Proceedings of the 2nd Annual International Conference on Social Science and Contemporary Humanity Development

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The Historical Evolution, Main Experience and Enlightenments of the Relationship between Government and Social Organizations since the Foundation of China

Li-Yuan Cao, Qing Li
In China, the relationship between government and social organizations has been promoting the emergence and development of social organizations directly, and studying the historical evolution of the relationship between them has much significance for the future development of social organizations. Since...
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Research on the Problems and Countermeasures of Social Stability Risk Assessment in China

Xiao-Min Wang, Miao-Ran Li
With the public interest and demand has been more and more diversified the traditional model of maintaining social stability has got into great troubles. Social stability risk assessment can reduce the occurrence of group events and maintain social harmony and stability. However, there are many problems...
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Research on Socialization Problems of Endowment Insurance in China

You-Lian Guo
With the rapid growth of aging population in our country, the socialization of endowment insurance is particularly important. The main problems that endowment insurance socialization faces are: the large salary gap between civil service, public Institution and business company; a considerable distance...
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The Influence of "Micro-Blog" Political Communication on Government Decision-Making

Wei Wang, Chun-Yang Wang
At home and abroad in recent years, more and more government agencies and officials have opened certification micro-blog released relevant information in a timely manner and communicate with public opinion, as a service platform for the people and understand the way of the public opinion and interactive...
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On the Transformation of Government Functions in the Construction of Urban Community Culture in the Northwest Minority Areas----A Case Study of Da wu kou District, Shi zui shan City, Ningxia

Yang Chen, Jing Han
The sustainable and healthy development of the construction of community culture in minority areas is based on the accurate positioning of government functions, which cannot be separated from certain government functions and behaviors. This article takes the community culture construction in the northwest...
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Institutional Cause and Policy Effect of Local Authorities' Bailout Measures

Hui Mao, Sheng-Nan Zhang
Economic growth has been considered to be central authorities' function in traditional theory. However, after sub-prime mortgage crisis broke out in USA in 2007 and threatened the world economy, provincial and municipal governments in China actually released measures positively to stimulate economic...
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Reflections on the Subjects of Rural Collective Land Ownership

Fu-Jiang Sun, Jing-Ling Shu
The paper believes that ambiguity of the subjects creates the fundamental drawback in China's regime of rural collective land ownership. To redevelop rural collective land ownership, its nature and subjects should be clearly defined, and land share-holding cooperative should be set up as the agency and...
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Local Policy Support Direction for Non-State-Owned Museums under the Museum Regulations

Bo-Lin Su
this paper first performs a comprehensive narration of the policy researches on non-state-owned museum, and confirmed that in the researches on non-state-owned museums at present, the research on supporting policy is insufficient. Then, according to the research on the supporting direction of the museum...
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Analysis of the Impact of Psychic Distance on the Regional Selection of Chinese Outward Foreign Direct Investment

Man-Yu Huang
The paper chose the seven dimensions of psychic distance ,that is language distance, religion distance, culture distance, industrialization distance, political distance, education distance and geographic distance as independent variables, and the paper analyzed the conduction mechanism to OFDI from the...
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The Relationship between Career Growth and Turnover Intention of New Employed University Graduates

Hong-Xia Liu, Xiao-Yan Shi
In order to find out the relationship between career growth and turnover intention, 359 new employed university graduates were surveyed. The result shows that career growth can predict new employed university graduates' turnover intention after controlling demographic variables, that is, expected career...
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Research on Social Responsibility Cultivation Model of Vocational College Students

Guang-Mei Lin, Kun Bai, Zhen Kong
Effective social responsibility training model is one of the important ways to realize the goal of high-quality talent education. Therefore, cultivation model of vocational students' social responsibility becomes a hot issue drawing attention from some experts and scholars. Based on investigations in...
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Further Study on Huang Daopo

Bin Li, Shi-Chao Zhang, Qiang Lo, Da-Peng Yuang
Research on Huang Daopo is mainly focused on three main problems: hers native place, where did on earth she learn the advanced technology on cotton textile and how to implement hers pick-weaving and brocading technology. Academic circles have a lot of answers of these three questions, but they are not...
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About my soul and my song -- Interpretation of the cultural genes and national characteristics of contemporary fiber art works

