Proceedings of the 2015 2nd International Conference on Education, Language, Art and Intercultural Communication

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The Bologna Process in Higher Education of Belarus

Larysa Sliapniova, Alexander Tsyganov
Belarus joined the Bologna process in spring 2015, which called for the need to converge higher education systems of Belarus and countries of the European Higher Education Area. Higher Education systems in different countries are brought to standard in several ways. The member states of the Bologna process...
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Modern Paradigms in Education under Social and Cultural Challenges

Maksim Kochetkov
This paper will study the social and cultural changes in the society which could demand the adequate transformations of the higher school. There are justified main characteristics of the spiritual and creative paradigm suggested for all the levels of education. By doing so, there are proven statements...
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Transformation from Academic Majors to the Application-Oriented Ones in Key Universities

Dongchuan Lin, Jing Gao, Yongbing Li, Shanxiang Liang
In recent years the government has made efforts to reform education and issued a series of policy documents about the transformation of colleges and universities. In the process of educational reform, a key university should take the initiative to play the comprehensive advantages of disciplines and...
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Discussion on Curriculum System of Applied Undergraduate Course Teaching in Art and Design

Jing Li
Curriculum system is the core of talent training mode, and based on the nature and talents orientation of applied undergraduate education, it elaborates four aspects of applied undergraduate education in art and design, namely curriculum content, curriculum structure, curriculum propulsion mode and curriculum...
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Discussion on Practical Teaching Mode in the Classroom Teaching in Art and Design of Colleges and Universities

Qiku Bao
With the development of social economy, people's aesthetic and other spiritual level requirements are also increasing, so it brings higher requirements and challenges to students majoring in environmental art design and relevant professional teachers. In order to meet the development needs of society,...
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Ecological Perspective of Classroom Teaching Manifest Vigor of Life, Back to Essence of Classroom

Lijuan Feng
Internal and external relationship of education is interpreted from the principles of ecology systematicness, life nature, balance, coexistence and interaction and self growth to form fundamental principles of educational ecology. Applying the fundamental principles to classroom teaching is to back to...
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Discussion on Practice-oriented Talent Cultivation Mode of Preschool Education

Jichuan Li
The particularity of preschool education requires that kindergarten teachers should have a strong practical ability, so the talent cultivation for preschool education shall manifest its practicality. The talent cultivation for preschool education shall reflect the teachers’ practice-oriented knowledge-based...
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Research on MTCSOL Cultivation Mode at Normal Universities in Underdeveloped Inland Regions A Case of Jiangxi Normal University

Minli Zhou
Jiangxi Normal University has come up against some problems such as unreasonable curriculum provision, insufficient internship location and duration, unsatisfactory thesis quality and lagged teaching staff construction in the process of cultivating MTCSOL. As a result, specific measures need to be adopted...
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Exploring Affective Factors Influencing Spoken English Teaching in College

Liyan He
The article explains the definition of affect, categories of affective factors and puts forward some measures of cultivating positive affect and reducing negative affect in spoken English teaching. It greatly contributes to improving students’ oral English in college.
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The Influence of English Learning Attrition on Language Learning Strategies

Mei Zhang
The article aims to investigate the influence of the English learning attrition on language learning strategies. The data show the three kinds of strategies are reduced with the attrition time.
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Analysis of Influence on Art Education in Chinese Colleges by “Picture-Reading Times”

Hongyan Yu, Haifeng Dai
The society of 21st century has entered into an age of mass communication, and has entered a “picture-reading times” from the “world-reading times”. The picture-reading times is an inevitable result of social development. In the process of college art education, we shall make rational utilization of...
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Analysis on Application of Football Game in Football Class Teaching in College

Feng Ju
As an important means of football teaching activities, football game plays a very important role in improving the efficiency of football teaching. Because football game is an interactive and interesting activity, it is warmly welcomed by college students. Meanwhile, it also makes up for the problems...
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Effective Application of "Question Teaching Method" in Basketball Teaching

