Proceedings of the 2022 3rd International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Education (IC-ICAIE 2022)

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Comparison of Cutting Edge Convolutional Neural Network for Breast Cancer Histopathology Image Diagnosis

Tongyuan Qian
Female breast cancer, especially the invasive ductal carcinoma, is a very common type of cancer. When breast cancer is diagnosed and treated at an early stage, patients can achieve a higher survival rate. In recent years, neural networks have shown their potential in medical fields. Therefore, this work...
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The Impact of College Students' Self-Compassion Response to Stress Under The COVID-19 Pandemic Based on SPSS Data Analysis

Chen Huang, Ting Wang
The new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic (referred to as the "new crown" epidemic) has caused a serious impact on people's life, work and study, and with the continuous development of the Internet, the speed of information dissemination is getting faster and faster, during the epidemic period,...
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Experiment Teaching Based on Physics Innovation--Development and Application of Virtual Simulation of Holographic Technology

Jin Wu, Hui Zhao
Virtual reality technology and modern education are the current trends and development goals of immersive personalized education. Combining the development and application of holographic technology and virtual simulation technology will help to innovate and experience the immersive personalized education...
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Construction of General Development Model of Learning Analytics--Data Visualization Analysis Based on Citespace

Lingyan Liu, Bo Zhao, Yan Li, Handong Wang
With the development of educational informatization, a lot of data has become an important basis for researchers to discover the learning law of learners. Therefore, Learning Analytics (LA) emerged. It has become an important tool and starting point for researchers to know the students’ learning process...
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Research on Machine Learning-Based Multi-source Precipitation Data Fusion

Hengliang Guo, Yu Fu, Yaohuan Yang, Yuanyuan Yue, Menggang Kou, Wenyu Zhang
With the development of artificial intelligence (AI) in recent years, meteorological departments have also begun to improve algorithms and revise short-term forecasts via AI, expecting to timely capture meteorological clues in massive weather data, to “prevent meteorological disasters”, and “calculate...
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Ideological And Political Classroom Teaching in Colleges and Universities Under the Background of The New Era

Min Jiang, Yujia Song
The construction of socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era, and the Party Central Committee has put forward higher requirements for the improvement of the main channel status and role of ideological and political theory courses in moral education work in colleges and universities....
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Study on Influencing Factors of College Students’ Entrepreneurial Intention Based on Logistic Model

Yuanyuan Xu
Based on the survey data of 600 college students from 7 colleges in the city of Wuhu China, a logistic model was used to empirically analyze the influencing factors of the entrepreneurial willingness from four dimensions: individual characteristics, self perception of entrepreneurship, family environment,...
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Research on The Construction of College Students' Network Ideological and Political Education Platform Based on Artificial Intelligence Technology

He Zhang
Digital technology has been widely used in all walks of life in our country, and its role is becoming more and more significant. University educators are also turning their attention to emerging science and technology. In the context of artificial intelligence technology, advanced artificial intelligence...
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Development of Education Management System Based on ArcGIS Technology

Xiaoling Liu
Big data thinking and big data technology has brought unprecedented opportunities to education career, big data environment makes the traditional teaching method is gradually improving, student-centered discussion, interactive learning can let students learn anywhere on campus, online combination of...
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Deep Learning in Chinese Text Recognition Program: Exploring the Influence of Program Parameters on Recognition Accuracy

Zhengyu Peng
Deep learning (DL), a class of pattern analysis methods for learning the intrinsic patterns and levels of representation of sample data, has gained more and more attention in recent years. However, deep learning still faces many problems. The difference of various parameters when deep learning is performed...
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Research on the Influence of National Education on the Development of Pension Industry Based on Binary Logistic Regression Model

Shu Yu, Xiaomeng Qu
Population aging is a basic national condition that runs through the 21st century in China. Actively dealing with population aging is a long-term strategic task of the country. Through a questionnaire survey, statistical analysis and other methods, this paper discusses the public's understanding...
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Research and Prediction of Health Expenditure Factors in China Based on Machine Learning Methods

Xiaoqin Zhang, Xiaowen Wan
Objective To analyze the influencing factors of China's total health expenditure and predict the development trend of China's total health expenditure in the next five years based on historical statistics and provide some theoretical basis for formulating relevant policies. Methods:...
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Network Teaching Evaluation of Aesthetic Education in Colleges and Universities From the Perspective of Cognitive Science