Ling Chen
The paper selects two craftspeople coming from different countries, studies their art works and tries to find the home of human spirits and wisdom from these artists who have deep understand of craft. The paper appeals to adopt the new viewpoint of old craft and study the raw state and create the future...
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Anthropometry in Ancient China Based on the Physiognomy Book of Divine Fortuneteller Ma Yi

Bo Shi, Chao Wu
Divine Fortuneteller Ma Yi, the physiognomy book in ancient China, is abundant with vivid records of morphological description and sketches of ancient Chinese. The chosen content about anthropometry from the book is illustrated and interpreted, along with the analyses of the landmarks of measurement,...
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A Corpus-based Study on English Synonyms Convention and Tradition

Yuan-Fan Li
For English learners, the discrimination of synonyms is a big problem, but corpus is an effective tool to clear the difference between them. It offers English learners an authentic, simple and straightforward way to overcome the difficulties within synonyms. In this paper, the researcher uses a corpus-based...
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Museums: Advocator of Urban Cultural Image

Mei Xie, Li-Hua Huang
Urban museums witness the venation of urban cultural development what is the carrier of urban cultural memory, which massive cultural connotation and unique appearance appear personality and characteristic of urban characteristic. Collection of museum is the root of culture; exhibition activity of museum...
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The Communication of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Museum from the Space Perspective

Mei Xie, Rong Zhu
From the perspective of natural space, museum is a kind of "materialized" intangible cultural heritage and the collection is a medium to express its cultural connotation; from the perspective of spiritual space, the symbolic and the public characters of the museum make it a spatial symbol of intangible...
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Chinese Culture Opening from a Global Perspective

Chun Wang
In the era of globalization, a pattern of Chinese culture opening is being forged ahead, which takes national culture as main part, assimilates foreign cultures and prompts Chinese culture's overseas publicity. The construction of Chinese national culture is strengthened in order to prompt national identity...
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The evolution and development of Zhangpu paper cutting art in the modern aesthetic perspective

Shu-Yu Lin
Paper cutting is a unique traditional folk art form in China. Zhangpu paper cutting forms its own unique artistic charm because of its different cultural, geographical, social nature in many paper-cut arts. In this paper, the paper analyzes and compares the works of Chen Paolai, Gao Shaoping, Huangsu,...
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Research on the Classification of Historical and Cultural Resources in China

Yu-XI Huang, Run-De Lu
The article clearly points out that the classification of historical and cultural resources plays a significant role in protecting, developing, and utilizing historical and cultural resources. Based on related resource-allocation theory and many domestic scholars' view on the case study of the classification...
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On Confucian Thought of Ya Music Teaching in Pre-Qin Period

Yong-Qiang Lei
The Confucian thought of Ya music education originated from the sacrificial ceremonies in the primitive society. In the sacrificial ceremonies, people tried to please gods with music and dance, with a strong utilitarian purpose. With the "philosophical breakthrough" in the Spring and Autumn Period, Confucius...
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Analysis on the Creative Psychology of Network Literature

Chang-Min Wang
In the network context, the creation subject of network literature composed of popular internet users has the characteristics of generalization and grammaticalization and presents the creative psychology of seeking emotional catharsis and spiritual breakthrough.
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Who is Richard Parker — An Analysis of the Tiger Character in Life of Pi

Yan-Yu Zhang
As the main leading role in the Booker Prize winner Life of Pi in 2002, the Bengal tiger named Richard Parker has gained great popularity and various analysis that comes along. Was Richard Parker a real tiger once in the life of Pi If not, what was he In this paper, with the help of Lacan's Mirror Image...
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Visualization of Music: An Aesthetic Study of the Combination of Music and Animation

Wen-Si Ou-Yang
This paper discusses the relationship between auditory sensation and visual sensation by systematically exploring traditional practical methods of music appreciation. On one hand, sound is combined with an image with the intention of more thoroughly representing the multi-dimensionality and complexity...
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A Theoretical Study of Synaesthesiaby Music Sense Organs and Creative Thinking

Wen-Si Ou-Yang
Music appreciation has always been a popular topic as a complex-yet-unique psychological experience and approach, which can improve personal music aesthetics, provoke diverse perceptions, develop intuition and imagination, and help achieve cultural accomplishment. In order to enhance creative thinking...
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Literature Review on Bibliometrics and Its Future Development—Based on Bibliometric Measures

