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The Influence of the Work Environment on the Loyalty of Millennial Employees

Denia Putri Ramadhanty, Eva Hotnaidah Saragih, Riza Aryanto
The purpose of this research is to find out the influence of work environment on the performance of millennial employees in one of the Republic of Indonesia’s state ministry offices. Methods of this research is quantitative with a hypothetical testing using SPSS. The population and study sample are all...
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They are Busy, So We Need to Move: A Descriptive Study on Female Organizational Citizenship Behavior on Taking the Leadership Role in Festival Kampung Labirin

Anggun Pesona Intan Puspita
Nowadays, the development of Kampung Wisata is seen as an economic empowerment strategy from Indonesia’s government. Several rural areas and suburban areas are transformed from a slump area to tourist attraction. Therefore, this initiative is taken also as an intervention strategy in community development...
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The Importance of Strategy Employee Engagement in Organization

Tegar Punang Mahardi, Dwi Idawati
Employee engagement is a matter of concern for the company to be able to achieve maximum results. Same is the case with PT.XYZ, seeing employee engagement is one of the important things to get maximum results. The current condition with the success rate of employee turnover, makes the company want to...
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The Impact of Environmental Performance and Financing Decisions to Sustainable Financial Development

Kenny Ardillah
Companies in achieving sustainability status need to establish a sustainability strategy known as a tradeoff strategy because it can identify the relationship between the results obtained from improvement of environmental performance and financial performance. This research samples focus on mining companies...
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Does Job Satisfaction Mediate the Effect of Perceived Organization Support to Employee Commitment?

Lohana Juariyah, Syihabudhin Syihabudhin, Afwan Hariri, Elfia Nora, Abd. Rahman, I Nyoman Suputra
Employees’ commitment is an important issue in organization, especially in business, since employees who commit to the organization show better performance, lower in intention to leave and increase productivity. There are some model explaining the process of organizational commitment (OC): A Dual Process...
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The Role of Social Media in Business Transformation Strategies (Development and Validation of the Social Media Commerce Model)

Eliot Simangunsong, Rudy Handoko
The rise of social media in the digital era is considered important for anybody because it helps people to communicate and share information with each other online. Because it has become a necessity, it is not surprising that the number of social media users has increased. This also has an impact on...
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Innovation Platform: A Study on Donors at

Intan Permana, Nizar Alam Hamdani, Asri Solihat, Teten Mohamad Sapril Mubarok
Technology and the internet are two things that cannot be separated in the digital age. Both become tools that can encourage various sectors, for example the economy, communication, transportation including charity activities. Considering that Indonesia is a country that has mutual cooperation principles,...
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Management’s Attitude Towards Risk Management is the Moderating Variable Between Management’s Support and Risk Management Performance

Vincent Valerian, Ronny Kountur, Yosia Moelyono
The purpose of this study is to know whether management attitudes can moderate the relationship between management support and risk management performance. Respondents from 112 companies were taken. They were the top rank risk management personal in those companies. Questionnaire was designed in collecting...
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Are Physical and Non-Physical Working Environment Effect Employees Productivity with Motivation as an Intervening Factor?

Siti Aisyah, Leli Deswindi, Danang Indrajaya
Productivity means as a comparison between the results achieved (output) and the overall resources used (input). Work productivity is a process to produce or increase the results of goods and services as high as possible by utilizing resources as efficiently as possible. In this study, productivity will...
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Creating Impactful Model for Organizational Transformation

Andi Ilham Said, Kartika Yuniarti
A big change can be occurred anytime and cannot be predicted. Every year, there will always be some markets that going through change, and organization must be ready to overcome this change for it to survive. The right processes is needed to help organizations face the market change. Therefore, transformation...
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Burnout and Job Satisfaction Impact on Employees Morale Case Study: The One-Stop Unit Administration (Samsat) In Surabaya

Novi Indah Earlyanti, Inggal Widya Perdana
Work morale is a psychological state of a person that can cause feelings of pleasure and make someone work harder to achieve goals that have become determined. Things that can affect morale include burnout and job satisfaction. Burnout is a psychological condition experienced by a person due to stress...
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Study of Sensory Marketing Strategies in Retailing Business

Swaroop Simha
“Sensory marketing” has been defined as “marketing that engages the consumers’ senses and affects their perception, judgment and behavior.” (Aradhana Krishna, in her book Customer Sense- How the five senses influence the buying behavior, Kindle edition [2]) From a managerial perspective, sensory marketing...
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The Effects of Resource Management to Firm’s Performance Through Exploratory and Exploitative Innovations (An Empirical Research on Real Estate Developer Firms in Indonesia)

