Proceedings of the 2018 International Conference on Computer Modeling, Simulation and Algorithm (CMSA 2018)

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User Modeling on Social Networks--Using User Tags and Weibo Content for User Modeling

Xuehua Chi
User-generated content is of great significance for user modeling and user interest mining. This paper defines a microblog user model which combining weibo content and tags with vector space model(VSM) representation. The user model consists of two parts, one part, user interest representation based...
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A Rapid Parametric Modeling Method of SWATH Based on Siemens NX Extended Development

Qu Yang, Guan Guan, Yan Lin, Lei Wang
A rapid parametric modeling method capable to automatically build and modify the form of SWATH based on Siemens NX extended development is described, aiming at solving the problem of long time consuming and low utilization of the traditional SWATH modeling method. The underwater hull and strut are parameterized...
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3D Scene Reconstruction Using Multi-Sources Data

Mingder Yang, Hungyu Lin, Ilin Chan, Huiping Tsai, Yiping Chen
This paper focuses on 3D scene reconstruction by various simulation methods and multi-sources data. 3D scene reconstruction is a tool to be able to analyze an area by rendering it in 3D. This is a research piece that looks at how different methods of modeling have different functions and applications....
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3D Scene Modeling and Rendering Algorithm Based on Road Extraction of Simple Attribute Remote Sensing Image

Zhiguang Wang, Haiying Zhang, Qiang Lu, Yuanfeng Lian
In order to solve the problem of modeling and rendering of large data scene, this paper presents a fast method for modeling and rendering multi-level, multi-resolution road based on the road information extraction of simple attribute remote sensing image. Firstly, Fuzzy C-means Clustering (FCM), Bwareaopen,...
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Research on Construction Method of Complex Electromagnetic Environment Based on Simulation Calculation

Zhenjie Zeng, Shiju Qi, Xiaofei Zhu, Xiaowei Shen, Bowen Jiang, Shangjun Cai
The use of computer simulation technology to build complex electromagnetic environment is a hot topic in modern military science research. According to the characteristics of the radiation source in the real scene, the mathematical model of the radiation source is established. Then, according to the...
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Modeling and Analysis of Electrical Connectors in Salt Spray Environment

Lin Guan, Yuanlong Li, Chendi Feng, Qingya Li, Yuqi Zhou, Jinchun Gao
As a basic component, electrical connectors play a major role in the transmission and control of electric signals. In this paper, SubMiniature version A (SMA) coaxial connectors, which are widely used in the microwave equipment and radio frequency circuits, were taken as the research objects to investigate...
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Simulation and Lightweight Design for the Structure Frame of a Flying Car

Yifang Sun, Chenghu Li, Hao Wu, Kun Tan, Fei Zhang
The simulation of the structure frame of a flying car is carried out to verify the feasibility of the design scheme. Based on Patran/Nastran, the structure frame of the flying car is simulated by the finite element method. The mechanical performance of the structure frame under the working condition,...
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Research on Modeling of Bionic Porous Scaffold for Bone Defect Repair Based on Bone Mineral Density Distribution

Xueling Bai, Peng Ding, Peng Zhang, Zhidong Yao
Porous scaffold is an effective bone substiutes for bone defect repair. The research developed a new method of modeling of bionic porous scaffold for bone defect repair based on bone mineral density distribution through topological analysis and mathematical modeling of porous scaffold, and, taking femur...
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Optimizing Business Operation Strategies Under Uncertainties---A Simulation Approach

Endong Wang, Jared Forst, Neslihan Alp, Xiaoni Wang
Optimizing business strategy for maximal profit is challenging due to the variabilities and uncertainties of parametric inputs required for estimating future profits. Incorporating economic uncertainties into profit estimating process through stochastic simulation could be an option for reliable business...
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Primary Exploration of Rationality of Industry Distribution and Evaluation Model about Sustainable Development Suitability

Chengzeng You, Ling Peng, Tong Wu, Yuan Hu
To tackle the problem of scientific evaluation of local industry development and distribution, we focused on two sub problems, where one was the spatial distribution rationality evaluation of multi-scale industrial clusters, and the other was the sustainable development suitability evaluation of industrial...
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Study on Mathematical Model of Compression Performance of Bamboo Culm Integrated Bamboo Bundles Glulam Beam

