Proceedings of the 2015 2nd International Conference on Education, Language, Art and Intercultural Communication

234 authors
Lin, Dongchuan
Transformation from Academic Majors to the Application-Oriented Ones in Key Universities
Lin, Lin
Effectiveness of Context on Translation in Literary Works
Liu, Hongyu
Research on the Current Situation of Martial Art Teaching in Confucius Institute and Its Countermeasures
Liu, Yan
Study on the Effectiveness of Politics Theory Teaching in Colleges
Liu, Fangrong
Lexical Chunks and Translation
Liu, Fang
A Case Study of Second Language Translation Competence of Chinese College Students
Liu, Le
Concept Development of Public Art and Its Reflection
Liu, Di
The First Wave: Chinese Film Music in the 1930s
Liu, Yanqi
On Chinese Ancient Architectural Style
Liu, Zhexin
The Secondary Design of Used Clothes Based on Sustainablity
Liu, Bao
Application of Schema Theory in Painting Modeling
Lou, Xiaomin
Analysis on Practical Teaching of Private Colleges of Fine Arts
Lu, Xueqin
Micro-lectures Used in College English Teaching for the Students Majoring in Arts
Lu, Dan
The Practices of Student Development Education in Chinese Higher Education
Lu, Xiangli
Discussion on Linkage between Basic Courses and Professional Courses in Product Design Teaching
Lu, Jianzhou
Brief Discussion on Art Expression in Museum Exhibit Display under Social Significance
Lu, Wenting
Research on Color Planning of Yantai Based on Regional Culture
Lukina, Galima
The Ontology of S.I. Taneev's Art
Lukina, Galima
Aesthetic Views of S. I. Taneyev in a Context of Philosophy of the 19th – Beginning of the 20th Century
Luo, Lei
Study on Current Situation of College Students’ Interest in Learning of Simplified 24-step Tai-chi-chuan and Its Measures
Luo, Yao
On the Application of Interactive College English Syllabus
Lv, Haijun
Discussion on Enlightenment of City Memory for Environmental Design of Traditional Blocks
Lv, Nan
Brand Culture and Localization Design
Lv, Liangwei
On the Design Thinking and Modeling Method of Animation Roles
Ma, Hongcheng
The Syntactical Realization Mode of Sentence-Level Functional Categories in Irish
Ma, Qian
Influence of Five-Elements Theory, Myths And Legends Acting On Character Structure of the Legend of the Condor Heroes
Mao, Wenyan
Strategies of Translating Chinese Address Terms into English in Teaching
Mei, Jiaqi
Major Genres of Country Music and Its Development
Meng, Xiangle
Status Quo of College Students' Bad Exercise Habits and Its Influencing Factors
Merunka, Vojtech
Neoslavonic Language Zonal Language Constructing: Challenge, Experience, Opportunity to the 21st Century
Mikitchenko, Elena
Length and Width “Measurement” in Mood and Light or Few Words on Nationally-and Culture-Specific Representations of Road
Molhanec, Martin
Neoslavonic Language Zonal Language Constructing: Challenge, Experience, Opportunity to the 21st Century
Moroshkin, Eugeny
About the Tradition of Mythological Landscape in Russian Fine Art
Ouyang, Yanrong
Research on Finance Mangement for Undergraduates and its Education and Guiding Strategy
Pei, Hao
Research on Color Planning of Yantai Based on Regional Culture
Peng, Shiyu
Strategies of Translating Chinese Address Terms into English in Teaching
Peng, Hua
Brief Analysis on the Promoting Function of Private Education in Urbanization Process
Pogrebnyak, Yulia
Semantic Characteristics in regards to Concept of the “Soul” in Modern Russian Linguistic Culture Material is Drawn from Internet-Statuses
Qin, Siying
On De Stijl and Architectural Design
Sang, Yajie
Study on Measures for Animation Cultural Development in All Media Platforms
Sang, Yajie
Study on Strategy of Integrative Development of Yantai Old and New Media
Shang, Hua
The Innovation Research of Ideological and Political Education in Private Vocational Colleges Under the New Trend "Moral Responsibility within Art, Ethical Value within People" Characteristic Practice Example of Art and Design Education
Shang, Xuming
On the Present Situation of College English Translation Teaching in China and its Countermeasures
Shang, Huanan
Discussion and Analysis on Ecological Packaging Design in Influence of Crossover Concept
Shang, Lina
The Application of Chinese Traditional Culture in the Animation Scene Design
Shang, Xuming
On D.H. Lawrence’s Pursuing of Moral Ideals in His Novels
Shen, Liying
Current Situation of Rhythmic Gymnastics Teaching in Colleges and Its Measures
Shen, Jun
Foreignization and Domestication in Chinese Translation of Toni Morrison’s Beloved in the Perspective of Cross-cultural Communication
Shi, Lei
