Utami, Yogi Adhi Nugroho, Luthfiana Hardianingtyas, Fatiha Kamilah
Many plants from the genus Alpinia are known to have several bioactive compounds that can act as an antitumor in cancer treatments. However, the potency of the bioactive compounds from red ginger as an antitumor agent has not been reported before. This research aims to study the inhibitory activity of...
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Halal Dark Chocolate Quality: Influence of Tempering Time and Temperature

Addion Nizori, Lamasih Diniaty Simamora, Silvy Leila Rahmi, Fitry Tafzi, Mapegau, Budiyati Ichwan
The quality of the raw cocoa mass used greatly affects the final quality of the chocolate product. Conching and tempering are also important processes in chocolate making to produce high-quality chocolate that customers like. The process includes mixing, cutting and aeration of the chocolate mass during...
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The Effect of Different Kefir Grain Starter Concentration on pH, Alcohol Percentage, and Organoleptic Properties of Ultra High Temperature (UHT) Milk Kefir

Fitrianingsih Fitrianingsih, Harapin Hafid, Asma Bio Kimestri, Andini Sulfitrana, Rachmita Dewi S. Toba
Kefir is a fermented milk product by lactic acid bacteria and yeast, rich in benefits for the human body. Kefir grains are a starter in making kefir. This research determines pH, alcohol percentage, and organoleptic properties using kefir grains with different concentrations. Ultra-high temperature (UHT)...
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Mathematical Model of Crackers Quality Changes During Recondition

Siswantoro, Agus Margiwiyatno, Hidayah Dwiyanti, Ropiudin
Crackers are a processed product that is much favored by the people of Indonesia. Crackers after frying have crunchy physical properties, however, if not stored properly the product is easy to change its physical properties, namely crackers become not crunchy or sluggish (mlempem). The change in crackers...
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Utilization of Bagasse for Bioethanol Raw Materials Using Crude Cellulase from Phanerochaete Chrysosporium with SSF Method

Sri Rulianah, Prayitno, Carita Ayu Maulidina
Bagasse is one of the solid wastes from sugar factories which contains lignocellulose. Lignocellulose contains high levels of cellulose so that it has the potential as raw material to produce bioethanol. The crude cellulase produced by Phanerochaete chrysosporium has enzymes capable of degrading lignin,...
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Preparation and Photocatalytic Properties of TiO2 Immobilized on Fiberglass Cloth

Yiqun CHEN, Deqiang CHEN, Zhaoping WEI, Yang CHEN
In this study, the TiO2 immobilized on fiberglass cloth was prepared to improve the photocatalytic activity of TiO2 and overcome the difficulty of reuse through a set of different procedures. The microstructure and morphology of TiO2 loaded on FGC were characterized via SEM and XRD, respectively. The...
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Climate Change and Rice Production in East Java Province, Indonesia

Mutiarra Ridyo Arum, Arini Wahyu Utami, Irham Irham
Rice is an important food commodity in Indonesia and several other developing countries, making its increase in demand in line with the population growth. While the government devise policies that attempt to boost rice production, limited resources, changing natural conditions and human activities impose...
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Soil Physical Properties Development in Post-Coal Mining Rehabilitation Area in East Kutai District, East Kalimantan Indonesia

Veronika Murtinah, Liris Lis Komara
The open-pit mining process has an impact on soil properties, including the soil physical properties. The physical properties of soil in the rehabilitation area will develop over time. This study aimed to determine the soil physical properties development in the 20 years old rehabilitation area and compare...
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The Effect of Housewives’ Food Safety Awareness on Processed Frozen Food Buying Interest during Covid19 Pandemic in D.I. Yogyakarta Region

Anjar Ruspita Sari, Ika R. Revulaningtyas, Satria Bhirawa Anoraga, Sri Wijanarti
The stipulation of the corona virus as a national pandemic has an effect on changes in food consumption patterns, which were originally from fresh food ingredients that are easily obtained directly in both traditional and modern markets to consumption of ready-to-eat frozen food that can be used as stock...
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The Effect of L-Ascorbic Acid-2-Phosphate on Human Adipose-Derived Stem Cells Population Doubling Time and Angiogenic Potency

