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Game Analysis of the Internal Control Information Disclosure of Listed Companies Based on Incomplete Information

Xiu-Qing Zang, Ting-Ting Han, Juan Lv
The laws and regulations issued by our government, to a certain extent, ensure the authenticity and completeness of the internal control information of listed companies. And promote the listed companies developing and implementing a sound and effective internal control system, thus avoiding the occurrence...
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Demystifying the Relationship between Decentralization and Villagers’ Welfare

Khairu Roojiqien Sobandi
Theoretically, political decentralization aims at creating prosperity for society, however it was not the case in Indonesia because the creation of autonomous regions with its authorities are unable to strengthen grassroots people, to understand and coping their problems through bottom-up planning. It...
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Exploring the Impact of Service Quality on Commitment and Customer Loyalty in Jakarta's 3-Star Hotels

Eliza Simanjuntak, Nathalia Theodosia C., Yustisia Kristiana
This study will specialize discussion in hotel business sector, particularly the 3-star hotels in Jakarta. 3-star hotels getting tough competition from budget hotels that continue to emerge in Jakarta and surrounding areas. Increased competition in the service industry for causing a company to be very...
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Research on Commercial Credit Financing of Rural Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Questionnaire Analysis Based on Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in Gaochun and Lishui Counties

Tingting Wu
According to the data of field survey, this article deeply analyzes the commercial credit financing of rural small and medium-sized enterprises from the quantity of commercial credit financing, financing terms and duration, way of financing and the perception of financial credit financing. In the analysis...
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A Multivariate Asymmetric Long Memory Conditional Volatility Model with X, Regularity and Asymptotics

Manabu Asai, Michael McAleer
The paper derives a Multivariate Asymmetric Long Memory conditional volatility model with Exogenous Variables (X), or the MALMX model, with dynamic conditional correlations, appropriate regularity conditions, and associated asymptotic theory. This enables checking of internal consistency and allows valid...
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The Inspiration of Transformation——The Creation and Aesthetic Appreciation of Ice Engraving

Yang Li, Hai Ping Sun
Ice engraving is a special form of prints. Its medium is ice, while it is inherits traditional painting-creation techniques. Ice engravers are also boldly trying new concepts and methods of expression. Their selection of material has completely stepped out from the traditional ways, which enables it...
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A research on influencing factors of lottery buyer fatigue

Shan Liang
This paper puts forward the concept of lottery buyer fatigue on the basis of gamblers fatigue, and studies the phenomenon that lottery holders produce adaptability - adjusting the behavior of purchasing in the process of buying lotteries. Through correlation analysis and comparative analysis, this paper...
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Investigation and Thinking on the Middle-elementary School Teachers-training with Case-study

Hong-Guang Ha, Xiao-Ping Xiang
To have a proper probe into the current situation of teachers training in Ankang, with the help of the theories of pedagogy in teaching, we made a research into the training process and had the statistics in the training. When the detailed analyses are done, we put forward the new ideas and some strategies...
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Analysis of Height Growth of Tibetan Adolescent Children living in High Altitude Area and Serum Bone Metabolism Indexes

Ping Wang
Objective to explore the characteristics of height growth, bone metabolism biochemical indexes and the regulation of hormone of Tibetan puberty Children in different elevation plateau environment and provide basic data for clinical use.Select 1580 people of 12~18 years Tibetan children in Tibet Lhasa...
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Law of Negligence: Duty of Care, Standard of Care, and the Notion of Personal Responsibility

Qiang He, Jia-Ling Feng, Wan-Yun Huang
This essay's main body divides into two parts. After a brief background of the historical development of the law of negligence, the first part is to demonstrate the principles of Duty of Care and the Standard of Care, including duty of care for negligent acts and the guidelines of breaching the standard...
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Analysis on Technical Efficiency of Regional Listed Agricultural Companies of Economic Nature in China Based on DEA-Tobit Two-Step Method

Youyang You
In this paper, the efficiency of regional listed agricultural companies of economic nature in China is analyzed based on financial data of 39 regional agricultural companies of economic nature listed at Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Markets (A-share) in 2015 in combination with both constant returns to...
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Intelligent Predictive Maintenance (IPdM) for Elevator Service- Through CPS, IOT&S and Data Mining

Kesheng Wang, Guohong Dai, Lanzhong Guo
With the rapid economic growth and urbanization development, most of elevator production and service companies have completely changed their service policy opting to eliminate the standard preventive service policy. They now provide some form of predictive service policy and emphasize that they utilize...
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Discussion on college students' ideological and political education in the we-media era

