Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Contemporary Education, Social Sciences and Humanities (ICCESSH 2019)

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Phenomenological Sociology as a Variant of Post-non-classical Theory in Social Cognition

Anna Antipina
This article examines trends in the development of modern social science: a change in the types of rationality, suggesting a departure from the Enlightenment ideals, a change of point of view on the problem of the science foundations (the principle of sociocultural conditioning of knowledge replaces...
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Methodology of Neo-inductivism: Critical Analysis

Sergey Lebedev
The main principles of the methodology of neo-inductivism are analyzed — the core of the philosophy of science of logical positivism. The main difference between neo-inductivism and Bacon-Mill classical inductivism is the new understanding of the main function of induction as a cognition method. In classical...
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Study on Ontology of Evil

Valery Gubin, Helen Nekrasova
This paper is dedicated to the analysis of the place and role of evil in a human life, in society and culture. The authors put into the spotlight some aspects of the phenomenon of evil, previously overlooked by the philosophers. Among those aspects, the idea of the inevitability and necessity of evil...
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Understanding of the Beginning of Hegel's Philosophy Taking Section I in the Introduction of "Shorter Logic" as an Example

Junxin Li
What is philosophy and the relationship between philosophy and science has always been a central concern for scholars. In the "Shorter Logic", Hegel pointed out that philosophy is a science, but he defined science beyond philosophy as other science, denying the authenticity of its knowledge. It can be...
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Emotional Transcendence in Confucianism

Ming Yi
Emotion is a form of psychological reaction shared by human beings. It determines the transcendental spirit shared by human beings. The emotional transcendence of Confucian culture in Chinese traditional culture is very obvious, and the cultural core of emotional transcendence is different in the performance...
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Theory of "Perfect Penetration Without Obstruction" and Ecological Affinity On the Epic "Gesar" from the Perspective of Ecological Literature

Juntao Wang, Liang Yan
Epic "Gesar" is an encyclopedic literary masterpiece of Tibetan well-known to the world. And its encyclopedic inclusiveness provides a broad academic field for research on it in terms of breadth, thickness and depth. From the perspective of ecological literature, the "all creatures are equal" and ecological...
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Study on the "Enantiodromia" in Analytical Psychology

Bo Wu, Yali Xin
Enantiodromia is one of the most important philosophical theories in analytical psychology. It is the cornerstone of the principle of unconscious compensation. From the enantiodromia theory of Heraclitus to the dualism and then to the Eastern philosophy represented by China and India, it forms enantiodromia...
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The Major Trends in the Development of African Philosophy in the Contemporary World

Ejike Sam-Festus Chukwujekwu
This article focuses on African philosophy issues, ideas and the major trends of its development in the contemporary world. It’s emphasized that one of the main trends in the development of African philosophy in the contemporary world is the search for African identity, ideas of African renaissance....
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Study on the Blending of Marxism and Chinese Traditional Philosophy An Investigation Based on Feng Qi's Theory of Human Nature

Jiafeng Shao
As an ancient country in the East, China has accumulated a philosophical tradition of unique Chinese national spirits in the long history of thousands of years. In the years of modern and turbulent times, Marxism pointed out the direction for China's revolution and construction. However, as far as the...
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Yangming Psychology and Individual Moral Consciousness

Jiafeng Wu, Jing He
Individual moral consciousness is not only an "should-be" path for an individual to obtain happiness, but also the value orientation of "should-be" of an individual in the individualized era, as well as an obligation "should-be" of a person. The thought that individuals should "sincerely" seek "conscience"...
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Thoughts on Philosophy Education in Higher Vocational Colleges

Fenghua Kang
Philosophy education, professional knowledge transfer and cultural quality cultivation are the basic forms of education for colleges and universities. Philosophy education is based on its own characteristics and vision, paying attention to students' pursuit of truth, goodness and beauty, and realizing...
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Scientific Creativity Triple Determination Patterns

Nikolay N. Gubanov, Nikolay I. Gubanov, Evgeny Yusipov
Three main factors are identified that determine the appearance of discoveries and inventions in science and technology: intra-scientific (logical and empirical); extra-scientific (sociocultural) and personal (mental). Their relationship and interaction are considered. It is shown that the first factor...
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H. Cohen and E. Cassirer: the Foundations of Kant’s Ethics

