Proceedings of the 4th Annual International Conference on Management, Economics and Social Development (ICMESD 2018)

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Information Transparency and Earnings Management - Evidence from China’s Multi-Tiered Capital Market System

Yong-Yi Li
How to better reduce asymmetric information and lower management flexibility has drawn much attention after a series of financial scandals. To this end, Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE) finished the first appraisal of information disclosure of listed companies in 2001. Building on the work of the implementation...
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On Current Situation and Improvement Approach of National Procurement Program

Shan-Nv Song, Gen-Zhe Huang
The government procurement program is one of important public expenditure management strategy. It can deal with several things such as strengthening fiscal function, removing corruption, enhancing macroeconomic regulation and control. Its essence is an open competition. Whereas, sometimes implementing...
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Problems and Countermeasures of Performance Management Operation in National Procurement Programs

Shan-Nv Song, Gen-Zhe Huang
This research is focused on the several problems that have presently existed in national procurement programs such as high price compared to market price, complicated purchasing procedures, and long period of purchasing. The problem-solving countermeasures is to introduce the performance appraisal system...
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Research on Managerial Entrenchment and Company Capital Structure

Xue-Xia Xu, An-Qi Liu, Yu-Hui Gu, Sun-Lei Yang
Under the modern enterprise system, it is an inevitable problem for the management to act according to their own interests when making decisions. Therefore, the attitude of management in making decisions will inevitably affect the proportional relationship in the capital structure of the company. In...
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Research on the Relations between Network Diversity and Innovation Performance of Small Technological Enterprises---- Moderating Effect of Technological Turbulence

Yi Li, Qiu-Yan Tao, Run-Han Yue
With the deepening of social network research, network diversity has been paid more and more attention. Based on the current background of China, this paper uses the main theories and methods of social network research to explore the impact of the diversity of small enterprises’ social network on innovation...
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Empirical Analysis on the Effect of Business Diversification on Enterprise´s Financial Risk

Ran Wei
As one of the most important growth modes of modern enterprise development, diversification has always been the focus of research in the field of strategic management. Diversification can improve the market value of the enterprises by making full use of their internal advantages. However, diversification...
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The Relationship between the Board Structure and Corporation Performance --- based on the Manufacturing Industry

Di Yang, Juan-Juan Wang
Corporate governance has become a worldwide topic in recent years. The main purpose of the corporation governance is to maximize the shareholders’ profits. While, the board of directors is a vital part of corporate governance structure, playing an important role in decision-making and supervision. Whether...
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An Exploration of How Political Risk Components Affect the Stock Volatility Considering ICRG and GARCH Model

Ming-Hong Sun, Hai-Tao Liu
Five main components of political risk were extracted from the International Country Risk Guide (ICRG) Rating model, this paper researches the elements: Government Stability, Socioeconomic Conditions, Investment Profile, Internal Conflict and External Conflict. We have chosen four countries to examine:...
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Research on the Efficiency of China’s P2P Network Lending Platform

Jie Zheng, Li-Yan Wang
Efficiency is an important manifestation of corporate competitiveness and sustainable development capabilities. In this paper, the efficiency of the sample platform from the Internet financial registration disclosure service platform is calculated and analyzed using the super-efficient SBM model that...
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"How Does a Rich Family Stay Rich for More than Three Generations?" ------ On the Effective Inheritance of Chinese Family Enterprises

Wen-Ying Zhang, Lin-Hong Li
As the generation of entrepreneurs gets older and older, the inheritance of family businesses which takes up half of China's businesses becomes increasingly important. Based on the present situation of family business inheritance in China, this paper analyzes the merits and demerits of the existing inheritance...
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The Characteristics of Ultimate Controller and Entrepreneurial Orientation: Theoretical analysis of Chinese Context

Yang Yang, Xiao-Feng Ju
Comparing with consequences of entrepreneurial orientation, fewer literature focused on antecedents of entrepreneurial orientation. In addition, the antecedents of entrepreneurial orientation were mainly examined in American context and fewer studies concentrated on Chinese context. In this paper, we...
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Research on The Emergency Decision Support System of Unexpected Events Based on Case-based Reasoning

Xing-Hua Lu, Zhi-Xin Ma
According to the characteristics of emergency events, in order to improve the efficiency of emergency decision, Combining decision support system and CBR, this paper constructs the system structure of emergency decision support system based on case-based reasoning, and studies the generation method and...
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Research on the Relationship between Young University Teachers’ Occupational Stress and Performance

