Proceedings of the Ninth International Conference on Language and Arts (ICLA 2020)

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Intent and Meaning of Information About Corona Virus on Social Media: Forensic Linguistic Study in the Case of Spreading Hoax

Krisanjaya, Erfi Firmansyah, Aulia Rahmawati
This research aims to apply semantic theory in analyzing the intent and meaning of information about the Corona Novel Virus or COVID-19 on social media in the case of spreading fake news or hoax. Predicative verbs that are studied include: 1) structure/construction of verbs in social media, 2) behavior...
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The Use of Teacher Talk Through Online Teaching and Learning Process in EFL Classroom During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Nadia Izzati, Hamzah
Teacher talk is crucial to teaching and learning process because almost all activities use the talk from teachers. Besides, teachers are the person who has power over students to control everything in the teaching and learning process. Consequently, teacher talk will affect how students act or their...
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Barriers and Solutions in Online Learning During the Covid-19 Pandemic, Indonesian Language Education Students at the Riau Islamic University

Rian Azmul Fauzi, Yasnur Asri
This study aims to determine the obstacles and solutions in online learning during the Covid-19 pandemic in UIR Indonesian Language Education study program students. The research method used a survey method of one hundred and sixty-five respondents. Based on the data, it was found that in general the...
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Slow But Sure: Discourse Analysis on Sharia Regional Regulation and Its Derivatives

Agustina, Muhammad Adek
It is undeniable that the emergence of regulation with Islamic overtone in Indonesia often creates polemics in the midst of society, especially from the point of view of democracy and human rights. This study aimed to explicate the expansion of the discourse on the Sharia Regional Regulations in West...
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Online Learning Implementation in the Covid-19 Pandemic

Siska Andes Madya, Abdurahman
The Indonesian government enforces online learning at all levels of education to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Changing learning patterns will affect the implementation of learning. This study aims to review the implementation of online learning during the Covid-19 Pandemic emergency in Indonesia....
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A Visual Grammar Design Analysis of Channel’s Spring-Summer 2021 Campaign Teaser Pictures in the Pandemic Era

Siti Hafifah, T. Silvana Sinar
This article is entitled “A Visual Grammar Design Analysis of Chanel’s Spring-Summer 2021 Campaign Teaser Pictures in the Pandemic Era”. The objectives of this article are to identify the visual elements of Chanel’s Spring-Summer 2021 Campaign Teaser Pictures which has just launched at the beginning...
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Technology Becomes a Learning Problem During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Ummu Haniva, Nurizzati
The most fundamental difference between the 2013 curriculum and the previous curriculum is the emphasis During the Covid-19 pandemic, many problems arose, one of which was in the world of education. Learning that should be carried out face-to-face, so during the pandemic period, learning in schools must...
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Language Styles in Corruptor Narrative Free of Corona? Later Used Najwa Shihab in YouTube

Widya Husin, Yenni Hayati
This study aims to describe and explain the use of Antonomasia’s figurative language style and cynicism in the narrative the corruptors were freed because of corona? You will be on YouTube first. This study describes the use of Antonomasia’s figurative language style and cynicism used by Najwa Sihab...
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Analysis of Students’ Speaking Ability in Video Project at STKIP Muhammadiyah Muara Bungo

Diah Savitri, Havid Ardi
The current advancement of vlogs in YouTube channel has challenged lecturers to make use of its potential for students’ speaking enhancement. This research was aimed to investigate students’ speaking ability seen from their video projects. These video projects were vlogs made by the first semester students...
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The Implementation of Scaffolding Strategies at Speaking English Course in Kampung Inggris Pare East Java

Diniyati Kesuma Sari, Yenni Rozimela
In particular, the teacher plays essential roles in assisting the learners to achieve the goals of learning. To improve the learners’ capacity to the higher level maximally, the appropriate scaffolding strategy is needed. This study aimed to describe the implementation of scaffolding strategy used by...
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Analysis of Reading Material and Students’ Perception Towards Buku Bahasa Inggris at Grade X Semester II of SMAN 4 Payakumbuh

Elsa Sastrawati, Hermawati Syarif, Muhammad Al Hafizh
The aim of this research is to describe how are reading materials in Buku Bahasa Inggris in aspect texts and task viewed from teachers’ and researcher’s perception and also the perception of the students toward this reading materials in this students’ textbook. The main source of teaching materials comes...
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Comparing Ustaz Abdul Somad’s Language Style to Ustazah Mama Dedeh’s Language Style

