Proceedings of the 2022 3rd International Conference on Mental Health, Education and Human Development (MHEHD 2022)

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Peer-Review Statements

Lai Chee Sern, Olga Predushchenko, Zhijin Xu
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An Overview Analysis of AI Divide: Applications and Prospects of AI Divide in China’s Society

Yuran Wu
Artificial intelligence technology is improving in China as technology advances. Artificial intelligence’s rapid development as a new type of technology has sparked inequalities in social information technology, worsening regional and inter-generational development imbalances. Carter et al. proposed...
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Effects of Gender Differences on Adolescent Students’ Subject Preferences

Shengqun Gao
From the perspective of social discrimination, males are often perceived as more suitable gender groups for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) oriented majors, while females are more inclined to study arts and social science subjects. This review paper aims to identify how do gender differences...
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Functions of Spontaneous Yawning: A Review

Duruo Jin
Yawning is an important prehistorical physiological mechanism that exist in animals across a variety of species. In the past 50 years, investigation of spontaneous yawning and contagious yawning has been ongoing. Several hypotheses were introduced to this field, such as the circadian hypothesis, brain-cooling...
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Reform and Practice of Civil Engineering Drawing Course Integrating Building Information Modeling Technology

Yuan Liu, Qingjun Guo, Jingxiao Zhang, Jie Lai
With the transformation and development of the civil engineering industry, the demand for building information modelling (BIM) technical talents is increasing. As a talent training base for civil engineering construction, introducing BIM technology into civil engineering teaching is urgent for universities....
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The Effect of Balint-style Group on Empathy Ability and Interpersonal Communication Skills of Rehabilitation Students

Yuran Yang, Qian Wang
To explore the effect of Balint-style group on empathy and communication skills of rehabilitation students, 64 volunteers were randomly assigned to the Balint group and control group. The Balint-group was trained with the Balint method, whereas the other group was organized as a reading club. Questionnaires...
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Discussion on the Parents Roles in Early Years Children Literacy Education

Jianing Xu
This research focuses on early childhood literacy education and the role parents should play in it. The aim of the study was to give parents a better understanding of their role and to reduce the burden on kindergarten educators by providing basic preparation for their children before kindergarten. This...
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Gender Differences in Sex Education Received by Adolescents in China and the United States

Jieyi Dong, Xinyu Wang, Wei Xiong, Ziwen Zhang
Sex education provides teenagers with healthy and comprehensive knowledge about sexual lives. As new adult Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) infections and adolescent pregnancies have become serious problems, some countries have begun to attach importance to sex education. For teenagers, different genders...
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The Effects of Music Education on College Students’ Mental Health

Siyuan Wang, Xiaoshuang Zhang, Chenyi Zhi
This study aims to explore the effects of music education on mental health among college students. A total of 267 university students completed questionnaires, including the Mood Education Scale, Self-Rating Anxiety Scale, and Self-Rating Depression Scale. The results showed that the frequency of participation...
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Exploration of Blended Teaching Mode of Practical Military English based on SAP2C in Big Data Era

Yuyi Li
The rapid development of information technology has promoted the arrival of “Big Data Era”. In the perspective of big data era, blended teaching mode is a diversified and interactive new teaching method. This paper explores the innovative mode of blended teaching of Practical Military English for graduate...
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Mutual Interaction of Gender and Age Bias in Hiring Decisions

Yiyuan Yang
In this work, age and gender bias in hiring and job discrimination are discussed, studies of the possible effects of ingroup bias also be included. The research was conducted by means of an experiment in which participants were selected through opportunity sampling. The experiment simulated a work environment...
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Research on Features and Mechanisms of Self-Identity Meaning-Making in Withdrawn Male University Students

Qian Wang, Yuran Yang, Xiaowen Li
University stage is a critical period for individuals to explore and make their self-identity. Based on the observation from years of educational practice, male university students are found to be “inactive”. So this research investigates features and mechanisms of self-identity meaning-making in withdrawn...
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Research on the Path of Local Colleges and Universities Participating in the Construction of Community Mental Health Service System Under the Background of Healthy China