Da-Ying Wang, Shan Ma
Adopting bibliometric measures, based on literature published on bibliometrics from SCI, SSCI, and A&HC in Web of Science, this study makes a quantitative analysis of the time distribution of items published, countries and regions productive authors come from, disciplines the literature belongs to, journal...
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Analyzing of Chinese Character Form Database (CCFD) and the Study of CCFD

Jian-Yu Liu
After the combination of the study of Chinese character and the computer information science, Chinese Character Form Database (CCFD) has been a new thing, which can meet the objective requirement of the current collecting and research work for Chinese character. CCFD is an important foundation of modernization...
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Fusion Development Path between "Han Ma" and Urban Culture

Yao-Nan Li, Miao-Miao Wang, Meng-Meng Yang
This study used the methods of literature review, comparative analysis, experts visit, site visit, and case analysis. Analyzing the current situation of some city marathon races at home and abroad, as well as the integration of marathon and city culture. Based on this present status, the study put forward...
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Reading Habit and the Changing Media World: An Empirical Study on Newspaper Reading Habit of Japanese Readers

Chih-Chung Chen
Japan has a very blooming and powerful newspaper industry, with the top three largest newspapers in the world are all Japanese newspapers. Some domestic papers have discussed the traits and success factors of Japanese newspaper industry, but none of them have done any empirical study in Japan. This research...
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Study on Shaanxi Tea and Tea Culture Development Path Based on the Strategic Concept of "Silk Road Economic Belt"

Ai Jian, Wen-Ying Lu, Zhong-Qi Xin
By the method of literature's research and practical investigation, this paper gives a brief introduction of the important status about tea and tea culture in ancient, modern Silk Road and the current situation, based on analyzing the existing problems of Shaanxi tea and tea culture. The aim of this...
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The Contemporary Significance of Culture and Education Research of Heluo Martial Art

Ming-Hua Zhou, Nan Cheng
Under the influence of advanced and modern western culture, domestic people brought the great difficulty to the martial arts culture to highlight its value. The martial arts provide good quality and important life ideas, so its education is very important. We can use culture as the source and media to...
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Losing of Local Identity in Rapid Developing China

Yu-Han Shao, Bin-Yi Liu
This study provided a formal discussion on the importance of the term "Local Identity" in the field of landscape study and the problem of losing of such identity in Chinese urban development. The study first introduces the definition of local identity in landscape research. Then discuss the problem that...
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The Beauty in the Portrait of a Lady

Yan Sun
The Portrait of a Lady (The Portrait for short) is one of James Henry's best stories, and its heroine, Isabel, is quite a controversial character for centuries. With Mencius' aesthetics theory, this paper is going to study Isabel's beauty in the eyes of readers from East Asia. The paper is divided into...
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Study on the Relationship between Nantong Blue Calico and Paper-Cut Art

Hong-Guang Ye, Bing-Ying Ou, Qiang Li, Bin LI
There are a lot of similarities between Nantong blue calico and kirigami. There is a systematic study on the relationship between the Nantong blue calico and the art of paper cutting by using the method of historical documents and comparative study. Research results show that, firstly, the stencil design...
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Functions of Oral History from Inheritor of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Cultural Heritage Protection

Jia-Qi Mei
Oral history of intangible cultural heritage is a method of studying the history by collecting and using oral historical data. Furthermore, it is a way to research history by the well-prepared interviewer through transcript, sound recording and other methods to collect and sort the oral memories as well...
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Reflections on Indirect Speech Act Theory and Its Application in Teaching English Listening Comprehension

Bu-Han Pan
Searle's indirect speech act theory has been proved to be one of the most influential theories in pragmatics, and it also has a lot of useful implications in today's EFL teaching. In order to help students develop their linguistic competence, one good way is to teach indirect speech acts in the process...
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Enlightenment of Art Design Education by Ecological Design

Hua-Zheng Liu
Any form of design coordinated with the ecological process and trying to minimize its destructive impact on the environment can be referred to as an ecological design. Through investigation in the new concept of ecological design as well as the design principle of the entire system etc, this paper points...
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Legal Remedy for Climate Change Refugees: Possibilities and Challenges

Yu Gong
The purpose of this article is to probe the possible legal remedy under the framework of international for refugees caused by climate change damage. After analyzing the issue from the perspective of international refugee law, international human rights law, and the law of transboundary damage, this article...
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Analysis on the Optimal Allocation of Educational Resources in the Region --A Case Study of Beijing Tianjin Hebei Region

