Proceedings of the 2021 5th International Seminar on Education, Management and Social Sciences (ISEMSS 2021)

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Research on School-enterprise Cooperation Teaching of Accounting Under the Integration of Production and Education Based on Information Technology

Guirong Wang, Sufen Wang
The development of Internet information technology provides more choices for modern teaching methods and modes. The teaching method of accounting major has changed greatly with the school-enterprise alliance model. This article introduces that under the Internet information technology, enterprises can...
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Research on the Construction of Japanese Online Open Courses for Vocational Undergraduates Based on Information Technology

Yinhua Lin
The development of information technology provides rich solutions for the methods and models of modern education in colleges and universities. Online learning and VR technology have been widely utilized for the construction of Japanese courses in vocational universities. These technologies provide students...
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Pursuit and Redemption: A Myth-Archetypal Interpretation of the Ferryman

Meng Qiao, Tan Jing
The Ferryman is a novel of spiritual salvation that integrates myth and reality. It centers on Dylan’s journey of soul searching and returning, and portrays how ordinary little people get out of the spiritual dilemma and reshape themselves through the pursuit of spiritual home and the test of soul. The...
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Will assessment and Incentives Help Improve the Level of Urban Public Services?

Empirical Evidence from the Selection of “Civilized Cities”

Hang Xiao
The creation of a “civilized city” is an important measure to realize the simultaneous development of urban material civilization and spiritual civilization, promote the innovation of urban management mode, and realize the sustainable development of the city. Enhancing the happiness of urban residents,...
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Continuation of Site Memory

Talking About the Renewal of Industrial Landscape as an Example in Houtan Park

Shengze Chen
With the transformation of Chinese industrial structure and the development of new urban planning, a large number of traditional industrial equipment or factories have been relocated or abandoned, leading to the emergence of many industrial abandoned land in the city, bringing a series of environmental...
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Factors Associated with Fatigue Among Truck Drivers

Literature review

Xinyi Ren
Fatigue is a significant dominating risk factor for transport workers, especially for long-distance truck drivers. Fatigued driving can easily lead to decreasing the drivers’ judgment ability, slow reaction, and an increase of operational errors, and as well as increased probability of road traffic accidents....
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Analysis of the Problems and Countermeasures of the Hospital Emergency Management in Public Health Emergencies in China

Yunfei Liu, Ziyun Wang
The hospital plays an important role in the emergency management of public health emergencies, and its resource utilization and scheme planning are of great significance to the specific handling of the events. However, there are obvious problems in the performance of many general hospitals at present,...
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Government Positioning in the Era of Big Data

Jiancheng Li
The reconstruction of power in the era of big data and its impact have put forward higher requirements on the governance capabilities of the government. The government must actively respond to various challenges in the context of big data. First, the government needs to optimize the system design and...
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A Logical Exploration of the Public Affairs Governance Ability of Chinese Local Government in the New Era

Ning Qiuhong
Reviewing the development and innovation process of public management theory, the cooperative governance capacity of local government in public affairs has increasingly evolved into one of the important factors to measure the capacity of local government. Cultivating and enhancing the collaborative governance...
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Study on the Semantic Expression of Woven Fiber Art Decoration

Zhenzhu Wang, Yuwan Ma
In the long history of the pentium, weaving technology carries all the civilization of human production and life.The history of when weaving technology was invented and used by people is still uncertain, and because it cannot be preserved for a long time like stone tools, ceramics and metal products,...
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Research on the Prevention and Resolution Mechanism of False Public Opinion in Major Emergencies

Taking COVID-19 Pandemic as an Example

Kang Weijia, Liang Xin, Li Bingwei, Tang Haoning
Major emergencies often become the focus of public attention, forming a huge amount of relevant public opinion, and a large number of false public opinions take advantage of the opportunity to instigate public sentiment, guide bad guidance, and cause serious obstacles to the handling of major emergencies....
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Analysis of the Current Status of Human Resources Configuration of Primary Healthcare Service Institution in Chongqing

Mingjing Li, Xu Xiao
This paper aims to understand the number, age, gender, title, education, preparation, working hours of primary healthcare and medical institution in Chongqing, and its training experience, skill mastery, satisfaction with salary, to analysis the current status of human resources configuration of primary...
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Contemporary Tibetans’ Cultural Cognition, Shifts and Influencing Factors: A Case Study of Shigatse in China