Zhangrong Zhao, Xiaomei Sui, Xingyu Liu, Weihua Sun, Xiangling Gong
This paper proposes a new type of the bamboo culm integrated bamboo bundles glulam using bamboo culm as skeleton, which solves the problem of the irregular size of the original bamboo and the hollow structures. A three dimension finite element model of bamboo culm integrated bamboo bundles glulam was...
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An Analysis Model of Network Illegal Fund-raising Based on Advertisement Content Mining

Jianying Xiong
Network Illegal fund-raising is a social problem and is more subtle and destructive. Government regulators should explore more effective control methods for early discovery. At the preliminary stage of the illegal fund-raising, in order to promote the investment effect and producing the spread effect...
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Research on Slider Stiffness for Straight Side Two-point High Speed Precision Press Based on Solidworks Simulation

Xinjian Lu
Slider is an important power output component for high-speed precision presses, which requiring a higher stiffness (less deformation). The mold and stamping part’s size were generally not considered for the traditional analysis method. In this paper, the length and thickness of the equivalent upper die...
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Applicability Analysis of Simulation Model of Metal Oxide Arrester and Experimental Study

Shoubin Liu, Yapeng Yao, Chongxin Liu, Jiantong Zhu
The study on the simulation model of the metal oxide arrester (MOA) is of great significance to its production test and application. Simulation method is usually applied to MOA simulation test for some small and medium-sized enterprises with limited test conditions. The situation that there are a great...
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Using GMM-HMM Model and Parallel Computing for Health Estimation and Prognosis of Turbofan Engines

Zilu Wang
Estimating the residual useful life (RUL) time of turbofan engines is a determinant factor for aviation safety. Different methods of machine learning are explored in the field of turbofan health estimation and prognosis, to save maintenance cost and enhance aviation safety. An algorithm used for turbofan...
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Design and Analysis Based on US Telephone Service Selection Model

Wei Chen, Bo Ma
In today's society, with the development of cell phones, it has brought more and more convenience to us. More and more people use cell phones and landline phones to assume the trend of being replaced. While using cell phones, energy consumption has risen dramatically. In order to save energy so as to...
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A Quantitative Texture Feature Preserving Method for Simplifying 3D Building Models

Po Liu, Chengming Li, Zhanjie Zhao, Zhendong Liu
Three-dimensional (3D) city models have become an important component of spatial information infrastructure, and widely used in studies of virtual geographical environments, urban planning, and navigation, as well as other fields. Level of detail (LOD) representation of 3D models provides a foundation...
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Creation of the Base of a Simulation Model’s Precedents for Analysis of the Spacecraft Onboard Equipment Testing Results

Ludmila Nozhenkova, Olga Isaeva, Andrey Koldyrev
We represent a method of analysis of the spacecraft onboard equipment testing on the basis of the simulation model precedent database. Simulation modeling allows to play all the possible versions of the onboard equipment functioning and the scenarios of spacecraft control command transmission. Usage...

RETRACTION: Emulating Expert Systems and the Location-Identity Split

Hangkun Ling
In April 2020, Atlantis Press was alerted to fake proceedings articles hosted on our platform. These articles, mostly in computer science and engineering, were generated by the SCIgen computer program and were all published between 2006-2018. Immediately after receiving the alert, Atlantis Press initiated...
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Finite-Set Model Predictive Control for Eight-Switch Three-Phase NPC Converter with DC-Link Voltages Fluctuation Suppression

Zeyu Wang, Molin Zhao
The three-level neutral point clamped converter (NPC) is one of the most promising topologies for medium-voltage high-power applications. However, the system stability is challenged by the DC-link capacitor voltages fluctuation especially in the presence of fault tolerant operation condition. To solve...
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Study on the Reserve Scale of Light Weapons

Jian Gao, Tielin Liu, Yongle Wu, Liang Zhang
In view of the current lack of practical light weapons reserve model research, through the analysis of factors and the effort on combing related concepts, a light weapons reserve military conceptual model and mathematical model have been established, which provides a reference for decision-making and...
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A Design of Battery Thermal Management System Based on Fuzzy Control

Zhixiang Xia, Xiao Ma, Danfeng Qiu, Gang Bu, Yongjun Xia, Bin Zhao, Zixia Lin, Yi Shi
Because of the large capacity and high energy density, lithium-ion batteries are often used as power source in electric vehicles. However, in the process of batteries, temperature will significantly adverse the battery, such as shorten the battery life, reduce the battery performance and so on. Therefore,...
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Design of Feedback Variable Rate Spraying System Based on ARM

