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Research and Exploration of Integrated Teaching-training Mode for Police PE Teaching in Police Schools

Xuetao An, Meixian Bai
Public security specialty of police schools urgently needs to establish integrated police PE teaching and training, optimize the contents, establish long-term teaching and training mechanism and organically combine teaching contents with the training of the second classroom. This paper deeply discusses...
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Irony Explanation Mechanism under Cognitive Perspective

Meixian Bai
This paper tries to apply conceptual integration theory to study and explore irony on the basis of psychological space. It is found in example analysis that, “four-space” model fails to fully reasonably explain cognitive process of irony meaning, because irony effect is not based on similarity of relevant...
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Exploration of Teaching Concept Formation of Double-position Teachers

Junxia Chen
At present, China is accelerating application-oriented university construction. “double-position” teachers become important teaching resources. This paper describes daily teaching behavior of a “double-position” teacher from the perspective of educational narrative, explores the formation reasons and...
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Birth of Axiomatization Definition of Probability Theory

Liqiang Chen
The discipline of probability theory is an ancient and young discipline. Its development experienced three periods: classical probability period, analytical probability period and axiomatized probability period. This paper analyzed development features of probability theory in these three stages and...
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Analysis of Development Tendency of Public Administration Reform of Countries in Transition

Ya Chen
So-called countries in transition refer to the countries which are or have been transformed to market economy from original economic form like China, Vietnam and some Eastern European countries. Social economic form alters. This means national development in various aspects should be adjusted correspondingly....
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Discussion on Enterprise Development Approach under the Background of International Trade Friction

Yingxu Li
Under the new world economic situation, the number of international trade friction faced by the Chinese enterprises is increasing continuously, with industries involved increasingly wide and frequent technical trade friction, which has seriously influenced the development of foreign trade of Chinese...
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Current Situation Research of Western Culture Teaching

Qiuna Du
Society plays great hope on the talents from universities and hopes they can be geared to international standards, know foreign historical civilization and cultural deposits. So, western culture teaching is faced with giant challenges. At present, western culture course of each university has certain...
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Function of Big Data Processing on E-commerce Development under Cloud Computing Environment

Xianwei Feng
E-commerce highlights overall tendency of virtualization and shows transparency. With the help of efficiency advantage, it rapidly extends data processing and data transmission under network path, and occupies a main market. Cloud computing is classified into a novel mode and shows leap-frog development...
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Innovative Development and Practice of Central Chinese Traditional Folk Art in Art Design Education Reform in Creative Economy Era

Fei Gao
Very rich traditional folk art culture contains in Central China. Inheriting and carrying forward these folk art resources in the education form is human obligatory responsibility for development of society and national culture. Meanwhile, folk art inheritance will also bring infinite vitality to education...
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Reform Measures for Training Mode of Applied Talents Majoring in Music in Local Undergraduate Schools

Zhe Guo, Yuefang Lv
With the great progress of economic development, the living standard of people has improved and Chinese people start to pursue for spiritual culture. Therefore, the society has a larger and larger demand for talents majoring in music. Meanwhile, China has gradually possessed more financial resources...
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Discussions on Architectural Engineering Bidding Skills

Zhiguo Huang
Architectural engineering bidding is a piece of specialized work in which various factors such as subject, object and environment should be considered. Therefore, it is required to use skills of engineering budget making, engineering bidding decision and engineering bidding offer in the process of architectural...
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Exploration on Ability Training and Practical Training of English Interpretation

Yanmei Jia
With the constant acceleration of Chinese reform process, China has increasingly frequent association with various countries in the world in economy, politics and culture and social demands for interpretation talents increase year by year. To improve interpretation ability of college students, colleges...
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Exploration on Financing Path of Innovative Listed Companies

Jin Li
For innovative listed companies, financing is one of the important issues influencing enterprise development. This paper introduces financing ways of innovative listed companies, compares debt financing and equity financing from the perspective of qualitativeness and cost, analyzes their advantages and...
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Identification Research on Establishment of Marxist Mainstream Ideology in Teaching of Political and Theoretical Subject in Colleges and Universities

