Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Computer Engineering, Information Science & Application Technology (ICCIA 2016)

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Target Detection Algorithm Based on Region Segmentation in Moving Background

Shanqiu Zhang, Jianhua Yang, Wei Lu
A new method of target detection based on region segmentation was proposed for the problem of reciprocating pumps and other disturbances for segmenting moving foreground. In this method, the background region is segmented by means of mean and variance, and divided into static background area and dynamic...
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A Decoding Method For Modulo Operations-Based Fountain Codes Using the Accelerated Hopfield Neural Network

Zaihui Deng, Xiaojun Tong, Liangcai Gan
This paper describes a decoding method using the accelerated Hopfield neural network, in order to address the high complexity of decoding for modulo operations-based fountain codes. The method constructs a neural network model based on a non-linear differential equation, and runs the model after setting...
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A SVT-ESPRIT Estimation Algorithm in Sparse Array

Wenhao Zeng, Junjie He, Hongtao Li, Xiaohua Zhu
With regard to two dimensional Direction-of-Arrival (2-D DOA) estimation in sparse array, this paper presents a singular value threshold based estimation of signal parameters via rotational invariance technique (SVT-ESPRIT) algorithm. Firstly, a signal model of DOA estimation based on matrix completion...
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Bioinformatics Analysis on Molecular Mechanism of Poria Cocos in Treatment of Jaundice

Shan Si, Nie Peng, Jiang Li, Yuwen Yan, Xiaojun Yan
Objective: To study the molecular mechanism of P.cocos in the treatment of Jaundice by building molecular networks and comparing canonical pathways. Methods: Target proteins of P.cocos related genes of Jaundice were searched from Pubchem and Gene databases online respectively. Molecular networks and...
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Research of Situ Strain of Measuring Flexible Truss Deformation Based on Fuzzy Network Method

Yong Zhao, Hong Bao, Xuechao Duan, Hongmei Fang
An adaptive fuzzy network method is proposed for measuring flexible truss deformation by using situ strain in this paper. The relation matrix between strain and arbitrary deformation nodes of truss is first derived by using inverse finite element method. Based on the elements of matrix, strain measuring...
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Application of the Phase Recovery Algorithm Based on the Parallel Architecture in the Holographic Projection Technology

Guangzhi Wu, Mingxin Kou, Qian He
Compared with conventional display technology, holographic projection technology has outstanding advantages. The phase retrieval algorithm is a key image processing algorithms in holographic projection technology. The constringency speed and precision of these algorithms need to be raised. The performance...
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Design and realization visible light communication transmitter circuit

Shuai Liu, Gang Cheng, Yuming Zhu, Xiao Wang
In this paper, the front-end transmit visible light communication circuit design are discussed. The first part focuses on the design of visible light emission circuit in response to the high speed, low power consumption characteristics of the LED light source to do a consideration, based on the detection...
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Bit Synchronization of Data Transmission Signal Based On Instantaneous Frequency Measurement

Gang Fu, Jian Chen, Yue Feng
This article discusses the software demodulation bit synchronization system implementation. According to the characteristics and DSTFT DQPSK signal demodulation characteristics studied a bit synchronization algorithms: synchronization based on the instantaneous frequency measurement position, the signal...
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Starting of shipboard ESG monitors at low latitudes

Zhi Liu, Jian Zhou, Hang Liu, Jun Yan
When you start from the prone ESG monitor low latitudes delayed by six schools and cannot be calibrated by two questions, we analyze the reasons for the constraints and six school and calibration phase, obtained ESG can monitor calibration No normal with the latitude and elevation angle of peak to peak...
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Realization of High-Speed Data Transmission between Modules within Single Computer

Shangyong Yu, Gang Fu, Guangzhi Wu
According ACE_TASK technical solutions to achieve a single internal software bus speed data transfer capabilities. First ACE_TASK framework of the research, design, message block format used to transmit data, and to implement a message queue mechanism. Then, by introducing flexible bus interface based...
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The Feasibility Research of GNSS Difference Positioning Based on Maritime Removed Datum

Jian Zhou, Yuyong Shang, Zhi Liu, Jun Yan
In this paper, the use of mobile offshore base station to accurately determine the relative position of the target space and the use of methods, described in detail the relative positioning of the mobile base station technology is an important part of the project to carry out measurements at sea. By...
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Feature Extraction of Precession Targets Based on Multi-aspect Range-Profile Sequence

Dan Xu, Bo Tian, Cunqian Feng, Shuang Zhao, Yizhe Wang
Parameters extraction of precession targets are important information source for ballistic target recognition. Aiming at the limited ability of extracting targets parameters with single radar, an algorithm based on uniting the multi-aspect observation information is proposed to extract the precession...
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Maneuverable Warhead Tracking Based on CKF

