Proceedings of the 2017 International Seminar on Social Science and Humanities Research (SSHR 2017)

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Relationship between General Self-Efficacy, Personality Traits and Family Functions of Parents of Low-grade Primary School Students

Yongmei Hou, Zhiqiang Huang
Objective to explore the impact of self-efficacy and parents' personality traits on the family functioning in the students of First and Second grade. Method Four hundred parents randomly selected from 4 private primary schools in Tangxia, Dongguan were measured with General Self- Efficacy Scale (GSES),...
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The Influence of TPD between Chinese and English on Basic Writing of Chinese as a Second Language--A Case Study of Linyi University

Jinxia Liu, Hongzhen Qiao
The author first analyzes the errors in Chinese compositions of the students in Linyi University to illustrate the importance of Chinese thought pattern for basic Chinese writing from the perspective of Chinese and English thought patterns. Then the author puts forward some concrete suggestions for the...
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A Study on the Connotation and Path of the Ideological and Political Education into Daily Life of College Students in the Micro Era

Kun Wang, Jian-lei Qian
With the advent of the micro-era, the Ideological and Political Education into Daily Life of college students has brought about profound changes to the college students' life. At the same time, it should also be enriched with the proper connotation according to the change of life. The educators engaged...
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The Research Significance of Newly-supplemented Characters from Bamboo Manuscripts Deposited in Shanghai Museum

Xinwei Xu, Shujuan Zhang
At present, Characters Collection in Chu Area (called CWZB in later content) is not only just an important ancient writing dictionary, but also a high-level academic bookmaking because of its appropriate stylistic rules and layout,abundant contents and easiness to use. However, any academic achievements...
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Regional comparison and countermeasure research of Chinese herbal medicine planting willingness in Shandong Province

Xin Su, Wenzhe Hu, Renzhu Yu
Chinese herbal medicine is a treasure of historical and cultural traditions of the Chinese nation, also is an important carrier of the development of Chinese medicine culture communication, and the cornerstone of the development of medical and health in China. The protection and development of Chinese...
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Research on China's Agricultural Low-Carbon Transforming Path

Zhixia Zhou
In agricultural low-carbon transformation, China are encountering technique and regime lock-in constraints, the consequent triggered path-dependence and lock-in effects have inhibited technological innovation and institutional transformation in agriculture, thus seriously hindered transformation of modern...
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The Challenges and Survival Paths of Traditional News Media in Big Data Era

Mei Xie, Xiao-hong Huan
The advent of the era of big data has brought tremendous impact on the traditional news industry. In the face of new media information environment, the reform of traditional media in news coverage is also imperative. On the one hand, the application and development of big data technology is an important...
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A Research on the Purchasing Intention of Chinese Consumer Finance

Tiantian Xia, Yujie Liao, Xiaomei Luo, Shangxin Chang
In today's increasingly fierce market competition environment, consumer finance products will help to optimize the current loan pressure in China and improve market structure; At the same time,we concerned increase consumption to economic development, and thus achieve economic value increase. However,...
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On the Influence of the Propaganda of Marxism through Li Dazhao's Practice in Peking University Library and Its Contemporary Enlightenment

Ying Wang
The appointment and practice of Peking University Library is a key experience for Li Dazhao to turn into a Marxist. The development course of Peking University Library is also the process that Li Dazhao's self-consciousness has been improved rapidly, his cognition and propaganda of Marxism has been expanded...
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Corporate Governance, Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Performance study

Tiantian Xia, Xiaomei Luo, Yujie Liao, Wenlong Liu
Corporate governance as a modern enterprise can not be ignored management problems, how to enhance their own business performance is an eternal research problem..Based on the analysis of relevant research results at home and abroad, this paper takes the data of 260 listed companies in A shares as the...
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The Relationship between Medical Students' Family Cohesion, Adaptation and Learning Burnout: the Mediating Effect of Psychological Resilience

Yongmei Hou, Riman Liang
Objective To investigate the characteristics of resilience family cohesion, adaptability and learning burnout, and analyse the relationship among them. Methods: One thousand six hundred and twenty- five undergraduates who were collected from Seven Universities in Guangdong by stratified random sampling...
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Relationship Trading, Internal Control and Corporate Cash Holding

