Proceedings of the 4th Annual International Conference on Social Science and Contemporary Humanity Development (SSCHD 2018)

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Analysis of the Stereotype Formation Mechanism of Square Dance Damas in the We Media Era

Xun ZHAN, Yuan-Yi MA, Li-Ping LIU
In the era of We Media, Square Dance Damas have been always constantly recognized as a negative image in many media reports. How is this negative stereotype Square Dance Damas constructed? This study, taking Square Dance Damas violently occupying the basketball court news as an example, combined with...
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The Mediating Role of Self-differentiation in the Relationship between College Students' Cell Phone Dependence and Family Function

Lu-Ying NIU
Purposes To explore the relationship between college students' family function, self-differentiation and mobile phone dependence. Methods Using convenient sampling, 430 undergraduates were selected from a college in Wuhan City. Questionnaires using Mobile Phone Dependency Index (MPAI), Family Function...
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The Influence Analysis on the Elements of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Culture Environment in the Universities——Based on the Quantile Regression Results about Entropy

Sheng-Juan HAN, Jing-Ping ZHU
Through the decomposition of the elements of innovation and entrepreneurship culture environment in universities, measurement tables are formed. Based on the survey data, the entropy value is used to comprehensively measure the innovation and entrepreneurship culture environment of universities. It is...
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How to be a Party Branch Secretary Based on The Background of the New Era

Yun HAN, Jin DU, Yu SHI, Hong-Ying SUN, Hua LIU
This article elaborates on the ability and quality of a party branch secretary from four aspects, and analyzed the duties and tasks of the party branch secretary. Through continuous study, improve their overall quality, manage and drive the members of the branch, do a good job in the construction of...
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To Explore the Changes in Dress System Affected by Imperial Politics Thinking during Sui and Tang Dynasties

Hong XIE, Lan-Lan YAN
The ancient Chinese dress system was a visual product of political thought at every stage of Chinese history. Under the influence of syncretism of three religions, the political thought changed significantly, and the dress rules were changed accordingly. This article started with ideology and politics...
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The Relationship between Judicial Trial and Network Public Opinion

Independent Trial and Public Opinion Supervision as two important factors driving China's construction have always existed in the development process. The judicial trial pursues justice and independence. The judges also strive to follow the logic of the law on the results of the trial and make judgments...
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Effectiveness Analysis of Earthquake Emergency Plan Implementation in College and University

Yue-Qiao YANG
Earthquake emergency plan(EEP) is one of effective approach to overall strengthen the ability to earthquake disasters reduction. Colleges and universities (C&U) where locate in Beijing region are one of the main body of earthquake preparedness and disaster reduction work. The paper designed to questionnaire...
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Overview of Research on Enterprise Subculture

Xiao-Meng WEI, Run-De LU
On the basis of summarizing the research on enterprise subculture by domestic and foreign scholars, the research fields of its research results are defined, constituted, classified and formed. In accordance with the order of overseas and domestic and time evolution, this paper reviews the research status...
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Collaborative Governance Mechanism for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage in the Internet Age

Cheng YANG
The popularization and application of large data has further aggravated the differences between the modern social environment and the original environment of intangible cultural heritage. With digitization and informatization gradually evolving from the technical measures for the safeguarding of intangible...
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Reasonable Regulation on Identifiability of Online Video Implantable Advertising

Li-Han LIU
Due to its low identifiability, online video implantable advertising affects the consumer’s right to know, especially the implicit implantable advertising. To better protect the consumer’s right to know, online video implantable advertising needs to be identified and its identifiability needs to be reasonably...
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A Visual Analysis of the “11.13” Terrorist Attacks in Paris Based on UCINET

Qi-Wu WU
As a tool of quantitative analysis, Social Networks Analysis (SNA) has attracted more and more attention and favor. Among them, the network visualization analysis tool UCINET has powerful data visualization and data dynamic analysis functions. By analyzing the relationship between the analysis points...
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A File Storage System of Drug Addicts Control based on Block Chain

