Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on English Language and Teaching (ICOELT 2019)

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Exploring Textual Function Realization in Corruption Courtroom Discourse

T. Silvana Sinar, T. Thyrhaya Zein, Nurlela, Muhammad Yusuf
This study deals with exploring the use of textual function in corruption courtroom discourse realized by Theme-Rheme structure in a clause uttered by judge, prosecutors, witness, and defender. Qualitative method was employed as the research design. The data were in the form of clauses gained from corruption...
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Exploring the Use of Drawing Task to Enhance Students’ Reading Comprehension

Doris Sukma, Yenni Rozimela, Ratmanida
This study explores the use of drawing task in the implementation of task-based language teaching to teach reading comprehension. The result reported here is a part of an experimental study which sought to look at the contribution of different task types on the students’ reading comprehension. One of...
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Code-Mixing Employed in Examiner-Examinee’s Interaction: A Sociolinguistic Study

Ridwan Hanafiah, Umar Mono, Muhammad Yusuf
Code-mixing happens due to bilingualism phenomenon and it is possible to appear in various occasions. This present study deals with exploring the employment of code-mixing in the interaction of examiner and examinee in thesis seminar. Content analysis was employed as the research design. The source of...
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Code Switching by an Indonesian Muslim Preacher

Erlinda Syam, Fitrawati
Ustadz Abdul Somad (UAS) is a currently controversial yet famous Muslim preacher in Indonesia. His speeches are delivered for various background listeners in various places within Indonesia and overseas. One of his linguistics aspects that is obviously found in his speeches is code switching. This study...
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Thematic Patterns in Discussion Texts Written by the Third Year Students of English Department of Universitas Negeri Padang

Isvanelly Anwar, Zul Amri
This paper aims at finding out the types of themes and the thematic patterns used in the discussion texts written by the third year students of English Department of Universitas Negeri Padang. This study used a descriptive qualitative method taking 20 students of English Department of Universitas Negeri...
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EFL Learners’ Communication Strategy on Speaking Performance of Interpersonal Conversation in Classroom Discussion Presentation

Vischa Mansyera Pratama, Yetti Zainil
Communication strategy which is performed by EFL students might be different one to another in accordance with their speaking proficiency. This research aims at analyzing the communication strategy on learners’ speaking performance of interpersonal conversation differed by the oral proficiency level...
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Students’ Problems in Writing Recount Text at Grade X SMAN 4 Sungai Penuh

Wahyuni Syafitri, Ratmanida
Writing is a difficult skill due to it has several processes that have to be followed by the students. In producing an effective writing product, the students have to know the writing components such as content, vocabulary, generic structure, language feature, and mechanics. This research aimed to analyze...
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Students’ Perception on Teacher’s Teaching Strategy and Its Effect Toward Students’ Motivation in Learning English

Ria Rahmiyanti, M. Zaim, Refnaldi
Teaching strategy is necessary in teaching and learning process. It is used as a way to achieve a certain goal. As one of extrinsic motivations in learning process, teacher’s teaching strategy has role to stimulate students’ motivation. This research aimed to analyze about students’ perception on teacher’s...
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Communicative Games in Teaching English at Elementary Schools in Jambi

Erisa Kurniati, Jufrizal, Jufri
This research was aimed to describe the English language teaching at Elementary Schools using communicative games, especially for 1) design, 2) implementation, 3) evaluation and 4) Improved the students’ vocabulary mastery. Quantitative method was used in this research, the data were analyzed and described...
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Students’ Voices on Their Needs of Models of Teaching for Writing Skills

Elvi, Hermawati Syarif, Refnaldi
The right models of teaching will give much influence on teaching and learning process and result. Flipped classroom - sub model of Blended learning - is believed to give better influences on learning and teaching. This article presents the needs analysis results, which are part of research and development...
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The Needs of Junior High School Students on Blended Learning Models Type Lab Rotation Model for Writing Skill in English Language Learning

Zulraudah, Hermawati Syarif, Refnaldi
The learning model is a most influential thing to support a learning process so as to produce a good result. Lab rotation which is a branch of Blended learning is one of the learning models that has been proven to have a good impact on the learning process and also improves learning outcomes.This article...
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Recontextualization in the Indonesian Translation of the Novel “Taj”: A Story of Mughal India” by Timeri N. Murari