Bing Ji, Bo Zhao, Yashuo Li, Yanwei Yuan, Xin Dong
In order to realize variable rate spraying and ensure the spraying effect, a set of feedback variable spraying control system based on ARM was designed. The system takes the vehicular ARM controller as the core and adopts Linux operating system to obtain the information such as vehicle speed, liquid...
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Research on Steering Scheme of Long Semi-trailer

Xuwei Fang, Xiaowei Fu, Jun Zhou, Xi Li
In the premise of meeting the kinematics, analyzing and optimizing the trafficability of long semi-trailer on the narrow road with obstacles on both sides. This paper gives a scheme by adjusting and designing wheelspan and wheelbase, which is proved the feasibility of the scheme by the experiment.
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Integrated Approach to Power Distribution Loss Based on Improved Genetic Algorithm

Chen Li, Yunsi Huang, Anjia Mao, Yu Zhang, Peng Wu
Profit space of power grid enterprises is being compressed under the background of continuous improvement of power system reform in China. At the same time, due to environmental and climate issues, the state strongly advocates energy conservation and emission reduction, all of which makes the grid enterprises...
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Ad-hoc Network Clustering Algorithm Based on Node Data Value

Jingmin Tang, Zhangbao Gao
Ad-hoc network is a repeatedly jumping, nothing central, and self-organizing network. the entire network has not stable infrastructure, consisting of mobile nodes. According to the problem that cluster Ad-hoc network cluster head selection mechanism is not reasonable and the cluster heads, and cluster...
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Load-Balancing Channel Assignment Algorithms for a Multi-Radio Multi-Channel Wireless Mesh Networks

Liang Li, Siyuan Zhang, Xiongwen Zhao, Yi Ding, Junyu Liu
Capacity in multi-radio multi-channel wireless mesh networks can be greatly enhanced by adopting effective load balancing algorithms. In this work, a new channel allocation algorithm is proposed by considering inter-channel interference and load balance issue to maximize network capacity. The algorithm...
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A Survey of Clustering Algorithms Based on Parallel Mechanism

Xingang Wang
With the rapid development of the Internet and mobile Internet, the amount of data and information generated by people has dramatically increased. The demand for rapid processing of data by computers has become increasingly urgent. Clustering analysis is one of the most important data processing methods....
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Research on Matching Mechanism of Resource Based on Genetic Algorithm

Rui Gu
Resource matching is designed to make use of limited resources to optimize the processing task. In this paper, genetic algorithm is adopted to optimize the matching of resources. First, the principle of genetic algorithm and resource matching are introduced. Then, the detailed steps of genetic algorithm...
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Monitoring Method and Application of Power Dispatching Automation Master Station Based on Clustering Algorithm

Ziming Guo, Yongzheng Mu, Bo Yan, Shuo Zhong, Yue Qi, Xuan Guo
This paper proposes a monitoring method of power dispatching automation master station based on clustering algorithm. Based on the application of history data, this method constructs multi-dimensional space vector, and generates operation state knowledge base by clustering algorithm. Real time data can...
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Optimality Conditions for a Class of Optimization Problem in Banach Spaces

Xuanwei Zhou
In this paper, a class of optimization problem is studied. The objective function is a functional in a Banach space and the constraint is cone constraint where the cone doesn’t need nonempty interior. The concept of the conjugate function is introduced and a duality theorem is established. Then, by use...
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The Enhancement Arithmetic of BP Neural Network Based on Target Optimizing

Shuang Shi, Daqi Zhang, Pengfei Feng, Lingli Han
BP neural network recognition algorithm was used to carry through target recognition, then we adopted quadratic programming and generalized least squares to optimize the network weights and thresholds, at last the algorithm formula was deduced. In the neural network training process, a tendentious training...
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Study on Optimal Adjustment Method on Stroke of Digital Beam Pumping Unit Based on the Change of the Indicator Diagram Area

Xiangqian Xu, Haobin Zhou, Longlong Yin
The new optimal adjustment method on stroke of the digital pumping unit is proposed in this paper after analysis the main disadvantages of the existing digital pumping unit on adjustment speed. The new method is based on the change of the area of the indicator diagram. According to the change of the...
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Prediction of Line Fault Based on Optimized Decision Tree

