Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Arts, Design and Contemporary Education (ICADCE 2021)

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Specifics of Modern Culture and Arts Management and the Models of Its Functioning in Europe, the USA, and Russia

Alexandr N. Yakupov
The present article focuses on understanding and substantiating the specific features of culture and arts management in comparison with general production management. It presents the analysis of the most effective models of interaction between culture and arts and the state on the issue of financing...
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Sergei Diaghilev’s Ballets Russes in the Context of Symbolism

Andrey Konovalov, Liudmila Mikheeva, Yulia Gushchina
The present article focuses on the artistic culture of the Silver Age and the remarkable creative atmosphere of Russia at the turn of the 20th century characterized by the synthesis of arts: drama, opera, ballet, and scenography. A key figure of the period was Sergei Diaghilev, the editor and publisher...
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Stanisław Moniuszko: The Works in Context of Russian Contacts — 15 Songs to Words by Russian Poets

Olga Sobakina
The works by Moniuszko always found warm response in Russia; Dargomyzhsky, Glinka, Cui, Serov contributed to the promotion of him. Moniuszko’s visits to St. Petersburg took place in 1842, 1849, 1856 and 1870. Not getting a job in St. Petersburg, Moniuszko, however, managed to get permission from the...
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Architecture as Art Object: The Analysis of One of the Flows of Contemporary Architecture

Nina Konovalova
In the beginning of XXI century a fundamental formalized tendency in contemporary architecture might be discovered. An artistic image of a building does not only take the foreground, but moreover becomes more essential than its functions and other architectural aspects. The change of priorities in perception...
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Street Art and Murals as a Way of Artistic Transformation of the Environment of the Modern City

Marianna Maevskaya
The article below considers different aspects of implementation of street-art practice in the contemporary city architecture. The article recognizes various placements of murals in residential and former industrial zones as a very convenient strategy of contemporary street-art for creation of a new visual...
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Study on the Relationship Among Different Forms of Flutes and Tang Poetry

Ningbo Zhou
The flute is closely related to the development of music in the Tang Dynasty. Judging from the poems of the entire Tang Dynasty, the flute is quite popular throughout the Tang Dynasty. In daily life, the flute is widely played, which contributes to the form of always being chanted in the appreciation...
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Taking Criticism as an Example to Explore the Development Path of Modern Chinese Painting in the Dualistic Framework of Chinese and Western Culture

Yifan Du
Criticism is a questioning attitude towards things. It is a retrospective reflection based on rational logical reasoning. Western art has been critical in content and form for a long time. Since the Renaissance, it has been used as a weapon for the struggle of the bourgeoisie, and it is used to criticize...
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Discussion on the Humanities and Artistry of Buddhist Sculptures in Wei, Jin, Southern and Northern Dynasties

Changzong Shao
Buddhist culture prevailed during the Wei, Jin, Southern and Northern Dynasties. In this turbulent historical period, the ruling class was keen on carving Buddha statues. This religion originated from India began to develop in China. Through the interpretation of Buddhist sculptures of the Jin, Southern...
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The Interpretations and Pedagogical Strategies of Piano Ensemble Music

Kuo-Ying Lee
In performing arts, the piano ensemble literature has a wide variety of repertoire that demands versatile skills such as sight-reading, rhythmic stability, coordination and communication. Piano ensemble playing has a very different training discipline and learning process from the piano solo performance...
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Study on the Impact of Postmodernism on Contemporary Ceramic Art

Changzong Shao
Postmodernism trend of thought pays attention to the main forms of art and the technical innovation in the process of creation, which brings conflicts to the development of ceramic art. As a kind of academic ideological trend with multiple value orientations, the postmodern artistic trend values the...
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Research on the Lacquer Painting Art with the Theme of Hui’an Women

Xiaodong Sun
The theme of Hui’an women is a popular subject in contemporary lacquer painting creation in China. This article mainly takes modern lacquer paintings with the theme of Hui’an women as the research object. The research contents include that the first is the modern lacquer paintings with the theme of Hui’an...
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Viewing the Development of Zhejiang Bamboo Carvings from the Perspectives of Category, Subject and Technique

Chunyan Yang, Yilin Xia
Bamboo carving is a very distinctive art with strong artistic charm. Through bamboo carving works, people can not only understand the folk culture and history of the time, but also understand the ancient intellectuals’ thoughts and national integrity. This article analyzes the rise, development and decline...
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Rooting in Traditional Culture, Innovative Expression

