Proceedings of the 2022 International Conference on Diversified Education and Social Development (DESD 2022)

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Peer-Review Statements

Fadi Hage Chehade, Yung Yau
All of the articles in this proceedings volume have been presented at the DESD2022 during July 22nd–24th, 2022 in Hangzhou. These articles have been peer reviewed by the members of the Scientific Committee and approved by the Editor-in-Chief, who affirms that this document is a truthful description of...
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Analysis of Teaching Effectiveness in Several Teaching Modes

Yinggao Zhou, Yong Jiao, Zhoushun Zheng
Teaching effectiveness is an important index to measure a successful class. It is the life of the classroom teaching. Based on the teaching investigation in the past two years, this paper analyzes the teaching effectiveness of several abnormal teaching modes one by one by revealing their teaching performance...
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Self-media Literacy in Language Education and Cross Cultural Competence Development

Yuxiu Hu, Rongrong Dong
As a kind of self-media technology, podcasting can be applied to English education in this era of self-media for promoting personalized and independent learning. Based on two theoretical methods on teaching listening, the author described and reported the design and the teaching experience of an elective...
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Innovative Development of Mathematics Beauty and Aesthetic Education

Zhuqi Yu, Jie Jiang, Lidong Wang
This paper seeks to discuss three issues: first, analyze the connotation of mathematical beauty to establish a multidimensional angle of mathematical aesthetics; Second, form the concept of “integration of disciplines” with an awareness of comparing mathematical beauty with other disciplinary beauty;...
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The Image of Supernatural Beings in Kongtong Wushu

Jieqiong Wang, Ning Cao, Pan Shi
Exploring the mythology before civilization is an important way to study the origins of Chinese traditional culture. Kongtong Wushu, with a profound cultural background and achievement, originated from the Jing Wei River Basin and Kongtong Mountain, which are one of the birthplaces of western Chinese...
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A Study on the Word “Sleeve” in Japanese Waka

Taking the Waka in “The Tale of Genji” as an Example

Yue Zhao
This study analysed the word “sleeve” in the waka poem of “The Tale of Genji”, using natural language processing and text analysis methods, mainly studied the frequency and distribution of “sleeve” and the role of “sleeves” under different classifications. Results show that “sleeve” is one of the most...
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Study on Model Course of Ideological and Political Demonstration Courses: Taking Modern Agricultural Innovation and Rural Revitalization Strategy as an Example

Wen Bao, Yanqing Zhou
As a public degree course for agricultural master's degree, the course of modern agricultural innovation and rural revitalization strategy has the characteristics of value leadership and forward-looking, and the rich ideological elements of the course have the role of guiding students to focus on...
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Exploration of Innovative Teaching of ‘‘Computer System Architecture’’

Yuan Meng, Jun Yang
Because the traditional teaching mode and experimental examination are not very reasonable, students’ enthusiasm and initiative in learning are not high, so the teaching effect is not ideal. In this paper, the experimental teaching of computer system structure is reformed from the aspects of open and...
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Corpus-Based Lexical Development of EFL Writing

Weilu Wang, Jijun Wang, Manfu Duan
Learner corpora, with their detailed information on learner language use, have been widely explored in second language acquisition and teaching. This paper is based on a self-built longitudinal EFL learner corpus to partly meet a long-desired goal of measuring and describing the general guiding feature...
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A Design of Translation Competence Evaluation Based on Analytic Hierarchy Process

Jijun Wang, Yuan Tian
This paper explores the issue of translation competence evaluation by adopting Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP), for AHP is a systematic and hierarchic evaluation system including a complex multi-objective decision-making method with multiple criteria, and multiple levels of indicators. Combining the...
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A Study of Facilitating the Enabling of the Lexical Chunk Output in the POA

Mingfang Liu
The method of chunks in college English teaching has been continuously concerned. Chunk output involves a complicated cognition process and language learners’ output quality is decided by effectiveness and enabling strategies of the output. Three criteria—alignment, gradualness and variety to check the...
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Exploration and Practice of Ideological and Political Teaching Mode of Environmental Fluid Mechanics Under the International Talent Training Mode