Zhimin Xiong, Dangwei Wang, Xiao Yan
The performance of contemporary weapon systems has been enhanced by the development of military high-tech, which makes the maneuverable warhead as a new challenge of ballistic midcourse tracking. Aiming to solve the maneuvering warhead tracking, nonlinear filter algorithm, which is specially designed...
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Civil Marginalization from Multi-Criteria Decision Science Perspective

Long Yan
Civil urbanization increased dramatically which caused the problems in every aspects of human settlement, such as marginalization of migrants, urbanization lags industrialization, urban sprawl, expensive housing, and automobile pollution. These problems attract public and academic attentions by affected...
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Mechanical and Control System Digital Simulation Based on MATLAB

Caixia Han
With the rapid development of power electronic technology, microelectronics technology, modern control theory and material science, AC speed control system and electromechanical integration technology presents a broad development and application prospect. Therefore, it is has become a challenging new...
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The Enterprise Human Resources Management Based On Knowledge Management and Collaboration

Ying Cai
The enterprise should break the situation that the technological collaboration and market collaboration are separated from each other, which should set up the technological collaboration and market collaboration management from the angle of total collaboration management; it is a very urgent issue under...
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A New Linear Interpolation Algorithm

Min Zeng, Yanjie Zhang, Jian Huang
The commonly used linear interpolation methods in the NC system are point by point comparison method, digital integration method and minimum deviation method. All of these interpolation algorithm need operation in each feeding period, which consume CPU time severely, and makes the stepping motor vulnerable...
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Influences of Groove Depth on the Coupling of Small Tip Clearance and Circumferential Grooves

Tianye Ji, Xie Fang, Youjun Wang, Tao Yi
Coupling of small tip clearance and circumferential grooves of axial-flow compressors significantly improves the stability margin, as well as pressure ratio and efficiency. Different groove depth under coupling of small tip clearance and circumferential grooves has been designed for the isolate subsonic...
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Secure Routing Algorithm Based On Trust Value for Ad Hoc Networks

Li Wang, Qingwen Wang, Haijing Zhang
The malicious behavior seriously reduce the performance of ad hoc networks. To solve this problem, we propose a secure routing algorithm TLS-DSR. It applies improved the bayesian trust evaluation model to optimize the routing algorithm. The simulation results using network simulator NS-2 demonstrates...
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Region-based Image Fusion Method with Dual-Tree Complex Wavelet Transform

Xuanni Zhang, Fan Lu
Dual-Tree Complex Wavelet Transform is an enhancement to the discrete wavelet transform, with important additional properties: it is nearly shift invariant and directionally selective in two or higher dimensions. And also can overcome the problem of distortion in spectrial and spatial resolution of fused...
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An Image Dehazing Method Based On an Improved Retinex Theory

EbtesamMohameed Alharbi, Yilin Shan, Peng Ge, Hong Wang
Image quality is often affected in many ways by the atmosphere, especially in foggy weather conditions. Dehazing is a highly demanded operation within the domain of image processing for various applications. The paper proposes a new single-image dehazing algorithm based on the single scale retinex (SSR)...
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Attenuation Characteristics of Laser in Rain

Yuewei Wei, Jun Xu, Bin Xu
In the observation of laser signal transmission in the rain, the attenuation ratio with the change of the size of the raindrops, the smaller the smaller the attenuation. In Mie scattering theory, with Weibull distribution model of raindrop size distribution and calculate the laser beam transmission in...
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Short-Term Bus Load Matching and Forecasting Model

Ran Li, Chenjun Sun, Yang Liu, Lilin Peng, Ming Zeng
Bus load forecasting is the foundation to make power grid to be secure, economic and efficient, and also is the concrete measure and effective way to promote national energy saving and emissions reduction. Based on daily load curve of typical areas, and by means of subtractive clustering, the regional...
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Acoustic Scattering Performance of a Duct for a Monopole Source Using Thin-Body BEM Method

Chuxiong Yan, Jun Huang, Mingxu Yi, Yacong Wu
In this paper, in order to calculate the acoustic scattering of the duct, a thin-body boundary element method (BEM) has been proposed and the velocity obtained by the acoustic velocity formulation is use1d as the Neumann boundary condition on a rigid scattering surface. The radiated sound pressure and...
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An Event Modeling and Analysis Method Based on Bipartite Graph

Mei Xu, Yanlei Shang
As information systems become larger and more complex, maintenance and failure recovery become more difficult. Usually, these information systems monitor system state and business logic by logs or events. Analyzing these events which contain vital information in-depth is very necessary for both business...
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A Cross-platform and User Transparent Mobile Application Event Collection Mechanism