Jian Hua
The teaching philosophy in physical education points out that the foothold and starting point of the physical education should be the needs of students themselves. Teachers should arouse students' enthusiasm for physical education, change their passive learning habits and make them more active in their...
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Strategies of Translating Chinese Address Terms into English in Teaching

Bin Chen, Shiyu Peng, Wenyan Mao
Due to cultural differences, Chinese address terms are more complicated than English address terms, and the number of Chinese address terms are much more than English address terms. It is hard to find equivalent English address terms for some Chinese address terms with unique Chinese culture in translation....
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Survey on College English Follow-up Elective Courses (Section A)

Bin Chen, Yuanyuan Zhang
To meet non-English majors’ English learning needs, College English Follow-up Elective Courses system was set up at our school, and ten English Elective Courses were provided for them to select according to their requirement for the first time. To probe students’ feedback concerning College English Follow-up...
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Research on Teaching Reform of Costume CAD Course for Application-oriented Talents

Yuwei Guo, Zhijuan Tang
This paper has proposed the requirements for application-oriented and interdisciplinary talents who have solid knowledge structure and strong comprehensive ability needed in the costume industry against such problems as teaching mode is simple, course contents setting and course evaluation system are...
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The Construction and Development of Open Network Learning Platform in Higher Vocational Education

Yiqiang Liao
Facing the society to carry out continuing education of enterprise employees is an important function of higher vocational colleges. Under new technology trend, with the help of network methods, implementing remote online education has provided vast development prospect for continuing education of higher...
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Current Situation of Practical Teaching for Undergraduate Visual Communication Specialty and its Measures

Pingping Yang
To strengthen art and design practice and improve the quality of talents cultivation, the education for visual communication specialty in colleges must be market-oriented, and build a sound professional practical teaching system, enhance students’ comprehensive competitiveness to achieve the goal of...
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Discussion on the Great Master Mr. Xin Shuzhi’s Thought of Running School A Case Study of National Lanzhou University

Changyan Zhu
The establishment of National Lanzhou University reflects that the national government’s attention to the northwest. The establishment of the National Lanzhou University also bears the mission of developing and constructing the Northwest. Xin Shuzhi, as the first president of National Lanzhou University,...
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Brief Analysis of Education Industrialization under China's Market Economy

Gaoshen Li
The definition of the education industrialization is the education are considered as an industry, the school is considered as a company. The market economy mechanism and rule should be transplanted into the whole education to allocate the education resource by market mechanism. The school should put...
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The Innovation Research of Ideological and Political Education in Private Vocational Colleges Under the New Trend "Moral Responsibility within Art, Ethical Value within People" Characteristic Practice Example of Art and Design Education

Hua Shang
This article analyzed the ideological and political education, art and design education; their relationships of unique tasks and content, and the close mutual interest of promoting each other. Based on the analysis of the internal relations between the ideological and political education and the education...
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Research on the Teaching and Learning of the English Double Major in China Based on a Sample Survey of China West Normal University English Double Major Students

Chunli Huang
The intercollegiate and Inter-disciplinary study a second major is increasingly popular in Chinese higher education. The development of English double major is in the constructive and tentative period. At present, the main problems for the English double major consist in several aspects: outmoded teaching...
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Flying Music Teaching Idea, Building up an Adaptive and Accommodative Way of Teaching - Running toward Freedom

Jing Sun
The flying music teaching idea changes the traditional teaching mode and activates students' music thinking in an open education mode. In the classroom teaching, it changes the “image of teacher”, and uses the classroom form with students as main body, and encourages students' behavior and performance....
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Status Quo of College Students' Bad Exercise Habits and Its Influencing Factors

Xiangle Meng
Objective: to investigate the status quo and the influencing factors of college students' bad exercise habits. Methods: select 500 college students randomly, and carry out investigation with self-designed questionnaire. Use descriptive statistics and chi-square test to make analysis. Results: The students...
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Establishment of Learning Environment under the Integration of Physical Education Design

