Proceedings of the 2015 2nd International Conference on Education, Language, Art and Intercultural Communication

234 authors
Bao, Qiku
Discussion on Practical Teaching Mode in the Classroom Teaching in Art and Design of Colleges and Universities
Bondarenko, Natalia
Echo of Russian Literature Following Works of Slavic Writers of the 19th Century
Cai, Yuanyuan
A Brief Analysis on the Application of Calligraphy in Package Design
Chen, Bin
Strategies of Translating Chinese Address Terms into English in Teaching
Chen, Bin
Survey on College English Follow-up Elective Courses (Section A)
Chen, Dalei
Brief Analysis on “Non-material” in the Future
Chen, Hongshan
The Origin and Artistic Style of Ceramic Art in the Song Dynasty
Chen, Jing
The Impact of Microblog Culture and the Countermeasures for Ideological and Political Education in Colleges and Universities
Chu, Liang
An Empirical Study on Apology Strategies Adopted by Chinese EFL Learners
Dai, Haifeng
Analysis of Influence on Art Education in Chinese Colleges by “Picture-Reading Times”
Dai, Haifeng
Cultural Analysis of Tourism Landscape in Yantai Nanshan Mountain
Dai, Haifeng
Study on Thoughts of Cultural Industry Development in Yantai and its Measures
Dai, Xiulan
Analysis of Factors Contributing to the Success of Project-based Learning College English Teaching
Deng, Zhenghui
A Greedy and Cruel Man, Regarding Money More Important than Life On Yang Hong, a Constable in “Zhang Tingxiu Escapes to Save His Father”
Ding, Lei
The Application of Flipped Class Model in College English Teaching of Polytechnic Schools
Ding, Xiaojia
Children's Tiger-Head Shoes in Chinese Zhongyuan Folk Art
Dong, Zhenglei
Network Advertising Design Strategy in the Background of Central Plains Economic Zone
Dudenina, Svetlana
Approaches to Organization of Music Bands with Nontraditional Composition
Fan, Xiaoli
Research on Originality of Visual Illusion in Packaging Design
Fan, Xiaoling
Analysis on the Interactive Mode in Network Media Environment
Fan, Ye
Ecological Maintenance in Tourism Resort Landscape Plan Architectural Landscape Design of Yantai Longkou Nanshan Tourism Resort
Fang, Lieming
On the Students’ Misbehaviors in Class and Countermeasures in the Internet-Based Teaching Environment
Feng, Hua
Perception of Lao Tzu’s Life Philosophy
Feng, Lijuan
Ecological Perspective of Classroom Teaching Manifest Vigor of Life, Back to Essence of Classroom
Filatov-Beckmann, Sergei
Audio Effects in the Process of Computer-Aided Processing of Music Signals
Filatova, Natalia
Russian Comedians and the First Theatre School in Russia For the 350th Anniversary of the First Theatre School in Russia
Gao, Jing
Transformation from Academic Majors to the Application-Oriented Ones in Key Universities
Gao, Xue
Discussion on the Practical Teaching Reform on the Art Design Course of "Materials and Technologies" in Colleges and Universities
Grinko, Olesya
Artistic Synthesis of the “Russian” and “German” in the Chamber-Vocal Works N. Medtner
Guo, Fei
On the Component of Design Beauty in the Design Aesthetics Principles
Guo, Yaojie
The Promotion of Chinese Traditional Culture on the Development of Graphic Design
Guo, Yuwei
Research on Teaching Reform of Costume CAD Course for Application-oriented Talents
Han, Bing
The Secondary Design of Used Clothes Based on Sustainablity
Han, Zhengshun
Paradox: The Way of the Peaceful Warrior
Han, Zhengshun
Reaping the Royal Rewards of Risk-Taking
He, Huaqing
A Corpus-based Analysis on Word Errors in College English Writing
He, Liyan
Exploring Affective Factors Influencing Spoken English Teaching in College
He, Yanan
An Analysis of Ezra’s Cathy from the Perspective of Functionalist Approach to Translation
Hou, Jinyu
Embodiment of Humanistic Concern in the Design of Children’s Books
Hou, Mengmeng
Analysis of the Image-Building and Costume Design of Host Group of TV Show
Hou, Shuangqing
Study onYantai’s Historic Buildings Conservation and Its Sustainable Development
Hou, Shuangqing
Review on the Research of the Ancient Village Protection and Development
Hu, Tianshun
Assumption on Curriculum System Construction of Environmental Design Specialty under the Background of Application Transformation
Hua, Jian
Effective Application of "Question Teaching Method" in Basketball Teaching
Huang, Chunli
Research on the Teaching and Learning of the English Double Major in China Based on a Sample Survey of China West Normal University English Double Major Students
Huang, Chunli
Exploitation of Primary School Students’ Multiple Intelligences through Application of Game and Music in English Teaching
Huang, Hui
Discussion on the Current Situation of Art Research in “Anti-corruption and Clean Government Construction”
Huang, Jing
A New Era of Intercultural Communication The Arrival of Mobile Internet Era
Huang, Rui
A Study on Large-Class Teaching Strategies in Listening for English Major on Web-Based Autonomous Learning