Imam Rosadi, Karina Karina, Viol Dhea Kharisma, Arif Nur Muhammad Ansori
Adipose-derived stem cells (ADSCs) have been developed as substitute cells for tissue engineering. However, in order to get a high number of cells, over-repassage leads the cells to become big in spread size indicating that senescence occurred. This study aimed to evaluate the potency of ascorbic acid...
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Thigmomorphogenesis of Root-Crop Growth Due to Drip and Mist Irrigation

Murtiningrum Murtiningrum, Wilda Monicha Mukti, Tiana Nur Annisa, Yubelia Agasa, Ngadisih Ngadisih
Thigmomorphogenesis is a plant growth response caused by mechanical stimuli from outside of the plant body. The mechanical stimulations used in this study was irrigation methods, namely drip and mist. The objectives of this study were to determine the morphology of tubers, to compare the growth rates,...
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Development of a FES System for Hemiplegic Rehabilitation Based on Patient Healthy Limb's EMG Signal

Zhan ZENG, Chang-jun LI, Chun-bao WANG, Quan-quan LIU, Li-hong DUAN, Tong-yang SUN, Qing SHI, Zhuo-hua LIN, Ya-jing SHEN, Wan-feng SHANG, Zheng-zhi WU
Thisÿpaperÿpresents a functional electrical stimulation system to mimic the EMG characterization of patient healthy limb to exercise his/her affected limb. Firstly, the existing problems of functional electrical stimulation system are analyzed. Generally, the existing electrical stimulation systems suffer...
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Age-related Senescence of Rat Bone Marrow-derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells

Xu He, Cao Ma, Chenchen Pi, Yue Yang, Lin Lin, Yingai Shi, Yulin Li
To study whether bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) from aged rat present cell senescence. In the present study, cell morphology were observed, and cell proliferation and cell cycle were analyzed. The natural senescence of MSCs from aged rat was testified by investigation of SA- -gal activity,...
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Adoption Study of Cropping Calendar Information System (CCIS) at the Sub-District Level in Indonesia

Astrina Yulianti, Yovita Anggita Dewi
Many efforts have been released to face the impacts of climate change. The Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture has launched cropping calendar information system (CCIS), one of the efforts to enhance adaption on climate change. The study was conducted using samples from 34 provinces to assess the implementation...
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Visualizing the Development of Tissue Engineered Bone Constructs with a Low Field Benchtop MRI

Huihui XU
This paper presents the possibility of utilizing a low field benchtop magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to visualize the development of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) based tissue engineered (TE) bone constructs over a four-week period. All MRI measurements were conducted using a 0.5T MRI tomography system....
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The Analysis of Pork Content in Processed Beef Meatballs at Ketahun, North Bengkulu District Using Genetic Marker Mitochondrial DNA Cytochrome b

Sipriyadi, Hasriany Vellarenza, Choirul Muslim
This research aims to analyze the content of pork in the sold meatballs in the North Bengkulu district. The study was conducted in December 2019-May 2020. Meatball samples were taken from 12 meatball merchant stalls in Ketahun, North Bengkulu district. DNA genome samples were isolated from the meatball...
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Quality of Organic Fertilizer Due to Material Combination with Bio-activator

Allaily Allaily, Muhammad Aman Yaman, Zarra Putri Aprilia, Nur Santy Asminaya, Zulfan Zulfan
Litters or pine cage mats are very good at absorbing water and odours from broiler chicken manure. Pine-based litter takes a long time to decompose. Therefore, this study was conducted to find out how the waste was processed into compost using a combination of materials and levels of EM-4 bioactivator....
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Effects of Brown Seaweed Extract Nanoparticles on Liver Enzymes of Broiler Chickens

Faizal Andri, Nanung Danar Dono, Heru Sasongko, Zuprizal Zuprizal
This study investigated the effects of brown seaweed extract nanoparticles on liver enzymes of broiler chickens. The drinking water of broiler chickens were treated with no additive (negative control), zinc bacitracin (0.25 g/L; positive control), brown seaweed extracts (2.50 or 5.00 g/L), or brown seaweed...
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Nutritional Control of Bell Peppers Growth with a Hydroponic System Using the Singh's Fuzzy Time Series Method

