Proceedings of the 2017 3rd Conference on Education and Teaching in Colleges and Universities (CETCU 2017)

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Distributed Teaching Model based on Flipped Classroom for HF Electronic Circuit

Danyang Qin, Hong Wu, Erfu Wang, Hongbin Ma, Qun Ding
Rapid development of modern communication has a close relationship with the support of information talents, who benefit from the continuous perfection of discipline establishment. Partial content in HF Electronic Circuit is taken as the reform object, and the flipped classroom is taken as the reform...
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Reconstruction and Application of the Biochemistry Curriculum System in Local Universities

Lusha Ji, Shangjing Guo
Combining the construction and application of biochemistry curriculum system in local universities, we summarize the significance, construction goals and implementation plan to construct the biochemistry online open curriculum in local colleges and universities. Our research will provide reference for...
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Construction of Biochemistry Open Online Curriculum in Local Universities Based on MOOC/SPOC

Lusha Ji, Yang Zhang, Shichao Li, Jiahui Zheng
The study analyzes the cases of biochemistry open online curriculum construction in local universities, proposes the specific content, implementation plans, security system and significance of biochemistry open online curriculum construction in local universities. The study provides references for biochemistry...
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Study on Management and Application System of Patent Knowledge based on TRIZ

Changqing Gao, Jianhua Sun, Wei Chen, Fang Zhao
Innovation design requires a lot of knowledge. The study on how to effectively store and manage existing knowledge, how to realize sharing and representation of knowledge is of great significance. In this paper, we expressed the tacit knowledge in patent content based on TRIZ theory, established the...
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Thoughts on the Teaching Reform of Power System Protective Relaying

Ling Zhou, Chenhui Ye
Under the background of upgrading of electric power related industries and development of emerging strategic industries, which represented by smart grid and new energy technology, based on the requirements of modern grid enterprise on personnel and the training objectives of electrical engineering and...
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Reform and Practice of Strengthening Application-Oriented IT Internship & Training and Promoting Information Management Specialty Level

Kang-lin Gao, Mei Dong
It is very important to promote information quality of college students for their creatively acquiring, processing and applying effective information at the age of Big Data. In line with the requirements of present social development for application-oriented information technology undergraduates the...
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The Reform and Practice of the Cultivation Mode for the Mechanical Specialty Aimed at the Innovation Ability

Bo Tang, Yu Hou
In the light of some problems existing in personnel cultivation mode and course examination for mechanical specialty in colleges and universities, and also "Internet plus" has brought the challenge to higher education and opportunities, the seminar class teaching method is developed, blended teaching...
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Discussion and analysis on the excellent course and its website construction of

Dong Xiang, Liu Kegao
An excellent course construction plays an important role in improving the teaching quality and promoting the teaching reform, and while a course website construction provides a good medium for the teaching. The excellent course construction of "Materials Testing Technology" of Shandong Jianzhu University,...
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Flipped Classroom Based on Micro Learning Resource in Experiment Teaching of Embedded System Design

Nan Ding, Yuxin Wang, Xiao Dong, Fan Wang
The teaching methods of Micro Learning Resource (MLR) and flipped classroom are used in this paper, combining the information professional "embedded system design" course and characteristics of its experimental teaching links, reform on experimental links supporting the course is carried out pertinently....
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Exploration on the cultivation mode of innovative talents in medical-oriented Biomedical Engineering

Bi. Liu, Lei Duan, Songsheng Zhu, Wei Wang, Yuxuan Zhou, Ke Hu, Hao Wu, Xiaoling Wu
In terms of the cultivation in the field of Biomedical Engineering, how to construct the training system of high quality and innovative talents is the urgent requirement of today's society. Nanjing Medical University makes bold attempts and beneficial exploration in construction of professional talents...
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Research of E-Learning Platform of Blend Learning for Power Electronics Courses

Lei Huang, Cuimin Zhang
The undergraduate power electronics course belongs to basic courses in electrical engineering. It is especially crucial for the students studying continuing subjects like control of electrical drives. Thus, a good knowledge of the various topology and control methods is needed to understand the behavior...
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The Engineering Mechanics Teaching Method for Speciality of Medico Engineering Cooperation