Yumin Wang, Zhi Li, Haiying Gao, Hongmei Fan
In the traditional teaching of environmental hydrodynamics for postgraduates majoring in environmental engineering, the concept, theory and formula of the basic course are relatively complex, and the teachers generally focus on the explanation of theoretical knowledge, while ignoring the excavation and...
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An Educative Approach to Booth Assignment for a School Carnival

Rong-Chang Chen, Chih-Teng Chen, Kai-Hsiang Chang, Hsin-Ju Wen, Pin-Jung Lai
School carnival is one of the most important activities for the school anniversary celebration. A good allocation of booths may determine success or failure of this activity. In dealing with the allocation of booths in the school carnival, drawing lots is among the most popular ways to determination...
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Teaching Reform and Practice Based on OBE Concept

Taking “Computer Integrated Course Design” as an Example

Hongmei Fan, Yumin Wang, Jingwen Chen
Based on the outcomes-based oriented teaching education (OBE) concept, a task-driven teaching implementation plan was designed for the environmental engineering with combination with the teaching characteristics of “Computer Integrated Course Design” course. The student-oriented teaching mode was carried...
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Induction and Reflection in Linear Algebra Teaching

Qitong Ou
Based on the characteristics and teaching practice of the course of “Linear Algebra”, this paper introduces how to induction, summarize and reflection in the course of “Linear Algebra” through rich examples, so as to make the students better understand the concept and fully develop students’ ability...
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Zebrafish as a Model Animal to Strengthen the Discipline Understanding and Interest Guidance of Students Majoring in Green Chemical Engineering and Biomedicine

Gen Li, Sara Toufouki, Alula Yohannes, Yanfang Li, Qiaomei Sun, Jiaheng Liu, Tian Yao, Shun Yao
Due to various reasons, there has always been a misleading understanding of the "non green" of chemical engineering and processes in the whole society, which has directly led to the low interest, confusion and even exclusion of many freshmen in the discipline and major after they entered into...
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An Analysis on the Current State of Doctoral Training in Physical Oceanography of Ocean University of China

Yongling Liu, Xueqiang Ma, Xianqing Lv
Academic papers are important results of scientific research and an important quality indicator of the doctoral training programs. In this paper, the doctoral students majoring in Physical Oceanography who enrolled in the Ocean University of China from 2012 to 2017 serve as the study objects. The academic...
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Design and Implementation of Online First-Class Course “Innovative Thinking Methods”

Guobin Tao, Xiuyan Zhang, Jicheng Liu
Innovation thinking method course is an important carrier of college students’ innovative and entrepreneurial education. The courses is centered on student development, and motivated by social needs, oriented by results output. The course concept is that college students’ innovative spirit, creative...
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The Exploration and Practice of Process Assessment of the Online Teaching: A Case Study on Specialty English for Environmental Science and Engineering

Hui Wang, Wei Liu, Yinghao Liu
Process assessment was one of the important assessment modes which has been put more emphasis in The Overall Plan for Deepening Reformation of Education Assessment in a New Era. This paper summarized the design and implement of the process assessment based on the course of Specialty English for Environmental...
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Research on the Thematic Teaching of the Outline of Modern and Contemporary Chinese History Based on the BOPPPS Teaching Method

Minghui Zhang
The BOPPPS teaching method originated in Canada. It is a complete, effective and closed set of teaching theories and methods, which has been adopted and promoted by many countries in the world. In China, the ideological and political theory course “Outline of Modern Chinese History” (hereinafter callded...
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Research and Practice of Case Teaching in Network Engineering Course Teaching Under OBE Concept

Qian Wang, Chuan Zhao, Shan Jing
In view of the traditional teaching methods of network engineering major core courses are difficult to tap students’ potential motivation and learning enthusiasm, in order to further improve the teaching quality of network engineering major courses, mobilize students’ enthusiasm and initiative in learning,...
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Fresh Perspectives on the College English Blended Teaching Model Within the Framework of Media Convergence