Yuan-Yuan Lan, Xiao-Ting Qu, Huan Liu, Si-Jie Yan
As the most dynamic group of university teachers, the performance of young teachers greatly affects the overall quality of college faculty. In this study, we selected 272 young university teachers as research samples, and we used questionnaires and semi-structured interviews to collectdata.To make the...
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Human Resource Management Practices in China & UAE-A Comparison

M.Hazem Shayah, Ze-Hou Sun
With the development of globalization and the high demands of the dynamically changing environment, HR managers must meet the required needs for guiding effective employment, deployment, and development of an organization’s human resources in the different countries. This paper specifically examines...
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What Role Does the Voice Behavior Play in the Relationship between Mianzi and Innovative Behavior?

Ping Wang, Shao-Qi Wang
The behavior of Chinese people is influenced by the concept of Mianzi. When individuals want to save Mianzi, they will be glad to express himself more actively so as to show more voice behavior and innovative behavior. On the contrary, be afraid of losing Mianzi will prohibit their voice and innovative...
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What Role Does Trust Play in the Relationship Between Psychological Distance and Knowledge Sharing?

Ping Wang, Yun-Kuai Zhang
The existence of psychological distance implies that individuals have a sense of uncertainty, resulting in a non-trust attitude; the increase of psychological distance also makes employees unable to obtain psychological pleasure and will not produce knowledge-sharing behavior. Therefore, the distance...
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The Predicament and Countermeasures of Talents Attraction in Independent Colleges

Jing-Chen Zhou, Li-Kun Wei
with the popularization of higher education, the important part of it, independent colleges have attracted extensive attention of our society. Especiallythe problem on the floating teachers and attraction deficiency of talents. Empirical study and comparative study has been made of the capital source,...
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The Study of Factors Restricting the Translator’s Initiative

Xiang-Xin Liu
Though studies about the translator's initiative in China claimed to have a long history and the importance of the translator’s initiative has been discussed frequently both abroad and at home, systematic studies about the translator’s initiative are inadequate and sporadic. There is a need to study...
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On the Problems and Countermeasures of Rural Ecological Culture Construction from the Perspective of the Strategy of Rural Revitalization

Wen-He Lin, Wen-Bao Wang, Lu-Bin Ke
As a comprehensive organic system, rural ecological culture is constituted by three basic elements- rural ecological culture products, rural ecological culture activity mode and rural ecological culture concept. Such problems as the insufficient ecology awareness, a shortage of organization strength,...
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Income Determinants in Rural Yulin

Rong Shang
Yulin city is the energy industry base of China, and there is huge amount of coal, petroleum, natural gas and other kind of mineral resources. On one hand, Yulin city is a big city of energy, and it has high-speed total industrial output value. On the other hand, there are a lot of Poor County and poverty...
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Study on the Countermeasures of Perfecting Flexible Employment in China in the Internet Era

De-Ming Lei, Yi-Xin Niu, Xi-Rui Zhang, Yun-Jun Jiang
The purpose of this paper is to research the Improving flexible employment in China in the Internet Era. Using the method of document study deeply, questionnaires and interviews, correctly understand and analyze the problem of flexible employment. The part-time employment, and flexible employment, is...
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A Comparative Study of Long-Term-Care Insurance for the Elderly in Qingdao, Nantong and Shanghai

Bing-Rong Li
Providing for the aged is a worldwide topic. As China is the most populous country in the world, its large population base and rapid progress in aging has attracted both the party and the country’s attention. The report of the 19th CPC National Congress put stress on the construction of the social security...
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The Development Path of Leisure and Cultural Destination Tourism around Tai'an

Cheng-Lei Liang
Through the investigation of the natural ecological factors and cultural elements around Tai'an, in view of the analysis of the development value and development difficulty of resource elements, projects the overall development direction which on the basic of type rural leisure tourism, as the forerunner...
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An Analysis of Tourists' Willingness To Accept under Forced Consumption from Travel Agencies

Jian-Hua Wei, Meng Ding
The phenomenon of forced consumption by travel agencies and tour guides is endless. This not only has a great impact on the reputation of tourism destinations, but also reduces the tourists experience utility. The purpose of this paper is to study the influence of the forced consumption of travel agencies...
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Problems and Countermeasures of Bike-sharing Tourism in China