ShuangYin Li, Liya Su
With the rapid development of integrated construction, the transmission and development of Marxist mainstream ideology in China have been challenged. The identification investigation on Marxist mainstream ideology of Chinese college students finds that problems such as dilution of identity education...
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Brief Discussion on Significance of Rules for Children to Strengthen Occupational Cultivation of Secretary

Xingji Li
Rules for Children was a regulated book for ignorant children in ancient China, which specifically regulated the “children” in terms of living, traveling outside, the way of dealing with people and learning. It will be quite significant for the present secretaries to further occupational cultivation...
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Research and Discussion based on New Model of College English Teaching

Xuwei Li, Feipeng Li
With the deepening of reform and opening up of China, the international exchange has been increasingly close, and more and more foreign enterprises have come to China for development. The demand for the English talents is increasing, and accelerating the cultivation of English talents with high professional...
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Discussion on Enterprise Development Approach under the Background of International Trade Friction

Yingxu Li
Under the new world economic situation, the number of international trade friction faced by the Chinese enterprises is increasing continuously, with industries involved increasingly wide and frequent technical trade friction, which has seriously influenced the development of foreign trade of Chinese...
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A study on the mechanism of the effect of country circulation industry development on urbanization

Niya Liu
With the development of economy Chinese country’s circulation industry also get developed by large correspondingly. And the development of country circulation industry powerfully promotes the urbanization process so it has significance for the urbanization. Meanwhile, the urbanization process effectively...
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A Study on Several Issues in Chinese Modern Music History

Yong Lu
According to the research status of recent years, this paper discusses several issues which the academic field pays attention to, such as the research status of Chinese modern music history and music history, the research category of the Chinese modern music history, the rewriting issue of the Chinese...
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Case Study Report: Plagiarism

Xuejuan Luo
Plagiarism, a general academic offence, is to take words and ideas from someone else’s work and use them in one’s own academic assignment without admitting one’s doing that. Plagiarism is also considered a moral offense against anyone who has provided the plagiarist with a benefit in exchange for what...
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The Feasibility Analysis of Modularization Teaching in advanced Mathematics Teaching in Vocational Colleges

Xiaoyi Luo
In recent years educational problems especially the advanced mathematics teaching in China’s vocational colleges are paid with more attention. Therefore in the practical teaching process of the advanced mathematics, positively introduce in modularization teaching will be the irresistible trend of the...
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Anabasis of Course Reform Practice for Talent Cultivation in Local Music

Yuefang Lv, Zhe Guo
Local music colleges are a major approach for Chinese local students to learn music knowledge, but some local music colleges gave problems in course setting, which has adverse influence on students majoring in music. Some graduates from music colleges have employment difficulty. The society has high...
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Exploration of Translation Teaching under Constructivism Theory

Rong Ma
Constructivism theory points out that learning and studying process is a process where learners consciously construct mental activities in the learning process. In teaching practice, constructivism theory stresses students should serve as the center of teaching activities and focuses on interactive teaching...
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Exploration on Workplace English Course Construction of Higher Vocational Education under ESP Framework

Rong Ma
In order to realize the objective of “cultivating students’ ability of practical application of English, especially the listening and speaking ability, and letting students have the ability to carry out general oral and written communication in daily activities and business activities related to future...
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Humanistic Care in the Design of Social Welfare Institutes

Mao Mao
Currently, the design of most of social welfare institutes in China is very easy, and only the most fundamental interface processing is completed; both interior and exterior environment are monotonous and cold. As the main service object in welfare institutes, this socially disadvantaged group also needs...
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Research on Urbanization Promotion and Qiang Culture Protection

MeiYu Qin
The post-disaster reconstruction for cities and towns in Qiang area has been completed. The ecosystem of Qiang culture continuously suffers threat and challenge in the social practice of post-disaster reconstruction, industrial reconstruction, and new rural construction, thus how to confront the dramatic...
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Research on Teaching Methods about Training Dance-major Students’ Artistic Expressive Force