Qinsi Liao
Students in China’s college English programs are frequently instructed using the traditional lecture format. Students frequently feel that the learning process in traditional college English instruction is less experiential, that students are less objective in the classroom, and that their unique learning...
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On Translation and Overseas Communication of Chinese Dunhuang Culture: A Review of Key Concepts in Dunhuang Culture

Yifan Zhang, Yong Liang
The unique Dunhuang culture and the large volumes of well-preserved manuscripts have been drawing worldwide attention after its discovery in 1900. The translation of these key terms or concepts is vital for its overseas communication, which is no easy task for translators because of its close relation...
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Knowledge Mapping of Civic Education in Curriculum

A Visual Analysis Using Cite Space

Bing Xie, Chenmeng Ye
In this paper, a scientometric analysis of 382 academic publications on civic education published from 2017 to 2022 is presented to characterise the curriculum education by identifying and visualising the evolution of the collaboration network, the institution and the emerging trends according to the...
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Linkage Between Fashion and Textile Design Student and Industry: Interactive Platform for Practical Design

Sheng Qiu, Qingxin Peng, Shouxiang Jiang
This article discusses a project aimed at creating an Interactive Platform for Practical Design (IPPD) for fashion and textile degree students and industries, with a focus on increasing students’ ability of learning to learn and practical design. Students can continuously build their learning capacities...
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Study on the Satisfaction of Regional Flood Control and Resident Satisfaction

Taking Jiaozuo City as an Example

Yingqian Li, Zhiqiang Ding
Global climate warming makes some areas, increased the precipitation in medium and high dimensions, and the frequency and intensity of extreme weather climate events increase. In 2021, the Jiaozuo area has also faced the influence of flood disasters. In order to decorate the flood control and flood control...
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Analysis on the Characteristics of Young Scientific and Technological Talents in China

A Case Study of Selected Candidates in the China Association for Science and Technology Youth Talent Promotion Program

Yuqiu Zhao, Renliang Jiang
Young scientific and technological talents are the reserve force of scientific and technological talents. It is necessary to study their group characteristics in order to train talents better. This paper selected the selected candidates of the China Association for Science and Technology Young Talent...
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Final Report Assignment Based on Students’ Preferences to Topics and Partners

Fang-Rong Hsu, Wan-Rong Chen, Yu-Hsun Kuo, Rong-Chang Chen
To evaluate the learning performance of students, a final report is usually assigned. Students are asked to form a group which includes several students and they are assigned a specific topic to prepare a report. The way of assignment greatly influences on the results. The purpose of this study is to...
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How to Increase the Locational Value of Free-Trade Ports: Measurement of Boundary Effects in International Trade

Liansheng Tang, Wen Qiao, Ran Ma, Tieli Liu
Free-trade ports (FTPs) have become a means for China to promote economic upgrading, expand international trade, and attract foreign capital. Based on the variables of GDP, distance, language synergy, border conditions, and the exchange rates of trading countries, hypotheses are proposed regarding the...
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A Survey of Urban Residents’ Participation in Family Assets Allocation on the Stocks or Funds

A Case Study of Wuhan

Hongyi Pan
With the dramatic increase in social and individual wealth in China, Residents’ family assets allocation comes into our focus gradually. This research is intended for family assets allocation, represented by stocks or funds from residents in Wuhan, the concerned factors, regional features, gaining and...
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Innovation of History Classes

Organizing Specialized Courses Groups from the Perspective of “New Humanities and Social Sciences”

Hang Lin
Officially promulgated by the Ministry of Education in 2020, the “New Humanities and Social Sciences” program is based on traditional education of humanities and social sciences and is directly guided by new social needs. In response to the requirements for the innovation of the curriculum system as...
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Building Rural Women’s Livelihood Poverty Reduction Capacity: Implications, Theoretical Basis and Social Environment Exploration