Yan Sun, Hao Zhang, Weiwei Wang
Traditional and modern culture together constitute Tibetan local cultures in contemporary society. The objective of this research is to explore Tibetans’ cultural cognition, recent shifts and the factors influencing it. By applying various qualitative and quantitative methods of analysis, this study...
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Research on the Influence of the Trust of the Government in Different Order on the Environmental Performance Evaluation of the People s Government and the Intermediary Mechanism

Li Xia, Zhou Wenqian, Chang Yi
There is a big difference in the environmental performance evaluation of the Central and local governments. One of the important psychological factors that lead to the difference in the evaluation is the People’s trust in the government. On the basis of fully considering the public trust psychology,...
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Research on the Changes of Contemporary China’s Rural Governance System

Gong Yu
The research on contemporary China’s rural governance system has always been an important field of academic research. This article reviews the relevant literature. The research content includes before and after the founding of New China, the period of reform and opening up, and since the 21st century....
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Research Progress of Self-Management Effect in Patients with Knee Osteoarthritis

Yu Li, Dongming Yao, Ming Wu, Leyi Xiang
Self-Management of patients with knee osteoarthritis plays an important role in their treatment. In this paper, the present situation, influencing factors and measures to improve the self-management of patients with knee osteoarthritis were reviewed, so as to provide the basis for further improving the...
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Research on the Chinese Government Environmental Information Disclosure System

Yuxue Liang
As the main collector and controller of environmental information, the government has become the main body of environmental information disclosure. A complete government environmental information disclosure system requires special legislation, a wide range of disclosure subjects, and detailed disclosure...
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Application of Psychological Counselling

A Case Study of Agoraphobia Treatment

Yan Zhang, Yeping Li, Meiling Liu, Jiayi Xu, Rong Li
Our study was a case report of a college student who was suffering from agoraphobia to an extent that she was unable to participate any outdoor activities. Ultimately her condition has been recovered after received a series of intensive psychotherapy. We believe the success could be attributed to the...
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Research on Autonomous Learning Platform Based on Campus Online Teaching Resources

Lei Xiaokang, Shi Hao
At present, the allocation of online teaching resources is mainly based on the teaching needs of teachers and the needs of platform construction, without too much consideration of the diversified needs of users. It is the inherent requirement of MOOC to build a learning platform based on the independent...
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An Analysis of Self-Presentation in the Post-90s Micro-Social Field from the Perspective of Drama-Simulator Theory

Take Weibo and WeChat as an Example

Yanyan Zhu, Weifeng Li
Since Goffman’s drama-making theory was put forward, the phenomenon that individuals or groups embellishing their own behaviors by impressions in daily life has attracted wide attention in the academic circle. With the rapid development of social media, Weibo and WeChat have become the main field of...
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The Influence of Paternalistic Leadership and Ethical Leadership on High School Teachers’ Knowledge Sharing Behavior-An Empirical Study Based on Comparative Advantage Analysis

Tian Yanhui, Bai Shengjun, Du keke
Using the Paired Questionnaire Survey of leader and subordinate, this study explored the influence of paternalistic leadership and ethical leadership, as well as the mediating role of emotional commitment on senior high school teachers’ emotional commitment and knowledge sharing behavior. The results...
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Retailer’s Optimal Ordering Decision Based on Cost Curve

Heng LIU
In newsboy model, the relationship between unit cost and order quantity of retailer is established, and the optimal decision of retailer is given. By analyzing the optimal decision of the retailer, it is found that the optimal order quantity of the retailer based on the cost curve may be larger, smaller...
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A Meta-analysis of the Prevalence of Depression Among Gay in China

Xu Chengtao, Chen Weizhi, Gao Jinyu, Huang Zhe
Purpose: To understand the prevalence of depression among gay in China through Meta-analysis and to provide a scientific basis for early psychological intervention. Methods: Relevant domestic and foreign literature was searched, and the quality of the included scope was evaluated, and meta-analysis,...
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Analysis of Current Employment Situation of Higher Vocational College Graduates

You Ming hui, Wang Yi da
Now in the continuous enrollment expansion in higher vocational colleges, this for the graduates, after graduation to facing the pressure of social competition, higher vocational graduates employment situation is with the national vocational education influence each other, in order to solve the employment...
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The Study on Satisfaction with Government Purchase of Public Services