Yingnan Liang, QuanJie Shen, Yue Hu
With the great development of productive forces and the enrichment of material life, people’s standards of spiritual life and mental health are also improving day by day. At present, many cities provide mental health services in the community. Although they are in the stage of active exploration, they...
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The Reading Ability Can Be Predicted by a Universal Verbal Working Memory Factor Across Different Writing Systems: Evidence from Reading Span Task

Jin Yan
Most Chinese college students have an experience of learning English as second language for more than ten years. To explore whether the ability of reading Chinese script and English script was related to a universal working memory capacity, and whether the working memory capacity can predict a change...
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A Study on the Influence of Organizational Innovation Climate on Employee’s Innovation Performance

A Moderated Mediator Model

Shiqi Huang
In the era of knowledge-driven economy, employees’ innovation performance is the decisive factor of enterprise competitiveness. In order to further enrich the research achievements of the innovation performance of employees, this paper tests and verifies the relationship between the organizational innovation...
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Academic Stress Predicts Negative Emotions and Academic Performances: The Role of Mindset in Moderation Process

Qifang Yuan
With different stress mindsets, people tend to take different measures when encountering stress. Due to the interference of traditional stereotypes, many individuals believe that overall pressure is still causing some negative effects on themselves. In the era of increasingly strong social pressure,...
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Cyberbullying Among Teenagers in China: From the Perspective of Major Factors and Coping Strategies

Haoyu Qin
“Cyberbullying” as well as “online harassment” and “electronic violence”, has become a serious public health concern in recent decades, particularly among Chinese youth. Cyberbullying among teenagers has many kinds of characteristics, such as strong concealment and great harm, which could not only be...
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School-Aged Children Paper-Book Read Concentration and Digital Technology Use

Yuyin Wei
Reading attention has caught the interest of academics and society for years. With more children exposed to digital technology devices since a young age, a previous study pointed out that some digital stimulation would decrease the children reading concentration. However, whether the digital technology...
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A Theoretical Review on the Impact of COVID-19 on the Mental Health of the Elderly

Huihui Jin
Since late 2019, a sweeping viral contagion has percolated the whole globe. During the pandemic, the elderly, who constitute a population at particular risk, appeal to more attention and efficient measures to surmount all the hurdles. This paper, through a method of literature review, defines the quarantine,...
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The Effective Way of Process Evaluation of Ideological and Political Theory Course in Colleges and Universities in the Internet Era

Pei Peng
The reform of teaching evaluation is an important way to improve the teaching quality of Ideological and Political theory course in colleges and universities. In the Internet era, the application of process evaluation with equal emphasis on goal and process to the ideological and political theory course...
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Vulnerable Narcissism Influenced by Early Life Emotional Abuse and Neglect Increases Social Media Use: The Mediating Role of Alienation and Rumination

Qianru Cao
Vulnerable narcissism is influenced by early life emotional abuse and neglect. College students with vulnerable narcissism may potentially encounter difficulties in interpersonal interaction in reality. Alienation and rumination can both be induced by vulnerable narcissism. College students with vulnerable...
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The Impact of Online Learning on High School Students’ Stress

Xiaoshuo Sui
Nowadays, students have all kinds of pressure, especially high school students. This age group is in adolescence, they have their own ideas, their minds are sensitive, and they are facing the college entrance examination. Especially in this particular period, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most high school...
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Effective Educational Inclusion for ASD Students

Manlin Lei, Manjin Qu, Jiayi Zhu, Yunhan Wang
The importance of inclusion is still a contentious topic in the domains of education and psychology. Despite the controversy presented, according to the U.S. Department of Education, over the last two decades, the number of students with learning disabilities educated in general classrooms has increased...
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Using Group Psychology Counseling to Reduce the Test Anxiety of Pupils

Kelin Chen
As the pressure of students on academic performance become heavier, there are many negative problems in the psychological development of pupils. Among numerous mental problems, test anxiety is an objective psychological phenomenon in the learning process of students. It has always been an important research...
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Intelligent Auxiliary System of Shared Study Room

Xiuming Yue, Xiangli Dong, KeCheng Qu
With the rapid development of mobile Internet, Sharing Resource Information Service has entered people’s life. Sharing study rooms became a requirement. This paper introduces an intelligent assistant system of shared study room, which is constructed by means of sensor, wireless communication, Internet...
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The Development of Feminism in China