Leonid Tetyuev
The subject for analysis in this article is the foundations of Kant’s ethics in the Neo-Kantian philosophy of the Marburg school. This article draws the parallel between the ethics of H. Cohen and P. Natorp. In contrast to E. Cassirer’s teachers, who defined ethics as an important part of philosophy,...
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The Inheritance and Development of Xi Jinping's Ecological Civilization Thought to Marx's Concept of "Ecological Man"

Xing Meng
The relationship between man and nature is the eternal theme of mankind. The construction of ecological civilization is the inevitable choice for human society to achieve sustainable development. The destruction of today's ecosystems, the deterioration of the environment, and a series of global ecological...
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Herman Cohen’s Influence on the Baden School of Neo-Kantianism in Russia Based on Works by Boris Valentinovich Yakovenko

Nadezhda Storcheus
The end of the 19th, and the beginning of the 20th centuries in philosophy are marked as absolute dominance of schools and trends concerning the issues of cognition. On the whole, the philosophical views of Boris V. Yakovenko was influenced both by the classics of philosophical thought, (the most authoritative...
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Political Philosophy of Al-Ghazali

Nur Kirabaev, Maythem Al-Janabi
The article is dedicated to the major issues of the political philosophy of the prominent medieval philosopher of the Muslim East al-Ghazali (1058 - 1111). It is exactly the consideration of both the historical circumstances and political practice of the state (Caliphate / Imamate) of his days that allowed...
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The Materialized Form of Alienation of Communication and Its Hidden Essence Reading Marx's The Digest of James Muller's “Principles of Political Economy”

Wenyi Liu
For a long time, The Digest of James Muller's “Principles of Political Economy" (hereinafter referred to as "Digest") is regarded as a "copy" of the 1844 Economics and Philosophy Manuscript (hereinafter referred to as "Manuscript"). In fact, the theoretical value of the Digest lies in its indelible point...
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The Transformation of Power in a City: Social and Philosophical Aspects

Olga Lomako, Olga Filimonova
Some aspects of transformation of power resulting from the intersection of macro-social trends and their specific spatial and social forms are studied. As the organizing principle of the analysis, the genealogy method was chosen. In the context of the overall conceptual field of philosophy of society,...
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Mythological Thinking and the Formation of Mythological Notions. Myth and Language in the Concept of E. Cassirer

Olga Strelnik
The article is devoted to the comparison of principles of linguistic name-forming and the formation of mythological notions. On this basis the characteristic features of mythological thinking become clearer. The theoretical basis of the research is the ideas of E. Cassirer. The author of the article...
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Heidegger's Pot — The Gathering of the Four Elements of Heaven, Earth, God and Man

Lu Xiang
Heidegger, as a master of German existential philosophy, generally believes that he has experienced three stages: early, middle and late. The thoughts and investigations of existence are the focus of Heidegger. The more important part of it is his long-term exploration and reflection on the existence...
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Philosophy of V.E. Sezeman: the Source of the Formation of the Theory of Pure Knowledge

Pavel Vladimirov
The article analyzes the process of formation of the theory of pure knowledge of V. E. Sezeman. The basic preconditions of formation of the problem of rational and irrational are shown. Special attention is paid to the influence of the Marburg school of German neo-Kantianism on the position of the Russian...
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Relative Ontology and the Ground of Future Morality

Petr M. Kolychev
Relative ontology issue from the principle of differentiation: to be means to differ. This brought us to such scenario of global development, which goes from somatic being through anthropological one and finally to theological one. It is striving to the theological being that is the ground of future...
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Research on the Connotation of Chinese Traditional Self-cultivation Culture

Chunyan Wu
Chinese traditional self-cultivation culture, as a rich cultural phenomenon, has its own perfect system. It originated from Chinese philosophy: Confucianism. It takes human nature theory as its theoretical basis, moral self-discipline as its basic model, and spiritual realm as its ideal pursuit, thus...
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Neo-Kantianism and Specificity of "Sciences of the Spirit"

Sergei Nizhnikov, Tuyet Le Thi
The article analyzes the fundamental difference between the “sciences of nature” and the “sciences of the spirit” revealed in Neo-Kantianism both in the subject and in the method. Whereas the “sciences of nature” tend to cognize the truth, the “sciences of the spirit” are meant to comprehend and create...
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Georgy Fedotov: a Person in the World of Culture