A. I. Harsapranata, E. Sediyono, H. D. Purnomo
Research into Hydroponic technology is currently very interesting, especially with the increasingly narrow land area that can be utilized in agriculture. Hydroponic technology helps in the development of cultivated plants with limited land, even with limited sunlight. In this study, the authors conducted...
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Prospective Purification and Assay of Thrombolytic Protease from Bacillus sp. HSFI-10 Isolated from Sand Sea Cucumber for Antithrombotic Agent Development

Bio Putri Ayanti, Stalis Norma Ethica, Ayu Rahmawati Sulisytaningtyas, Sri Sinto Dewi, Dewi Seswita Zilda
Thrombosis is a cardiovascular disorder due to the formation of a blood clot (thrombus), which can cause a blockage in a blood vessel. Such abnormality is responsible for more than millions of deaths per year in the world. In addition to cardiovascular disease, thrombosis can also occur in patients with...
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Effect of Types of Local Organic Matter on Vertisol Soil on Growth and Yield of Three True Shallot Seed Varieties

Rajiman Rajiman, Sari Megawati, Ananti Yekti, Arif Anshori
The success of shallot cultivation in vertisol soil is influenced by the use of seeds and the application of organic matter. This aim of this study aims to determine was to the effect of local organic matter on vertisol soil on the growth and yield of three true shallot seed (TSS) varieties. The research...
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Design of a Simple and Low-cost Fluorescence-based Chlorophyll Meter

Aulia Nasution, Detak Y Pratama, Iwan C Setiadi, Mochamad RD Pranata, Sefi N Patrialova, Farisi Fahri
Accurate, non-destructive prediction of chlorophyll content in leaves is crucial to guaranteeing an optimum plant’s growth and productivity. This is due to the fact that chlorophyll is an important photosynthetic pigment for plants, determining photosynthetic capacity and hence plant growth. In this...
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EACHL Effect on esophageal carcinoma cells and the interaction with bovine serum albumin

Fuchun SI, Wenbin WANG
EACHL was extracted from the Chinese honey locust. MTT assay was used to test the cytotoxicity of the extracts on esophageal carcinoma cells. The result of MTT assay showed the Ic50 values of Eca109 and TE1 are 11.53, 32.07 g-ml-1, respectively. The interaction of EACHL with bovine serum albumin (BSA)...
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Spodosols of East Kalimantan

Land Cover Disturbances Induced Degradation of Soil Properties

Wahjuni Hartati, Jauhar Arifin, Triyono Sudarmadji, Syahrinudin, Daddy Ruhiyat
Spodosols are mineral soils derived from sandy to loamy sand parent materials developed under humid or wetter climate condition. Soils are coarse in texture, the acid in reaction and low in water and nutrient retention. In addition, these soils are characterized by a spodic horizon associated with the...
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Enhanced Milk-Clotting Enzyme Production of Mucor Miehei Mutated by UV and LiCl

Weibing Zhang, Zhongming Zhang, Tuo Yao
Milk clotting enzyme is an important enzyme in cheese industry, to obtain an industrial strain with high milk-clotting enzyme activity, Mucor miehei was used as the origin strain and mutagenized by Ultraviolet (UV) and UV combining lithium chloride(LiCl), respectively. The result shows that lower concentrations...
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Miniaturized System with a Facile Isothermal Amplification Microfluidic Chip for Rapid Detection of Zika Viruses

Xing CHEN, Lu-lu ZHANG, Da-fu CUI, Hong YIN
A real-time fluorescence detection biomedical miniaturized system with a disposable microfluidic chip was developed for loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) reactions. The miniaturized system was developed consisting of a mini heating plate, a temperature sensor, a temperature controller and...
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The Effective Adsorption of Phosphate and Nitrate Using Spent Coffee Ground Loaded Iron and the Effect for Plant Growth