Ermanto, David Syasli, Novia Juita
This study describes the comparison of the use of language styles based on sentence structure and the use of language styles based on the direct meaning of the lecture communication between Ustaz Abdul Somad and Ustazah Mama Dedeh. This research is a qualitative descriptive study. The object of this...
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Needs Analysis: E-Learning-Based of Intensive Reading with Moodle Application

Estika Satriani, M. Zaim, Ermanto
The current intensive reading instruction is predominantly teacher-controlled and textbook-bound, finding it challenging for students to take develop of their own learning and to find learning opportunities to practice. Moodle e-learning as one of the selected learning management system will be used...
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Gender Discrimination in NH. Dini’s Pada Sebuah Kapal and Okky Madasari’s Entrok

Fadhelya Syamsu, WS Hasanuddin, Yenni Hayati
Women are often seen as weak creatures, so they often get discriminated against both in the family and in the work environment. This study aims to describe the forms of gender discrimination, factors, impacts, and comparisons of gender discrimination against women based on the perspectives of two female...
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JHS English Teachers’ and Students’ Perceptions on the Implementation of Authentic Assessment in Pekanbaru

Gustari Prima Diharmis, Hamzah
This research was conducted in order to 1) find the English teachers’ perceptions on the implementation of the authentic assessment, 2) find students’ perceptions on their teachers’ implementation of the authentic assessment, and 3) see if there is a significant difference between teachers’ and students’...
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Using Graphic Organizers to Improve Students’ Reading Comprehension at Grade XI of SMAN 3 Lubuk Basung

Gustina, Hermawati Syarif
The background of this research is the students who their achievement is still under the minimum standard (KKM) of learning success and most of them are unwilling to pay serious attention to the text they are reading. This research aims to solve students’ problem in learning process especially reading...
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Analysis of Global Perspectives and Principal Policies on Their Influence on the Professional Commitment of Public Vocational Teachers in Padangsidimpuan

Hanafi, Nurhizrah Gistituati, Rusdinal, Hasdi Aimon
This study aims to build a hypothetical model consisting of a structural model and a measurement model in the form of a path diagram based on the theoretical justification of the teacher’s global perspective variables, principal policies, and professional commitment. The population in this study was...
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Morphology of the Legend of Folklore on Unruly Daughter in West Sumatra’s Minangkabau

WS Hasanuddin, Emidar, Zulfadhli
This article aims to discussion about the morphology of the legends folktale of the Minangkabau daughters in West Sumatra who was rebellious to her mother. This research is a descriptive qualitative study. The sources of data in this study are legendary folktales (1) Batu Puti Bayang (2) Awang Tingkuluak,...
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Social Function of Text of Oral Tradition of Lullaby Song Coastal Region of Minangkabau Collective in West Sumatra

WS Hasanuddin, Emidar, Zulfadhli
The article on the results of this research contains a discussion of the study of the social function of the oral tradition text of lullaby song coastal region of the Minangkabau collective in West Sumatra. The Minangkabau collective coastal region in West Sumatra is represented by three regions, namely...
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Teaching and Learning Challenges in EFL Classrooms During the Pandemic Era

Imma Syarifah, Yetti Zainil
The pandemic era has raised new challenges to the world, and it brings enormous impacts on lots of components of our lives, including in education. The aim of this study is to find out what the teachers do in terms of teaching and learning English as a foreign language subject and how they deal with...
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The Effect of Problem Based Learning (PBL) Methods and Reading Interest Towards Anecdote Writing Skills

Adek Tri Dasmana, Harris Effendi Thahar, Novia Juita
This aims of this research to determine the differences in learning outcomes of anecdote writing skills using the Problem Based Learning (PBL) method with the results of anecdote writing skills using conventional methods and students’ interest in reading fiction. This type of research is quantitative...
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The ‘New’ Adjacency Pairs in Online Learning: Categories and Practices

Laila Ulsi Qodriani, I Dewa Putu Wijana
Covid-19 pandemic situations have changed the view of the educational sector in our life. One of them is the fully online learning method, where this type of new-media-way communication offers its escape to solve the teaching-learning activity during this emergency condition. In this computer-mediated...
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The Effects of Field Trip Method and Reading Interest Towards Description Text Writing Skills Grade XI ADP SMK Negeri 1 Baso