Mujiaying Xu
This paper aims to review the development of feminism in Chinese history at different times. This literature review shows the changes in China’s feminism, summarizes the essential reasons for these changes and put forwards better solutions for the future direction. It is interesting to find that the...
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Understanding of Leadership: Leaders, Followers, Goals, Context

Yawen Wang, Xiong Zhou, Mingrui Han, Zhuoqi Zhang
As a vital thing in being a good leader, leadership has attracted more and more attention. Extraordinary leadership not only would increase followers’ loyalty and enthusiasm but also improves the resilience of the enterprise against future shocks. In this paper, understanding of leaders, followers, goals...
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The Review of Depression and Self-Esteem

Zikai Xia
Despite the extensive literature on depression and self-esteem, the underlying relationship between them remains unclear. The purpose of the present study is to systematically summarize the models, effects, and relationship between depression and self-esteem. The results showed that there was the most...
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The Potential of Music Therapy in the Treatment of Anxiety Emotion in Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorders: A Literature-Based Analysis

Xian Jing Qian
Adolescence is a critical stage in human physical and psychological development as it transitions from infancy to maturity. One in seven adolescents is considered a mental health problem, and autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is one of the most common psychological disorders during this period. Communication...
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Teachers’ Beliefs About Balancing Input and Output in the Interactive Classroom

Xueting Xiong
English has been selected as a compulsory subject at Chinese universities for several decades; however, students’ English competence has still not reached a satisfactory level. This is sometimes due to the fact that the balance between teachers’ input and students’ output is difficult to achieve. Given...
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The Impacts of Wars on Oil Prices

Yumeng Sun
When wars emerge, the price of all goods and services would increase normally, especially for raw materials like oil. The study aims to analyze the relationship between several important wars and oil prices, including the factors which influence the fluctuation of oil price, and the similarities and...
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Peer Pressure Survey of Chinese University Women

Xinran Tang
Peer pressure is one of the most common pressures that college women can suffer from. Family, appearance, career, marriage, socialization, and income can all become coordinates for comparison. Many suffer from it, but there is not enough research related to the importance of peer pressure. Psychological...
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On the Influence of Mother Tongue Thinking on Second Language Acquisition

Puqing Shi
Mother tongue thinking is one of the important factors affecting second language acquisition. In the process of language practice, mother tongue thinking not only exists objectively in the process of second language acquisition, but also exists the so-called positive transfer and negative transfer, that...
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Innovative Research on Smart Physical Education Teaching in Colleges and Universities Under the Background of Internet +

Xue Zhang
In the information age, my country’s higher education is undergoing a comprehensive reform. However, from the current overall situation of physical education teaching in colleges and universities, the teaching methods and means are still traditional and old-fashioned, and the content lacks vitality and...
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The Factors and Effects of Sexual Addiction in our Daily Life

Qinhan Hu, Xiaoyiqun Wu, Zhijun Zheng
Sex addiction is a very serious phenomenon and problem in our daily life. Not just adults, but minors as well. Sex addiction refers to compulsive thoughts or urges and compulsive behaviors related to sex. Sometimes, compulsive sexual behavior urges and thoughts can lead to problems in People’s Daily...
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An Overview of Predicting the Prevalence of ADHD

Yuyin Wei
The prevalence of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) has been increasing these days, and this phenomenon has raised the interest and attention of both society and the academy. While ADHD is believed to be one of the most common mental disorders in children, it may be essential to track back...
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Exploration on the Construction of Hybrid Teaching System of College Students’ Entrepreneurship and Innovation Training Projects from the Perspective of School-Enterprise Cooperation

Liang Zhou, Yusheng Wang, Wenjing Zhang, Wenshu Li
The full name of the innovation and entrepreneurship training program is “College Students; innovation and entrepreneurship training program.” By organizing students to obtain the existing problems of innovation and entrepreneurship training projects through questionnaires and suggestions on the teaching...
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The Construction and Dissemination of the Media Image of Sports Celebrities from the Domain Theory

Taking the Media Image of Gu Ailing Eileen on Weibo as an Example

Yue Liu
In recent years, with the continuous innovation of information communication technology, sports celebrities, as the elites of the celebrity group, not only have sports achievements, but also gain a high degree of recognition in the media. At the same time, sports celebrities can freely switch between...
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The Connotation of Flipped Classroom and Strategies for Practice in Higher Education