Zhonggao Lin, Ruilan Cao, Pei Tang
Being different from the previous research, this paper studies the influence of relationship trading on cash holding and the adjustment function of internal control based on the principal status of relationship trading in market. Results show that customer relationship trading leads to the decrease of...
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Business Model Based on the Sharing Economy: A Multi-Case Study

Yanli Guo, Jie Geng, Jianbin Chen
Sharing economy has become an important business model of modern service innovation. In recent years, many sharing economy enterprises have appeared in the fields of house renting, car rental, office space leasing and catering, etc., but it is not enough yet that research on the theory of sharing economy...
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A Brief Discussion on the Promotion Role of "Double World-classes" Development to Education For International students in China

Xin Zhao
At present, "Double World-classes" Development is one of the hottest topics of higher education in China. Although it is not involved in the total plan of the "Double World-classes" Development, the education for international students in China, as an important part of the internationalization of China's...
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Indonesian Youth on Social Media: Study on Content Analysis

Daniel Susilo, Teguh Dwi Putranto
Indonesia is the biggest of Social Media user on Southeast Asia has been rapidly changing on Social Media Platform. In the earliest of 2010, Facebook has been dominating Indonesian Social Media usage. Since 2012, the trend became turn on to Twitter and Instant messaging. This article would describe how...
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Cultivation of College Student National Principle with National Music

Rong Liu
Chinese national music is a great treasure in China history. It embodies national spirit, will, and dream. For university students, it is important and necessary to cultivate natonal spirit by learnig Chinese national music through various kinds of method.
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Teaching Reflection of Vocational Colleges' College Chinese course Based on Constructivism Learning Theory

Ling Zhang
Now college Chinese course demand is getting higher and higher, but actual position is marginal and awkward. The society' rational understanding and degree of attention about college Chinese is very limited. Requirements of vocational college Chinese course teaching are very low level. If vocational...
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Long-term Mechanism on The Decreasing Rate of Passing The Postgraduate Entrance Examination in Some Higher Engineering Colleges and Universities

Shuwang Chang, Yan Jing, Zhun Ye
The passing rate of the postgraduate entrance examination (PRPEE) is one of the indicators for evaluating the quality of running a school, college or university. It is a systemic issue and involves a wide range of factors. The in-depth survey about the declining PRPEE in some higher engineering colleges...
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Research on the Mobile News Client in the Big Data Era

Qiaochu Xu
In recent years, the importance of big data has been rising. As a new tool and technology, great changes have taken place in the development of mobile news client. At the same time, it has also impacted the traditional mode of news communication. When everything was regarded as data, media employee began...
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China Private Enterprisese Top Management Team's Salary System Design- - based on the perspective of knowledge capital

Lin Yu
The compensation of senior managers of the private enterprises in China is less competitive than that of foreign enterprises and large state-owned enterprises, leading to the loss of talents and the declining competitiveness of enterprises. This paper, based on the perspective of knowledge capital, the...
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Phonological Differences between Received Pronunciation and Standard Scottish English

Ruilan Cao, Shaokang Jin
Native English speakers from different countries and regions use a variety of accents and dialects. English accents are part of English dialects. Any dialect of English has unique features in pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar. The term accent describes only the first of these, namely, pronunciation....
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College Students' Political Identity: Connotation,Crisis and Countermeasure

Na Cao
Political identity is an important manifestation of political socialization of college students, but also an important content of ideological and political education in colleges. This paper uses Marxist political theory to examine the connotation and process of political identity of college students....
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The Musical Road of Mr. Wang Lisan

Qing Yu
Mr. Wang Lisan, a famous composer, music educator and music social activist in China, was labelled as "the Rightist" in the 1950s and underwent a rough life, but he made great contributions to the creation of piano works, music education and popularization by virtue of his talent and enthusiasm for music.
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A Study on Accuracy of English Pronunciation by Students from the Area of Jianghuai Mandarin