Hailong Shao, Dongju Du
We-media is an important symbol of the advent of the individual media era. Especially with the development of network techniques, new media represented by WeChat and microblog have diversified communication platforms for we-media. College ideological and political educators no long have information advantages,...
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Accounting Measurement Matrices: Subject and Values

Elena Abdalova, Svetlana Karelskaia
The paper is methodologically based on measurement matrices by E.O. Edwards - F.V. Bell and Y. V. Sokolov - V. Y. Sokolov. The authors carry out a comparative analysis of time-factor measurement matrices of American and Russian researchers. The analysis shows that the major difference lays in use of...
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Determinants Analysis The Importance of Accounting, Quality of Financial Statements, and Implementation of "Financial accounting standards for entities without public accountability (SAK ETAP)" on SME Fostered by PT. Telkom TBK

M. Afif, Sri Mulyani
Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) sector is the shaft revival of the national economy, but SME sector still has problems. One of the problems faced and also become a weakness of SMEs is the implementation of accounting in accordance with SAK ETAP which has an important role in providing information...
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The Detection of Corruption and The Role of Accountant in Achieving Good Public Governance

Rozmita Dewi YR
The Government of Indonesia has been conducting various corruption eradication efforts; however, these have not been able to effectively prevent corruption in Indonesia. Indonesian Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) has managed to unravel corruption cases through a thorough detection and investigation....
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Unit Cost Analysis in Higher Education

Asep Kurniawan, Tjutju Yuniarsih, Sumarto Sumarto
This study analyzed the calculation of unit costs in higher education. The focus of this research is on how the needs analysis process in college, and how the calculation of unit costs in higher education. The method used was a case study with a qualitati
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Analysis of Volatiles from Fresh and Dry Rhizome, Pseudostem and Leaf of Musa Basjoo

Chenxi Zhu, Feng Xu, Hongmei Wu, Xiangpei Wang
Background: Musa basjoo Sieb. et Zucc. is widely distributed around the world, used to treat a variety of diseases. Volatile oils as an important component of the Musa basjoo, but it received less attention. In this study, Volatile constituents in both fresh and dry rhizome, pseudostem and leaf of Musa...
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Exploring the Origin, Definition and Measurement of Organizational Ambidexterity

Hang Wu
Organizational researchers are using ambidexterity, the ability of humans to use both hands with equal skill, as a metaphor for organizations that are equally dexterous at exploitation and exploration. Existing definition of organizational ambidexterity can be divided into three categories: structural...
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Determination of Personal Data Sensitivity and Security Measures Assignment

Lovecek Tomasz, Ristvej Jozef, Magdolen Mari n, Ondrejka Roman
Protecting privacy and personal data is in current environment a more and more challenging task not only for government institutions, but for small and large businesses as well. With the information technology advancements more and more personal data are processed automatically each year. That is the...
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Domestic Tourists' Mindset towards Responsible Tourism Management: A Case Study on Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh

Mohammad Amin
In spite of being a significant stakeholder in the sustainable and responsible tourism development and management process, worldwide only a few studies exclusively tried to find out tourists' attitudes towards them. Moreover, they are principally missing in case of developing and least developed countries...
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The Relationship between Economic and Social Trust:Taking Four Counties (Districts) in Guangdong as examples

Yingying Han, Tingzhi Zhou, Qiang Zhang, Xiaojuan Xie
Four counties (districts) in Guangdong are the examples of the study. The study through reviewing literature, annual financial data, questionnaires and surveys reveals the relationship between economic development and social trust. Based on the study of the data, we found that the trust levels of the...
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A Clinical Research on the 60 Cases of Intrauterine Asphyxia Rescue and Nursing

Yanhua Guan, Daoxin Jin
To explore the effective methods and clinical effect of neonatal asphyxia rescue. Method: To select 60 cases of newborn asphyxia diagnosed and treated in our hospital from January 2014 to 2016 May. After admission, all the children were performed 1 min Apgar score, and immediately taking some measures,...
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Measuring Dimensions Of Brand Personality

Gatot Wijayanto
The purpose of this paper is redefining constructs Brand Personality by analyzing the concept and measurement of Brand Personality. Brand personality study be undertaken by identifying and measuring the dimensions of Brand Personality. The problem raised in this paper is composed of brand personality...
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Study on Labor Cost Management Efficiency Using TOPSIS: Evidence from Hebei Southern Power Grid

Lei Wen, Jian-Feng Weng
Labor cost management and establishment of labor cost input-output efficiency system of subsidiaries are crucial for taking countermeasures against compatibility between salary growth of employees and enterprise's efficiency. An empirical research on labor cost management towards Hebei Southern Power...
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Entrepreneurial Ability Training of the Economics Management Students Under the Condition of Virtual Simulation

Lin Bai, Xia Yang
Great importance is attached to the college students’ entrepreneurial ability, which has become a promote college talent training quality and education level demands of the Times and development connotation. College students' entrepreneurial ability training ways have been proposed which consist of the...
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YouTube Adoption: Promoting Local Government Transparency?