Muhammad Rozin, Sigit Prawoto, Fredy Nugroho Setiawan, Nur Rosita
Studies in the field of translation mainly focus more on the translation of sentences with minimum consideration on the important role and influence of ideology toward the product of translation. When discussing the works of translation, researchers often place the translation text on two poles, namely...
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Online Social Learning Platform vs E-Learning for Higher Vocational Education in Purpose to English Test Preparation

Arta Uly Siahaan, Satriya Bayu Aji, Condra Antoni, Yosi Handayani
The purpose of this research intended to compare two tools used for teaching and learning in the process of English test preparation for vocational higher education students. Online social learning platform as the tool for experimental group and e-learning for the other group. This intention happened...
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Context Clues as a Vocabulary Learning Strategy: A View of Its Implementation in EFL Classroom

Nora Fudhla, Carbiriena Solusia, Rifky Oktoviandry
The intent of this research was to review the implementation of Context Clues as vocabulary learning strategy on language learners’ ability in tertiary education. This strategy had been implemented for years but the results shows that the learner’s vocabulary acquisition remains disappointing. The implementation...
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Educator’s Role in Involving Intercultural Competence in Spoken Communication (A Case Study at English Education Study Program at IAIN Bukittinggi)

Absharini Kardena, Hermawati Syarif, M. Zaim, Hamzah
Teaching English is identical to teaching the students being good at grammar that finally aims to be able to communicate well in English. However, being good at communication means the students are not only good at producing sentences which are grammatically correct, but should also be able to produce...
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EFL Teachers’ Beliefs About Oral Corrective Feedback on Students’ Speaking Performance at SMA N 1 Padang

Raisah Aini, Jufrizal
Oral corrective feedback is really important for teachers in the process of language teaching and learning especially in speaking practice. It is also a type of feedback that have much impact on students’ language learning. Although a number of studies have examined in the context of second language...
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Teachers’ Need for Authentic Assessment to Assess Speaking Skill at Grade X of Senior High School in Batusangkar

Annisa Ulhasanah, Refnaldi, M. Zaim
Authentic Assessment is an assessment process that involves multiple forms of performance measurement reflecting the student’s learning achievement, motivation, and attitudes on instructional relevant activities. Senior high school teachers still have problems in using authentic assessment for assessing...
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The Implementation of Genre-Based Approach in Teaching Writing Analytical Exposition Text at SMAN 8 Padang

Sokhiziduhu Zebua, Yenni Rozimela
One of the most popular approaches recommended in teaching writing is a Genre Based Approach. Implementing the Genre Based Approach makes students more assisted and helped through the stages of genre Based Approach and it helps students to produce a sequence of text based on its appropriate generic structures....
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Undergraduates’ Ability in Writing Paraphrase and Their Perceptions of Plagiarism

Yoshinta Aulia Hasanah, Sitti Fatimah
Writing in academic settings is one of the requirements that higher education students have to master. The academic writings may be in the forms of essays, journal articles, paper, and thesis. The thesis is the final project that they have to complete demonstrating their ability in incorporating language...
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Undergraduate Students’ Cohesion in Writing the Final Semester Test of Writing Class at English Education Department of IAIN Padangsidimpuan

Laila Safitri, Hamzah
Students are expected to have an writing skill when they are at university which can be assumed as a new skill to learn since they were not introduced to such skill during their high school period. Based on preliminary observation, students still lack of the textual from which they struggle with the...
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Techniques Used by the English Teachers in Teaching Speaking at SMAN 3 Padang

Yesni Dewita, Zul Amri
Techniques are a way to assist students to explore and increase their ability, so that the teachers are suggested to use the techniques to reach the goals and objectives of teaching. Thus, in teaching English, speaking is one of four skills that have to be taught. This study aimed to describe what is...
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An Analysis of Ability in Comprehending Reading Text of Seventh Semester Students at English Department of FBS Universitas Negeri Padang