Zhenhong Li
From the perspective of cognitive science, aesthetic education(AE) research will focus on the cognitive dimension of AE research. From the actual situation, the online teaching evaluation of AE in CAU has a unique role of feedback, diagnosis, guidance and intervention, which is an important measure to...
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Design and Development of University Teacher Management Information System Based on ASP.NET Technology

Chunlin Yang
The information management of teachers plays an extremely important role in the quality management of talents in colleges and universities, but there are many problems in practice, such as untimely information processing and difficulty in information sharing. Therefore, it is very necessary to construct...
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Development of Interactive Teaching System for Preschool Education Classroom

Junfang Zheng
With the advent of the Internet era, the rapid development of smart phones, ipads and other mobile handheld devices provides a suitable development platform for education. In the field of education, interactive teaching can enrich the teaching scene and enhance students' understanding of knowledge....
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A Method for Online Course Evaluation Based on Continuous Bag-of-Words Model and Semantic Analysis—A Case Study of Statistics

Yongjie Chu, Cengceng Liu
With the rapid development of the Internet and multimedia, online courses have become one of the main ways for students to learn. Online course reviews are the comments the learners or students published voluntarily based on their real learning experience of a course, which include diverse information....
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A Meta-analysis based Study of the Factors Influencing Students' Engagement in Classroom Learning

Chang Yue
To address the differences in current research on factors influencing student engagement in classroom learning, a combination of qualitative and quantitative meta-analysis was used to integrate a total of 43 high-quality empirical and relevant international literature that met the research criteria,...
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Research on the Influencing Factors of Teaching Interaction on Deep Learning of Graduate Students in Smart Classroom Environment

Lan Hong, Yan Ma, Ximei Yang, Renju Tang
Effective teaching interaction promotes the achievement of deep learning in an important way, and the smart classroom environment provides strong support for the development of teaching interaction and the realization of deep learning. In this study, a questionnaire survey was conducted by using SPSS...
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Research on the Hybrid Teaching Mode Based on Ideological and Political Education and Problem Solving Model

Hongxia Wang
Based on the goal of enabling education and the learning behavior data generated in the process of problem solving, this paper constructs a problem solving teaching model to promote the development of ability. In the programming course "database principle and application", this paper develops...
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Construction of Online Learning System of Construction Engineering Management Based on MOOC

Rulun Peng
With the rapid development of China's economy and science and technology, the overall development of the construction industry shows a good trend, which means that the construction industry will have a very broad development prospect and market in China in the next few years. Therefore, more and...
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Factor Analysis Algorithm and Precision Teaching

Yuxiong Chen, Jianhua Zhang
After the talent training plan is determined, how to arrange the teaching plan, teaching plan and teaching sequence of various courses in different periods of time is a very complex mathematical programming problem of "multifactor and multi-objective". This paper describes how to use "factor...
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Study on Improving Model Accuracy by Using Non-medical Image Pretraining Set based on ImageNet Weight

Xiangwu Guo
Although modern medical systems have relatively complete skin cancer detection methods, it is still very difficult to detect early skin cancer themselves. Therefore, this paper intends to propose a lightweight model network for patient self-detection of skin cancer. In order to implement a lightweight...
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Construction of Autonomous System of Educational Robot Under the Background of Artificial Intelligence Taking the Mobile Educational Robots toward Performing Intelligent Invigilation as an Example

Shuya Zhang, Jingwen Luo
At present, it is necessary to improve the ability of robots to perform various educational services; however, in the process of applying robots to educational scenes, the examination scenes are often to be ignored. As The Mobile Educational Robot (MER) performing intelligent invigilation tasks often...
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Constructing The "Five in One" Talent Training Mode Based on Digitalization

Yuncheng Li
The deep integration of digitalization and education is the inevitable trend of educational development. Under the influence of the digital wave, the talent training mode of higher vocational education is facing great challenges, and it is urgent to carry out the digital transformation of education....
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Measurement Indicators of Student Engagement and Investigation on Student Engagement in Blended Learning

Xiaoyan Zhao, Izaham Shah Ismail, Suthagar Narasuman
With the influx of technology, Blended Learning (BL) has become a new and important teaching method in colleges and universities. Digital technology in BL environment inherently affecting all aspects of the student experience. Superstar platform can increase students’ behavioural, affective(emotional)...
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Investigation and Research on Informatization Teaching Ability of Mathematics Normal Students Based on SPSS Statistical Analysis