Zailani Surya Marpaung, Anang Dwi Santoso
Youtube is a social media platform for the exchange of videos where the public can demonstrate their engagement by watching, sharing and commenting. Local governments have gradually adopted it, in particular for transparency purposes. Unfortunately, there has been not much research explored the use of...
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The Role of the Subdistrict Head in Conflict Settlement (Study Case: The Conflict Between the Community and the Police in Tabir Subdistrict in 2016)

Navarin Karim, Nur Sukmawati, Musyaiyadah
This research aims to explore the factors that influence conflict, the resolution of disputes from subdistrict head, as well as the impact caused by the conflicts between the community and the Police in Tabir district. To collect data, this study used a descriptive qualitative method such as observation,...
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Efficiency, Asset Quality and Stability: Comparative Study of Conventional Banks and Islamic Banks in Southeast Asia

Vanica Serly, Dian Fitria Handayani
This study aims to analyze the differences in efficiency, asset quality, and stability in Islamic banks (Ib) and conventional banks (Cb) in Southeast Asia. To measure the efficiency, it uses DEA analyzing of input and output of Ib and Cb, namely input (total deposits, personnel expense, and fixed assets)...
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Research on the Development of Financial Industry Under the Background of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

Fei Lin
With the development of modern information technology, the integration of high and new technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence with traditional industries is getting closer and closer. In this context, big data finance and intelligent finance gradually become the focus of research and...
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The Effect of Accountant Professional Ethic’s Education and Religiosity on Student’s Perception of Accountant’s Ethical Behavior (Study on Indonesia College of Economics Bachelor of Accounting Students)

Rini Ratnaningsih, Al-Hadi, Apry Linda Diana
This study purposed to test, obtain empirical evidence whether there is an influence on the accounting professional ethics of accountants and religiosity on students’ perceptions of accountant’s unethical behaviour. This research was conducted to observe at the relationship between professional ethics...
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Examining the Firm Value Based on Signaling Theory

Acep Komara, Imam Ghozali, Indira Januarti
The value of the company is an important factor considered by the company to create increased prosperity of shareholders. With the increase in the value of the company reflected in the price book value, it will give a positive perception of the investor on the invested investment. Therefore, this article...
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The Concept of the Historical Development of Geometric Knowledge in the Aspect of Synergetic Methodology

E Shangina
In this article the author explores the evolution of geometrical knowledge and gives a forecast of their further historical development. This is important from a practical point of view, because geometric knowledge and visually imaginative language of geometric modeling is used in many fields of professional...
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Strategies and Tactics of Evaluative Discourse

Ganna Prihodko, Oleksandra Prykhodchenko, Marina Zaluzhna, Galina Moroshkina
The investigation involves the analysis and description of communicative strategies and tactics within evaluative discourse. Evaluative discourse is understood as a complex communicative phenomenon that includes, in addition to linguistic, extralinguistic factors (knowledge about the world, sociocultural...
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Consumer’s Legal Protection Due to the Cancelling of Condommonium Construction Whole Sale and Purchase Agreement Already Made Before the Notary (Case Study on Condommonium Units in Palembang City)

Farsia Nitama, Aad Rusyad Nurdin
Palembang City has already developed into one of metropolitan cities in Indonesia, so it has the strategic significance as the main point of growth and development in a region due to economies which are being concentrated therein. These make the development of storeyed housing (flat/apartment) units...
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Prospects of Investment Activity of Industrial Corporations in the Conditions of the Transformational Stage of Economic Development and Cooperation

Petr A. Levchaev, Khezazna Badar, H.K. Al-Shaeli Mohammed
The study of the problems of investment activity of corporations in the conditions of the transformational stage of economic development and cooperation is currently quite relevant. This is due to the ongoing processes of globalization and the formation of the digital economic system in developed countries....
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Jakarta Islamic Index Performance Analysis, Before, During and After the 2008 Global Crisis Using Sharpe, Treynor, and Jensen Index