Jian-Ying XIONG
The public security departments, government agencies and community departments in China should carry out daily supervision and assistance to drug addicts listed in the control. But the responsibility distinction is not clear in the actual work. So it brings low control efficiency, resulting in the lack...
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Service Reliability Diagnosis of Tourism Supply Chain

Zhen FENG, Tian-li SHEN, Jing QIAN
In order to promote the service level of tourism supply chain, the fault tree of tourism supply chain was compiled to diagnose the service reliability, which is based on questionnaire. Via giving the calculation methods of top event risk probability and bottom events risk equivalent and taking Pingyao...
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Research on Innovative Design of “Intangible Cultural Heritage” Bamboo Products

Ying-Ying XIAO, Juan CHEN
Based on the in-depth research on the innovative design of China's “intangible cultural heritage” bamboo products (mainly in Hubei), the cultural connotations of national tradition embodied in bamboo art is excavated from perspectives of decoration theme, modeling, texture, material selection and processing;...
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Application of Folk Art in the Nationalized Original Furniture Design

This paper researched the value, significance and ways to achieve innovation of modern furniture, by studying folk art applied to the nationalized original furniture design. First of all, this paper analyzed the three ways for the development of nationalized furniture. Then, it studied the significance...
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Exploring the Countermeasures for the Governance of Urban Mobile Traders in China

Xiao HAN, Yi-Wen LIANG, Xiu-Min JIANG
With the gradual acceleration of urbanization in China, there is a contradiction between the “face” of the city and the “abdomen” of mobile merchants. Urban mobile traders have become a major problem in urban governance. In order to better break through the bottleneck of urban mobile trader governance...
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Public Governance of Shared Bicycles

Yu-Shi GONG, Shu-Ning WANG, Xiu-Min JIANG
With the improvement of economic development and the rapid development of Internet technology, the sharing economy has gradually become a part of people's lives. Under the prevailing development of the Internet and the concept of low-carbon travel and green travel, shared bicycles were popular overnight,...
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Research on Sino-Indian Co-production Strategy Based on Cultural Diversity

Rui YANG, Hong-Yan GAO
China and India are both big countries in population and film industry. Film and Television Cooperation between the two countries can promote economic and cultural development in a better direction. However, the Film and Television Cooperation between the two countries has just started and only a few...
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Study on the Influential Factors of the Social Platforms Users Loyalty: The Flow Theory Perspective——Take Mobile Short Video Software as an Example

Yu-Ting XU, Ying-Si ZHAO
In the rapidly developing self-media era, mobile short video social applications have become a brand-new form of social entertainment, which have aroused widespread concern. In order to promote these applications and increase user usage, this paper, on the basis of flow theory, took users of it as the...
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Research on the Policy Support Mechanism for Constructing Russia Border Free Trade Zone

Hong-Xia RONG
Cooperation between China and Russia in border area is crucial. The two governments should establish a border free trade zone at an early date. Relevant policies must be adjusted for build the Russia border free trade zone, and the support of fiscal and taxation policies is particularly important. Considering...
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Research on the Construction Path of Shaanxi Characteristic Town under the Background of Rural Revitalization Strategy

Feng-Xiang JIANG
The characteristic towns have become a social hot spot since the government proposed to build 1000 special towns within three years in 2016. Xi Jinping, General Secretary put forward the new development concept of rural revitalization strategy in 19th CPC National Congress report. How can the characteristic...
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How to Satisfy Post-90s Consumers? An Empirical Study on Influencing Factors of Post-90s Consumers' Online Shopping Satisfactory

Zi-Hui SONG, Wen-Bing WU, Hui DENG
Based on the characteristics and related research of the post-90s, this paper finds out the factors affecting the satisfaction of online shopping of after 90s. Through the questionnaire survey of 285 post-90s online shopping consumers in Shanxi Province, the factors affecting the satisfaction of online...
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An Analysis on Tourist Behavior in Ecotourism Area: A Case of Shenyang Bird Island, China