Based on CHFS Microscopic Survey Data

Zhang Yanqiu
The study on satisfaction of public service has direct bearings on evaluating social effect and governance performance of government purchasing of public services. Based on the data of China Household Finance Survey (CHFS2015), the paper takes the satisfaction of medical care, health services and labour...
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Analysis on Different Systems in the Modern World

Countries Closed to the End of History

Mingze Zhu
This article represents different thinking and thoughts on the political system. Many types of research travelled dramatic paths and considered countless political issues for millions. Different political systems have brought scholars a lot of thinking. From Europe to Asia, and to North America, from...
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Research on the Weak Subordination and the Guarantee of the Bottom of the New Employment Form

Yong hui Deng, Yu xiang Shao
The wide application of Internet technology supports the fine management and labor market segmentation of platform enterprises, and also supports the independence and flexibility demands of practitioners in new employment forms, weakening their subordination, and the existing protection of workers’ rights...
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Measures to Prevent Campus Violence: Based on the Analysis of the Current Situation of Campus Violence

Xiaolu, Zhang
Campus violence is a major problem that continues to exist in modern times. However, campus violence affects students’ physical and mental health to a great extent. As society pays more and more attention to school violence, prevention of school violence cannot be ignored. This paper studied the characteristics...
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Challenges and Responses of Urban Community Governance from the Perspective of Risk Society

Yin Hanhan, Gong Xueyan
The modernity centred on subjectivism and anthropocentrism tries to grasp the external world with reason. However, with the development of history, it has developed into an uncertain global risk society. There are frequent emergencies in my country, and the adverse effects of various risk disasters on...
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State of Emergency and Limitation of Basic Rights

Jingjing Huang
In early 2020, novel coronavirus pneumonia broke out in Wuhan and spread rapidly to the whole world, causing great losses to the entire human race. In this epidemic, Wuhan has taken some measures, such as closing the city and roads, imposing compulsory isolation on febrile patients, etc. These measures...
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Study on the Curriculum Design for Foreign Language Teaching from the Perspective of “Capabilities-based Planning”

Ma Xiaolei, Hu Xiaotang, Chen Yingfang, Li Ping
The insubstantial guidance of talent cultivation objectives and the insufficient support of teaching systems pose current constraints on foreign language teaching for Chinese colleges and universities. To overcome these constraints, curriculum designers need to systematically deliberate on talent cultivation...
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Constructivism on Transboundary Cooperation of Rhine River Basin

Jiaqi Chen, Yueying Guo, Mingyang Li
Transboundary river management is a pivotal topic of international cooperation. There is no doubt that the international management of the Rhine river basin is one of the most successful case. Nevertheless, only a few of the former studies of the Rhine river cooperation applied International Relation...
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Stress Coping Strategies and Status of Job Burnout of Middle School Teachers in China

Huang Jiahui
With the growing demand for the development of education, teachers are playing a more and more important role in education. Society, schools and parents also show higher and higher expectations for teachers, and the burden on teachers’ shoulders is increasing gradually. Under the impact of various pressures,...
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Negative Interest Rate and Helicopter Money: The Feasibility of Extreme Economic Policies for UK under Covid-19

Yiming Cheng
Since the outbreak of Covid-19, the UK’s GDP has continued its downward spiral. In addition, the UK government has urgently introduced a series of economic stimulus policies to counter the negative impact of the Great Lockdown on its economy. In the short run, as the policy was introduced, both UK GDP...
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Explaining the Soil Pollution in China: Industrialization, Government Regulations and Realism

Xiaoyue Wang
The essay is to explore the reasons for soil pollution in China. In recent years, this phenomenon has been observed after the reform of the opening-up policy with the development of manufacturing and heavy industry. The essay uses the case study method. Through the case study of China, the essay hopes...
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Teaching Design of Mechanical Professional Knowledge Integration in Petroleum Colleges

Zhang Jianbing, Wang Haiying, Wang Haobo, Wang Qian, Kong Detao
The frontier knowledge of mechanical engineering and petroleum equipment is constantly updated, which puts forward the requirements for increasing the teaching knowledge points of mechanical specialty in petroleum colleges and universities. The certification of engineering education requires the control...
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From the Perspective of Feminism: Market Positioning of Xiaohongshu

Keyin Lian, Zu Chen, Haomiao Zhang
Xiaohongshu, as a significant consumer carrier under the background of female consumerism, has achieved some marketing success in China. The success stems from its emphasis on female consumption. It works on culture concept, media convergence, marketing that highly connected with feminism. On this basis,...
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An Analysis of Moral Pursuit in Irish Murdoch’s The Severed Head