Mohammad Benny Alexandri, Meita Pragiwani, Aldi Bahtiar
The stages of the investment decision process include five stages of decision, which is the determination of investment objectives; investment policy determination; selection of portfolio strategy; asset selection; measurement and evaluation of portfolio performance. This study aims is to find out (1)...
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Research on the Innovation Efficiency of Artificial Intelligence Enterprise Based on DEA Method

Xia Gao, Zhongkai Yang, Zhaogang Sun
This paper uses DEA method to evaluate innovation efficiency of 40 typical artificial intelligence enterprise in our country, which inputs element as human (research and development personnel accounted for the ratio of the total number of employees) and capital (the ratio of R&D and business revenue),...
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The Moderation Effect of Power Distance Orientation and Leadership Personality on Budget Participation and Relationship of University Performance in Indonesia

Apriwandi, Supriyono, Arifa Choirunnisa
This study explores the influence of moderating the distance of power and personality of leaders on the relationship between participatory budgeting and university performance. This study broadens previous research by the personalization variable of superiors using the dimensions of the personality of...
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Relationship of Marketing Aspects: Financial, Funds, Technical, and Management on Cut Credits in Bank Mandiri in Jakarta

Yohannes Yahya Welim, Erwin Rasjid, Reza Suriansha
Bank bad loans lately often occur and many causes that influence it. Increasing and decreasing BDR & NPL at a bank can be influenced by various factors. In this research, the factors that are suspected to influence the level of BDR & NPL are caused by internal factors of customers in managing their loan...
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The Impact of Digitalization Risks on the Business Processes of an Insurance Company

Anna Faizova, Svetlana Kalayda, Irina Malova, Ekaterina Solopenko
Nowadays digitalization is one of the key drivers of insurance market development in Russia. Introducing InsurTech provides insurance companies with a number of competitive advantages, such as increasing speed of making decisions, opportunities for portfolio expansion, tools for risk assessment and fraud...
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Designing a Digital Content Recommendation System for films

A.V. Zagranovskaia, D.Yu. Mitiura, T.A. Makarchuk
Purpose of the study. The purpose of the study is to analyze the existing methods for constructing content recommendation systems and developing the most accurate and adequate content recommendation system for films. Materials and methods. The paper considers a variety of data analysis methods: vectorization...
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Foreign Direct Investment as a Factor of Iron and Steel Industry Development in Russia

Oleg Bazhenov, Angelina Ilyina, Anna Oykher
The research paper defines and describes the factors and the impact of foreign direct investment (FDI) on iron and steel industry enterprises. For this purpose the following objectives have been gradually achieved: 1) Identifying FDI factors, which affect economic performance of iron and steel industry...
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Test and Application of Persistence Point of Long Memory Time Series

Jianqi Ma
This paper presents two new simple statistic respectively to detect the long memory time series of the changes from smooth to non-stationary and persistence in smooth change from non-stationary variation point, two statistics under the null hypothesis is given the limits of the distribution, and proves...
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Whistleblowing Intention of Internal Governmental Auditors In Padang

Charoline Cheisviyanny, Fefri Indra Arza
This research aims to determine the effect of gender and experience on whistleblowing intention. This research is a comparative research. The population was governmental auditors and accounting students which are acknowledgement as inexperienced auditors. The sample was chosen by using total sampling...
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Financial Leverage and Profitability of Pharmaceutical Companies in Indonesia Stock Exchange

Badria Munthashofi, Imas Purnamasari
The problems that analyzed in this study are a decrease in the profitability of pharmaceutical sub sector companies. The decrease in the profitability indicates a company's financial performance it’s also declined, thus the company's capability to generate earnings also decreased. This study aims to...
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Research on the Basic Ideas and Methods of Enterprise Tax Planning

Rui Zhao, Liangyan Lu
With the continuous improvement of China's tax system con-struction, the tax-related matters of enterprises have gradually increased, and the tax burden has become an important expendi-ture of enterprises. Whether to minimize the cost is one of the important links in the realization of the financial...
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Tools of state borrowings at the regional level in the digitalization of the economy

O.V. Tolmacheva, M.I. Lvova, Yu.V. Salamatina
The subject of this research is the economic relations arising in the process of using bonds by regional Russian authorities. The objectives of the bond issue by the subjects of the Federation of the Russian Federation are the following: financing the budget deficit, cash ruptures of budget implementation,...
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Economic efficiency growth of agricultural roads’ construction in the region

Dmitry Skorobogatchenko, Sergey Viselskiy, Vitaly Borovik, Vitaly Borovik, Irina Bogomolova, Sergey Bogomolov
The paper is devoted to the technical and economic justification of the automobile road construction of low intensity roads. The design choice offered for comparison presents the construction of roadway surfacing in which the role of the broken stone underlayer is carried out by over-compacted fine soil....
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Policy Options of Controlling Irrational Medical Expenditures in China