Linfeng Han, Li Li, Shuo Zou, Qian Mo, Chunrong Wang
Background With the continuous advancement of education informatization, informatization teaching ability has become an important indicator for the evaluation of contemporary teachers' professional ability. As the reserve force of future mathematics teachers, mathematics normal students...
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Improving Office Material Supply Service with Digital Twin of Staff in Higher Education

Yongbin Zhang, Ronghua Liang, Li Wei, Xiuli Fu, Yanying Zheng
Some administrative service processes frustrate teachers in higher education and demotivate the faculty members. The culture of a university that values faculty members can facilitate teachers’ commitment and loyalty. Many researchers have explored factors such as students, salary, and relationships...
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Research on the Experimental Teaching Mode of Poetry Recitation Based on Virtual Simulation

Jiaodi Yao
Virtual simulation, as a newly arisen technology, serves as an essential part of the course of teaching in colleges and universities. This paper attempts to propose a teaching mode combining virtual simulation with ancient poetry. Virtual situations, created on the strength of the immersion, interactivity,...
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Depth Estimation from a Single Image Based on Gradient and Wavelet Analysis

Lixin He, Zhi Cheng, Jing Yang, Bin Kong
Recovering the depth information from a single image is a fundamental problem in computer vision field and has broad application prospects. To solve the problem that the accuracy of the depth recovered from a single image is not high enough, especially when there are several edges very close or intersecting,...
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A Pose Intelligent Monitoring System Based on Message Queuing Telemetry Transport Protocol in the Classroom Background

Jiawei Huang, Ding Zhou
The prosperity of education contributes to national prosperity and socioeconomic development. The expanding student population in compulsory education makes it technically difficult for teachers to assess students' behavior and learning attitudes. In order to regulate classroom teaching and prevent...
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Design and Development of Online Teaching Platform of Outline of Modern Chinese History Based on J2EE

Linying Li
Based on the knowledge and understanding of the Outline of Modern Chinese History (hereinafter referred to as "Outline"), this paper first expounds the meaning and importance of this course, then points out the problems existing in the teaching of "Outline", and then analyzes the...
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Digital Signal Processing of Rise-fall Intonation

A Bridge Across Online Distance to Approach the ZPD in the Future

Jiaying Wei, Liang
With the concern about the sense of distance brought by online teaching and learning, the main focus of this article is to study the impacts of teacher's rise-fall intonation on students’ feelings of online distance and willingness to approach the Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD). Through observing...
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Facilitating Online Collaborative Learning Through Affective Computing

Zhuting Sun
Affective Computing (AC) has immersed potential to improve the performance and experience for Collaborative Learning (CL) e-learners by inferring, recognizing and processing e-learners’ affective information. Exploring the online CL involves AC algorithm with two groups of identical activities supported...
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Exploration and Practice of Blended Teaching Mode Based on Information Technology in Civil Engineering Materials Experimental Teaching

Jie Zhang, Feng Wang, Tao Wu
This paper takes the civil engineering materials experimental course as the research object, uses the information platform and virtual simulation software to carry out the blended teaching, evaluates the learning effect and rule, explores the effect of mixed teaching in the experiment course, and discusses...
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Security Research and Solution of Data Exchange Platform

Xidong Liu
This paper first discusses the security of data exchange, and puts forward the security scheme design of data exchange platform based on XML. It specifically puts forward the problems of how to choose encryption algorithm, design of exchange key, encryption and decryption of data files, etc. This scheme...
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An Empirical Study on the Optimization of MOOCs in Universities Based on Distributed Cognition

Xiaohan Yu, Ruilan Liu
MOOC is an important supplement to the teaching of universities, but there are still some defects in teaching resources and student participation. From the theoretical perspective of distributed cognition and Marxism's educational concept, this paper, on the basis of a large-scale questionnaire...
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New Method for Precise Ideological Education for "post-00" Students in The New Media Era based on Big Data

Rongbin Wen, Weiqiang Wang
The diversification, fragmentation, openness, and complexity of information in the online society in the new media era are constantly impacting their values and even behavioural norms, which also brings new opportunities and challenges to education management and profoundly affects the change of education...
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Design of Mathematics Teaching Quality Evaluation System Based on Grey Correlation Analysis