Huangfu, Juan
Digital Inheritance of the Art of Folk New Year Pictures
Huangfu, Juan
On Unpretentious Aesthetic of Eastern and Western Painting Colors
Jiang, Chao
Media Report and Crisis Response on Zhejiang Provincial First Normal School’s Arsenic Poisoning Case in Republic of China
Jing, Yonghua
How to Cultivate Students' Creative and Innovative Ability in Art and Design Teaching of Colleges
Ju, Feng
Analysis on Application of Football Game in Football Class Teaching in College
Kalitzky, Vitaly
The Phenomenon of the Aesthetic in Musical Co-Creation
Kalitzky, Vitaly
Artistic Synthesis of the “Russian” and “German” in the Chamber-Vocal Works N. Medtner
Klimenko, Elena
The 18th – Early 19th Century Russian Romance Song as a Precursor of M. Glinka’s Works
Kochetkov, Maksim
Modern Paradigms in Education under Social and Cultural Challenges
Korablev, Valery
Approaches to Organization of Music Bands with Nontraditional Composition
Kurumisawa, Kenn
Armed Alley: An Anti-War Novel Fraught with Both Ideological and Artistic Insights
Lang, Jiming
Study on Modern Pottery Design in Urban Landscape
Lei, Na
The Pursuit of the Immortal Soul The Analysis of the Little Sea Maid under the Perspective of Feminism
Li, Gaoshen
Brief Analysis of Education Industrialization under China's Market Economy
Li, Gongying
Analysis on Social Intervention of Occupational Burnout of Rural Grassroots Teachers
Li, Guangdao
Study on the Scientific Research in Private Colleges
Li, Guangzhen
Armed Alley: An Anti-War Novel Fraught with Both Ideological and Artistic Insights
Li, Haiyan
On Chinese Traditional Linguistics Philology or Linguistics
Li, Hong
Research on Problems in English Teaching and Learning in Private Higher Vocational Colleges
Li, Huan
Barriers to Integration for Chinese Overseas Students in Canada with special reference to China Science “Two Plus Two” Students in X University, Canada
Li, Hui
Brief Exploration on Art Feature of Zhuxian Town New Year Woodcuts
Li, Jichuan
Discussion on Practice-oriented Talent Cultivation Mode of Preschool Education
Li, Jing
Discussion on Curriculum System of Applied Undergraduate Course Teaching in Art and Design
Li, Jing
Innovation and Application Strategy of Traditional Folk Culture in Animation Industry
Li, Jinling
Study onYantai’s Historic Buildings Conservation and Its Sustainable Development
Li, Jinling
Review on the Research of the Ancient Village Protection and Development
Li, Kaiwen
Establishment of Learning Environment under the Integration of Physical Education Design
Li, Kun
An Empirical Study on Young College English Teachers’ Professional Practice Ability in Minority Areas
Li, Kun
Philosophical Thinking of Western Women’s Language Use under Pragmatic Perspective
Li, Kun
Value of Sense of Reality in Rembrandt's Oil Paintings
Li, Lei
Translation of Children’s Literature under the Guidance of Functionalist Approaches
Li, Lei
Research on Intercultural Communication Attributes and Factors of Translation
Li, Na
Research on Teaching Mode Reform of Design Courses in Major of Apparel Art and Design
Li, Na
Cultivation of Students’ Ability of Creative Thinking in Basic Course Teaching of Art and Design
Li, Peng
Research on the Development Strategy of Chinese “Animation Series” in the Internet Era From the Perspective of System, Enterprises and Colleges
Li, Peng
The Aesthetics Analysis of Three Dimensional Animation Modeling
Li, Qing
Aesthetic Study on Layout of Mr.Tian Liming’s Ink Portrait Painting
Li, Qiong
On the Application of Common Reading Skills in Listening
Li, Ran
Application of Classical Oil Painting Techniques in Chinese Contemporary Lacquer Painting Creation
Li, Shanshuang
Application of Green Design in Interior Design
Li, Wenxiu
On Artistic Mood Representation in Landscape Paintings
Li, Yafei
Recognition on the Relationship between Science and Technology and Table Tennis
Li, Yanhui
The Similarities and Differences between Kunqu Zaju Opera and Zaju Chuanqi Opera
Li, Ying
An Investigation into the Hybridity Phenomenon of Poetry Translation in Hong Lou Meng
Li, Yongbing
Transformation from Academic Majors to the Application-Oriented Ones in Key Universities
Li, Yujuan
Research on the Development of Creative Tourist Industry in Yantai Taking the Development Of Creative Tourist Craft Design Industry as an Example
Li, Yun
Research on Visual Graphic Communication in New Media Context
Li, Zhihui
Study on Rural Tourism Development Strategy under the Guidance of the Theory of Industrial Cluster
Liang, Dong
On Several Issues of Community Correction Education in China Taking Community Correction Education Method as an Example
Liang, Shanxiang
Transformation from Academic Majors to the Application-Oriented Ones in Key Universities
Liao, Yiqiang
The Construction and Development of Open Network Learning Platform in Higher Vocational Education