Research on TV Animation Creation of the Inheritance and Innovative Concepts of Folktales in Eastern Hubei

Yunpeng Tang
From the very beginning, TV animation in China has been committed to creating a road with its own national characteristics, with distinctive national traditional culture and educational orientation. In the 70 years since New China, in the process of the national character of Chinese TV animation, Chinese...
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The Unique Aesthetic Research of Chinese National Music in Public Performance

Kaixi Yu, Limin Han, Zehua Liu, Chenhao Shao, Jing Wen
National music is an unusual symbolic language, which can always give people ample aesthetic feelings in the artistic expression of performances. Chinese folk music showcases China’s long-standing culture, unique artistic flavor and insights, and special traditional charm to people around the world....
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Analysis on Female Images in “Water Margin”

Junyan Zhou
“Water Margin” is the essence of wisdom in Chinese history. With 108 heroes in Liangshan as the main line, this book describes the social outlook and human sentiments of the Northern Song Dynasty, and portrays the loyalty and cunning among people. This book is mainly on the stories among men. At the...
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Construction of the Chinese Dream in the National Publicity Film China Enters the New Era: The Perspective of Multimodal Metaphor and Metonymy

Xiaomei Wang
“Chinese Dream” is a hot issue in the academic circle. Through the perspective of multimodal metaphor and metonymy to interpret the multimodal discourse: the national publicity film China Enters the New Era, the article showed that the publicity film had constructed its theme from six Chinese dreams:...
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The Artistic Relationship Between Themed Wall Decoration and Interior Space

Wenjin Zhao
People’s higher demand for the practicality and applicability of space environment puts forward higher requirement for the artistic expression of interior space design. Themed wall decoration suitable for space decoration and interior design can have a unique expression of space. This paper sorts out...
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Study on the Decoration Culture of Paper Cuttings and Decals of Ceramics in Jizhou Kiln

Huiming Pan
Paper cuttings and decals are one of the unique craft of ceramic decoration in Jizhou Kiln. Previous studies only focused on the decorative forms and styles of paper cuttings and decals, but didn’t study the reasons for the formation of such unique decorative forms and styles. Therefore, this article...
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Analysis on Porcelain Inlay Decoration in Traditional Buildings in Chaozhou

Yanling Cao, Yanjun Lu
Lingnan traditional architectural decoration has a unique artistic style, distinctive regional characteristics, and unique cultural connotations and aesthetic values. As a gem of Lingnan architectural decoration that integrates cultural aesthetics, folk customs and social environment, Chaozhou porcelain...
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Study on the Aesthetic of the Ugly from the Perspective of “We Media”

Taking Brother Potion as an Example

Zhijing Zhu, Guicheng Zhuang
“Local flavor culture” is a kind of network subculture which is accompanied by new technologies such as short video and network broadcast. The rapid popularization of mobile Internet and the increasing popularity of short videos provide an excellent opportunity for the development of “local flavor culture”,...
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Analysis on the Artistic Expression of “Flying Beauty” of Chaozhou Inlaid Porcelain

Yihong Yuan, Yutong Yang
The art of inlaid porcelain in Chaozhou has a long history and has been passed down to this day, which is an important part of Lingnan’s architectural decoration and craft art. “Flying beauty” is a dynamic artistic expression that expresses meaning through form. This article will analyze the artistic...
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Research on the Definition of “Gothic Music”

Yue Zhao
The Gothic style in the Middle Ages has been passed down like an epic, and its achievements in the field of architecture are obvious to all. However, in the music field, the definition of “Gothic (style)” is still unclear. This article sorts out and summarizes several related discourses in contemporary...
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An Inductive Study on the Application of Tie-dye in Tang Dynasty

Yingli Sun, Min Liu
The Tang dynasty was the most prosperous period for the development of tie-dye in ancient China. The tie-dye of this period was highly skilled, richly colorful and widely used. Its social function is also one of the important bases for the study of traditional tie-dye technology, so it is necessary to...
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Analysis on the Communication of Visual Language of Hani Costume Patterns from the Perspective of 5W Mode Theory

Yang Li
The communication of Hani costume pattern visual language follows the process of communication subject (information source), communication content, communication object (audience), communication mode (media) and communication effect, namely “5W” communication mode. This paper analyzes the communication...
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The Hidden Self in Self-portrait