Joni Phangestu
Strategic Entrepreneurship is a firm’s capability to exploit current competitive advantage and explore the new opportunity for future competitive advantage simultaneously. This study examines how the real estate firm manages its strategic resources and leverage it through the exploratory and exploitative...
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Government Responsibility as the Main Stakeholder in Tourism Development With Collaboration Approach: Literature Review on Heritage Tourism

Rieke Retnosary, Nor Zafir Bt Md Salleh
currently, the economic growth of some countries is a contribution by the vast development of the tourism sector, and one of the potential destinations is heritage motivation. More than fifty-three of previous study founds five elements that associated with Heritage Tourism Development, which are four...
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The Effect of Company’s External and Internal Factors to Firm’s Value with Capital Structure as Intervening Variable in Listed Construction’s Company in Indonesia

Arif Fajar Nugoho, Yanuar Andrianto
Aim of this study focused on impact of company’s external (inflation) and internal (tax shield, profitability, growth, size, assets) factors to firm’s value with capital structure as intervening variable in listed construction’s company in Indonesia. Data which being used for this study from company’s...
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Growth Opportunity and Financial Performance: The Moderating Role of Intellectual Capital

Erlin Melani, Andi Kusuma
The aim of this study was to examine the role of intellectual capital in moderating the relationship between growth opportunities and financial performance. The study was conducted on banking companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange for the period 2015-2017. Samples selected by purposive sampling...
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The Value Relevance and Subjectivity of Other Comprehensive Income

Meichyel Meichyel, Novy Silvia Dewi
This study aims to determine the effect of net income, comprehensive income, other comprehensive income, other comprehensive income with low subjectivity, and other comprehensive income with high subjectivity on stock returns. This research was conducted on infrastructure, utilities, and transportation...
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Design and Implementation of Risk Management System: The Case of PT Lanius

Meazza Putra Kusuma, Mirra Novyanti, Aries Heru Prasetyo
Lanius (pseudonym) is a company that engaged in developing energy resources into investment portfolios requires a proper design for risk management system. It is because of the needs to diversify its business into new business fields as energy investments that entrusted to Lanius. New business fields...
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Social and Environmental Disclosure and Earning Persistence

Meliyanti Meliyanti, Nora Sri Hendriyeni
Earnings persistence occurs by several factors such as innate factors (company age, company size, competition) and discretionary factors (risk aversion, auditor quality). Other factors that can influence earnings persistence are non-financial aspects such as social and environmental. Companies that execute...
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Destination Innovativeness Towards Tourism Competitive Advantage

Windi N. R. Wardhani, Widodo Widodo
This article proposes the concept Tourism Competitive Advantage which emphasizes the development of tourism in knowledge quality and destination innovativeness by increasing entrepreneurship learning. The population of this study is the tourism industry in Central Java Province with 200 possessed by...
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Influence of Training, Working Environment and Work Discipline on the Performance of Millenial Employees

Dewi Sabita, Endah Nuraini
This study aims to determine the effect of training, work environment and work discipline on the performance of millennial generation employees. Data collection techniques using a questionnaire distributed to 208 millennial generation employees. This research is quantitative by using multiple linear...
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Combine Business Model Canvas, Blue Ocean Strategy, and Analytical Hierarchy Process to Develop Business Model of Malkita Mall Jakarta

Maria Muliana, Andi Ilham Said
In the midst of the issue of shifting the mall’s function from shopping to gathering places, Malkita Mall is trying to increase occupancy so that it can increase company margins. To achieve this goal, Malkita Mall needs a new business model. The design of the business model was prepared using the Business...
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Strategy to Prevent Terrorist Network in Recruitment and Selection of New Employees at Pertamina Hulu Energy Nunukan Company (PHENC)

Muhammad Roy Urich Kusumawardhana, Ningky Sasanti Munir
The threat of terrorism in Indonesia is quite a challenge nowadays due to the phenomenon that some terrorist actors are actually part of company employees. The process of selecting and recruiting new employees is very strategic in preventing the entry of terrorism networks into a business organization...
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Refilling Knowledge and Intention to Use Travel Chatbot: Indonesian Context

Johan Setiawan, Elfindah Princes
Industry 4.0 has touched all sectors of industry, including tourism. The digital world has brought competition to a higher level, and the future is much harder than right now. Previous and recent researchers have tried to seek solutions by making innovations and trying to upgrade their levels by analyzing...
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Using Quality Function Deployment Approach to Improve Logistics Service Quality in Trucking Operations

Teguh Bagus Surya, Erlinda Nusron Yunus
Service quality is one of the most important factors to achieve customer satisfaction. Some studies revealed that customer satisfaction leads to more customer retention and acquisition, especially in the competitive logistics industry. Improving service quality in logistics operations has been considered...
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(T, RN,α,p) Inventory Policy for a FMCG Retail Supply Chain