Zheng-Ke Yang, Kai-Ling Dong, Xue-Mei Zhang
Bike-sharing has developed rapidly in China,it’s not only convenient for the citizens but it also has quietly infiltrated into the tourism market at the same time.It has gradually become a new and fashionable way of travelling.In this paper,the authers analyzed the characteristics of bike-sharing tourism...
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Spatial Morphological Characteristics of the Yellow River Culture and Amorous Feelings in Lanzhou City based on Fractal Method

Wei-Min Gong, Zhi-Bin Zhang, Xiao-Lu Li
Based on the Fractal method, this paper chooses the random aggregation dimension, the spatial correlation dimension and the three dimension indices of the grid dimension to analyze the spatial morphological characteristics of the Riverside Recreational Scenic Area (point) of the Yellow River in the main...
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Influence of Root-Seeking Culture on the Development of Tourism in Henan Province

Li-Xia Zhao
As an important birthplace of Chinese civilization, Henan Province has a profound background of family root-seeking culture. In this paper, ways to combine the rich family root-seeking culture with the development of tourism in Henan Province are discussed, and taking family root-seeking culture in Gushi...
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Problems and Measures in the Training of Talents in "Tourism Management" in Colleges and Universities in China

Lin Chen
At present, there are many problems in the cultivation of China's tourism management talents. Therefore, this article proposes many measures, such as positioning accurately, creating a distinctive brand of tourism management disciplines, designing scientifically syllabus and curriculum, advocating open-door...
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Research Status and Trend of Interorganizational Information Systems Based on Knowledge Visualization

Jiao Wang, Lin Sun, Xin Zhang
This paper summarizes the related results of the Interorganizational Information Systems in the journals from the web of Science (WOS) and the Chinese knowledge network (CNKI) to find the research status of interorganizationl information systems. With the help of database management and knowledge visualization...
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Improvement of Modi-InDeep Storage in Flow-rack Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems

Min Wang, Zhu-Xi Chen
Flow-rack automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) has very high storage density, in which each storage unit (bin) can simultaneously store multiple unit-loads in depth. Based on the turnover information, Modi-InDeep heuristic can appropriately organize unit-loads in each bin of flow-rack to reduce...
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Linking Proactive Environmental Strategy to Green Supply Chain Management: Commentary and Future Directions

Feng Wei, Chun-Yan Wang, Qi-Chun Xiong
Proactive Environmental Strategy (PES) and Green Supply Chain Management (GSCM) are popular subjects in the areas of environmental strategies and operations management respectively. Although scholars in each of these areas are advancing the roles of PES and GSCM in promoting sustainable development,...
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The Empirical Study of Logistics Service Quality Evaluation within Electronic Retail

Xiang-Yi Zhou, Dong-Mei Wang, Yi Liu
With the rapid development of Internet, online shopping is more and more popular. At the same time, the return of online shopping is becoming more and more frequent .In order to improve the online shopping experience, logistics service has become the important factors influencing the vigorous development...
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Study on Site Selection of the New High-Speed Rail Station

Gui-Yan Sun
The site of the new high speed rail station should be based on driving the city’s economic development and facilitating the travel of residents as a precondition. The designers should also take such factors as he size of the city, the economic level, the long-term planning of the city, the existing transport...
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The Impact of Third Party Payment on Commercial Banks

Li-Hong Yang, Xiao-Tian Liang
With the rapid development of Internet finance, E-commerce has gradually become the mainstay of commodity trading process under the development of Internet technology, and the third-party payment platform conforms to the opportunity of the development of e-commerce era. Third-party payment institutions...
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Progress of Brain Natriuretic Peptide in Cardiovascular System

Cai-Ling Ren
Brain natriuretic peptide (BNP), mainly secreted by the ventricle, has diuretic natriuretic effect, which can relax blood vessels, inhibit aldosterone secretion and renin activity, and participate in the regulation of blood pressure, blood volume and water and salt balance. Improving glomerular filtration...
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Impact of Venture Capital in Strategic Emerging Industries on Enterprise Technological Innovation - Based on GEM

Sun-Lei Yang, Kai-Lun Gao, Hui-Yun Tang, Run-Qiu Zhang
Since its introduction, strategic emerging industries have drawn extensive attention. The relationship between venture capital and technological innovation has also been studied by both domestic and foreign scholars. This article links these three together and conducts an empirical research based on...
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Analysis on the Model of Cultivating Artisan Spirit from University Library

