Proceedings of the 2017 2nd International Conference on Modelling, Simulation and Applied Mathematics (MSAM2017)

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Accuracy of Parabolic Equation Method for Modeling LF Electromagnetic Wave Propagation

Zaojun Zhou, Dandan Wang, Yurong Pu, Xiaoli Xi
The parabolic equation (PE) method, based on the split-step Fourier transform (SSFT) algorithm, has been used to model low-frequency (LF) electromagnetic (EM) wave propagation owing to its efficiency. However, the PE method is derived under the paraxial approximation so that its accuracy is guaranteed...
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Electrical Performance Simulation of 2.5D Package

Wenchao Tian, Zhanghan Zhao
In this paper, the influence of TSV geometry parameters on transmission performance is analyzed and some TSV design references are given according to the simulation results. In addition, including coplanar waveguide (CPW) and microstrip line (MSL), two main signal line structures of RDL layer are studied...
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Research on Evaluation Model of Department Responsibilities Conflict Based on DRCI

Xiaosong Li, Zenghua Li, Tong Liu, Junlei Hao
The definition of department responsibility conflict evaluation is first given in the paper. Following the analysis of the evaluation process, which is generalized to assess extent of the responsibility conflict among different power departments, the department responsibility matrix is established and...
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Using DEM Data Simulation of SAR Image Based on Range-Doppler Model

Dongjian Xue, Jie Zheng, Wanqiu Li, Lulu Su, Chengrao Li
Based on the analysis of SAR imaging geometry and characteristics of satellite orbit parameters, This article mainly introduces RD location model, radar equation, backscattering model, principle of simulating SAR image and so on. The Range Doppler (RD) geo-location model is used to calculate the position...
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Three-dimensional Anti-collision and Processing Simulation about Multi-axis Dual Turret Composite Wood Processing Center

Mingyou Chen, Heshu Xu, Kuangyu Huang, Xiangjun Zou, Jieli Qiu
In this paper, test on three-dimensional anti-collision and processing simulation is carried out .The test is based on modeling and virtual assembling of MSZ4224 machining center. Virtual manufacturing technology is used to finish the structure design and processing simulation of MSZ4224 machining center...
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Comparative Analysis of the Effects of Financial Development on Industry Agglomeration in the Different Regions of China with Panel Data Model

Xiaowei Yang, Jianjun Xu
This paper constructs the cross-provinces panel data model to analyze the effects of financial development on industrial agglomeration from the financial scale, financial structure and financial efficiency respectively. The results show that the effects of financial development on industrial agglomeration...
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Optimization of 3D Printing Model Data of Complex Sculpture Ceramic Mold

Han Xu, Zhicheng Huang, Wen Han, Shouyi Chen
This paper mainly introduces how to deal with the point cloud data of ceramic sculpture obtained from 3D scanning, getting the data that can be read and easy to print for three-dimensional printer. The paper combines the characteristics of production process of complex ceramic sculpture mold, using Geomagic...
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Simulating and Optimizing of Tramcar Transportation Attempter in Open Pit Mine

Chulin Chen, Lei Shi
The ore transportation system of strip mines is a representative discrete-event sys-tem, so the data concerning facilities and resource are collected and extracted to obtain their statistical probability by Expertfit; Based on Flexsim, Then 3D model is developed, incarnating the relationship among transport,...
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The Set of Fuzzy Time Series Forecasting Models Based on the Ordered Difference Rate

Chengguo Yin, Hongxu Wang, Hao Feng, Xiaoli Lu
Song and Chissom established fuzzy time series forecasting model in 1993. Stevenson and Porter improved the forecasting model of Jilani, Burney, and Ardil in 2009, and researched the forecasting problem of enrollments of the University of Alabama 1971–1992. Although they obtained the best prediction...
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The Set of Improved Fuzzy Time Series Forecasting Models Based on the Ordered Difference Rate