Xiao-Ping GU, Peng-Fei WANG
Analysis and study on the characteristics of tourist behavior is very significant for tourism managers to make decision and carry out sustainable tourism as well as government authorities. As the only bird-watching center with natural ecological characteristics, Bird Island, located in Shenyang City,...
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Improvement and Innovation of the Government Spokesperson System Based on Use and Satisfaction Theory——Taking the "Changchun Changsheng Vaccine Event" as an Example

Xiao HU, Xue-Yan CAO, Pei-Han LIU
Based on the theoretical perspective of use and satisfaction, this paper takes the “Changchun Changsheng Vaccine Event” as an example to analyze the preferences and habits of the audience towards the information choosing over the Internet in the current social emergencies, and, on the basis, put forward...
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Thoughts on "Tourism+" in Jilin Province

The proposal of “tourism +” is to achieve the growth of tourism supply through the integration of related industries and tourism consumption. “Tourism +” can promote the development of new tourism format, solve the bottleneck problem of tourism development, better meet tourism needs, promote industrial...
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Analysis on the Influencing Factors of Construction Employee Well-being: Based on the Survey of the China State Construction

Li-Zhang ZHANG, Bing XU, Qiang-Guo ZHENG
Employee well-being has an important impact on improving working enthusiasm and enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises. This paper investigates about 70000 employees in the China State Construction (CSCEC), which is one of the largest construction groups in the world, to explore the influencing...
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Analysis on Multi-elements Constitution of Social Governance System in Western Ethnic Regions ----The Investigation and Analysis Based on Buyi and Miao Country in Gao Villiage, Kaiyang County

Bo-Wen ZHANG, Jin-Ru MAO
In the face of constant increasing process of new type of urbanization and industrialization, more diverse and open social transition, the past sole government administrative control mode in western ethnic areas has been in a dilemma. Transforming government function, realizing the fundamental transformation...
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Study on QFD Method in the Selection of Engineering Material Suppliers

Zhen FENG, Yue JIN, Cheng WANG
In order to reduce the emotional factors in the selection of engineering material suppliers, QFD is applied to propose the quantitative method of selection of engineering material suppliers, and transform requirements of engineering materials into engineering and service characteristics that can be measured...
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Reflections on the Work of Students' Grassroots Party Building in the New Era Background

Yun HAN, Jin DU, Yu SHI, Xiao-Pan FAN, Yi-Ming LI, Hua LIU
The grassroots party organization in colleges and universities is to implement the strategy research, management of frontline combat fortress, to promote scientific development, promote the harmonious campus construction. As the research object, under the big Angle of view in the new period, through...
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Reform of Laboratory Construction and Experimental Teaching Model in Private Institutions of Higher Learning

Ya-Song LIU, Jie GAO, Jing-Guang WEI
As an emerging private institution of higher learning, we consider building a high ended laboratory in which resources can be all well distributed and effectively shared as the primary principle of our laboratory construction in the long term. With this laboratory, we are enabled to create a brand new...
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New Research on the Problems of College English Writing and Its Strategies

Ting-Xiang ZHOU
With the reform and development of higher education, in order to comply with the development trend of the new era of internationalization and informatization, improving college students’ English writing ability has increasingly become the focus and difficulty to be solved by both teachers and students....
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Analysis of the Mode of Higher Vocational Education for the Disabled-Take the Mode Selection in Sichuan Province as an Example

The development of higher vocational education for the disabled has become an important means to promote the comprehensive development of the disabled in the new situation, but educational resources, funding and management system can’t meet the current development needs. Sichuan Province actively innovates...
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Survey on College Students' Reading in the Era of Internet Plus and Improvement Measures—One Beijing College as an Example

In the era of Internet Plus when Internet and new media industry develops rapidly, people’s ways of reading are more and more diversified, developing from traditional reading to digital reading. Medium of reading is transforming from paper to paperless media. Correspondingly, reading is showing the trend...
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Research Overview on the Second Foreign Language Courses under the Perspective of the Postgraduates’ Education in Engineering Universities

Firstly, the author reviews the present situation of the opening of the second foreign language courses under the perspective of the graduate student training in in engineering colleges and universities. This article makes investigation, analysis and induction on the present situation of the second foreign...
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A Practical Study of Corporate Finance Teaching Based on Blended Learning