Ruilan Cao, Wenjuan Dai
In any language, its basis and physical carrier is speech sounds. Hence, foreign language learners have to master speech sounds first when learning a second language. From the perspective of language transfer and the theory of sound perception and production, this study is based on contrastive analysis...
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Philosophical Consideration of Sustainable Development in Research Areas

Meiqing Lin, Weiming Huang, Yong Zhu
According to the problem of thinking way and sustainable development in research areas, on account of historical world outlook and systems ideas, and methodology of scientific research work which based on "connection and development" is established. Then, thinking and methods of marketing management...
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Research on Name and Function of the Chinese Guild Hall in Cholon Area Ho Chi Minh City

Yongzhi Wang
Cholon, Ho Chi Minh City, as main gathering place of Chinese in Vietnam, since the history recorded, in the course of hundreds of years exploring development history in Cholon, Ho Chi Minh City, with high historical and cultural value, abundant Chinese Guild halls are inherited, as precious wealth and...
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The Industrial Development Path Research of Chinese Herbal Medicine From the Perspective of Whole Industry Chain

Xin Su, Chunlan Mou, Xiaohui Wang
The industrialization development of Chinese herbal medicine is a systematic project involving many aspects. With the government support and the unique advantages of traditional Chinese medicine in the field of health care and prevention, the demand for Chinese herbal medicine is increasing day by day....
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An Investigation and Analysis of the Relationship between College Students' Information Anxiety and Coping Style under Internet Background

Ameng Zhao, Gang Chen, Panpan Yang, Yuhua Wang, Zhenzhen Cai, Jinling Qi, Xiaoyu Zhen
To explore the relationship between college students' information anxiety and coping style under the background of Internet,and to provide a reference for college student's mental health. In March 2017 a total of 1010 college students were measured with Information Anxiety Scale and Adolescent Coping...
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The Feasibility of Applying the Flipped English Classroom in Primary Schools in China

Xiaoning Guo, Shu Zhu
This paper analyzes the feasibility of implementing the flipped classroom in primary school English teaching. The flipped classroom can meet the physical and mental development of primary school students, increases classroom interaction, and improves the classroom management. At the same time, when the...
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Reflection on Innovation and Entrepreneurship of Business English Majors in Higher Vocational Colleges

Yong Yu, Li Liu, Guifeng Huang
With the rapid development of the Internet, Business English majors in higher vocational colleges have become one of the main forces in start-up projects online. Many students in vocational colleges choose to start their own online businesses in line with current heated-topics, This thesis attempts to...
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Analysis on the Collision and Conflict between the Administrative Power and the Academic Power in Colleges and Universities

Yuduo Wang
It has been a common concern for higher education workers to establish a modern university system and reform the existing internal management system in colleges and universities according to the current situation and development trend of the higher education, so that the colleges and universities return...
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Some Thoughts on the "Ex-offender reentry" Protection Social Organization in Taiwan, China

Liyao Xiao
"Ex-offender reentry" is a individual-based appellation, while the other meaning of the released prisoners is still stressed on his past, which is a social-based appellation. "Ex-offender reentry" Protection Social Organization entitles the "ex-offender reentry" new identity and positive social identity,...
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Research on the Management of Loss-land Farmers in Tourism Demolition After Moving for Destinations

Yan-fu Tian
With the growth trend of leisure tourism, the tourism destination development goes to the depth and width. Problems protrude gradually, caused by the governmental management concerning compensation and follow-up management upon the native settlers in the tourism development areas. The tourism demolition's...
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Stability Determination of Cloud Platforms Using Flexible Big Data Intelligent Judgment Method

Yuehong Zhang, Hu Ruo
In this paper, we presented stability on account of Big Data Intelligent Judgment Method (BDIJM). We evaluated the stability on account of given condition. Moreover, we analyzed its character with a plain IJM (Intelligent Judgment Method) for the same objects and discover the presented method with good...
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User Experience Measurement for Travel Booking Mobile Applications Based on Confirmatory Factor Analysis

Hua-ming Peng, Xi-ping Lei, Zhi-nan Qin
With the booming development of tourism, user experience measurement for travel booking mobile applications draws attention from companies and scholars, but quantitative researches are still relatively limited. This paper first acquired 30 user experience indexes of travel booking mobile applications...
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Research on Financial Audit Innovation Based on Blockchain Technology