Liping Mao
Self-portrait is a special portrait subject matter. In the process of painting, in addition to depicting his own image, the painter also needs to explore and shape his spiritual self. From the perspective of mental activity, self-portrait is the embodiment of the artist’s self-recognition, and this kind...
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Research on the Comment Psychology of Music Applications Under the Uses and Gratification Approach

Yuting Li, Minling Yang
The study adopts quantitative and qualitative comprehensive research methods, captures users’ music comments through the octopus collector, analyzes the emotional tendency of the music application (app) comment area and the three core psychological motivations of the user’s using behavior of music application...
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A Preliminary Study of Inner Hearing in Music Performance

Zhengyu Yan
In music activities, music performance is a bridge between music creation and appreciation. It can show the audience the aesthetic value of musical works. Through performance, musical notes can be turned into emotional music, giving musical works brand new life. Therefore, the music performer is very...
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An Analysis of Three Carpets with Narrative Themes in the Republic of China

Yidayati Yanitake
This article combines the local knowledge of folk carpet collectors, as well as other methods such as comparison and historical analysis, to appraise the weaving age and origin of the “Picture Image of Chinese Industry”, “The Prime Minister’s Will” and “Ma Hushan” carpets, and analyze its pattern characteristics...
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Study on the Creation Dimension of the TV Series on the Theme of Police in “Trident”

Yan Tian, Zongsheng Yue
The TV series “Trident” has been widely praised since it was broadcast. The popularity of the series also indicates the return of series on the theme of police. By virtue of its realistic creation rooted in life, the drama broadens the genre of TV dramas on the subject of police, and shapes the multi-dimensional...
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The Rise of the Virtual Performance and the Transformation of the Audience-Actor Relationship

Bo Xu
The COVID-19 epidemic has accelerated the evolution of human artistic performance from the real environment to the virtual space. In this remediation process, the performance space has completed the transition from physical to virtual, and the body of both audience and performer has experienced the digital...
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Study on Aesthetic Value of Color Art in Movie and TV Animation

Hualong Ren
Color art is the core element of film and television animation. The color not only vividly sets off and reflects the character of the relevant characters in the movie and TV animation, but also exaggerates the overall emotional tone of the movie and TV animation works, vividly expressing and presenting...
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Cross-cultural Interpretations of Chinese Drama in The China Review

Xin Hu
The research object of this article is the feature articles on Chinese drama published in The China Review. In detail, the article intends to investigate the Westerners’ knowledge and understanding of Chinese drama in the late 19th century from two aspects: the introduction of Chinese drama in The China...
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The Application of Contemporary Fiber Art in the Construction of Plastic Art Space

Guangyu Luo
Fiber art has always been a kind of art form in people’s life, and it is the product of life needs in the process of human development. While satisfying traditional fiber art’s functionality and decorativeness, contemporary fiber art inherits traditional crafts and constantly innovates and develops and...
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Research on the Strategies of Music Creation and Application in New Media Artistic Works

Taking the Work “Crows Are Chased Blossoming on Collision — Light in Space” as an Example

Song Guo, Xiaorui Guo
Today, with the continuous development of interactive technology, the scope of new media art is also constantly extending, and the composition of music also needs to change according to specific conditions in the specific environment and genre. The music creation is not only required to have aesthetic...
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Heroes as Human Beings: An Interpretation of the Soviet Film “The 41st”

Mengran Tao
The “new wave” of Soviet film is the second development peak in the history of Soviet film. It inherits the achievements of predecessors in the 1920s in technological form innovation, and creates a creative concept with humanitarianism as the core in theme expression. “New wave” is not the product of...
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The Art Economic Integration: Analysis on the Status Quo of Public Art Under Commercial Integration

Taking Dale Chihuly’s Glass Installation as an Example

Hui Tang
Dale Chihuly uses glass to create a large number of large-scale public art installations, including interior furnishings to landmark buildings and to branded entrepreneurial industrial cooperation. And the glass art has achieved “art economic integration” in methods and practices. Chihuly’s art team...
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Analysis on the Plastic Arts of Oroqen Ethnic Ornaments and Its Inheritance

Zhongfeng Fu, Xiaoli Zhang
As one of the ethnic minorities in northern China, the Oroqen nationality still retains the unique characteristics of the traditional nomadic people. This article mainly analyzes the connotation of the Oroqen ethnic ornaments, the materials of dress patterns and its application methods, and demonstrates...
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The Concept Evolution and Form Expression of the Ewenki National Art Culture from the Perspective of Art Anthropology