Shanty Octavia, Jufri
This study was aimed at analyzing the students’ ability in comprehending reading text of seventh semester students at English Department of FBS Universitas Negeri Padang. This study was descriptive research. Samples of the research were 27 students by using cluster random sampling. The reading test was...
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The Analysis of English Textbook Bahasa Inggris for Grade XI Second Semester Used in SMAN 3 Pariaman Viewed from Relevancy Aspect

Steffi Anggia Putri, Jufri Syahruddin
The objective of this research is to analyze the relevancy aspect of English Textbook Bahasa Inggris for Grade XI second semester used in SMAN 3 Pariaman. Furthermore, the research design of this research is qualitative. In order to find out the relevancy aspect of English textbook ‘Bahasa Inggris’,...
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Online Platform for Academic Writing Activity

Lili Perpisa, M. Zaim, Mukhaiyar, Ahmad Fauzan
This study discusses the online platform design for academic writing learning needs in English education for college students. This design was based on prior research through interviews with 20 students and 2 lecturers supporting the Academic Writing. The need for online writing activities is the foundation....
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Using Online Short Stories to Promote Students’ Reading Habit

Rahma Dania
Online short story is one of English reading materials that can be obtained widely to promote students’ reading habit. This research aimed to observe the use of online short stories in promoting reading habit for EFL students. A classroom action research was conducted in a Reading Comprehension course...
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Students’ Ability and Difficulties in Comprehending Simple Sentence in English at First Grade of SMA Adabiah Padang

Polmusvita Rezi, Muhd. Al Hafizh
The bad scores gotten in English subject still become a problem for senior high school students. The aim of this study was to find out students’ ability and difficulties in comprehending English simple sentence. The total sample members were 20 students, and they were chosen by cluster random sampling...
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Markedness in Word-Order Typology of English and Minangkabaunese: What Should the EFL Learners Know About?

Jufrizal, Lely Refnita
Learners of a foreign language frequently face a lot of linguistic and non-linguistic learning problems and difficulties, including the EFL learners in Indonesia. The EFL learners whose native language is Minangkabaunese, for instance, may face grammatical problems dealing with phrasal and sentential...
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Model of Learning “SHARINGPLUS” for Higher Level Students Viewed from Sociological Perspectives

Yelfiza, Siska
This paper is proposed to describe the coherence of concepts in “SHARINGPLUS” with social theories. It is cross sectional research viewing teaching practice implemented by informants of the research. The informants include six lecturers who taught Qualitative Research Methodology at six Programs of Studies...
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Analysis of Students’ Need of Specific English Materials for Engineering Program at Vocational High School

Suyadi, Arya Andana
This study is aimed at revealing students’ needs of specific English materials for learning materials for engineering program. Learning English for general purposes seems not suitable anymore for students of engineering program which needs specific materials to pay more attention to their future professions....
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Collaborative Writing Strategy in EFL Classes: Comparing Individual and Pair Writing Ability Reviewed from Cognitive Learning Styles

Ainul Addinna, Lafziatul Hilmi, Ririn Ovilia
This study intended to observe which appropriate methods to be implemented in writing class seen from the students’ cognitive style; field-independent and field-dependent. This study used quasi experimental research. The population of the research was the first-year students of English Language and Literature...
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The Effect of PAVE Strategy and Motivation on Vocabulary Mastery in Junior High School

Maithel Eliza, Zul Amri, Hamzah
This research aimed at investigating the effect of using PAVE strategy and motivation on students’ vocabulary mastery. The design of this research was quasi-experimental research with 2x2 factorial designs. The population of this research was grade VIII students in junior high school 1 Batusangkar, West...
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The Use of Pecha Kucha Presentation Method in the Speaking for Informal Interaction Class

Carbiriena Solusia, Dinnovia Fannil Kher, Yati Aisya Rani
Pecha Kucha is a presentation method that requires students to submit 20 slides presentations with 20 seconds duration for each slide. Pecha Kucha offers a presentation that can improve effective communication skills and information delivery. Presentation activities using the Pecha Kucha method were...
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The Students of International Physics Class at UNP: How Do They Acquire English?