Qingyun Meng, Jun Ni, Peiqin Zhu
Instruments development of medical diagnosis and treatment is a medico engineering cooperation subject. To help the student major in medico engineering cooperation such as biomedical engineering understand and dispose mechanics questions, This paper use medical projects as training program in the engineering...
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Research and Practice on Teaching Quality Control System For Undergraduate Programs on Information Based on Coordinated Management of Multi-platform Resources

Jiong Mu, Xuliang Duan, Jie Zhang
With the rapid development of information society, the demand for information technology talents has increased dramatically. At the same time, it has made higher demands on the quality of talents. At present, the training mode of information talents in our country is relatively simple, and the cultivation...
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Research on Pair Learning Method and Pattern Based on Pair Programming

Yue Zhang, Yebo Yang, Yang Yang, Wanfeng Dou
Pair programming is an agile practice that supports two people working together locally or remotely to complete a programming task. Based on the cooperative learning theory, this paper puts forward the concept of pair learning and explains the method of pair learning from the aspects of pedagogy, psychology...
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The Innovation And Reference Of American Applied Talents' Training Model Under The Background Of "Internet +"

Shiyu Wang, Lei Yang, Xueying Zhao, Danyang Li, Ziwei Chen
Due to industry 4.0, technological progress in particular, the demands of employees professional qualities and skills are ever-growing. As a consequence, one of the problems to be urgently solved in China is how to connect the professional education and talents with industry chain through the Internet...
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Research on Cultivating Innovative and Enterprising Talents of Printing and Packaging in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Universities

Guorong Cao, Quanxiao Liu, Lizheng Zhang, Yabo Fu, Ling Cheng
By studying the system of collaborative innovation mechanism of printing and packaging in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei universities, the training system of innovation and entrepreneurship and the construction plan of teachers and their implementation measures, we can make the colleges' advantaged resources...
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Research of Micro Lectures Development in Applied Undergraduate Course

Shuyan Ren, Cuimin Zhang, Yingmei Qin, Yanqing Song
The micro lectures is based on micro teaching video, according to the knowledge of a subject (such as the key points, difficulties and doubts, etc.) or teaching parts (such as learning activities, themes, experiments and tasks), to design video curriculum resources, which can support a variety of learning...
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Feedback Analysis of PIGAI Online Scoring System in Business English Writing

Bo Hu
The study explores the effect of evaluation feedback provided by PIGAI-an extensively-used online automated essay scoring system in China. Case study method is employed for the analysis of 2 groups of 10 sample essays of Business English to compare and discuss the online feedback data. The results show...
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The Relationship between Interpersonal Trust and Loneliness of University Students: The Mediating Role of Personality Hardiness

Lishen Wang
Objective: To understand the status quo of university students' personality hardiness, interpersonal trust and loneliness, and to explore the relationship between those three attributes. - Methods: A total of 332 university students in Guangdong province were selected as the research objects, and selected...
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The Continuous Existence and Development of Intangible Cultural Heritage Resources of Minority Traditional Sports in Universities

Dongying Li
Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection brings new opportunities to the development of China's Minority Traditional Sports. Minority Traditional Sports have been attached more and more attention for its unique body movement and appliances. This paper analyzes the importance of Intangible Cultural Heritage...
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Design of Teaching Aid System based on WeChat Public Platform

Kun Liu, Kun Ma, Xiaohan Ding
The subscription account based on WeChat public platform is a good solution to the interaction problem between the teacher and students. The teaching aid system was designed and achieved through WeChat public platform, which regarded the WeChat subscription account as the link of resource acquisition...
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Combining Engineering and Medical Knowledge for Construction of Inquiry Teaching Method on Digital Signal Processing Curriculum

Xiaoou Li, Boyu Si, Baodan Bai, Jiayong Yan
Based on the combination of engineering with medicine knowledge, the inquiry teaching method based on the curriculum reform of digital signal processing is studied. Through strengthening the practice and problem based learning, a teaching mode of taking the students as the main body is established. In...
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Research on Virtual Teaching Interacting with Practice on the Biomedical Electronics Experiment