Ming Wei, Rui Ding
The strategy of scientific and technological innovation put forward by the 18th and 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China has provided a new direction for the development of various industries. The superiority of blockchain technology can just as a scientific and technological innovation...
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The fiscal expenditure efficiency of China's rural compulsory education

Suli Hao, Nan Zhang
Effective of fiscal expenditure is the key to equalization of China's rural compulsory education. The paper takes the efficiency of China's rural compulsory education as the object. By applying EVA, the indicator system and evaluation model of fiscal expenditure efficiency is established. In addition...
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Research on the Strategy of Widening the Offshore Service Outsourcing--Based on Anhui Province. China

Zehu Jin, Yumei He
Combined with the development characteristics of China's international service outsourcing industry, study the current situation, competitiveness, problems, opportunities and countermeasures of the service outsourcing industry of Anhui province based on eight cities (Hefei,Chongqing,Wuhan,Chengdu,Nanchang,Changsha,Zhengzhou,Xian)using...
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An Empirical Study on Flipped Classroom in College English Teaching Based on the Application of SPOC and Mobile Internet Technology

Xiaodan Xi, Maochun Chen
With the rapid development of mobile Internet technology in this Big Data era, the rising and integrating of 5 products or services based on IP technologylay solid foundation for its rapid development. Meanwhile, the emergence of e-learning, distance education, mobile terminal, online learning and e-educationmakes...
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Leadership for Social Change: findings from Chinese College Students

Wenyan Weng, Wenfan Yan
The purpose of this survey was to explore status of Chinese college student leadership and influences of their leadership learning. The findings indicated that Chinese college students valued honesty and integrity, but were lack of self-confidence, self-reflection and self-awareness. They had responsible...
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A Study of music analysis method under the trend of modern reconstruction of Chinese national music--Taking the 2nd movement of Tan Dun's MAP as an example

Ming-qing Liu
The reconstruction of Chinese national music is the main means to inherit and protect Chinese traditional folk music, and it is also the main trend of Chinese traditional music development. As the theoretical basis of music creation and music performance, music analysis plays a significant role in the...
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The Teaching Management Of Higher Vocational Colleges Faces The Problem Of Universality And The Study Of Coping Strategies

Lin Yu
China's higher vocational education is faced with the lack of teachers, insufficient funds, the professional class teachers' lack of motivation, student's lack of learning initiative, poor teaching effect. Aiming at specific problems, this article is based on the perspectives of job analysis, career...
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Research on Quality and Safety Production Behavior of TCM

Xin Su, Le Wang, Xiaohui Wang
Recently, with the widespread application of the theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), people pay more attention to the quality of Chinese medicine. Also, the quality and safety problems of TCM have attracted much attention. The paper analyzed the factors on farmers' behaviors to produce safety...
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Exploration and Practice of Cross - border Electronic Commerce through Portable Quick Charging Products

Jinhao Li, Jing Wang
Cross-border e-commerce is in the "golden age" in China. The "One Belt and One Road" initiative provides policy support to develop cross-border e-commerce. We explore and practice cross - border e-commerce transactions based on portable quick charging products developed by ourselves. Our products are...
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Innovative Development of New Urbanization under Carbon Lock-in

Zhixia Zhou
With development in world economy and surge in population, worldwide climate is facing serious problem, with the low-carbon idea to promote new urbanization is the inevitable requirement for China to go to urbanization and modernization. How to improve the quality and efficiency of urbanization innovative...
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The Orientation of College Chinese Course in Vocational College Based on the Research of Learning Situation--Taking the college Chinese teaching for pre-school education major students as an example

Ling Zhang
College Chinese is getting more and more attention, however the orientation of college Chinese course gets abundant of controversies, including utility-theory, aesthetic-theory, humanities-theory, culture-theory, and comprehensive-theory. All these theories sound reasonable, but what is the difference...
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Teaching Method for Industrial Design Practice Course based on Cultural Experience