Lei Zhang
Modern men house potential meaning and value within themselves and their greatest social and political challenge is the exercise of consciousness through specific decisions that affirm and dignify the reality of other persons. Recreating a series of mythical characters and classical themes, Murdoch adjusts...
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Investigating Social, Family and Economic Factors Affecting Gender Stereotyping Under Different Education Systems

Xiner Xu, Muyi Liu, Xindian Lai, Yunlai Hong
This paper investigates whether social, family and economic factors affect gender stereotyping on females under different educational systems. This investigation benefits eliminating gender stereotyping in Chinese society, facilitating gender equality and economic growth in future China. In the research,...
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Research on High Quality Development Evaluation of Pearl River Delta Urban Agglomeration

Wang Erwei, Liao Aihong
Based on the new development idea,this paper studies the connotation of high quality development and constructs the high quality development evaluation index system. The high quality development level of nine cities in the Pearl River Delta is calculated. Through horizontal comparative analysis, this...
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The Study of Instruction Model on Interesting Texts Accompanied by Vocabulary Acquisition in the New Media Environment

Ruofei Du, Caijie Zhu
Apart from the direct learning, English vocabulary can also be acquired incidentally. By introducing and adapting the English interesting texts, teachers can guide the students acquire the English vocabulary when reading the English texts, which is an essential way to master the vocabulary. With the...
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The Influencing Factors of Tourism Sharing Behaviours of WeChat Users and Practical Enlightenment

Yingying Chen, Zhenghong Yu, Qiuyue Pan
With the continuous development of network technology, information sharing has become an important part of people’s network life. Contemporary tourists are used to sharing their travel experience online in the form of pictures or words during tourism activities. In this paper, college students who share...
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Comparison of Gender Equality in Children Education Policy and Classroom Between Norway and China

Fangjichen Tie, Hang Zhang, Shuhang Chen, Shuo Liang
Gender equality is a necessary condition for social justice and it is an important topic in the field of contemporary social sciences. Childhood is a critical period for shaping gender awareness. This article focuses on gender equality in children’s education and compares the gender equality in children’s...
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Relation Between Gender Role and Interpersonal Relations of Chinese College Students

Zhenxin Du, Jiaqi Guo, Jiahua Wang, Leyi Xie
The college period is an important stage in the development of gender role, which is also a key period in interpersonal relations. At present, many college students in China are facing the pressure of interpersonal communication, and even have difficulty dealing with interpersonal relationships. Previous...
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Mental Health and Actual Impact Brought by COVID-19 Virus Pandemic to Wuhan Citizens

Hanli Xiong
Since the COVID-19 virus starts in the year 2020, a mass amount of news records and articles about Wuhan social issues has pumped out. Although most of these articles did show what this pandemic brought to people, there are still some authorized data that seems not realistic. Under this circumstance,...
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Design of Recycling System Based on Courier Package Recycling Equipment

Jiagui Xie, Qin Chen, Yu Yang
Firstly, this paper gives the research background of this paper from two aspects: the two problems brought to the society by the development of e-commerce logistics and the shortcomings of the recovery research of express delivery packaging. Secondly, according to the investigation and data analysis,...
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Influencing Mechanism of Network Public Opinions on Enterprise Public-Relation Management

A Case Study of “Tencent Vs Lao Gan Ma” Event

Peng Yuanfang
In the contemporary information society, network has become the main source of public opinion information in news events, in which the internet has played a more and more significant role, becoming an independent source of network public opinions. Catalyzed by a civil award of Shenzhen Nanshan District...
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Heterogeneous Effect of Peer Relationship on Non-Local Students’ Academic Performance and Mental Health

Keyun Xiong
This paper studies what effect a poor peer relationship will have on students’ academic performance and mental health. By using regression analysis based on the data provided by China Education Panel Survey(CEPS), this paper finds that non-local shanghai students are particularly vulnerable to poor peer...
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Industrial Structure and Pollution in China, 2004-2017

Huashen Cao, Rijin Li
Industrial development has significant impact on environment in China, thus causing social and economic concerns. In order to understand and examine the impact of industrial structure on pollution, this paper uses panel data of 259 cities in China over 2004-2017 and dynamic panel regression to investigate...
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Analysis of Food Delivery Market in China