Guo Yang
The Ewenki nationality is one of the four small ethnic groups living on forest and hunting in the Heilongjiang River Valley with only language but no characters. The graphic image, as a kind of art culture, records the traditional production and life of the Ewenki nationality, and also shows the traditional...
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Study on the Choreoecology of Hegang Dance, a Traditional Dance, in Yihuang, Jiangxi

Shu Hu, Fen Liu
Yihuang Hegang dance, which enjoys a history of more than 600 years, refers to a traditional folk dance developed by generations of mountain people on their way up the mountain to cut firewood using hegang (rice straw) and chopper to play the rhythm of song and dance. Through the field investigation...
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The Decomposed Border— the Integrated Application of Surrealism in Independent Animation

Kaili Xie, Xiaoyu Huang
Surrealism advocates the concept of breaking the restriction on the objective world and the normal logic, and it recommends the construction of the subconscious unlimited dreamy space with human’s objective imagination, explores the inner world hidden at the deep layer, while the independent animation...
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Research on the Industrialization Development of Harbin Wheat Straw Craft Painting

Xiaohui Zhang, Xue Jiang
This article analyzes and studies the practical problems faced by the industrialization of Harbin wheat straw craft painting, and puts forward reasonable planning suggestions and countermeasures based on investigation and situation analysis. According to the development and changes of the times, it is...
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Research on the Innovative Practice of Intangible Cultural Heritage Chaozhou Embroidery in Cultural and Creative Products

Zhexin Liu
Starting from the historical background of Chaozhou embroidery, this article introduces the characteristics and categories, crafts and patterns, application and development of embroidery culture. It can be concluded that the cultural inheritors of the tide embroidery are old, the embroidery workers are...
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Study on the Aesthetic Flexion of Clowns

Qiumin Chen
Clowns are an indispensable role type in literature and drama. Unlike the upright heroes, clowns tend to be placed in subtle places such as the margins of the main story line. As a result, the aesthetic process of clowns is more complicated. This paper puts forward the aesthetic “flexion” of clowns,...
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Discussion on the Innovation of Museum Cultural Communication Mode in the Post-digital Era

Chen Wang
In 2014, two scholars (Bowen and Giannini, 2014) discussed how digitalization will change every aspect of human life and fundamentally alter people’s behavior, knowledge, and even ways of being in the book “Digitalism: New Realism”. Combined with the reality, it is easy to see that digitalization is...
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Analysis on the Artistic Creation of Modern Group Dance “Children of the Stars”

Qian Lu
“Children of the Stars” is a work of dance art focusing on children with autism. This article analyzes and elaborates on the genre, dance conception and dance pictures of the modern group dance “Children of the Stars” and makes a detailed analysis of this artistic creation from four levels: the excavation...
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Art of Association-A Reinterpretation of Montage and Symbol in Movies

Taking Sheep Without a Shepherd as an Example

Yiting Sun
The author aims to reinterpret Mitry’s conclusion on film being the “art of association” by examining the similarities between film and memory through discussion of intellectual, expressive montage and symbols. The paper includes philosophical discussions on Schopenhauer, Cassirer and Parfit’s theories,...
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A Comparative Study of “Taihu Stone” Image in Painting and Ceramic Decoration

Lejun Liu, Qi Xu
“Taihu Stone” is an important image element in Chinese traditional culture. It plays not only a special role in traditional Chinese painting, but also in ceramic decoration. This article compares the artistic characteristics of the image in each period and the aesthetic connotation behind it, and uses...
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The Innovation of Dance Art Communication in TV Dance Program

Taking “Dance Storm Season 2” as an Example

Rulin Yuan
It is the collision between the characteristics of popular communication of TV and the minority property of dance art that makes the elegant art enter the public, so that more people can understand, appreciate and love dance. This paper starts with the current situation of Chinese TV dance programs in...
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An Interpretation of Defamiliarization and Anti-hero in “The Shape of Water”

Yingchun Zhang
“The Shape of Water” is an adult fairy tale with the theme of love. The film defamiliarizes the characters and the narrative plot of the hero and heroine, which widens the aesthetic distance between the film and the audience and makes the plain love story present a strange sensory experience. The depiction...
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Careful Review — A Study on Self-written Evaluation of Huai Su’s Calligraphy