Xiaoli Chen, Quan Zhao
In this work, the teaching method for Industrial Design Practice Course based on cultural experience is studied. This method is elaborated from teaching contents, teaching philosophy and teaching contexts of cultural experience. The implementation strategies and teaching principles of this method are...
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Study on government management innovation based on development of Internet

Xiaofeng Yan
With the development and popularization of Internet, the number of Internet users more and more, people obtain information, opinions, demands to participate in social management way has undergone great changes, many of the problems in the management of the government is exposed in the network era and...
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Research on the Philosophy of "Social Quality Management" in China-- A Summary of the Innovation of Social Quality Management Theory

Yabin Li, Yanan Liu
The concept of social quality management was first proposed by Chinese quality scholars in the world in the 1980s. Over the past 30 years, social quality management has continued to be researched and developed despite its slow progress. This article outlines the emergence and development of the concept...
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Feasibility Study of Pattern of Mentoring Personnel Training in Social Work in Ethnic Area

Xiangui Luo
China is a multinational country,most of minority groups live in far frontier zone or undeveloped mountainous area,the economic and social development lags behind,low level of public services and social welfare services.At present there are multiple pressure such as unsatisfied needs of ethnic group...
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Study on Scientific Research Management of Universities for Traditional Chinese Medicine

Yuan Sun, Chun-Yan Li
The paper analyzes some problems existed in scientific research management of universities for Traditional Chinese Medicine, such as behindhand management conception, behindhand system of administration in scientific research management, disordered funds management for scientific research and so on,...
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A Study on the Path of Promoting Innovation Performance in Rural Areas under Organizational Inertial Environment

Xinjie Chen, An Yang, Zhen Li, Xin Lan
Innovative creativity in rural areas is generally weak and lacks an active organizational atmosphere and environment. This paper focus on the influence of innovation performance in rural areas and their path of promotion on the background of organizational inertia. Through the field investigation of...
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The Research on the Construction of Maturity Model of Project Management in the National Defense Research Institute based on the Grey Multi-level Theory

Wenchuan Wu, Sijun Bai
In this paper, the author design the evaluation index system of project management (PM) in the National Defense Research Institute, and build the Project Management Maturity Mode in the National Defense Research Institute based on the Grey Multi-level Comprehensive Evaluation Theory. This model provides...
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Modern Uyghur Prosody

Yunhong Hou
Modern Uyghur is spoken primarily in the urban areas of the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region in the People's Republic of China, which is about 3000 kilometers to the north-west of Beijing. Existing studies on modern Uyghur have focused mainly on its vowel harmony and agglutination, with few studies...
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Instructional design for the Micro lecture

Yunhong Hou
Micro lecture is the new pedagogy in the internet and big data era, where micro media clips remain its essential parts. There is a discussion for the instructional design for the micro lecture. Included are discussions of (1) background information on micro lecture, (2) needs study, preliminary planning...
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A Case Study of NS and NNS English Teachers Classroom Discourse in an EFL Setting

Shufang Shen
As English progressively become a Lingua Franca in the globalized world, a rapid increasing number of people begin to learn English, which leads to a growing demand for English education. With assumption that native speakers of English are intrinsically better teachers because their mother tongue is...
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Research on Chinese-Language film in the Context of Globalization

Jing Yi, Jianxun Wu
Chinese-language films have experienced the whole - divide - cooperation - integration process in the past 68 years has experienced. In recent years, mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and overseas Chinese new generation of directors have realized the century cultural integration of Chinese-language...
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The enterprise employee management strategy in the Internet transformation

Jingyan Liu
Internet transformation is challenging human resource management in the enterprise, this paper discusses the impact on enterprise employee management of Internet transformation, analyzes the employee management problems in employee supply and demand, knowledge structure and enterprise culture in the...
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Formulating, Analyzing and Actualizing of Graduation Requirements for Food Science and Technology Major Based on OBE

WeiDong Wang, Yue-e Sun, Shuai Wang, YiHui Chen
Specialty must have clear, open graduation requirements, which are required by engineering education professional certification standards. These graduation requirements should be able to support the achievement of training objectives. According to China engineering education accreditation standards (2015...
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Exploring Individual Change Readiness in a Chinese Context