Aisyah Humayro, Hiroyuki Harada, Kanako Naito, Atsushi Hashimoto
The aim of this study is to determine the effectiveness of phosphate and nitrate adsorption through several parameters, such as different initial concentrations, kinetic behaviour, the effect of pH, and ratio liquid solid. Fe-SCG showed the adsorption capacity values were 35.82 mg/g for phosphate and...
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The Relation of IGF-1 Genotype with Weight in Etawah Grade Goats at Polewali Mandar Regency

Surya, Andi Yulyani Fadwiwati, Muhammad Ihsan Andi Dagong
A study was conducted to the relation of IGF-1 genotype with weight in Etawah Grade goats at Polewali Mandar Regency. The object of this research used 22 Etawah Grade goats that had been weighed and their blood was taken for DNA and PCR-RFLP extraction to determine the diversity of the IGF-1 genotype....
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Perception and Behavior Pest and Disease Control of Granola Potato in Paguyangan Sub-district, Brebes Regency, Central Java, Indonesia

Siti Mudmainah, Khusnul Khotimah
Potato price tends to fluctuate, and the cost of production is quite high, causing the interest of farmers in growing potatoes to decline. Picture of the level of knowledge of farmers in the control of pests and diseases in potato crops, the perception of farmers in the control of potato pests and plant...
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Determination of Salinity Tolerance on Cayenne Genotypes Based on Leaf Damage Symptoms

Rustikawati, Mimi Sutrawati, Wuri Prameswari, Catur Herison, Yoga Suprimansyah
Capsicum sp. Has been reported as a salt-sensitive crop. Therefore, using salt-tolerant varieties will be a wise solution for maintaining crop production in coastal areas. Source of saline-tolerance controlling genes are needed to develop saline-tolerant genotypes. The objective of this study was to...
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The Effect of Wind Speed on the Power Generated in a Wind Power Plant Prototype

Muslimin, Nur Rani Alham, Muhammad Sugianto, Andika, Restu Mukti Utomo, Wisnu Chandra Margono
Bayu or known as wind is one of several renewable energy sources that have the potential to produce electrical energy. Wind conditions that are not the same between places affect the energy produced. This wind condition is closely related to wind speed, so an experiment is needed to determine the effect...
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The effective part of Dioscorea nipponica Makino on esophageal carcinoma cells and the interaction with human serum albumin

Fuchun SI, Wenbin WANG
The effective part (BESDM) was extracted from the DioscoreaÿnipponicaÿMakino. Cytotoxicity of the BESDM on Ec9706, Eca109 and TE1 cells tested by MTT assay. The result showed the Ic50 values of Ec9706, Eca109 and TE1 are 7.87ñ0.08, 3.76ñ0.04 and 13.53ñ0.06 gúml-1, respectively. Fluorescence was used...
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The Effects of Compost Sources and Dosage on the Growth and Yield of Edamame Soybean (Glycine Max (L.) Merr) in Ultisol

Mentari Rizki Andriani, Hesti Pujiwati, Nanik Setyowati
Use of marginal land use, such as Ultisol is an alternative for the extensification of soybean production. The problem of Ultisol is the low organic matter content, so fertilization is required using organic fertilizer such as compost. This study was designed to determine the effect of the compost source...
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Physical Quality Test of Ice Cream Sweetened Using Honey

Nur Santy Asminaya, Widhi Kurniawan, Apriansyah Apriansyah, Asma Bio Kimestri
Ice cream is usually made using sugar (sucrose) as a sweetener, but the use of too much sugar in food can cause obesity and increase blood sugar so it is not good for diabetics. This study aims to determine the effect of adding honey with different levels on the sensory test of ice cream. This research...
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Production Performance of the Broiler Under Open, Semi-closed, and Closed House Systems During Rainy Season

A. A. Hamiyanti, V. M. A. Nurgiartiningsih, M. Muharlien, S. Suyadi
House is a fundamental pillar that directly affects the success of poultry farms. There are three house systems, namely open, semi-, and closed house systems. Objective of the study was to analyze the performance of the broilers, which are raised in open, semi-closed, and closed houses. The study was...
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Melting and Textural Characteristics of Dark Chocolate Formulated with Carrageenan-based Hydrogel Sweetened with Sucrose

