Proceedings of the 2015 2nd International Conference on Education, Language, Art and Intercultural Communication

234 authors
Yu, Lidan
Application of Emotional Factors in Optimizing College English Teaching
Yu, Jiefang
Study on Cultivation Quality Evaluation Mode of Talents Specialized in Art Design
Yu, Hongyan
Cultural Analysis of Tourism Landscape in Yantai Nanshan Mountain
Yu, Fuyan
Case Analysis and Experience Enlightenment of Foreign and Domestic Mining Wasteland Landscape Reconstruction Design
Yu, Hongyan
Study on Thoughts of Cultural Industry Development in Yantai and its Measures
Yu, Dehua
Brief Analysis on Ceramic Culture of Yangwuling Kiln
Yuan, Xiaodong
Study on Sino-Foreign Aesthetics Differentiation of Modern Design in Recent 30 Years (1985-2015)
Zeng, Na
Teaching English Listening from the Perspective of Flipped Classroom
Zhang, Mei
The Influence of English Learning Attrition on Language Learning Strategies
Zhang, Yuanyuan
Survey on College English Follow-up Elective Courses (Section A)
Zhang, Lei
Reflection on Talent Cultivation Mode of Higher Vocational Art and Design Education in New Era
Zhang, Zhenya
Applied Study on the Reproduction of Visual Perception in Photographic Creation
Zhang, Pingqing
Research on the Tourism Image Strategy of Small Towns Based on CI Theory
Zhang, Xiaohui
Analysis on the Social Culture in the Art Theme of China Gongyi Grotto Temple
Zhang, Ling
Application of Water Element in Modern Landscape Design
Zhang, Lingling
Decorative Blown Glass in Interior Furnishing
Zhang, Xiaowei
Analysis of Visual Language Characteristic in Logo Design
Zhang, Xiaofei
Analysis on the Innovative Application of Visual Symbol Mud Cuckoo in Package Design
Zhang, Congli
Drawing Farmer by the Hand of A Farmer Interpretating Millet’s Farmer Image Painting
Zhang, Xueling
Study on Brand Communication Principle
Zhang, Bianling
Research on Sustainable Development of Folk Culture Industry in Henan
Zhang, Weiran
On the Students’ Misbehaviors in Class and Countermeasures in the Internet-Based Teaching Environment
Zhao, Kerang
Research on Zhengzhou City Image Construction Based on Local Culture
Zhao, Xiaotang
Bryson’s View on Tradition in Art History: “The Anxiety of Influence”
Zheng, Jiayan
Discussion on Application and Aesthetic Appreciation of Graphics in Series Packaging Design
Zheng, Ya’nan
On the Relationship between Modern Industrial Design and Traditional Craft
Zhou, Minli
Research on MTCSOL Cultivation Mode at Normal Universities in Underdeveloped Inland Regions A Case of Jiangxi Normal University
Zhou, Shu
Cultivating the Growth Mindset of Elementary School Students’ English Learning through Backward Design
Zhou, Gang
On Art College English Teaching from the Perspective of Postmethod Pedagogy
Zhou, Dapeng
Wine Packaging Aesthetics and Design Based on Chinese Wine Culture
Zhou, Mingzhen
Research on advertising art in New Media Era
Zhu, Changyan
Discussion on the Great Master Mr. Xin Shuzhi’s Thought of Running School A Case Study of National Lanzhou University
Zhu, Chen
Transnational Communication of National Soft Power Taking Peng Liyuan's Diplomatic Activities as Example
Zuo, Yulong
Exploration of the Use of Educational Game Mode in Kids Teaching