Jia-Nan Liu, Feng-Chao Liu
The medical expenditures of public hospitals in China have been growing rapidly, and the growth rate of medical expenditures is much higher than that of GDP per capita. China and local governments have released numerous documents to control medical expenditures, but the effect is not satisfactory. In...
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Socio-economic Compromise Finding Problem in the National Development Regulation

Irina L. Yurzinova, Alexey V. Stepanov
The article proposes the concept of state socio-economic policy formation on the basis of the economic interest conflict analysis of the federal, regional authorities and economic entities, describes the requirements for the information basis on which the solution of the tasks will be carried out.
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Can Prostitution in Indonesia be Eliminated?

Budhi Haryanto, Bambang Sarosa, Dwi Hastjarjo, Budi Setyanta, Edi Cahyono
Previous studies have revealed a lot of personality factors to explain the negative behavior of a society. In this study, the concept of personality is adopted to predict the behavior of prostitution which is seen from the intention to leave prostitution. In addition, this study also observed Age as...
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Do Binary Choices Create More Choice Regret

Zi-Fei Song
Knowing how to apply the relationship between choice making under different assortment sizes and choice regret is very significant, to both customers and marketers. Choice overload has been studied widely after Sheena Iyengar and Mark Lepper’s seminal research on the assortment size with choice overload...
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Knowledge Combination Capability in Tourism Related SMEs in Indonesia: Does the marketing innovation moderate the product innovation-performance relationship?

Ratni Prima Lita, Maruf Maruf, Meuthia Meuthia
This study aimed to identify the relationship between knowledge combination capability and product innovation and their influence on company performance. It tested the moderating effect of marketing innovation on a product innovation-company performance relationship on Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)...
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E-Commerce System for an Electronic Product (Case Study of an E-Commerce Company)

Allandreyanto Allandreyanto, Fitri Ismiyanti
The present study intends to aid e-commerce companies in making decisions concerning their midterm planning for new product expansion related to existing watch products or other products that might be easily distributed by packing well and being dispatched by an expedition company. This study helps a...
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Studying of the properties of composite materials (powder mixtures) during complex laboratory work

V. Brish, A. Sigov, N. Kuleva, A. Starostin, I. Akhmetova
The article deals with the methodology of complex laboratory work on related technical disciplines of the two departments of the University. There are presented difficult moments in the organization of such works are noted and positive results allowing students to master methods of research work.
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Research on Cooperative Strategy of Clean Energy Grid-connected Subjects based on Evolutionary Game Model

Fengkai Qiu, Yan Yang, Jiaxin Zhao, Xiaochun Zhang, Ming Zeng, Yongli Wang, Chenjun Sun
Evolutionary game theory, based on the assumption of bounded rationality of individuals and taking group behavior as the research object, is the result of integrating evolutionary biology theory into classical game theory. Based on the complex braking dynamic equation between clean energy power generation...
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Role of the Village Government or Village Officials Toward Poverty Alleviation Program in Jawa Timur

Abdullah Said
This research was conducted to identify the existing “poverty alleviation” program in village and sample urban village, to describe and analyze the implementation of the program, to describe and analyze the benefit of the poverty eradication program, and to identify and analyze the role of village government/apparatus...
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Calling and Membership in Intrinsic Motivation-based Leadership for Increasing Organizational Commitment and Productivity

M. Nadjib Usman, Romi Ilham, Agus Samekto
This research aims to contribute about the impacts of calling and membership for lecturers as professional through spiritual leadership. The proposed research model was tested using partial least square and 327 valid questionnaires were collected. According to the literature review and analytical technique,...
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Research on the Influence of Wushu Competition Media on College Students' Attitude and Behavior of Martial Arts

Wen Wang
Based on the literature and logic analysis method, and the theory of "use and satisfaction", this paper takes the martial arts event medium and college students' attitudes and behaviors as the research object, and conducts an in-depth theoretical analysis on the influence law. The results show that the...
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Newest Digital Technology in Management of National Economic System

Nataliia Kraus, Kateryna Kraus, Oleksandr Manzhura
The content of some latest digital technologies in managing of national economic system, including Blockchain NEM technology are described in the article. Key benefits of using NEM in business management are outlined, including high efficiency, ease of use, flexibility and reliability. Among the advanced...
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Risk Evaluation of Terrorist Attacks against Important Chemical Industries in Urban Areas