Liu-Qing Tang, Qiang Li
Education is a quasi public product, is a kind of social resources provided by the quasi public sector. To achieve the optimal allocation of social resources is an eternal theme of economics, a problem also has been the concern of sociologists in China. And constantly promote the development of each...
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Breaking the Stereotypes: Analysis and Prevention of Criminal Misjudged Cases in the Procedure of Criminal Detection from the Perspective of Evidentiary Adjudication

Min Chen, Dao-Yong Tu
in criminal proceedings many misjudged cases begin with violating and ignoring the principle of evidentiary adjudication and correlative institutional rules. The principle of evidentiary adjudication ought to be adhered to at the investigation stage and the previous "investigation centrism" ought to...
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Breaking the Stereotypes: Analysis and Prevention of Criminal Misjudged Cases in the Procedure of Criminal Trial from the Perspective of Evidentiary Adjudication

Min Chen, Dao-Yong Tu
Effective prevention of misjudged criminal cases has become a consensus of almost all countries in their respective national criminal procedure legislation and judicial practice, and people are increasingly aware that the major stereotype or crux of misjudged criminal cases lies in the evidences collected....
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A Study of Misjudged Cases and Mechanism of Liability investigation

Min Chen, Wen-Ge Guang
To set up and perfect the mechanism of liability investigation is quite important in preventing criminal cases from being misjudged. Though the Supreme People's Court and the Supreme People's Procuratorate have issued a series of instrument of law to regulate judicial practice in order to prevent criminal...
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Research on The Optimization Of The Intellectual Property Right Education Based On Cooperation Between School And Enterprise

Hong-Zhen Lin, Feng Yu
The purpose of this paper is to research ways of the intellectual property right education Based on cooperation between school and enterprise. Using the method of document study and applying theory to practice obtain historical and present related data in order to correctly comprehensively, understand...
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Quotation and Plagiarism between the Copyright Law and Academic Ethics

Wei Liu
The purposes of this paper is introduce the quotation and plagiarism of United States Copyright Law, the international convention and China Copyright Law. China's current copyright law for plagiarism is too abstract to judge, court practice and academic circles have different standards. By comparing...
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Characteristics and Advantages of Flipped Class

Yan-Mei Song
This thesis explores the characteristics and advantages of flipped class according to the teaching experience and modern technology development. The main characteristics include Learning first, teaching second, the advanced way of "Ten into one", the micro class teaching way, self-responsible learning...
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The Study on Legal Protection of Tourists Rights

Fang-Xia Yang, Zhuo-Jun Liu
With the issue of tourism law, the tourism industry of our country entered to the new legally ruling era, tourism law implementation for two years, for the development of China's tourism industry provides a strong legal protection. Tourism market has been further standardized, improved the overall quality...
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Sending Law to the Countryside and Conflicts between Villagers: A Rural Conflict Case from the Perspective of Anthropology

Zhe-Chao Song
Since the implementation of the reform and opening up policy, the rural society has changed drastically, such as great changes in the social order of the countryside and weakening of the social association. However, conflicts between villagers also increased. The notion of "sending law to the countryside"...
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A Study about the Analysis of Nonintellectual Acting Factors and Strategies Improving of College Students' Self-regulated Learning

Jian-Hong Lu
Self-regulated Learning is a newly forming learning theory which is based on Humanistic Psychology. The learners follow their actual situation to decide their learning contents, learning targets and self-control the learning process, self-evaluate the learning efficiency. The whole process is a theoretical...
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An Empirical Study on Multimodal Learning Mode in College English

Li-Ya Liu, Ping Liu
This paper explores a multimodal learning mode assisted by multimedia learning center and multimodal classroom instruction based on Multimodal Discourse Analysis. An experiment on multimodal learning mode was conducted in college English by using tests, questionnaires and semi-structural interviews throughout...
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An Exploration of Corpus-based Project-oriented Innovative Experimental Teaching

Ping Liu, Peng Wang
Corpus represents a new tool and a new approach to linguistic research. It is used in innovative experimental teaching (IET). In this IET, English-major undergraduates are guided to do project research on linguistic features of agricultural academic English papers aimed at developing students' practical...
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An Analysis on Protecting Rights of Internet Finance Consumers in China