An-Ding Liu
It is the core of artisan spirit that rigorous focus, attention to detail, excellence and dedication. The university library is an important place to cultivate the spirit of artisans. Therefore, the cultivation of the artisan spirit has come to a very important place. The article holds that the government...
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Digital Economics and Internet of Things: Visualization of Research Fronts

Anton D. Nazarov, Elena S. Kulikova, Maya I. L’vova
The article deals with the transformation of digital economic processes in context of country's research activities development. Country needs to develop in current vector of science. We noted science metrics as one of the tools for finding the potential vector of science; we noted the science metrics,...
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The Study on Stage of Development of Knowledge Service Industry and Collaboration and Innovation Model: Faced to New Urbanization

Hui-Min Shao, Feng-Mao Xian, Xiao-Hui Hu
Technology is from knowledge, while technology serves production. The society in the future is a society with knowledge and economy, certainly the new urbanization will construct in such a society. Therefore, the main problem for the new urbanization construction is how to combine the knowledge service...
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Technology Introduction, Absorptive Capacity and Host Country's Technological Progress

Lan Liu
Technology introduction can promote technology progress and innovation ability of host country enterprises. By import, FDI and purchasing foreign technology, enterprises can achieve the technological upgrading and productivity improvement. However, Technology introduction can also lead to the dependence...
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Comparison of the Hierarchies of Standards in China, USA and UK

Jia Li
Nationwide standards system have been well established in developed countries such as USA and UK. Providing an introduction of their hierarchies constitution and current situation, this paper compares the standards systems in China, USA and UK in terms of standards body, scope and function, with a view...
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Cultivation of Practical Competence of Students in Dispute Advertising Design

Jun Ma, De-Yu Chen
The practical teaching of advertisement major provides a good platform. Higher vocational graduates 'knowledge level ability is not high, comprehensive ability and competition consciousness are weak, there is no reasonable business consciousness, resulting in design work not in line with the actual market...
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Influence of Lifelong-Education Theory on the Management of Sports Education in Colleges and Universities

Zhi-Tong Chen, Xiang-Liang Li, Yu-Hui Chen
With the continuous improvement and enormous development of economics society, people grasp the positive effect of physical exercises more clearly. People achieve more energy, space and financial resources to focus on their health, and strengthen the awareness of healthy and physical exercises. The adult...
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The Construction of Professional Culture and the Students' Growth Environment in Higher Vocational Colleges

Jin-Lan Liang, Jiang-Yun Yu
Professional culture with professional atmosphere is the soul of professional construction and is an indispensable part of education. Higher vocational professional culture construction's ills and bottlenecks, insufficient professional adaptation ability and the innovation potential is the core of professional...
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Review and Prospect of the research on Tourism Education in China

Jin-Lan Liang, Shuang-Zhou Guo
By China CNKI, literature retrieval of tourism education during the period of 1979-2016 published, from the development of tourism education and tourism talents cultivation, regional tourism education, tourism specialty teaching mode, teaching content and course of tourism and foreign tourism education...
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Learning Analytics: Online Higher Education in Management

M.Eulàlia Torras-virgili, Andreu Bellot-urbano
Learning analytics are a set of methods and techniques that collect, process, inform and successfully produce machine-readable data continuously to analyze the educational process and allow taking improvement decisions. The research aim is to develop and verify an instrument, based on theoretical contributions...
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Developing Robot Education and Cultivating Innovative Talents

Xiang-Jin Zeng, Dun-Bo Cai
According to the tasks and requirements of training innovative talents, through the comprehensive development and history of foreign robot education, the ideas and reference ways of developing robot education in China are given. With the research background of Robotics Education in Wuhan Institute of...
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Intercultural Teaching Approach to Integrated English Course

Yue Hu
This paper showcases how intercultural teaching approach could be integrated into linguistic skills training when teaching the Integrated English Course to English majors. Cases of classroom activities are presented, from which three levels of intercultural teaching could be seen, namely, harnessing...
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Research on Teaching Reform of Architecture Basic Courses Combined with Practice

Wan-Fei Gao, Ji-Wei Zhu, Yu-Wei Wang
This paper states the main contents and importance of architecture basic courses,Preliminary Architecture 1, 2 and 3, and puts forward the optimizing aims and methods in view of the existing problems in traditional teaching combined with practice.It includes cultivating the design thinking and overall...
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Investigation and Analysis on Animal Experiment Ethics from the Perspective of Medical Students