Sergei Nizhnikov, Igor Grebeshev
Having travelled the difficult path of internal intellectual development and gone through fascination with social democratic ideas, like many other Russian thinkers of the early 20thcentury, after overcoming the nihilism of revolutionary ideology, Georgy Fedotov gained a balanced position of a historian...
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Study on the Specificity of L.P. Karsavin’s Historico-philosophical Approach

Viacheslav V. Serbinenko
The article deals with some specific features of L. Karsavin’s approach to the history of philosophy. The peculiarities of the position expressed by this philosopher concerns various traditions of the World philosophy and, in particular. And Russian philosophy is being discussed. The central issue is...
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Reception of Neo-Kantian Philosophy in Russian Academic Circles: Alexander Vvedensky

Vladimir Dudyshkin
The article examines the process of perception (also including critical thinking) and interpretation of Neo-Kantian philosophy, especially of the Marburg school, by Russian academic philosophical circles in the late 19th – early 20th century. The study focuses on Russian thinker Alexander Vvedensky;...
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Squaring and Hexagonizing Logical Relations Among Three Different Kinds of Deontic Modality “Obligatory” A Model for Logically Formalized Axiomatic Epistemology Theory

Vladimir Lobovikov
In contrast and complement to the logical square and hexagon by G. Kalinowski modeling logic of norms, in this paper such logical square and hexagon of conceptual opposition are submitted which model logical interconnections among three different kinds of deontic modality “obligatory”. The qualitative...
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Critical Realism as a Form of Economical Ontology

Alexey Antonov, Andrey Orekhov
The article is dedicated to the analysis of critical realism as one of the most noticeable trends in modern methodology of economy. The authors of the article note that Tony Lawson quite reasonably criticized an economic mainstream against enthusiasm for mathematical models which often have problematic...
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Development of Kant’s Ideas in A.V. Veideman’s Theory of Knowledge

Anastasia Lebedeva
The article gives an assessment of Veideman’s theory of knowledge. It describes the biographical details of philosopher's life. The article explores the work of A. Veideman's “Thinking and being. The logic of sufficient reasoning", which is one of the main works of the philosopher. It also includes an...
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Study on Conceptual Precision and the Limited Applicability of "Truth", "Theory" and "Practice" to Indian Philosophical Traditions

Andrei V. Paribok
The paper treats some conceptual problems of adequate translation of the Indian traditional philosophical texts. A certain deficiency of Western philosophical background which is rather often case among the translators of these texts into European languages sometimes results in terminological vagueness...
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Ontological and Gnoseological Fundamentals of the Transcendentalism of Boris Yakovenko

Anna Shiyan
The article discusses the works by Boris Valentinovich Yakovenko, one of the most prominent representatives of neo-Kantianism in Russia. The article examines Yakovenko’s ontological and gnoseological views. They are analyzed in the context of the essential German and Russian philosophical currents of...
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Phenomenology of Dialectical Contradiction

Dmitry Mamchenkov
The article considers the possibility of understanding dialectical thinking and dialectical contradiction through the prism of phenomenological approach. Dialectic describes the transition between the noematic and noetic levels, justifying the need for a transition to a new content. This new content...
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Using H.Cohen's Approach to Actualize E.Husserl's Ideas

Dmitry Popov, Anton Skutin, Vladimir Sokol
In the course of research concerning the phenomenology approach, the authors have found out that many of E. Husserl's ideas lost their significance even in the phenomenology framework due to the transition to post-phenomenology. When previously it happened to the ideas of I. Kant, H. Cohen managed to...
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The Phenomenological Approach in Teaching

Dmitriy Popov, Svetlana Kudryashova, Vladimir Sokol
Being one of the leading philosophical directions, phenomenology offers an approach for various scientific scopes to benefit from. Among these scopes, education and teaching constitute the most important ones. The phenomenological approach in teaching is widely applied in different educational spheres...
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Neo-Kantian Philosophy of Law of Novgorodtsev and Marxism

Elizaveta Frolova
The article gives an assessment of Marxist ideology in the philosophy of law of the Russian representative of the Baden school of Novgorodtsev's neo-Kantianism. The evolution of classical Marxism at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries in the interpretation of Novgorodtsev is shown. On the example...
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Interpreting Indian Texts: Concepts vs. Context

Evgeniya Desnitskaya
This paper deals with the two general methodological approaches for the interpretation of Indian cultural phenomena, viz. the conceptual and the contextual ones. Generally, it can be said that the conceptual approach aims to express Indian philosophical ideas and cultural narratives in terms of Western...
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Leo Tolstoy’s and Henri Bergson’s "Philosophy of Life": Comparative Analysis