Li Dai
This thesis aims at solving the problem about how to protect the rights of Internet Finance consumers. It adopted the methods of the document and qualitative analysis. The article made a deep analysis of the current financial consumption situation and the difficulties confronted by financial consumers'...
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Brief Introduction on Australia Early Childhood Teaching Manpower Training Policy and Its Implications for China

Shan-An Wang
Recently, there are many reforms on workforce training in early childhood care and education in Australia, in addition to proposed Early Years Workforce Strategy, Australian also proposes other specific policies such as funding education, the expansion of Additional early childhood education university...
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On the Relationship between the Overcoming of the Inter-Language and the Language Input for the Russian Learners

Yan Liu
As the Russian learners, the plentiful language input which is correct and understandable plays a significant role in the overcoming of the inter-language. The Russian teachers should put emphasis on this kind of input and investigate the details in the teaching of the listening and reading. These strategies...
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Research on Common Problems and Countermeasures of Middle School Sports in China

Jian-Long Qian
By adopting such research methods as literature data, analysis and synthesis, this paper studies the situation of middle school sports in China, and proposes the corresponding countermeasure, aiming to find out the common problems of middle school sports in China so as to guide the healthy development...
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The Study on the System of Early Childhood Education Teachers' Appointment Effect on Construction of the Teacher Troop and Options

Shan-An Wang
At present, many local carry out the reform of teachers' appointment system, and achieved good results. But in actual operation, we have also seen that there are some problems on the system of early childhood education teachers' appointment. This study presents a number of recommendations to deal with...
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Cultivation of Learners' Autonomy through Strategy Training

Xiao-Fang Wang
with constant reforms of English teaching, teaching mode focusing on learners- centeredness and highlighting learner autonomy has become a hot in foreign language teaching. Cultivation of learner autonomy is considered as one of the most important goals in language teaching. Based on the critical role...
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Scientific Law and Human Will

Yun-Fei Zhang
Scientific law is the roadmap with which human can put their will into the nature. There are two points for understanding this proposition. Firstly, the final goal of developing science is for human will which can be put into the nature. Secondly, human will change the scientific law. The modality and...
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Research on the U-K Collaborative Cultivating Model of "Outstanding Preschool Teachers" in Local Normal University

Bo-Qiong Tian
The outstanding preschool teachers are the important resource in the early children education .The traditional teacher training only relying on the colleges will be inevitably closed. This research is based on the outstanding preschool teachers' core capabilities to study the U-K collaborative model...
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Construction of Flipped Classroom Model for Vocabulary Teaching and Its Effectiveness

Xiao-Qing Sun
This paper puts forward a construction of flipped classroom model for vocabulary teaching. It aims to investigate its effectiveness on learner vocabulary knowledge development. The study finds that vocabulary presentation in flipped classroom model is superior to the traditional teaching model and flipped...
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The Study of the Whole Process of Quality Control of English Graduate Education Based on Quality Control

Jing-Wen Ma
Referring to the methods of enterprise quality guarantee theory and the five elements of the internal control theory, control environment, risk assessment, control activities, information and communication, supervision, from three aspects of teaching, scientific research management, and degree management,...
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Research on Information Construction Problems of Teaching Management in Higher Vocational College

Ying-Han Liu
With the development of science and technology and the continuous progress of society, people's life and work styles are moving towards the direction of modernization. The modernization level of carrying out work in Higher Vocational College is also constantly upgrading. Information construction of teaching...
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Analysis on the Development of Compulsory Education of Four Municipalities in China

Ting-Ting Yu, Ting Yang, Guo-Jiao Chen, Cui-You Yao
Compulsory education has been universalized in China, but its development among different areas is unbalance. In this paper we compare the development situation of compulsory education among four municipalities in China and explore the development difference reasons among four municipalitiesby statistical...
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Chinese Classes Promote Language Use Strategy Research

Ai-Rong Zhang
what should be taught in Chinese The issue of Chinese has been discussed. Chinese teachers put a lot of time on the analysis and discussion of the text of the thoughts and feelings, the language on the edge of the large and empty, lost the true face. In this paper, the author believes that the language...
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Analysis of the Effect on Moral Education Exerted by Peer Groups Among College Students