Jiahao Yang
While terrorism is getting increasingly rampant all over the world, it is significant to identify risk and clarify possible damage mechanism for chemical industries. Aside from the national evaluation method of major danger source, we also consider judging the content of threatening against terrorists...
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The Effect of Financial Literacy and Financial Management Behavior on Retirement Confidence

Dina Patrisia, Moni Fauziah
This research aims to analyze: (1) The effect of financial literacy toward retirement confidence (2) The effect of financial literacy toward financial management behavior (3) The effect of financial management behaviors toward retirement confidence (4) The mediating role of financial management behavior...
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Creative Economy Development with Technosociopreneur: Case Study: Halal Travel

The purpose of this study is to formulate a development strategy to become a technosociopreneur for the Halal Travel Agency in order to increase tourism rates in Indonesia. The research was done using qualitative method with secondary data obtained from literature studies. The data is then analysed using...
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Rating of Investments Funds Using the Capital Asset Pricing Model: Experience of Ukraine

Zoriana Matsuk, Vira Shyiko, Iryna Danyliuk-Chernykh, Lidiia Tryshak
The rating of the unit investment funds of the open and interval types, which invest more then 30 percent of their assets to the shares in Ukraine was done using CAPM. The sample of data from the investment funds that work on the securities market in Ukraine more than 5 years was compiled. The indicators...
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Synergy, Diversification and Firm Performance in Mergers and Acquisitions

Stanley Septian, Christiana Fara Dharmastuti
Synergy from merger and acquisition (M&A) theoretically increases firm performance. However, diversification leads to coinsurance effect which reduces firm value. This study aims to analyze the relationship between synergy and firm performance measured using return on assets (ROA) and Tobin’s Q, with...
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The Financing Role of Sharia Banks Toward the Development of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in Indonesia on Era Revolution Industry 4.0

Naning Fatmawatie
The development of the sharia banking sector in Indonesia is growing rapidly. The presence of sharia banks has a positive impact on the growth of the real sector, especially MSMEs. This is because mudharabah and musyarakah pattern is a direct investment pattern in the real sector. The Industrial Revolution...
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Constructing the Supervision Model in Sharia Cooperative Entities

Ahim Abdurahim, Hafiez Sofyani
The purpose of this study is to formulate model of supervisory system for sharia cooperative entities. This supervisory system can detect early signs of business failure preventing greater impact for the. This study used qualitative method with descriptive-exploratory approach. The object of the research...
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Study on Ontological Contours of Future Economic Theory

Alexey Antonov, Andrey Orekhov
The pluralism or monism of economic reality seldom becomes subject of a philosophical reflection. Meanwhile, world crisis of 2008–2009 and correction of mistakes after it made problems of an economic mainstream obvious. Not only the methods applied by the dominating economic theory but also its ontological...
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Resilience as a Factor of Professional Development of Railway Engineering Students

Evgenia Kasyanova, Nina Vinogradova
The article analyzes resilience of future railway engineers. At the stage of vocational training, the analysis of developmental characteristics of students and their basic components is of particular importance, since resilience is one of the important factors for ensuring psychophysiological safety....
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Imitating Success of Japanese Entrepreneurs and Benefits in Entrepreneurial Activities

Eddy Soeryanto Soegoto, Nadya Vian Anisa
This study aims to explain how Japanese entrepreneurs achieve success and replicable benefits in entrepreneurial activities. Data for this study was gathered through observations on articles and books. This study used a qualitative method. As a nation that experienced a war defeat, Japan has similarities...
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Economic Estimation of Woody and Non-Woody Forestry Resources in Present Conditions

V.V. Bespalova, E.Yu. Bogatova, I.V. Filinova
Forestry Code of the Russian Federation provides forests use giving forestry areas with and without forestry resources eliminations. Economic relations in the sphere of forests use are connected with their charged use. In this case forestry resources and rights of forestry areas use becomes a commodity,...
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A study on the relationship between tourists' perceived attributes of tourism destination of cultural heritage and their pursuit of personal value – a case of the West Lake in Hangzhou

Jianren Shi, Ya Chen
The important reason for tourists to choose a travel experience in a cultural heritage site is to experience the cultural heritage of the destination to seek personal value. This study explores the value link mode of tourists in cultural heritage sites by means-end chain theory, constructs the graph...
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Indonesian Firms in Facing Globalization: Do Foreign Ownership and Export Matter?