Chao Qu
The dance is a kind of artistic form with great artistic appeal; it generally delivers its artistic expressive force to the audience through dancers and then bring the corresponding aesthetic pleasure to the audience. This paper combines with factors which influence students’ artistic expressive force...
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How to Select Development Language in Computer Software Development

Bin Shao, Xin Li
The 21st century is a computer information technology era; with gradually quickening of speed of computer updating and more and more developed software industry, the computer industry proposes higher and higher development requirement for computer software program. In numerous applied structure and programming...
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Thoughts on Implementation of Green Management for Resort Hotels

Zengye Shi
In recent years, with the continuous development and progress in social economy, the ecological environment also suffers serious damage. At current stage, people pay more attention to green consumption, and the consumption tends to the direction of sustainable development. Therefore, in the operation...
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Research on College Student Management Based on Legalization

Mingzao Shi
Nowadays, as China pays more and more attention to educational business, in order to realize the objective of imparting knowledge and educating people, the colleges shall continuously insist on students-oriented education concept, manage the school according to laws, and effectively implement student...
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Analysis on Construction Management of Small Water Conservancy Projects in the Countryside of China

XuezHen Shuang, Guangbin Yu
With the importance attached to issues of agriculture by China, there are more and more infrastructure construction projects in the countryside. Water conservancy project is an important one. Such infrastructure can not only promote sustained and stable development of the countryside, but also guarantee...
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Research on Investment, Financing and Financial Management of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

Jiafeng Wan
Small and medium-sized enterprises always have an important status no matter in western developed countries or in numerous developing countries, especially in China. In China, there are abundant small and medium-sized enterprises playing an outstanding role. Stable development of small and medium-sized...
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Discussion on Construction of Tour Guide Talent Training Base in Vocational Colleges

Bo Wang
It has already developed into an emphasis of higher vocational education in China for strengthening the relationship between vocational colleges and enterprises and devoting to construction of tour guide talent training base in vocational colleges. This paper states the necessity to enhance the construction...
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Discussion on the Basic Education Development in rear Areas During the Period of Anti-Japanese war

Yuan Wu
After the Anti-Japanese war began, China’s basic education which was stably developed was damaged by the Japanese imperialists, the Chinese nation's education appeared survival crisis. To cultivate excellent war talents, gain advantage in the war, and ensure the survival and development of the Chinese...
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How to Apply the Interactive Teaching Mode in English Translation Teaching

Xiong Li
At present, the effectiveness of English translation teaching is not satisfactory, and the teaching concept of “teaching one to fish is better than giving him fish” is not yet realized in teaching due to the influence of traditional teaching ideas, therefore, the application of interactive teaching mode...
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Research on Function of Psychological Factor in Vocal Music Teaching

Chunqiang Yang
Vocal music teaching belongs to comprehensive art. It is a discipline with certain theoretical and practical significance. Besides, vocal music teaching is also featured by diversity, abstraction and complexity. To obtain good effect of vocal music teaching, it is not enough to only rely on skill training....
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Cultivation of Socialist Core Values based on Foreign Language Classroom Teaching

Kun Yang, Yongliang Ma, Weiwei Luo
Socialist core values carry on the essence of Chinese traditional culture and the achievement of global civilization, which conform to the pursuit of modern people for beautiful values. Foreign language can be regarded as a direct collision of Chinese and western cultural values. We should always persist...
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How to Apply Sports Elements of National Tradition into Physical Education in A Reasonable Manner

Shaochang Yang, Jun Hu
This paper conducts an all-round analysis and discussion on the feasibility of applying elements of ethnic traditional sports into physical education, and elaborates the characteristics and advantages of ethnic traditional sports, reflecting the realistic significance of it. Furthermore, the paper discusses...
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Application of Many-facet Rasch Model in In-basket Tests in China