Igor Evlampiev, Inga Matveeva, Viktor Kupriyanov
The article deals with the comparative analysis of philosophical conceptions of life proposed by Leo Tolstoy and Henri Bergson. The authors show the affinity of the definitions of life proposed by H. Bergson in his work “Creative evolution” and by L. Tolstoy in his works “On life” and “Path of life”...
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Hermann Cohen and the Philosophy of Dialogue

Ilya Dvorkin
This article proves that the philosophy of dialogue in its various manifestations, in based on the ideas of Hermann Cohen. He researched in detail crucial for the philosophy of dialogue ideas of relations of persons (I, Thou, We) already in his works 1904 and 1919. Other authors of the philosophy of...
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Cassirer’s Revision of Cohen

Ira Irit Katsur
Ernst Cassirer has been proclaimed a follower of Hermann Cohen. However, Cassirer modified the basic concepts of Cohen’s theory of knowledge, so that Cassirer’s philosophical positions in many aspects actually stand in opposition to Cohen’s. Although Cassirer did follow Cohen’s methodology coherently,...
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Contemporary Russian Studies of the Life and Works of Hermann Cohen

Julia Karagod
The article analyzes the current state in the field of domestic historical and philosophical research of the founder of the Marburg school of neo-Kantianism Hermann Cohen. It is indicated that a truly productive study of the work of Hermann Cohen in Russia before the October revolution did not take place....
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Neo-Kantianism in the Soviet and Post-Soviet Jurisprudence: Life Under an Assumed Name

Vladimir Przhilenskiy, Irina Przhilenskaya
The body of the modern Russian knowledge of law as well as of any other particular academic knowledge is complex and heterogeneous. Historical (genetic) and conceptual heterogeneity is sometimes surmounted through various theory reorganizations or terminology adjustments. A special issue, in this respect,...
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The Historical Epistemology as a Philosophical Reflection of the History of Science: the Normative and Descriptive Approaches

Amina Fakhrutdinova
The following article deals with three problems of the historical epistemology in the context of distinction of the normative and descriptive approaches. The fist problem concerns the configuration of descriptive and normative vectors within the single conception. Their possible combinative variants...
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Augustinian Understanding of Human Freedom and the Divine Predestination as the Phenomenon of the Medieval Culture

Olga Chistyakova
The author considers the important problem of the Medieval culture relating to the interrelation between human freedom and divine predestination. This theoretical issue is presented throughout the history of Christianity but it was revealed and most actively discussed at the period of Patristics when...
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"Images of Man" in Philosophical Anthropology from Antiquity to Postmodern

Olga Khalutornykh
The paper concerned with the ambiguity and semantic openness of the concept of “person” in a broad sociocultural context, in its historical development, reveals the relative isolation of questions of philosophical anthropology and the relationship of its problems with other areas of philosophical knowledge,...
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Fake News and Modern Reasoning

Olga Malyukova
The following article describes the phenomenon of “fake news” as a powerful means of argumentative influence. It is concluded that nowadays the influence of fake news can be characterized as a global phenomenon. The fake problem did not arise in our time; it accompanies mankind throughout its existence,...
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Role of Purusha-sukta in Philosophy of Vishishtadvaita

Ruzana Pskhu
The study of the philosophical doctrine of Vishishtadvaita uncovers some logical difficulties of this system. Particularly, the concept of God and his relationships with the world and souls cannot be rationally explained and systemized in a non-contradictory way (as we can see for example in Advaita-Vedanta...
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Methodological Consequence of Application of Gerhard Oberhammer’s Religious Hermeneutics to the Study of Indian Philosophy Based on His "Begegnung als Kategorie der Religion Hermeneutik"

Ruzana Pskhu
The paper deals with some categories of Gerhard Oberhammer’s Religious Hermeneutics like "Begegnung". The author tries to trace the history of this notion in the history of the European philosophy (particularly, the possible influence of Heidegger’s “Sein und Zeit”) and define the scopes of a new meaning,...
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"6K" Post-non-classical Epistemology

Sergey Lebedev
In the course of the global evolution of world science, there was a consistent change of its six cultural and historical types: ancient Eastern science, ancient science, medieval European science, classical modern European science, non-classical science and post-non-classical science. The formation of...
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Philosophy as a Questioning and Dialogue: Concerning the Problem of Philosophical Knowledge Translation