Shuaijiao Bai, Pu Li, Huiqin Zhang
The current research tests the structure of individual change readiness (CR) and explores the relationships between employees' collective identities and individual CR, in the context of Chinese military enterprises which have been implementing The Policy of Military-Civilian Integration. The results...
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Practice and Thinking on Construction of Tianjin Binhai Agricultural Science and Technology Park

Xia Yang, Jinghui Yang, Qiaoli Zhang, Yanjun Liu
In 2008, the construction of Binhai Agricultural Science and Technology Park was started in Tianjin.After nearly 10 years of efforts, 7 parks have been completed. In this paper, the construction of the park was summarized, some problems existing in the construction of the park were analyzed, and corresponding...
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Focusing on quality improvement and creating a new military education system

Ke Liu, Yi He
It is necessary to take the connotative development path for further teaching reform of military academies. Through the optimization and remodeling, a new type of institutional education system platform is established. In terms of adjustment of the system structure, it is necessary to focus on the "3...
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Study on Civil Aviation Safety Management and Safety Culture Construction

Haofeng Wang
Safety culture has a long history, which is trace back to the beginning of human activity. The civil aviation safety culture includes several dimensions as advertising culture, reported culture,judicial culture, adaptability culture, and learning culture. We can promote civil aviation safety management...
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Study on Industrial Heritage Reconstruction and Tourism Development in the Post-Industrial Era--For a Case to Sichuan

Ke Zhang, Tian-sheng Rui
As a significant tourism attraction, industrial heritage increasingly plays a positive role in enriching the content of cultural heritage and promoting regional economic development. This article analyzed the current situation of Sichuan's industrial heritage, and it pointed that lack of development...
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On the Importance of Overall Regulation of Singing to Vocal Music Performance

Zhihong Zhang
Vocal music performance is an extremely complicated systematic engineering, which requires the coordination of human body, singing-related organs and muscles. The overall regulation of singing gets rid of the empirical theories, takes human physiology as foundation and the principle of general breathing...
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A comparative study on the influence of sci-tech journals

Kan Li
Aiming at the current situation of less influence of Chinese sci-tech journals, this paper analyzed the inscape of journals' influence, and carried out a compare analysis between the sci-tech journals with the literature material law and correlation method. And it also proposed the related suggestion...
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Study on Working Memory Characteristics of Different Nerve Types of College Students

Xinguang Shi
The purpose of this study was to investigate the differences in working memory among different nerve types of college students. A total of 562 college students were tested with 80*8 Nerve Type Test Scale and sorted according to the test scores, then each of the 21 subjects were randomly selected from...
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The Protection and Inheritance of Liaozhai Folk Songs

Zhihong Zhang
Liaozhai folk songs are easy-to-read dialect adapted from many stories in Strange Tales from a Chinese Studio by Pu Songling, a great litterateur and king of the short story in the late Ming and early Qing Dynasties, which matched with the popular folk songs in the Zichuan area in the Ming and Qing Dynasties,...
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The situation, problems and measures of Chinese herbal medicine about producing mode in Shandong Province

Xin Su, Xiaoting Gao, Renzhu Yu
Chinese herbal medicine is not only a traditional treasure,but also promotes the development. But the producting mode is bad for the development of Chinese herbal medicine.Now,the article chooses rich resources of Shandong province to conduct research, which to understand the producting mode about Chinese...
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Research on User Discovery Based on Loyalty in SNS

Yun Xue, Jianbin Chen, Yingying Zhou
With the rise of social networks, the diverse and informative social networking applications have become an indispensable part of the daily life of netizens. Improving user loyalty is one of the important ways for software vendors to seize and maintain market share. In this paper, we propose a user discovery...
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The RMP Analysis on the Protection of Textile Immaterial Cultural Heritage in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei

Liujun Guan, Hong Zhao, Yue Xiao
This paper was made to research on how to protect the traditional textile industry and its culture in RMP method: promoting the theory researches into textile cultural protections;making an practical investigation to textile industry and its protection and analyzing the conservative performance from...
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Study on Laoshan Taoist Music under the Horizon of Harmonious Society

