Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Contemporary Education, Social Sciences and Humanities (ICCESSH 2017)

415 authors
Huang, Lihua
Analysis on Exchange and Cooperation of Universities in Fujian and Taiwan under the Background of Supply-side Structural Reform of Higher Education
Huang, Lu
Research on Interactive Development of Urban and Rural Teachers in Chengdu
Huang, Baoqin
Research on the Competency Model for Tourism Management Undergraduates
Hui, Zhongtao
Research on Approaches and Significance of Great Wild Goose Pagoda Tourism under the Guidance of "the Belt and Road" Strategy
Huo, Meilin
The Development Strategy of Chinese Garment Industry under the Influence of World Science and Technology Garment
Inozemtsev, Vladimir
Artificial Intelligence and the Problem of Computer Representation of Knowledge
Ivanova, Miglena
Historical Linguistics and Anthropology of Dress in Bulgaria
Ivlev, Vitaly
Knowledge as a Non-equilibrium Dynamic System
Ivlev, Vitaly
Modalities and Logic
Ivlev, Vitaly
Peculiarities of Aristotelian Scholastic Logic
Ivlev, Vitaly
Artificial Intelligence and the Problem of Computer Representation of Knowledge
Ivleva, Marina
Knowledge as a Non-equilibrium Dynamic System
Ivleva, Marina
Ecology of Culture in the Space of Social and Humanitarian Knowledge
Ivleva, Marina
Peculiarities of Aristotelian Scholastic Logic
Ivleva, Marina
Information Ecology in Structuring Sociocultural Space of Modern Society
Ivleva, Marina
Artificial Intelligence and the Problem of Computer Representation of Knowledge
Ivleva, Marina
Concept of Developing Communicative Environment in the Problem Field of Giftedness
Ivleva, Marina
Principal Approaches of Modern Psychology to Constructing Giftedness
Jiang, Runan
The Training Strategy Study on Special Ability of the Computer Aided Clothing Drawing
Jiang, Minglei
Design and Practice of Mooncake Packaging for Sustainable Development
Jiang, Yan
Study on the Application of CVP Analysis in Catering Industry
Jiang, Tan
The Development of Ecological Concept of Village Residents in Honghe Prefecture after the Success of Application for World Heritage of Terraces
Jiang, Dudu
Public Interest Litigation for Personal Information Protection in Big Data Era A Discussion Based on Chinese Law
Jiao, Peng
Research on the Imported Cooper Merchant Yang Yuhe in the Mid-Qing Dynasty
Jin, Qianwei
The Traditional Craft of Dong People's Wind and Rain Bridge and Its Cultural Aesthetic Implication
Jin, Wang
A Literature Review on China's Pro-poor Tourism from the Perspective of Government, Enterprise and the Poor
Jing, Xiumei
The Research of Basic Computer Teaching of Higher Vocational Based on Flipped Classroom
Jing, Peng
Analysis on Early Chinese Animation Film Music and Its Historical Status
Jing, Peng
The Influence of Sichuan Opera Art on Chang Dai-Chien's Works
Kalashnikova, Larissa
Philologist Versus Philosopher On the Translation of the Philosophical Texts
Karagod, Julia
Florensky and Kant—the Metaphysics of Faith vs the Metaphysics of Reason
Ke, Changlin
Distribution of Burden of Criminal Proof
Kim, Chul Soo
The Development Strategy of Chinese Garment Industry under the Influence of World Science and Technology Garment
Kirabaev, Nur
Areas of the Competence of Reason in the Teachings of Al-Ghazali
Kolesnikov, Anatoly
The Historian of Philosophy in Search of Sense
Kong, Fanchao
Analysis on the Spatial Correlation of Industrial Structure Supererogation in China
Kosorukova, Alexandra
Moral Choice of a Man of Modernity in the Context of the Genealogical Method of F. Nietzsche
Kryshtop, Ludmila
Philologist Versus Philosopher On the Translation of the Philosophical Texts
Kumari, Poonam
Buddhist Education Managment in Nava Nalanda Mahavihara University
Kurbanov, Artemiy
Education in the Network Society: Challenges and Prospects
Kurinin, Ivan
History of an Anti-Corruption Struggle Based on the Experience of the Republic of Indonesia
Kurmeleva, Elena
Historical Transformation of Gender Identity Theoretical Explications in Postmodernism Context
Lai, Jinming
Thoughts on Accounting Standards for Enterprises No.14 - Revenues (Amendment) (Exposure Draft)
Lapshin, Ivan
The Impact of Assisted Reproductive Technologies on Modern Society The Example of India
Lei, Lei
Study on the Discourse Power of Government in Public Opinion
Lepskaya, Nellie
Modalities and Logic
Li, Xiu
Bibliometric Analysis on the Resource Rooms for Learning in Regular Class in Our Country in the Recent Twenty Years
Li, Pan
Practical Exploration on the Application of Red Culture in Ideological and Political Education for College Students
Li, Changzhu
Research on College Sports Teaching Development under the Perspective of Sino-Russian Cooperation in Running Schools
Li, Hao
The "Double" Situation of College Students' Employment Guidance Education Mode of "12345"
Li, Jichuan
Study on Measures for Development of Continuing Education Based on Social Stratification
Li, Lihong
Research on Historical Background of Scientific Research Evaluation System in German Universities
Li, Liying
Discussion on Design of Art Gallery in Local Colleges and Its Value Orientation of Regional Culture