A Case Study of Meituan

Yiqi Zhang, Xinyu Deng, Mingyue Wang
It is indisputable food delivery enterprises have a big market potential with the development of science and technology. Meituan is a delivers food magnate that occupies a large market share in China, which is obvious a good case to study. In this paper, we investigated the current business model of...
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University Students’ Weekly Time Use and Its Influential Factors: A Case Study in China

Jingyao Li, Shengchuan Zhao, Junyi Zhang
Time use represents people’s experience of daily lives and has various social meanings. However, existing time use researches in the context of university students have mainly focused on studying time and the association between studying and other activities has been neglected. Besides, existing researches...
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The Choice of Ways to Integrate the Socialist Core Value System Into the Ideological and Political Education in Colleges and Universities

Xiaowen Luo
Colleges and universities should closely link the socialist core value system with the ideological and political education in Colleges and universities, actively explore the efficient mode of infiltrating the socialist value system into the ideological and political education of college students, enhance...
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Do You Like Your Teachers? A Quantitative Research on Students’ Perceptions of Teacher Gender Characteristics

Jiaxin Chen, Keyi Zhang, Xinyu Wang
This paper explored Chinese high school students’ preferences towards their teachers’ characteristics by gender, and verified some traditional gender stereotypes in line with students’ preferences. As a quantitative study, questionnaire in Likert-scale has been used and 874 valid responses are collected...
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How Birth Ratio in A Family Affects Household Happiness?

Lin Jin
For a quite long time, in Chine, the gender ratio of children in Chinese families has shown a statistical fact that it is constantly increasing and seriously deviating from the normal range, which is 103-107. The causes of the imbalance in the sex ratio of the children are extremely complex, while the...
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Thoughts on Principal’s Teaching Leadership and Its Cultivation

Yang Lingling, Li Jiang
The principal’s teaching leadership is one of the principal’s core leadership abilities, which is of great significance to improve the school’s teaching efficiency and promote the overall development of students. This article starts with the analysis of the connotation and influencing factors of the...
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Review of Blended Learning Definitions

Wei Zhang
This paper reviews the definitions of blended learning, presents a relatively comprehensive understanding of blended learning definitions, and provides a reference of blended learning for future research.
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Interaction, Transmedia Narrative Adaptation and Visual Communication: A Case Study of the Internet Fiction Adaptaed Film Better Days

Yeyang Zhang
With the rise of Internet popular literature in the new era, the increasing strength of new media and the further expansion of the audience market of Chinese cinema, the phenomenon of contemporary popular literature adapting films has become common in the recent decade. The transformation from contemporary...
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From “School-enterprise Cooperation” to “ Integration of Production and Education”

Take Dingli Institute of City College of Southwest University of Science and Technology as an Example

XiaoBo Wu, Gang Cheng, MengRu Deng, FuYou Tang
With the adjustment and upgrading of the industrial structure and changes in the social and economic development mode, our country needs a large number of technical talents. Therefore, there is an urgent need to promote the structural adjustment of higher vocational education. Regardless of the requirements...
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The Review of the Development of Homosexuality in Chinese Cities

Xinnan Zhao
The problem of homosexuality remains an important challenge in Chinese urban society. This paper aims to reviews the social conditions of homosexuality in Chinese urban areas in recent years by highlighting the background of homosexuality in Chinese society and the education system. Though previous articles...
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The Populism Expression of Chinese Social Media During Coronavirus Pandemic

A Case Study on FangFang’s ‘Wuhan Diary’ Under Her Weibo Account

Zihao Chen
The pandemic caused by COVID-19 has broken out for more than one year. It has brought a significant impact on the order of human civilisation. There is an enormous discourse struggling on the Internet in Chinese under the pandemic context. Fang Fang, a Chinese female writer, posts her diary that records...
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Analysis on the Influence of Female Characters in Disney Films

Mo Xu
Walt Disney Studios is the biggest film production company at present. Disney has been established for over 80 years, during which period it has played a vital role in social impact on women. Disney undergoes several significant changes when it comes to feminism depiction in their movies. Subtle feminism...
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Research on Team Management Under the Blurred Organizational Boundary——Based on the perspective of Dynamic Capabilities