Jianping Yang, Jingxian Qi, Kang Ye, Youlin Hu
Power line is the main equipment of transmission link, and its failure prediction will help to improve the safe operation level of the power grid and ensure the reliable electricity consumption of users. In this paper, the optimized decision tree algorithm is used to forecast fault line tripping. Firstly,...
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Research on the Optimization of Model Parameters Based on Particle Filter

Weinan Cui, Chong Chen, Xiangli Cui, Qian He, Mingda Zhu
With the significant advancements in Information and Communications Technology (ICT), computer simulations have been widely used in natural sciences and engineering analysis. Algorithms for parameters optimization in computer models have been necessity in computer modeling due to the accuracy requirements....
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Elastic Characteristics Calculation for Thin Coatings and Bodies with a Topocomposite Structure Considering Specific Deformation of Layered Bodies during Instrumented Indentation

Nikolay Voronin
The present study addresses the elastic deformation of topocomposites with thin hard surface layers during instrumented indentation. We propose calculation techniques to establish the elastic characteristics of the topocomposite surface and the coating material, involving the results of instrumented...
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Calculation of Surface Electric Fields on the Lighting Conductors near HVDC Transmission Lines

Jieyu Liu, Wenzuo Ma, Yidan Zhang, Rundan Zhang, Ruojia Gang
Corona discharge may occurs when the lighting conductors are close to the HVDC transmission lines. In this paper, the ion flow electric field on the surface of lighting conductors is calculated by flux tracing method. According to the calculated results, influences of the height, radius and distance...
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A Comparative Study on NoC Transpose Traffic

Minghua Tang, Jing Lin
In the research of Network-on-Chip (NoC), network performance is evaluated by a lot of simulations. In these simulations, traffic scenarios play an important role. A wide range of traffic scenarios, such as uniform random, transpose, tornado, etc. have been considered. However, there is lack of comparative...
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Research on Trusted Authentication Method Based on Three Elements and Three Layers Architecture

Liwei Liu, Jianzhi Sun, Li Tan, Bin Yang
The security problem of network devices and terminals has been attracted much attention. Many experts and scholars have done a lot of research on this. Based on the TNC three elements and three layers architecture, a new scheme about the network device and terminal connection and authentication is proposed,...
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Theoretical Investigation of the Superiority of Dropwise over Film Condensation

Wenyan Zhu, Xiaofang Cheng, Xueliang Fan, Yuanlong Qin
In this paper, we want to research on the superiority of dropwise condensation. First, the concept of interlayer convection was presented. Then, a mathematical model about the transition from film condensation to dropwise condensation was established. It is confirmed in theory that heat transfer coefficients...
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Application of Fine Management on Construction Unit Investment of Construction Project in University

Haoming Peng, Xinhua Xiong
This paper discusses the methods to implement the investment management efficiently and finely with personal engineering practice. The methods includes constructing the investment information platform of construction project, building project money payment management card, building completion summary...
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Research on Attitude Representations and Attitude Differential Equations

Xiaoyu Wang, Xiaofeng He
Attitude estimation is used to determine the spatial orientation of an object relative to a reference coordinate frame, or to provide a method for vector conversion between the reference coordinate frame and the target coordinate frame. In this paper, after the definitions of 4 kinds of attitude representations,...
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The Bidding Audit Method Based on Big Data

Moji Wei, Zijiang Yang, Shiwei Zhu, Xianyi Li
With the issue of a series of important laws and regulations, the police level for violation prevention of bidding has been more and more mature. However, due to lacking effective technologies, supervision of concrete flow has become the weakness of the whole system. To perfect bidding system and enhance...
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3D Geometrical Solutions for Toroidal LPG Fuel Tanks Used in Automotive Industry

Mihai Ţălu, Ştefan Ţălu
This study aims to investigate various geometrical solutions of toroidal LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) fuel tanks used in automotive industry, using CAD parametric modeling. The CAD modeling has a potential impact required to develop and to implement new mathematical models on the engineering design...
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Numerical Analysis of the Pressure Drop in Industrial Pipes with Non-Uniform Roughness and Helical Ribs in the Case of Laminar Flow

Mihai Ţălu, Ştefan Ţălu, Daniela Vintilă, Laura Grigorie
This study describes a simple and easy-to-implement method to determine the pressure drop in industrial pipes with non-uniform roughness and helical ribs in the case of laminar flow. The effects of the pipe geometrical parameters on the laminar flow regime are discussed. The proposed method of solution...
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Research on the Calibration System of Noncontact Electrostatic Voltmeter by Using the Finite Element Analysis