Chengguo Yin, Hongxu Wang, Hao Feng, Xiaoli Lu
Song and Chissom first proposed the fuzzy time series forecasting model in 1993. In this paper, we improved the forecasting model proposed by Stevenson and Porter, and dug out the SIFBODR (The Set of Improved Fuzzy Time Series Forecasting Models Based on the Ordered Difference Rate). In the research...
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The Management of Innovation Projects' Implementation in Production-and-Economic Systems: The Use of Prognostic Models for the Risk Metrics of Obtained Decisions

Leonid Mylnikov
The article describes a criteria-based approach to calculate the total risk obtained by the use of forecasts in prognostic models in order to solve tasks in production-and-economic systems; this chapter also outlines the difficulty of recording risks received by the use of prognostic functions and values...
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The Set SFmBDR of Fuzzy Time Series Forecasting Models

Hao Feng, Hongxu Wang, Chengguo Yin, Xiaoli Lu
Fuzzy time series forecasting models are created by Song and Chissom in 1993. In 2012, Saxena, Sharma& Easo put forward the forecasting model which more improve the forecasting accuracy. According to this, this paper improve the set SFmBDR of fuzzy time series forecasting model based on differential...
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Set of Fuzzy Time Series Forecasting Models Based on the Difference Rate

Xiaojing Zhu, Hongxu Wang, Chengguo Yin, Xiaoli Lu
Song & Chissom introduced the concept of fuzzy time series in 1993[1], and many fuzzy time series methods have been proposed, however, the prediction accuracy is not high, among which, Jilani, Burney and Ardil (2007) proposed prediction model has achieved a high accuracy. This paper improves their predicted...
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Penalty Game with Mission Success Rates and Randomizing Mixed Nash Equilibrium Strategies-Based on Monte Carlo Simulation

Yicheng Gong, Xiaomeng Niu, Jingjing Yuan, Juan Zhao, Yanna Zhang
This article aims at improving the practice feasibility of game theory for the couches and athletes in a football penalty game. Firstly, some mission success rates are introduced to the penalty game to depict the technical uncertainty. Secondly, direction strategies are digitalized in order to be randomized...
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Simulation and On-line Real-time Measurement of Aspirin Crystalline Particle Size Distribution Based on Ultrasound

San Xu, Xiuxi Li
Ultrasound is a new method in the measurement of a crystallization process. The cooling crystallization of Aspirin in ethanol is investigated vias experiments and population balance model. The particle size distribution of the crystallization is monitored online by ultrasonic attenuation spectroscopy....
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Design of the Complex Surface of the Implicit Geometric Modeling-Based Automotive Body

Jie Niu
For improving smooth transition of the elbow and keeping geometric modeling characteristics of the elbow, the equation of blending surfaces was established by the means of implicit geometric modeling. Adjustable function of controlling parameter increases freedom of blending surfaces modeling. Sudden...
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The Flow Stress Constitutive Equation and Its Simulation of the Electro Plastic Effect

Shuhua Peng, Yao Li
The tensile experiments were carried out under the condition of different pulse current on pure tantalum. A synthetic plasticity constitutive form H-V model describing the flow stress as a function of strain under the influence of pulse current was developed to fit the measured data -flow stress and...
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Numerical Simulation on Mechanical Response of Buried Pipeline under Uneven Settlement

Yanhua Chen, Qikun Ma, Dongdong Li, Mei Yang, Luzhen Jiang
Uneven settlement will cause the buried pipeline deformed, even crack. A 3-D finite element model for buried pipeline was established by ADINA to investigate the deformation of pipe under uneven settlement. Furthermore, the effects of some key factors on mechanical response of buried pipeline were analyzed....
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Three-Dimensional Numerical Modeling of Seismic Wave Propagation in Wudu Basin