RuoSong Yao
The purpose of this paper is to utilize many-facet Rasch model (MFRM) to examine raters’ severity/leniency, internal consistency, dimension difficulty, and examinees’ ability level in order to further discuss the biases in the assessment center rating. Research questions are tested on a sample of 138...
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A Brief Analysis of the Overseas Investment Strategy of Chinese State-owned Enterprises

Jiawei Zhang, Jing Li
By comparing various kinds of economic data of China's state-owned enterprises after the implementation the "company law" in the special view of the promulgation and implementation and the four times modification of "company law" after China's reform and opening up The article elaborates the essential...
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Explore teaching method of vocal music collective class

Jindong Zhang
In recent years, China’s education reform is in the deepening stage, in order to ensure the quality promotion of talent of the country, many domestic normal universities are beginning to successively expand their enrollment, especially professions of arts class, the number of students has increased significantly;...
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Analysis of problems existing in enterprise marketing - a case study of SMEs

Xiaoqing Zhang
In the production and operation of small and medium enterprises, marketing is the most important part, which determines the development of enterprises. However, there are still some problems existed in the marketing process of some enterprises; the specific issues include: the marketing concept is relatively...
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Interest Consideration and Feasibility Analysis of Extending Mandatory Age for Retirement in China-Analysis based on the viewpoint of stakeholders

Xuefeng Zhang, Yue Zhang
It was clearly proposed in Decision for a number of major issues regarding comprehensively deepening the reform by CPC central committee issued in the third plenary session of the 18th central committee of CPC that “Study and formulate progressive extend retirement age policy”, and postponed retirement...
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Study on Countermeasures of the Logistics Efficiency of Fresh Agricultural Products in China

Yue Zhang
At present, because of the rather late start of the market construction of fresh agricultural products in our country, the logistics efficiency of fresh agricultural products is also relatively low, which has a very unfavorable effect on the market value and cargo movement, even leads to severe loss...
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Analysis on the Application of Scenario Simulation Teaching Method in the Police Skill and Tactic Teaching of Public Security Colleges

Jinquan Zhao
Teaching objective of public security colleges is to cultivate public security talents for the society. Therefore, their course arrangement and teaching methods are set for talents cultivation. Application of scenario simulation teaching in the public security courses can get a very good effect, no matter...
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How to Realize Reverse Logistics Cost Control of Chain Enterprises

Xiaoyan Zhu, Xinmeng Li
During the production and operation process of enterprises, reverse logistics is an inevitable link, it will exist, no matter for their own wish or for the pressure of competition, or for the government’s force control. While, some people think reverse logistics will increase the operating cost of the...
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Mechanism Innovation Research on the Development of Emerging Industries in Financial Professionals Service Area-Based on the Background of the Opening and Development in Guangxi Beibu Gulf Economic Zone

Liangui Wei, Huan Jiang, HaisHen Li
To cultivate applicable financial professionals with high qualities is the basic function for financial institutions to serve for the local emerging industry development.This paper takes the opening and development in Guangxi Beibu Gulf economic zone as the background, begins with the importance of financial...
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Education Reform of International Trade Major to Obtain Employment

Dao Zhou
With the eruption of international financial crisis, there are many changes happened to the international trade. At the same time, because of the recruitment expansion of universities in recent years, employment of international trade major is not optimistic. This asks universities and colleges to make...
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Study on Anomie of University Teachers' Network Language

XueMing Yang
At the present stage, with the continuous development of network, the teaching mode in the educational circle of our country has changed greatly. By using the network language during teaching, teachers can not only improve the teaching efficiency, but also intensify the communication with students and...
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Cultivation of Students’ Music Humanities Exploration Ability in Piano Teaching

Lijuan Li, Weiyi Hao, Yun Jing
With the continuous improvement of educational system in our country, the traditional score-orientated teaching in piano teaching cannot satisfy the students’ needs. The cultivation of students’ music humanities exploration ability, which not only enhances the students’ piano exploration ability but...
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Construct A New Pattern of Industrial Development-Take Hunan as an Example