The Important Embodiment of the Growth Care in Kindergarten Furniture Design
Sliapniova, Larysa
The Bologna Process in Higher Education of Belarus
Song, Yapeng
The Causes and Strategies of “More Time Less Efficiency” of College English Teaching in Private University
Song, Di
Research on Garden Landscape Planning and Construction in New Rural Construction of Jiaodong Region
Song, Yiwen
Study on Yangzhou Woodcut Prints in the Qing Dynasty
Stoyanova, Radostina
Lexical Variation of ‘divine quietness’– ‘silence’ in the Slavonic Versions of the Ascetical Homilies of Saint Isaac the Syrian Based on Material from Homily 21 of Version A and Homilies 10-14 from Version B
Su, Juanjuan
Conversion of Subjective Education in Modern Education
Su, Shujuan
Analysis on Formal Beauty of Chinese Calligraphy from the Viewpoint of Composition
Sun, Jing
Flying Music Teaching Idea, Building up an Adaptive and Accommodative Way of Teaching - Running toward Freedom
Sun, Hongjuan
Study on Design Symbol of Short Animation Film
Sun, Yating
Discussion of Application of Ecological Design Idea in Industrial Design
Sun, Lili
Research on the Aesthetic Feature of Material in Industrial Product Design
Sun, Yuming
Analysis on the Interactive Mode in Network Media Environment
Tang, Zhijuan
Research on Teaching Reform of Costume CAD Course for Application-oriented Talents
Teng, Yali
On Feng Zikai’s Buddhist Life
Tian, Pinjing
Research on Foreign Language Testing
Tsyganov, Alexander
The Bologna Process in Higher Education of Belarus
Volkova, Anastasia
“Myth of a Gypsy Woman” as the Quintessence of the Dream of Freedom in the Works by A.S. Pushkin and P. Merimee
Volodina, Maria
Tolstoy in Italian Criticism
Wang, Xu
Explanation of Five Potential Quality Education Functions in Music Education
Wang, Ning
The Philosophy of “Form” and “Modeling” in Sketching Education
Wang, Yadi
The Practices of Student Development Education in Chinese Higher Education
Wang, Yajuan
Research on Practical Teaching Forms of Ideological and Political Theory Course in Colleges
Wang, Ning
On the Artistry and Negative Effects of Sadomasochism
Wang, Lijuan
Tourism Landscape Planning of New Countryside Landscape Planning and Design of Yantai Longkou Nanshan Tourist Attraction
Wang, Lanzhen
Symbolic Expression and Application in Graphic Design
Wang, Yang
Research on the Tourism Image Strategy of Small Towns Based on CI Theory
Wang, Hongmin
Design Talent Training Strategies under the Multi-interactive Teaching Model
Wang, Yu
Research on Application of Central Plains Art Elements in Contemporary Network Animation
Wang, Jing
Bryson’s View on Tradition in Art History: “The Anxiety of Influence”
Wang, Xiaoyu
Research on the Development of Rural Cultural Industry Based on Urban-rural Integration
Wang, Zhenhua
Analysis on the Necessity of Protection and Inheritance of Intangible Culture Heritage of Music in Campus Conditions
Wei, Yunjia
Assumption on Curriculum System Construction of Environmental Design Specialty under the Background of Application Transformation
Wei, Ying
The Application of Stick Figures in Primary School English Teaching
Wei, Daizhen
Research of Enterprise Visual Identity Design on Urban Development
Wu, Qianqian
Discussion on the Importance of Performing Art in Teaching of Broadcasting and Hosting
Wu, Fengjuan
Paradox: The Way of the Peaceful Warrior
Wu, Fengjuan
Reaping the Royal Rewards of Risk-Taking
Xia, Quan
Media Report and Crisis Response on Zhejiang Provincial First Normal School’s Arsenic Poisoning Case in Republic of China
Xia, Yan
Design on Urban Landscape Facilities based on Mass Behavior
Xie, Haihong
Arousal and Extension of Auspicious Culture in the Teaching Process
Xu, Ying
Architecture Speciality of Sketch Teaching
Xu, Yan
Pragmatic Analysis of Verbal Humors from the Perspective of Address Forms
Xu, Zhaofang
Exploration on New Tendency of Fur Clothing Design
Xu, Nan
Discussion on Modern Business Marketing Mode of Traditional Folk Arts and Crafts
Yan, Li
Discussion on Humanistic Design Method of Atrium Space in Modern Architecture
Yang, Pingping
Current Situation of Practical Teaching for Undergraduate Visual Communication Specialty and its Measures
Yang, Lijuan
The Practices of Student Development Education in Chinese Higher Education
Yang, He
Illusion of Portrait Photography
Yang, Yanan
Analysis on Artistic Characteristics of Vernacular Architecture in Henan Regional Culture
Yao, Ting
Exploration and Analysis of the Application of Chinese Etymology in the Chinese Character Font Design
Yu, Hongyan
Analysis of Influence on Art Education in Chinese Colleges by “Picture-Reading Times”