Kaiwen Li
Physical education design is a complex process. It can make the effects of students’ application of knowledge and skills more optimized through integrating design philosophy and value orientation of design to establish learning environments for individuals or groups.
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Explanation of Five Potential Quality Education Functions in Music Education

Xu Wang
In recent years, the quantity of students specialized in music in colleges and technical secondary schools are a few times or even a dozen times more than those before reforming and opening up, which is indeed good to the development of art education. However, it becomes a common question before us what...
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Application of Emotional Factors in Optimizing College English Teaching

Lidan Yu
Optimizing English teaching, improving the efficiency of English learning and promoting integrated development of students are the concerns that each English educator pays the most attention to. But when people analyze teaching process, they often focus on cognitive system, while emotional factor, the...
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Study on Cultivation Quality Evaluation Mode of Talents Specialized in Art Design

Jiefang Yu
Quite a lot students cultivated by higher education schools cannot adapt to the social development needs as the society is continuously developing and the whole economic structure is under adjustment step by step. Meanwhile, the higher education in our country has walked into the phase of popularity...
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Reflection on Talent Cultivation Mode of Higher Vocational Art and Design Education in New Era

Lei Zhang
This paper has presented a systemic description on talent cultivation mode of higher vocational art & design education from longitudinal and transverse perspectives using the method of theoretical research and case analysis in combination with comparison and conclusion, and has put forward an assumption...
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Study on Current Situation of College Students’ Interest in Learning of Simplified 24-step Tai-chi-chuan and Its Measures

Lei Luo
Interest in learning is one of the essential factors that affect teaching effect and the foundation for students to participate in the teaching activities actively. In teaching of 24-step simplified Tai-chi-chuan, improving college student’s interest in learning is an important task of teaching activities...
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Exploitation of Primary School Students’ Multiple Intelligences through Application of Game and Music in English Teaching

Chunli Huang
To exploit students’ multiple intelligences is most important in the primary school education reformations in China. In order to stimulate students’ enthusiasm of learning English, teachers try to apply game and music methods into English class. Games and music methods can not only inspire students'...
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Research on Teaching Mode Reform of Design Courses in Major of Apparel Art and Design

Na Li
Teaching mode is a stable and simple teaching structure formed by teaching activities according to certain teaching objectives, teaching contents and students’ cognitive features under the guidance of teaching thought and educational theory. Professional clothing design academies aim at cultivating practical...
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The Causes and Strategies of “More Time Less Efficiency” of College English Teaching in Private University

Yapeng Song
Recently, a series of reforms in college English have made remarkable effects, but the problem of “more time less efficiency” still exists and has been one of the heated topics in teaching. This paper analyzes the causes from the perspectives of social environment, teacher and student, then puts forward...
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Assumption on Curriculum System Construction of Environmental Design Specialty under the Background of Application Transformation

Tianshun Hu, Yunjia Wei
Nowadays, the national economy is developing rapidly, and the demand of market for talents is changing tremendously as well. After years of development, although environmental design specialty expands continuously, there are quite lot problems in the segment of linkage to the market, as the original...
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Research on Problems in English Teaching and Learning in Private Higher Vocational Colleges

Hong Li
In order to keep abreast with the times, college and university students should be equipped with higher personal abilities not only in English but also in communication and cooperation. Therefore, we did a close investigation into the abilities of Private Higher Vocational Colleges students in the aspects...
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The Philosophy of “Form” and “Modeling” in Sketching Education

Ning Wang
Representing the “natural form” does not mean obliterating its natural properties, instead, the representing must not only adapt to the object but also keep independent of the object. Adaptation here refers to grasping the “natural form”, namely precisely understanding the basic structure and spatial...
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Barriers to Integration for Chinese Overseas Students in Canada with special reference to China Science “Two Plus Two” Students in X University, Canada

Huan Li
This paper is a research into the barriers for Chinese students in overseas study which take the China “Two Plus Two” students in School of Science, X University, Canada as a case. On the basis of individual and group interviews, findings show that Chinese students meet obstacles in language, academic...
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Brief Analysis on the Promoting Function of Private Education in Urbanization Process