Prasun Kumar Das, Susanta Kumar Gauri
The scope of this study is limited to the supply chain of a FMCG retail business spreading through retail outlets and connected with the central warehouse. Manual intervention of requisitioning quantity of footwear on daily basis, from the retail outlets to the warehouse, was creating frequent problems...
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Crowdworking, is it Beneficial in Destination Marketing? (An Empirical Model in Tourism Destinations in Central Java)

Ratih Pratiwi, Windi NR Wardhani, Retno Kusumaningrum
With social media, the opportunities to promote the tourism destination are virtually endless. This exploratory research is examining crowd working as a new term in tourism that has not been investigated clearly and there is not much information available on it. The purpose of conducting this research...
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Stakeholder’s Perception of Company and CSR Actions (Analysis of Company Website Media Richness)

Dwi Narullia, Muhammad Muhammad, Fitri Purnamasari, Mohd Rizal Palil
The management has an obligation to report all conditions and changes to stakeholders as a form of commitment and transparency in managing the company. This information will be used by stakeholders as a basis for decision making. Beside economic information, a company is currently required to submit...
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Corruption, Accounting Practice and Economic Growth: Evidence of ASEAN Countries

Dendy Syaiful Akbar, Dede Abdul Rozak, Benny Prawiranegara, Eva Faridah
This study analyzes the impact of corruption on economic growth by including the role of accounting practices. Corruption has a negative influence on economic growth in countries with poor quality accounting practices than in countries with high-quality accounting practices. The new contribution of this...
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Effect of Workload on Employee Performance Through Work Life Balance at Ollino Garden Hotel Malang East Java

Syihabudhin Syihabudhin, Elfia Nora, Ofan Dhika Dwi Kurniawan
The problem that often arises in Ollino Garden Hotel Malang is high workload due high season. Therefore, this study was conducted, where the purpose of this study was to find out. 1) the description of workload, work life balance and job performance at Ollino Garden Hotel Malang; 2) whether workload...
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Modeling the Marketing Mix for Mobile Banking Service in Indonesia: A Case Study of BNI

Intan Permana, Nizar Alam Hamdani, Lindayani Lindayani
Indonesia has four banking institutions with the status of State-Owned Enterprises namely Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI), Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI), Bank Tabungan Negara (BTN) dan Bank Mandiri. Facing the marketing 4.0, banks created a mobile banking service to facilitate transactions for customers. BNI...
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Determining Factors for Success of Banking Digital Transformation

Andi Ilham Said, Maria Angelita
Banking industry in Indonesia are facing a problem in the decline of their payment services customer because new financial technology companies (fintech) give continuous discount in their “Cash Burn” strategy to seize banking market. A bank in Indonesia who has seen their payment customer growth decreased,...
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Tourism Potential Identification in Optimizing the Pasir Padi Beach Development Strategy

Nanang Wahyudin, Sandy Pratama, Muhammad Faisal Akbar
The objective of this research is to identify the tourism potential development of Pasir Padi Beach and offer a program of development focusing on improving the tourism attraction based on the tourists’ judgment. The method used for this research is mixed-methods; qualitative analysis using IPA (Importance...
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Does Corporate Social Responsibility Matter?

Janette Janette, Nora Hendriyeni
The purpose of this paper is to prove whether Corporate Social Responsibility affects the value of the company & to prove profitability as a moderating variable can strengthen the relationship of Corporate Social Responsibility with firm. CSR positively affect firm value and profitability (ROE) will...
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Prefabricated Housing Business Strategy for Dummies

Yofangga Rayson, Ningky Sasanti Munir
Rapid technological developments have changed many things in the construction industry, particularly in the development methods. One technologies that gives a considerable influence in this industry is a prefabricated system, where the building components have been produced previously in the factory...
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Analyzing the Importance of User Competency to the Effectiveness of Accounting Information System in Banking Sector

Ita Salsalina Lingga
Information technology is developing very fast now. In this fourth Industrial Revolution, technological development plays an important role in organization. In order to be able to survive, especially in the midst of today’s world that increasingly rely on information technology, every organization need...
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Effect of Work Environment, Orientation, and Experience of Internship on Successful Adaptation of Work for Fresh Graduate Generation Y New Employees

Dimas Aditya Bhakti, Annisa Dwiyana
According to Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education, there are 750 million fresh graduates in every year. Survey from in 2018 found 29% fresh graduate new employees quitted their first jobs in less than a year of joining, most of them because of under-preparedness in their...
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Towards the Qualified Human Resource: Internship Program at Leading Ex-LPTK Universities in Indonesia