Min Lin, Chun-yu Shan
The comprehensive, designing and creative experiments can facilitate students' creative thinking and develop their practical operation. This paper introduces the application of the experimental mode of the virtual simulation interacting with the practice in the comprehensive, designing and creative experiments....
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Discussion and Improvement in Your Teaching

Zhaoye Li, Shixin Li, Zhaojun Xue
Questions and answers in teaching are elaborated carefully in this paper. Improving teaching methods, adding practice session, and making all students happy, these ways can obtain obvious effects.
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Application of Big Data in Higher Education for Learning Analytics

Zhijun Pei, Lei Han, Jin-qing Gu
Institutions of higher education are facing contemporary challenges. And big data can be used for the higher education practice. Apart from the introduction of the relevance of big data to higher education, analytical approaches such as learning analytics is provided for the analysis and exploitation...
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An analysis of learners' learning behavior in Massive Open Online

Jiwei Qin, Zhenhong Jia, Hongtao Li
In this paper we access to data of 2,954 learner's learning behavior from Xinjiang University online electives are part of the massive online platform named "Erya". Based on the data, we construct learner's learning model, acquire rules of learning and predict learner's academic record. In order to meet...
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A Study of solution in training application-oriented talents about general education

Jia Ren
The paper analyzes the necessity of general education in the applied talents training, the problem about the general course in newly-built undergraduate colleges is analyzed, the reform ideas of teaching curriculum in general education come forward, the direction of course teaching in newly-built undergraduate...
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Making the Best of Examination Feedback to Improve the Quality of Teaching

Jun Wan, Yanhui Sun, Xiaoyan Deng
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The Role of Public Media in Education and Publicity in the Hundred Days' Reform

Cuihong Fan
During the Hundred Days' Reform Movement period, with the rapid change of society and increasingly serious national crisis, newspaper, periodicals and society are emerging widely which has a profound impact on the social life of that period and has also become tools and practical means of the Hundred...
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The Application of Educational Ecology Principle in the Strategy of Enrollment and Propaganda

Shengxian Gu
Admissions is an important part of college enrollment. It can meet the needs of the rapid development of colleges and universities, but also for candidates and parents to provide volunteer service. Combined with the principles of educational ecology, colleges and universities can improve the publicity...
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Educational Reform of Tourism English based on Competency-Based Education Model

Jiayi Wu, Haijun Wang
To reveal the current situation of Tourism English teaching and professional skills training in the application-oriented universities, the research on educational reform of Tourism English is presented, which explores a new education model in aspect of professional skills training. In addition, based...
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The Construction of the Special Course of Automobile Electronic and Electrical Equipment

Peijiang Chen
Course construction is one of the important contents of quality engineering in colleges and universities, and it plays an important role in improving teaching quality. Taking the course of Automobile Electronic and Electrical Equipment of Linyi University as an example, the research and practice of the...
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Interpersonal Communication between Teachers and Students by Smartphone

Yonglin Liang, Le Kang
The paper is mainly to study the influence and the teacher-student relationship of using mobile phones during the class by conducting questionnaires. In the study, we choose the freshmen to senior students who studying in one University in Guangdong province as samples. According to the survey, mobile...
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On Strategies of Promoting International Employment for Chinese College Graduates

Yaozhong L, Haixia Zhao
As higher education in China has leapfrogged into the stage of prevalence, the number of college graduates is increasing. The situation of employment is more and more serious. Making full use of the current resources to promote the employment for graduate, Chinese colleges are supposed to set up the...
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Discussion on path construction of humanistic quality education for Chinese young athletes

Fan Zhang
Currently, too much emphasis on the physical and psychological qualities as well as skills and tactics and the underestimation of cultivating other quality led to the powerlessness of young athletes in competitive sports and the poor comprehensive quality so that there even emerged some negative behaviors...
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Research and Application of Project-Based Learning in Modern Control Theory Course

Yizhou Mao, Shaoqiang Yuan
Project-Based Learning (PBL) is a new teaching method which is characterized by projects and students as main part, widely used in theory teaching and practice teaching. This paper analyzed advantages, methods, principles and problems of PBL. We have conducted in-depth research on PBL theory and put...
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On the Present Situation and Countermeasures of Teaching Archives Management in Colleges and Universities