Wenjun Zeng
In calligraphy criticism, it’s not uncommon for calligraphers to examine and evaluate themselves, and to evaluate their calligraphy style, calligraphic viewpoints, and the growth experience of themselves through self-written calligraphy works. In the history of Chinese calligraphy, the most typical representative...
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Analysis on the Cultural Transmission of Film and TV Music — Taking the Film “Parasite” as an Example

Jinjun Luo
Film is an audio-visual art and an important carrier of cultural transmission. Music is an important element in film art, which plays an important role in the expression of the film, among which the cultural transmission of music is an important feature of the film, possessing characteristics of the...
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The Social Implication of Public Art Dialogue

Taking the 2019 Urban Space Art Season as an Example

Kexin Liu
Public art plays an obvious role in promoting urban renewal and urban sustainable development in the process of intervening in urban public spaces. It is a cultural event with the characteristics of “publicity”. In addition, public art can trigger social dialogue with multiple meanings, which include...
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The Sacrificial Etiquette in Gan Local Chronicles from the Perspective of the Integration of Sacrifice and Opera — A Study of Nuo Historical Materials

Ling Xu, Zunzhang Sun
The paper excavates and sorts out the materials of Nuo opera in Jiangxi local chronicles, and on this basis, combines drama, sociology, cultural science and other related theories, analyzes the characteristics of the Nuo performance activities in Jiangxi local chronicles, and reproduces the origin and...
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Study on the Entwined Lotus Pattern Carved and Incised on the Blue and White Porcelain from Jingdezhen in Song Dynasty

Lantao Zhao, Xiaomeng Chi
Among the various and varied traditional Chinese decorative patterns, the entwined lotus pattern has been one of the most commonly used decorative patterns for thousands of years. In the Song Dynasty, Jingdezhen’s blue and white porcelain carved with entwined lotus pattern was also one kind of the representative...
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Clean or Dilapidated Style: The Controversy Between Aesthetic Standards of Seal Engraving Since the Ming and Qing Dynasties

Kaiwei Zhang
Since the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the art of seal engraving has become a literati style and the aesthetic standards of seal engraving have become controversial and been divided into clean style and dilapidated style. Taking the criticism and controversy of clean style and dilapidated style in seal engraving...
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Application of the Pattern “Three Companions of Winter — Pine Trees, Bamboo and Plum” in Modern Textiles

Xinbei Li
The pattern of “Three Companions of Winter” is a unique presence among traditional Chinese patterns. Mainly themed by combinations of pine trees, bamboo and plum, it is in the category of plant pattern. However, the term “three companions of winter” was bred by the thought of ancient Chinese literati,...
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Research on Fonts in the Design of Movie Posters

Rui Meng, Xiaohui Shen
How to deepen the artistic expression and aesthetic value of fonts in movie posters by adhering to the spirit of national cultural subjects is an important problem that Chinese designers need to solve urgently, and it is also the main purpose of the research. Illustration method and literature research...
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The Research Value of Visual Symbols in the Inheritance of Spring Festival Customs — Taking Foshan, Guangdong as an Example

Dapeng Zhou
The Spring Festival is the most solemn festival for the Chinese. Its inheritance and continuity are of great value to Chinese culture. Foshan Spring Festival customs have formed unique local customs based on the integration of the Central Plains culture. Its Spring Festival customs are systematically...
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Wu Guanzhong’s Artistic Career

Yong Zhang
Combining with Wu Guanzhong’s learning experience, this paper analyzes Chinese oil painting art characteristics in different periods, and the method of integrating traditional Chinese ink and wash painting language with the western modern design language in the aspects such as modelling, colour and composition....
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Analysis on the Research Methods of Murals in the Tombs of the Han Dynasty

Bingyu Wu
The tomb murals are artistic treasures left by the ancients. They carry rich information of the times and also contain the mainstream aesthetics and cultural customs of the times. As one of the typical image documents of the Han Dynasty, the tomb murals of the Han Dynasty have a complete set of representation...
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Research on Traditional Handicraft: The Painting Art of Beijing-style Inside Painting Snuff Bottles

Wei Wang, Min Ma
With high-end materials, charming shapes, wide themes, vivid painting charm and a perfect embodiment of poetry, calligraphy, painting and seal, Beijing-style inside painting snuff bottles are a concentration of traditional and modern inside painting bottles. This paper explores the art features and inheritance...
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Application of Moire in Modern Dress

Mengyuan Zheng
Moire is one of China’s classic traditional patterns. Now the modern redesign of traditional patterns becomes more and more popular. This article will explore the artistic value of moire in traditional costumes, provide a more favorable theoretical basis for modern design, and trigger people’s artistic...
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The Effect of Design Criticism on Design Ontology from the Perspective of Contemporary Chinese Daily Life

