Proceedings of the 5th Padang International Conference On Economics Education, Economics, Business and Management, Accounting and Entrepreneurship (PICEEBA-5 2020)

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Flexible Working Arrangement and Job Satisfaction in Mitigating Burnout: A Literature Review

Dian Fitria Handayani, Dewi Pebriyani
Burnout is a chronic syndrome resulting from stress in the workplace that has not been successfully managed. Burnout has three dimensions like feeling of exhausted, low personal accomplishment, and depersonalization which reduce professional efficacy. In accounting, burnout is often experienced by auditors...
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The Role of Understanding the Internet in Moderating Determinants of Taxpayer Compliance Levels

The Level of Personal Taxpayer Compliance at KPP Pratama Pangkalpinang

Rulyanti Susi Wardhani, Murtiadi Awaluddin, Julia
Electronic Billing System is an electronic tax payment system that was put in place by the Directorate General of Taxes since 2016. This study aims to analyze the effect of the application of the electronic billing system to the compliance of individual taxpayers and to analyze the relationship between...
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The Effect of Capital Structure for Firm Performance in Manufacturing Companies Listed of the Indonesia Stock Market

Nini, Dina Patrisia
The purpose of this study is to examine the effect of capital structure on company performance in all manufacturing companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange for five years from the 2014-2018 period. In the capital structure variable is measured by Total Debt to Total Assets (TDTA), Long-Term...
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Is a Conservative Company More Wanted?

Comparative Analysis of the Stock Performance of Low-Debt Firms and High-Debt Firms in Indonesia

Ely Siswanto, Nur Rochmad Jufri
Debt can increase firms value in the view of investor, but it can also decrease firms value in their view. This study aims to test whether there are performance differences of low debt firms with the high debt firms. The population in this study is all of manufacturing company listed on the Indonesia...
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Fundamental Principles in Spiritualism-Based MCS

A Study in a Chinese Indonesian company in Padang, West Sumatera, Indonesia

Charoline Cheisviyanny, Sany Dwita, Herlina Helmy
This research aimed to explore fundamental principles as the main principles in spiritualism based MCS. The fundamental principles consist of three principles as a part of ten principles in spiritualism based MCS implementation. It was an interpretive case study in a Chinese Indonesia company in Padang...
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Teaching and Learning Accounting in English: Some Context Considerations

Dovi Septiari, Senorica Yulia Sari
Accounting and any business subjects nowadays are designed to use abundant of English terms due to rapid demand of international networking. Therefore, there has been an increase of International classes around the world so that students whose English is not their first language can upgrade their linguistic...
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Effectiveness of Revenue, Growth Rate and Contribution of Local Retribution on the Local Own-Source Revenue of Pariaman City

Halkadri Fitra, Fefri Indra Arza, Henri Agustin, Fitri Cynthia Haeny
This study aims to determine the effectiveness, the rate of growth and the contribution of local retribution revenue to Local Own-Source Revenue in Kota Pariaman. Data collection is done through the documentation method, using secondary data with a quantitative descriptive research approach. The results...
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The Effect of Attribution Bias and Framing Negative on Commitment Escalation in Investment Decisions

Nevia Prima Vera, Sany Dwita
The purpose of this study was to examine the extent of the effect of attribution bias on commitment escalation and the effect of negative framing on commitment escalation in investment decisions of Small and Micro Enterprise (SMEs) in West Sumatra. The total respondent of this study was 90 respondents....
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Could Economic Growth Moderate Population, Education and Unemployment to Poverty in Indonesia?

Rismana Adhika, Sri Ulfa Sentosa
Poverty is still a major issue in development throughout the world. From the Millennium Development Goal (MDG’s) to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) poverty alleviation is still the first goal. There have been many studies examining poverty and causal relationships between population, education,...
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Analysis of the Impact of Labor, Governments Expenditure Per Capita, Be Literate (Education) and Life Expectancy (Health) on Human Development In Jambi Province

Iin Wirasastri, Idris, Efrizal Sofyan
The purpose of this study was to analyze the effect of labor, governments spending per capita, literacy (educations) and life expectancy (health) on human development in the province of Jambi. In this study data used is panel data, after testing the panel data regression and the model selection test...
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Analysis of Flypaper Effect and Fiscal Performance in Regional / Regency Spending in West Sumatra

Sabri Marjulas, Efrizal Syofyan
This study aims to analyze 1) whether there is influence between the Locally Generated Revenue (PAD), General Allocated Fund (DAU), Revenue Sharing Fund (DBH) and Special Allocation Fund (DAK) against local expenditure in regencies / cities in West Sumatra, 2) What happens flypaper in the province of...
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Stability of Money Supply, E-money, Interest Rate, and Inflation in Indonesia

Moh. Ridha Mahatir, Hasdi Aimon, Sri Ulfa Sentosa
This study examines the stability of money supply, e-money, interest rates and inflation in Indonesia. Using the month data for the period 2009m1-2019m12, cointegration and VECM. The results showed that, in the short term money supply and inflation had a significant effect on money supply. While in the...
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Migration Analysis of Labor Commuters in the City of Padang