Ying-xin Rao
With the development of higher education in our country and the acceleration of the construction of informationization of the colleges, the requirements for the management of teaching archives in colleges are also increasing. This paper analyzes the characteristics and existing problems of the current...
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Research and Practice of Teaching Analog Circuit for Foreign Students

Fangni Chen, Zhongpeng Wang, Weiwei Qiu
Along with the expansion of international higher education in China, the English teaching for foreign students has become the important way for foreign students education. This paper introduces teaching practices of Analog Circuit with English for foreign students, and discusses the teaching methods,...
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Cultivating Intentional Consciousness in Modern History Teaching

Cuihong Fan
Introspection is of paramount importance to individuals and nations, and it avoids recurring mistakes. In the teaching of modern history, we must first stop the way of education that develop patriotic ideas by arousing hatred; change the understanding that the disaster is brought by others; change teaching...
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Practice and Research of HTC Vive Controller Functions in Virtual Reality Interaction

Lei Chen, Zongwei Luo
Virtual Reality has been a state-of-the-art technology recently,and HTC Vive is one of the best sellers that is based on this technology with its own controllers which are one of its features. This article starts with a series of development projects of virtual reality, develops some influential functions...
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The Discussion of Life-teaching Method about C Language under the Innovative Forms

Yanling Zhou
Theory comes from life, return to life again. In view of the problems existing in the freshman about learning C language in the applied colleges, life-case teaching methods are applied to teaching C-language program. It can make students learn C language in a tangible world and find the beauty of the...
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Research on the cultivation of Chinese competitive sports reserve talents based on the theory of Multiple Intelligences

Fan Zhang
In the training process of young athletes, sports schools often only pay attention to the training of "champion", neglecting the cultivation of "educating people". Although it plays an important role in the rise of Chinese competitive sports in a short time, the painful prices of this "gold medal" pursuit...
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Design and Implementation of Operating System CAI Courseware

Zengguo Sun, Jiali Xu, Yuanyuan Li, Chen Yang
In order to overcome the shortcomings of the traditional operating system courseware (such as PPT), the operating system CAI courseware was developed in this paper, which realizes the dynamic demonstration and human-computer interaction of algorithms in the operating system course. Requirement analysis,...
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Implementation Research on Internet Plus VR in Higher Art Education Talent Cultivation

Ziwei Zhou, Xueguang Zhou
To explore the opportunity and challenge the internet plus VR bring with, this paper studies from 3 aspects of talent training purpose improvement, training mode reforming and training program reconstitution, and gives related analysis, suggestion and program.
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Cooperation among university, enterprise and local government to cultivate postgraduate students of agricultural professional degree jointly

Suwen Xu, Chenzhong Jin, Yong Chen, Yihong Hu
In order to train postgraduate students of agricultural professional degree more effectively and make the students adjust to their future professions, a training mode for postgraduate students of agricultural professional degree, university-enterprise-government joint cultivation, has been adopted in...
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Practice for cultivating top-level postgraduates of agriculture relied on collaborative innovation platform

Wenxin Jin, Shuangshuang Li, Xiong Li, Yunyun Zhou, Yihong Hu, Xuejiao Zhang, Xiansheng Tan, Taoli Liu, Xiu Liu, Chenzhong Jin
On the basis of building an on-campus and off-campus high-level collaborative innovation platform, Hunan University of Humanities, Science and Technology organized an on-campus and off-campus dual-tutor team, explored the united cultivation of applied postgraduates in agriculture with enterprise and...
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On the Relationship between Organizational Socialization Tactics and Fresh Graduated New Comers' Employment Quality

Xiaowei Liang, Xia Sun
Taking the fresh graduated new comers who, as career starters, are in the stage from their career exploration to establishment as the subject of this discussion, the mechanism of their employment quality formation is analyzed from the organizational socialization perspective based on current literatures....
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Research on Data Processing Core Course Group of Internet of Things

Yangqing Zhu
To abandon the ideas of traditional single curriculum construction, take research and application of Internet of Things as the main direction of research and construction of core curriculum group, take data processing direction of Internet of Things as an example, carried out research on the construction...
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Exploration of the Innovative Teaching Modes of Application-oriented Universities in Theory and Practice