Jianing Hu
Since the new century, the flipped classroom has gradually become the focus of teaching reform and teaching research. The flipped classroom is the result of the gradual development of higher education in the information age and provides a new way of thinking for higher teaching. The article mainly studied...
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Analysis on the Influence of Environment on Aggression

Emma Wang
It is well known that genetics and the environment have an influence on the formation of aggressive behavior. However, little analysis has been done on the importance of them. Therefore, the present study attempts to approach this issue from a new aspect, analyzing previous studies to form the reasons...
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Research on the Subjective Mental Health of Artists from the Perspective of Grounded Theory

Jin Xue
Objective: This research adopts qualitative research methods to explore the susceptibility and experiences concerning mental health of domestic artists, with a view to constructing the grounded theory model related to the subjective mental health of domestic artists. Methodology: Intensive sampling...
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The Status of Women in Chinese Feudal Bourgeois Families

A Case Study of the Relationship Between Characters in Cao Yu’s Thunderstorm

Yu Liu, Siyuan Lin
Thunderstorm is a tragedy of a bourgeois family with a strong feudal color in modern China. It is a reflection on the status of Chinese women under the May Fourth wave. This article will analyze the living environment of the female characters Zhou Fanyi and Lu Shiping and the identity of which associates...
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Research on the Cultivation Mode of Composite Translation Talents in Zhoushan Islands New Area Based on School-Enterprise Cooperation in the Context of “Four Zhoushan”

Jiaying Chen, Jiadai Mao
Under the background of “Four Zhoushan”, Zhoushan is in urgent need of localized and composite translation talents that meet the requirements of the times, and how to establish a mode of training composite translation talents to meet the market demand is an important part of the transformation and development...
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Family Size and Children Development How Does the Number of Children Affect the Growth of Chinese College Students

Yi Lin
This study aims to investigate the relationship between the development of college students and their family situations including family size, parental expectation, socioeconomic status, and gender stereotype in China. It is a survey-based study with 55 participants (24 female and 31 male) who randomly...
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A Study on Motivational Strategies of Adult Second Language Acquisition from the Perspective of TESOL Teaching

Ningyuan Fu, Guobin Li, Yifan Sun, Ziyi Zhao
This paper discusses the value and significance of motivation by studying the principle of motivation strategy acquisition. The purpose of this study is to provide normative motivation strategy theory of adult learning motivation for education managers, planners and educators. This theory provides an...
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A Correlational Study of Adolescent Romantic Parasocial Attachment and Academic Motivation

Zhuowen Wu
Nowadays, with the popularization of mass media, parasocial romantic attachment is turning out to be a prevalent phenomenon among teenagers. It is necessary to study the relationship between adolescent romantic parasocial attachment and academic motivation. Previous studies compared the difference between...
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The Practice Path of Integrating Labor Education into Ideological and Political Theory Course

Long Yang, Fan Yang
Labor education is an important content of socialist education with Chinese characteristics and an important channel to improve students’ labor literacy. The course of ideological and political theory in colleges and universities is the key course to carry out the fundamental task of moral education....
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How to Promote Adolescents’ Psychological Tolerance: Evidence from Special Adolescents

Fan Yang, Xinyuan Yang, Mengyao Yuan, Jiachen Zhang
From the theoretical point of view, the present study discusses the influence and help of psychological tolerance on adolescents with depression. This study tries to prove from three factors: individual, family, and social factors. At the same time, this study will analyze and prove the influence or...
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How do Family Factors Impact Children’s Emotional Regulation?

Jujie Chen, Zhitian Hu, Angel Y Lu, Tianyun Ma, Jiaqi Zheng
Emotion regulation had become an independent reach field in psychology in the last 40 years. Emotions includes anger, disgust, fear, joy, sadness, and surprise. Normally, individuals need to let off their emotions to maintain good health, and to decide whether it the right time to show or hide their...
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The Impact of Social Medial on Gender Inequality

Wenyue Tan
With the development of information communication technology (ICT), social media has experienced a dramatically increasing use in recent years. There are many arguments on social media claiming women contribute less than men in the workplace, or it is a bad thing for women to be educated well. Thus,...
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Influence Mechanism of Competition Stress on College Athletes’ Performance