NaMan Yang
There is a relative lack of systematic and empirical research on the industrial development based on the macro perspective in the domestic academic field. Aimed at this shortcoming, Hunan is selected as the research target to attempt to solve the problem of steepest front in industrial development. To...
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Study on Ideological and Political Education

Fangqian CHen
Over more than 30 years of reform and opening up, the economy of our country has achieved a rapid development. Along with it, the social environment has also undergone a dramatic change. In the meantime, people’s views and values are also on constantly change, too. Under such circumstances, in order...
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The analysis of several realistic problems of rural e-commerce

Lei Wang
With the continuous improvement of the technological and economic level, the living standards of rural residents have been significantly improved, and the application of computer and other high-tech products in rural areas is becoming more and more widely used.Faced with such situation, many people found...
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Research on Embedded Teaching Model of Preschool Dance

Lan Zhang
The traditional dance teaching model in the preschool stage may make the education boring and inefficient. A new teaching model named embedded teaching model which can make children more happy and healthy. This paper introduces the concept of the embedded teaching model, points out the advantages of...
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Study on Construction Project Cost Control Based on Lean Construction Thought

Anning Liu, XingzHen Ren, YiHao Xu, Xuefeng Chen
Faced with the fierce competition in the construction market, construction enterprises only by setting up effective project cost management system can ensure their competitiveness and profit margins. Some construction enterprises have begun to use lean thinking to carry out cost control, and effectively...
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Study on Construction of Innovation Culture System in Collaborative Innovation Center

Qingzhong Sun, Fangfang Huang
Implementation of "2011 project" is another major strategic plan for China's higher education front to reflect the national will, following the "211 Project" and "985 Project". “To create a cultural environment conducive to collaborative innovation” is an important part of the reform of its mechanism....
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Research on International Protection Modes of Individual Privacy in We-media Era

DengHua Hou, Yingxue Zhao
The rights of people to express their views have been fully respected in we-media age. However, with the development of the internet technology, the violation of the right of privacy has a tendency to spread. This paper will expound the international protection modes of individual privacy in we-media...
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Study on Innovation of Securities Company’s Asset Management Business

XinYue Liu
Currently, asset management innovation is a substantially momentous topic of China’s securities companies. With the challenges from research and development (R&D) capability, product design, investment decision-making ability, risk control, organizational and institutional defects, China’s securities...
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Empirical Study of Quantitative Investing Model

XinYue Liu
After developing for over thirty years, quantitative investing has become a mainstream investment strategy with a global gaze. However, for ordinary people, the principle of quantitative investing model and the reasons for its profitability is seldom known. In this paper, I elaborate the basic principles...
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Research on English Reading Teaching Based on CBI

JiaYing Meng
Content-based Instruction (CBI) is a teaching approach that combines the language teaching with the content teaching and has an effect on promoting learning efficiency. This paper firstly points out the problems of current English reading teaching, then expounds the concept and teaching models of CBI,...
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Research on Construction of Village Cadres Competency Model in Western China Based on Grounded Theory

Hui Liu
The competency and accomplishment of village cadres determine the development status of a village to a great extent. Based on the research paradigm of the grounded theory, a village cadres competency model, including three dimensions, namely achievement motivation, individual influence and management...
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Mass Media Sports Information on Activity of Sports of University Students

Yanping Jiang
The mass media is a new social power; modern college students are covered and impacted more and more widely. It can not be ignored that the mass media has become an important channel to influence college sports life. In this paper, we analyze the influence of mass media sport on the college student and...
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Research on the Influence of Sports Information Dissemination on Public Lifetime Sports Consciousness in the New Media Environment

Yanping Jiang
Sports media size and influence have made great progress in recent years. Combined with the characteristics of youth sports consciousness form, this paper analyzes the major media sports media in China, discusses the effect of the mass media sports consciousness and proposes sports media problems that...
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Undergraduate Practical Teaching Exploration-In the case of ESIGELEC(France)