Hua Peng
After the reform and opening up, our country accelerates turning from traditional agricultural society to modern industrial society. Urbanization process is one of the typical symbols of the progress of this profound social form and it is endowed with the “strategic role of expanding domestic demand”...
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An Empirical Study on Young College English Teachers’ Professional Practice Ability in Minority Areas

Kun Li
This paper analyzes the current situation of young college English Teacher’s professional practice ability, especially teachers in minority areas. The study points out the problems that exist in young college English teachers’ professional practice abilities and at the same time introduces several ways...
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Research on the Current Situation of Martial Art Teaching in Confucius Institute and Its Countermeasures

Hongyu Liu
As an important platform to spread Chinese culture to overseas and promote international exchanges and cooperation, the promotion of martial arts in Confucius Institute is an important means also an effective way to output traditional Chinese culture as well as internationalize martial arts. This paper...
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Current Situation of Rhythmic Gymnastics Teaching in Colleges and Its Measures

Liying Shen
The Rhythmic Gymnastics course opened for physical education colleges is beneficial to cultivation of students’ external temperament and their overall development, which is suitable for students’ mental health development demands; however, the current teaching of college Rhythmic Gymnastics is facing...
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Architecture Speciality of Sketch Teaching

Ying Xu
This article in view of the art institute of architecture speciality and the general architecture speciality basic course and the difference between the different of education and the education as the object of, respectively, were analyzed, and put forward the basic course of material and skin texture...
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Exploration of the Use of Educational Game Mode in Kids Teaching

Yulong Zuo
With the development of computer and the popularization of Intelligent mobile phone, tablet computer, electronic game has been very difficult to separate from the world of the children in the kids world. As how to make rational use of educational games in the teaching, based on the analysis of the characteristics...
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Micro-lectures Used in College English Teaching for the Students Majoring in Arts

Xueqin Lu
Micro-lectures bring a new idea to the traditional college English teaching reform. Many students majoring in arts are poor at English and not interested in it. They also lack motive in English learning. Teachers took the college English teaching for them as a tough task, at the same time students regard...
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Research on Finance Mangement for Undergraduates and its Education and Guiding Strategy

Yanrong Ouyang
Finance management is a dynamic development and changing process running through the whole life of a person. So a good finance management habit decides his life quality. The college times is the golden times of a person, however, because they didn’t receive finance management from family, university...
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The Application of Stick Figures in Primary School English Teaching

Ying Wei
Stick figures are visually effective in words teaching, grammar teaching and texts teaching, which are widely applied in primary teaching. By supplying teaching material a lively and vivid circumstance, teachers can not only organize teaching procedure to gain better effects, but also satisfy children’s...
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On Several Issues of Community Correction Education in China Taking Community Correction Education Method as an Example

Dong Liang
The main educational methods of community correction in China include legal education method, moral education method, and criminal minds correction education method among others. The objects of community correction differ both from the ordinary civics and those criminals during the term of imprisonment....
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The Practices of Student Development Education in Chinese Higher Education

Dan Lu, Yadi Wang, Lijuan Yang
Together with the fast development of higher education in China, the innovation of talents education models has become a key and challenge to modern higher education innovation in China. The lack of modern student development education recognitions from educators and college students is calling for institutions...
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The Application of Flipped Class Model in College English Teaching of Polytechnic Schools

Lei Ding
Current English classes of Polytechnic schools remain little time for the students to study and think by themselves. It is necessary to explore a new teaching model to better improve students’ practical English abilities. Flipped class model and “micro-class” have been widely applied in western countries....
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Media Report and Crisis Response on Zhejiang Provincial First Normal School’s Arsenic Poisoning Case in Republic of China

Chao Jiang, Quan Xia
Zhejiang Provincial First Normal School’s Arsenic Poisoning Case had a profound impact of education in Republic of China. In the process of dealing with Arsenic poisoning case, despite of traffic inconvenience, poor communication and backward medicine, under media’s intervention, school, government,...
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Research on Practical Teaching Forms of Ideological and Political Theory Course in Colleges