Lastri Oktalia, Ermanto, Irfani Basri
This research aims to determine the differences between learning results of text description writing skills using field trip method and interest in reading with conventional method in the class XI ADP SMK Negeri 1 Baso. This type of research was quantitative with experimental designs. The population...
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Analysis of Illocutionary Acts on English Teachers’ on Teaching Process in Classroom at SMPN 01 Patamuan Padang Pariaman

Leni Herfina
This research uses a qualitative approach. This type of research is descriptive research. The data collection technique was carried out by observation, while the data analysis technique used was qualitative descriptive technique and pragmatic analysis. The purpose of this study was to analysis of illocutionary...
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Reassuring Feasibility of Using Bourdieusian Sociocultural Paradigm for Literary Translation Study

M.Yuseano Kardiansyah, Aprinus Salam
This study aims to reassure the feasibility of applying Pierre Bourdieu’s sociocultural paradigm for conducting literary translation study. Influenced by the fact that literary translation scholars in Indonesia have not found the significance of the sociocultural approaches, this study intends to philosophically...
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Analysis of Teachers’ Code Switching in Teaching English at MTsN 7 Agam

Maratus Shalihah, Rusdi Noor Rosa
Code-switching is one of sociolinguistics aspects, generally defined as a shift from one language to another by the speaker during the speech. In EFL learning, many teachers use code switching to teach their students. This research investigated the reasons behind the use of code-switching by the teachers...
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Changes and Challenges of Participating in Focus Group Discussion

Marham Jupri Hadi, Muh. Junaidi
The present study aimed at exploring what the focus group discussion (FGD) participants learned from taking part in FGD sessions and the challenges facing them. Design-Based Research (DBR), suggested by Reeves (2006) was employed to carry out this study. There were 6 students and 3 lecturers taking part...
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Techniques Used by English Department Students of Universitas Negeri Padang in Translating Report Text

Melani, Rusdi Noor Rosa
The need of information about the global issue requires people read some sources from other language than their mother tongue or first language. However, transferring the text into equivalent meaning is not easy. Certain techniques should be comprehended in translating texts which contain various terms...
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Does English Teachers’ Intensification in the Modern Islamic Boarding School Affect Their Teaching Performance?

Mohammad Umar Fakhrudin, Erna Andriyanti
Teachers’ intensification has become a concern in these recent years. For English bilingual program teachers, there are duties besides teaching to complete by them such as becoming a coach, dormitory supervisor, and organization supervisor. These demands create an overloaded work for the teachers. Thus,...
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Language Learning Strategies in Speaking Classroom Activity: Extrovert and Introvert Learners

Melia Citra, Yetty Zainil
The language learning strategy carried out by EFL learners sometimes differ from one another following their personality; however, it is not clearly defined yet. This research aims to analyze students’ language learning strategies in a speaking activity in accordance with their personality: extrovert...
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Higher Order Thinking Skill Questions in Reading Comprehension Test Constructed by English Teacher of Senior High School in Padang Pariaman Regency

Adella Merizka, Jufrizal
The purpose of this study was whether the reading comprehension questions on test made by English teacher reflect criteria of Bloom’s Taxonomy or not, in what level dominant found it. The English teachers of senior high school in Padang Pariaman Regency were asked to construct nine questions in the form...
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Exploring Lecturers’ Written Corrective Feedback on Students’ Research Proposal Writing

Nila Andelina Betha, Rusdi Noor Rosa, Hamzah
During the corona pandemic, face to face learning process is not allowed, so that the guidance of thesis writing for students must be done online. Lecturers have to provide written corrective feedback in responding to their students’ writing. This study explores the lecturers’ written corrective feedback...
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Teacher’s Perception on How Multisensory Approach in Teaching Reading for EYL with Dyslexia

Nina Puspitaloka, Hermawati Syarif, Ermanto
This study aimed to implementing a multisensory approach in teaching reading for dyslexic EYL and determine the teacher’s perception on learning to read English using a multisensory approach towards EYL with dyslexia. Participants in this study were English teachers at one of inclusive elementary school...
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The English Teaching of Tenses, Aspects, and Moods in Senior High Schools in Padang