Jieyu Liu, Wenzuo Ma, Rundan Zhang, Yidan Zhang, Jianning He
Noncontact measurement of electrostatic voltage is required to study the charges in HVDC transmission system. The calibration platform of noncontact electrostatic voltmeter is studied. The electric field near the measurement probe is calculated by FEM. Based on the calculation, the edge effect and applied...
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The Study on Predicting Respiratory Motion with Support Vector Regression

Lei Tong, Chaomin Chen, Kailian Kang, Zihai Xu
Objective: The target is usually tracked in real time at thoracic and abdominal radiotherapy due to the effect of respiratory motion, the prediction is necessary to compensate the system latency. Method: This paper proposed a prediction method based on support vector regression, it dynamically updates...
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Estimation and Application of Skew-normal Data for Generalized Linear Regression

Wenjun Lyu, Zhaoqing Feng
Generalized linear models are generally applied in statistical researches. Since a lot of real data reveal nonnormality especially skew-normality, new assumption is proposed that error terms follow skew-normal distribution to increase the adaptability of GLMs, which forms GLMSNs. To estimate the parameters...
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Intersection Measurement for Rotatable Arc Guideway System

Kaixin Cui, Shunqing Ren, Jinru Yuan, Yikang Liu
In order to measure the intersection of rotatable arc guideway system, namely, the distance from the center determined by the rotatable arc guideway to the axis line of rotation, a crosshair target was fixed on the slider sliding along the arc guideway, and a theodolite was installed in the front of...
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A Real-Time Method to Measure the Deviation of Deep Hole

Junqiang Liu, Fujia Wu, Xiaobing Gao, Ruicheng Li
The deviation of deep hole’s axis is measured in real-time machining process by using ultrasonic thickness measurement method. A ultrasonic device is designed using 3-points circle method, the polar parameter model of measurement objects is built and the function relationship between object and measured...
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Teeth Category Classification via Hu Moment Invariant and Extreme Learning Machine

Zhi Li, Ting Guo, Fangzhou Bao, Rodney Payne
To improve the computer-assisted diagnosis and decision in dentistry, we tested a new method combining Hu moment invariant (HMI) method and extreme learning machine (ELM) to implement the teeth classification in cross-section image of Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT). 160 images were analyzed and...
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Effect of Wave Group Interactions on the Distribution of Wave Height

Yongquan Li
The study was made on the effect of wave group interaction on the distribution of wave height. The interaction of two wave groups was studied on the basis of coupled nonlinear Schrödinger equations. We found that wave group interaction may cause the deviation of wave height distribution from the result...
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Research on Drift Path Prediction Technology of Ships

Dongdong An, Tianchi Zhang, Jing Zhang, Zhimin Liu, Jiasen Chen
In order to improve the prediction fitting degree of the existing method to predict the drift path of the ship, the particle reloading simulation method was proposed to predict the drift path from the aspect of segment prediction. Particle reloading simulation method divides the drift time into multiple...
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Location-Routing Problem under Emergency with Simultaneous Relief Delivery and Victim Evacuation

Ruoqi Du, Hong Zhou
The location-routing problem under emergency with simultaneous relief materials delivery and victim evacuation is studied and modeled. The number of victims is assumed ambiguous, risk preference of the decision maker is considered, and mixed transportation of relief and victims is allowed. A chance-constrained...
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Method of AUV Heuristic Route Planning Based on Cost Estimation of Visibility

Jiaping Song, Xing Liu, Aigen Huang, Yibo Liu, Haiqin Wan
This paper provides a heuristic route planning method based on the cost estimation of visibility through which Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) can voyage safely and efficiently in complex Marine application environment. The optimized model of AUV is set up and deduced in this paper. Then the constraints...
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Research on the Energy Saving and Emission Reduction Path of Transporting Ships

Hongbin Wei
As an important means of water transportation, ships bear domestic and international trade and transportation, and consume a large amount of fuel every year. It is imperative to improve ship energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption. Describes the international situation of ship energy save and...
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Routing Problem with Multiple Transportation Modes Considering Road Damage

Weibo Zheng, Hong Zhou
A routing model with multiple transportation modes considering road damage is developed, and a two-stage variable neighborhood search algorithm is proposed for solving. The logistic function is used to describe the possible loss of a customer due to waiting, and the choice of transport mode depends on...
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Forecasting on China’s Total Water Demand in 2018