Novia Sandrianti, Idris
This study is to analyze the effect of wage level, level of education, age, sex, status of marital, and employment sector on the employment opportunities to migrate commuters in the city of Padang. The population in this study were all laborers in the city of Padang as many as 701 people. Data analysis...
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Determinant Analysis of Savings and Consumptions of Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) Khatib Sulaiman Branch in Padang City

Afridedy, Hasdi Aimon, Efrizal Syofyan
This study aims to analyze and determine the effect of (1) consumption, income, number of family members, and types of work on customer savings BRI Bank Khatib Sulaiman Padang City (3) Savings, income, number of family members, and age of consumption of BRI Khatib Sulaiman Padang City customers. The...
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Analysis of Kerinci District Development Sectors

Mahardika Agdestiadi, Sri Ulfa Sentosa, Yulhendri
This study aims to analyze 1) Classification of development sectors in Kerinci Regency, 2) What sector is the leading sector in the development of Kerinci Regency. 3) Shifting share of economic sectors in Kerinci Regency. The data analysis techniques used are Klassen Typology, Location Quotient (LQ),...
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Inflation Analysis in West Sumatera

Vione, Hasdi Aimon, Sri Ulfa Sentosa
This study aims to analyze and determine the effect of chili prices, rice prices, onion prices, household fuel prices, per capita income, consumption and the money supply to inflation in West Sumatra both partially and jointly. Then, the study also wants to find out which factors are the most dominant...
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Analysis of Macroeconomic Variable Shocks and Monetary Policy on Real Effective Exchange Rates in Indonesia

Vadli Sastrio, Sri Ulfa Sentosa, Mohammad Aliman Shahmi
This study examines the effect of monetary policy and macroeconomic variable shocks on the real effective exchange rate in Indonesia. The analysis model used is the cointegration of Johansen-Juselius and error correction models (ECM). Data is used by time series from 2008Q1 to 2018Q4. The findings in...
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Study of Macro Variables in Excogitating Stability of Indonesian Economic Growth as OECD’s Development Center: An Error Correction Model Approach

Zulgani, Faradina Zevaya, Amril
OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) stands for promoting the economic welfare of its members. It also coordinates its effort to help developing countries outside its membership. Indonesia is selected to become DC (Development Center). The goal of DC-OECD as a liaison for developing...
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Analysis of Macroprudential, Monetary and Fiscal Policy Interventions to Maintain the Economic Stability in Indonesia

Hari Setia Putra, Jemi Juneldi
This study aims to analyze intervention of macroprudential, monetary and fiscal policy to maintain the economic stability in Indonesia. The data is used in monthly form from January 2012 to December 2019. This study uses the Vector Error Correction Model (VECM) because in the VAR model there is cointegration...
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Analysis of Health Causality, Participation of Work Force, Education and Economic Growth in Asean Countries

Nisha Selvia, Idris
This study aims to study and analyze the relationship between health and labor force participation, health and education, economic growth and health, labor force participation and education, labor force participation and economic growth, and education and economic growth. This type of research is descriptive...
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Determinants of Economic Growth in Developing Countries of G20 Members

M. Afdal. Samsuddin, Syamsul Amar
This study purpose to analyze the determinants of economic growth in developing countries of G20 members, with variables (1) Economic Growth, (2) Foreign Direct Investment, (3) Inflation, (4) Total Population, and (5) Exchange Rates. The data in this study uses panel data from the 2013-2018, which consists...
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Agricultural Financing Model in Jambi Province

Zamzami, Faradina Zevaya
Agricultural financing is one of seven agricultural revitalization policies. From agricultural revitalization planned, agricultural financing is crucial problem whereby food crop is the most difficult subsector to access financing source. food crop financing pattern in Indonesia closely linked by the...
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Participation Study of Developing Countries in Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) to Economic Growth: Case Study Developing Countries in Latin America

Faradina Zevaya, Fadwa Rhogib Asfahani, Utari Nur Qalbi
OECD is a global organization which aims to prosper their member countries. This study compare the economies of Latin America countries which are included as OECD members and those that are not OECD members. This study aims to analyze the influence of macroeconomic variables in particular, inflation,...
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Determinant of SMEs Credit in Indonesia: Intern vs Extern Factor

Ali Anis, Hari Setia Putra, Yunnise Putri
This study explored the determinant of SMEs Credit in Indonesia from 2010-2018 using the Error Correction Model. Error Correction Model aims to identify long-term and short-term relationships that occur due to cointegration between research variables. The object of research is total SMEs Credit based...
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Implications of Using E-money and APMK on the Money Supply: The Case of Indonesia

Zul Azhar, Hari Setia Putra, Mutia Huljannah
The innovation of payment systems due to technological development, replace the role of cash to electronic money (e-money) and cards as the lifestyle of people in the transaction method. This study aims to see the influence of the use of e-money as well as debit and credit card against the money supply...
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Macroeconomic Shocks to Non-Oil and Gas Exports to ASEAN Countries Amid Global Uncertainty