Ai-Li DU, Lei WANG
Blended learning combines the advantages of traditional classroom and online learning, and becomes the preferred teaching model at present. Combined with the exploration of the mixed teaching model of corporate finance courses in recent years, from the teaching design, teaching implementation and teaching...
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Study for Innovative Contents of Accounting Professional Education in Circular Economy

En-Zhu LI, Gang LI, Guan-Nan LI
With the help of theoretical analysis, this paper systematically discusses the limitations of accounting professional education for various accountants in the current situation of circular economy and the reasons for its formation. Combined with the characteristics of accounting in circular economy,...
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Construction of Three-dimensional Interactive Art Education System in Ordinary Colleges and Universities

Meng-Qing SUN
To clarify the problems existing in art education in ordinary colleges and universities, and to demonstrate a three-dimensional interactive art education system through examples, including: the horizontal combination of art disciplines; the first classroom of art education and the second classroom Longitudinal...
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Cognitive Linguistic Approach to Teaching English Phrasal Verbs: Experimental Evidence on “V+down/up” Constructions

Ying LI
English phrasal verbs are difficult for foreign language learners to learn. Some experiments have been conducted under the Cognitive Linguistic (CL) approach and found that it is more effective than the traditional teaching method. But all of their subjects are not Chinese English learners (CELs). Therefore,...
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A Study on Pigai System-based RTMI Teaching Model of English Writing

Wen-Xia PAN
Based on the theory of constructivism and the process theory of composition, the paper discusses a teaching model of Real-Time and Multi-member Interaction (RTMI) based on Pigai system and an empirical study on the new model was conducted in a vocational college in Southern China. A year’s study shows...
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Bibliometric and Visualized Analysis of the Research on Nüshu in China

Ya-Ping TIAN, Pei-Lin LIU, Yi-Ning XIE, Yi-Meng ZHOU, Hao CHANG, Jing CHEN
Nüshu, also known as “female scripts”, is a unique gender specific literal symbol system in the world, which covers a series of comprehensive local cultural phenomenon with distinct female characteristics. This paper concerns the bibliometric and visualized analysis of the research on Nüshu in China,...
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Fashioning Chinese History and Culture --A Comparison Analysis of Eileen Chang’s “Chinese Life and Fashions” and “Geng Yi Ji” 1943

Lan-Lan YAN, Jing SONG
This paper focuses on two articles by the Shanghai-born writer Eileen Chang. Written in January and December 1943 respectively, “Chinese Life and Fashions” was created for the English language, Shanghai-based magazine The XXth Century, “Geng Yi Ji” was produced for the Chinese Magazine Gu Jin (Past and...
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A Study of the Role of LunYu in College Students' Professional Ethics

Huan-Huan WANG
“Professionalism” is the value criterion of the core values individually, which plays an irreplaceable role in social life. Professionalism is a dual requirement either internal or external, which requires not only the respect to undergraduate themselves and self-affirmation, but also the respect to...
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Research on Construction of Learning Ecosystem of Network University

Guang-Ling GAO, Xiang-Hua PAN, Jie ZHAN, Gui-Hua LIN, Zhi-Ming ZHANG, Shi-Chen JIN
Enterprise network university is a knowledge service institution that can enhance the competitive advantage of enterprises. In the era of knowledge economy, the important task that enterprise universities face is how to realize the transfer, sharing, evolution and proliferation of knowledge, so as to...
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Research on Deep Learning through Micro-video

Jun-Feng ZHANG
In recent years, with the continuous development of education informatization, How to scientifically and reasonably use new media technology to promote students’ deep learning is extensively concerned by the educational technology researchers. This paper discusses the supporting effect of micro-video...
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The Application of Action Research in the Teaching of Extensive Reading

Li-Yao MIAO, Ying ZHAN
Based on the author’s own Action Research conducted in extensive reading class, this paper introduces the plan development, describes the action process and the implementation of the plan, reflects on the effect of the teaching, and discusses the practical significance of Action Research in foreign language...
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Am I mad? : An analysis of “The Mad Girl’s Love Song”