Xiuli Liu
To forecast total water demand in advance is practically important for water supply planning. The paper first made impacting factors analysis of the total water demand in China. Then established three models for the total water demand forecasting by multiple regression analysis. The fitting precision...
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The Statistical Properties of the Probabilistic Distributions Generated by Gamma Statistics

Oleg V. Chernoyarov, Alexandra V. Salnikova, Vladimir I. Kostylev
We show that hyperexponential and hyper-Erlang distributions reproduce themselves by composition. We find new formulas for probability densities and distribution functions of Gamma statistics sums.
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Research on Fault Diagnosis of a Certain Launching Vehicle Based on Multi Attribute Decision Making Theory

Sai Wang, Jiping Cao, Rui Huang, Ning Lei
A fault tree diagnosis method for chassis braking system of launching vehicle is proposed in this paper based on multiple attribute decision making theory. Aiming at the limitation of the traditional fault tree analysis method of poor accuracy and low efficiency, this paper uses TOPSIS method to determine...
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Research on the Determinants of Peasants’Land Mortgage in China

Ji Luo, Ying Wang, Fan He
Based on the survey data of Peasants in China, the bivariate Probit model is constructed to analyze the factors affecting Peasants’ land mortgage Determinants. The results show that the willingness of Peasants' land mortgage is higher, and the education level, the rationality of loan term and the understanding...
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A Safety Evaluation of Offshore Lattice Boom Crane

Heon-Jin Seong, Chang-Kweon Jeong, Jong-Hoon Jeon, Sang-Hyeok Park, Yong-Gil Jung, Sun-Chul Huh
Korea experienced a recession in the shipbuilding industry due to a decline in orders for vessels and a lack of orders from the Korean market. In 2017, the amount of orders has increased compared to the previous year, but it is expected to be only 60% of the previous level in 2020. However, it will be...
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Context Co-occurrence Based Relationship Prediction in Spatiotemporal Data

Caixu Xu, Jianfeng Yan, Lu Yang, Guanggen Xu, Hongbin Shi
Recently, users’ relationship prediction in spatio-temporal data has attracted widespread attentions. Previous studies have focused on either co-occurrence or context in spatial aspect, where the context in time aspect is seldom considered. In this paper, considering co-occurrence, context, and mobility...
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Introduction on the Importance of Engineering Survey in Project Management

Yanlei Meng, Guiming Chen, Mi Sun, Zhipeng Sun, Weigang Gao
During the construction of the project, all surveying and mapping work is collectively referred to as engineering survey. Therefore, the measurement work contains a wide range of content, in the engineering survey, design and construction management stage are involved. To the actual work, the project...
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A Review of Anomaly Detection Techniques Based on Nearest Neighbor

Ming Zhao, Jingchao Chen, Yang Li
The concept of nearest neighbor has been used in several anomaly techniques, which supposes normal data instances occur in dense neighbors and anomalies occur far from their closest neighbors. So the techniques require a distance or similarity measure defined between two data instances. By now, there...
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Research on Head-box Liquid Level Precise Servo Control System of Twin Roll Casting Aluminum Alloy Strips Based on Laser Ranging

Jiaxi Liu, Zhinan Mi
There are defects in traditional liquid level control system of twin roll casting head-box, this study proposes one kind of liquid level precise control system for the head-box based on a combination of laser precise ranging and precise servo control system. Precise laser rangefinder implemented stable...
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An Improved Distribution Network Evaluation Index System

Ruiguo Liu, Kaijun Zhao
At present, the comprehensive index evaluation system of distribution network does not include access to distributed power and electric heating, which is not in line with the actual situation nowadays. To this end, an improved comprehensive index evaluation system is proposed, and the weight of indicators...
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The Rise of Big Data and Land Engineering Disciplines

Lu Zhang, Zenghui Ma
With the development of the times, "big data" has begun to enter people's lives, and it has also increasingly changed the way people think. As an emerging discipline, the development of land engineering disciplines is inseparable from the support of big data.
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Genetic Fuzzy System in Weapon Control Module of Unmanned Tanks