Chengxian Zhou, Zhiqiang Zhuo
With a view to the problems existing in the combination of the application-oriented undergraduate teaching modes in theory and practice, the paper takes the innovative teaching mode of discipline competition special topic as the research object, tries to explore the effective ways and methods of application-oriented...
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Application of Formative Assessments to Vocational College English Teaching and Learning

Wenyi Liu, Shouju Li
The formative assessment is more helpful to stimulate the student English learning motivation and enhance student studying ability. In the English teaching and learning process to vocational college students, teachers should use formative assessment and other types of assessment as an elementary to assess...
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Carrying out collaborative innovation to promote innovation and service ability of local colleges and universities

Shuangshuang Li, Xiong Li, Yunyun Zhou, Yihong Hu, Wenxin Jin, Chenzhong Jin
Based on the elaboration of basic connotation for collaborative innovation of local colleges and universities, the paper analyzes the dilemmas that local colleges and universities faced in the collaborative innovation environment, indicates that collaborative innovation is the best effective approach...
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A Study on the Correlation between Writing Achievement and Reading Achievement of CSL Learners

Li Guo, Bo Yan
As the two crucial processes of output and input of language learning, writing and reading have been widely discussed by researchers. Aiming at giving suggestions on language acquisition for CSL learners, the author selects 865 essays from the HSK Dynamic Composition Corpus, examines them through Pearson...
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Ideological and political theory course:research on teaching group and special subject teaching

Kai Guo
Under the influence of economic globalization and cultural diversity, hedonism, individualism and other thoughts are once popular, which pose serious challenges to ideological theory course in colleges and universities. Ideological and theoretical courses are with strong abstract, which are also speculative,...
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Research on the reform of computer science and technology specialty in the context of industry university cooperation

Xiangcai Zhu, Deyun Yang
In the integration and development of the depth of school enterprise under the background of the computer science and technology professional advantages and characteristics, adhere to the application goals, professional construction, reflected in the curriculum system, teaching system, teaching system...
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Research on the Construction of Open Laboratory and the Cultivation of Applied Talents

YiLin Bei, Deyun Yang
The opening of professional laboratory in colleges and universities is the foundation and guarantee of cultivating applied talents. In view of the problems existing in the construction of specialized laboratories in colleges and universities, this paper discusses the ways and methods of the open reform...
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Discussion on Application-oriented Curriculum Reform of Operating System Principle

Zhaogui Ma
Operating system principle is the core course of computer science, this paper analyzes the main problems existing in the teaching of operating system principle, such as the theoretical complexity of the course, the obsolescence of teaching content and the weakness of experiment. Aiming at the cultivation...
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Construction Model of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base for Ability-shaping-oriented College Students Majoring in Management

Zeping Tong, Junxiu Zhang, Guangjun Ou
It is demanding and challenging for colleges and universities to cultivate college students who have the ability of innovation and entrepreneurship, and the construction of innovation and entrepreneurship base is the means to realize the transformation of higher education mode. According to the ability...
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The Exploration of Entrepreneurship Education for College Students in Entrepreneurship Practice

Zeping Tong, Tian Hu, Guangjun Ou
Under the big background of "public entrepreneurship, people's innovation", entrepreneurship education in colleges and universities has been paid more and more attention. However, due to the lack of experience accumulation, the entrepreneurship education resources in colleges and universities haven't...
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A research on the models of open-minded political education in the Network Era

Qin Shi
The network technology, as one of the high-end media approaches has developed rapidly, which gives a boarder spectrum, a faster peace and a significant effect of information spreading. The widespread using of internet also optimises the modern IP work in higher education institute and helps to expand...
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The Exploration and Practice for the College Physics Experiment Teaching Mode Based on Autonomous Learning

Ping Wei, Minghui Shao
To solve the problems of bad effect of college physics experiment preparation, insufficient experimental class time, and poor active learning ability, the college physics experiment teaching mode based on autonomous learning is further investigated in this paper. During the teaching process, full use...
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The Practical Application of Software Engineering to Graduation Project (Thesis)