Lin Chen, Ying Lyu
Scientific quality refers to the ability that people relate to science which can be used to participate in scientific activities to solve scientific problems, which is an important indicator to measure nation’s scientific and cultural growth. As the main force of engineering, for a better society undergraduates...
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Teaching Strategies for Graduates with Different Specialty Background in Biomedical Signal Processing Course

Nini Rao, DingYun Liu, Wei Zeng
Biomedical signal processing is one of key courses in the major of Biomedical Engineering. The teaching contents of this course are involved in multiple subject fields, such as biology, medicine, signal processing, computer science and even mathematics/physics. Most graduates studying this course usually...
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The Exploration and Construction of Teaching Team of Electronic Technology Course

Hong-li Cheng
Electronic Technology Course as Electricity specialty basic course, its teaching effect directly impacts on student to study subsequent specialized courses and to master professional skills. In order to improve the teaching quality of the course, the formation and development of teaching team becomes...
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A Study of Routes to Enhancing Urban Soft Power Based on Human Capital

Qingquan Li
Urban development has entered the competitive era of soft power. The sustainable development must focus on and build soft power, not just depending on extensive economic growth mode. It is not desirable to exchange extensive resource consumption and labor force at a low price for hard power. Moreover,...
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Research on the Novel Information and Communication Technology Talent Training Mode under the One Belt and One Road Methodology

Wen-Zhun Huang, Lin-tao Yu, Shan-wen Zhang
Talent cultivation of universities should be based on regional economic development needs, show the features of the application. Comprehensive high quality talent training communication engineering professional practice teaching reform in colleges and universities cannot copy other university curriculum...
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The Exploration of Cultivating Mode of Engineering Students’ Innovation Ability

Yongqi Wang, Yang Yang
In this paper, combined with the characteristics of students in local engineering universities and professional educational goals, through teaching program setting, teaching reform, university students innovative projects and university-enterprise co-cultivating mechanism, we explore the innovation ability...
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The Innovation Research of Management Mode for Army College Laboratory

Baichun Yang, GuangsHeng Jing, Jianhui Wei
As a complete laboratory practice teaching platform of military colleges, how to optimize the internal management, is the important topic in front of each army colleges and universities. Military colleges and universities from the current existing problems in laboratory construction and laboratory management,...
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The Research of Management Mode Innovation for Army Professional Education College Scientific Research Management

Yi Jin, Xue Wang, Di Wang
With the rapid development of the army education and scientific research status of the army colleges and universities are increasingly valued. Research to the office of education teaching and personnel training and military service functions better play a very important role. But because the army colleges...
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Full English Immersion Teaching of Translation and Rotation of University Physics

HuaQiu Deng
This paper applies full English immersion teaching on translation and rotation of university physics, discusses graphic method, comparison method and discussion method of full English immersion teaching, and shows that the full English immersion teaching is an effective one in teaching of translation...
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Full English Immersion Teaching of Electromagnetism of University Physics

HuaQiu Deng
This paper applies full English immersion teaching on electromagnetism of university physics, discusses graphic method, comparison method and discussion method of full English immersion teaching, and shows that the full English immersion teaching is an effective one in teaching of electromagnetism of...
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Research on the Project Teaching Design of "Building Environment" in University Building Environment and Energy Application Engineering Specialty

Xuejin Wang, Jing Hong, Zhihong Zhang, Yujin Zhang
The thesis "building environment science" course as an example, in the building environment and energy engineering professional training under the guidance of the target, of the course of project teaching design, and selected according to the characteristics of the course in the project, the teaching...
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Problems and Strategies of Bilingual Teaching for Analog Electronic Technology

ShouHua Wang
Bilingual teaching is one of the prime topics in college education reform. On the basis of stating the objective and meaning of bilingual teaching for Analog Electronic Technology course in electronics information major, the existing problems are analyzed minutely and corresponding improvement measures...
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Application of Immersive Method in the Teaching of Business English in Junior College