Hasdi Aimon, Hari Setia Putra, Farid Husein
Global uncertainty has an impact on various aspects, one of which is the economy. Global uncertainties caused by various factors also affect international trade, especially exports. The purpose of this research is to see how the impact of macroeconomic shocks and global uncertainty on non-oil and gas...
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Analysis of Economic Growth, Exports and Savings to Debt in Indonesia

This study aims to see how much influence economic growth has on debt; (2). How big is the effect of export growth on debt; (3). How much influence the growth of savings on debt. The type of data used in this study is secondary data in the form of time series with an annual time period from 1981 to 2018....
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Is the Tourism Sector a Leading Sector in West Sumatra?

Alpon Satrianto, Budi Sasongko, Muhammad Kenzu Satrio
This study aims to determine whether the tourism sector in West Sumatra is a leading sector. The method used is the Klassen Typology, Location Quotient, Growth Ratio Model, Overlay and Shift-Share. The data in this study uses the average West Sumatra GRDP (based on 2010 constant prices) according to...
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Influence of Inflation Targeting Framework (ITF) Policy In Moderate Monetary Variable: Study of Countries Implementing ITF

Boy Priman Ariska, Sri Ulfa Sentosa, Fradya Randa
The purpose of the study was to test the effectiveness of the moderation of inflation targets on actual inflation in countries implementing the ITF. The analytical Model used is Moderated Regression Analysis (MRA). Data used by the data panel of the country of Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, New Zealand,...
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The Influence of Central Bank Interest Rate, Real Exchange Rate, Economic Growth and Foreign Direct Investment on Current Account in G7 Countries

Fajar Budiman, Sri Ulfa Sentosa
This study aims to determine and analyze the effect of the central bank’s real interest rate on the G7 current account balance, the effect of the real exchange rate on the G7 current account balance, the effect of the output value on the G7 current account balance, the influence of the central bank’s...
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Analysis of Social Capital on Participation of Cooperative Members in West Sumatera

Efni Cerya, Yetni Afridita, Yulhendri
This study aims to determine the effect of social capital on the level of the member’s participation in student cooperative in West Sumatra. In detail, the aim is to analyze 1) the effect of trust on student participation in cooperative members 2) the effect of social capital networks on student participation...
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The Influence of Educational Financing, Career Guidance, Student Learning Motivation, Learning Discipline on Readiness to Enter the World of Work on Students Senior High School in Padang City

Katarina, Alpon Satrianto
This study examines the effect of education funding, career guidance, student motivation and learning discipline on readiness to enter the workforce. The sampling technique is proportional random sampling, the number of research samples of 300 class XII respondents is currently students of SMKN 9, SMKN...
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The Effect of Parents’ Socio-Economic Status on Student Interest Continuing Postgraduate Education

M. Ifaldi Sidik, Alpon Satrianto
This study aims to analyze the socioeconomic status of parents of students’ interest in continuing postgraduate education. Parent’s socioeconomic status variable which is the focus of this study consists of 1) The effect of parental education on continuing postgraduate education, 2) The effect of parental...
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The Influence of Learning Motivation on Student Learning Achievement: Comparative study Between Cooperative Learning and Peer Tutoring Model

Faisal Arif, Marwan
The purpose of this study was to analyze whether there is a difference (1) student learning achievement among high and low motivation students, (2) student learning achievement, among students who use the peer tutoring type of cooperative learning methods and conventional methods, and (3) interactions...
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The effect of Team Game Tournament (TGT) Cooparative Learning Method Application toward Learning Motivation and Achievement

Moh. Suardi, Bustari Muchtar, Marwan
This study aims to: (1) find out the differences in economic learning outcomes between students who are treated with cooperative learning models and students who are treated conventional learning models in SMA Pasaman Barat Scholar, (2) Economic learning outcomes of students who have higher learning...
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Influence Internal Locus of Control, School Environment and Discipline on Student Achievement

Netty Anggraini, Marwan
This study aims to examine how much influence internal locus of control, school environment and discipline on student achievement. This type of research was associative descriptive research. The population of this research was all students of class X SMK Negeri Padang Department of Accounting namely...
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Does Smartphone Use, Ruangguru Application, and Learning Motivation Affect Learning Achievement in Economic Subjects?