Ying-Yue CUI
This paper focuses on a piece of Plath’s poetry – The Mad Girl’s Love Song – and examines how she depicts her constant shift between a state of conscious and a state of madness. As one of the most significant female authors in American literature, Sylvia Plath has continued to fascinate readers and scholars...
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Procrastination: A Psychological Study on the Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock

Dan-Qiu QIAO, Li-Yao MIAO
The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock is T.S Eliot’s masterwork which reflects his modernism thoughts on the despiritualized world during WWI. Study and analysis of this poem are mainly from the following perspectives: modernism, archetypal criticism and the biblical allusions in the poem. Combined with...
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Research on the Training Mode of Compound Talents in Military Colleges and Universities

Ling-Zhi JIANG
How to focus on the actual needs of talents and comprehensively improve the quality of training for military academies is an urgent problem to be solved. Aiming at the problem that the ability of some graduates in colleges and universities is not suitable for the first job position, the idea of constructing...
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Integration of Music Education and Business Professional Education-Based on a Comparative Analysis between U.S. Colleges and Chinese Colleges

Hui-Min LIU, Bin YU
Music education, as an indispensable part of art education, plays an important role in promoting the overall improvement of students' quality. In USA, the music education has gradually evolved to a mature system. In recent years, many Chinese comprehensive universities and science colleges have opened...
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The Exploration and Practice of the Cooperative Construction Mode of the Party and the Youth League in Colleges and Universities in the New Era

Yan-Ling DONG, Shi TIAN
The cause of mass organizations and youth groups is an important part of the party's cause, strengthening the party committee's organizational lead for the work of mass organizations and youth groups is an important content of strengthening and improving the work of the party's mass organizations and...
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English for Specific Academic Purposes in the Chinese –British Collaborative Context

In recent years, English for Academic Purposes (EAP) has become the main trends in college English teaching in Chinese universities. This paper presents English for Specific Academic Purposes (ESAP) course relating to art design field in a Chinese-British cooperative institute. It then analyzes the teaching...
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Analysis of College Teaching Reform and Innovation Strategy under the Background of MOOC

Xin LIU, Ya-Jing LIU
In the face of the current global “MOOCs rage”, what kind of strategies should domestic universities take to take advantage of the situation? And to deeply understand the connotation of MOOCs, not only to maintain the efficiency of traditional classroom teaching in Chinese universities and to ensure...
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The Modern Urban Ethics Constructed in the Left-wing Urban Novels

Yuan-Yuan ZHANG
Left-wing urban novels emerged in the late 1920s in Shanghai, which presented the new modern urban ethics, including the proletarian political ethics, the critical-based life ethics and the body ethic of the spiritualism. The ethical form not only reflects the real political environment, but also contains...
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On the Integration Path of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education and Professional Education in Colleges and Universities

Feng-Xiang JIANG, Da-Peng REN
The cultivation of innovation spirit and entrepreneurial ability is the soul of the development of a country or a nation. In 2015, the government of China put forward the strategy of "innovation-driven development" and "Mass Entrepreneurship, Mass Innovation" strategy, to encourage college students to...
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A Method of Faculty Evaluation that Promotes Individual Development and Reflects Fairness and Impartiality

Liang-Fa XU, Wei ZHANG, Bing-Kun JIANG
In the process of past faculty evaluation, there were some deficiencies such as the adoption of single evaluation standard for the same level teachers and the evaluation results were easy to be effected by human factors. With the help of modern management science theory, this paper provides a method...
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Exploration on the Cultivation Model of Professional Master’s Degree Postgraduate under the Collaborative Cultivation System between Universities and Enterprises