Hui Li
Boundary management under the fuzzy trend of organizational boundaries has become a research hotspot. The team has become an important focus of the dynamic management of organizational boundaries. On the basis of reviewing the perspective of defining organizational boundaries, this research clarifies...
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Rural Space Classification and Value Evaluation Under the Perspective of Rural Revitalization Strategy

Lu Sun, Binglei Xie, Hongwei Ge
Based on the judgment of the current major social contradictions, the stage of urbanization development and the law of development of urban-rural relationship, China proposed the rural revitalization strategy in the face of the reality of rural development. As an important carrier of economic, social,...
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The Practice of Chuquan by Queer NGOs in China

Yuqi Guo
This article examines how queer NGOs in China gain visibility, chuquan (出圈) in Chinese, for the NGOs themselves and the queer community in legal and public spheres. It argues that the reasons why they gain political and social visibility are to acquire political and economic legitimacy, and social and...
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Innovation of Bazaar Harper’s BAZAAR in the New Media Era: Fan Economic Application

Danran Lyu, Jiajie Wang
This article explores the localization efforts made by the famous American fashion magazine Harper’s BAZAAR in mainland China, focuses on BAZAAR star electronic magazine, and discusses its application to the fan economy. This article will start with the localization trend, the achievements of the fan...
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On the Chinese-English Translation of Current Political Culture-loaded Words in News from the Perspective of Intercultural Communication

Yihan Wang
With the advancement of global integration, the cultural exchanges between China and the West have become increasingly close. The translation of culture-loaded words is particularly important in this process. This paper aims at studying the Chinese-English translation of political and culture-loaded...
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Classification and Recognition of Operators’ Mental Load Under Repetitive High-precision Tasks Based on BP Neural Network

Wenmin Han, Huimin Qiang, Peiyao Li
In order to identify the mental load of operators under repetitive high-precision tasks effectively, 36 subjects were recruited in this study. The fine tasks on the electronic assembly line were simulated in the laboratory, and operators’ behavioural performance (completion time, error rate) and the...
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On Function of Basic Principles of Criminal Proceedings

Jinshan Han
With the functions as the legislative rule, as the code of conduct and of empowering the judges with active justice, the function of the basic principles of the criminal proceedings refers to the inherent performance or functions of the basic principles of the criminal proceedings as a special legal...
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Discussion on the Effect of Tai Chi on Health Care of Middle-aged and Elderly Patients with Chronic Diseases

Wang Xudong, Zhang Yuqin
this paper, by looking for references and other ways, through the analysis of the effect of Tai Chi on health care of middle-aged and elderly patients with chronic diseases, we know that Tai Chi has a certain effect on the daily health care and rehabilitation treatment of middle-aged and elderly patients...
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Viewing the Ideological Education of Different Countries from the Comparative Study of Chinese and American Primary and Secondary School Textbooks

Boya Zhang
Textbooks are the main carrier of national ideology infiltration, and play an important role in maintaining the stability of state power, correctly positioning the country’s image, and reflecting the will of the country. This article intends to analyze the ideological education of different countries...
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Understanding and Analysis of “To Bear the Shame” and Its Enlightenment to Contemporary College Students

Shen Yanbin, Liu Boyu, Hu Gangcheng, Liu Xiwen
Mao Zedong’s art of war contains the philosophy of mind, which is in line with his favorite poem, “The Inscription of Wujiang Pavilion”. Among them, the “endure”, a part of the mind method of the poem analyzed in this paper, in view of the understanding of the meaning of “covering shame and enduring...
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What Might Affect the Acceptance Rate for Transgender People of Color? A Case Study in the United States

Yunlai Hong
Transgender people of color are a minority experiencing the intersectionality of race and gender. Numerous crises and discriminations exist in their daily life, whereas little research is conducted to provide insights and solutions. To raise public awareness towards gender minorities in the diverse American...
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Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education of Hebrew University and Its Enlightenment to China

Xinying Liu, Qishan Mu
Innovation is the source of power for the continuous development of a country. Innovation and entrepreneurship are essential to economic development, and innovation and entrepreneurship education is the foundation for the development of innovation and entrepreneurship. Israel is a world-renowned country...
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An Iconological Study of Genre Paintings in Song Dynasty

The Song Dynasty was a prosperous dynasty in the history of Chinese painting. Its genre paintings and literati paintings blended and influenced each other to form an aesthetic taste of “elegant and popular appreciation”. The Southern Song Dynasty Li Song’s “Trading Lang” integrated folk customs and sentiment,...
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Comparative Analysis of Voice Behavior Research at Home and Abroad Based on Bibliometric Methods