Zhan Huang
The purpose of design is to improve people’s quality of life, which itself is a process of ontology design using the latest achievements of human science and technology. However, the design process is a complex and dynamic content that changes at any time. In order to ensure that the design itself occurs...
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Research on the Barrier-free Package Design Based on the Oriented Needs of the Elderly

Xiaohui Shen, Wei Yan
How to actively respond to the aging of the population and further improve people’s livelihood and well-being is a practical problem that needs to be solved urgently and it is also the purpose of this research. Through the comprehensive application of observation method, case analysis method and literature...
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Scene Design of Huawei’s Advertising on Movie and TV from a Post-colonial Perspective

Yaling Zhang
This article starts with the scene design in Huawei’s advertising on movie and TV and discusses the transformed as well as the untransformed Chinese scenes in the narrative of China’s progress in Huawei advertising from the perspective of post-colonial related theories, explaining the reasons for “being...
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Research on the Application of Regional Cultural Symbols in the Creative Design of Characters

Taking Suzhou Numerals as an Example

Zhixiong Huang, Huiying Lu
In the process of text creative design, it is not only necessary to pay attention to the final visual form and expression of the text, but also to create the inner meaning and differentiation of the text. Based on the monotonicity and homogeneity of the current Chinese character creative design, this...
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Research on the Guidance of Design to Consumer Desire

Ziyuan Wang
Design depends on people’s needs. As society develops, people’s needs are also changing. With the improvement of material living standards, people pay more attention to psychological and spiritual needs. At the same time, the design of today’s products is also affecting people’s needs, people’s values,...
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Research on the Change and Development of Animation Design Under the New Media Communication Method

Ya’nan Wei
In recent years, the influence of new media communication has become more and more prominent, and animation short films have obtained more forms of development and diversified changes with this communication method. Animation design in new media communication has a broader space for development in terms...
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An Interpretation of Semiotics in the Display Design of Apple User Experience Store

Jiawei Mao
The theory of semiotics is applied to interpret Apple user experience store and analyze the relationship between Apple brand and experience store. The symbolic content of Apple brand is summarized, and the “signifier” of the brand is corresponding to the “signified” of the experience store. Based on...
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Research on the Design of Foldable Community Public Space Under the Concept of Micro-renewal

Jianing Pan, Xiaojuan Hui
The accelerating process of urbanization in recent years has given rise to people’s spiritual aesthetic needs, and the original infrastructure construction is not enough to meet the psychological needs of contemporary people. In recent years, urban micro-renewal design has been carried out in more cities,...
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Discussion on the Training of Furniture Design and Manufacturing Professionals from the Perspective of Traditional Culture Inheritance

Taking Polus International College in Sichuan as an Example

Yingyan Guo
Against the background of the time when China vigorously promotes the inheritance and innovation of traditional culture and traditional crafts, and deepens the integration of vocational education, production and education, This article takes Polus International College as an example to introduce that...
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The Linkage Relationship Between Contemporary Reflection and Historical Concept and Design Practice

Ke Wang
Based on the context of globalization, the cross-border integration of theories, concepts, methods and technologies in different fields has become an inevitable trend for the development of multiple innovations in design science. This article explores the linkage relationship between contemporary reflection...
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Study on the Application of the Elements of the Republic of China Style in Modern Design — Taking the Visual Image Design of New Chinese Pastry Brands as an Example

Xiaoyu Fu, Yizhe Peng
Nowadays, the society is developing rapidly, and countless novelties have emerged one after another, occupying people’s vision. However, people often have a national complex and nostalgic mentality while following the trend. The research topic of the article is the application of the design style of...
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Design That Combines Intangible Heritage Elements and Local Culture

Taking “Miao Embroidery” Cultural and Creative Product “Zunyi Egg Cake” Series Design as an Example

Wenxin Liang, Yu Song
Zunyi City, Guizhou Province is a famous city with a significant history and culture, and has rich red tourism resources. At present, red tourism is growing rapidly, but in the context of tourism, Zunyi red tourism still has many problems, especially the construction of red tourism brand is worthy of...
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A Fiction: Discussion of the Design Quality of Contemporary Window Display

Jin You
Based on the theory of semiotics and the principle and method of intended interpretation, this paper discusses the essence, reason and current situation of the phenomenon of contemporary window display changing from object display to scene display. This paper holds that, the scene display of contemporary...
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Research on the Application of IP Visual Presentation Design in Museum