Min Song
To perform moral education targeted at college students, attention should be paid to the existence of peer groups and the study of its role as well as function so as to give play to its positive effects. In addition, on the basis of respect and understanding, peer group should be made as an important...
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Study on the Gender characteristics and the Level of mental health of Students in the Private College

Ling Yan
Objective: To explore gender characteristics and the level of mental health of Students in the private college. Methods: 2441 private college students were assessed with SCL-90 questionnaire. Results: Interpersonal-sensitivity and obsessive-compulsive were main problems in these students. The significant...
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Fostering Innovative Entrepreneurship Education in Vocational Colleges by Counselors from "Internet +" Perspective

Zhen Kong, Xiao-Lei Zhang, Kun Bai, Ling-Han Kong
The entrepreneurship education implementation program in vocational colleges should create a cultural atmosphere conducive to innovation and personnel training based on campus culture, to establish an open course system of entrepreneurship education, to enrich the practice of entrepreneurship education...
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The skills of creating PowerPoint slide for classroom teaching

Nai-Rong Chen, Qin-Zhi Zeng, Jiu-Ping Rao, Qiao-Jia Lin
Multimedia teaching has become an indispensable teaching methods in the college classroom. The PowerPoint slide (PPs) is the more commonly used multimedia in the classroom. Therefore, the color of background, content, and the layout of content (such as text and chart) design in the PPs courseware were...
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Misunderstanding Discrimination of the Music Aesthetic Sensibility Cultivation of Primary and Secondary School Students

Dong-Ni Sun, Ying-Ying Xian
Nowadays, the primary and secondary school aesthetic experience of music education in our country focuses more on interests of students and experience, etc, it is no longer single imparting education. However, some problems, such as the cultivation methods or ways of the music aesthetic experience of...
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An Exploration of Academic Adjustment for Undergraduate Chinese International Students

Yin Zhang
This study employed a qualitative research method and in-depth interviews research design to examine the academic experience of 25 Chinese undergraduates in the University of Washington. The study investigated five obstacles (language barrier, independence, critical thinking, plagiarism and time management)...
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The Urban Trail Landscape Design with Regional Culture

Jing Jing, Zhen-Dong Wang, Hong-Fei Wang, Ran-Ran Shen
The urban trail landscape, the provision of tour and traffic functions for visitors, also undertakes the important task of promoting the regional culture and the continuing of the urban context. At the same time, through the analysis of the regional culture elements and the trail landscape functions...
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Exploration of Teaching Reform of Drug and Food Major

Qing-Song Li, Yuan Meng, Ruo-Kun YI, Xin Zhao
In order to develop a strong ability to adapt and creativity, and cultivate the internationalization development of pharmaceutical and food professionals, improve the effectiveness and quality of teaching. High vocational designed school in drug and food professional teaching mode aspects from following...
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Three-step strategic entrepreneurship education system in vocational colleges

Zhen Kong, Xiao-Lei Zhang, Kun Bai, Chen Chen, Ling-Han Kong
Entrepreneurship education is the requirement of the Times, as well as the important measures to build an innovation-oriented country. With reference to national strategy, higher vocational colleges should be according to the rhythm of the "three steps", to carefully build a strategy of sustainable development...
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Construction of declaration and audit network platform for experimental instruction equipment in independent colleges

Ya-Song Liu, Jie Gao, Jing-Guang Wei
t is essentially important to spend limited funds scientifically and efficiently on laboratory construction for independent colleges which focus on training practical talents. A network platform has been developed for declaring and auditing experimental instruction equipment in independent colleges....
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Research of Influence of Multimedia Technology Application Aid on Music Education

Ya-Lin Zhang
Multimedia technology has the most prominent advantage of providing music teaching with convenient audio-visual conditions. It complies with research and development of music education application software in various schools and courses, which will be key link of applying multimedia technology in music...
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Study on Teacher-Student Interaction in the Ideological and Political Theory Teaching Based on SPOC Model

Wen-Ying Lu, Ai Jian
under the SPOC teaching mode, in order to improve the effectiveness of teacher-student interaction and the teaching efficiency of ideological and political theory courses and gradually establish a new pattern of teacher-student interaction featuring "harmony, democracy, integration and development"....
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Research on Relevant Legal Problems of Electronic Evidence

Xue-Guang Wang
Through overview of the law situation about electronic evidence in China and other countries, this paper points out the relevant legal issues in the development process of the electronic evidence. Combined with the current situation on this basis, it generalizes the current main problems existed in the...
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A Pragmatic Research on College Students' English Communication Competence Cultivation