Tingting Jia, Long Zhang
Taking the literature of voice behavior research collected in CSSCI and SSCI as the sample, this paper uses bibliometric methods and CiteSpace5.6.R5 software to conduct a comparative analysis of voice behavior research at home and abroad from the aspects of hotspots, topic clusters and frontiers. Results...
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A Study on the Significance and Practice of Ideological and Political Theories Teaching in All Courses in Colleges and Universities

Ruochen Zhao, Huichun Qiao, Zhiqiang Yao
It has always been a fine tradition of education in China to concentrate on moral education, pay attention to preaching, teaching and solving doubts, and the organic unity of educating people and talent education. The ideological and political course has great teaching responsibility, glorious mission...
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New Understanding of the Draw of Xiangqi

Shi Wei-Jiang
This article explores the art of the draw of Xiangqi. In essence,Xiangqi draw is the symmetry break between the winning and losing, which makes the art of Xiangqi evolves and enhances the humanistic values of Xiangqi game. The deep charm of Xiangqi art lies in the mentality of the players, which would...
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Reflections on the Reform of College Physical Education in the New Period

Xudong Wang, Yuxin Cao
With the continuous development of China’s social economy, new educational ideas emerge in an endless stream, and the reform of college physical education teaching reform has entered a new stage. Various measures have been taken to promote the reform of college physical education, focusing on cultivating...
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Analysis on the Challenges of the HRBP Application in Organizations

Fangyue Shi
Over the past years, as a result of developments in the wider environment, many organizations have transformed their HR systems from the traditional model to the Shared Model of HR Services, and the role of the HR practitioner has evolved from dealing with employee relations to being a strategic supporter...
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Comparative Analysis of Women’s Rights in the United States and Modern China

Jinyu Xie, Chuanji Zhang
In most contemporary media coverage and public impression, the legislation in the United States and certain European countries are perceived to place a high emphasis on human rights and individual liberty. Additionally, the western-style legal systems are universally recognized as the modern form of...
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The Development of Chinese Language and Literature Major Under the Background of Big Data

Xiaofang Yuan
At this stage, under the background of the rapid development of network technology, the ways and means of information transmission have become more abundant. Our society should conform to the development trend of the times and enter the era of big data. In the era of big data, all people’s social activities...
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Gender Bias in the Curriculum: A Reflection from the English Textbook

Jingxuan Rong, Guijia Xue, Mihan Zhang, Mengxiao Zhou
This paper seeks to explore gender discrimination in the school EFL textbooks. With the awakening of gender equality awareness, gender bias in education has been widely concerned. As a tool in the teaching process, the textbook is one of the essential parts of education, which influences teachers’ teaching...
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Analysis of Why Liberalism Are Popular in China: Reform and Opening up, Globalization and Technology

Yuening Fu
The research is to explore the reasons for the rise of liberalism in China. This phenomenon has been observed in recent years, and liberalism changed people’s thoughts. The research uses the case study method. Through the case study of China, this research hopes to reveal broader causes of liberalism...
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Cross-cultural Communication Strategies Research of Socializing Apps During Internet Era

Using TikTok as Example

Yuheng Wang, Wuhong Chen
At present, many software products are trying to achieve cross-cultural communication overseas, and TikTok has been considered a successful case. Against this background, this paper uses the encoding/decoding theory to study the experience of TikTok’s remarkable success in cross-cultural communication....
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Research on the Hybrid Teaching Mode Based on “ Smart platform + BOPPPS”

Wan Jingke, Zhang Yani, Qin Lei
In order to mobilize students’ enthusiasm for learning and fully implement the concept of “effective teaching”, the author tries to divide the course organization into three stages: “before class-during class-after class”, and apply the BOPPPS model in the “in class” link. At the same time, with the...
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The Development of Global Advanced Producer Service Firms

Comparison Between Shanghai and World First-class cities

Binwen Yu
The advanced producer service firms plays more essential role for cities to turn into the global economic network and focus on providing high-quality modern producer service for local companies and business. The study focuses on the comparison of development of advanced producer service firms and the...
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Analysis on the Socialization of Criminal Vocational and Technical Education

Juan Liu
Criminal vocational and technical education is a labor skill training activity carried out by prisons based on the needs of prison production and employment after the prisoners are released. It is an important part of the education and reformation of criminals in my country. This article attempts to...
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The Relationship Between the Change of Original Motivation and Social Adaptation of Exchange Students in China