Ika Nur Safitri Kusumawardani, Arifin Dwi Saputro, Meutia Cahya Kusuma, Mira Aprilia Nur Fadilah, Arima Diah Setiowati, Sri Rahayoe
Chocolate has some unique characteristics that solid at room temperature, brittle when broken and completely melts at body temperature. In the tropics, a specific approach in formulating chocolate is needed due to its high average temperature. This research aimed to develop formulation of heat-resistant...
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Selection of Potential Probiotic Strains Isolated from Human Intestinal Tract and Traditional Ferment Milk

Chaohui Xue, Chun Yue, Xueguo Liu, Le Yuan
Diarrhea is the main reason of human deaths in developing countries, which also cause world-wide infant mortality. Diarrhoea occurs world-wide and causes 4% of all deaths and 5% of health loss to disability. It is most commonly caused by gastrointestinal infections which kill around 1.5 million people...
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The Development Status and Suggestions of Chinese Biological Medicine

Jin-guo WANG, Na WANG
Biological medicine is listed on the country's important development strategy planning in the United States, the European Union, Japan and other major developed countries and some developing countries. Through analysis of Chinese current situation of the development of biological medicine and compared...
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Patterns of Iron Stain on Gelam Wood (Melaleuca cajuputi Powell)

Windy Agustiana Hayati, Erwin, Nani Husien, Sri Wahyuni, Isna Yuniar Wardhani, Agus Sulistyo Budi
Gelam wood is a tough wood that is often used to support building structures; usually, it was nailed to merge it each other which the nailing causes injury to the wood. The purpose of this research is to determine the patterns of distribution of iron stain in gelam wood. The wood’s observation macroscopical...
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Design of Artificial Light for Nursery Chamber of Zoysia Matrella

G. M. Aji, S. W. Utami, A. F. Pratiwi
Zoysia matrella has a prolonged growth rate in its cultivation, including in the nursery phase, caused by environmental conditions, such as lack of light. Therefore, in this study, an automatic Zoysia matrella nursery chamber was designed with an artificial light control system that can adapt to ambient...
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The UV-VIS Spectrum Analysis From Silver Nanoparticles Synthesized Using Diospyros maritima Blume. Leaves Extract

Tiara Egga Agustina, Windri Handayani, Cuk Imawan
Research on the biological synthesis of silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) using plant extracts as reducing agents is growing rapidly because they are eco-friendly and cost-effective. Diospyros maritima Blume. is one of the plant species that had potential in the biosynthesis of AgNPs. In this study, biosynthesis...
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Evaluation of Biocontrol Agents Against Bacterial Wilt in Tomato Using Seedling Screening

Lourena Arone Maxwell, Hung-Chia Chang, Jaw-Rong Chen, Lawrence Kenyon, Srinivasan Ramasamy
Tomato is among the most cultivated vegetable crops worldwide, and bacterial wilt (BW) caused by the Ralstonia solanacearum species complex (RSSC) is the most devastating disease affecting tomato, impacting food and nutrition security in many areas. Pesticides used for controlling plant diseases are...
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Financial Feasibility of an Integrated Business Pattern for Laying Hens and Hybrid Corn on a Small Scale Business South Konawe Regency

Musram Abadi, La Ode Nafiu, La Ode Arsad Sani, Hairil Hadini, La Ode Muh. Munadi, La Ode Kasno Arief
This study aims to analyze the financial feasibility of an integrated business pattern for laying hens and hybrid corn on a smallscale business in South Konawe Regency. The research variables are (a) investment costs; (b) fixed costs; (c) variable costs; (d) acceptance; and (e) income. The research data...
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Functional and Species Diversity of Butterflies in Relationship to Vegetation Cover of Kiarapayung Biodiversity Park, West Java, Indonesia

W. Asfiya, R. P. Narakusumo, A. Winara, D. Dwibadra, Darmawan, Sarino, Y. Budiasih, A. Ruswandi, D. A. Samsudin, D. Peggie, A. D. Sutadian, H. Gunawan
Anthropogenic disturbances due to increasing industrialization, human population, and urbanization are reducing biodiversity worldwide. Over the past decades, Indonesia has invested significant effort in reforestation to compensate for the loss of forest resources, such as through Biodiversity Park (Taman...
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Development of Type Drum Kiln to Make Charcoal and Wood Vinegar for The Utilization of Coconut Shell Waste