Chunmei Liu, Wen Bao
Women play a unique role in family and social life and are important guardians of the continuation and inheritance of civilization. Women’s development is the driving force behind the development and progress of modern society. The strategy of poverty reduction in rural women’s livelihood capacity is...
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Research on Diversified Characterization of Interdisciplinary Graduate Education Mode in World-Class Universities

Fei Li, Shuang Ying, Jian Cao
Many issues in the field of graduate education have been paid attention to, including diversification or interdisciplinary. We found that interdisciplinary has the natural characteristics of diversification, which is an effective way to realize the diversification of graduate education. This has received...
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Healthy Diet Lists Considering Carbon Footprint and Calories

Chih-Teng Chen, Chia-Ying Chang, Rong-Chang Chen, Yi-Ching Hsiao, Pin-Jung Lai
To maintain good health, people need to take suitable calories every day. The calories needed for persons depend on their personal features, such as gender, age, weight and levels of physical activity. In this paper, we develop a mathematical model to generate optimized diet lists according to individual...
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Research on the Current Situation and Trend Development of Engineering Ethics Codes for Civil Engineering

Pengcheng Pan, Yidan Li, Shengwang Hao, Haiying Cao, Weijie Liu
In order to explore how my country’s economy can achieve a balance of “the unity of material and self” under the trend of harmonious development of man, nature, and society, a large number of scholars have carried out unremitting exploration and research in their respective fields. However, in the field...
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Research on Risk Management of Risk Avoidance Relocation and Resettlement in Wenchuan County, Sichuan Province

Fayi Lin, Wen Bao
In order to reduce the risk of geological disasters, it has implemented a disaster avoidance and resettlement project on the basis of engineering governance, monitoring and early warning in Wenchuan County of Sichuan Province in China. However, in some villages, farmers are reluctant to move away from...
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Research on Phased Teacher Training System in Engineering Education

Xuanli Wu, Ruonan Wang, Xuejun Sha, Chenguang He
As an important aspect in the construction of “Emerging Engineering Education”, the major accreditation of engineering education has received more and more attention from colleges and universities in recent years, and the construction of teacher training system is an important guarantee for the effective...
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Statistical Analysis on the Preferences of MOOC Learners

Qisang Lin, Xiangqi Zheng, Kunping Zhu
The paper aims to explore learner preferences for different online videos of open platforms. The research collects and analyzes qualitative and quantitative data by extracting audio and video features and questionnaire survey. Correlation analysis, cluster analysis and ANOVA are used as tools to analyze...
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University Bureaucracy in Russia as the Research Object in Modern Sociology

Valentin P. Babintsev, Galina N. Gaidukova, Zhanna A. Shapoval
The research work deals with the peculiarities of modern Russian universities bureaucracy features which play the key role as the characteristic aspect of modern corporation educational culture. The necessity of sociological analysis and its status definition, positive and negative consequences of formation...
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Analysis of Influencing Factors of the Construction of Young Teachers’ Moral Restraint in Universities

Qin Long, Peiyu Hu, Fuguang Yang, Bo Liu, Yingbin Xue, Ying Liu
The influencing factors of the long-term mechanism of the construction of young teachers’ moral restraint were analyzed. The sampling survey method via SPSS software had also been presented in this paper. Young teachers are the backbone in colleges and universities, their professional ethics construction...
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A Corpus-Based Study on the Development of Grammatical Accuracy in EFL Writing

Weilu Wang, Manfu Duan, Jinyu Liu
This paper takes a descriptive approach to the development of grammatical accuracy in EFL beginner writing. The types and frequency of errors in a longitudinal learner corpus are described and analyzed. The type of errors with the highest average frequency is misspelling, followed by typographical and...
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17+1 BRI’S Jingchu Spirits Western Balkans Headings: Hubei - Macedonia After Pandemic Estimation Paths

Frosina Vitkovska
BRI’S Jingchu Spirits in the past nine years of the 17 + 1 headings have developed the innovative, creative, integrative roots of those countries win-win growings. By extending the 17 + 1 channels to the regional pedestal, 2018 the visit of the representatives of 17 + 1 of Wuhan has brought the creation...