Yati Aisya Rani, Dinovia Fannil Kher
In 2017, Universitas Negeri Padang opened its first international class in 15 study programs spread across 8 faculties within the university. The international class referred to here is a class where the academic community including lecturers and students use an international language, namely English,...
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Listening Comprehension and Listening Anxiety: A Case of Basic Listening Class Students at English Department UNP Padang

Aryuliva Adnan, Leni Marlina, Suci Rahma Annisa
Listening anxiety which makes someone feel tensions, fear, uncomfortable and worry was suspected to affect students’ comprehension in listening class. Therefore, this research aims to find the relationship between listening anxiety and listening comprehension of English department students who had taken...
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Listening Anxiety Experienced by Advanced Listening Class Students of English Department UNP Padang

Aryuliva Adnan, Leni Marlina, Amalia Shawfani
Most students in English Department of UNP experience anxiety in Listening classes. They think due to their anxiety, they cannot really comprehend the listening better and it results toward their listening anxiety. As a result, everytime listening class begins; they tend to think they cannot do the listening...
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Students’ Ability in Translating Narrative Text from Indonesia into English

Vicky Rinaldo
Mastering translation skill gives more career opportunities beyond academics domain for English learner especially English department students in Indonesia. The purpose of this study was to analyze English Department students’ ability in translating a narrative text into English. The study was focused...
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Learning Styles Preferred by Basic Listening Class Students at English Department UNP

Don Narius, Aryuliva Adnan, Juliance Primurizki
The variation of students in acquiring and understanding knowledge is influenced by learning styles. Each student has a variety of learning styles including visual, auditory or kinaesthetic learning style. Besides, it is very infrequent of them to aware of learning strategies that are compatible with...
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English Listening Learning Material for Hospitality Study Program in Vocational High School: Users’ Needs Analysis

Yona Novita, Refnaldi
The development of the global tourism industry makes the importance of English for specific purposes rapidly, including in the hospitality sector. This research investigated the users’ needs analysis focused on listening to learning material. This research used a survey research method. The questionnaires...
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Vocational High School Students’ Needs on English Speaking Learning Materials for Hospitality Study Program

Azharia Khalida, Refnaldi
English for Vocational High School students has been categorized under English for specific purposes. Learning materials become an essential thing should be designed well in the field of English language teaching and learning. Thus, this research aimed at running a need analysis concerning the needs...
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Development of English Language Learning Model Based on Blended Learning at University

Yosi Marita, Fetriani
Various facts stated that the implementation of learning English in higher education tends to be textual. For some students, it was very difficult to understand various kinds of concepts and theories. If students can memorize all of the learning, without a clear understanding students would usually forget...
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Students’ Needs on Maritime English Learning Material: A Case at Vocational High Schools

Aminah, Refnaldi
Maritime English is very important for maritime industry communication. However, it has some uniques that makes it difficult to understand so that the learning material should be designed well. This study investigates the need analysis of the students who are learning Maritime English. It was conducted...
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Lecturers’ Perceptions on Interactive Grammar E-Book Used for EFL Learners

Fitrawati, Muflihatuz Zakiyah, Hermawati Syarif
There is no doubt that the fourth industrial revolution (IR 4.0), also known as digital or disruption era, influenced the way people live in the 21st century in many aspects including in education (education 4.0). It requires todays’ learners, especially English learners (since English is the medium...
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The Effect of Jazz Chants and Students Motivation Toward Students Speaking Ability

Rahmat Alfajri, Mukhaiyar, Desvalini Anwar
The research was aimed to test the effect jazz chants an motivation toward students speaking ability, and it was kind of quasi-experimental research with 2x2 factorial designs. The population of this research was the second grade of SMAN 8 Pekanbaru. The speaking test and quastionnaire were used to collect...
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The Effectiveness of Roundtable Technique to Teach Writing Descriptive Text for Students with Low Self-Efficacy

Desna Fauziah, Mukhaiyar, Ratmanida
Self efficacy is someone’s belief of his capability to complete a task or to perform something. Zimmerman and Martinez-Pons, as cited in Kitikanan and Sasimonton (2017: 4) say, “Students with high self-efficacy tend to learn and achieve more than those with low ones”. In other words, when someone has...
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Collaborative Writing Strategy for Teaching Writing Descriptive Text

Deasy Harlena, Mukhaiyar, Hamzah
Writing is a complex process that allows students to explore thoughts and ideas and make them visible and concrete. Teaching writing is a process of giving skills to students on how to communicate and express their thought, feelings, and opinions in a written language. Writing skill is a skill rarely...
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Applying Vlog Assignment to Develop Students’ Speaking Ability

Nofrina Eka Putri, Senorica Yulia Sari
Being exposed to English since childhood, many college students, in fact, are still less competent in that language. It is assumed that the unavailability of facilities that allow them to practice English out of the classroom is one of the factors that makes students unable to speak in English. To overcome...
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Analyzing Students’ English Capability: Do They Meet the Needs?