Xiaolong Zhang, Xiaojun Li, Zhenghua Zhou, Gouxing Chen, Xiaobo Peng, Ming Lu
The Mw 7.9 earthquake occurred in Wenchuan, Sichuan, China, on 12 May 2008, and it caused huge casualties, economic loss, and serious damage to engineering structures and infrastructures in the area near the fault rupture. In particular, the Wudu township far away from the fault rupture (>100km), which...
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Numerical Simulation and Characteristics Test of Temperature Field under Short-circuit Fault

Ying Wu
In this article, finite element software ANSYS was used to simulate the temperature field of short-circuit fault on copper conducting wire. A third-dimensional thermoelectric coupling model was established after analyzing the principle of short-circuit fault. The problem of latent heat was solved by...
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A Review and Prospect of Numerical Simulation of Complex Hydraulic Fracture Propagation in Unconventional Reservoirs

Xiaogang Li, Changyin Liu, Liangping Yi, Zhiyu Sun, Zhaozhong Yang
Due to unconventional reservoir have natural weak discontinuities such as natural fractures and bedding planes, the hydraulic fracture has complicated fracture network morphology. Therefore, the traditional fracturing design method and the numerical simulation method of fracture propagation were restricted...
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Numerical Simulation of Hydraulic Fracturing Based on the Extended Finite Element Method

Xiaogang Li, Liangping Yi, Changyin Liu, Zhiyu Sun, Zhaozhong Yang
This paper proposed a numerical model to simulate the hydraulic fracture propagation based on the extended finite element method(XFEM), in which a fracture representation is explicit and independent of the mesh grid. The fully coupled formulation described various physical phenomena, including the solid...
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Active Contour Based on Local Statistic Information and an Attractive Force for Ultrasound Image Segmentation

Jianjun Yuan, Jianjun Wang
This paper presents a new active contour model with local intensities through level set method for ultrasound images segmentation. The method is not affected by the limitation of Gaussian distribution. The model is designed by local intensities, alignment term with a sharpening edge coefficient and regularization....
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Stochastic Comparison of Residual Life of Order Statistics at Random Time

Fengxiao Wang
Stochastic comparison on order statistics has been paid lots of attention recently. This paper devotes to investigating the stochastic comparison properties of residual life and inactivity time at random time. Preserved properties of some stochastic comparisons on the residual life and inactivity time...
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Threshold Optimization Algorithm -KSVM for Unbalanced Data Classification Prediction

Guoqing Ge, Xin Jin, Xu Lu, Yongbin Zhao
In the era of Big Data, the multidimensional datasets from electric power, medical treatment and other industries are often unbalanced, and the positive data usually costs more seriously when being classified. According to different datasets, the distribution tendency of datasets may reduce the accuracy...
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Research on Relay Selection Scheme Based on Reduced Interference in Multi-Group Multicast

Zhiqing Tang, Shouyi Yang, Ruizhe Zhang, Guangping Li
Based on Multi-Group Multicast transmission mechanism, the transmission of a multicast group in the process of relaying data will affect other multicast group transmission. Hence, this paper proposes a relay selection scheme based on reducing interference among groups. This scheme applies the second...
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Short-term Traffic Flow Prediction Method Based on Balanced Binary Tree and K-Nearest Neighbor Nonparametric Regression

Dongfang Fan, Xiaoli Zhang
Real-time and accurate short-term traffic flow prediction is a key issue and difficult in traffic control and guidance. Using data mining and large data-driven principle, nonparametric regression is a better method to resolve short-term traffic flow prediction. But there are two main obstacles that case...
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Semi-Auto CPM Network Generation-Via Activities Predecessor & Duration Parsing

Chir-Ho Chang, Ro-Yu Wu
In order to notice a critical path method network working in a project, it is of crucial importance to visualize the network first. However, a project manager often needs to draw this kind of graph manually. In this paper, we develop a semi-auto network formation simulated system that reads the activities'...
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Universal Design Description of Cubic Cyclic Fields and an Algorithm for Computing of Minimal Polynomials of Generating Elements