Xueheng Yang, Jianye Zou
Combined with previous research on the stressors of college students and athletes, this paper analyzes the collective stressors of college athletes. In the current environment, we believe that in addition to academic pressure, life pressure, and employment pressure, college athletes also have competition...
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The Political Reasons for Russia’s Preference for Taking Control Over Ukraine

Xiaotong Jing
The conflict between Ukraine and Russia has been escalating since the Ukraine crisis in 2014. In 2020, the tension between these two states reached its culmination. This conflict not only refers to Russia, Ukraine and the Western power, it also poses a threat to international security. This paper tends...
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A Remark of Feminism -- Based on the Analysis of Film and TV Works in Different Times

Xuan Deng, Borong Lin, Chang Xu
With the development of society, the power of women is increasing. However, they are still defined as weak and not free group and face many social problems. Equality of women’s rights is a pillar of social development, which is related to everyone’s life and the healthy development of society. This paper...
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A Comparison of Two Scoring Methods of Chinese University Students’ Writing in EFL Course Using MultiFacet Rasch Model

Meng Lyu
Writing is one of the important productive skills for second language learners. Considering the inadequacy of the research on global scoring and descriptor-based checklist scoring in college English writing tests, this paper analyzes the scoring validity of the test at four dimensions: test-takers, rater,...
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Research on the Path of Integrating the Consciousness of the Chinese Nation’s Community into the Ideological and Political Curriculum of Colleges and Universities

Shaojie Gan, Huiping Yang
Cultivating college students’ awareness of the community of the Chinese nation is an important part of current ideological education in colleges and universities. It is the emotional support for deepening college students’ national identity and national identity. It is an important cornerstone for maintaining...
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St. Clare of Assisi and St. Agnes of Prague: Their Lives Intertwined by the Four Letters

Wenyu Cai
St. Clare of Assisi was a medieval Italian saint who found the Order of Poor Ladies. She was the first woman in history to write a rule for a convent and successfully got confirmation from the highest ecclesiastical authorities. St. Agnes of Prague was a Bohemian princess and also St. Clare’s closest...
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Painting Therapy: Into the Mind of Adolescence

Xuanya Ding
Adolescence is an important period of physical development and personality formation, as well as a period of serious inner conflict. Art therapy is a kind of widely used in recent years, in mental health counseling and treatment technology, as one of the paintings intervention and expression way, because...
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The Relationship between Family and Social Media

Qing He
In the last few decades, social media has become a vital component of life for adolescents all over the world. As social media has gradually preoccupied the majority of the time of adolescents’ daily life, leading to concerns about the negative consequences such as academic achievement, social connection,...
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Study on the Advantages of Multidisciplinary Integration in Cultivating College Students’ Innovative Practice Ability

Xiaolei Song, Xiaohong Yuan, Yonggui Li, Huizhen Ke
The penetration, integration and complementing of knowledge across multiple disciplines play a significant role in cultivating college students’ innovation and overall scientific awareness, as well as their ability to think about and solve practical problems from a multidisciplinary perspective. Therefore,...
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Effects of Skill Differences of Adjacent Assemblers on Job Performance Based on Fnirs

Shuo Tong, Xiangyi Lv, Jingjing Wang
The LEGO model was used to simulate the actual assembly line assembly operation, and a repetitive assembly task experiment was designed, taking into account the differences in the skills of adjacent assembly personnel, and the behavior performance data of the personnel combination during the task was...
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Study on the Impact of Cultural Promotion on Bilateral Investment in China

Data from Confucius Institutes in Belt and Road Countries

Jin Lv, Renmin Shi
As the international economy and globalization trends accelerate and economic interactions between countries become more frequent, culture, as a prominent manifestation of national soft power, has become increasingly prominent in its economic characteristics. Cultural exchange can break down language...
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Research on Post Curriculum Reform based on Network Teaching Mode

Li Li, Yumin Shi, Yan Cao, Wei Zhou, Xingxiang Guo, Kun Li, Xiaoyan Wang
With the rapid development of multimedia technology and network technology, whether theoretical teaching or experimental teaching, network teaching mode has gradually become the mainstream mode of modern education. The teaching means of imparting knowledge through the network can be more flexible. The...
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Possible Correlation Between Football Heading and Neurodegenerative Disease