Hanting Li
The current teaching quality evaluation method cannot meet the needs of college mathematics teaching quality evaluation, so a more efficient teaching quality evaluation system is in need. Based on teaching quality evaluation, this paper develops the teaching quality evaluation system, then uses hierarchical...
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Design and Implementation of Ideological and Political Education Network Platform for College Students under ASP.NET

Chen Wang
In order to respond to the call of the state to strengthen the ideological education construction of college students and promote the reform and development of ideological and political education mode in colleges and universities, this paper designs and develops a network platform for academic ideological...
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Evaluation of Professional Training Orientation Based on Grey Theory

Di WU, Yu-xin ZHAO, Yun-zhu CHEN
The goal setting of professional personnel training is the primary task of professional construction in colleges and universities. Based on the CDIO ability outline system, it constructs a professional training ability index system, and evaluates each ability index through the whitening weight function...
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Research on The Impact Path of The Social Support Comprehension Ability of International Students in China on The Crisis

Chun Liu
To explore the degree of crisis vulnerability and coping methods of international students in China, and to understand the internal relationship between support and crisis. Methods: In study 1, a sample questionnaire survey was conducted among international students in 10 universities across the country,...
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An Intelligent Tutoring System Enhancing Transdisciplinary Problem-finding in Design-led Integrated STEM Education

Ding Zhou, Yongye Liu, Jiawei Huang, Yuyan Xiang, Renxin Gu, Bingjian Liu
Globally, Industry 4.0 technologies' rapid development advances the rising role of design-led integrated STEM education in schools. However, the absence of problem-finding abilities among students may make it difficult to carry out the educational program. Adaptive learning with artificial intelligence...
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Finite Element Modeling of Electromagnetic Force for Magnetic Levitation Planar Motor

Zihao Wang, Shengguo Zhang, Chao Ma, Changxun Yu, Wenru Xu
In this paper, the finite element model of the magnetic levitation planar motor is established based on the finite element simulation software COMSOL, and the three directional forces of the electrified coil group are obtained. To verify the correctness of the established finite element model, the coil...
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Optimization and Model Construction of College Career Education Under the Background of Artificial Intelligence

Zhaoxia Liu
While AI has profoundly changed the way of human production and life, it also has a profound impact on the quality of College Students' employment. Based on the survey data of employment quality of graduates of an applied undergraduate university in Guangzhou in 2020, through spsspro analysis, it...
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English Machine Translation System Based on Semantic Selection and Information Features

Pengyan Lu
The development of machine translation system has not yet fully realized automatic and high-quality, because human language is complex, and there are certain limitations in understanding language rules. Therefore, in the research of machine translation, it not only is limited to the syntactic and semantic...
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Test of Dance Training System Based on Motion Capture and Virtual Reality Technology

Xiaomin Liu
In order to meet students' learning needs and improve their learning efficiency, it is necessary to develop a dance training system combining motion capture and virtual reality technology. Through this system, students can learn the dance movements of the virtual teacher through OpenGL, and the...
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A WeChat Application Combined with Convolutional Neural Network for Skin Cancer Recognition

Junlin Wu
The skin cancer detection process is complex and time-consuming. The rise of machine learning led to the invention of skin detection models. However, the models are rarely used in the real world and the few implementations are slow and not lightweight. This paper sought to solve the issue by developing...
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Analyze The Intelligent Information Processing Model of Ideological and Political Teaching Material Management System in "Three-Stage Gradual" Teaching

Guolan Liu, Siyu Cai, Li Zhang, Sujuan Hu
Analyze the intelligent information processing model of ideological and political teaching material management system is a new teaching structure. Through the ingenious combination of theoretical model and intelligent system, the teaching effect of Ideological and political education has been developed...
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Research on the Coordination Degree of Higher Education and Economy under the Background of Information Education--Based on the Panel Data of 31 Provinces and Cities from 2010 to 2019

Peng Wu, Yechuan Fan, Qunxi Gong
Based on the development trend of informatization education, the coupling coordination degree and spatial effect of higher education and economic development are studied by using the coordination degree evaluation model and Moran scatter diagram. Even though the level of educational informatization in...
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Construction of A Virtual Simulation Experimental Platform for Children’s Drama Creation