Amangeldy Bolen, Maksat Kalimoldayev, Orken Mamyrbayev, Kulyash Baisalbayeva
This paper presents an effective description of the universal design cubic cyclic fields and using an algorithm to compute the minimum polynomials generating elements. The calculations are carried out with the use of the properties of Gauss sums corresponding primitive Dirichlet character. Built fundamental...
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Attitude Estimation Based on Modified Two-stage EKF

Peinan Wang, Zhiqiang Wang, Qing Zhu
In this paper, an attitude estimation algorithm based on modified two-stage Extended Kalman Filter (EKF) is presented to improve the accuracy of attitude estimation based on Micro Electro-Mechanical System (MEMS) motion capture technology. Firstly, a two-stage EKF is presented to replace the conventional...
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The Wigner-Ville Distribution Based on the Offset Linear Canonical Transform Domain

Didar Urynbassarova, Altyn Urynbassarova, Ebrahim Al-Hussam
The Wigner-Ville distribution (WVD) in the offset linear canonical transform (OLCT) domain (WOL) is a tool for signal processing and optics, which has the advantages of the OLCT and good properties of WVD. In this paper, a more simple definition of the WOL is introduced, without changing the instantaneous...
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Fluid Dynamic Analysis on the Adaptive Slot Method of Hypersonic Inlets

Chengxiang Zhu, Yancheng You
To enhance the starting ability was one of the most serious issues in air propulsion system. In the present work, an adaptive slot control method was proposed to expand the working range of hypersonic inlets to a lower Mach number with weak losses, which was beneficial for engineering applications. Simulation...
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3D Mesh Generation Based on Improved Advancing Front Method

Qianru Xie, Guohua Geng
Being able to generate 3D meshes automatically is an important issue in the domain of finite element analysis. A novel algorithm of 3D finite element mesh generation is proposed. The algorithm combines the Octree and advancing front technology to create meshes which have significantly higher quality...
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Smart Growth Prediction Based on Support Vector Regression

Feiyang Li, Wenjie Chen, Weijian Chen, Nian Cai
Smart growth is a technique to improve the quality of development for a city. To effectively measure the degree of smart growth, an evaluation model is proposed based on principle component analysis (PCA) in this report. We use support vector Regression (SVR) to predict the components of smart growth...
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Research on Suppliers' Performance Clustering Method with the Contracts Evaluation Data

Lidong Liu, Wengbing Chang, Shenghan Zhou
This paper proposed suppliers' performance clustering method with the re-analysis on contracts evaluation data. The study summarizes the basic definitions of the equipment manufacturing industry evaluation methods. Then the k-means clustering method based on the data re-analysis was defined. Finally...
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Estimating of Streamflow Using Multispectral Satellite Imagery

Jin-Gyeom Kim, Boosik Kang
In this study streamflow along the river course was reconstructed using Sentinel Satellite imagery. The Sentinel satellite is being operated by ESA(European Space Agency) and provide the imagery with 18 multispectral bands. The near infrared imagery with 10m resolution captured on Feb. 8, 2016 which...
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Detection and Measurement of the Abrupt Change of the Power Parameters of the Fast-Fluctuating Gaussian Random Process

Oleg V Chernoyarov, Mahdi M Shahmoradian, Alexandra V Salnikova, Ilya A Buravlev
We introduce the technically simple approach to determining the abrupt change of the unknown mathematical expectation and dispersion of the low-frequency fast-fluctuating Gaussian random process against white noise. For this purpose, we determine new approximations of the decision statistics for various...
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The Application of High Dimensional Data Mining Based on Big Data to Intrusion Detection

Jinhua Liu
Under the historical background of big data, the traditional data processing methods can no longer meet the requirement proposed by the intrusion detection of systems. With the current development of information technology, the data in systems become increasingly complex, and the workload of data mining...
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Auxiliary Principle and Iterative Algorithm for a System of Generalized Nonlinear Mixed Quasi-variational-like Inequalities