Muhammad Hamiril Helmi, Susi Evanita
The objectives of this research were to find out: (1) The influence of Smartphone students’ Learning Achievement of Economic Subjects; (2) The influence of Ruangguru Application on students’ Learning Achievement of Economic Subjects; (3) the influence of Learning Motivation on students’ Learning Achievement...
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Project-Based Psychomotor Assessment Instruments to Increase Student Competencies in the 21st Century

Wening Patmi Rahayu, Siti Munadhiroh
This research and development aim to produce a project-based psychomotor assessment instrument that was valid and appropriate according to the demands of student competence in the 21st century. The project was given in the form of creating social media accounts and online marketing using social media...
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Electronic Module Practices Development for Office Technology Course to Produce Advanced Administrative Teachers

Andi Basuki, Ati’atul Mahnunah, Madziatul Churiyah, Mohammad Arief, Buyung Adi Dharma
Advances in information and communication technology have encouraged the renewal of technological utilization in the learning process with the shift from printed books to electronic books. Therefore, the purpose of this research is to develop an E-Module Practicum of Office Technology course with 3D...
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Development of Inquiry-Based Practicum Module on Supply Management Course to Strengthening Students Self Regulated

Buyung Adi Dharma, Ayu Wanda Primandika, Madziatul Churiyah, Mohammad Arief
The aim of this research is to strengthen a student’s self regulated by produce an Inquiry based practicum module of supply management course for Office Administration Education Students, Faculty of Economics, Universitas Negeri Malang. The practicum module developed in the form of mold to facilitate...
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Learning Commercial Letters App to Improve Students’ Learning Outcomes

A Useful Android Based Learning Media in the Covid-19 Era

Madziatul Churiyah, Rari Nitya Nirmala, Yuli Agustina
Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the development of information and communication technology had influenced the use of instructional media where teachers required to be creative in utilizing technology optimally. Therefore, this research aims to produce android-based learning media products to improve student...
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Analysis of Lecturer Digital Literacy Skills in Entrepreneurship Course

Elvi Rahmi, Efni Cerya
Entrepreneurship course has unique characteristics, where the expectation of students is not quite up to the level of to knowing, but to the level of to being and to doing, for that it needs to be given an entrepreneurial lecture package that can facilitate this expectation, for that it is necessary...
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Application of Experience Learning (MECL) Method and Experiential Learning (METL) Method to Increase Interest in Business Students of Universitas Negeri Padang

Sri Arita, Nita Sofia, Rita Syofyan
Entrepreneurship becomes a very important aspect if it is associated with the amount of poverty and unemployment of the educated group in this case the group that has completed their education in tertiary institutions. To support the intensity of entrepreneurship the role of the entrepreneurship education...
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Attributes of Students’ Critical Thinking Skills on Economics : A Rasch Model Analysis

Friyatmi, Tri Kurniawati
Critical thinking skills are needed by the students to adapt to various changes in modern society and to face the challenges of 21st-century learning. Classroom assessment can be an alternative strategy to promote critical thinking skills. This research explores the psychometric properties of the critical...
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Optimization of Flipped Classroom Using Google Classroom to Improve Student Learning Outcomes

Rani Sofya, Rani Sahara
Flipped Classroom is one of the learning models that reverses the traditional learning process where students study material outside the classroom, first and thenjoint the learning in class to develop their abilities. In the implementation of Flipped Learning is done by using features in the google classroom...
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The Effect of Parents’ Social Economic Condition, Way of Learning and Learning Motivation to the Learning Outcome of Economy Subject

Ahmad Fauzi, Alpon Satrianto
This study to analyze 1) The effect of parents ‘social economic condition affecting the students way of learning on economy subject class X SMAN 1 Aek Natas North Labuhan batu Region, 2) The effect of parents ‘social economic condition affectingto students learning motivation on economy subjects class...
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Analysis of Education of Entrepreneurship, Curriculum Implementation, and Lecturer Competence Towards the Interest of Entrepreneurship of Students in Jambi Province

Niko Citrawandi, Perengki Susanto
The purpose of this study was to analyze (1) the effect of entrepreneurship education on student entrepreneurial intentions, (2) the effect of curriculum implementation on student entrepreneurial intentions, (3) the effect of lecturer competence on student entrepreneurial intentions. This type of research...
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The Influence of Student Creativity, Learning Independence, Student Personality, Work Experience (Prakerin) and Work World Information on Readiness to Enter theWorkforce on Students

Maharani Afandi, Efrizal Syofyan
This study aims to analyze and examine the influence of Student Creativity Effectiveness, Learning Independence, Student Personality, Work Experience (Prakerin) and Information on the World of Work Against Readiness to Enter the World of Work on State Vocational School Students and Management in Padang...
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Entrepreneurial Education Influence on Entrepreneurial Character and Entrepreneurial Intention

Tri Kurniawati, Menik Kurnia Siwi, Rita Syofyan, Sari Rahmiyanti
Indonesia still faces the problem of high educated unemployment rate, especially for college graduates. College graduates are still be oriented as job seekers rather than being the job creator. This study aims to analyze the influence of entrepreneurial education on entrepreneurial character and entrepreneurial...
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Social Media Usage and Firm Performance: An Empirical Study of Small-and Medium-Sized Enterprises

Andel Hopi Candra, Perengki Susanto
The research was focused on examining the impact of the use of social media on the performance of small and medium enterprises (SMEs), especially in terms of service and customer relations aspect, marketing aspect, and information accessibility aspect. It implemented a survey approach using a questionnaire...
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The Effect of Entrepreneurial Orientation and Corporate Governance on Family Business Performances Through Leadership Succession as Mediating Variable