Shuo Yang
Along with the rapid development of China’s economy, as well as the trend of economic globalization, the market demands more talents who are specialized in business English. Nowadays, the daily English conversation and the specialized knowledge of business English are not closely combined in the teaching...
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On the Evaluation of College Teachers

Shuo Yang
Teaching evaluation is an important part in the college teaching management, and of great significance for the quality improvement of teaching. This article analyzes the significance, details and methods of teacher evaluation, and discusses the existing problems and countermeasures.
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Application of LabVIEW in Digital Signal Processing Bilingual Teaching

Lun Ma, Xianglong Luo, Yang Ming, RuocHen Liu
It has been 5 years that our department set DSP as a bilingual model course. However, both our teaching team and the students majoring the course encountered many difficulties during this period. To motivate students to overcome language and obscure concept problem, we adopted a graphical programming...
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Consideration on the Credit System Reform in Universities

YiYuan Fang, Tianfu Yuan, Yongqi Wang
Credit system is a teaching management system. It uses the lowest total credits required as a measure of the amount of student learning and graduation criteria, and uses students’ self course selection as the premise. It overcomes the drawbacks of the existing academic system. It truly enables students...
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The Teaching Method Reformation for the Artificial Intelligence Course

Ling Lu, Yin Gui, LiHua Li
According to the curriculum and the characteristics of artificial intelligence, we used auxiliary teaching system to reform the teaching method of artificial intelligence course. In the process of teaching, we used a large number of application examples to make abstract theory into the visualization...
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Discussions on Experiment Teaching of Mechanical System Dynamics

Xin-ju Zhang
As a theoretical and practical basic technical course for the students in the specialty of mechanics, mechanical system dynamics is one of the primary courses to train professional technical talent. In the meantime, experiment teaching of mechanical system dynamics is an important channel for undergraduate...
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Comprehensive Economic Analysis of Low-rise Steel Residence in the South of Jiangsu Province

Yimiao Li, Dengfeng Wang
The feasibility and advantage of steel structure applied to low-rise residences in the south of Jiangsu were analyzed firstly. In order to compare the comprehensive economic benefits between the steel structure residence and the traditional reinforced concrete residence, two-story houses with steel structure...
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Discussion on challenges and its countermeasures of MOOCs to undergraduate teaching majoring in Internet of things in China

Peng Guo, Naixiang Li, Tonghai Liu
As a kind of new-generated teaching mode, MOOCs brings education great challenges as well as excellent opportunities. We discuss current situation of Internet of Things teaching in China, analyze challenges that MOOCs brought to Internet of Things education, especially on professional course teachers,...
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The Innovation and Practice of Higher Quality Applied Talent Cultivation for Civil Engineering Specialty in Local Universities

Xingu Zhong, Xianzhong Xie, YiHua Nie, Jianqing He
Combined with the project implementation of Talent Cultivation Mode Innovation Zone for Civil Engineering Specialty in Local Universities, the talent cultivation mode for civil engineering specialty with the characteristics of practice, application, entrepreneurship and innovation has been established,...
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Research on learning experiences and teaching strategies of Blackboard system

Li Zheng, YingHua Niu
Taking the students’ learning experiences and applications of Blackboard system as the research perspective, a typical case study of a local university was carried out. This thesis analyzes the students' perception and experiences of the Blackboard system performance, resources sharing, collaborative...
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The Analysis on Comprehensive Production Capacity about Jilin Food Crops

Guofeng Zhang
Grain industry is a mainstay industry of Jilin, and an important part of Jilin economic development. Taking Jilin area as the research object, and on the basis of Jilin statistical yearbook from 2005 to 2014 this paper analyses Jilin overall grain production capacity from the agricultural output value,...
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Analytic Hierarchy Process based method to evaluate teacher's ability in network education

Junyan Zhao, Li Wang, YuLian Huang
In network, teacher’s ability is a key element to the teaching quality, and network education managers have to attach importance to teacher’s ability evaluation. In this paper, we propose an analytic hierarchy process based method to evaluate the teacher ability, the social service, specific guidance,...
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Teachers’ influene to the mathematics achievement of grade four students