Taking the Palace Museum as an Example

Yiwen Wang
In today’s cultural context, cultural IP, as a new concept derived from IP economy, promotes the transformation and innovation of various industries in the cultural market, and creates many complete industrial chains with cultural connotations. Museums, as physical places for collecting, displaying and...
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Research on the Performance of Creative Thinking Based on Graphic Creativity in Dynamic Graphic Design

Wenqian Deng
With the continuous improvement of the development level of science and technology in today’s society, graphic design is also constantly creating new forms of expression. Graphics are no longer confined to two-dimensional visual expression of plane, but begin to explore the sensory experience of dynamic...
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The Design Concept Reflects the Work to Awaken Social Responsibility

Wen Zhang, Xinghong Liu
The paper mainly focuses on four subcategories of design for social issues which aims at dealing with specific social issues and how to improve the situations. Before these are analyzed, it will first discuss three elements of design for social issues and what contributes to the whole system to make...
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Research on the Application of Chinese Traditional Pattern “Ruyi Pattern” in Buckle Design

Jun Han, Yangyang Jiang, Jun Li
Ruyi pattern is an important symbol of traditional Chinese auspicious patterns. With the development of the times, Ruyi pattern has flexibility and versatility in the process of application and has become an inexhaustible source of humanistic elements in contemporary art design. This article takes Ruyi...
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A Study on the Promoting Effect of Augmented Reality Design on Senior High School Students’ Understanding of Portrait Depiction in “A Dream of Red Mansions”

Shizhen Zhou, Baojun Chu
“A Dream of Red Mansions”, the peak of Chinese classical literature, reflects the truth and beauty of history and has a strong cultural radiating power and appeal. “Inquiry into the Reading Teaching of the Whole Book” shows that the study of “A Dream of Red Mansions” is conducive to improving the language...
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Wedding Bed Textiles Design Based on Chinese Traditional Auspicious Patterns

Haiqing Miao, Run Wen
Chinese traditional auspicious patterns are rich in form and imply auspiciousness, which can be used in the design of wedding bedding. But its shape is not simply copied and transplanted, but a redesign of the pattern form. Therefore, it is of great practical value to inherit and innovate the traditional...
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The Adaptation and Transfer of Advertising Design Ideas in Shanghai in the Period of the Republic of China

Huang Zhan
In the period of the Republic of China, advertising design in Shanghai underwent adaptive development and evolution, forming a unique advertising idea which is not only reflected in the design system but also contained in the social system at that time. This kind of advertising design with obvious design...
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Research on Decorative Design of Porcelain Censers in Song Dynasty

Yihong Yuan, Xuemei Liu
The Song Dynasty was the golden age of Chinese incense culture. Incense burning had become an indispensable part of life. Therefore, a rich variety of cencers was born. Among them, porcelain cencers are the most artistic. This article explores the decorative art of the Song Dynasty porcelain censers...
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Research on Visual Guidance Design of Ethnology Museum

Taking the Museum of South-Central University for Nationalities as an Example

Wenzhen Nie
As a public place with cultural significance, ethnology museum is more and more trusted by people. The visual guidance system in the museum, which directly serves visitors, has also made a breakthrough in design. On the premise of meeting the basic functionality, the introduction of digital media technology...
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Evolution and Enlightenment of City Brand Image Design of Seoul, Korea

Yong Liu
In the process of building city brand strategy, city brand image design is the most intuitive way of expression. This paper studies the context of city brand image design in Seoul, Korea. Firstly, it sorts out the theoretical background through literature research; secondly, it divides the development...
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Dynamic Design of Text and Exploration of Layout Space

Zhixiong Huang, Long Li
The iteration and development of digital media provides application media for dynamic visual effects, and also enables dynamic visual graphics to be presented. This article attempts to analyze and summarize the current frontier dynamic fonts, construct the visual expression form of dynamic fonts and...
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Study on Picture Book Creativity from the Perspective of the Inheritance of Intangible Cultural Heritage — Taking the Picture Book Design of Yancheng Huai Salt Drying Technology as an Example

Yanjun Wang, Yajie Jiang
Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to explore the design performance and innovation of Huai salt drying techniques in picture book creativity. The current Huai salt technique is facing the practical problems of inheritance and development, and the way of spreading is expanded through picture book...
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Diversified Performance of the Graphic Design of the Zodiac Tiger