Meng Lei
Laoshan is one of the earliest birthplaces of Chinese Taoism, and became Taoism jungle base and has been prosperous since the Song and Yuan Dynasties. Unique aesthetic value, health-keeping value and moral education value of Laoshan Taoist music have great significance to the building of socialist harmonious...
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Listening to Spirituality: The Cultural Significance of Chinese Christian Literature--Taking Shi Wei's literary and artistic creation as the center

Chongguang Zhai
The cross regional and cross-cultural literary writing of 'New Immigrant Literature' is presently a noticeable literary phenomenon. The concepts of spiritual literature explicitly put forward by writer Shi Wei and his literary and artistic practices have had a wide influence. "Spiritual literature creation",...
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Review of PPP Model Provided by Public Service

Gui-hua Liu, Meng Su
The PPP model (Public-Private-Partnership) is recognized as a new way of providing public service. This model aims to cover the shortage of public departments and promote the efficiency of providing public service, through establishing the long-term cooperation between the public department and the private...
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Research on Problems and Strategies in General Education of Arts in Colleges and Universities

Xiuli Yang
The general arts curriculum in colleges and universities is the core of humanistic general education, which undertakes the important task of opening people's perception, imagination and creativity and makes people's inner feelings develop harmoniously. Nowadays, although the general education of arts...
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The Development of Qingdao Piano Art in Shandong Province (1940-1966)

Qing Yu
Qingdao City, located in Shandong Province, has a strong piano music atmosphere, known as the "Qin Island". This is related to the unique culture which fuses both Chinese and Western culture in Qingdao history. This paper focuses on the teaching history of Chinese and foreign piano teachers in Qingdao...
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New Information and Information Literacy Education in Colleges and Universities under the New Media Environment

Xia Liu
The current development of new technology and new media has brought reformational opportunities to higher education, a lot of information literacy education in colleges and universities try to use in a variety of new teaching modes for improving the teaching effect. Through this comparative study of...
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Process Re-design for Knowledge Service between Universities and Local Companies: From Interaction Perspective

Cong Zhang, Lianhua Zhu, Liansheng Yang
Knowledge services in universities result to strengthening local companies' competitiveness by knowledge utilization and creation. An effective service process leads to flexibility, reputation, high quality and creativity. The aim of this paper is to re-design the process of knowledge service after reveal...
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The research on strategy of effective questioning in junior high school mathematics class

Hongyu Jia, Linan Zhong
Junior high school mathematics is an important subject of junior high school learning, which has a strong logical thinking. Classroom questioning is an important part of mathematics teaching. The art of teaching lies in how to ask questions appropriately and guide students to answer, which plays an important...
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Applied Financial Talents Cultivation Research for Universities under Financial Technology Background

Yunqiu Jiao, Peng Liu
With the rapid development of financial science and technology, the financial industry has put forward new requirements for the training of financial talents in new era, and the new standard has also changed the employment demand in financial industry. It is worth exploring how to change the traditional...
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Social Responsibility of Service Design in Present China

Yuhong Han, Cheng Hong, Jing Li
This paper, taking an emerging design discipline of "Service Design" as a starting point, combined with contemporary social phenomenon and the development trends of China, discussed the social responsibility and development of Service Design in present China from five aspects, including Service Design...
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The Design and Implementation of tourism APP Based on X-Code

Shi-jun Yang, Ning Wei
This topic mainly explains the application about travel through X-code development platform. The APP provide some advice to users.The main content of this article explain how to implement the application. The works studied different user require such as framework, function and the final rendering. The...
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Research of brain drain problem of small and medium-sized civil airport in northeast China

Lin Yu
Talents are the source of continuous development of enterprises, and strengthening human resource management is the guarantee of improving the competitive advantage of enterprises. According to the characteristics of the civil airport in northeast China, this paper analyses the current civil airport...
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The Utopian Function of Fairy Tales' Adaptations in Hollywood

Yingying Li
From birth to present, Fairy tale adaptations play an important role in Hollywood films. Those adaptation films have been considered as the culture industry because of their pattern adaptations which carrying the same meaning of National Ideology. The Utopian impulse in fairy tales that inspires people's...