Jin Liang, Donghui Jia
TIMSS measurement shows that students in the world get quite different mathematics achievement in different countries. Students’ mathematics achievement is influenced by many factors such as teachers, schools, parents and so on. It’s complicated to explain what leads to these different performance between...
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The revolution strategy of online courses in new technology environment

Donghui Jia, Jin Liang
The forms of online courses have changed a lot with the rapid development of information technology, the old forms of online courses can’t adapt to the changes of online learning. This article is aimed at the need and characteristics of the development of online courses in new environment of technology...
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Strategy Analysis and Model Construction of Virtual Teaching Research

Jie Zhou
Compared with the traditional teaching research model, the virtual teaching research can change the state of the separation of teaching and research, promote the combination of knowledge and practice, change the teacher's growth environment, and create the opportunity for the outstanding teachers to...
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Fuzzy Synthetic Evaluation Based Method to Evaluate Online Courses

Junyan Zhao, Jianbao Gao
In online education, course evaluation is a key element to improve the teaching quality, and the education managers have to attach importance to evaluate the course. In this paper, we propose a Fuzzy Synthetic Evaluation based method to evaluate the course, the different factors are considered in the...
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Comparative Study on Determinants of FDI in BRICS

Ya-Nan Song
In recent years, the economy of BRICS had developed rapidly, the growth rate of GDP had exceeded the world level, the business scale had gradually extend and foreign direct investment (hereafter referred to as FDI) inflows amount has increased. The economy of BRICS played an important role in the world...
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Research on the Development Strategies of Higher Vocational Education in the Framework of Sydney Accord

WenHua Liu
China’s engineering education have joined the Washington Accord. This is very meaningful to the internationalization of China’s higher education. There are three accord which approve engineering and technical education: Washington Accord, Sydney Accord and Dublin Accord. According to the different object,...
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All-round Innovation Analysis on College Students' Ideological and Political Education Model

Dongjian He
College students, as group of active personality and diversity, have increasingly complicated thought conditions in the new era, which has brought more challenges for ideological and political education. Therefore, there is an urgent need for all-round innovation of university students' ideological and...
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The Analysis of U.S. Curriculum History Turing Development Based on Cultural Angle of View

Jinxia Ma
Along with the development and progress in all fields of society, the social, economic and political background of schools operation has been changing a lot. These change in all aspects, and the development and progress of the curriculum have a very profound impact. Curriculum reform and social development...
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The Effective Application of Function and Excel Formula in University Computer Teaching

WeiHua Xu
As the past century is the electronic century generally, the early 21st century is the era of digital technology. In accordance with the new generation teaching process, we should pay more attention on it. In teaching, accordingly to some problems being aimed at, in the process of computer teaching in...
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The New Trends and Strategies of College Ideological and Political Education in Internet Age

Linzhi He
Modern network technology dramatically changed the learning and living conditions of current students, which brought significant challenges to the ideological and political education of students. Faced with the rapid development of the network, psychological and behavioral characteristics of college...
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Product Innovation Management Based on New Technology and Material

Rong Zhang, Dan Liu
To create a good product, which can not only bring a new user experience, but also change human lifestyle managers should apply new technology and new material properly into product. In addition, it is necessary to do some research on new technology and new material for some demand. This paper, setting...
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Effect of Currency Exchange Rate on Economic Growth——Research Based on RMB Exchange Rate of VAR Model

YingHua Ren, Yan Yang, Xiong Zhong
Therefore, it is becomes increasingly important to make research on effect and function of exchange rate change on national economy, this paper uses effect of RMB exchange rate on important and export trade of China as research object, it further discusses its effect on economic growth, it uses case...
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Interaction Design on Model of Adult Education and Network Remote Education

Mingxin Wu, Ewei Chu
based on condition of double-model: adult education and network remote education this paper makes construction on vocational education model for adults, it represents education model by international idea according to combination of network remote model and adult education model, and makes evaluation...