Li, Mingjuan
Furnishings "Mechanism" An Overview of the Basic Teaching Ideas of Furnishings
Li, Zhaoqing
A Study on Fashion Overcoats in the Republic of China
Li, Shanshan
Application of Multimedia Network Technology in Chinese EFL Learners' Autonomous Learning of English Phonetics
Li, Yi
A Study on the Development Process of Russian Skaz
Li, Zhaoyun
Study on the Development of Agricultural Tourism around Mengshan Mountain
Li, Jiao
Research on the Competency Model for Tourism Management Undergraduates
Li, Qian
Research on Implementation of Frontline Public Policy in Current China
Li, Tingying
Study on the Universal Awareness of Participation in Social Governance and Its Influencing Factors A Case Study of Zhongshan City
Li, Menglin
Research on Social Governance Innovation in the "Internet Plus" Era
Li, Wei
Study on the Dilemma and Perfecting Path of Judicial Review of Administrative Agreements
Li, Angang
Research on Sino - US Cybersecurity Law Enforcement Cooperation From the Perspective of International Law Enforcement Cooperation
Li, Chen
Research on Sustainable Development of Library Consortia Based on Internet Plus
Lin, Weiran
The Difference of the Symbolism between Chinese Painting and Western Painting
Lin, Shuyin
The Culture Conflict between West and China Reflected in Idioms
Liu, Qiuzhu
Exploration and Practice on the Three-dimensional Training Mode for Special Children's Art Rehabilitation Talents
Liu, Tiechuan
Investigation on Current Situation of College Students' Interpersonal Communication
Liu, Yuanxiang
The Research on Optimizing Training Program for Master Graduate Students in Sports Science under National Program On the Basis of Comparative Analysis of 13 National Sports Colleges
Liu, Mengyuan
Integration of Liberal Education with Professional Education in Colleges Taking the Major of Financial Management in Application-oriented Colleges as an Example
Liu, Mengyuan
Contrastive and Integrated Teaching Application of Effective Interest Method
Liu, Ping
Application of Cultural Symbols of Water Transport of Huaian in the Design of Tourist Souvenir
Liu, Man
The Rosa Multiflora Blooming in the Hell Brief Introduction of the Scarlet Letter Written by Nathaniel Hawthorne
Liu, Jiehai
Digitization and Networking of Translators' Occupational Archives
Liu, Lan
Analysis on the Financial Service Demand of the Elderly under the Background of Population Aging A Case Study of Wuhan
Liu, Mingju
SWOT Analysis of Tourism Development in West Scenic Area of Changbai Mountain and Its Countermeasure Research
Liu, Mingju
Analysis on Competitiveness in Development of Ecological Tourism in North Scenic Area of Changbai Mountain
Liu, Huiyue
Research on the Influence of Export Trade Dependence on Industry Capital Structure
Liu, Lan
Comparison of Corporate Governance Patterns of Multinational Corporations' Investment Enterprises in China
Liu, Haitao
An Empirical Analysis of the Relationship between the Managerial Ownership and Corporate Performance in China
Liu, Min
The Development of Ecological Concept of Village Residents in Honghe Prefecture after the Success of Application for World Heritage of Terraces
Liu, Guangxiong
Study on How to Promote Industrial Design in Equipment Manufacturing Industry Based on Design Management Perspective
Liu, Mei
Legal Analysis of Children's Right to Play
Liu, Mei
Problems in Appeal System for Students and Its Countermeasures
Liu, Xu
How to Interpret Labor-based Human Rights From the Perspective of Marxist Value Philosophy
Long, Zhiyuan
Research on Multimodal Visual Narrative of Digital Interactive Picture Books Interaction and Narrative
Lu, Jun
Rational Thinking on Bioethics Education for Students in Public Security Colleges Surpassing Life
Lu, Xianwei
Research on the Relationship between Dormitory Ties and Study Engagement of College Students Under the Same Roof
Lu, Fang
User Interface of Online Chinese-English Dictionary of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Lu, Qianting
Study on the Meaning of Chinese Traditional Cultural Resources to the Construction of Chinese Indigenous Management Theory Based on the Perspective of Experiential Foundations
Lu, Xuechan
Credit Risk Measurement of Listed Manufacturing Companies in China Based on modified KMV Model for Empirical Analysis
Luo, Shanhua
Research on the Theory and Practice of Military Curriculum Teaching Method in Colleges and Universities
Luo, Shanhua
Study on the Establishment of A New Teaching System of Higher-education Military Curriculum under the Emerging Situation of Intensified Reform and Innovation
Luo, Qianqiu
The Dilemma and Countermeasures of China's Manufacturing Industry Development
Luo, Gang
Safe City Strategy and Anti-terrorist Security Check in China's Public Transport
Lv, Xiong
The Mapping Mechanism of Modernization of National Governance and Corruption Governance
Lyu, Bei
Study on the System of Compulsory Education-Teachers' Management in Mainland China
Lyu, Bei
Development of School Guidance in the People's Republic of China from 2003-2016: Meet the Social Demands
Ma, Wenping
Three Problems Noticeable for Patriotism Teaching