Xinzhu Liu, Di Ding, Zihuan Yu, Zhongshuai Wang, Yuhan Dai, Jing Huang
The genetic fuzzy system is applied to weapon control module of unmanned tanks. In this paper, the simulation system is built to train the fuzzy rule base of genetic fuzzy system in order to get the optimal fuzzy rule base with training tasks. Testing tasks are used to test the success rate of different...
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Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Landing Method Based on BeiDou Relative Navigation Technology

Haibo Jian, Jie Wang
Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology is rapidly developing and application, and UAV recycling is the key link in the application according to statistics, 80% of UAV failures occurred in the process of landing. Traditional UAV recycling methods have been unable to meet the modern UAV use. With the...
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Multi-robot Synchronous Control Based on Multi-thread

Peng Xiong, Bitao Long, Zhengfu Lu, Xuwu Liu, Yulian Jiang
With the development of robot technology, many researchers have changed the investigating direction from single-robot control to multi-robot control. In terms of the group control of humanoid robot, this paper addressed a socket communication and multi-thread technology based on Python such that the...
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The Selection of Neural Network Input Parameters Based on Association Rules

Lei Shi
Neural network has strong ability of nonlinear approximation and fitting, which was widely used in various prognosis prediction researches. Meanwhile, the selection of neural network input parameters was very important: the number of input layer nodes would increase as the number of input parameters...
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Study of Double-holding Water Tank Liquid Level Control Base on Neural Networks PID Control

Yuli Wei
Aiming at the problem of the effect of longtime delay and nonlinear of the double-tank’s level control, the PID control of BP neural network tuning parameters is studied in this paper. The characteristics of the control system are analyzed minutely, a neural PID controller is designed and its control...
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Multisensor Data Fusion Based on Modified D-S Evidence Theory

Yingming Zhou, Hongji Xu, Junfeng Sun, Lingling Pan, Baozhen Du, Min Chen
Dempster-Shafer (D-S) evidence theory has been widely used in multisensor data fusion to deal with uncertain information. But unreasonable results may be produced by using D-S combination rule in the case of that data are conflicting with each other. This paper proposes a modified evidence combination...
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Research and Design of Intelligent Network Switch Based on Human Infrared and Light Intensity Sensor

Yiqin Bao
An intelligent network switch based on human infrared and light intensity sensors is designed by using human infrared sensor and light intensity sensor to realize the intelligent control of the home lamps. Switches will control the lights when there's only a man in the room and the light is dark, so...
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The Design of Multi-mode Examinees Identity Verification System for Colleges and Universities

Jia Chen, Cong Chen
With the rapid development of information management in colleges and universities, traditional eye-observing verification methods cannot satisfy today’s requirement for examination management any more. Examinees’ identities need to be verified more effectively and accurately. In recent years, biometric...
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Method of TCM Prescription Recognition Based on Template Matching Algorithm

Hanqing Zhao, Jie Luo, Caifeng Liu, Xinxia Lei, Zhiguo Wang
Objective: To explore a method to identify classical recipes of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) from clinical prescriptions of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Methods: By using the template matching algorithm in the field of image processing, this paper designs a kind of computer algorithm for...
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Tibetan Character Recognition Based on Machine Learning of K-means Algorithm

Huiwen Gong, Wei Xiang
In this paper, we analyze and extract the Tibetan text features structure based on k-means image character recognition algorithm. Through character library file generated from Tessract-ocr training, we improve the accuracy and recognition of image text recognition and extraction and realize the identification...
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Real-time Terrain Mode Recognition Module for the Control of Lower-limb Prosthesis

Yifei Pan, Jiwen Zhang, Libin Song, Chenglong Fu
This paper is aimed to develop and evaluate a real-time terrain mode recognition system to assist the control of the lower-limb prosthesis. A wearable terrain recognition device, composed of an inertia measurement unit and a 2D-laser, was built to classify the types of terrain in front of the lower-limb...
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Multimodal Cross-guided Attention Networks for Visual Question Answering

Haibin Liu, Shengrong Gong, Yi Ji, Jianyu Yang, Tengfei Xing, Chunping Liu
Visual Question Answering (VQA) is an attractive topic combin-ing computer vision with natural language processing. It is more challenging than text-based question answering because of its multimodal nature. The VQA reasoning process requires both effective semantic embedding and fine-grained visual...
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Research of Power Wireless Private Network Technology in the Terminal Communication Access Network