Xiao-Pan FAN, Yi-Ming LIU, Yun HAN, Yu SHI, Hua LIU, Li-Zhen MA
Collaborative cultivation of professional master’s degree postgraduates by universities and enterprises is of great significance to the cultivation of advanced applied and compound talents in China. The paper analyses the situation and problems of postgraduate cultivation model under the current collaborative...
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Research on Embedded Information Service Model of University Library under the Environment of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Xue-Yan CAO, Pei-Han LIU, Xiao HU, Teng-Bin DENG
In view of the environment of innovation and entrepreneurship, libraries, as literature and information centers and autonomous learning centers of universities, should give more targeted information services. Based on this, this paper proposes that libraries should use abundant literature resources,...
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The Undergraduates Quality and Analysis of Harbin Finance University

Xue-Jie BAI
The problem of college students' employment is attracting more and more attention from all walks of life. The employment quality of college students is the feedback to the education teaching of the university, and it is an important reference basis for the formulation of college enrollment plan, education...
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Studies on Publication Related Ontologies

Yun-Liang ZHANG, Fang YUAN
In the paper the new trend of use ontologies in the publication related fields in knowledge organization and service are analyzed. Some typical ontologies in both China and abroad are discussed and these ontologies are compared from different dimensions of construction and details. At last some suggestion...
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Teaching Information Technology with Case Method in Colleges of China

Shao-Jie DU, Xin LI, Di-Xin SONG
Based on the elementary education in middle school and high school, the content of the course of Information Technology in college focuses on advanced operations on computer, such as solving the problems when using computer, handling the pictures with Photoshop. The operation skills are important in...
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Education Inheritance of Silk Intangible Cultural Heritage in Higher Vocational Colleges

Jian-Tao NIU, Qi HU
The intangible cultural heritage of the silk is an excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation, and local vocational colleges should bear the burden of inheriting the intangible cultural heritage. This paper prompted the connotation of education inheritance of silk intangible cultural heritage...
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A New Exploration of the Comprehensive Reform of Ideological and Political Theory Courses in Local Ordinary Undergraduate Universities and Colleges

Yong RAN, Li-Shan XU
Since the implementation of "05 New Scheme" and "11 Course Construction Standard (provisional)", certain achievements have been made in the ideological and political theory course teaching and reform, but there is still a long way to go to reach the objective set by the Party and government which is...
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Research on the Management of the Performance of College Ideological and Political Work Based on Personal Competency

Qiao-Yin PENG
This paper integrates the theory and method of human resource management into the research of ideological and political education in colleges and universities from the perspective of innovation research. Based on the individual competency of the ideological and political team of colleges and universities,...
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Viewpoints on Validity in Dynamic Classroom Teaching

Ming CHEN, Dan-Dan JI
Influenced by education informatization, foreign language course structure is undergoing enormous change. The teaching priority is to cultivate students critical thinking, creative thinking and problem-solving ability, etc. Then validity verification is needed to indicate whether classroom teaching reaches...
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Study on Strategies in College English Reading Teaching

Ting-Xiang ZHOU
A certain amount of improvement and innovation have been achieved in college English teaching since the reform of higher education system, but there are still numerous problems to be solved in English reading teaching. Based on in-depth analysis and exploration of the current situation of college English...
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Persistence and Breakthrough: Reexamining the Transformation and Development Path of Local Normal Universities

Faced with opportunities and challenges, local normal universities need to find out the target orientation of the transformation and development, to develop teacher education major and applied major in a coordinate manner and optimize the teaching team of “double-qualified teachers”. In the process of...
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The Application of Flipped Classroom in Colleges and Universities Experimental Course—an Example of the Comprehensive Experiment of Pulp and Paper Making

Dong-Mei YU, Rong-Gang LI, Chao-Jun WU, Wen-Jia HAN
Flipped classroom has gained wide attention in the field of education in recent years. While there is few research in experimental course. Most of the experimental courses is the same as other subjects. The traditional class limits students' freedom to explore and innovate. This paper analyzes the present...
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Discussion on the Cultivation Model of Graduate Students of Agricultural Engineering under the Background of Intelligent Agricultural Development

Xiao-Pan FAN, Yi-Ming LIU, Yun HAN, Yu SHI, Hua LIU, Li-Zhen MA
In the process of construction and development of China’s intelligent agriculture, there are many practical problems, such as the serious shortage of high-quality professional and skilled personnel and the difficulty of transformation of scientific research achievements. Based on the development trend...
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Study on the Innovative Strength of Chinese Corporations