Yue Tang, Yanlei Shang
Nowadays, with the fast improvement of mobile device capability and mobile application development technology, mobile applications with diverse functionalities are gradually becoming an indispensable part of our daily life. When using a mobile application, user's usage behavior could generate some useful...
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Research of Automatically Light-Adjusting Lamp

Biqing Li, Aizhen Zhou, Chongjun Yang, Shiyong Zheng
This design adopting 80C51 microcontroller and a few external circuit to control lights, using silicon controlled dimming technology, by means of single chip control bidirectional thyristor turn-on to achieve incandescent lamps (resistive load) brightness adjustment, thus achieving the photometric light...
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Design of Target Detection and Tracking Simulation System of Networking Fire Control Radar

Qiang Xiao, Tengfei Gao, Yongshi Xu, Ran Xiong, Weiqiang Fu
Fire control radar is a key detection sensor that decides the result of war in the modern electronic warfare, which is considered as the main combat target by the enemy. In order to improve radar anti-coutermeasures ability, from the basic idea of HLA, in combination with the federation development process...
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The Design and Realization of fruit Harvesting Robot Based on IOT

Biqing Li, Aizhen Zhou, Chongjun Yang, Shiyong Zheng
As the increasingly developing of computer intelligent industry with automation, intelligent robot has widely been used in various industries. Currently, most of domestic fruits are still picked by manual work. However, manual picking method enhances the fruit farmer's financial costs due to the worker...
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Responses to Stimulating Signals of Memristive Circuit Based On LC Contour

Yujie Cao, Shuai Ye
As typical memory elements, memristor and memcapacitor have attracted much attention. In this work, we investigate the characteristics of the voltage controlled memcapacitor. Furthermore, the memristive circuit which is based on LC contour and consists of memcapacitor and memristor is also researched...
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Simulation of Solar Wind Based on K-epsilon (k-ε) Turbulence Models

Yong Ming, Xiaomin Gan, Huajun Wang
The whole interplanetary space is full of solar wind, which is a charged high-velocity flux of particles ejected during coronal expansion. In consideration that solar wind is fluid, and it will be obstructed to generate turbulence when it is dispersed, k-ε turbulence models are selected by ANSYS FLUNT...
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A Study on Government Emergency Disposal System of Network Emergencies

Song Mei, Quanliang Mei
The formation of digital society provides an easy and efficient information channel for social management. In essence, the management of mediated society is information management based on big data. Monitoring and analysis of network public opinion centered on the information from the "we media" can...
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Analysis and Countermeasure Research about Sensitive Information of Complex Cyber Psychology of Cross-border Multi-ethnic Language

Yingyu Yang, Bingze Li, Jiamei Wang, Changsen Yuan, Feng Liu, Gang Hu, Guangming Lu, Rui Lin
In this paper, we consider all aspects of sensitive information of cyber psychology of cross-border multi-ethnic language, and use the method of combining the theoretical research and empirical research to carry out the analysis and countermeasure research about sensitive information of complex cyber...
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The Correlation Analysis of Curriculum Based On Clementine

Xiaoming Du, Xinrong Tao, Zhen Yang
To further explore the correlation between courses, university culture revision of the scheme provides the basis of quantitative analysis, through the data mining method for correlation analysis of student course grades, the improved Apriori algorithm is performance data in the transaction database is...
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The Design of Direct Digital Synthesizer Based On Cordic Algorithm and FPGA Implementation

Xian Zhang, Xinghua Zhao, Binquan Zhou
Currently, there are many methods that can implement direct digital synthesizer (DDS) including ROM look-up table method, Cordic algorithm and so on. Traditional DDS usually adopts the method of look-up table, which needs ROM to save a lot of waveform data. But the frequency resolution of DDS depends...
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Acoustic Noise Prediction and Reduction Reasearch of Helicopter Ducted Tail Rotor

Chaopu Zhang, Mingxu Yi, Jun Huang, Liu Yang
This research aims to study the acoustic noise prediction and reduction of helicopter ducted tail rotor. A thin-body BEM/FW-H method is developed to accurately predict the noise in this paper. It is a hybrid method combining computational aero acoustics with Boundary Element Method (BEM) and can be used...
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Study on Positioning High Dynamic Distributed Platforms Based on LFM Signal

Boyu Liu, Zhi Li, Yujie Yang, Hongyu Li, Xianghui Yuan
Proposed a positioning method for high dynamic distributed platforms combined two-way microwave ranging with short baseline interferometer angle measurement. Effectively suppressed Doppler interference while ranging based on the frequency and time characteristics of broadband Positive and negative slope...
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The Research of Students' Comprehensive Quality Evaluation System