Tianyi Liu
Based on the similar study conducted by Lipton et al., Lisa Silbert and Dr William Stewart, this proposed study will address the correlation between football heading and neurodegenerative diseases like dementia. The experiment devised and mentioned in the passage utilizes the scientific method MRI and...
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A Study on the Ideological and Political Construction of English Education Curriculum Aimed at Cultivating Intercultural Competence

Jingjing Lu, Siqi Deng
Under the background of new era, combination of curriculum ideological and political implementation and intercultural competence in foreign language teaching is increasingly important. This paper makes an empirical study on the ideological and political construction and intercultural competence of English...
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The Factors, Effects, and Treatments of Parenting Styles on Young Adolescents’ Academic Achievements

Huimin Zhang
Research suggests that parenting styles have a substantial effect on the development of teenagers. The most significant relationship a person can have been the connection between parents and their children. This article reviewed the relationship between parenting styles and adolescents’ academic achievements....
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Integrate STEM Education into Biology Teaching

Yuanli Zhou
As an interdisciplinary education, STEM emphasizes the authenticity of the teaching context and requires secondary school teachers to conduct teaching activities in a real-world context. Secondary school biology teachers can develop students’ comprehensive abilities such as critical thinking, problem-solving...
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Distance Language Teaching

Chunxiao Yue
Distance language teaching is becoming a relatively popular and cost-effective method of imparting linguistics knowledge of a foreign language as students across the globe can be enrolled in such courses due to its convenience. Similar to numerous other disciplines, foreign language acquisition has also...
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Analysis of Wealth-flaunting Chinese Teenagers

Xian Chen
In this generation, the truth is that a large number of teenagers in worldwide society are pursuing material rather than spiritual advancement. Money worship, ostentatious behavior in material things, and so on all have a strong influence on teenagers, particularly in China. Many Chinese teenagers love...
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From Arson to Murder: The Study on Charles Chitat Ng

Ziran Zhou
Serial killers Charles Ng and Leonard Lake teamed up in the early to mid-80s committed some of the most heinous murders imaginable, severely torturing their victims before putting them out of their misery. In the 1980s, Charles Ng and Leonard Lake rented a lonely property and created a bunker where they...
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The Impact of Building a National Online Education System on Lifelong Learning

Based on the Policy of Lifelong Learning for All

Yueyuan Luo
By analysing the development process of lifelong learning policies in China, this study identifies three stages in the evolution of the policy in China. The study concludes that the establishment of the online educational system is critical to following the lifelong learning policy. To illustrate, it...
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Motivations for Social Media Use

By Life Stage and Gender

Jinghang Xu
The paper reviewing the main motivations that drives people in different life stage and gender to use social media. Through reviewing of previous literature, this paper finds that access to information is the main motivation for using social media for almost all age and gender groups. Similarly, self-expression...
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Research on the Mechanism of the Use of Official Media in China in Influencing Cultural Confidence

Yingzhen Ji
Mass media can profoundly influence people’s political attitudes and tendencies, and the role of official media in shaping people’s cultural confidence has not received sufficient attention in previous studies. In this paper, a theoretical model was constructed based on a survey database of netizens’...
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Research on the Revitalization and Dissemination of Jinan Spring Culture in Tourism Animation

Yan Zhao
Jinan Spring Culture has a long history and profound culture. The spirit of spring water has a positive impact on people’s ideology and national spirit. This paper explores and disseminates the practice of building animation culture resources in a comprehensive and multi-curricular manner based on the...
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Application of Virtual Training Software in Military Equipment Teaching

Yongxin Liu, Likun Zhao, Xue Gao
In this paper, we analyze the present situation of military equipment teaching in military colleges and universities, combine the characteristics and advantages of virtual simulation technology, and applies the development tools such as Unity 3D virtual reality engine, 3ds Max and Inventor modeling to...
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On the Three-dimensional Teaching of English Vocabulary for Senior High School Students from the Perspective of Constructive Information Technology

Yujia Liu, Yingyin Ou, Xinyu Wang
The importance of vocabulary in language learning and teaching cannot be overstated. It is the focus and difficulty of English Vocabulary Teaching in senior high school. However, the effect of traditional teaching mode on vocabulary teaching is not ideal. With the development of social science and technology,...
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The Specific Form of New Media in British Education