Fadhila Sari, Erni Masdupi
The purpose of this study is to examine the effect of entrepreneurial orientation and corporate governance on family business performances in all tour and travel companies listed on the Association of the Indonesian Tours and Travel Agencies West Sumatera.In this study examines five key entrepreneurial...
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The Effect of Ownership Structure on the Dividend Policy of the Company Listed in Indonesia Stock Exchange

Yusnita, Dina Patrisia
This study aims to determine the effect of the effect of ownership structure on company dividend policies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange. The population in this study are all manufacturing companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange from 2014 to 2018 using secondary data. The sampling technique...
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The Effect of Corporate Debt Maturity on Performance Volatility in Manufacturing Companies Listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange in 2014-2018

Khoirun Nisa Hsb, Dina Patrisia
The purpose of this study is to determine the effect of corporate debt maturity on performance volatility and examine the role of size and sales growth in moderating the relationship between corporate debt maturity on performance volatility. Based on the data adequacy criteria, The final sample of the...
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Do Cross Border Acquisitions Relieve Financial Constraints of Target Firms in Asean?

Auliyah Rizky Suhasmoro, Ruslan Prijadi
This paper examines whether cross border acquisitions lessen financial constraints of target firms in ASEAN based on a sample of 538 acquisitions over the period of 1988-2016. Using cash holding of target firms, the cash flow sensitivity of cash, the cash flow of sensitivity of investment and the quantity...
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Interconnectedness of Stock Market in Systemically Important Regions With VAR Model Approach

Zaskia Ayunda Lukietta, Buddi Wibowo
This study explores the interconnectedness, market integration, and the intrinsic integration between countries included in Systemically Important Regions (SIRs), which are all developed countries. Countries included in SIRs are empirically showing to have a reduced degree of concentrated structure and...
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Twitter Sentiment on Mispricing in Indonesia Stock Market

Long / Short Strategies Following Sentiment

Lusiana Indra, Zaafri Ananto Husodo
This paper examines the relationship between twitter sentiment on mispricing in Indonesia listed firms over period 2013 – 2017. This study uses machine learning method to classify sentiments based on Naïve Bayes, Support Vector Machine and Decision Tree algorithm. The results show that Decision Tree...
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Does the Information on the Internet Media Respond to the Stock Market?

Rita Sofyan, Defriko Gusma Putra, Riyadi Aprayuda
This researcher explores and reviews studies that discuss the problem of market reaction based on information available on the internet and social media and looks at investor behavior to respond to that information. This study looks at the information contained in online news articles and various social...
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The Determinants of Micro, Small and Medium Enterpeises (Msmes) Financial Performance: A Literature Review

Megawati, Aimatul Yumna, Charoline Cheisviyanny, Abel Tasman, Fifka Amelia Susanti
Financial performance of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) is the focus for MSMEs to grow and develop as business entities that become the mainstay of the nation’s economy. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the effect of MSMEs determinant factors namely financial literacy, financial...
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The Impact of Dividend Policy on Stock Prices With Profitability as Variable Mediation in Manufacturing Companies Listed in Indonesia Stock Exchange

Aidil Putra, Rosyeni Rasyid
This study aims to determine the impact of dividend policy on stock prices with profitability as a mediating variable on manufacturing companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange. The population in this study are all manufacturing companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange from 2014 to 2018...
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Institutional Ownership and Stock Performance Around Index Rebalancing: Evidence From LQ45 Index

Puspita Pratiwi, Permata Wulandari
This study aims to study the effect of the index rebalancing event on changes in share ownership which can further improve the performance of stocks that enter and exit the index. In this study used a sample of 164 events in which there were 82 incidents of shares entering and 82 incidents of shares...
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Individual Traits, Risk Perception, Financial Literacy & Investment Decisions

Ni Luh Putu Sipta Dewi Anindita, Maria Ulpah
The preferences of individual investors in making investment decisions are not only based on rational behavior like conventional financial science. Behavioral finance integrates a broad social science perspective in research in the field of financial economics. In this study, we investigate the variables...
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The Impact of Efficiency, Profitability, Competition, Regulation, and Crisis Affect to Distribution of Msme Loans in Indonesia

Isma Sorayah
Using 60 banks data in Indonesia from 2007-2018, this study aims to analyse the impact of efficiency, profitability, competition, government regulations, and crisis affect to MSME loan distribution in Indonesia. This study using STATA 15 version with time series panel data regression. Stochastic Frontier...
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The Effect of Managerial Overconfidence on Banking Systemic Risk

Rhenty Puspita, Buddi Wibowo
Our researcSh aims to examine the relationship between managerial overconfidence and its implication to the banking systemic risk. From behavioral finance perspective, overconfidence managers are more likely to overestimate the future return of the investment project or undertake risky project thus increase...
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Fintech Utilization and Student Investing Decision