Yajuan Wang
The single teaching form is one of the reasons why the effect of practical teaching of ideological and political theory course in colleges is not good. In order to reverse this situation, teachers who teach ideological and political theory course in colleges must truly change teaching concept, give full...
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On the Present Situation of College English Translation Teaching in China and its Countermeasures

Xuming Shang
This paper analyzes the present situation existing in college English translation teaching. After analysis, the paper discusses the problems in the translation teaching and then put forward some countermeasures to change this situation.
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Analysis on Practical Teaching of Private Colleges of Fine Arts

Xiaomin Lou
The particularity of private colleges of art determines the management of its practical teaching has characteristics different from other public colleges. The article starts from analyzing the existing problems, aims at the problems, bases on practice of education and learning and puts forward corresponding...
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Study on the Scientific Research in Private Colleges

Guangdao Li
Talent cultivation, scientific research, society service and culture inheritance and innovation are the basic functions of colleges. Undoubtedly, private colleges also have the function of scientific research. With the continuous development of private higher education, scientific research becomes a...
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Analysis on Social Intervention of Occupational Burnout of Rural Grassroots Teachers

Gongying Li
Currently, the occupational burnout of teachers has become a social issue, especially for the occupational burnout of rural grassroots teachers, and social factor has become the main cause for the occupational burnout of teachers. This article comes up with conducting social intervention in the occupational...
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Study on the Effectiveness of Politics Theory Teaching in Colleges

Yan Liu
Effectiveness is the life blood for the teaching of politics theory in colleges, the starting point and foothold for the reform of politics theory teaching. How to improve the effectiveness of politics theory teaching is a key and difficult problem for politics educator and researchers to face, and this...
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Discussion on Linkage between Basic Courses and Professional Courses in Product Design Teaching

Xiangli Lu
The linkage between basic courses and professional courses is important in the current product design teaching. How to make students clear the role of basic courses in professional courses when they are studying these basic courses and further make application and reflection in the professional courses,...
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How to Cultivate Students' Creative and Innovative Ability in Art and Design Teaching of Colleges

Yonghua Jing
With the continuous development and innovation of cultural and creative industries, we are looking forward the upgrade and transformation of art and design education in colleges and universities. In the teaching of art and design teaching, the cultivation of innovative ability is the core. At present,...
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Conversion of Subjective Education in Modern Education

Juanjuan Su
There is a famous quotation in the Analects of Confucius that “To prefer it is better than only to know it. To delight in it is better than merely to prefer it”. Modern education is a subjective education. It fully affirms and respects people’s subject value, highly carries forward the subjectivity of...
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Neoslavonic Language Zonal Language Constructing: Challenge, Experience, Opportunity to the 21st Century

Vojtech Merunka, Martin Molhanec
This paper describes the project of artificial zonal language construction and first experiences with its use. The paper presents the design principles of this language and the sources of it: Old (Church) Slavonic, Interslavic project, and the False Friend of the Slavic project. Finally, the opportunities...
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Lexical Chunks and Translation

Fangrong Liu
The previous researches mainly highlight the influences of lexical chunks upon English listening, reading and writing, never involving the relationship between lexical chunks and translation. To make it clear, through the analysis of the definition and classification of lexical chunks, the thesis throws...
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Pragmatic Analysis of Verbal Humors from the Perspective of Address Forms

Yan Xu
Actually, Address forms play an essential role in the interpretation of the verbal humors. From the angle of pragmatics, address is also a speech act. Based on the speech act theory, the speech act of address in a contextual use of proper address forms is to express some feelings or achieve some goals....
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An Analysis of Ezra’s Cathy from the Perspective of Functionalist Approach to Translation

Yanan He
This paper analyzes Ezra Pound’s creativeness in his translation Cathay of classical Chinese poems by an elaborated analysis from the perspective of functionalist approach. Under the great influence of classical Chinese poetry, Pound launches his career as a translator of Chinese poetry and publishes...
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A Corpus-based Analysis on Word Errors in College English Writing