Qi-Tao Liu, Min Cheng
By using self-designed questionnaire, 580 students in a medical college were surveyed, the purpose was to understand the current situation of medical students' experimental animal ethics education, found the main problems existing in the current medical college experimental animal ethics education, and...
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Investigation on The Present Situation of Experimental Skills Competition in Local Medical Universities

Qi-Tao Liu, Min Cheng
In order to strengthen the training of students' experimental skills, the school held more than 30 experimental skills competitions every year. In order to understand the status of competition, the school conducted a questionnaire survey on the organization of skills competition. The results show that...
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Innovation and Practice of the Group Mode in Vocational Education

Gui-Yan Sun
Liaoning Railway Transport Vocational Education Group commits to the innovative group mode of operation. The school has established the "one enterprise, three schools" cooperation alliance to form a cross-regional joint development of school-enterprise consortia. It also sets up a school-enterprise communication...
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The Profit and Non-Profit Value Selection of Special Legislation in Chinese Kindergartens

Gui-Lin Gao, Yu-Yu Han
This paper starts with the basic idea of economic law based on the maintenance of social and public interests, argues that the development of private kindergartens to promote the development of pre-school education and to meet the diversification of education in pre-school is of great importance. While...
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Study on Standardization of Term Translation in Petroleum Industry--- Take the Term Translation in Technical Supervision in Petroleum Industry as Example

Huan-Ting Sun, Ke Chen
Terms reflect the characteristic of all trades and professions, therefore the standardization of term translation is not only the need of industries to publicize themselves, but also the basis for their intercommunication. This paper selected certain terms in the Technical Supervision of Petroleum Industry...
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Development and Improvement of Educational Exchanges between Belarus and China

Kseniya Karnatsevich, Wei-Hua Fang, Abdulla Mousa Falah Alali
Today the dynamic of Belarus-China educational exchanges rapidly increasing. With the spreading globalization increased the integration of the universities into the international educational space. One of the main roles in such cooperation plays a mobility of students and teachers. Educational exchanges...
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A Study for the Relationship between Learning Environment and Modern-Apprenticeship-Mode - Student’s Adaption in Classrooms

Fang Chen, Dan Cai, Hong-Jun Fan
This study is focused on "the Relationship between Learning Environment and Modern-Apprenticeship-Mode-Student’s Adaption in Classrooms(MAMSA). The purpose of the study is to find out how the students taken in Modern Apprenticeship Mode adapt socially, physically, cognitively and emotionally to Learning...
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Research on the Deep Integration of Professional Education and Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education in Applied Universities

Cheng-Lei Liang
Based on the development of the market economy and the adjustment of industrial structure, we should reform the traditional higher education to meet the urgent social needs for innovative and applied talents. The development of innovative and entrepreneurial education can effectively strengthen the training...
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The Discussion on Teaching of Vocabulary Based on the Corpus of CET-4 Writing

Si-Mo Jia
The good grasp of vocabulary was beneficial to the improvement of learning of English in all aspects. This paper collected, analyzed and categorized the vocabulary usages in 30 English compositions for test of CET-4 randomly chosen from the Corpus of CLEC. The research found that spelling mistakes and...
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Research on Reform and Innovation of Accounting Manual Training

Li-Hong Yang, Chao Zhang, Xiao-Tian Liang
This paper investigates the present situation of the accounting practice, and points out the problems existing in the manual practice of accounting. Combining with relevant work experience and drawing lessons from other people's research , this paper puts forward the concrete measures to improve the...
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Discussion on Improving the Quality of Clinical Teaching in Rehabilitation Treatment Specialty

Cai-Ling Ren
In the "people-oriented" service concept focusing on the teaching measures in the teaching process of the implementation, and strengthen the construction of teaching staff, improve the teaching management system, to ensure that the teaching measures, strengthen the quality of clinical teaching of professional...
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The Application of Aesthetic Education in Aerobics Teaching Research

Yuan-Yuan Lin, Xiao-Feng Han
Aerobics is the product of the development of The Times. In this paper, Using documentary and logical analysis, demonstrated the relationship between the aesthetic Aerobics and calisthenics teaching. Aerobics is loved by college students, In order to help students build good teaching atmosphere, consciously...
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Discussion of University Performance-Related Pay Incentive Mechanism Based on the Analysis of Gini Coefficient