Case study: Economic Faculty, Universitas Negeri Padang

Rizki Sri Lasmini, Yolandafitri Zulvia
Financial technology is an innovation of financial service that is trending now. Financial technology influenced community widely by providing access to financial product, so the transaction become more practically and effective. The higher number of people who use digital based financial service will...
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Liquidity Premium Foreign and Domestic Investor in Indonesian Stock Market

Bagas Kurniawan, Zaafri Ananto Husodo
This research use Fama-French 3 Factor Model as basic model to measure excess return and adding illiquidity factor which categorized on Foreign and Domestic in Sell and Buy Transaction constructed with Amihud illiquidity by volume transaction basis. This research find evidence the effect form market...
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Effects of Service Quality, Halal Tourism, Brand Image, Tourist Satisfaction and E-WOM on Muslim Tourist Loyalty in West Sumatra

Agusmal, Yunia Wardi
This research is motivated by the determination of West Sumatra as one of the world’s halal tourist destinations so as to make the rapid growth of tourism in Indonesia, especially in the region of West Sumatra. This has led to a large opportunity for economic progress, especially in tourism. Loyalty...
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Effect of EWOM on Revisit Intention: Attitude and Destination Image as Mediation Variables (Study in Pasaman Regency Tourism Destinations)

M. Syukri Harahap, Vidyarini Dwita
This study is to determine the effect of EWOM on the intention to re-visit: attitudes and image of the destination as a mediating variable in the tourist destination of Pasaman district. This type of research is explanatory. The study population is tourists visiting the Pasaman Regency tourist destination...
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Business Ethics in Disruption Era: Factors Affecting Gojek E-Loyalty

Susi Evanita, Okki Trinanda, Vidyarini Dwita
This study aims to analyze the effect of (1) Business Ethics towards Gojek Consumers E-Trust, (2) Business Ethics towards Gojek Consumers E-Satisfaction (3) E-Trust towards Gojek Consumers E-Loyalty, and (4) E-Satisfaction towards Gojek Consumers E-Loyalty. This research was conducted in Bukittinggi...
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Improving the Marketing Strategy MSMEs of Cassava Crackers in Muaro Paneh Village Bukit Sundi District Solok Regency

Whyosi Septrizola, Faznil Husna S. Rasyad
The purpose of my research are (1) Improving the marketing strategy of cassava crackers business actors to continue to increase sales of products produced. (2) Providing knowledge on how to improve the marketing strategy of the resulting sweet cassava cracker products. The method used in this activity...
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How Customers Continue to Use Digital Innovation on e-Commerce Platforms?

Astra Prima Budiarti, Awisal Fasyni, Abror
This study describes how the users of e-commerce tend to re-use the platforms in consideration of digital innovation. Several factors that influence the continuity of the user’s intention towards digital innovation in e-commerce platform are described. Primary data were obtained by distributing questionnaires...
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The Effect of Price, Service Quality and Promotion of Loyalty With Satisfaction as Intervening Variables in Shaqylla Beauty Clinic Payakumbuh

Arina Fadhilah Arlan, Idris
This reseach aims to exmine and explain how influence the price, service quality and promotion of loyalty with satisfaction as an intervening variable. The model of this research is quantitative research. The sampling method use was purposive sampling with a sample of 315 costumers who visited at Shaqylla...
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The Effect of Organizational Readiness, Business Environment and Social Media on Adoption of E-Commerce and the SMEs Performance at Sungai Penuh City

Anita Citra Yeni, Yasri Yasri
The purpose of this research is to analyze the effect of organizational readiness toward e-commerce adoption, the influence of the business environment toward e-commerce adoption, the effect of e-commerce adoption to the SMEs performance, the influence of organizational readiness to the SMEs performance,...
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The Effect of Brand Communication, Brand Image and Perceived Social Media on Brand Loyalty With Brand Trust as a Variable of Mediation in Rendang Asese in Padang City

Fauziah Maya Permatasari, Vidyarini Dwita
This study aims to determine the effect of brand communication, brand image and perceived social media on brand loyalty with brand trust as a mediating variable in Rendang Asese in Padang City. The population in this study are consumers who have consumed Rendang Asese using primary data. The sampling...
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Effect of Loyalty Marketing Mix to the Graduate Student Services at the Faculty of Economics, University of Padang Satisfaction as Variable Mediation

Nur Robiah Restu Nasution, Idris
The research objective to analyze the effect of: 1) the marketing mix to the loyalty of post-graduate students of economic Faculties UNP, 2) marketing mix to satisfaction of post-graduate students of economic Faculties UNP, 3) satisfaction to loyalty graduate student at the faculty of economics UNP,...
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Does Customer Loyalty Perception Changed After They Moved to Sharia? A Descriptive Exploratory Study on Sharia Banks in Padang

Okki Trinanda, Tri Rachmat Riski, Astri Yuza Sari
This study aims to answer an important question whether there is a difference of customer loyalty perceptions after becoming a customer in Sharia Bank. Islamic banking system has different characteristics from conventional banks, where they operate based on the essence of syar’i principle that is “profit...
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The Effect of Social Media, Word of Mouth on the Destination Image and Its Impact on the Visit Decision to Tourism Destinations in City of Padang