S. Suyanto, Y. Sugiarti
The Indonesian firms need to prepare and be ready for the globalization and the industrial revolution 4.0. The inward-looking strategy is no longer sufficient to face competition, while the outward-looking strategy provides a significant benefit for the firms to survive and compete. In response to this...
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Regression Analysis of the Influence of Human Resource Management on Enterprise Performance

Jing Chen
Firstly, this paper constructs a model with employee satisfaction as the intermediate variable, forming the basic hypothesis of three variables: human resource management, employee satisfaction and enterprise performance; secondly, it designs the reasonable items of the questionnaire combined with the...
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Factors Influencing Online Purchase Intention: The Mediating Role of Customer Trust (a Study Among University Students in Jakarta)

Agus Rahayu, M. Saparudin, R. Hurriyati
The growth of e-commerce market in Indonesia rises rapidly. With the number of internet users reaching 143.26 million people or about 54.68 % of the total population in Indonesia in 2017, it becomes potential mar-ket for the future. Because of these significant numbers of users, it is important to understand...
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Management Challenges in the Age of Digital Disruption

George H. Stonehouse, Nataliya Yu. Konina
Accelerated global market shifts and digital economy have become a reality. Digital economy is growing and evolving fast. Digital technologies have made much easier access to global capital, talent and other resources. Emerging markets companies have become global competitors for established firms from...
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What Company Can Learn From Employee Turnover Intention

Mochamad Rizki Sadikin, Junaedi Junaedi, Annis Raka Prianti
This research was conducted to analyze the Effect of Job Stress, Work Environment, and Job Satisfaction on Turnover Intention of Donut Company and Shops. The object of was permanent employees at Donut Company and Shop Jakarta area. It was conducted on 115 respondents using a causal method. Therefore,...
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Existence of Institutions and Officials in Land Registration Activities in the Early Independence in Indonesia

Isdian Anggraeny, Nur Putri Hidayah, Isdiyana Kusuma Ayu
Land Registration is a very important issue because it is the beginning of the birth process of proof of ownership of land rights. It is important that the land registration issue so that the country needs to issue legislation governing land registration activities throughout Indonesia. Departing from...
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Do “Economic” Institutions Influence on Monetary Stability and Economic Growth?

Andrey Kolomiets
The Author investigates the problem of mutual influence and dependences between estimates of quality of “economic” institutions, indicators of monetary stability, and growth rates in representative group of different economies - developed, developing and transitional (Selected Economies) at 2002-2013,...
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Regional Economic Development and Creative Class on the Example of the German State of North Rhine-Westphalia

Stepanov Alexey, Yurzinova Irina
This article presents a brief analysis from the work of a researchers’ group of the Institute of Regional and Structural Researchers at the Niederrhein University about the influence of the creative class on the development of the regional economy on the example of the German state North Rhine-Westphalia.
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How Personal Grooming Influenced The Entrepreneurship

Lulup Endah Tripalupi, Made Ary Meitriana, Kadek Rai Suwena
This study aims to determine the effect of Personal Grooming on Entrepreneurial Behavior of Micro of Small and medium Enterprises Actors. This study is limited only to find the influence between Personality, and Attitude towards Entrepreneurial Behavior of Micro of Small and Medium Enterprises Actors....
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Assessment of Efficiency of the Innovative Hub by Means of Algorithms of the Indistinct Output

D. B. Solovev
In article, reasons for feasibility of formation of an innovative hub are given in the Far Eastern Federal District of Russia, through collaboration of innovative, research and development and scientific and educational infrastructure of the region. The factors influencing overall performance of an innovative...
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The Effect of Electronic Word of Mouth on Twitter towards Customers’ Purchase Intention at Starbucks Coffee Indonesia

Wijayanti Dewi Prabandari, Vienna Artina Sembiring, Maria Angela
Internet has been growing rapidly in Indonesia. Starbucks is one of the companies which adopts Twitter as a media to promote its products since interactions occurred in the social media might result in Electronic Words of Mouth (eWoM) with larger and faster range of broadcasting rather than Words of...
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Development of the regional innovative process in the space by Minkowski

Vitaly Borovik, Irina Bogomolova
The production process in a region is studied within the theory of the space suggested by H. Minkowski. In this type of the space the factors of production used in time are the object of an interrelated and interdependent process. It was determined that to every change of work ∆Yi and to an infinite...
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The Effect of Earnings Management on the Probability of Fraud and Financial Distress

Arief Kurniawan, Ancella Anitawati Hermawan
The objective of this research is to examine the effect of earnings management on fraud, and its subsequent influence on the probability of financial distress. Hypothesis testing is conducted using the logistic regression method with a sample of listed companies in Indonesia Stock Exchangefrom 2009 to...
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A Study of Customs Tax Risk Management