Yazid Ismi Intara, Budiyanto, Zulbahrum Caniago, Revando Aldo
Many coastal communities have not yet developed the potential for processing coconut shell waste and wood cutting industry waste. Making appropriate technology that can provide solutions to problem-solving while utilizing the local potential of the region is a breakthrough that can build the people’s...
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A Literature Review on the Potential of the Biodiversity of Thrombolytic Protease-Producing Bacteria Isolated from Brown Seaweeds Chnoospora sp.

Nurhilaliyah Nurhilaliyah, Stalis Norma Ethica, Wikanastri Hersoelistyorini, Aditya Rahman Ernanto, Wijanarka Wijanarka
Bacterial proteases with antithrombotic activities can be used to treat cardiovascular disease (CVD), one of the leading causes of death in the world. Indonesia is known for its high marine biodiversity, including its brown seaweed varieties and their symbiotic bacteria. The high biodiversity of proteolytic...
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The Effects of F/M Ratio on in Treatment of Wastewater from Brewery Slurry by an Anaerobic Sequencing Batch Reactor

Hiroyuki Harada, Endar Hidayat
In this study, the influence of F/M (total organic carbon (TOC)/mixed liquor suspended solids (MLSS)/day) ratio in the anaerobic batch treatment method was performed on the distillation effluent of barley shochu. The operation was to add 0.7 L seed sludge, supply 0.2 L of waste liquid every day and react...
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The Protection of the Patients' Privacy in Anesthesiology Clinic

Na WANG, Jin-guo WANG
Patients will fall asleep under anesthesiology in most cases, so they will lose their consciousness to protect themselves. Therefore, the anesthetists carry on more duties to protect the patients' privacy.
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Herb Inventory in the Forest Education of Forestry Faculty Mulawarman University

Yasfini Harum Mercury, Sutedjo, Rita Diana
An herbaceous plant is a plant group with a short, small plant and has a wet trunk because many contain water and have no wood. This research aims to inventory herbaceous plant species in three different locations and provide information uses of botanicals herbs. The results showed that the slopes area...
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The Evaluation of Pheromone Traps Glue Formula for Monitoring of Spodoptera exigua Hubner (Lepidoptera Noctuidae) in Shallot Fields

Rafika Yuniwati, Wawan, Yusup, Riri Sundari, Hery Widyanto, I Made Samudra, Koswanudin, Yadi Suyadi, Vani Nur Oktaviany Subagio, Ikhsan Guswenrivo
Spodoptera exigua is considered as one of the most important pests in shallot plant. The objective of the research was to evaluate activity of synthetic pheromone which diluted in glue (glue formulation) for monitoring the Spodoptera exigua moth populations. This research was conducted from November...
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Different Levels of 1-Methylcylopropene to Keep the Quality of Pineapple

Fitri Lestari, M. Arif Syakban, Sri Rahayoe, Bayu Nugraha
Pineapple is one of Indonesia′s leading tropical fruits distributed in both domestic and international markets. High demand for pineapple leads to the development of pineapple preservation in Indonesia. However, postharvest handling constraints that have not been optimally hampered restrict the development...
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Selection of Potential Plants as Phytoremediation for Heavy Metals in Estuarine Ecosystem: A Systematic Review

Alfin Fatwa M. Afifudin, Rony Irawanto, Neny Purwitasari
The estuary area is a semi-enclosed water body area that borders the sea but still connected to fresh water from rivers. As an area that connects between sea and rivers, the estuary is an area that threatened by human activities, including water pollution of heavy metals. Therefore, it is necessary to...
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The Estrus Character of Successful Artificial Insemination in Holstein Friesian Crossbred Cow

Amir Firdaus, Aulia Puspita Anugra Yekti, Achadiah Rachmawati, Nurul Isnaini, Trinil Susilawati
Artificial insemination in dairy cows is for improving genetic quality and replacement so that high pregnancy success is needed. This research was conducted on a smallholder farm in the Pujon sub-district, Malang Regency, Indonesia. The materials used were 100 cows, 100 in AI using a single dose of BCS...
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DNA-based Method for Identification of Species Origin of Honey and Edible Bird's Nest