Novalinda, Ayendi
The description of Tense, Aspect and Mood (TAM) varies from Grammar to Grammar based on the author’s preference. The researchers want to study and compare the description of TAM in Teaching English in senior high schools in Padang City, West Sumatra, with theories from modern syntactic books. The steps...
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The Performance of Language Politeness in Directive and Expressive Speech Acts from West Sumatra’s Female DPRD Members on Social Media

Novia Juita, Ermanto
This article was written to explain the politeness of language expressed by women political figures, especially members of the West Sumatra legislative (DPRD) on social media. In this paper, the discussion is limited to (1) the functions of directive and expressive speech acts, (2) the principle of politeness...
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Need Analyses of English Learning Material for Students’ Diploma Degree of Mechanical Engineering at Institute Technology of Padang (ITP)

Okri Ronaldo, M. Zaim, Hamzah
Need Analyses have a wide definition in educational system which is used as the first step to conduct curriculum, syllabus, teaching and learning material, and others. In this case, it focuses on finding primary data about English learning material for diploma degree students of Mechanical Engineering....
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Illocutionary Speech Acts in the Discourse of Advertisements in Sindo Newspaper

Rafles Eko Putra, Ermanto, Agustina, Kharisma Thahira
This study aims to describe (1) the types of illocutionary speech acts used in the advertisement discourse in Sindo newspaper; (2) the story strategy contained in the advertisement discourse in Sindo newspaper; and (3) the background context, participants, objectives, action sequences, keys, tools, norms,...
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Values of Character Education in Si Anak Pintar and Si Anak Spesial by Tere Liye

Rahmat Fauzan, Yasnur Asri, Novia Juita
This research is motivated by the phenomenon of the value of character education in people’s lives which is poured into a literary work, namely a novel. This study aims to explain the values of character education in Tere Liye’s novel Si Anak Pintar and Si Anak Spesial. This type of research is qualitative...
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Configuration of Lampung Mental Clause: a Functional Grammar Investigation

Afrianto, Eva Tuckyta Sari Sujatna, Nani Darmayanti, Farida Ariyani
A mental clause demonstrates a configuration of a senser, mental process, and phenomenon and it performs processes of sensing through five senses and thinking. Dealing with this configuration, this research is aimed at patterning mental clauses in Lampung language. Furthermore, this research is supposed...
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The Effect of Inquiry Method Assisted by Audiovisual Media and Learning Motivation on Writing News Text Skills

Sef Afriadi, Atmazaki, Irfani Basri
This type of research is a quantitative study using a quasy experiment method. Research design is factorial design. The population of this study was all eight grade students of Public Middle School 6 Padang totaling one hundred and eighty-five students. Sampling was done by random sampling technique...
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Order of Directive and Expressive from President Joko Widodo in Mata Najwa TV Program

Silvia Adelinda, Ermanto, Novia Juita
This study aims to determine the form of directive and expressive speech of President Joko Widodo in the Mata Najwa event at Trans 7. Assessment of Joko Widodo’s directive and expressive speech acts in an interview at Mata Najwa studio with the theme of Jokowi in the Pandemic Test requires speech act...
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Students’ Linguistics Problem in Reading Comprehension

Sinta Frestisia, Ratmanida
Reading English as foreign language is not easy for EFL students. The students have encountered different linguistic elements from their first language. This research aims to discuss students’ linguistics problem in comprehending English text. This research was document analysis and the data were analyzed...
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The Effect of Speaking Anxiety on Students Performance in Speech Class

Allen Christy, Jufri, Mukhaiyar
This research was designed to measure the level of anxiety faced by the students and its effect on students’ performance, and the factors causing the anxiety. This study is a descriptive research. The sample of this study was the students of English Department who took speech subject at STKIP PGRI Sumatera...
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The Effectiveness of Online Learning on the Implementation of the 2013 Curriculum

Cindy Yonafri, Erizal Gani
The most fundamental difference between the 2013 curriculum and the previous curriculum is the emphasis on the realm of learning. In the 2013 curriculum, the learning domain is emphasized on a holistic educational process, so that it covers a broader domain, namely the affective (social and spiritual),...
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The Application of Reward and Punishment in Teaching Adolescents