Cuiping Shan, Weiying Wu, Xiaoqian Shi
In the era of informatization, in order to make up for the defect of repeated rehearsals, long learning cycles, and insufficient environmental resources in the current children’s drama education, a virtual simulation experiment platform for children’s drama creation has been designed. With the help of...
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Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education (IAEE) Driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Jing Wu, Ying Zhang
With the continuous development and progress of society, the value of scientific and technological innovation and entrepreneurship is becoming more and more obvious;In the process of innovation and entrepreneurship, schools have created a lot of social wealth for the society, and there is an urgent need...
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The Diversified Informationized Blended Teaching Reform of Internet of Things Course under the New Situation

Wei Li, Qinghua Yang
Under the new situation of vigorous development of emerging technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence and Internet of things, the cultivation of compound, innovative and engineering talents is the mainstream requirement of new engineering education, which makes the information-based teaching...
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Construction of Practical Teaching Platform for Business Administration Major Under the Background of Educational Informatization

Dong Zhang
After entering the information age, the country has invested more and more human, material and financial resources in people's educational level and educational content, which is helpful in improving the education level in China. For colleges and universities, the increase of education and teaching...
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Quality Evaluation of College Students Based on Moran Index Analysis

Liang Ye, Shun Ding, Jin Lu
Current studies on student quality are mainly based on college entrance examination results or rankings, without considering the differences in exam content and difficulty, which makes it difficult to compare matriculate quality horizontally and longitudinally. To solve the above problems, this paper...
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An Analysis on the Influencing Factors of Teacher Education Satisfaction in Comprehensive Universities Based on SPSS

Guang Ma, Peng Hou
As an important way to train teachers, teacher education plays a key role in the development of national education. The study of teacher education satisfaction is helpful to understand the state of teacher education and timely correct the problems in the process of teacher education, which has important...
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Mainstream Big Data Parallel Computing System Performance Optimization

Yarong Lv
In recent years, with the widespread application of the Internet and information technology in people's production and life, the amount of data generated by all walks of life every day has shown a geometric and explosive growth trend, and the real-time nature of data analysis has become increasingly...
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Development of University Ideological and Political Practice Management Platform based on Computer Technology

Jiali Zhou
The evaluation of the teaching quality of ideological and political courses is an important part of ideological and political education in colleges and universities. Its goal is to strengthen the teaching quality of ideological and political education in colleges and universities and promote the comprehensive...
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Analysis of Classroom Behavior in Vocational Education with Human-Computer Collaboration

Dongjie Xiao, Ran Ma
With the development of Chinese education informatization, the human-computer collaborative education model has been deeply developed and widely applied. The application of human-computer collaborative education model in vocational education has shown positive changes in learning atmosphere, students'...
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Application of Data Science in Food Recipe Optimization

Hui Ding
Data science is very important for food product experiments, fusing data science technology into the field of modern food science can continuously optimize the formula or process, and improve product quality. This paper through potato chicken balls as a case, and aims to attract more artificial intelligence...
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Prediction of Students' Academic Learning Performance Based on Big Learning Data

Jing Sun
With the development of computer technology and network technology, intelligent teaching platform is gradually applied to the field of education, such as classroom on rainy days. It collects and records a large amount of classroom data, such as student attendance, classroom interaction and classroom...
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Exploring the Factors Influencing the Psychological Conditions of College Students with Financial Difficulties Based on Structural Equation Modeling

Yanhui Huang, Xuyan Cai, HongYan Li, Zhicheng Niu, Xing Cai
This paper aims to explore the factors influencing the psychological status of students with financial difficulties in colleges based on a Structural Equation Modeling (SEM), and a questionnaire survey was conducted among 1218 students with financial difficulties in colleges of China. SEM was used to...
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Optimization Design and Realization of English Language and Literature Teaching Management System

Ying Yu
The rapid development of information technology is revolutionizing and changing the current education. In recent years, with the further deepening of the reform of English education in colleges and universities, “student-centered” has become the main form respected by colleges and universities. English...
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Development of College Entrance Examination Voluntary Application Assistant System Based on Big Data Technology

Haidong Yang
The reform of college entrance examination is a major measure of the reform of talent selection mechanism. It not only pays attention to the comprehensive quality of students and respects the right of students to choose independently, but also brings difficulties for examinees and families to fill in...
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Game Modeling and Differential Analysis of Supervisory Mechanism for Admissions Publicity in Colleges and Universities