Valery Nekhamkin, Galina Chernogortseva, Alexey Skvortsov
The article highlights the difficulties arisen in the process of philosophy teaching in a technical university. The purpose of the article is to display heuristic approaches to increase the efficiency of teaching philosophy and to shoe gaining student interest. Authors indicate contact points between...
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Philosophy of a Literary Work Language — Through the Example of F.M. Dostoevsky’s Story

Marianna A. Dudareva, Yulia V. Karpova, Svetlana V. Smirnova
Reference of researchers, linguists and philosophers to peculiarities of a literary work language is determined by philosophical issues of the text as a whole. This is topical when translating a well-known classic literary work into another language. It is in such a very case when all obscurities and...
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Apophaticism of Soviet Culture Philosophical Aspect of Song by M. Matusovsky

Marianna A. Dudareva, Vlada V. Nikitina
The article deals with the concept of “apophaticism” which is relevant not only for theology but also for philosophical and philological knowledge. The linguists are interested in apophaticism of the language, which primarily refer to vocabulary. During the last decades of hermeneutics development, the...
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The Concept of Nature in the Philosophy of Parmenides: the Typology of Doxa Sentences (on Parmenides' Doxa)

Oksana Nevdobenko
During analyzing the Parmenides philosophical thought, the experts traditionally discuss the question, why did the philosopher devote a separate part of the poem to the structure of the natural world, if this world was not identificated with the world of truth in the previous part? Why there is a need...
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Enrique Dussel: to the Critique of Philosophy of “Anthropologial Protest”

Olga Bondar
The need to rethink the classical European systems that excluded the possibility of the existence (of the idea) of the Other from the ontological order was a key factor in the self-determination of subjects representing a non-Western type of philosophical discourse. Un-ontological status deprived the...
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Analytical Philosophy of Education: Approaches and Russian Realities

Elena Novikova, Andrey Galukhin, Vitaly Ivlev, Marina L. Ivleva
The article explores the constructive possibilities of developing theories and approaches in the field of higher school pedagogy based on the use of a system of concepts and methods of analytical philosophy. The methodological functions of analytical philosophy in relation to educational programs in...
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The Nature and Mission of Philosophers

Yuqing Min
In today’s world, cultural convergence is coexisting with ethnic division and economic cooperation is going with political opposition. Diversity of values and value differences are profoundly changing the world. Within the context of globalization, discussions and conversations regarding values and the...
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Modern Information Society as a Research Problem

Vitaly Y. Ivlev, Marina I. Ivleva
The specificity of the modern stage of information society development and its translation into the works of scientists is analyzed. The distinctive aspects of the information society are being studied that impact the development of the personality and have become the object of research activities for...
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Problems of Predicting the Effects of NBIC Technological Expansion

Ekaterina Gnatik
This article covers the high demand for the science's forecasting function at the present stage. The impetuous progress of NBIC technologies sets a task of finding the ways for reasonable management of experimental and practical developments. The work notes that the need for development and comparative...
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Standard and Set-theoretic Analysis Strategies of a Scientific Theory

Nikolay Arkhiereyev
The so-called standard interpretation of a scientific theory, proposed in the framework of the program of logical positivism, suggested the possibility of formalizing of some scientific theory in the language of first-order predicate logic. This method of logical analysis of the structure of a scientific...
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Scientific Revolutions Took Place in the History of Economic Thought

Alexey Antonov
In the works on history of economic thought it is accepted to single out only one scientific revolution. This scientific revolution is the emergence of the marginal utility theory having replaced the labor theory of value. In the paper it is proved that the similar picture arises only because the methodological...
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"Silver Age" as a Sociocultural Phenomenon

Dmitry D. Romanov
The article deals with "Silver Age" concept as a sociocultural phenomenon from the view of Russian philosophy, the concept of all-unity and the ideas of symbolism, reflected both by modern philosophers, culturologists, art historians, and figures of the study period under. The complexity of the "Silver...
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Altered States of Consciousness and New Horizons of the Sacred

Philipp Tagirov
The article studies the complex and rather equivocal discourse set around the altered states of consciousness and so-called “emerging scientific paradigm” which claims to return to human existence a certain supreme transcendental meaning that could help rebuilding a universal symbolic space, and thus...
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Study on the Quest of Philosophical Identity: Definition of Philosophy in Chinese Historical-Philosophical Writings at the Beginning of the 20th Century