Nofrina Eka Putri, Rifki Oktofiandry, Sukma Yudistira
In the area of ESP, it is found that most research focuses on exploring students’ learning needs based on the stakeholders’ points of view, and a small portion reveals needs from students’ perspective. There are no studies seeking to see what students’ abilities are now, and compare them with demands...
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Investigating the Effect of Buzz Group Technique on Students’ Reading Comprehension

Yocha Falentina Helmy, Jufrizal, Jufri
This experimental research aims to find out the effect of buzz group technique on students’reading comprehension at seventh grade of SMPN 5 Padang Panjang academic year 2018/2019. The research approach was quantitative approach and the technique of this research was experimental research. The population...
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Combining Content and Language Study in Islamic Higher Education

Veni Roza
The study aims at describing the implementation of CLIL approach in the classroom setting of Islamic Economics major. It is the most promising and beneficial approach which integrates the teaching of content from a curriculum subject with the teaching of a non-native language (Coyle, Hood, Marsh, 2010)....
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Investigating the Effect of 4/3/2 Technique Toward Students’ Speaking Ability

Achi Ayu Permata, Yenni Rozimela, Refnaldi
This study is aimed to find out the effect of 4/3/2 Technique toward students’ speaking ability. Type of this research was a quantitative research which used quasi-experimental design. The sample of this research was 64 students of XI grade at SMAN 8 Padang which were divided into two groups; experimental...
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Investigating the Effect of Story Mapping Strategy Toward Students’ Reading Comprehension of Narrative Text

Tahtika Sari, M. Zaim, Havid Ardi
The objective of this research was to investigate the effect of story mapping strategy toward students’ reading comprehension of narrative text. Type of this research was a quantitative research which used quasi-experimental design. It was conducted at the ninth grade of SMPN 2 Tilatang Kamang Agam....
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Investigating the Effect of IEPC Strategy Toward Students’ Reading Comprehension

Desfi Rahmi Putri, Jufrizal, Zul Amri
This research was aimed to find out the effect of IEPC strategy (Imagine, Elaborate, Predict, Confirm) strategy and students’ reading motivation on students’ reading comprehension. It was a quasi-experimental research design. It was conducted at the second grade students of SMAN 12 Pekanbaru. The sample...
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An Analysis of Students’ Motivation Based on Teachers’ Strategies in Teaching Speaking at SMAN 1 Enam Lingkung

Amal Hayati Nurjani
This research was done with the purposes to describe the strategies that teachers used in teaching speaking, and to describe students’ motivation in learning speaking at SMAN 1 Enam Lingkung. Research design of this research was qualitative descriptive. This research were involved 3 English teachers...
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An Analysis of Syntactic Structures and Error on the Relative Clause as Found in Students’ Academic Writing at the Sixth Semester Students of English Department

Irvonny Gustira, Eliza, Febria Sri Artika
The purpose of this study is to analyze syntactic structures on the relative clause and errors in writing relative clause. The type of research used is descriptive qualitative. The population of this research was the sixth semester students of the English Department consisting of 143 students. The researcher...
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Students’ Oral Classroom Participation: What Influences Them to Speak Up?