Haichang Yin, Cheng Liu
Students' comprehensive quality evaluation, is the important content for transformation of education and talent cultivation. This paper based on the training mode and the evaluation system of West Point, through the expert investigation method, a wide range of questionnaire investigation, establishing...
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Empirical Research of the Impact of Internet Finance on Personal Finance

Junwei Han, Yuzhong Sun
The development of the Internet finance has formed a huge impact on the current China's financial system, which inevitably has a major influence on the field of personal finance. The empirical analysis has carried on for the influence by using the survey data in this paper. The results show that factors...
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Solving Water Scarcity of North China Based on Method of Mathematical Modeling

Lin Li, Yifeng Dou, Xueyan Zhang, Guocai Yang
In this paper, the Logistic model of population forecast, gray theory, neural network model, regression analysis and curve fitting are used to analyze and discuss the region of North China where is in heavily lack of water resources. Firstly, the water demand model and water supply model based on Logistic...
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Research on Weather Navigation Algorithm Based On Rolling Window Optimization

Qin Wu, Yang Liu, Xiaogang Li
Weather navigation play an important role in real-time sea navigation. The main researches about weather navigation include establish the meteorological model based on the meteorological data, and according to the real-time sensor of marine information combined with weather navigation algorithm plan...
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Research of Network Security Technology in Smart Home

Liangying Chen
Under the background of the development of computer technology and information technology, the smart home network has been gradually improved, surpassed the previous development, and gained new progress. The realization of smart home system needs network security technology as a guarantee. Although the...
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Precision Analysis of an Analytical Method in Space Debris Orbit Prediction

Bin Wang, Huafeng Peng, Kun Li
Using high precision laser ephemeris as reference, the precision of orbit prediction is analyzed of an analytical model which is formulated by quasi-analytical average method. The result shows that: the orbit prediction accuracy of MEO and LEO satellites is several hundred meters in 1 day and not more...
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Photoelectric Method of Measuring Laser Divergence Angle

Xue Leng
This article describes a test method for the pulsed laser beam divergence angle. Pulsed laser focused through the imaging optical system, the light spot formed on the CCD camera and image analysis by an image of the spot, the spot diameter is obtained, to calculate the value of the divergence angle of...
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Image Mosaic Based On Fisheye Camera

Xue Leng
One of the hotspots in the field of computer vision is binocular stereo vision, fisheye images with its ultra-wide viewing angle in the field of computer vision has been more and more popular. Image mosaic image with a spatial overlap region of the same scene at different times, different perspectives...
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Numerical simulation and noise prediction of the aerial propeller

Liu Yang, Jun Huang, Mingxu Yi, Chaopu Zhang, Hao Song, Qian Xiao
In this paper, the aerodynamic and acoustic performances of an aerial propeller are evaluated. In the aerodynamic analysis, the RANS (Reynolds-averaged Navier–Stokes) method combined with CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) technique is used. The acoustic analysis is based on Farassat 1A which derived...
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An Improved Reversible Data-Hiding Scheme for LZW Codes

Wenqiang Zhao, Bailong Yang, Shizhong Gong, Xuesong Li
HPDH-LZW is a reversible data hiding scheme based on Lempel-Ziv-Welch (LZW) compression codes. It could achieve better hiding capacity by increasing the number of symbols available to hide secrets and faster hiding and extracting speeds due to the lower computation requirements. HPDH-LZW scheme embeds...
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Numerical Method for Three-Dimensional Heat Conduction in Cylindrical and Spherical Coordinates

Xinxin Jia, Zongrui Hao, Hu Wang, Lei Wang, Xin Wang
According to the differential equations of heat conduction on cylindrical and spherical coordinate system, numerical solution of the discrete formula on cylindrical and spherical coordinate system with high accuracy were derived. Compared with the analytical solution, this discrete formula was verified...
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Design of Double Environment Dynamical Simulation System for Fuze

Bin Zhang, Qiang Xiao, Shiyin Huang, Han Wei, Manyi Ding
Dynamic simulation is an effective way to test the fuze performance. The simulation realization of fuze environmental is the premise and foundation of fuze performance test. Simulation fidelity directly determines whether the fuze quality data is scientific and effective. In order to accurately and dynamically...
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Application of Industrial Control Configuration Software WinCC in the Monitoring System of Ship Steering Gear

Jiayu Chen, Hongbo Wang, Hongjun Lv
In this paper, develop the monitoring system of ship steering gear with configuration software WinCC. It communicates with PLC controller through OPC protocol, and as a WinCC server of the distributed system, providing the process data to the WinCC clients. It takes Kawasaki pump controlled hydraulic...