Xin Zhao, Yulan Wang, Dong Lv
With the deepening of the comprehensive reform of the National College Entrance Examination (NCEE), the competition among colleges and universities to attract excellent students is becoming more and more intense. In order to ensure the quality and optimize the components of students, colleges and universities...
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Analysis of The Impact of Employment Stress on The Mental Health of College Graduates: Based on Social Support and The Mediating Role of Self-Efficacy—Jilin Province as An Example

Yufang He, Chengye Zhang, Fang Xia, Li Sun
This paper explores the mediating role of social support and self-efficacy in the relationship between employment stress and psychological health. A total of 1062 graduates from general colleges and universities in Jilin Province were surveyed using the Employment Stress Scale, the Self-Efficacy Scale,...
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Does One More Year of Rural Preschool Education Have More Dosage Effects?

Chen Zhao, Xingli Zhang, Si Chen, Jiannong Shi
Inadequate and unbalanced development of preschool education is a prominent problem of China’s education. development. In poverty-stricken rural areas, the population of pre-school-aged children generally exceeds the local capacity to provide services, resulting in some pre-school-aged children, especially...
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Length Analysis of Training Data for F10.7 Prediction Method Based on Deep Learning

Wenhui Cui, Xi Gan, Xiaofei Ma, Keshan He, Boru Wang
The F10.7 solar radiation index is of great significance for the calculation of atmospheric density in low-Earth orbit. In recent years, a variety of neural network methods, especially the LSTM method, have been used for the modeling and forecasting of the F10.7 index, but the research on the length...
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Research on the Teaching of “Sensor” Integrating Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education

Mengjiao Lu, Xiuting Shao, Hengbiao Chen
Sensor technology, communication technology, and computer technology are the three pillars of information science and technology. The content of the sensor course is complex and involves a wide range of knowledge, which leads to students confused and not knowing how to apply the knowledge. The deep integration...
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Teachers’ Professional Development Trends and Reflections from the Perspective of Smart Education

Ruixue Yang, Bo Zhao, Meng Liu, Zeping Wu
This paper sorts out the relevant research on the professional development of teachers in the context of smart education, and provides a reference for the research on the professional development of smart teachers in my country. Using the CiteSpace analysis software and the core journals of educational...
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Construction and Application of Online Teaching Platform for Ideological and Political Content of Investigation Course Based on Python

Minghua Zhang, Rongbin Hao
In order to train preparatory investigative talents with excellent political quality for our investigative organs, the author of this paper develops an online teaching platform for ideological and political education of investigation courses based on the combination of Django back-end framework of Python...
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Research on the Deciding Factors of Blended Learning Effect of Law Students under the Background of Metaverse

Bo Han
The concept of the metaverse has had a significant and far-reaching impact on the reform of higher education, and blended learning is completely in line with the concept of the metaverse. Especially for law students, thanks to the rapid update of legal knowledge, the need for blended learning is often...
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The Influence of College Students’ Online Learning Engagement on Deep Learning—The Mediating Role of Learning Interaction

Yan Ma, Tangren Ju
The occurrence of online deep learning is a common expectation among researchers. And whether the depth and frequency of online learning interactions and the depth of learning engagement affect learners’ deep learning is a hot topic in the current research field. Based on the vision of 3P teaching theory,...
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The Realization of Intelligent Remote Multimedia Physical Education Teaching System

Zhengen Zou
In the traditional physical education teaching methods need teachers and students two-way interaction, in this era of intelligent life everywhere, teaching has also become novel, remote multimedia teaching extended to physical education, greatly strengthening the teaching methods and teaching concepts,...
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Intelligent Scheduling on Electric Vehicle Routing Problem with Simultaneous Pickup and Delivery

Wei Xu, Ming Cheng
In this paper, we use intelligent scheduling technique to propose an electric vehicle routing problem with simultaneous pickup and delivery (EVRPSPD) model which considers the load-dependent discharging (LD). The model aims to minimize the working time including travel time, charging time, service time,...
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Design of Zoo 3D Roaming System Based on Unity3D Virtual Reality Technology

Yunchao Yang, Zhengheng Lu, Yan Xu
With the improvement of people's living standards, there is a growing demand for zoo visits. In the case of the large-scale popularization of smartphones and tablet computers, relying on the innovation and entrepreneurship project of college students, a VR experiential zoo 3D roaming system has...
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Practice And Research on Online and Offline Mixed Teaching of “Dancing Grass Dragon” in Songjiang