Fei Yu
Due to the COVID-19, online education has become a popular trend worldwide. Many universities use digital materials, such as Zoom, Skype and Team, instead of face-to-face teaching to avoid infection. This article uses SWOT methods to describe the advantages, disadvantages, opportunities and threats of...
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The Effects and Treatment of Mental Health by COVID-19

Jiaci Zuo
The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly the worldwide society since its initial outbreak in late 2019. As a result, there is growing worried that the epidemic has impacted the general public’s mental health. The impact of the pandemic on mental health, and the psychological impact of enforced lockdowns,...
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Analysis of the Relationship between Yangming’s “Philosophy of the Mind” and Moral Education

Yang Li, Haiyu Zhang, Haimei Zhang
According to the article, Moral education contains four main aspects, namely Moral Knowledge, Moral emotion, Moral consciousness and Moral behavior. Yangming psychology and Moral education have something in common. Overall, their corresponding relationship is as follows: Moral Knowledge is similar to...
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A Survey of the Causes and Effects of Peer Pressure in College Students

Yuyi Liu
Peer pressure refers to the psychological pressure generated by people of similar age and status comparing with each other, thus promoting changes in individual thoughts and behaviors. Peer pressure, as a common pressure in the lives of college students, has profoundly affected the studies and lives...
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A Potential Cause and Treatment of Eating Disorder--Social Media

Nancy Yi Qi Chen, Shiqi Ren
The present review paper examined literature related to eating disorder (ED) (dependent variable), and social media (independent variable) among both teenagers with ED and without this disorder from middle childhood (12 years old) to early adults (18 years old). The research topic--“did social media...
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A Comparative Study of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) in China and the United States: Diagnosis, Treatment and Educational Services

Kevin Wang Ye
Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a group of pervasive neurodevelopmental disorders that originate in early childhood. There are more than 10 million autistic people in China and the number of autistic children is estimated to be growing by nearly 200,000 a year. Such a large number puts great pressure...
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Márquez’s Concept of War in One Hundred Years of Solitude

Xuan Zhao
One Hundred Years of Solitude is a masterpiece by the world-class Colombian writer Marquez. The book is set against the backdrop of the history of Colombia during its first hundred years of existence, especially the War of a Thousand Days, and describes the saga of seven generations of the Buendía family...
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Research on the Cooperation Path Between the Guidance of Reading Famous Works and the Cultivation of Moral Education in Guangdong -Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area

Wei Liu
Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area(the Greater Bay Area is abbreviation, hereinafter referred to as “GBA”) are adjacent to each other, with one country, two systems, three places, have the same culture and different education, the great disparity in the number of students, and the different international...
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Exploring the Performance Method of Zhang Zhao’s “Ballad” for Piano

Yuxuan Zhang, Ping Hu
Zhang Zhao’s piano piece “Ballad” is adapted from the Ballad piece of the same name “Wang Erxiao” by poet Fang Bing and famous Chinese composer Li Jiefu. This paper focuses on the background of the work and a brief analysis of the work, the artistic characteristics of characterization and storytelling,...
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Major Depressive Disorder in China: Prevalence and Societal Factors in Different Age Groups

Yiwen Chen, Ziyang Dou, Yixuan Zhu
The authors reviewed and synthesized literature that reported the prevalence, etiology, and general management of Major Depression Disorder (MDD) in China, ranging from adolescents, adults to the elderly, and explored the specific social implications under each age group. This paper reviewed published...
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Study on Factors Impacting Subjective Well-being of the Elderly

Liu-Jie Fu, Ya Wen, Ni Yan, Ning-Jie Wu
Structure of “421” is applicable to most families in China. Low birthrate and longevity are deepening the aging of the Chinese population. This paper attempts to figure out composition and influencing factors of the elderly’s subjective well-being through sorting out research findings at home and abroad,...
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English Virtual Classroom Education---the Future of Distance English Education

Huibin Huang, Ling He
It is one of the development trends of English teaching in the future to realize internet-based distance education through virtual English classroom education. The three most important features of the English virtual classroom are interactive online whiteboards, learning databases, teacher tools and...
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A Blended Teaching Mode in ESP Classes under the Concept of Micro-learning