Keyi Zhang
With the further development of international academic exchanges, multinational study has become increasingly popular. Driven by different motivations, the number of foreign students come to China is also on the rise. This paper address that the original motivation of exchange students exert an influence...
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The Sense of Community in the Era of Online Socials

A Case Study of Werewolf Killing Among Chinese Youth

Sidi Zhang, Bowen Jiang
This article describes different views and social needs expressed by the Chinese younger generation who are familiar with online or offline board games. The study targets werewolf killing, which is favoured by Chinese largest game publishers, as the main board game. It contains multiple dimensions to...
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Research on The Impact of Reviews on Consumer Perceived Value in Live Streaming

Hao Zhang, Chunxiao Liu
E-commerce live streaming is a new form of online shopping, showing an explosive growth trend in recent years. And live reviews are one of the important influencing factors of consumer behavior. Taking live-streaming reviews as the research object, this paper constructs a model of the impact of live-streaming...
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The Effect of Sexism on the Acceptance of Homosexuality in Teenagers in China

Xinyue Miu, Diana Tsang, Zhuoxuan Wang, Xiyuan Zhang
This research focuses on the sexual stereotype of teenagers in China. To find out the relation between sexism and homosexuality and the influence of traditional Chinese values, stereotypical gender norms, and biased social media on the acceptance of homosexuality of teenagers in modern Chinese society....
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Thinking of DINK family support for the aged

Che Wenfeng, Li Bingkun
On May 3, 2021, in order to actively respond to the aging population and further optimize the fertility policy, China officially implemented the “three child policy”, which immediately aroused people’s hot discussion and enthusiasm for having children. However, some people still insist on giving up childbearing...
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The Impact of Big Data on People and Data Security Issues

Xiaomeng Li
The era of big data is accompanied by scientific and technological progress and social development. Its emergence also brings great convenience to people’s life and social production. However, there are also many data privacy security issues based on it. Privacy leakage will lead to all kinds of inconvenience...
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Social Semiotics and the Related Interpretation

Jinshun Long, Jun He
Social semiotics studies cultural and community-specific semiotic practices in order to produce various texts and meanings in the contexts of various situations and of culturally meaningful activities. From the perspective of social semiotics, our understanding of reality cannot be separated from the...
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Executive Function Deficits in Bipolar Disorder

Weiyi Jiang, Zili Xu, Jiuzhang Zhao
Executive functions, defined as higher-level cognitive functions, allow lower-level control and regulation to achieve future goals, which are essential for social functioning. Executive function deficits are crucial for understanding bipolar disorder. In the literature, many studies have indicated that...
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Reviewing the Causes in the K-12 period of the Chinese Gender Inequity in Higher Education

Yuexi Liu, Yitong Jin, Kaixin Yu, Siyi Shen
This paper aimed to investigate the main reasons for gender inequity problems in the K-12 period and raise attention among schools, family and educators. This paper reviews previous work and adds comments and arguments on it. There are four major factors which can cause gender inequity in education:...
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Viewing the Development of China’s Death Education from the Current Situation of American Education

Jingwen Gao
Death education originated in the United States. The theoretical research on death education in the United States is relatively rich and complete, reaching a mature level. The practice of death education has also achieved significant results and accumulated rich experience. This article mainly compares...
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Research on the Religious Culture Management of International Students in China from the Perspective of Social Psychology

Du Huan, Lan Yan, Li Qianying
Under the new historical conditions, the large-scale increase in the number of international students in China has put more pressure on the religious culture management of overseas students. The religious culture management of foreign students in China has put forward relevant measures mainly based on...
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Analysis of Relationship between Burnout and Emotional Intelligence of Special School Teachers

Ting Deng, Danna Luo, Ma Jinjing, Xie Ma
This study used the MBI-GS and EIS to investigate the status of burnout and its relationship with the emotional intelligence of 146 special school teachers. The results showed that: (1) the burnout score of special school teachers was slightly higher than the theoretical median, and their burnout level...
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The current situation and reform ideas of computer network security education in higher vocational computers

Chenghai Cao
With the continuous development of the Internet, students must master a course in computer courses in higher vocational teaching, and in the curriculum, network security education is a vital part, it can train students in the use of the Internet on false information and illegal behavior, guide students...