Huangsheng Kong
By using the methods of literature, case analysis, questionnaire survey, induction and summary, through the practical exploration of the integration of Songjiang “grass dragon dance” and physical education in higher vocational colleges, the purpose of improving the national sports cultural literacy of...
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Improving College Teachers(CT) Information-based Teaching Ability in the Era of Artificial Intelligence(AI)

Shan Wang
With the transformation of the fourth generation information technology represented by cloud computing, big data and AI, higher education has gradually entered the stage of intelligent development, which puts forward higher requirements for the teaching ability (TA) of CT. Therefore, the research on...
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Multi-stage Semantic Attention with Transformer for Multi-label Image Classification

Qi Du, Ying Ma, Jianmin Li
Multi-label image classification is a fundamental classification task, which seeks to assign numerous possible labels to an image. Many deep convolutional neural network (CNN)-based approaches to discovering the semantics of labels and learning the semantic representation of images by modeling label...
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Cloud Education Model and Evaluation Based on AHP and BP Neural Network

Jingjing NIE
Study the current state of cloud technology use in teaching, and train the cloud teaching mode and operational process. To judge whether the cloud mode of instruction has achieved the desired effect, the method of combining the analytical hierarchy process with the BP neural network is selected. A system...
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Live Broadcast of University Ceremony: Technology System and Narrative Strategy

Jing Liang, Yumeng Xie, Jingpei Li
In recent years, radio and television technology's rapid development has promoted the popularization of live broadcast globally, which many universities use, particularly nowadays. In 2020, the COVID-19 coronavirus broke out in various parts of the world. Besides online innovation in curriculum...
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Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development of Artificial Intelligence(AI) based on Big Data and Cloud Computing(CC)

Xiaojian Han
With the comprehensive application of BD and CC technology and the vigorous development of Art Majors in Colleges and universities across the country, the emerging course of Innovation and Entrepreneurship(IAE) needs more and more talents with innovation ability to tap their productivity, and more and...
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Design and Research of Economics Online Learning Platform Based on Java Language Environment

Lei Lin
Based on the Java language development environment, this paper takes Sakai CLE version 2.8.1 as the basic framework, selects appropriate functional components and related data API interfaces, and completes the construction of online learning platform of economics network with a feasible secondary development...
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Efficacy of Usage of Digital Game on Key Competencies among Prospective Chinese Language Teachers

Xianfeng Li, Jinyan Fu
As a new media, digital games are playing a more and more important role in intelligent education. However, few attempts have been made to investigate efficacy of usage of digital game on key competencies of students in the 21st century in higher education. The objective of the study was to determine...
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An Empirical Study on the Evaluation and Analysis of Student Learning Satisfaction under the Concept of “New Three Centers”

Xin Fang, Fangxing Lyu
Student learning satisfaction refers to the degree of satisfaction that students achieve their learning goals in school. Based on the concept of “New Three Centers”, a student learning satisfaction evaluation model consisting of three dimensions of “student development, learning process, and learning...
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SPSS-Based Analysis of Factors Affecting High School Students’ Core Literacy in The Context of The New College Entrance Examination

Yi Ding, Shu Zhang, Ruogu Zhang, Weiqi Zhou, Ruiwen Ye, Jiaxin Zhang
Core literacy is the centralized embodiment of scientific education, and the “General High School Information Technology Curriculum Standards” clearly state that efforts should be made to develop core literacy at the high school level. This paper investigates the core literacy of information technology...
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A Model of Harmonious Guidance Relationship Based on the Extracurricular Interaction Mechanism between Mentors and Students

Yihan Liu, Qianxi Zhang
The guidance relationship between mentors and graduate students affects the quality of graduate training. An empirical study was conducted for graduate students in a double-class university in China to establish the mechanism of extracurricular interaction between mentors and students in three dimensions:...
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Research on College Mathematics Auxiliary Teaching System Based on Computer Platform

Shixiang Wang
With the development and popularization of computer technology and the Internet, people have entered an information-based society, and the traditional teaching mode cannot meet the needs of teaching. Now online teaching has become a common education method. The long-distance real-time interaction function...
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How to Use Social Identity Theory to Stimulate Students’ Community Citizenship Behavior in a Blended Learning Environment