Ping Xu, Deyun Yang
This paper introduces the application of software engineering to graduation project (thesis), and starts with the discussion about topic selection, thesis proposal, system design and testing, the compiling of software documentation, thesis writing and other aspects, so as to ameliorate the current problems...
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A Student-Driven Approach to Teaching Business Courses

Qiong Shao, Fang Wang
This paper describes an approach to teaching business courses using bilingual languages at a bachelor level that is entirely coursework assessed. The approach involves students giving presentations of material they have researched based on fairly detailed subject guidance provided by the lecturer. The...
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Engineering Project Based Cooperative Training Model for Professional Graduates

Shifeng Ou, Chen Chen, Ruirui Han, Ying Gao
In 21st century, the cooperative training and innovative talent have become the key points for the higher education. However, the lack of innovative capacity is still a big issue in professional graduate education for our country. In view of this problem, a new cooperative training model for professional...
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Promoting the Construction of Undergraduate Innovative Education Project with Interdisciplinary Integration

Rui Xiong, Li Zhu
The innovative education system is constructed collaboratively with a "broad engineering disciplines" coalition, with the ability-directed cultivation objectives of engineering talents. The pilot project is established within the cultivation program, building interdisciplinary teaching teams, courses,...
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Students' Experiences of Using New Media in Higher Education

Li Zhu, Rui Xiong
The present study explored university students' experiences of using new media in their academic life at the University of Edinburgh. The study was conducted through semi-structured interviews with postgraduate students and their teachers at this university. It was found that new media students mainly...
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On the Reform of Introduction to Computer Science under the Mode of School-Enterprise Cooperation

Xiujuan Sun
Introduction to computer science is a basic course of computer majors. The traditional curriculum teaching is not linked to professional background, and the teaching content is obsolete. Adapting to the application-oriented talents training and school-enterprise cooperation, the paper aims to discuss...
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Application of Flexsim in Cultivating Logistics Management Professionals

Yuan Shao, Xin Suo, Ya-juan Wang
In this paper, we first present the characteristics and problems existing in the process of logistics management teaching, and then analyze the advantage of the application of system modeling and simulation in logistics management teaching. An example is proposed to illustrate how to apply the software...
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Research on the Cultivation Mode of E-commerce Application Talent Based on Position Requirement

Wenling Liu, Haiyan Bian
In order to solve the difficult of recruitment and job search in e-commerce major, we need to reform the talent training model of e-commerce in the application universities. In this paper, firstly, we classify e-commerce enterprises in order to clear working direction of different types of enterprises....
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Research on Talent Cultivation Mode of Software Engineering Based on the School-Enterprise Deep Cooperation

Dan Li, Guibin Liu
This paper analyzes the existing problems of school-enterprise cooperation in software engineering in two aspects of school and enterprise. Then, this paper puts forward the measures of deep integration about software engineering school-enterprise cooperation in three aspects of school, enterprise and...
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The Teaching Reform of E-commerce Logistics Course based on the Production-education Integration

Ling Feng
E-commerce logistics course is the professional and core courses of E-commerce major. In real teaching, due to many reasons, many problems emerged, such as students' enthusiasm for learning is not high, the learning effect is not good, and students are not equipped with practical ability. In this situation,...
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The application analysis of MOOC+SPOC in advanced mathematics teaching under the background of big data

Xiaorong Zhu
It's a new try to apply he MOOC+SPOC teaching model in the course of higher mathematics teaching under the background of big data. This paper mainly analyzes the problems existing in the teaching of advanced mathematics, and expounds the concept of MOOC+SPOC and the advantages and related problems of...
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Research on The Reform of Talent Training Mode in Colleges and Universities

Sai Qiao
According to the connotation of talent training mode, the extension of talent training mode should be the whole process of talent training. It is composed of five parts: the target of personnel training, the content of training, the system of training, the way of training and the evaluation of training....
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Research on college students' entrepreneurial risk in the perspective of entrepreneurial motivation

Fang Wang, Li Chen, Dekun Rao
Firstly, according to Maslow's hierarchy of needs, the entrepreneurial motivations of college students are divided into three levels which are the motivations of the existence need, value need and society need. Then the degree of the entrepreneurial risks is analyzed under these three levels of motivations....
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Construction of the Deep School-enterprise Cooperation Mechanism in E-commerce