Huaqing He
Based on contrastive analysis and error analysis, this paper attempts to explore word errors committed by non-English majors in their writing collected in Chinese Learner English Corpus. The aim is to offer Chinese learners some help concerning the methods to improve their English writing level and yield...
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Philosophical Thinking of Western Women’s Language Use under Pragmatic Perspective

Kun Li
This paper analyzes the women’s linguistic characteristics under pragmatic perspective in several famous works in the 19th century. From the language analysis times and female consciousness are reflected in a philosophical way. The philosophical exploration and research of the language analysis are made...
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On Chinese Traditional Linguistics Philology or Linguistics

Haiyan Li
For a long time, different people hold different view for whether Chinese traditional linguistics is philology or linguistics. This paper analyzes language research in various periods of China. It is more practical that Chinese traditional linguistics belongs to philology. Meanwhile, it can be seen that...
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Translation of Children’s Literature under the Guidance of Functionalist Approaches

Lei Li
People have a variety of explanations for children's literature; some people think that children's literature is written of literature, while others believe that children's literature is education of literature. They look at different angles of children's literature, but there is a consensus that children's...
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Cultivating the Growth Mindset of Elementary School Students’ English Learning through Backward Design

Shu Zhou
This paper discussed how to cultivate elementary school students’ growth mindset through the backward teaching design in English learning, hoping to promote students’ English language learning in a positive and sustainable way.
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A Study on Large-Class Teaching Strategies in Listening for English Major on Web-Based Autonomous Learning

Rui Huang
The effectiveness of teaching university students in large-class has been debated since 1924. In China, the popularity of higher education in 1999 makes overwhelming rise to school-age youth to enter universities; hence, large-class teaching even has become an important form of curriculum for English...
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Effectiveness of Context on Translation in Literary Works

Lin Lin
Context has very close connection with translation especially with literary translation. In literary works, context has an important function restricting translation process, and in turn translation, to a large degree, depends on context. Context is indispensable for translators to correctly understand...
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On the Application of Common Reading Skills in Listening

Qiong Li
Listening and Reading are two receptive skills involving learners’ language knowledge, background information, strategies, and skills. Generally speaking, second language learners do better in reading than in listening, and have a good command of reading skills. This paper presents how some readers’...
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Teaching English Listening from the Perspective of Flipped Classroom

Na Zeng
In many of the college English listening classrooms across the country, students are passively engaged in class listening tasks and their class performance needs to be improved. This study seeks to bring about improvements in student engagement and performance in the college English listening classroom...
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A Case Study of Second Language Translation Competence of Chinese College Students

Fang Liu
Translation competence has been defined in various ways over the years. This paper tends to observe students’ competence of translating into a second language from the angle of target language competence, namely discourse or textual competence. A case that analyses the target texts of a group of non-English...
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Research on Foreign Language Testing

Pinjing Tian
Foreign language testing is an important part of curriculum system of foreign language teaching in our country and begins in the early 1960s. It belongs to an interdisciplinary subject that involves linguistics, foreign language teaching method and psychology, and it is also an important means to check...
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The Syntactical Realization Mode of Sentence-Level Functional Categories in Irish

Hongcheng Ma
Sentence-level functional categories are the functional category with specific grammatical effects by the means of the whole-sentence, which usually include negative category, interrogative category and assumption category, etc. The categories in Irish all could be realized through adjoining operation...
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An Empirical Study on Apology Strategies Adopted by Chinese EFL Learners

Liang Chu
Due to his insufficiency in linguistic realization rules as well as social-appropriateness rules, a Chinese L2 learner, more often than not, opts to make an offence unconsciously in their daily conversation with a native speaker. In order to restore harmony, as is disputed by Wolfson (1989), the act...
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On the Application of Interactive College English Syllabus