Jian-Min Chen
The final goal of English teaching is to enable learners to communicate in English, that is, to cultivate students' communicative competence. However, the current state of College English teaching is far from this goal. Based on experiments, questionnaires and data analysis, this research is going to...
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A Critical Evaluation of the Plenary Approaches to the Management of English Teaching of Large Classes

Xiao-Yi Liu
English Teaching of large classes is a common phenomenon throughout the world, especially in China.  But there are also some problems along with it for the lack of communication and practice, even the poor management. This essay is presented to evaluate the plenary approaches in large classes by analyzing...
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Analysis on the Publicity and Education of "Chinese Dream" in College Students -----From the Perspective of Mental Health Education

Pei-Ling Li
At present, the academic research on "Chinese dream" into the ideological and political education of college students has become a hot spot . But few people are to explore the publicity and education of "Chinese dream" from the perspective of psychological health education which is an integral part of...
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Cultivating High-quality Talents by Improved Teaching Model of Morality and LawCourse

Guang-Mei Lin, Kun Bai, Zhen Kong, Ling-Han Kong
Teaching model is one of the important ways to realize the goal of cultivating the high-quality talents. The improved teaching model research focuses on exploring the course of Morality and Law by deigning targets, paths, content, methods and evaluation ways, to enhance the efficiency and effect. The...
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Cyber Teaching Optimization Based on Micro-blog Communication

Bo Zhang
This research is a feedback survey which is delivered after the implementation of a teaching reform project. We managed to teach and guide students to make good use of self-media platforms to optimize their learning. With the statistics collected, we carried out a thorough evaluation of the effect and...
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An Analysis of Common Mistakes Seen in Scientific Writing in English by Chinese Biomedical Students

Xiang-ning Zhang, Bi-ying Zhang, Gan Hou, Ruo-lin Zhang
To improve the writing ability on scientific papers for biomedical students, and meet the demand of academic communication in their future career, we launched a course for the final year students of laboratory medicine, who had returned from clinical internship, and were drafting their baccalaureate...
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Study on the Influence of Positive and Negative Emotion on College Students Interpersonal Trust

Yong-yong Liu, Ben-Fa Wang
Interpersonal trust, as a kind of psychological contract, is the starting point, premise and foundation of the cooperative relationship, and also an important part of human resources. Related research shows that the trust crisis of college students has become increasingly evident, and it is extremely...
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A Study on the Influences of Politeness Strategies on Headteacher's Work

Tang Tang
This paper analyzes the polite expressions and methods in the daily work of headteacher by using the theories of politeness strategy from pragmatics and provides suggestions on politeness strategies and improvement of working methods in headteacher's work. It is beneficial to activate classroom atmosphere,...
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Reforms about the Teaching of Scientific Instruments in Higher Education

Yong-Hui Wu, Qing-ren Qiqn, Zhi Lin, Jun-sheng Liu, Xiao-wen Zhang, Deng-guang Yu
The traditional manner for teaching of scientific instruments in higher school is often separate process, i.e. giving the lecture about theory in class, doing show-how experiment in laboratory and involving little with the real applications. Based on the teaching of ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometer,...
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Some Ideas about the Reformation of Intensive Reading Teaching

Tang Tang
English teaching reformation is a tendency is ESL (English as the Second Language) learning. This paper aims to elaborate some of the teaching strategies in the course of Intensive Reading as one of the main and compulsory courses for students majoring in English. The analysis and implementation of "creating...
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Translation Strategies of Metaphorical Idioms in Political Discourse

Hua Li, Yi Bian
Chinese idioms include set phrases, proverbs, colloquial and two-part allegorical saying which derived from fixed phrases and short sentences in long-term use. The remarks and speeches of Chinese new term of leadership tend to use more common and understandable colloquial language close to daily life....
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Fostering the Students' Capability of Solving Complex Engineering Problems through Systematic Design of Experimental Courses

Xiao-wen Zhang, Deng-guang Yu, Jia Wan, Bo-wen Sun, Hao Feng
In higher education, the college students should receive enough training to foster their capability of solving complex engineering problems in real world, which often occur during the material conversion processes from raw materials to target products in scientific laboratories. It is important that...
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Research on Employability of College Students Based on the Theory of Competency ---- A Case Study of Guangxi University