Nyukling Chin, Siokpeng Kek, Meeichien Quek
Food traceability is increasingly important and identification of food source and its origin will give both consumers and industry players a better sense of security. The species origins of honey and edible bird's nest were identified using DNA-based method through procedures of DNA extraction, polymerase...
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Astaxanthin in Disease Prevention and Treatment

Astaxanthin is a carotenoid with strong antioxidant activity. The function of astaxanthin has been associated with a number of health-promoting benefits. This paper discusses the beneficial effects of astaxanthinin the prevention and treatment of human diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer,...
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The Potency of Ageratum Conyzoides as Biopesticide

Yuliani, Yuni Sri Rahayu
Ageratum conyzoides, which contains various secondary metabolites such as alkaloids, flavonoids, phenols, hydroquinone, tannins, and essential oils, can be used as herbicide or insecticide. The purposes of this study were to describe the effect of methanol extract of A. conyzoides leaves on mortality...
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Induction of Polyploidy Using Colchicine in Flower Buds from Phalaenopsis Hybrids

Sri Hartati, Samanhudi, Ongko Cahyono, Agung Wibowo, Hasna Afanin
Phalaenopsis hybrid is one of the orchids that is in great demand in the horticultural market as cut and potted flowers. One of the attempt to obtain new variation flower characters in Phalaenopsis hybrids is polyploidization using colchicine. The purpose of this study was to determine the cytological...
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Yield and Quality of Two Varieties of Winged Bean (Psophocarpus tetragonolobus L.) with Different Harvest Ages of Young Pods

Destia Susanti S., Maya Melati, Ani Kurniawati
Winged bean is a tropical vegetable crop that has the potential to be developed as legumes. The age of harvest can determine the quality of the young pod of winged bean. This study aims to determine the yield and quality of two varieties of winged bean pods with different harvest ages. The experiment...
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The Identification of Microplastics in Karang Mumus and Karang Asam Kecil River Estuary, Samarinda

Searphin Nugroho, Dwi Ermawati Rahayu, Yarinse Seleng, Ika Meicahayanti, Ibrahim
Bacterial growth media is necessary for bacterial culture in laboratory. Bacterial growth media is sold commercially, but its distribution has not yet reached all regions. Local raw materials that have potential to fertilize the growth of microorganisms are jicama (Pachyrhizus erosus L.) and tofu. Jicama...
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Animal Welfare during Eid al-Adha

How Pesantren and City Mosques Treat the Sacrificed Animal

Lis Safitri, Mochamad Socheh, Wahyudin Wahyudin, Afduha Nurus Syamsi, Krismiwati Muatip
This study compared the Islamic-animal welfare of sacrificial animals slaughtered in the pesantren and the city mosques in Banyumas Regency during Eid al-Adha 1442 H. There were five aspects of animal welfare has been observed: transportation, shelter aspects, preparation, slaughtering, and post-slaughter...
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Development of Medicinal Plant CultureThrough Empowerment of Entrepreneur

D. Mulyono, D. Pinardi, A. Jufri
The objectives of the assessment is to increase the development of more widespread cultivation of medicinal plant and empowering the economic comunity. The assessment is an analytical descriptive with information and primary data was gathered through various methods such as audience with key informant...
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The Role of PDGF Gene in Tissue Regeneration of Digit Tip Mice (Mus musculus)

Titta Novianti, Tazkia Ayu Safitri, Febriana Dwi Wahyuni, It Jamilah, Syafruddin Ilyas
Some genes play a role in the tissue regeneration process and they have specific functions. One of them is the platelet-derived growth factors (PDGF) gene that have a role in the wound healing process because it induces cell mitosis and thereby causes cell proliferation. PDGF protein expression is thought...
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Drought Analysis Using Standardized Precipitation Index (SPI) Based on Representative Concentration Pathways (RCPs) in Bantul and Gunung Kidul Regencies, DI Yogyakarta