Guang-Mei LIN, Kun BAI, Zhen KONG
China's strong emphasis on innovation is shining through the New Era. In the age of a knowledge-based economy, the significance of innovation often surpasses that in any previous ages as an important factor in economic increase. Technology starts, develops, persists, mutates, stagnates, and declines,...
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A Research on the Competitiveness of National High-Tech Industrial Development Zones in Guangdong Province

Li ZHOU, Wen-Jun XIE
Based on evaluation index system of national high-tech industrial development zone, this issue, with indexes corresponding to four capabilities of industrial upgrading and structural optimization, knowledge creation and technical innovation, internationalization and global competition as well as sustainable...
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Research on Brand Marketing Strategy Based on Virtual Reality Technology

Xiao-Jun ZHENG, Yi-Yang CHEN, Xiao-Mei CHENG
This article mainly applies case studies to analyze the characteristics and problems of virtual reality technology in the field of brand marketing. Based on the media environment theory, content marketing theory and brand equity theory, this paper analyzes the marketing strategies of virtual reality...
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Discussion on Cultivating Intellectual Property Talents of International Trade in China

Yun WANG, Yong-You YUAN
Based on the China-American Trade War, this paper discusses the relationship between international trade and the IPR protection, analyzing the construction and deficiency of IPR system, demonstrating the necessity and urgency of international trade talents cultivation and IPR education with the latest...
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Evolutionary Game Analysis between Government and E-Commerce Enterprises in the Recovery of Express Packages

Ying-Dong JI, Pei-Qin YANG
In recent years, the boom in online shopping has led to a sharp increase in the volume of express delivery, which in turn has led to problems such as excessive packaging of express packaging, great consumption of resources, and environmental pollution. Based on the evolutionary game analysis method,...
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Research on the Relationship between R&D Textual Disclosure and Profitability

Jin-Feng CHENG, Ji-Xin ZHAO
This paper examines how profitability relates to corporate textual R&D disclosure decisions. Using the fixed-effects regression model, we conclude that the number of textual R&D disclosures is negatively correlated with the profitability of the firm. Companies with less profitability are more likely...
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Brief Analysis for Beijing Tourism Group Acquisition to Home Inn from Business Synergy Perspective

Li-Ping LI, Wen BAI
Currently many enterprises are carrying out acquisition action frequently. However, the key factor to measure successfulness of acquisition is whether the business synergy effect has been realized or not. Therefore, the Beijing Tourism Group acquisition case for Home Inn has been selected to check business...
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Research on Marketing Strategy Innovation of Provincial Performing Arts Group

Jin LONG, Run-De LU
By analyzing the current marketing situation of provincial performing arts group, this paper summarizes the existing problems in the marketing process and explores the causes of the problems. Aiming at providing reference for the formulation of marketing strategy of provincial performing arts group in...
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Research on Conflicts of Interest Arising from Third-Party Funding In International Investment Arbitration

Tian-Yu DU
In recent years, third-party funding in international investment arbitration has been developing rapidly, While this phenomenon is conducive to the realization of fairness and justice, it also brings many potential problems, Such as confidentiality issues, investors abuse of arbitration rights, conflicts...
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The Research on the EU Investment Court System

In view of the inherent shortcomings of the current investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS): 1) serious interest imbalance; 2) investor abuse of the right to appeal; 3) insufficient transparency; 4) lack of consistency in the ruling, EU's new round of trade agreements In the negotiation, the Investment...
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Research on Influence Factors of Online Financing for Start-ups Based on "Non-financial Index" Credit Dimension

Xue-Mei XIE, Kai-Qiang ZHENG, Yi-Ran WU
For the problem of small and micro enterprise credit evaluation and financing difficulties, this article takes the “non-financial index” dimension of corporate credit as the starting point to study the influencing factors of online financing for start-ups. Based on the 13 indicators disclosed by 547...
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Officials' Turnover, Promotion Incentives and Environmental Quality-Evidence from Provincial Government Leaders in China