Utari Ardilla Ica Putri, Yasri
The purpose of this study is to find out the influence of social media on the destination image and impact on the visit decision, the influence of word og mouth on the destination image and the impact on the decision to visit, the influence of the destination image on the decision to visit a tourist...
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The Effects of Trust, Shopping Orientation, and Social Media Marketing on Online Purchase Intention: A Literature Review

Mulya Astuti, Perengki Susanto
The advances in internet development and its effect have a new consumer which is known as an online consumer. Some different factors and habits that affected their purchase intention. There are also significantly increasing the number of social media users in Indonesia, most of the marketers use social...
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Effects of Islamic Tourism, E-Wom and Satisfaction on Tourism Loyalty Visiting Muaro Lasak Beach in Padang City

Gisely Amelia, Yunia Wardi
The objective of this research is to analyze the effect of Islamic tourism on tourist loyalty in visiting Muaro Lasak Beach Padang, the effect of E-WOM on tourist loyalty in visiting Muaro Lasak Beach Padang, tourist satisfaction on tourist loyalty in visiting Muaro Lasak Beach Padang, and the effect...
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Whether e-WOM is Important to Increase Re-Visit Intention on West Sumatera’s Attraction?

Astri Yuza Sari, Okki Trinanda, Fitria Ridhaningsih, Tri Rachmat Riski
Social media is the choice of business owners as a promotional media. Sometimes, customer posts and tag the place of business in their social media are reposted as a form of customer engagement. The business owner hopes, it will make customers revisit, besides its apart of promotion for other potential...
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Customer Forgiveness: Can Decrease Customer Dissatisfaction?

Hesti Maria Putri, Mike Yolanda, Astri Yuza Sari, Abror
Customer dissatisfaction caused by service failure their received. Oftentimes customer dissatisfaction gives a bad impact to business owners because their share disappointed feeling to people they know or posted on their social media. This is expected to be able to contribute to the development of the...
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Analysis of the City Branding Process ‘Taste of Padang’ as the West Sumatera Tourism Destination Brand

Thamrin, Muhammad Rauf Hidayat
The purpose of this study was to determine the process and background of the forming of city branding in West Sumatra, namely ‘Taste of Padang’. This type of research is descriptive causative. This research was conducted in West Sumatera Province. The research was done in 2019. Researchers generate facts...
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The Use of Social Media for Rendang Product Marketing by SMEs in West Sumatera

Vidyarini Dwita, Megawati, Erni Masdupi
The use of social media is important to affect business performance, especially for small businesses. One of the benefits of using social media for marketing products to build relationships with customers because it allows sellers to talk directly with customers or followers. The aim of this study to...
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The Influence of Service Quality, Member Knowledge on Cooperatives and Participation of Members Towards Remaining Business Outcomes for Members of Civil Service Cooperative in Regency of Tanah Datar

Melisa Safitri, Syamwil, Yulhendri
This study aims to determine the effect of service quality, member knowledge on cooperatives, and participation of members toward remaining business outcomes (SHU) for members of the Civil Service Cooperative (KPN) Regency of Tanah Datar. This type of research is descriptive and associative. The study...
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The Influence of Service Quality, Satisfaction, and Trust Towards Customer Loyalty of Bank Nagari Air Haji Subsidiary Branch

Zona Artoni Wijaya, Idris, Abror
The purpose of this research is to analyze the quality of the service, satisfaction, and trust toward customer loyalty. The number of the sample in this research is 202 respondents based on accidental sampling. They are the customers of Bank Nagari Air Haji Subsidiary Branch. The data processing of this...
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Influence of Transformational Leadership and Compensation on Employee Performance With Work Motivation as Mediation Variables in Bank Nagari Main Branch Padang

Age Kurniawan, Yunia Wardi
A study to determine the impact of transformative leadership and rewards on employee performance. The population in this study was the staff of Nagari Head Office Padang, which used primary data. The sampling method uses proportional stratified random sampling with 128 respondents. The analysis method...
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The Effect of Job Insecurity, Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment on Turnover Intention at Andalas University Hospital

Ulva Elvianita, Bustari Muchtar
The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of job insecurity, job satisfaction and organizational commitment on turnover intention in Andalas University teaching hospital. This type of research is explanatory. The population of this study is employees of the Andalas University Education Hospital...
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The Effect of Number of Members, Internal and External Capital, and Turnover Towards the Surplus in Primary Cooperative at Regancy of Agam

Hendra Sukmana, Yunia Wardi, Marwan
This study is aimed to find out the influence of the number of members, internal and external capital, and the turnover toward the surplus on the primary cooperative in Agam Regency. The sample in this research is 30 cooperatives in Agam Regency. Method of data analysis is path analysis. The results...
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The Effect of HRM Practices and Human Capital on Organizational Performance