Yifan Wang, Danyang Zhu
Chinese zodiac culture is the most charming traditional folk culture. And human beings need to inherit and innovate. With the rapid development of the new era, people’s life style and aesthetic appreciation are becoming more and more diversified. To present the ancient Chinese zodiac tiger culture with...
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Research on Interactive Design in Children’s Books

Yu Song
This paper explores the interactivity in the design of children’s books, so as to seek the design suitable for children from different types and all current designs. Starting from the particularity of pop-up books to various forms of pop-up books and reference books with the increase of children’s interest,...
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Comparative Study on the Design Features of “Umbrella Pattern” Images on Eastern and Western Porcelain

Lejun Liu, Jingxin Gu
In the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the image of “umbrella pattern” was popular on porcelain. With the export of Chinese porcelain, the decorative patterns were also learned and imitated by various countries, and the image of “umbrella pattern” was also among them. Given the popularity of “Chinese style”,...
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Research on Introducing the Five Senses of “Vision, Hearing, Smell, Taste and Touch” into the Design of Picture Books for Autistic Children

Lai Zhou
In the current field of education for autistic children, more and more teachers and parents pay attention to the education and teaching role of picture books for autistic children. So how to accurately design picture books according to the characteristics of autistic children has become an important...
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Research on the Style and Form Characteristics of the Utensils Design in Liao Dynasty

Congmei Zhao, Xin Wang
Taking the design of utensils in the Liao Dynasty as the research object, this paper classifies and analyzes the overall style of the utensil design of various crafts and materials, and the formal characteristics, and explores the historical background and cultural motivation of the design style of utensils...
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Reconstruction of the Design of Children’s Books in the Internet Period

Jurong Wang
An excellent children’s book is essential for children’s growth. In the Internet era, children are more exposed to electronic products, which have a great impact on them. How to win the competition against electronic products, and how to stand out from the traditional publishing industry is a very important...
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Feasibility of Integrating Huishan Clay Figurine into Brand Visual Design in Scenic Areas

Yicheng Xu
Brand design in scenic areas, originally an essential means to attract tourists, lacks flexibility and appeal because of the influence of stereotypes. The failure to utilize their own intellectual property (IP) and to inherit and develop traditional culture leads to weakness in design and aesthetics,...
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Research on the Innovation of Digital Animation Technology in Landscape Plan Design

Yujie Lu, Peihuan Wang
With the rapid development of computer digitization, digital technology is widely used in design industry. This paper mainly takes the digital research situation in the Chinese landscape design as the main body object, expounds the advantages and convenience of the computer digital technology to the...
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The Artistic Design of Chinese Film and Television Animation Characters — The Aesthetics of Semiotic and Realistic Re-creation

Jingjun Xu
In recent years, Chinese film and animation has grown to a large number, and all major children’s channels broadcast a variety of low-age cartoons every day. The emergence of a variety of high-quality Chinese film animation in recent years has also shown people that Chinese film and animation is slowly...
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Scenario-based Construction and Visual Design of Characteristic Theme Commercial Street

Jingwen Yuan, Longlong Zhang
With the continuous acceleration of the process of urbanization, the commercial street has gradually changed from the commercial appearance of the traditional pedestrian street of “the opening of the market and the return of the loose market” to the creative commercial street with a strong cultural atmosphere....
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Poetic Aesthetics in Chinese Contemporary Jewellery Design

Pingfei Li
Taking the poetic aesthetics in contemporary jewelry design as the breakthrough point, the analysis is carried out from the three aspects of physical environment, situational conception, and artistic conception respectively, and the potential influence of poetic aesthetics in the jewelry design process...
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Study on the Design of Sign Guidance System in the Landscape Renewal of Old Industrial Area

Taking Yangpu Riverside Park in Shanghai as an Example

Kexin Liu
The signage system is an important information facility in the landscape renewal of the old industrial area and also a significant part of the landscape system of the old industrial area. It is also regarded as a crucial medium for the interaction between the public and the old industry area. Based on...
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Exploring the Role and Operation Mode of Industrial Design in Public Diplomacy: Taking the Design of “IKEA” Representing Sweden’s National Image (Nordic Image) as an Example

Bojun Hou
The industrial products that permeate our lives do not only bring about the establishment and satisfaction of functional relationships, but more importantly, the self-determined construction of the audience’s specific cognitive structure and thinking ideology, which is actively intervened by the audience...