Yao Luo
College English syllabus has been revised for seven times. It nationally reflects the significance of college English course. The 7th college English syllabus embodies the current national demand for talents, and also indicates the direction of college English teaching. On the base of the latest college...
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On Art College English Teaching from the Perspective of Postmethod Pedagogy

Gang Zhou
Recently, people are paying more attention to College English teaching for arts undergraduates, which differ from that of science and engineering. This paper attempts to give some enlightenment on College English teaching in combination with characteristics of arts students and on the basis of a brief...
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Analysis of Factors Contributing to the Success of Project-based Learning College English Teaching

Xiulan Dai
This paper discusses the factors contributing to the success of PBL College English teaching. Reasonable project design, development of learners’ participation awareness and abilities, as well as multi-dimensional project evaluation are all indispensable for the successful implementation of PBL College...
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Lexical Variation of ‘divine quietness’– ‘silence’ in the Slavonic Versions of the Ascetical Homilies of Saint Isaac the Syrian Based on Material from Homily 21 of Version A and Homilies 10-14 from Version B

Radostina Stoyanova
The present paper discusses the lexical variation of the lexemes of ‘divine quietness’ and ‘silence’, found in the two Slavonic versions of the Ascetical Homilies of Isaac the Syrian. The preference of the translator of version B for the lexeme ‘silence’ marks a new step in the process of creation of...
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Russian Comedians and the First Theatre School in Russia For the 350th Anniversary of the First Theatre School in Russia

Natalia Filatova
The work is devoted to the court theatre of Tsar Alexey Mikhailovich establishment in 1672 and first Russian theatre school, which taught comedians. The main attention is paid to preparation of the actors. Documents and research on the history of Russian theater are analyzed.
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On the Artistry and Negative Effects of Sadomasochism

Ning Wang
Sadomasochism is a spiritual demand and expression attached to sex and emotion. It is a performance art, under the condition of mutual free will and based on some fixed pattern or conventional rule, which is to conduct controlling and being controlled, compelling and being compelled with focus on the...
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Audio Effects in the Process of Computer-Aided Processing of Music Signals

Sergei Filatov-Beckmann
The article represents some results of computer-aided modeling of music signals, which are generated by means of Sound Forge audio-editing software. Probabilistic measure of information in the form of generated signals is estimated.
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Applied Study on the Reproduction of Visual Perception in Photographic Creation

Zhenya Zhang
This article investigates visual concepts related to an indiviual's eye, brain and perception of the world in relation to the visual stimulation of photographic images. The artist knows how to study, view, and to create the image is being previewed by an audience. When an artist creates a new image structure,...
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Discussion and Analysis on Ecological Packaging Design in Influence of Crossover Concept

Huanan Shang
A new “Crossover” trend has emerged in the previous design types which are distinctly separated from other sectors, and innovation is its essence. Under such context, ecological packaging indicates a character of cross-discipline with great classical significance. This paper has paid attention to describe...
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Brief Discussion on Art Expression in Museum Exhibit Display under Social Significance

Jianzhou Lu
How to make art into lifestyle and deepened and what kind of expression form shall be adopted become the target for all under multiple cultural content of contemporary society. However, as the audience aesthetic is gradually increasing with diversity today, we shall begin research on art form of display...
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Ecological Maintenance in Tourism Resort Landscape Plan Architectural Landscape Design of Yantai Longkou Nanshan Tourism Resort

Ye Fan
In the traditional agricultural civilization and industrial civilization, we sometimes neglect the natural environment in exchange for the development of economy and society, thus making human face the ecological crisis. People come to realize: to get rid of the current ecological crisis, we must not...
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Tourism Landscape Planning of New Countryside Landscape Planning and Design of Yantai Longkou Nanshan Tourist Attraction

Lijuan Wang
From the analysis of the problems of rural tourism landscape in China, the paper put forward some rural tourism landscape planning principles. With Shandong Yantai Longkou Nanshan New Village as a specific case, the paper discussed how to use rural landscape to develop tourism in order to promote economic...
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Symbolic Expression and Application in Graphic Design