Yali Zhao, Yuanyuan Sun, Qian Ji
In this paper, the auxiliary principle technique is extended to study a system of generalized nonlinear mixed quasi-variational-like inequalities in Hilbert spaces. First, we establish the existence of solutions of the corresponding system of auxiliary generalized nonlinear mixed qusi-variational-like...
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Application and Research in the Drill Reliability Design Based on Fuzzy Theory

Dong Li
In order to improve the reliability of the coal mine tunnel drilling rig in the absence relevant data at the primary design stage, the reliability fuzzy prediction model and the fuzzy comprehensive evaluation process was established based on the fuzzy theory in this paper. The reliability of hydraulic...
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Solution for a Space-time Fractional Diffusion Equation

Qiyu Liu, Longjin Lv
This work focuses on investigating the solutions for a generalized fractional diffusion equation. This equation presents space and time fractional derivatives, includes an absorbent term and a linear external force, takes a time-dependent diffusion coefficient into account, and subjects to the natural...
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Research on Supply Chain Alliance Strategy Based on Product and Service Competition

Hongyuan Li, Zhen Chen, Die Hu
This article introduces the product competition intensity factor for three levels of two competitive supply chains and builds a supply chain competing model based on product and service competition. On this basis, it studies the decision making of centralized and partial alliance strategies. And the...
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Efficient K-means Algorithm in Intrusion Detection

Wenjun Yang
In order to improve the detection rate of invasion, reduce false detection rate and put forward a method based on density and maximum distance of k means clustering algorithm, the clustering results used in intrusion detection, improved the original algorithm in the choice of initial clustering center,...
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An Anomaly Detection Method for Stateful Stream Processing System

Guanghui Chang, Lu Zhao, Jun Liu, Peizhen Li
The SSPS (stateful stream processing system) is a distributed complex event processing system implemented by the framework of stream processing system. However, due to the nature of uncertainty, randomness and burstiness of the data stream and the complexity of complex event processing, the SSPS faces...
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Study on Band-notched Charateristic Inheritance in UWB MIMO Antenna Array Design

Yuchen Zhao, Lu Wang, Dandan Wang, Xiaoli Xi
In this paper, the band-notched characteristic inheritance in ultra-wide band (UWB) multiple input multiple output (MIMO) antenna array design is studied. First, the structure parameters and return loss of a monopole antenna are optimized to obtain desired UWB property. Then, the band-notched characteristic...
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Regularity of Vibration Superposition after the Vehicle Passes through the Intermediate Straight Line between Curves

Biao Wang, Kaize Xie, Ping Wang, Ying Zhu
In order to analyze the regularity of vibration superposition after the vehicle passes through the intermediate straight line between reverse (same-sense) curves, a vertical dynamic model of vehicle-line system was established in the study. First, the most unfavorable horizontal alignment combination...
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Topology Optimum Design of Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting Devices Using Two-Phase Piezoelectric Materials

Yingbing Wan, Li Zhang, Xiaoming Qin, Liang Gao, Cong Jin
The paper presents a two-phase FEM-based topology optimization for piezoelectric energy harvesting devices. The goal of this research is to improve energy conversion efficiency of the piezoelectric cantilevered plates as an energy harvesting device based on the piezoelectric effect when applied to external...
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Research of University Public Opinion Information Extraction Based on Micro-blog

Liang Hu, Jin Wen, Hao Wu, Jiangqing Liu, Hongmei Yu
According to the management network of public opinion on the aging degree and real-time requirement, the algorithm is implemented to extract the classification of network popular university public opinion information, and determine the complex college network public opinion tendency, then find the center...
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Architecture of Flows and Financial Stocks-Mechanism and transmission channels, flow, transmitters and receivers