Wenhui Hao, Mei Song, Yucheng Zhou, Xiaoli Zhang
Micro learning exists in the new media ecosystem and is a new learning method. It is based on micro learning resources and micro media. Based on the concept of “micro learning”, this paper explores a new type of blended teaching mode in ESP (English for Specific Purposes) classes. It combines the “online...
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The Relationship Between Adult Attachment Style and Burnout: The Mediating Effect of Resilience

Jianing Gong
With worldwide range increase of burnout in the workplace, ascending amount of investigates were focusing on the contributing factors of burnout, including resilience and adult attachment styles. However, the interactive effect of adult attachment styles and resilience on job burnout is less clear. Moreover,...
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Analysis of Burnout Among National Civil Servants and Countermeasures of Positive Psychological Intervention

D District State Tax Bureau of T City, J Province as an Example

Yinglan Cui
Burnout is a widespread phenomenon among grassroots civil servants, which exerts a profound influence not only on their work efficiency but also on their public image. This study takes the D District State Tax Bureau of T City, J Province as an example to describe the current situation of burnout among...
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Appearance Dissatisfaction and its Relationship with Social Media

Jiaming Huang
This essay mainly focus on appearance and body concerns recently in China due to the exceedingly high number of appearance dissatisfaction triggered by the development in industry related with becoming thinner and more beautiful. The paper uses online case study of self-reports and online questionnaire...
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Research on the Image Construction of LGBT Groups from Different Media Perspectives

Siyuan Cao, Moran Geng, Ou Li, Ruixin Pan
This paper is a study of sexual minorities, including lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgender, which are called LGBT. As a marginalized group, their image is largely influenced by the mimetic environment created by the media. So This paper focuses on the construction of the image of the LGBT community...
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Application of Augmented Reality in the Teaching of English in Early Childhood Education

Zheyu Pan
Recent developments in the field of education have shown that AR technology is used to construct various teaching scenarios, related from scientific aspects, such as molecules and atoms in the microscopic world, space and the solar system in the cosmic world, or mathematical aspects, such as the construction...
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Localizing Quality Audit in Chinese Higher Education Institutions

Analysis of Factors from Organizational Sociology Perspective

Bojun Zou
The massive rise of Chinese students in the higher education sector has uncovered a fundamental tension between the expansion of student enrolment and efforts to maintain academic quality. Quality Audit is one of the external quality assurance schemes that is particularly attracting concerns about its...
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An Exploration on the Coupling Path of Excellent Traditional Chinese Culture and College English from the Perspective of Cultural Confidence

Hui Chen, Shanting He
Language is the carrier of culture which means language teaching and cultural transmission are inseparable. The organic integration of excellent traditional Chinese culture into college English teaching meets the needs of talent training and social development. This paper analyzes the current situation...
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The Association Between Social Influencing Factors and Bipolar Disorder

Qiaoyi Chen, Hanqi Xu, Fuyu Yang
Many studies have shown that psychosocial factors play a role in bipolar disorder, but most of them mainly focused on the impact of a single factor on bipolar disorder, and the literature review on the social influencing factors of bipolar disorder is still lacking. Therefore, the present study selected...
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Research on the Personalized Education School Management Regulations of Vocational Personality Development of Higher Students

Meishan Li
Now the British government attaches great importance to the employability of college students after graduation. Colleges and universities have included employment services into their curriculum system. The existence of colleges and universities is a transitional place for college students to enter the...
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On the Construction of the Subjective Consciousness of the Protagonists in Maugham’s Novels

Taking the Moon and Sixpence and the Razor’s Edge for Example

Caiying Yu
Literature is actually the study of man, and man’s self-awareness has always played an important role in literary creation. Therefore, literary works often involves the construction of subjective consciousness, and the distinguished writer Maugham is no exception, whose classic trilogy all focuses on...
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Identifying European Union Countries’ Cooperation in Reducing Carbon Emissions

Yanxi Zhou
Faced with the severe climate change situation, major economies around the world, such as the European Union (EU), the United States, China, and Japan, have gradually formulated carbon reduction policies to combat climate change. As the world’s top economy, the EU has long been actively promoting the...
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Course Ideological-political Education System Engineering Based on God Horn Model

Guoyi Wen, Zhenhua Wang
At present, course ideological-political education always lacks a system design, that is, some ideological-political education contents are concentrated on a certain part, while some contents have no ideological-political education. There are plenty of political approvals instead of moral, history and...