Ying Zhang, Ming-Ming Huang
A university performance-related pay analysis using Gini Coefficient, through the questionnaire survey data to calculate a new performance-related pay university Gini Coefficient of 0.33, the corollary of Gini Coefficient 0.33-0.4 is the reasonable value of the university performance-related pay. The...
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Trade Complementarity and Competitive Analysis between China and Countries under “the Belt and Road” Initiative

Pei-Zhi Wang, Ling-Xi Chu, Yu-Xin Zhao
Since the "Belt and Road Initiative" was put forward, it has played an important role in the economic and trade exchanges between various countries and in the development of the world economy. Based on the theory of comparative advantage, this paper studies the basic trade situation between China and...
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The Econometric Analysis of the Relationship between the Development of Higher Education and Economic Growth

Jian-Yun Yu
Economy and education are the two foundations of the development of modern society. The study of the relationship between the two is the key point in the study of educational economics. Generally speaking, the more developed countries, the higher the level of education for residents, the more developed...
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Design of Teaching Mode under the Perspective of Flipped Classroom-- On the Course of Project Management

Le Pei
Internet innovation brings flipped classroom mode which has new ideas and positive influences. The teaching mode should be designed scientifically to fuse flipped classroom into teaching process smoothly, to get better teaching effects. The inspection should be made from facets of courses, technologies,...
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Higher Education Research under Supply-Side Reform

Jin-Yu Hu, Jun-Min Kang
In recent years, development of higher education has achieved remarkable results. However, the logic of demand side reforms, which leads to the problems in the structure, quality and efficiency of higher education, arouses great attention. Faced with this situation, Colleges and universities carry out...
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A Study on the Design of Wuhan gifts based on Wu Han impression

Hong Peng, Shan-Shan Li
Purposes Promoting Wuhan's economic development can also enhance Wuhan's external influence and enhance Wuhan's "design capital" taste. Process and method Wuhan is rich in tourism resources and has distinct regional characteristics. "Wuhan impression" is also complex and varied. Based on this, this study,...
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Analysis of Affecting Factors of Graduate Education and Employment

Xiu-Rong Zhang
Based on the current situation of graduate education in China, this paper investigated the main factors that influence the quality of graduate education and the whereabouts of graduates. The graduation time, the graduate course average score, the amount of instructions received from their mentors and...
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Reconstruction of Humanism Accomplishment Education of Technological Innovative Talents in Chinese Universities' Double First Class

Xue-Ting Li, Qing-Qing Li, Jun Yang
The humanism accomplishment of technological innovative talents is the soul of the survival and development of first-class universities, but it has been neglected in China for quite a long time. Now, China's "double first class" strategy has injected new connotation and provided new opportunities for...
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Construction of Modern University Administration System with Multiple Power Entities Participating

Xin-Jian Zhang
Many power entities exist in domestic universities, including political power, academic power, administrative power and democratic power. There are game playing and spatial relation imbalance. In order to construct the university management system scientifically, we should pay attention to each power...
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Social Network Usage and College Students’ Views of Marriage and Love

Lin Wang, Cai-Ge Lu, Zhi-Feng Hao
With the rapidly development of mobile network, social network gradually becomes new social communication medium. It may influences undergraduates views of love and marriage to some extent, which include standards of choosing spouse, attitudes towards sex and the goal of love. This paper adopts questionnaire...
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Enriching Contents of Morality and Law Course

Guang-Mei Lin, Kun Bai, Zhen Kong, Ling-Han Kong
The paper discusses the necessity, the Contents and the realization approaches in the professional view education's integrating into the course of vocational colleges, aiming to strengthen students’ conception as well as to improve the efficiency of teaching. Teaching model is one of the important ways...
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Teaching Research and Practice on Interscholastic Credit --A Case Study on Assembly Language Programming

Jing Xu, Teng Miao, Yang Xiao, Li Jin
Interscholastic credit breaks the traditional teaching mode, achieving learning across time, space and region. With promoting the teaching level as the goal, the study advocates the student-oriented teaching idea, and sets up the teaching implementation plan, based on the cooperative course “Assembly Language Programming”...
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Reflections on How to Improve Educational Quality of the JM Graduate Students