Fan Wu, Gui-lan Liu, Yu-fei Li, Zhi-yong Teng
This paper is a case study of Guangxi University based on the theory of competency. Literature review, interviews with experts and questionnaire investigation are adopted to find that three groups of factors influence the employability of college students in three dimensions, i.e. professional skills,...
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A Research-Based Teaching Model in ESL Reading Course at University Level: A Critical Thinking Perspective

Hai-yan Wang
Studies indicate that teachers with research-based teaching conceptions are more likely to implement practices involving students to think independently and critically. This thesis tries to make a theoretical study of the research-based teaching model to help foster students' critical thinking while...
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Ba Duan Jin Teaching Process should pay Attention to the Problem

Bao-hua Song
Baduanjin belong Qigong is ancient China's guided surgery, has been widely circulated in the country, a health effect is very obvious, I found in teaching, some students in the practice Ba Duan Jin process, there is insufficient preparation, improper exercise, relaxation activities mere formality, uncoordinated...
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An Empirical Analysis on the Influence Factors of the Real Estate Prices in China

Hong-Xia Rong
The influence factors of prices in the real estate are studied using the panel data of China. By using the theories of econometric and regression model, the article has carried on empirical analysis. The result shows that policy effect is limited to raise interest rates to stabilize the real estate market,...
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Study of Senior Management in Liquor Enterprise Training Mode

Cheng-Chun Long
the quality of the liquor business executives directly affects, and even determine the survival and development of the liquor business, so to strengthen the training of senior management is particularly important. This article puts forward the construction strategy of liquor enterprises senior management...
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Administration Supervision Research on Business information service

Hai -Qi Feng, Hang Yin
Business information service rose fast in recent years with the growth of internet commodity. The information consumption market structure is rapidly forming, but the disorderliness and illegal information is also emerging in Business Information market and need to be solved urgently. In order to achieve...
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The Crisis Communication Modes of the Manager in China "Downsizing" Events: Multiple Case Studies Based on Content Analysis

Li-Kun Wei, Wei-Zheng Chen
Positive and effective communication can reduce the negative impact of the layoffs, but it is lack of empirical research on the field in China. We collected 120 "downsizing" events, from January 2001 to January 2013 in China. Through content analysis and case study, results shows that three main bodies...
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A Study of Spice Trade from the Quanzhou Maritime Silk Road in Song and Yuan Dynasties

Cai-Zhen Hong
The Chinese spice culture has a long history. After the An-Shi Rebellion, spice trade of the Western Region by the Land Silk Road was blocked, and the Maritime Silk Road started to play an important role. To Quanzhou Port in Song and Yuan Dynasties, the Maritime Spice Road can be considered as opposite...
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Research on the Strategy of Cultivating Enterprise Service Climate

Dong Yuan, Nian-Bai Li, Yong-Jun Duan, Han-Song Chen, Wei Yu
Service intangibility and interactive means service product performance standards vary from person to person, so the service innovation must be is to take the "prior" in a controlled manner. Managers should cultivate service climate by training system, internal competition mechanism, authorization system,...
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Research on the impact of R&D Expenses and Sales Investmenton the Enterprise Performance?Based on empirical analysis from the GEM Pharmaceutical Industry

Zhen-Yi Wang, Peng-Tao Zhou, Meng Xie, Yu-Xi Huang
Technological innovation and marketing capability are important means for enterprises to enhance the competitive advantage. This paper used the listed companies of the GEM Pharmaceutical Industry as samples, 2012--2014 years as the test period, to examine the relationship between R&D expenses, sales...
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A Comparative Study of Sino-US Business Negotiation Based on Hofstede's Value Dimensions

Ping QU
Foreignization and domestication can be traced back earliest to a German scholar, Friedrich Schleiermacher. In 1813, his one thesis talking about translation strategy mentioned that there were just two translating methods: one is that translator draw readers close to writers without disturbing writers;...
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A Research on Asymmetric Inter Group Cooperation--A Lab Experiment with Two Global Public Goods

Zhan-Bing Huang, Xiao Ma, Ying Liu
We accomplished a linear public goods experiment to study the effects of extrinsic reciprocity, via comparing a setting where subjects have the same income with a setting where they differ. We find that: 1) The contribution is higher in the two global public goods treatment than in the single global...