Mihail Dimitriu, Otilia Manta
Financial space is a monetary representation of all the other areas that can be identified and defined in society, particularly in the economy and can be considered a set of specific financial interconnections with defining characteristics that distinguish them. With the profound changes in the way interconnection...
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Towards an Explanation of Shape of the Violin

Stanislaw Krupowicz
Skalmierski's theory of stretched violin plates [6] is briefly described. In the course of developing a computer model for the theory, it was necessary to address the geometry of violin plates. Following Skalmierski's theory, various methods of inducing tensions into violin plates were considered. One...
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Family Intimacy and Social Support Mediate the Relationship between National Identity and Cultural Alienation among Adolescents of Li Nationality

Shengwei Ning, Huirong Cao
In order to promote adolescents of Li's national identity and acculturation, we use the questionnaires which are the national identity questionnaire, the cultural alienation of ethnic students, family intimacy and adaptability questionnaire, social support questionnaire to investigate 1008 Li adolescents...
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The Deployment of Sensor Nodes Based on the Internet of Things for Intelligent Agricultural Monitoring

Zeping Mu
Sensor networks can be applied to the deployment of intelligent monitoring of ecological environment with the fewest sensor nodes. First, determine the factors under monitoring and the critical points of relevant factors. Next, build the optimized mathematical monitoring model in terms of the monitored...
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The System Design of Vision-Based Intelligent Robots

Yuanqin Zhang, Xiangjun Zou, Shaofeng Luo, Lufeng Luo, Weiming Situ
Equipping with a vision system for robot is an important tendency for the development of intelligent robots. To explore the applications problems of visual robot in wood processing, we have designed vision-based wood stacking robot system, the system has combined visual system and industrial robots,...
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Face Recognition Based on Deep Autoencoder Networks with Dropout

Fang Li, Xiang Gao, Liping Wang
Though deep autoencoder networks show excellent ability in learning feature, its poor performance on test data go against visualization and classification of image. In particular, a standard neural net with multi-hidden layers typically fails to work when sample size is small. In order to improve the...
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GIS-based Remote Sensing Analysis and Disaster Pre-warning Method of Complicated Geologic Structure in Highway Corridor Zone

Hao Lei, Junling Qiu, Jinxing Lai, Xiuling Wang
In order to realize the efficient organization of the engineering geological information, the GIS management platform was proposed, which can realize the comprehensive management of RS interpretation results and GPS positioning. Based on a highway, the management pattern of multi-source, multi-date and...
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Intelligent Self-learning System of AMT Gear Position

Yulong Lei, Xiaoxin Gang, Yao Fu, Jianlong Hu
This essay makes an analysis of shift principle and the location distribution of the gear of the AMT system without shift actuator. According to the self-study theory, we exploit an intelligent gear position self-study system and try to figure out the problems of finding the certain gear position because...
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Development and Application for Intelligent Monitoring System of Concrete Temperature Control

Lei Zhang, Guoxin Zhang, Yi Liu, Xiangming Deng, Liying Yang
The temperature control and crack prevention of the high dam is with very much difficulties. One important reason is that the unsmooth information causes improper measures and management, that is "four don't" for obtaining the information- not timely, not accurate, not true, not systematic; furthermore,...
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The Existence of Periodic Solutions for Planar Multi-parameter Autonomous Perturbed Systems

Zhimin Luo
This paper studies the existence of periodic solutions of autonomous multi- parameter perturbation system by using Liapunov second method when the critical point of the plane autonomous system is the real center. We obtain a necessary condition and a sufficient condition which extend those in references....
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Estimation of Storm-centered ARF Using Radar Rainfall by Duration and Return Periods

Eunji Kim, Boosik Kang
Design flood estimation, the application of the Areal Reduction Factor (ARF) is essential to convert the point rainfall to areal rainfall for the reference area. ARF calculation methods are largely divided into fixed-area method and storm-centered method. Since ARF is calculated by independent frequency...
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A System to Identify the Terrorism Tendency from Objective and Psychological Aspects