Sri Andriani Sidin
Behaviorism theory proposes reward and punishment to help students succeed in learning. The implementation of rewards and punishment in teaching adolescents may bring some positive impacts on students learning. This paper explores how existing literature discusses the notion of rewards and punishment...
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Grammatical Competence in Constructing Wh-Questions in Reading Comprehension Test: A Proposed Study

Tesha Fersty Fadhilah, Hermawati Syarif
Creating a reading comprehension test is a common task for teachers. In constructing a reading comprehension test, grammar plays a big role in minimizing the possibility of misinterpretation and misunderstanding of the questions. One of the common question types used is wh-question. This paper aims to...
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Problems in Learning English Faced by Elementary School Students in Jambi City

Tri Rahayu, Rusdi Noor Rosa
Considering the importance of learning English since early ages, some elementary schools in Jambi City administer English as one of the local contents. However, based on the preliminary observation, many students encountered a number of problems in learning English that needs further exploration. This...
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Need Analysis of Text for Translation Material in Universitas Negeri Padang

Try Ulva Yeni, Havid Ardi
Globalization, industrialization, technology and social media have affected the progress of translation studies from different sides. The present situation makes the need for translation is increasing day by day and the materials to be translated are growing more and more numerous. This research explores...
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The Differences Between the Kerinci Greeting Words in Dialect of Jujun with Dialect of Lolo

Dedi Saputra, Ermanto
This study aims to describe and explain the differences in the greeting words of the Kerinci language in the Jujun dialect and the Lolo dialect. This research utilizes a qualitative descriptive method and does not utilize statistical formulas when processing data. Researchers found 42 greeting words...
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Exploring the External Causes of Fossilized Pronunciation Errors Employed by English Graduate Students in Classroom Discussion at Universitas Negeri Padang

Vyona Lovenia, Jufrizal
An inevitable phenomenon that tends to occur in acquiring second or foreign language is language fossilization which can occur in every linguistic domain, including speaking. This could happen if there is an error in one of the sub-skills in speaking, especially pronunciation or known as pronunciation...
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Teacher’s Expressive Speech Act in Indonesian Learning Process at SMPN 2 Lareh Sago Halaban

Wilona Ayunda Putri, Ermanto, Ngusman
Speech acts is a very important part of communication. The purpose of this study was to explain the types, functions of expressive speech act strategies used by the Indonesian language teachers in learning process in the SMP Negeri 2 Lareh Sago Halaban. This research is a qualitative descriptive research....
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Students’ Preferences and Their Needs of Reading in Writing Class

Yenni Rozimela, Desvalini Anwar, Ririn Ovilia, Ainul Addinna
Many studies have claimed that one’s ability in writing is affected significantly by his or her interest in reading. This means that the more one reads, the better one can usually write. Despite its importance, reading activities in class, however, are not yet implemented in ways that can facilitate...
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Educative Values and Local Awareness in Folklore of Si Boko in Sungai Pisang West Sumatera

This article contains educational values and local wisdom in a folklore in one of the areas in the city of Padang, namely the folklore of Si Boko. This folklore is the property or wealth of the community in Sungai Pisang Village, Bungus Teluk Kabung District, Padang. In order for this folklore to be...
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The Contribution of Students’ Linguistic Intelligence Towards Reading Comprehension

Yufebri Rahmadina, Jufrizal
Linguistic intelligence is the students’ ability in using words in speaking and writing. It becomes one of the important factors that influence the students’ reading comprehension, because it is related with individual’s intelligence in understanding a language. This study is aimed to find out the contribution...
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Exploring the Reading Strategies Used by Male and Female Students

Yulia Efnawati, Mukhaiyar
Reading strategy had been considered as the obligatory to the EFL learners. Reading strategy is a learning technique to enable the students to comprehend the text well and make them become a high proficiency level of readers. This study aims to find out what reading strategy used by male and female EFL...
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Implementation of Project Based Learning (PjBL) Models in Literacy of Urban Society Life Style Based on the Popular Metropop Novel

Zulfadhli, WS Hasanuddin, Yasnur Asri
This article contains a discussion of the implementation of the Project Based Learning (PjBL) learning model in literacy of urban society life style based on the popular novels metropop in Literature Criticism studies. The study of literature criticism aims to develop knowledge, skills, and critical...
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Original Galombang Dance Clothes: As Dance Elements in Reconstruction of Traditional Dance Clothing in Pariangan West Sumatra