Lanzhen Wang
The essential relationship in graphic design and semiotics has been analyzed in this paper and the role of symbols in communication between human and culture as well as information has been discussed in combination with various examples in daily life such as image symbol, indicator and symbolic sign....
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Innovation and Application Strategy of Traditional Folk Culture in Animation Industry

Jing Li
Traditional folk culture is the suitable soil to nourish local animation industry. It is also contemporary historic task to develop traditional folk culture with the help of artistic form of animation and make two of them intergrowth and win-win in the combination. It is a good way of inheriting folk...
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Approaches to Organization of Music Bands with Nontraditional Composition

Svetlana Dudenina, Valery Korablev
The present scientific and methodical research considers the issues of forming and maintaining ensemble-orchestral bands for both musicians with disabilities and of any non-standard composition. Given their experience working with differently composed orchestras of the All Russia Blind Association, the...
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Study on Sino-Foreign Aesthetics Differentiation of Modern Design in Recent 30 Years (1985-2015)

Xiaodong Yuan
From the research status of the design ideas and design theory of China’s modern industry, we can see that there are many who spread the ideas and theory popularized in the world, while few research in-depth the regional cultural attribute that influences design development; there are many who copy foreign...
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The Phenomenon of the Aesthetic in Musical Co-Creation

Vitaly Kalitzky
This article discusses the most significant aesthetic problems of performing in ensembles. Music ensemble appears not only as the quintessence and Smysloviye aesthetic, cultural philosophy, social shifts of the era, but also as a concept conducive to the most effective ways to address the critical issues...
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Aesthetic Study on Layout of Mr.Tian Liming’s Ink Portrait Painting

Qing Li
Browsing through master Tian Liming’s works, one would be immersed in the ink world built by Mr. Tian through his using of “surrounded inking”, “blended tinting” and other drawing techniques. The layouts are graceful rather than lifeless, the coloring fresh but not dignified, the techniques of stroking...
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Cultural Analysis of Tourism Landscape in Yantai Nanshan Mountain

Haifeng Dai, Hongyan Yu
Finding aesthetic, appreciating aesthetic and feeling aesthetic are the main feelings when people travel around. Tourism landscape culture becomes an objective image of developing featured tourism service and featured landscape designs enhance the connotation of sightseeing places. Therefore, research...
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Artistic Synthesis of the “Russian” and “German” in the Chamber-Vocal Works N. Medtner

Vitaly Kalitzky, Olesya Grinko
The article considers specific features of the artistic synthesis of the "Russian" and "German" in the chamber-vocal works. Medtner. The specific writing style of the composer is analyzed, formed on the basis of active use of creative techniques for composers in Germany of the late XVIII – first half...
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On Artistic Mood Representation in Landscape Paintings

Wenxiu Li
This paper put forward the traditional cultural spirit is China's fundamental viewpoint for nationalization of painting, clarified the "artistic mood" theory of Chinese painting was an important feature and representation of Chinese traditional culture, and further discussed the significance of specific...
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Study onYantai’s Historic Buildings Conservation and Its Sustainable Development

Shuangqing Hou, Jinling Li
Through a series of studies on the form, structure, decoration and environment of Yantai’s historic buildings, in connection with the examples of protecting them, this paper deemed that Yantai’s historic buildings were of feasibility for developing tourism and in-depth exploiting tourism resources, and...
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The Ontology of S.I. Taneev's Art

Galima Lukina
The article is devoted to the understanding of art by the Russian composer: S.I. Taneev. His music is treated as a special compositions philosophizing within sounds, consonant to Russian religious philosophy. The author believes that the leading idea of Taneev's art, formulated by the researchers as...
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Wine Packaging Aesthetics and Design Based on Chinese Wine Culture

Dapeng Zhou
This paper has analyzed the artistic value of Chinese wine packaging from the perspective of visual aesthetic material, modeling, color and graphic taking the Chinese wine culture as research background. Conclusion has been made and putting forward the creative thought of combining with modern wine packaging...