Haiyan Bian, Wenling Liu
School-enterprise cooperation is a "win-win" mode, which realizes the sharing of information and resources, complementary advantages, and saves the cost of education and enterprises. However, there are still many problems in the school-enterprise cooperation, such as the lack of willingness of enterprises...
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Problems and Countermeasures of School-enterprise Cooperation in E-commerce Major

Xue Tian
In order to improve the quality of e-commerce professionals and cultivate practical talents to meet the needs of the society, universities have discussed the mode of school-enterprise cooperation. At present, there are many universities that have carried out this mode, but the quality of training talents...
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On Construction of the Mode of Deep College-enterprise Cooperation in Application-oriented Colleges in China

Deyun Yang
In recent years, local colleges have become an important part of undergraduate training in China. However there are some problems in the training of talents in the application-oriented undergraduate colleges. First we analyze the cause of the problems, then prefer a construction on the mode of deep college-enterprise...
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Research on Teaching Reform of Software Engineering Course based on Flipped Classroom

Xueming Bai, Qian Wang
Based on the characteristics of the software engineering course, this paper analyzes the current situation and problems of the course teaching, and puts forward the project driven software engineering reverse classroom teaching mode reform method.
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Exploration of Practice Teaching Reform of Software Engineering Major Based on School-Enterprise Cooperation

Zhengliang Huan
Practice teaching is an indispensable part of teaching procedure, which is the main channel to cultivate student's innovative and practical ability. In this paper, we take software engineering major of Taishan University as an example, which is based on model of school-enterprise cooperation, to explore...
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Innovation and Practice of Computer Hardware Curriculum System in Application-oriented Undergraduate Education

Fang LI, Yue-ying WU, Sheng-ju SANG
This paper demonstrates a thoroughly innovative research on computer hardware curriculum including the goal of it, the hierarchy and contents of teaching, the knowledge base and communication methods. The curriculum practice, to some appropriate extent, brings together 'topical case studies', 'class...
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Study on Experimental Teaching of Principle and Application of Microcontroller Based on C8051F34X Family

Yue-ying WU, Fang LI, Sheng-ju SANG, De-yun YANG
C8051F34X Series MCU using Silicon Labs' patented CIP-51 microcontroller core, fully compatible with the MCS-51 instruction set, and the standard 803x/805x assembler and compiler software could be employed in development. In this paper, the experimental teaching methods and steps of the single-chip microcomputer...
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Study on Education Reform of Principle and Application of Microcontroller Based on C8051F Family

Sheng-ju SANG, Yue-ying WU, Fang LI, De-yun YANG
This paper reformed the teaching content of the course of the principle and application of single chip microcomputer in view of the current situation of the teaching and application. Different students, with different characteristics, interest, specialties, have different teaching and experiment contents,...
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Reconstruction of the Curriculum of Computer Hardware

Ding SHEN, Yue-ying WU, Fang LI, Sheng-ju SANG
This paper demonstrates a thoroughly innovative research on reconstruction of the curriculum of computer hardware. The curriculum practice, to some appropriate extent, brings together 'topical case studies', 'class projects', and 'study and engineering work in industry' activities throughout the teaching...
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Status, Contents and Strategies based on the Humane Quality Education of University of Science and Engineering

Qi Chai
Humane quality education of university of science and engineering in China actually started with the arrival of the missionaries who set up a very quality education system whereby reading and arithmetic formed the basic curriculum. The goal of this paper was basically to have researches on the status,...
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Study on the Co-education Pattern of Colleges and Enterprises

Xiuzhen Li, Deyun Yang
In recent years, there are some problems in training of talents in the application-oriented undergraduate colleges in China. First we analyze the current situation of students training in applied colleges, then prefer to have a comprehensive understanding of the enterprises and students' status. Finally...
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Optimize education resource based on developing information system for deepening School-enterprise cooperation

Lei Sun, Huanwei Jiang
This paper analyzes the necessary demand of information system under the background of deepening School-enterprise cooperation, and studies the present research situation of informatization in school enterprise cooperation, and sums up the characteristics of previous research. In combination with the...