Afifah Asriati, Desfiarni, Irdhan Epria Darma Putra
This article aims to bring back the original clothing as elements of the Galombang dance in the reconstruction of the Pariangan village, Tanah Datar district, West Sumatra. The reconstruction was carried out because there were several elements of this dance equipment that had not been used for a long...
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Transformation of Traditional Indang Dance to Entertainment Dance

Desfiarni, Fuji Astuti
The transformation of Indang dance aims to create Indang dance creations in the form of entertainment as a market leader in the entertainment arts industry and a source of economy for the people of South Solok Regency. Related to this, it is necessary to create a new form of work for entertainment purposes,...
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Educational Values in Minangkabau Opera Malin Nan Kondang

Iswandi, Edi Suisno, RM Pramutomo, Lili Suparli, Novesar Jamarun
Malin Nan Kondang as Minangkabau Opera is a performance art that antithesis of Kaba Malin Kundang. Many people interpreted Malin Nan Kondang folklore as a son who was successful overseas but disobedient to his mother. Minangkabau Opera Malin Nan Kondang tells about Minangkabau man who has a perseverance...
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Development of Music Dictation Learning Materials in Music Study Program Majoring in Sendratasik FBS Universitas Negeri Padang

Jagar Lumbantoruan
This research aims to reveal the development of Music Dictation learning materials that include (1) the concept of music dictation, (2) content levels, and (3) material development principles. The research method used is qualitatively. The results include: (a) understanding of learning materials and...
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Salendang Dance Choreography Developing the Arts of Tourism Performance in Mandeh Area

This article is the result of research (2020) which aims to develop the choreography of Salendang Dance with the concept of tourism performance art. The method used by Research & Development (R&D) by Borg and Gall is by conducting preliminary research, planning, development to be carried out,...
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The Application of the Tagunta Learning Model in Elementary School 02 Lubuk Buaya, Padang

Around 90% of primary schools in Koto Tangah District do not teach dance in class, start from grade I to grade VI. Many schools teach the dance lesson but in an extracurricular form. According to the observations of the researchers, the ignorance happened caused by the teachers do not understand the...
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Utilization Software Sibelius Basic Vocals in Department of Sendratasik Universitas Negeri Padang

Delvia Mona, Hengki Armez Hidayat
Basic Vocals is a compulsory subject listed in the curriculum of the Central Education Study Program. In the course of the lecture, a theory of how to sing with proper vocal techniques is given and musical accompaniment is needed. The large number of students who take these courses does not allow the...
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Making Prints: How Learning Printmaking During Pandemic Can Boost Students’ Creativity

Agnisa Maulani Wisesa, Wida Rahayuningtyas, Iriaji, Ike Ratnawati
Initially, this research was based in the idea of combining online and offline classroom materials to teach art (Blended Learning). But since the start of 2020, learning everywhere have been pushed towards non-physical because of pandemic. Challenges in teaching art practices becomes visible and emphasised....
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Cultural Arts Teachers’ Ability in Implementing Scientific Approach to Fine Arts Learning in Junior High School of Padang Pariaman

Asra Ilal Khairi, Ferdian Ondira Asa, Nessya Fitryona, Mediagus
This research aimed to describe cultural arts teachers’ ability to implement a scientific approach to fine arts learning at Junior High School (SMP) of Padang Pariaman. The description of the teacher’s ability in this study includes implementing the scientific approach in the lesson plans and implementing...
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Creating Waste Coconut Coir as A Creative Art

M. Zaim, Refnaldi, Yofita Sandra, Rifqi Aulia Zaim
Issues related to maintaining the balance of nature and preserving regional culture have long been the focus of implementing community service as one of the lecturers’ activities when carrying out higher education duties. The campus’s role is expected to drive economic growth in rural communities as...
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Visual Stimulus Design for Strabismus in Preverbal Children in Serpong Area as a Prevention of Amblyopia

Yunisa Fitri Andriani, Retno Purwanti Murdaningsih
Some newborns experience crossed eyes or misaligned eyeballs in the first few months of life. This happens because the muscles that control the child’s eyes are still weak. This misaligned eye condition is known as strabismus. If this condition lasts until the child is 3 months old, it could lead to...