Valery Kiselev
The present article examines a range of attempts to give a definition to the term ‘philosophy’, undertaken in Chinese works on the history of Chinese philosophy in the early 20th century. Focus of the article is on the writings of Xie Wuliang, Hu Shih, Zhong Tai and Feng Youlan. These researchers were...
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Russian Universities and Global Ratings

Boris Zemtsov, Tatyana Suzdaleva
The paper covers high school reform in Russia. It considers the problem of university ranking. The world rating systems’ influence and their application in the assessment of higher education in Russia are analyzed. The discussion goes into complicated questions of indexing and synthesis between our country’s...
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Thoughts on the Construction of General Education Curriculum System Based on High Adaptability Competency

Lu Sun, Shenghua Zhang
General education is an important means to promote the overall development of individuals. With the economic and social development entering the era of globalization, the world development pattern has undergone profound changes. There is a trend of “competency-generalization” in the training of talents....
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Analysis on the Strategy for Development of College Teachers Based on Internet Thinking

Hong Lu
Under the strong impact of the network society, the integration of educational philosophy and technology has become an indisputable fact, and teachers' professional development is facing some challenges. This paper compares the difference between Internet thinking and industrial thinking of education,...
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Singapore as the Most Attractive Asian Country to Receive Higher-education

Liudmila Ponomarenko, Anastasia Zabella, Evgeniya Katkova
Education is one of the keys for future development. The 21st century is characterized by increasing attention to education as a sphere of broadening influence, developing "soft power" and increasing economic potential. In case of Singapore, education is the most important thing to ensure economic development...
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Research on Teaching Reform of Stamping Technology and Die Design

Zengsheng Wang, Luoming Zhang, Qinglian Meng
This paper discusses the current situation of the course reform of stamping technology and die design in recent years, and analyzes the reform of the course's teaching methods and teaching means. The research shows that the teaching method of stamping technology and die design is mainly based on project...
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Analysis of Problems and Causes in the Design and Application of Classroom Teaching Courseware in Medical Colleges and Universities

Jian Huang, Dongling Liang
This paper analyzes the problems existing in the teaching courseware of higher medical education in China. From the perspective of the process of teaching application, there are mainly six problems: First, there is confusion between subject and object in classroom teaching; second, there is no fine processing...
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Inheritance and Innovation — Research on Motor Skill Learning Model Based on Practical Holism

Zhenxin Nie, Jian Liu
The current theory of motor skill learning still hasn't broken the limitations of subject epistemology and methodology. The theory and practice in motor skill learning stage are still limited to the capability, lacking explanatory power on the practical intelligence in the purpose, creativity and inheritance...
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An Analysis on the Effectiveness of Ideological and Political Education in Improving the Administration Performance of Applied University

Mingchao Li
As an important force in universities, the administrators of applied universities are undertaking more and more tasks of management and service. Therefore, it is necessary to comprehensively improve the overall quality of this team. Only by taking the lead in strengthening ideological and political education...
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Analytical Reading as an Effective Model for Enhancing Critical Thinking

Yonghong Gao
This paper studies the analytical reading model aimed at enhancing critical thinking in English Reading class. The study introduces an approach that teachers can take, and uses a text from Extensive Reading 4 as an example to illustrate how to read the text analytically by employing Richard Paul’s template...
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Thoughts on the Reform and Development of Graduate Education in Military Science with Chinese Characteristics

Lei Li, Ke Yao, Yongjie Xia, Ling Zhao
Since the beginning of this century, in order to meet the needs of the new military revolution with Chinese characteristics, military postgraduate education has entered a transitional period. In the process, it has encountered some challenges and encountered many problems. In order to promote the comprehensive,...
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Study on Frustration Education of College Students from the Perspective of Adler's Individual Psychology

Shan Wang
According to Adler's individual psychology, due to congenital genetic factors, individuals have defects in some aspects and lack the ability to cope with life independently. In the face of various setbacks and adversities, it is necessary to use family education to cultivate good psychological quality,...
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Use of "Rain Classroom" Teaching Tools to Promote Effective Learning

Guyin Li
In today's era, the total amount of knowledge increases dramatically, the speed of knowledge update is accelerated, and the effective learning of students is increasingly important. The traditional teaching model can no longer meet the needs of education and teaching, and the new teaching model with...
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Analysis on the Roots of Misconduct in Scientific Research from the Perspective of Utilitarianism