Dhika Maha Putri, Dwi Narullia, Sheila Febriani Putri, Fitri Purnamasari, Miranti Puspaningtyas, Mohd Rizal Palil
Internship becomes a way to grow human resource capabilities in terms of competencies on knowledge or practical and soft skills. Higher education institutions like universities as the organizers of an internship program certainly have some roles to produce capable, intelligent and professional workforce....
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Supplier Selection Criteria and Methods in Supply Chain (A Statistical Approach)

Nandini Das
In today’s competitive environment, vendor selection is considered as a strategic issue in the effective management of a supply chain. Keeping in view the strategic importance of the supplier’s role in the functioning of supply chains the researchers have developed number of criteria, methods and models...
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Abnormal Returns in Corporate Action: The case of Indonesia and Taiwan

Aries Heru Prasetyo
The rapid numbers of corporate action which is known as mergers and acquisitions (M&A) in Asian market for the past three decades is growing tremendously. The two actions are widely used as a means to pursue strategic targets – for example to maintain stable growth and to gain strong power to control...
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Social Return on Investment (SROI) for Civil Society Organization (CSO) in Indonesia (A Case Study of Rumah Dongeng Pelangi)

Diatrhi Windrasari Hastono, Martdian Ratnasari
As the rising of the number of civil society organization (CSO) every year in Indonesia, the need to fulfil the financial resources is crucial and important. Since the CSO has been using two kinds of financial sources, internal and external, the existence of Social Return on Investment (SROI) becomes...
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Do Foreign Firms Bring Value to Emerging Financial Market? (An Empirical Evidence Indonesia Banking)

Suwinto Johan
The research aims to study the value created by the foreign shareholders in the Indonesia banking industry from 2016-2018. The research analyzed the performance of foreign-owned banks versus domestic owned banks. The banking industry is one of main drivers of the main drivers of economic growth. The...
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Business Model Development of PT. XYZ Using Business Model Canvas

Jasnovaria Jasnovaria, Ningky Sasanti Munir
Changes in external and internal environment often cause changes in a company’s business model. The business model currently used by PT. XYZ is not able to overcome the main problems such as falling income and increasing costs significantly which resulting a very high negative profits. The right business...
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The Investigation of Motivation’s Role as Mediator Effects on Employees’ Performance

Andriyastuti Suratman, Satrio Bimo Syahputro
The aims of this research are to find out and obtain information related to the influence of reward, work environment, also investigated the motivation factor as mediator on employees’ performance from the reward and work environment. Purposive sampling was taken with 85 Nurses from Raja Ahmad Tabib...
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Enterprise Risk Scorecard Application on Indonesian State-Owned Enterprises in Shipping Companies

Christian Samuel, Aries Heru Prasetyo
Enterprise Risk Scorecard (ERS) essentially is a Balanced Scorecard (BSC) combined with risk management. This experiment’s objective is to find out how ERS is applied to Indonesian SOEs in shipping companies. BSC focuses on objectives of company’s performance while ERS focuses on risk treatment that...
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How to Detect Tax Avoidance Through Financial Statement

Andi Dajen Nurfadhillah
The tax is a levy from the government aimed at taxpayers according to the law, and the levy is coercive that aims to cover state expenditure and the cost of developing the country and the community does not get reciprocal services directly. Taxes are a source of income for the state, whereas for companies,...
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The Effects of Customer Experience on Purchase Intention in the Shopping Centers in Jakarta

Anastasia Prisilla, Pepey Riawati Kurnia
This study examines the factors that influence customer experience and the effect of customer experience on purchase intention using verhoef model in the 2009. The objects of this research are shopping malls in Jakarta. The background and problems of this study arise from the presence of e-commerce,...
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Effect of Training and Compensation on Employee Performance: At PT. ABC NGL

Endah Nuraini, Putri Kartika
PT ABC NGL is a liquefied natural gas producing company that has management and marketing activities for liquefied natural gas to LNG buyers. In an effort to improve employee performance, PT ABC NGL, especially those in Bontang, East Kalimantan, conduct training programs in accordance with employee needs,...
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Mapping of Socio-Economic Profiles for River Water Education Tourism

Sherlywati Sherlywati
This research provides recommendations for action in order to reduce waste pollution, socialize how to maintain cleanliness from an early age especially in taking care with the river, and strengthen the community economy through the development of alternative economies, especially those based on river...
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Investment Decisions and Investor Experience in Choosing Financial Technology (Fintech) Services: Peer-To-Peer Lending

Bernika Setiawan, Yanuar Andrianto, Fitri Safira
The expansion of digital technology in financial sector making the opportunity for the emergence of the products to meet people’s financial needs. P2PL is one of the emergence product which present as an instrument of investment by providing loans. This research aims to describe the investor perspective...