Abi Wijaya Angga Prahatma, Wini Prayogi Abdila, Bayu Dwi Apri Nugroho
One of the natural disasters that is increasing in frequency due to the phenomenon of climate change and very detrimental to agriculture is drought. Future drought events need to be known so that adaptation and mitigation can be carried to avoid large losses. The purpose of this study is to determine...
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Heat Transfer Analysis in the Drying Process of Sorghum Rice Instant

Arina Fatharani, Devi Yuni Susanti, Joko Nugroho WK
As a commodity with high adaptability to climate change, sorghum has high potency in food sustainability. Sorghum grain can be diversified to be various kinds of food products including rice sorghum instant. The heat transfer process during the drying of sorghum rice instant is an interesting factor...
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Effects of Ozone Stress on Secondary Metabolism and Antioxidant Capacity in Soybean Roots

Tianhong Zhao, Wei Wang, Rongrong Tian, Yan Wang
In this paper, to examine the effects of elevated ozone on secondary metabolism and antioxidant capacity in soybean roots, as well as reactive oxygen species and antioxidant enzymes activity. Soybean grown in open top chambers (OTCs) were exposed to ambient air ([O3]=40nmol•mol-1) and elevated ozone...
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Potential of Dendrobium spp. Secondary Metabolites as Medicinal Source for SARS-CoV-2

Muhamad Rafli, Tri Rohmiati, Anggiresti Kinasih, Alim El Hakim, Endang Semiarti
Coronaviruses have long been a severe issue due to their capacity to mutate and infect the respiratory tract. Dendrobium orchids are the most diverse orchid species in Indonesia. Polysaccharides, bibenzyl, phenanthrene, coumarin, sesquiterpenoids, alkaloids, and steroids were among the phytochemical...
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Effect of Honey Extender for Spermatozoa Dilution on Fertility and hatchability of Javaen Barb Fish (Systomus orphoides)

Sri Hilia, Abinawanto, Astari Dwiranti, Anom Bowolaksono, Fadhillah, Retno Lestari, Anang Kritanto
Javaen barb fish (Systomus orphoides) population was declined due to overfishing and environmental changes. Cultivation efforts have been made, but the high sperm concentration causes a decrease in fertility. Honey extender is used to dilute sperm, maintain buffer balance, and provide nutrition for sperm....
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Network Pharmacology of JinChaiKangBingDu Capsule Against Influenza A (H1N1) Virus Infection

Zhi-de CHENG, Xiao-jing WANG, Peng DENG, Jing ZHAO, Gao CHEN
Pharmacological mechanisms of Chinese herbal prescription are complicate since it contains heterogeneous components. These mechanisms are hardly understood by traditional methodology in the mass. Here we use network pharmacology approaches to explore mechanisms of JinChaiKangBingDu Capsule (JCKBD) against...
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Characterization of Rubber Shell Liquid Smoke at Various Pyrolysis Temperatures and the Application to Latex Coagulant

Yuni Adiningsih, Fauziati, Ageng Priatni, Haspiadi
Rubber commodities in East Kalimantan have a significant growth area. From 2008 to 2017, the rubber plantation area’s growth averaged 3.79%, with rubber production growth up to 4.88% per year. In addition to producing rubber latex, which is the main product of rubber trees, it also produced many rubber...
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The Effect of Giving Turmeric Flour (Curcuma domestica) on Performance and Relative Weight of Lymphoid Organs of Super Native Chicken

Adyatma Muhammad Nur, Sri Purwanti, Djoni Prawira Rahardja, Dewi Mutisari
The purpose of this study is to investigate the impact of turmeric powder (Curcuma domestica), a dietary supplement, on the function and relative weight of lymphoid organs, a marker of immunological status in super native chickens. 100 super native chickens in total were employed in the trial, which...
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Marketing Analysis of Cattle at Pagak Market

Ari Brihandhono, Waluyo Edi Susanto, Tentrem Prahmono
This study was designed to determine marketing channels, marketing margin, farmer share, and marketing efficiency levels of cattle marketing at the Pagak market, Malang district. The sample population is as many as 20 traders. This study uses a survey method. The results showed that there are 3 distribution...