Feng Dai
In recent years, frequent incidents of technological fraud have seriously affected the domestic research atmosphere and the image of China in the international arena. The current misconduct in scientific research is largely attributed to utilitarianism of scientific researchers. The temptation of the...
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The Teaching Strategy of Higher Vocational English from the Perspective of Multiple Intelligences Theory

Guolan Yang
The Theory of Multiple Intelligences proposed by Mr. Howard Gardner opens up new horizons for human intelligent development. This paper tries to make some exploration on English teaching, and put forwards some strategies, looking forward to improving teaching effectiveness.
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Research on the Educational Value of Chinese Stories in Higher Education

Kai Zhang
It is extremely far-reaching to talk about Chinese stories internally and externally. It is an important educational resource to promote the healthy growth of college students in colleges and universities. Consistent with the goals, contents, and approaches of higher education, it is conducive to the...
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Research on Teaching of Computational Thinking Oriented Algorithm Design Course

Xiaofeng Wang, Xin Xu
Algorithm design course is a compulsory course for students of computer majors and is an important part in cultivating students' innovative and logical thinking. Based on the current situation of algorithm design course teaching, this paper expounds the basic ideas of the teaching reform of computational...
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An Empirical Study on the Comprehensive Evaluation of Teaching and Learning Quality in Rain Classroom

Biao Zhang, Mengyu Dong, Geling Wang
In the mixed teaching mode of “Internet + education”, this paper extracts the wisdom classroom data of Rain Classroom of 81 majors and 5, 313 students comprehensively evaluating the teaching quality. The research shows that the evaluation model of teaching quality constructed by methods such as cluster...
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The Value of Durkheim's Moral Education Concept in China

Caihong Ren
Durkheim criticized extreme individualism, emphasized the organic solidarity of modern society, advocated the attachment to a community, the discipline and autonomy spirit, and laid moral education as the foundation for rebuilding social norms. In the process of modernization transformation, there are...
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Research on the Present Situation of College Students Against the Background of New Media

Fujun Wang, Junling Li
New media has become the main tool and means of information communication and interpersonal communication. It transmits a large amount of information in different fields such as study, life, entertainment and consumption of college students, and exerts a subtle influence on various aspects of students'...
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A Study on the Integration of Ideological and Political Education in Colleges and Universities with Humanistic Care and Psychological Counseling

Shuqi Li, Yaqi Niu
The three key words of political education, humanistic care and psychological counseling frequently appeared in the 17th, 18th and 19th congresses of the party. From the point of view of the special historical period and social stage in China, the harmonious development depends on the further improvement...
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Research on the Innovation of Ideological and Political Practice Teaching in Universities

Liping Jiang, Zhijie Yu, Qing Jin, Hao Zhang, Liju Li
The characteristic of traditional ideological and political education in colleges and universities is that it focuses on theoretical teaching and emphasizes the teaching of ideological and political theory. The ideological and political theory course is the process of entering the inner life of college...
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Effectiveness Analysis and Countermeasures of Graduate Students Learning Xi Jinping's Theory of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in the New Era

Jun Wang
Xi Jinping's Theory of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in the New Era is the newest theoretical achievement of Communist Party of China, and it is urgent and necessary to assimilate this theory into college ideological and political education. This article takes graduate students as example, studies...
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Research on the Cultivation of Key Competency of Students in Private Undergraduate Colleges Based on CBE Mode

Lili Jing
In view of the shortcomings in the construction of key competence training systems for private undergraduate colleges, this paper proposes a stratified training strategy for key competence, namely, “four-self” learning to improve students' application layer abilities, “second” and “third” classrooms...
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Investigation and Analysis of the Present Teaching Situation of College Teachers From the Perspective of the Scholarship Theory of Teaching and Learning

Xianglan Mu
A self-designed questionnaire was used to investigate 327 teachers in 67 universities in China. The results show that 86.43% of the teachers surveyed had 7-12 teaching hours per week or more; 58.1% of the teachers believe that most of their colleagues around them had a strong sense of responsibility...
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Research on Foreign Language Teaching Strategies from the Perspective of Positive Psychology