Feng Wang, Yixin Ding, Ming Li, Junwei Ma, Xincong Shi, Lei Yan
The terminal communication access network is an important part of the power communication network and is the extension of the backbone network, which will provide a comprehensive communication support for the smart grid construction. Firstly, in this paper, technical characteristics of TD-LTE power wireless...
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Evaluation of Impregnated Diamond Bit based on Image Processing Technology

Chong Wang, Linhong Xu, Jinfeng Zhen
Impregnated diamond bit are widely used in very difficult formation drilling. In the drilling process, the diamond particles embedded in the impregnated diamond bit will inevitable wear, loss and adhesive wear. In this case, the bonding between diamond particles and matrix and the diamond performance...
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Research on the Key Technologies of Broadcasting Audio Quality Automatic Detection

Qi Wang, Xiao Han
As an important part of broadcast business, Broadcast audio quality testing guarantee the broadcast quality, it can find out audio quality problem during broadcasting process such as stereo phase inversion, too large of left and right level difference, mute and overload etc. The traditional detection...
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Build of Dust Removal System Controlled by DCS and PLC Two-level Supervisory Control System

Qi Wang, Zhumei Sun, Jianyun Bai, Tianxing Han, Shaohong Liu
The dust removal system of a certain power plant was controlled by omron programmable Logic controller (PLC). It needs to be included in the master control system DCS (distributed control system) in order to fit the request of all control systems integration. Using a network protocol converter realize...
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The Development of Multi-axis Embedded CNC System Based on Dual-core Chip

Xu Liu, Haixin Zou, Xiangfa Kong, Jun Lu
At present, from the selection of the chip to the molding of the product, the embedded CNC system will encounter various problems, such as insufficient performance of the processor, hidden dangers of the physical communication scheme between the chips, insufficient reconfigurability of the platform,...
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Research on the Operational Effectiveness Evaluation Method of Multi-information Oriented Weaponry System

Tao Wang, Liuying Wang, Gu Liu, Haiqing Chen
In this paper, the operational capability analysis method of weapon equipment system oriented to multiple information is constructed by establishing the network model of weapons and equipment operations. Through the establishment of weapons and equipment for the effectiveness of network multi-information...
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A Moving Objects Index Method Integrating GeoHash and Quadtree

Ya Ban, Rui Wang, Hongjing Liu, Jing Yuan, Hao Luo, Fuli Yang, Ling Yu, Xinping Xu
To take into account of frequent update, efficiency and query capability, a new full-time index structure was proposed with help of one-to-one match between Quad-tree nodes and GeoHash codes, named GQ-tree, which supported moving objects updating frequently. An efficient index update algorithm based...
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Design of Campus Comprehensive Service System Based on Android

Han Qin, Wei Xiang
In this paper, we design a mobile terminal campus comprehensive service system, which based on Android, and combines HTML, PHP scripting language programming, Java object-oriented programming, as well as using Phonegap open source framework, and use the MySQL user database design. From function, form...
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Design and Implementation of Ion Implantation and Deposition Signal Generator Based on PLC and Touch Screen

Weiquan Shu
In order to improve ion implantation and deposition signal generator to make it more stable and convenient, take advantage of the great anti-jamming characteristic of PLC and the convenient usage of touch screen, use the pulse output and high-speed counter ability of PLC and communication ability of...
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Friend Recommendation System Based on Geolocation and Contents of Users

Mingyue Duan, Jing Huang, Jiaxuan Zhang, Yunjie Tian, Dongwei Li, Bin Wang
In recent years, with the rapid development of wireless mobile network and smart phone operating systems, various social software based on wireless Internet has emerged one after another. Current popular social software such as QQ and WeChat have become important tools for people to meet new friends....
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Decentralized Approach for Autonomous Mechatronic Oil Extraction

Igor Kalyaev, Anatoly Kalyaev, Iakov Korovin
In the paper we tried to depict the process of creation of autonomous mechatronic oil extraction production (AMOEP). Basically we propose that in its membership AMOEP includes a variety of well agents (WA) of different purposes to be proceeded. The key point of such AMOEPs must be a controller, which...
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Standardized Process Optimization and Realization of Zhejiang Tobacco Industrial Based on the Workflow Framework

Yingying Shen, Fang Wu, Guang Yao, Zhenmin Miao
With the development of information technology, for the outspread need of management function of China Tobacco Zhejiang Industrial, to reinforce company standardization management is an important way to improve company market competitiveness, and realize cost decreasing and benefit increasing. Aim at...