Ying Liu
Currently, China’snational enrollment policies are showing an increasing preference for professional degrees. This has inevitably led to expansion of the enrollment scale of Juris Master (JM) graduate students. Nevertheless, the current JM educational quality in China has been worrying. Based on a thorough...
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On Improvement of the Off-Campus Tutor System for Law Postgraduates

Ying Li
Law postgraduate programs should properly integrate theoretical teaching with practice. The off-campus tutorial system has become an effective path to develop law postgraduates’ ability to combine theories with practice. However, many problems have been found in the implementation process of the off-campus...
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Research and Exploration on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education in Applied Local Universities

Jian Li, Ming-Ming Ni
The advent of the era of knowledge economy not only brings opportunities for the rapid development of the economy, but also makes our country and society face the challenge of shortage of innovative application talents. After years of development, innovation and entrepreneurship education has become...
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On Talents Education of IP Cultural Industry Based on Market Demand

Ying Tong, Si-Si Xu
For talents education, the design of object, process and evaluation have to be adaptable to the development of society, economy and culture. Nowadays, the economy development has stepped into “new normal” phase, together with the adjustment of national strategy, and driven by inner economic regularity,...
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Construction of Non-Operational Asset Management Performance Index System in Chinese Colleges and Universities

Shu Chen, Xiao-Meng Pan
For the performance evaluation of the management of colleges and universities’ non-operating assets, it is not mature either in the government’s department or in colleges and universities. It is still in the exploratory stage and the difficulties encountered are also numerous. This paper analyzes the...
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The Construction of “Double First-Class” against the Background of New Era - A Case Study of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law

Wei Liu
Double First-Class construction is a leap in our country from a high power of higher education to a power higher education in a new era. It is a major opportunity to the development of the Universities. Universities also face many difficulties. We should make great efforts to build up teachers, institutions...
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The Application of Mind Map in ESP Teaching and Learning

Yuan-Fan Li, Xin-Yue Wang, Hui-Ling Feng
In order to make the teaching and learning more effective and efficient, the author applied mind maps in her ESP class. This article aims to discuss the application of mind maps and its positive effects on the teaching and learning in ESP.
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An Investigation into Policies to Improve the Quality of Basic Education in China-------A Case Study of No.128 Middle School in Shenyang City

Li-Na Zhang, Dong-Qing Bai, Jing Qin
In this paper, a critical review of No. 128 Middle School's activities was conducted, with special reference to China. It has explored the practices in relation to the improvement of basic education quality and its gap according to the standards of policies and planning. It has also explored a complexity...
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Government Planning to Improve Quality of China’s Basic Education

Li-Na Zhang, Xiao-Dong Pan, Dong-Qing Bai
On March 3, 2004, the State Council approved and disseminated the 2003-2007 Action Plan for Invigorating Education. This plan is the fundamental blueprint for further implementing the strategies of 'Rejuvenating China Through Science and Education”. In the new Action Plan, universalizing the nine-year...
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Overview of Basic Education in China

Li-Na Zhang, Xiao-Dong Pan, Dong-Qing Bai
The first section presents the general structure of Chinese Educational system, particularly with the reference to the basic education. In the second section, the review and analysis of the developments and reforms of Chinese basic education will be presented, starting with a review of basic education...
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Research and Application of Educational Informatization Measurement Index for Local Colleges and Universities

Dong Zhong, Zhong-Ming Li
Combining theoretical research with practical application, this paper analyzes and study the problems in the development of informatization process in local colleges and universities based on the analysis of the status quo of the development of informatization in local colleges and universities, and...
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Research on Improving the Teaching Effect of Legal Education of Entrepreneurship in Colleges and Universities

Hong-Zhen Lin, Chen Zhang, Jing-Yi Wan, Jia-Min Ma
The purpose of this paper is to research the Improving The Teaching Effect Of Legal Education Of Entrepreneurship In Colleges And Universities . Using the method of questionnaires and interviews, document study deeply, correctly understand and analyze the problem of bad teaching effect of legal education...
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Research on “Work-Study Combination” Talents Training Mode of Higher Vocational Education

Wan-Zhong Qin
Talents training mode is the standard form of talents training. The mode based on work-study combination is a popular way in vocational education all over the world. However there are some puzzlement and problems in the understanding of the higher vocational education talents training mode in China because...
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Research on the Professionalization Development of Ideological and Political Theory Teachers in Colleges