Xiaohui Pan
With the continuous development of globalization, China's demand for improving the level of foreign language teaching are increasingly urgent. The disadvantages of traditional foreign language teaching are increasingly prominent. Traditional foreign language teaching generally has the disadvantages of...
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Research on the Quality Evaluation System of College-enterprise Cooperation Talents Training Based on Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation

Yong Zhang, Jiya Tian, Pingping Xiao, Xiangyu Meng, Zhongyuan Lu
This paper adopts the Analytic Hierarchy Process and the fuzzy comprehensive evaluation model to realize the grading evaluation of the quality of college-enterprise cooperation talents training. Based on the survey and evaluation on 263 samples of college-enterprise cooperation graduates from Changchun...
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Research on Cultural Symbiosis Mechanism of Ideological and Political Education of Military Academy

Bei Wang
The ideological and political education of Chinese military academy is related to the unique cultural background. In the cultural symbiosis of diversity, the ideological and political education can be effectively enhanced. In the ideological and political education of military academies, we should adhere...
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Study on English Vocabulary Teaching from the Perspective of Memetics

Panpan Cao
As the famous linguist Harmer (1990) said, "If we compare language structure as the skeleton of language, vocabulary provides it with the most important organ as well as blood and flesh". Obviously, vocabulary plays a crucial role in language learning. However, it has been shown that vocabulary learning...
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Research on the Reform of College English Mixed Teaching Model Based on "Online Self-learning and Offline Teacher-student Cooperative Discussion"

Qin Meng, Weiwei Zhao
According to the requirements of College English Teaching Guidelines, College English curriculum should focus on cultivating students' English application ability, enhancing cross-cultural communication awareness and communicative ability, developing self-learning ability, cultivating critical thinking...
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Exploration on Mental Health Education of Female College Students from the Perspective of Education with Female Characteristics Taking Xi'an Peihua University as an Example

Juanjuan Li, Bo Wu
With the tradition and characteristics of female education in the process of schooling, Xi'an Peihua University has accumulated rich experience in female education. Based on the mental health status of female college students and the development course of the education course with female characteristics,...
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An Inspection on the Educational Gini Coefficient for the Balanced Development of China’s Compulsory Education

Jingyi Wen
This paper uses the Gini coefficient from 1991 to 2016 as the measure of equity in China’s compulsory education. The findings are that basically, the Gini coefficient of educational expenditure per student for compulsory education is becoming lower year by year. However, there are huge gaps between different...
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Collision and Conflict: the Influence of Western Social Thoughts on Contemporary College Students' Ideological and Political Education and the Countermeasures

Zhihua Jiang
With the development of economic globalization, cultural exchanges and progress have gradually become globalized, especially in the context of rapid development of the Internet and the emergence of new media. The continuous enrichment of the ways of artistic communication has brought opportunities but...
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Research on Illusion Teaching and Curriculum Advancement in Art History

Baoliang Xu
Art history teaching itself is a teaching process of image history. An image is an illusion in some cognitive situations. As a teaching method, illusion teaching has always played an important role in the teaching of art history. For the advancement of the curriculum of art history, if the illusion teaching...
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Research on Problems of English Classroom Teaching in Higher Vocational Colleges and Its Countermeasures Taking the Textbook of 21st Century Practical College English as an Example

Yanjie Cui
Higher vocational students’ English leaning is conducted in English classroom. English classroom teaching plays a key role in ensuring the good quality of English teaching in higher vocational colleges. Taking the textbook of “21st Century Practical College English” as an example, this paper puts forward...
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Enlightenment of Discourse Analysis to Translation Teaching

Di Zhang, Yan Qin
In recent years, experts' evaluation and analysis on English majored students' translation ability shows that mistranslation, omission and poor translation are largely caused for reason that students are lack of the ability to understand and convert the discourse. This paper explores the problems to...
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Research on the Realization Path from “PAD Class” to “Generative Classroom Instruction” in College Classroom Teaching

Chong Qian, Zhan'ao Wang, Lichen Chou
The introduction of generative thinking has brought great inspiration to the reform of classroom teaching when the shortcomings of traditional teaching paradigm are becoming more and more obvious in China’s Colleges and universities. However, from the existing studies, it can be found that the research...
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Research on the Cultivation of Ingenuity and the Promotion of Professional Quality in Higher Vocational Students

Ye Wang
The main research is to solve the specific methods and techniques for the cultivation of professional spirit and professional accomplishment of higher vocational students at the micro level. Starting from the specific methods of cultivating professional literacy education in the ingenuity of students...