A Literature Discussion From Indonesian MSME Perspective

Jonner Simarmata
HRM practices have a significant effect on organizational performance. If HRM practices are effective, organizational performance will improve. This applies not only to large organizations but also to small organizations. However, in the literature of management, it was stated that the relationship of...
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The Effect of Transformational Leadership and Dimensions Organizational Commitment as Moderate Variable Towards the Performance of e-government Government of Pariaman City

Devi Hariandi
This study aims to examine the influence of transformational leadership dimensions (inspirational motivation, idealized influence, individual consoneration, intellectual stimulation) and organizational commitment as a moderating variable on e-government performance in the City Government of Pariaman....
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Effect of Transformational Leadership, Compensation and Work Experience on Performance of Employee: Moderating effect of Self Efficacy

Nela Puspita Sari, Yunia Wardi
This study aims to analyzed the effect of transformational leadership, compensation and work experience on performance with self efficacy as moderating at Universitas Negeri Padang. This study used a sample of 267 employee at Universitas Negeri Padang. The research instrument used a questionnaire which...
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Job Satisfaction and Job Performance: The Role of Motivation, Organizational Citizenship Behavior and Organizational Commitment

Mochamad Irfan Maulana, Perengki Susanto
This study aims to determine the effect of job satisfaction on job performance and the role of motivation, organizational citizenship behavior, and organizational commitment as a mediator in the relationship of job satisfaction and job performance at PT. PLN UIP3B Sumatra. The sampling technique was...
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Workplace Spirituality and Empowering Leadership in Improving Proactive Behavior: The Role of Job Engagement as Mediator

Kovianto, Syahrizal
The function of this article is how to know the influence of workplace spirituality, empowering leadership and proactive behavior. Further, we also examined the effect of job engagement as mediator. Sample of this study is employees of four Islamic Banking (BNI Syariah, Bank Syariah Mandiri, Bank Nagari...
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The Influence of Green Human Resources on Performance at SMEs in the City Padang

Igura Metu Lengsi, Yasri
The purpose of this research is to find out the influence of Green HR on economic performance, pthe influence of Green HR on environmental performance, the influence of Green HR on social performance, the influence of environmental performance on economic performance, the influence of environmental performance...
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Mediating Effect of Work Commitment in The Relationship Between Supervisor Support and Job Performance of Higher Education Employees (Case Study in West Sumatera Public & Private Universities)

Rudi Islami, Perengki Susanto
The study investigates influence support a supervisor toward the performance of the job staff in college public and private west sumatera that is mediated by working satisfaction and commitment work .This research using the survey data collection .The population research is all staff at West Sumatera...
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The Effect of Religiosity Factors on Regional Heads in Choosing a Spin-Off or Conversion Option for Regional Development Banks

Sinatrya Alkautsar, Maria Ulpah
The purpose of this paper is to examine the factors that influence a regional head in choosing the spinoff or conversion options for regional banks which according to Law No. 21 of 2008, conventional banks that have Sharia Business Units must carry out a spinoff or conversion in 2023. This study uses...
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The Effect of Work Environment and Job Burnout on Job Satisfaction With Perceived Organization Support as Moderating to Employees at the secretariat Staff of the Regional Parliament of West Sumatra Province

Meida Sari, Yasri, Abror
The purpose of this research is to see effect work environment and job burnout on job satisfaction with percieved organization support moderating at the secretariat staff of the Regional Parliament of West Sumatra Province. The population of this research is employees at the secretariat staff of the...
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The Effect of Compensation and Emotional Intelligence Concerning Organization Citizenship Behavior is Mediated Job Satisfaction and Employee Engagement in Bukittinggi Town Government

Satria Atman, Yasri, Abror
The purpose of this research is to see effect of compensation & emotional intelligence concerning Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB) is mediated job satisfactions and employee engagement in the Bukittinggi town government. This research population was the employee in Bukittinggi, with a total...
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The Influence of Leader-Member Exchange on Job Satisfaction, Work Motivation, and Organizational Commitment to Mental Hospital Employees Prof. HB. Saanin Padang

Rahman Hakim Agpar Tanjung, Sulastri
Based on the Community Satisfaction Index (IKM) in the services of RSJ HB Saanin in 2018, the realization of the IKM RSJ HB Saanin Padang is not as targeted. This shows that there are problems with the services provided and the need for remedial actions, especially the relationship between superiors...
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Effect of Incentives, Knowledge Management and Environment Work on Performance of Employees in Padang City Trading Service

Ranti Septia Dewi, Syamsul Amar
This study aims to determine the effect of incentives, knowledge management and work environment on employee performance at the Padang City Trade Office.This type of research is explanatory. The population of this study are employees of the Padang City Trade Office. Data analysis using SEM PLS. The results...
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Analysis of Factor That Employ Country Performance Cooperation in Solok City

Antoni Harman, Z Mawardi Effendi, Susi Evanita
Based on data on the condition of employee cooperatives in the city of Solok by looking at the percentage of cooperative SHU growth in the city of Solok is still low and fluctuating, it is assumed that other factors affect the performance of cooperatives in terms of members, management fostering, cooperative...