Jie He
The professionalization development of ideological and political teachers in colleges is the premise and foundation for building a high quality professional ideological and political teaching team. In recent years, some scholars have discussed and studied the professionalization of college teachers and...
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Reform on the Developing Mode of Pre-service English Teachers in Comprehensive University

Rui Huang, Zhi-Jiang Zhang, Yi-Chun Chen, Ping Wu
Under the “new normal” situation, China is walking into the world at a fast speed and demanding many qualified talents who master English, which make English education become more important than ever before. Pre-service English teacher education plays a decisive role in improving the quality of English...
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Campus Environment and Cultivation of College Students’ Core Values

Ying-Ying Ji
College time is a stage that college students’ values tend to be mature and fixed with strong plasticity. Campus environment is an important platform for college students’ education and spiritual civilization, and also a major place to develop socialist core values. Therefore, envisaging the necessity...
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The Teaching Practice and Study of the General Education Course "Wuhan Dialect and Culture"

Chong Guo, Yu-Qin Xiao
In order to cultivate the applied talents adapted to the development of regional economy and let the students know more about the dialect and culture of Wuhan, on the basis of the previous investigation, the subject group has established the general curriculum of "Wuhan dialect and culture" in Wuhan...
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Research on Application of Metacognitive Strategies to Business English Reading Teaching

Zi-Rui Wang
This paper investigated whether metacognitive strategy training could improve the students’ awareness of metacognitive strategy use and their business English reading competence. In order to find the result, the author launched an experimental research by employing O’Mally & Chamot’s metacognitive strategy...
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A Study on Metaphor Generation in Advertising -- An Adaptation Model

Shan-Shan Cheng
In view of the frequent use of novel metaphor in advertising language and its originality, it is necessary to analyze the causes and process of its generation from the perspective of pragmatics. This study can not only open a new research field for traditional study of metaphor, but also provide theoretical...
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Application of English Language Strategies in International Business Negotiation

Lin-Jing Song
English, as a universal official language and numerous enterprises’ negotiation language, plays a vital role in international negotiations. And the use of English language skills often determines the negotiations’ success. This paper chooses English language skills in international business negotiations...
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An Empirical Research on 3DtoReducing VLS Class Anxiety

Ping Xu
In this paper, the author introduced 3D interactive teaching method in the experiment and hoped to prove that this teaching method is a better choice for VAO(Visual Audio Oral) class if it can effectively reduce non-English students’ anxiety of English listening and speaking learning. In the AVO class,...
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Research on the International Exchange and Cooperation of Universities against the Background of the Belt and Road Initiative

Wang Xi
The Belt and Road Initiative is an important manifestation of China's further opening up to the outside world, which is conducive to the countries' better development along the land and sea Silk Roads. In the process of promoting this initiative, China's exchanges and cooperation with countries along...
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The Connotation and Structure of General Competences Required of Higher Vocational Students in the New Era

Lu Sun
With the social and economic development in China into a new phase, innovation-driven knowledge society comes into being, which promotes the strong demand for high-quality and high-skilled labors. Higher vocational has the mission of cultivating high-quality and high-skilled labors. Yet, What is “high-quality”...
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Study on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education in Chinese Universities and Colleges

Hua-Liang Lu, Huan Zhang
Since the Ministry of Education implemented the reform of innovation and entrepreneurship education, Chinese universities have opened up a large number of innovation and entrepreneurship programs, participated in "Innovation and Entrepreneurship" program and established a number of "Innovation and Entrepreneurship"...
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On the Teaching Management Role of University Teachers

Teng Lv, Ping Yan
University teachers should not only be the implementers of teaching, but also the main force in teaching management, which requires the recognition of all university teachers. In order to let the teachers play the role in the teaching management, the key is to make the teachers can know their important...
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Research on Teaching Reform of Engineering Mechanics under "Internet +" Mode

Yan Xia
Teaching reform in college education has always been the research direction of the school. In order to cultivate more outstanding innovative talents,every school is exploring a new way of teaching reform and new direction. How to make use of "Internet +" platform,Reform in education has become a new...
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Study on the Curriculum Setting of Architecture Major in Communicative Teaching Module ??"??"Taking Contemporary Architecture Criticism as an Example

Juan Zhang, Wen-Jie Wan, Bo Zhang
Based on the teaching contents and characteristics of the "Contemporary Architecture Criticism" course of architecture graduate students, this article combines teaching practice with the introduction of a flexible and adaptable "communicative" teaching module. Through the online media, master interviews,...