Anrui Fu, Sheng Han, Ruixiang Li, Jianyong Zhang
This paper figures out a system to identify whether a person has the tendency to be a terrorist. The system, which is used to inspect the terrorism tendency of the monitored people mainly from two aspects: objective and psychological conditions, is more objective and comprehensive than before to some...
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The Method of Separate Phase Adjusting for Dual-Channel Monopulse Tracking System

Fu'an Sun, Junchao Li, Sanwen Li, Cheng Li
Aimed at the limitation of the phase adjusting method now available for the tracking system, the paper puts forward the method of separate phase adjusting. Based on the full testing of signal conveying character, the phase value of any frequency and any channel configuration can be gained by the method...
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Research and Implementation on Microwave Power Online Measurement and Compensation of Automatic Test System

Liang Qin, Zhen Wang, Yuhang Kang, Xianjun Shi
Aiming at the problem of microwave cable power attenuation of automatic test system, this paper puts forward to a microwave power online measurement and compensation method and designs power measuring equipment. Before the test process, it is controlled by automatic test program, the measurement cable...
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Application of Artificial Neural Networks on Predicting Corrosion Rates of Carbon Steel in Taiwan Industrial Zones

Hsiang-Teng Lin, Chien-Ming Lo, Min-Der Lin
This study employed artificial neural network (ANN) to develop a regional forecasting model to predict atmospheric corrosion rates of carbon steels within general industrial zones and coastal industrial zones in Taiwan. Analyzed data are based on the results of metal atmospheric corrosion rates monitoring...
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Research on Computer-Assisted Translation in the "Internet Plus" Era

Liangping Zhang, Xiangxin Liu
In the "Internet +" era, computer-assisted translation can not only improve the efficiency of translation, but also ensure the improvement of translation quality. This paper attempts to design a computer - aided translation system based on the Internet + era by combining the functions of dictionary support,...
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Remote Registration and Log-in Scheme for Mobile Networks with PIN Number

Binbin Yu, Liang Hu, Jianfeng Chu, Ling Chi, Hongtu Li
In this paper, based on Scott's PIN scheme and Hu's private key distribution scheme, we proposed a new effective remote registration and log-in scheme for mobile networks and devices. In our article, we can guarantee the performance of the protocol for mobile networks and ensure the security of the private...
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Evaluating the Postgraduate Examination Database Based on Analytic Hierarchy Process

Yehan Sun, Ping Zhang
Analyzing and evaluating the examination database quality is very important for test management, and the results of its analysis are also essential to estimate the work of test and teaching. This research has built up an evaluation model through the method of Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP), which included...
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Soil Moisture and Crop Evapotranspiration Forecast for Winter Wheat Based on Weather Information in North China Plain

Zhandong Liu, Anzhen Qin, Aiwang Duan, Jiyang Zhang, Jingsheng Sun, Dongfeng Ning, Ben Zhao, Zhaorong Mi, Zugui Liu
Soil moisture and crop evapotranspiration (ETc) forecast based on weather information is a basis for realizing precise irrigation, which could be an innovative technique for water–saving strategy in irrigated district. Combined with long–term experimental data in People's Victory Canal irrigated district,...
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Degree Centrality, Betweenness Centrality, and Closeness Centrality in Social Network

Junlong Zhang, Yu Luo
Social network theory is becoming more and more significant in social science, and the centrality measure is underlying this burgeoning theory. In perspective of social network, individuals, organizations, companies etc. are like nodes in the network, and centrality is used to measure these nodes' power,...
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Research on the Hidden Technology of Troy Trojan-Horse

Ting Mao, Shengbing Che, Wei Deng
The hidden technology of Trojan horses was investigated. Through the analysis of the original Trojan hiding technology, it improved the local hiding ability of the Trojan horse and construe randomly selected octed the Trojan horse which embodied the collaborative hiding ability. I put forward a Trojan...