Li Yu Tseng, Hui Shan Chen, Yun Liu
The course group is the best channel for teachers to build relationships with students and other members in the blended learning environment. Based on the theory of social identity, this research explores the impact of learning passion, community engagement, learning commitment, and community commitment...
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Design and Development of Online Teaching System of Pharmaceutical Administration Management in Colleges and Universities Based on Web

Liujing Wan
Firstly, this paper studies the background and teaching status of pharmaceutical administration management, and summarizes the existing problems in pharmaceutical administration management’s education and teaching. Then, taking the teaching practice as the starting point and according to the teaching...
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Knowledge-enhanced Representation based-on Contrastive Learning and Informative Entities

Pingchuang Ma, Jianhua Miao, Chunyang Ruan
In the field of NLP, sentence representation model is a popular task. The emergence of pre-trained representation model based on transformer structure yields significant results for downstream tasks. Besides, since the introduction of contrastive learning based on the pre-train representation model two...
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The Construction of Prediction Model based on Decision Tree-Neural Network Algorithm for Identifying Poverty-Stricken College Students

Yuncong Zeng, Yifan Han
In the context of “three comprehensive education” in campus, the support for economically disadvantaged students in campus is still one of the key tasks that need to be solved. With the limited resources of financial support for poverty-stricken college students, the identification of these students...
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The Efficacy of Excellence Motivation on Colleges’ Excellence Behaving Based on Data Analysis

Yunhao Wang, Xiangying Wang
Based on the theoretical results of previous studies in social psychology, a mediation model was constructed to explore the mechanism of action. A mediation model was constructed to explore the mechanism of action between college students’ exercise motivation and exercise behavior, focusing on the mediating...
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Construction and Analysis of Evaluation Model of College Students’ Key Competence Information System

Song Yao, Meng Chen
Employment of graduates has become a hot point and a major concern of the society, moreover, many graduates are difficult to find right jobs. There is a large gap between the quality of college talent education and the actual needs for talent of enterprises. Can the gap be accurately evaluated and analyzed...
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Deepfake Technology and Current Legal Status of It

Min Liu, Xijin Zhang
Deepfake refers to the artificial intelligence technology that splices individual sounds, facial expressions, and body movements into false content with the help of neural network technology. It makes it possible to tamper with or generate highly realistic audio and video contents and make it difficult...
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Dynamic Gait Recognition of Chinese Dance Based on Contour Features

Xiaoxuan Gong
Single feature recognition has certain limitations, which can’t fully reflect the differences between dance gait information, resulting in low recognition rate of frame difference features. In this paper, a dynamic gait recognition method for Chinese classical dance is proposed based on contour features....
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Research on Student Satisfaction of Counselors’ Ideological and Political Education Based on PLS-SEM

Chunping Zhu
College counselors in China are the front-line workers of ideological and political education and student affairs in colleges and universities, and they bear very important responsibilities: ideological and political education, student management and service.
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Analysis of Netizens’ Social Mentality of Sina Weibo Hot Network Security Incidents

Meihui Ren
This study takes the network public opinion of Sina Weibo as the starting point, and uses big data mining technology to technically capture three types of network security events and user comments on Sina Weibo in the new era. LIWC (Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count) software conducts machine-assisted...
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Propagation Analysis of Internet Opinion Based on Improved SEIR Model

Yongjie Chu, Cengceng Liu, Yuan Zhu
The exposed group play an important role in public opinion propagation since they can either spread or block the information. In this paper, focusing on the propagation uncertainty and spreading effect of the exposed users on the Internet, the SEIR (Susceptible-Exposed-Infected-Recovered) model is reformulated...
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The Integration of Experiential Teaching into College Students’ Mental Health Education Empirical Research

Qing Zeng
The psychological health problems of college students have attracted more and more attention. The psychological health education courses offered by colleges are the main channel to improve the psychological quality of college students. This study aims to explore a more effective practical model of psychological...
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Exploring The Influence of E-Commerce Multi-Modal Data on Online Shopping Based on Stepwise Regression Model

Yongjie Chu, Jingjing Cao
Online product reviews (OPR) is an important reference information for consumers for online shopping, and has become one of the most persuasive information influencing purchasing decisions of consumers. Researchers have used different methods to explore the impact of various aspects of OPR on consumer...