Jing-Hui DUAN, Yu-Le PAN
This paper studied customs tax risk management. Our research contents are summarized as follows: First, we build Customs Tax Risk Management System (CTRMS). This system includes risk management goal programming, risk analysis and identification, risk quantification and ranking, risk disposal, risk monitoring...
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Information Transparency and Earnings Management - Evidence from China’s Multi-Tiered Capital Market System

Yong-Yi Li
How to better reduce asymmetric information and lower management flexibility has drawn much attention after a series of financial scandals. To this end, Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE) finished the first appraisal of information disclosure of listed companies in 2001. Building on the work of the implementation...
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Perfecting Taxation Policy and Service to Support the Development of “Going Out” Enterprises

Chen Qingping
China has always adhered to the policy of opening to the outside world, and sought to work with other countries to push the economic globalization. On one hand, it should intensify the efforts of “bringing in”. On the other hand, it should pick up the pace of “going out”. When the “going out” enterprises...
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The Present Situation of Sino - Thai Trade and the Enlightenment from the Belt and Road Construction

Shuai Lu, Meng Sun, Jin Chen
Since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Thailand, the trade exchanges between China and Thailand have become more frequent, which have brought about many problems such as unbalanced trade and information asymmetry while promoting the economic development of both countries and...
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The Analysis of Vocational Students’ Work Readiness in Pariaman and Padang Pariaman

Adi Afriadi, Sri Ulfa Sentosa, Marwan Marwan
This study aims to determine the influence of career guidance, self-efficacy and motivation to work on work readiness of students in Pariaman and Padang Pariaman. The data for this study were collected using a survey questionnaire. The sample was selected using proportional random sampling technique...
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Information Diffusion on Geographical Space and its Application in Risk Analysis

Chongfu Huang
Reviewing the information diffusion in the probabilistic space, in this paper, we proposed the information diffusion on the geospatial space. With the help of background data as the medium, we can use the suggested method to supplement incomplete data to make it complete. The information diffusion in...
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Patent Norm Conflict on Trade-Related Aspect Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPs) in Mining Perspective

Anak Agung Sagung Ngurah Indradewi
Law No. 4 of 2009 on Minerals and Coal constitutes the legal basis of mining business activities in Indonesia, in which case foreign companies shall be subject to the provisions of Law Number 13 Year 2016 regarding Patents in the context of holders of mining patents. The provisions of Article 20 paragraph...
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The heterogeneity of village cadres and poverty reduction

Dungang Zang, Yuke Luo
By using the data of 7 provinces, 757 administrative villages and 31615 famers in the minority regions of the Midwest, this paper investigates the relationships between Village cadres heterogeneity and poverty reduction. And we find that the age of the village cadres, ethnic identity, investment promotion,...
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Integral valuation of investment potential in terms of economy digitalization

Diliara Rasimovna Abdrakhmanova, Anna Anatolevna Ibatullina, Olga Vladimirovna Pachkova
Modern economy digitalization conditions require new tools of countries/regions investment appraisal. The link between informatization and innovation of the digital society, the opportunity to invest in it can hardly be overestimated. Despite the fact that there is a global innovation index, a doing...
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Research on the industrial structure and the return mechanism of industrial labor force

Zi Yu Liu
The return of labor force is the first form of labor flow and then flows into it, which is a manifestation of labor mobility. This paper taking industry as an example, chooses the industrial data of 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions from 2005 to 2016 to measure the industrial labor...
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An Empirical Analysis on the Impact of RMB Exchange Rate Fluctuation on Stock Index Futures Taking Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Stock Indexes as an Example

Li Jiehui, He Jinlan
Using the measurement method to study the fluctuation of RMB exchange rate will have a series of profound effects on stock index futures. This paper will take the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 stock index futures as the example. In this paper, the author will establish a three-variable VAR model: US dollar,...
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The Typology of Organizational Forms of Companies' Integration

Victor S. Efremov, Irina G. Vladimirova
The objective of this work is to study the nature of economic and organizational processes that underlie the integration of companies. We believe that the lack of understanding of that nature can lead to surprising results as regards its purposes and in terms of costs and an expected effect of these....
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Partnership of Parents and Madrasah to Realize the Quality of Education

Raden Raden Bambang Sumarsono
This study aims to describe (1) parent and school partnership model, and (2) strategy to build partnership with parents. This research uses qualitative research type with phenomenology approach. Research design using case study. Data collection was conducted through in-depth interviews, observations,...