Honesty Trila, Desvalini Anwar
Studies on oral participation in the English classroom have been recently conducted. These reveal that there is a growing awareness that oral participation can have consequences beyond the success of language learning. Factors that influence students’ oral classroom participation might vary. This research...
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The Code Switching and English Language Proficiency Performed by Students in Learning English as a Foreign Language at STKIP-MB

Diana Oktavia, Winda Trisnawati
This study aims to prove the effect of language proficiency on code switching by bilingual Indonesian students in learning English as a foreign language. The data were collected from 22 participants studying in English department at STKIP-MB. They used mixed Indonesian-English in the teaching and learning...
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Improving Students’ Reading Comprehension Through Online Reading Texts and Whatsapp Chats at Grade Eleven of SMAN 1 Teluk Kuantan, Kuantan Singingi Regency, Riau

Subhan Shabri, Yenni Rozimela, Mukhaiyar
The use of online reading texts has become an important part of the learning process. This article explains the online reading texts and Whatsapp chats improve the students’ reading comprehension of Grade Eleven of SMAN 1 Teluk Kuantan, Kuantan Singingi Regency, Riau. This study is classroom action research...
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Linguistic Errors Made by Students of English Education Program in Translating Indonesian Language into English

Julian Chandra, Irna Wahyuni
The study was aimed at describing what linguistic errors that English education program students made in translating Indonesian language into English. This research was a descriptive qualitative research. Research participants were 19 sixth semester students of English education at STKIP YDB who took...
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An Analysis of Curriculum 2013 English Textbook at Seventh Grade Students of Junior High School

Medi Adioska
Indonesia has just implemented a new curriculum called the 2013 Curriculum. The new curriculum brought a new textbook. This study aimed to determine to what extent did the 2013 English textbook curriculum meets the criteria of a good book in the form of Psychological Validity, Pedagogical Validity, and...
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Reading Teaching Strategies Used by English Teachers at Senior High School 1 Ampek Angkek

Rini Safrianti
This research describes the implementation of strategies that are used by Senior High Schools English teachers in teaching reading comprehension. The background of this research is based on the results of the study stated that basically English teachers in Senior High School already implemented several...
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The Use of Instagram Platform Toward Junior High School Students’ Speaking Ability

Rifa’atul Mahmudah, Havid Ardi
The massive used of social media nowadays has caught much attention from the researcher and practitioner in the education field to integrated this advance technology to support teaching and learning process. Instagram can be used as one of interactive tools of learning English, especially for millennial...
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The Effect of Weblog Media Toward Writing Ability of the First Grade Students

Aulia Rahmi, Muhd. Al Hafizh
Weblog is one of media that provides special features to learn writing. Thus, the aims of this research to see the effect of weblog media toward students’ writing ability at SMK Manajemen Penerbangan Pekanbaru. The design of this research was quasi-experimental. The first grade students was the population...
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Indonesian English Department Students’ Reading Habits and Attitude Toward Literature in English

Delvi Wahyuni, Witri Oktavia, Leni Marlina
This study reports the results of a survey on the reading habits of English Department Students at Universitas Negeri Padang, Indonesia, and their attitude towards literature in English. Reading Habit questionnaire developed by Pandian (1997) and an adaptation of Students’ Attitude and Perception towards...
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An Analysis of English Reading Texts Readability Used for Grade XI Students of SMAN 1 Bukittinggi

Nofrizal Pamar
This article aimed to investigate the readability of the English reading texts used by the grade XI students of SMAN1 Bukittinggi, to investigate the students’ perception toward the English reading texts in their textbook, and to investigate the teachers’ perception toward the English reading texts in...
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The Use of Cre-Active Learning in Improving Students’ Narrative Writing Skill

Zohri Hamdani, Amrizal
The Students’ Narrative Writing Skill was still low at the second semester of English Education, University of Muhammadiyah Lampung. This Classroom action research aimed to improve students’ narrative writing skill through the use of Cre-active Learning. The data collection of method used pre test and...
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Translation Strategies Used by Student Translators in Solving Equivalence Finding-Related Problems

Rusdi Noor Rosa, Zul Amri, Yetti Zainil
As the main purpose of translation, finding equivalence often presents problems to translators, especially student translators. Responding to such problems, this paper aims at finding out translation strategies employed by student translators in solving equivalence finding-related problems. This study...
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The Ability of English Department Students in Writing Cause and Effect Essay in Universitas Negeri Padang

Rika Rozalinda, Yenni Rozimela, Desvalini Anwar
This research aims to find out the ability of the third year of English Department students in writing cause and effect essay in Universitas Negeri Padang. The type of this research is descriptive qualitative research. The source of the data is the cause and effect essays written by the students taken...