Ming ZHOU, Li-Ying DENG
Environmental problems and causes of China have always been a hot topic in international academic circles. Taking 31 provinces in China (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) from 2006 to 2015 as samples, this paper selects the unique perspective of local government officials' replacement (provincial...
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Research on the Construction of Traceability System for E-commerce Agricultural Products Quality and Safety in China Based on Blockchain

Chao XIE, Hui-Yong GUO, De-Fu HE
This paper analyses the current situation and problems of the traceability system of e-commerce agricultural product quality and safety in China, puts forward an innovative idea of reconstructing the traceability system of e-commerce agricultural product quality and safety by using blockchain technology,...
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An Empirical Study on the Impact of Technological Innovation on Economic Growth—Taking Shandong Province as an Example

Jin-Xiu ZHAO
In 2018, the government work report put forward the idea of promoting the economic growth by the strategy of innovation-driven development. As an economic province, the level of technological innovation is also improving. The paper verified the facilitation of technological innovation on economic growth...
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Influencing Factors of Vocational Delay of Gratification

Meng-Long LI, Yu-Jia REN
Vocational Delay of Gratification (VDOG) is a focus of management and business circles, and has very important significance for personal development and organizational objective achievement. Those who can resist current lure or own delay of gratification tendency can gain success in career more easily....
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Research on Tax System Arrangement under Supply-side Structural Reform

Ning-Ning FU, Hong-Xia RONG
China proposes that supply-side structural reforms should be carried out in the context of serious contradictions and problems such as overcapacity and serious contradictions of upgrading of demand structure, and insufficient inner motivation for economic growth. From the perspective of short-term supply...
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New Ideas on the Development of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in Heilongjiang Province under the Background of "One Belt One Road"

Wen-Bei LI
The paper aims to solve the prominent problems inherent in the innovation and development of small and medium-sized enterprises in Heilongjiang Province, find out the root and sort out the ideas. The paper puts forward new ideas in terms of development strategy, organizational structure design, and social...
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Game Analysis and Countermeasure of Internet Finance and Financing of Agricultural-related Small and Micro Enterprises

Agricultural-related small and micro enterprises play an important role in the national economy, but because of their small scale, weak financial strength, low turnover efficiency and other characteristics, they are facing difficulties in financing, thus limiting their development. The emergence of Internet...
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The Location, Surface and Its Connotation of the Revolutionary Landscape

Nong-Zhang KE
Landscape description in novels is closely related to the narration. The novels of the “17-year revolutionary history” present various scenic locations of different times such as before the civil war, during the civil war, in the crucifixion and after the victory, and different surficial sceneries from...
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Research on Cooperation Model of Coal Resources between China and Central Asia

Feng-Xiang JIANG
Central Asia is rich in coal resources, but the development level is relatively low due to funding, technology and other constraints. China has been affected by the haze since 2013, coal consumption is decreased. Belt and Road Initiative background, Chinese and Central Asia needs to strengthen the innovation...
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Analysis on the Financial Fraud of Listed Companies in China

Jie XU
This paper studies the cases of counterfeiting of listed companies in China in recent years, analyses the causes and ways of counterfeiting, and seeks solutions. The means of financial fraud of listed companies mainly include fictitious income, early or late recognition of income, transfer costs, adjustment...
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Research on Validity of Performance Evaluation Methods of Local Government’s Precaution of Land Expropriation

Jing JIA
Based on the practice of performance evaluation of local government’s precaution of mass incidents triggered by land expropriation, connotations of validity of performance evaluation methods of local government’s precaution of mass incidents triggered by land expropriation were defined; a measurement...
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Research on Optimization of Investment in China's Industries under Low-Carbon Constraints

Ya-Nan WANG, Qun XU, Sui GUO
Nowadays, China is continuously advancing its low-carbon economic development strategy. However, problems such as unbalanced development of the industrial structure have impeded China's economic low-carbon development. Most existing research just consider the relationship between industrial structure...